Rebel Without a Cause (1955) - Drama

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A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Nicholas Ray
Stars: James Dean, Natalie Wood
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 25 out of 309 found boring (8.09%)

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It's not a sort of seminal, staggeringly entertaining and artistically satisfying work about being an outsider in the 50s like On the Waterfront or even one most people wouldn't think of like Ikiru.

Although I think this movie is a great beginning to the teen movie genre, and don't get me wrong, I think that Dean's character is well defined and emotionally engaging, it's just that I find it difficult to find the 'rebel' element in his character.

The innovative use of CinemaScope, the saturated Warnercolor and of course, the pivotal cast, will impact generations of moviegoers wanting to see Ray's compelling "high school" movie that perfectly personifies it's place in time.

Because while it was completely enjoyable, nicely shot and well acted, I just couldn't relate to teenage angst as a middle-aged adult anymore.

Definitely worth the watch!

); the childish blocking of the final police standoff; the unnecessary confusion over Jim's red jacket in the final killing scene… I beg you, stop calling REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE a classic, without any cause to do so-- You're tearing me apart!

A compelling knife fight pulls the viewer in early on, which culminates with the tragic "chickie run" sequence.

It is a fascinating movie to watch because his acting ability takes a new turn in "Rebel"--Dean matures from the excited, bouncing, youthful Cal Trask of "East of Eden" to the more determined, angry, frustrated rebel.

It portrays realistically the confusion of teenagers and their parents, it has very touching moments, it's suspenseful, the characters are all believable and you care by them.

Its story is way too thin and familiar, though it certainly scores some points for the neat character studies of bored and alienated youngsters.

It's a stunning masterpiece from Nicholas Ray-- maybe his best film?

This film is naive but fascinating and Dean does look cool.

Towards the end of the film I think he did a real good job making it intense and building up the suspense.

Properly, too; he's riveting and believable here, playing a tough part with casual bemusement and a sensitivity to the moment that one gets only rarely from more seasoned screen performers.

He will blow your mind in this gripping, realistic story!

Dean's on-screen persona, together with his vivid, intense performance, overwhelms all other elements in this film about 1950s teenage confusion and angst.

The beginning of the movie seems also infinitely better scripted and acted by the whole crew, while Jim's and Ray's first encounter is absolutely riveting stuff.

Great multi-scene opening and a suspenseful, great closing.

Growing up can be a time of epic but simultaneously pointless inner turmoil.

As for their turns here I quite liked Wood, of course I did with how stunning she is as I am a straight male.

Granted, this sometimes can turn around and bite you in the ass – case in point, I dragged my father (and probably mother and other relatives) to see the film `Xanadu' about 5 times when I was about 9 years old.

Overall is 'Rebel Without a Cause' quite entertaining although I didn't completely fulfilled the hype.

This is a very well-made and entertaining film from start to finish and clearly the best in the glutted genre (boy, did they make a LOT of these sort of movies).

As much as a cliché as `teen angst' is, `Rebel Without a Cause' does well defining what the phrase actually means.

Then he became unbearable and I for one can say I didn't care in the slightest when he died.

While Dean lacks the intense charisma of Brando, he's inimitable, enigmatic and somewhat interesting.

By smokescreening gay issues behind heterosexual ones we end up with the familiar mix of confusion, sexual and relationship trauma and seemingly irrational behaviour that makes so much cinema and literature look broodingly deep and powerful (eg.

there are only 2 gripping parts to this movie (the bluff scene and the final scene), while the rest of the film is, at best, mediocre.

Aside from a few flaws - Natalie Wood's shallow and uninteresting character comes to mind - the film is extremely engaging and intriguing.

His character has a fear, a confusion, and above all, such a need to be loved, that you can't avoid to want to protect him and help him.

Ho hum.

An engrossing and fascinating character drama concerning the rising tide of teenage delinquency .

James Dean's portrayal is excellent - he is intense and intriguing, able to convey level-headedness and wild emotion and switch between the two without missing a beat.

This movie is extremely entertaining with a good balance of action and drama.

Leonard Rosenman score is wonderful and adds to the intense,dark and tragic tone of the film.

Yet as an entertaining character piece it is still quite a good film.

Their confusion was symbolized by Plato's mismatched socks...

I just watched this movie for the first time and I have found it to be entertaining.

There is a more compelling sub-text running throughout than the accepted, facile storyline of rebellious teenagers suffering growing pains.

but most of the characters in this film were just plain annoying to make the film enjoyable.

Moving as well as thrilling musical score by Leonard Rosenman .

The film's storyline is also engaging, and daring.

It certainly added more to the disjointed feeling and wasn't just there for style purposes like todays movies.

Classic coming of age tale .

The Fifties was certainly the era for those rebel type films, but Rebel Without A Cause is unique because it deals with these bored upper middle class kids.

Unfortunately it is dragged down a bit by some other things.

Despite a few superficial characters flaws, like Judy (Natalie Wood) and Plato's (Sal Mineo) broad 2-dimensional acting, this movie is still worth watching.

Don't waste your time.

8/10 – Dated, overcooked and silly in places, but also excellent, and a fascinating cultural marker.

He's so intense and tortured it's as though Hamlet and Richard the III were rolled into one.

It was revolutionary of that time, because it was really one of the first films to focus on the teenage coming of age.

This lat bit with them in hiding is dragged out and uninteresting.

The beautiful Warner color mixes look almost as if it was filmed in 3D, and the photography and sound along with the music score makes ths even more emotionally gripping.

The Fifties are often dismissed as "that boring decade in between.

In any case, this is a stunning film by a consummate artist, and should certainly be viewed apart from the distorting lens of the James Dean myth.

Its pretty bad and a waste of some good actors , Nick Ray is ultimately responsible for all of it as director , and its an uninteresting mess for the most part .

Ray had fascinating shots such as when the Starks family is arguing over what to do about the fatal crash incident and whether or not to inform the police.

On the other, he only made three movies, at least one of which is kinda dull and he plays a very similar part in all of them.

Everything about this film is stunning from the acting to the camera angles, not to mention the stark use of color in different sequences.

Doing that sort of makes the movie seem livelier and more entertaining.

the build-up to an intense drag race will have you biting your nails as well and the conclusion at an abandoned mansion near the Griffith observatory will have you glued to the screen.

Surprisingly, much of the movie's subplots, involving the three teens getting in trouble are Ray's attempt to come to term with his own failure as a husband & father; while also, confronting the sexual confusion, he had, at the time, that led to the abuse of his 13 year old son by his then-wife, actress, Gloria Graham.

James Dean is simply excellent and masterful as Jim Stark bringing an intense,dark sadness.

Rebel Without a Cause is astonishingly honest about school life, yet the film counterbalances its banality with an immortal romanticist elevation.

Jim is the Rebel With a Cause, who sees the apathy of the adult world and refuses to conform to it, who sees the apathy and confusion of gangs like Buzz's who seem to rebel for no reason at all, and Stark refuses to conform to them either.

It's boring - to say the least.

A Stunning Film .

I tell you, homosexuality is nearly always the key to these unexplained behaviours, as it is nearly always the spring of the finest, most intense, most accomplished art - although it kind of fizzled and fell to earth in this case.

Intriguing, I want to watch it again .

The movie is very enjoyable and very easy to watch,although I did feel with that story that it could have been more exciting and thrilling,it was actually a lot more plain than its title may suggest.

The film gets very intense at parts, is more remembered for its tender moments.

Lindner, this is an engrossing and fascinating character drama concerning the rising tide of teenage delinquency.

I may have enjoyed it back then or now...

Along the way he also, as many film-rebels rarely do, sticks up for the underdog Plato and makes a compelling father figure.

The trio of stars do standout jobs--sensitive and compelling with Sal Mineo especially appealing as the most disturbed one of the three, Plato, whose final scenes in the Griffith Observatory bring the movie to a chilling climax.

Well worth watching if only for the fantastic central performance of James Dean.

Jim Backus as Jimmy's dad, keeps up with the difficult task of making us like and understand his confusion about his son and at the same time wanting him to be stronger and seeing Jimmy's side.

It's still well worth watching for its themes and actors, Wood, Mineo, and most of all Dean, who is like a young Brando, full of screen presence, full of promise.

Too bad the movie's plot is a bit contrived and the acting, including Dean's, seems very strained at times - as if the actors were going to start laughing out loud at the hackneyed lines in the script.

His actions provide an easy way for the director/writer to answer all questions about his character, and then to facilitate an ending which is tragic, but more than a little contrived.

Plato is pushed over the edge by the actions of the gang members, and the film ends in one of cinema's greatest and most gripping climaxes.

Despite all that, the acting is pretty good and very entertaining.

Powerfully written teen film directed with insight by Nicholas Ray who makes great use of an abandoned mansion where a riveting climax occurs.

Everything about this film is stunning from the acting to the camera angles, not to mention the stark use of color in different sequences.

And when self-esteem is undermined by the family unit, the results are dangerously unpredictable.

" betrays the confusion and torment suffered by many youths stranded in a household that they can't understand, and whose shortcomings they blame on themselves – Jim's mother (Ann Doran), notably, uses her son's actions as a scapegoat for the failing of her marriage.

This movie was just funny, and totally entertaining, and Is a must see for all ages and generations.

Nicholas Ray provides us a fascinating and unadulterated character study.

It is absolutely stunning, a powerful and moving ode to the terrors of growing up.

' It was also very entertaining.

This film is terribly slow in spots, particularly during the rather long scene where Dean hangs around the police station near the beginning.

But as I said, it's too predictable to make this a "really good" movie instead of "just a good" movie.

By far his most entertaining work!

The unforgettable moment of the film where Buzz (Corey Allen) goes over the cliff is even sadder because it's pointless.

Rebel is not without flaws, and it may not seem quite as groundbreaking or as fresh as it was back in 1955, but it is still an engaging and original classic that includes a signature and unforgettable performance from one of the finest acting legends of the 20th century.

One of the more riveting and entertaining movies I've seen recently.

It is a well-made film with the observatory shot at the end deserving a big mention and it is wonderfully directed by Nicholas Ray in terms of technical control and his ability in how to make the characters and their relationships compelling.

Rebel without a cause is a great film that explores the teenage psyche, the alienation and confusion that kids go through.

`Rebel without a Cause' for lack of a better cliché is a coming of age movie, about situations and decisions most teens are faced with everyday.

Everything before hand was fresh, exciting, well-acted, then it just falls.

It rings with complex ideas and fascinating characters.

What follows is an exciting, dramatic movie including a legendary scene on the stair case.

There are too many beautiful scenes to mention here, but the planetarium scene (with the recorded voiceover about human loneliness) beginning of the 'chickie run' are both stunning.

) and scenes that are powered by actors, much more than action (in the same period Film Noir offers a more entertaining fast-paced alternative).

It does a great job of accurately showing us how empty the young people's life are in this film when for example Buzz replies to Dean's characters question why they would do something like drive stolen cars over a cliff, to which he replies you got to do something, signifying the senselessness of their endeavors.

It seemed kind of pointless.

All of the events that happen in this single day seem to be a bit overwhelming, and a lot of things simply happen too fast for the audience to truly become immersed in the circumstances, such as Natalie Wood's ( Judy ) character quickly changing love interests when her first one dies and Sal Mineo's ( Plato ) sudden psychopathic outburst when nearing the end.

Plato, another troubled kid is teetering on the edge and the tragic consequences of the finale prove that we all can't be saved.

His acting was over-the-top, in my opinion, at some points, but he really did have something about him that was fascinating.

Stylistically, it is a showpiece of evocative cinematography.

Gripping, intense and Absolutely Amazing .

Film World, re-view REBEL and ask yourself whether it stands up to modern scrutiny: Plato lying on the floor and falling asleep, sooo tired after chasing Judy; or hiding from thugs with knives - when he's armed with a gun; Judy asking Jim "Is this what love is?

Indeed, the film conveys a grim view of adults: self-indulgent, weak, insensitive, unobservant, and inept.

'Rebel' understands this better than any other film I can recall, and it's what makes it such a fascinating and realistic approach to those dreaded moments in life.

The restored version is stunning in black and white.

Rebel Without a Cause, directed by Nicholas Ray, was an entertaining movie.

Whenever his star James Dean is on screen, this film is utterly riveting thanks to his enormous talent, looks, and star presence.

Notice how the astronomer at the Observatory drones on in a boring monotone.

Worth watching for Dean...

REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE Aspect ratio: 2.55:1 (CinemaScope)Sound format: 4-track magnetic stereoA troubled teenager (James Dean) struggles to find his place in a new school, where he falls in love with a fellow student (Natalie Wood) and is forced into a confrontation with her bullying boyfriend (Corey Allen), leading to unexpected tragedy...

Perhaps the most engaging part of the story is Jim's efforts to reconcile with his parents, especially his weak father (Jim Backus, of "Mr.

His stunning impact came after his death as fans were mesmerized by the promise of things to come in Rebel Without A Cause which came out about four weeks later and with Giant which Dean had just wrapped shooting on.

As for his portrayal of Jim in Rebel Without A Cause it was brilliant, the film itself was a work of art, the storyline gripping and the characters representing that of what was in the world at that time and still is.