Reality Z (2020) - Comedy, Horror

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A zombie apocalypse that imprisons participants and producers of a reality show called Olimpo, The House of the Gods. The studio becomes a shelter for those who seek salvation in Rio de Janeiro where chaos and hopelessness begin to rule.

Stars: Leda Nagle, Ravel Andrade
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 12 out of 90 found boring (13.33%)

One-line Reviews (43)

cliché scenes and dialogues...

no story...

It's supposedly a comedy but for a movie that's cliché/ copy & paste from other movies why couldn't they have copied from funny movies like ''Shaun of the dead,'' ''Zombieland'', ''Little monsters'', ''cooties'' and so many other movies made?

waste of money and time.

There is no real plot.

It was a big waste of time.

Total waste of money from producers.

This was ok, but the extended episodes could have been done in a hour, since they were repetitive in story.

It's so cliché from beginning to end.

All cliches, and a wide range of characters corresponding to the cliche genre.

Extending on that makes for a very bland boring watch.

is actually interesting and intriguing?

I knew this had been coming out for a few months and I was very excited, I had a rewatch of the recent Dead Set movie to compare and it was as enjoyable as the last.

What I liked most is that it was very unpredictable, and I mean VERY unpredictable.

Really enjoyable .

That said, it was a fast paced, short episodes, a little over 30 minutes each so you don't get bored, that was just a really enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Even with the rehashed story beats and clichés associated with the zombie horror subgenre, it is still an enjoyable series that revels in its cheesiness.

stupid, pointless, unlikely decisions that (unsurprisingly) get themselves killed.

I watched this knowing it was a remake of dead set and I actually prefer this version because I found it alot more intense and found the characters here are significantly more likable than those in dead set imo

Don't waste your time!.

This show is Underwhelming and is a waste of time.

It Took about 4-5 episodes before I realized it was straight up copy and I was just waste of my time.

It was a Totally waste of my time.

Even if I was extremely bored, I would not watch this show again.

Boring, lame rip off.

Dont waste your time with this crap.

The half hour episodes make it easy to kill an afternoon and it's worth watching if you're curious or at least a horror/zombie movie completionist.

Enjoyed It a lot!

Complete waste of time .

That's all worth watching here.

Watching Episode 1 - boring .

Pathetic and pointless remake of The Dead Set made for brainless audience.

What a waste of time.

Pathetic and pointless .

Boring .

I'm a fan of zombie movies, I've to say I was a kind of sceptic about this one, even more because I never watched a brazilian movie before and also after seeing some negative reviews, but I have to say I enjoyed it, the production, actors and make-up are pretty good.

For sure worth watching if you are a zombi lover or want to get familiar with the genre.

Add to this some great ideas (some borrowed or adapted from Dead Set) and the viewer is often left with suspenseful and intriguing acts that make us wonder, "What would I do?

You'll see an enjoyable story with action, suspense, strong characters and a good slice of refined humor.

Went into this series knowing it was a adaptation of Dead set, I was a little disappointed when episode episodes 1-5 has a lot exact scenes from the original series but I was pulled in as a self-proclaimed zombie fanatic and I loved how it was much more intense.

I have been watching episode 1, not only is slow, but is very boring.

It is what it is, and i enjoyed it enough to binge it in 2 days.

Waste of time.