Red Dawn (1984) - Action, Drama

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It is the dawn of World War III. In mid-western America, a group of teenagers band together to defend their town, and their country, from invading Soviet forces.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: John Milius
Stars: Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 60 out of 369 found boring (16.26%)

One-line Reviews (211)

Is this movie propaganda?

The scenes are slow, tedious and downright boring after the umpteenth scenario.

The action is exciting.

A tedious 'last-stand' scene is stretched out by dull photography focussing on a bunch of Bell choppers poorly dressed up as Soviet gunships.

it was just boring and bad and stupid...

Overall, however, Red Dawn was a thoroughly enjoyable two-hours of my time.

Exciting cold war era film .

) too long, making it even more boring than it already is.

The movie is much too long and gets incredibly boring after a while.

Pointing out that the Soviets were not led by nice people isn't right-wing dogma, it's just a fact, plain and simple, and too many critics use that flawed argument to write off this intriguing and disturbing portrait of the guerilla psychology and mindset.

I really enjoyed it...

This is a highly entertaining film.

One of the teen's fathers joins the Russian side, the son too, giving up his group, when things get more intense.

I feel it was/is very entertaining.

How about shut up and watch an entertaining movie for once.

Prepare for a mashup of a high school teen drama an action packed war film and some cheesy fun.

A similar reaction had taken place, only much more intense with a TV movie titled Amerika (which suffered from a lack of serious editing).

All in all, the movie is entertaining, patriotic, and as realistic as Hollywood can get about any subject.

entertaining..time after time.

A movie worth watching .

But it's also a predictable Eighties action movie, and a rather dumb one to boot.

The left jump all over this film because they say it is propaganda for the NRA or because it is not based in fact.

" It wasn't until the Soviet regime fell through in the early 1990's did we look back at this film as nothing more than a nationalist, pro-America propaganda with goofy characters, a silly story, and unrealistic action.

) I have read many reviews for this movie that choose to focus on the "message" of the film as it relates to politics (the director making the movie as a right-wing propaganda).

It's hard to describe the movie, you'll have to see it for yourself, but then if you do watch it, it will have been a waste of time...

But it hung together, and we all enjoyed it.

I caught myself rooting for the reds halfway through the movie, just before I fell asleep.

Instead spend 2 hours doing somthing worthwhile like watching paint dry because i promise you it will be more interesting.

Since we live in a completely different world 20 years after its release, the film makes for intriguing comparisons now that we're engaged in "The Global War On Terrorism.

Over all I like the movie, a throughly enjoyable testosterone filled film that does make you proud to be American and realise the freedom is something that can never to taken away from unless your willing to give it up.

Fascinating relic from the 80s .

Repetitive scenes of our unknown cast of Brat-Packers wandering around the Rockies blasting everything with a red star.

The person wrote a 3 page essay about how this film is 'dirty American propaganda' during a Cold War frenzy....

However, much like ones inability to pass up greasy cheeseburger or a sugary bear claw, it's an enjoyable experience.

After a while, the story gets pretty contrived, muddled and very unconvincing.

Did somebody really need a propaganda flick like this to feel good about themselves again?

A great action film but more like propaganda than entertainment .

I can imagine some moonshiners running into trouble with the Gestapo over the smuggling of contraband (including the human sort) out of the occupied Atlantic region, refusing to pay "occupation taxes", and keeping their children from attending nazi propaganda mills formerly known as public schools.

It's unintentionally funny rather than thrilling.

Red Dawn is an incredibly entertaining and timeless snapshot of America in the early 1980's - and what might have been.

Apart from numerous technical flaws (the horrible acting, a boring story without any dramatic peaks or even good action sequences) the morals of "Red Dawn" are so screwed up that half a century later we can only look back and shake our heads in wonder.

What started out as one-sided conservative propaganda turned into a unique war movie that is beautifully shot and masterfully plays on your emotions.

Simpleminded but still entertaining .

Anyone calling this propaganda for Reagan and the NRA has to lighten up.

This film was probably the most exciting action film I've ever seen with plenty of gunbattles, explosions, and guerilla-like ambushes of Soviet soldiers by high-school kids hiding out in the mountains.

I could live with this if the film was enjoyable in a really basic way, like many idiotic Cannon films are, for example ...

The concept could have been interesting, but it all gets lost in horrendous dialog, and dull action.

Heck, even the Soviet Propaganda in the town during it's occupation is very believable.

"The most serious problem with the American Right and its paranoid propaganda is that it doesn't offer any of its followers anything worth dying for, any value worth preserving across generations.

So watch this movie for what it is, a fun action movie with one of the most intense opening scenes ever.

But that is a fundamental intent of all Right-wing propaganda: to scare people into killing others without giving them time to wonder why.

First of all; this movie is a bore.

And, as propaganda movies go, it's quite a bad one.

It's because the premise touches people in that way that makes it a compelling enough entertainment.

Once you consider the actors in this film, the enjoyable military fantasy story that it is, and THEN take in to count that you get to see Patrick Swayze unintentionally blow a huge ball of snot out of his nose and this movie is big magic I guarantee you.

Such banality!

Produced around the same time as 'Testament', 'The Day After' and 'Threads'-movies that were the left's ('Threads' was British)spineless attempts to warn the great unwashed that Reagan was a war-mongering madman and we, the artsy-fartsy set are going to do something about it-so, we'll make a movie and teach that awful Reagan not to inconvenience us by trying to win the cold war.

If you some some red meat propaganda, then you can sure find it here.

Just because it's propaganda, doesn't mean it's bad .


But even though it comes across quite real, some moments powerfully strong in parts, it came disjointed in bits, too where the suspense got lost.

No real plot just a lot of battle scenes that make no sense and defy logic...

In long shots, nothing happens; you just see landscapes or people standing around.

I would also have liked to have seen the communist countries starving and being shown as propaganda to our side and psych-war on the communist to get them to stop fighting and go home.

Apart from this tragedy, the movie was okay, and had an entertaining plot.

I thought it was an interesting idea, the action was good, there are some fun characters, and it can be intense in places.

However, for a person like me, this is an enjoyable bit of patriotism.

This movie in general is worth watching.

I'm writing this review shortly after writing my review of the 2012 remake of Red Dawn and all I see myself doing from this moment on is reiterating the same complaints I had after seeing the facile, bland remake, meaning that film failed at its first immediate goal, which is to improve on the original.

Schindler's List shows that Hollywood can make an incredible film, a film so compelling you can't take your eyes off of it, about something so horrible you can hardly bear to think about it.

The acting is good, even if the writing seems a little contrived at times.

All in all, RED DAWN is a 'big' '80s film but in the end I found it a little bland for my tastes.

The action scenes are all pretty great, but unfortunately more of the focus is on the characters, which, in this case, is insanely boring.

that is a tad trite, seeing that they are our staunchest ally.

In any case, overlooking the nit picking of a history nut will ensure that you get to see a very exciting and well written and acted movie.

The premise the United States being invaded by conventional war in the 20th or 21st Century is fascinating.

This movie has plenty of great action scenes and ones with intense drama.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

Without a doubt, Nazism was a force to be despised and resisted, yet "Triumph" remains a fascinating, even great film.

Even though the overall concept of the story is a little far fetched it still makes for entertaining viewing.

This is a very good film - well worth watching.

Even though the whole "small group of kids vs the world" is an over done concept, the movie is riveting in its own way.

Not propaganda, as some contend -- just a legit anti-communist opinion made entertaining.

It's stupid and yet very enjoyable.

In that regard, it was highly successful and entertaining.

The use of technology, the combination of "french underground" like existence and 20th century situations is fascinating to watch unfold.

Great movie and certainly worth watching at least once.

well shaped propaganda piece .

But instead, this ridiculous plot is thrown in and drawn out.

The actors are compelling and it gives me a gung ho America feeling even though most of my life has been beyond the Cold War (it ended around 1985 really).

Politics aside, this is a good enjoyable story of partisans in the war that never was.

The film gave hope, showing that if the Soviets attacked, the Yanks could still win (why they needed morale-boosting propaganda in the late 1980s, when the Soviet Union was on the brink of collapse anyway, I haven't a clue).

but this film is deadly serious and dull.

Now, things are different and the picture is not more than an actionmovie, way too long to hold the tension over the whole distance...

Quite entertaining.

Screen Junkies's "honest trailer" for James Cameron's CGI-saturated propaganda crap-fest Avatar neatly and effectively summarizes that flick's message as "military=bad, trees=good.

It just isn't that deep, it's an enjoyable movies and that's it (Red Dawn not the Will Smith movie).

Before the level of enjoyable violence .

Enjoyable indeed .

The peak of 80's propaganda...

The Action sequences themselves are quite entertaining and well set, especially concerning that these kids have no prior experience in warfare.

However, it was exciting at that, so I gave it an 8.

If you can get over that, it's highly suspenseful,entertaining.

Great action propaganda movie .

Although there are moments in which the writers of the movie seem to express vaguely humanistic thoughts - such as when one American character wonders who will ever be able to distinguish winners and losers in this (Cold) war, when the American heroes turn against each other at one point and aren't so sure what makes them different to their enemy anymore, or when a "bad" Colonel shows a human side (in a horribly contrived scene where he writes a letter to his lover back home) -, "Red Dawn" sells killing and martyrdom as something cool without ever depicting the horrors of war properly.

Oh, and please don't waste your time on the remake.

I guess I couldn't believe it till I noticed that Milius was also behind worse movies than "Red Dawn", laughable, pathetic attempts at propaganda I'd seen late at night on some cable network.

This film has so much right-wing propaganda that I felt I was watching the Republican Convention.

To say this is an exaggerated right wing propaganda would be too easy.

The result was me sitting there in front of my TV bored out of my mind.

I found it unbelievable that communists would waste their time on a small town, without obviously going for the military installations.

pure propaganda .

It is, as they said in "Cannes Man," so bad that even people viewing it on an airline flight wanted to leave.

But in fact, it was boring.

At its best, "Red Dawn" is vivid, disconcerting, and rousing, perfectly punctuated by Basil Poledouris' soaring score.

A lull in the fighting resulted with both sides trying to buy time to regroup.

The invading Soviets enjoy nothing more than wholesale destruction, not to mention killing and/or raping just about every American they can find, while the stoic young resistance fighters variously avenge their parents or 'become men' in a yawn inspiring fashion.

Propaganda .

The rarest of Hollywood film types: visionary propaganda .

The very first scene of Russian soldiers landing outside a high school put me on the edge of my seat.

People ill informed enough to compare the Wolverines to Viet Cong or Ansar al Islam in Iraq probably failed to notice that the Wolverines had lived under a free democratic government before being taken over by communists whose disregard for human life has become little more than a cliché in the minds of many.

Some adrenaline-filled action sequences are actually quite watchable.

A bunch of high school students are bored out of their minds learning about historical battles, when suddenly paratroopers land on their football field and commence a takeover of their town.

And yes, it is propaganda.

However, their propaganda is extremely well done and entertaining, focusing on very interesting characters.

Being centred around teens and thus aimed at teens I imagined it would pull its punches and present a Disneyised version of war, complete with empty sentimentality and idealised versions of honour, chivalry and the like.

The cast is outstanding, the writing is clear and believable (the film is essentially an abbreviated re-telling of what happened in Russia during the German invasion), the theme strong and compelling.

Other than that, it was a complete waste of my time.

and nearly all of academia get to have their propaganda flicks, why shouldn't we patriotic right-wing gun-owning taxpayers get to have ours?

Of course, in reality, only ultra-right wing crazies could believe a premise like this - like Oliver North - and a film like this, at the time it came out, could be branded propaganda for neo-fascist Olive North style policies.

The movie is set away from the main battle lines and the young students are engaging in guerilla warfare.

Even so, the focus on the realism of Red Dawn's background story is an attempt to get away from the really other stunning aspects of the film.

How obvious that this is a Cold War propaganda movie.

But this movie stimulates such a thought, and gives rise to a fantastic and entertaining span of 100 minutes.

The idea of a Soviet Union lead coalition invading America was unrealistic even at the time but it nevertheless leads to a very fascinating premise for a film.

Anyone who has seen Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph Des Willens" (Triumph of the Will), the documentary about the Nuremburg Rallies, understands that even the vilest propaganda can attain the status of great art.

Any emotional scene appeared very contrived and forced.

Still, this film is compelling, almost addictive.

Actually, now that I mention the "anti-soviet/communist propaganda" angle that a few folks here seem to subscribe to, let me note that Communist regimes tend to be the authors of their own worst propaganda through their very actions.

The story is quite gripping, and the characters are fairly well written and performed by an excellent young cast (among them Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, Lea Thompson, and C.

Some of the scenes with the mountains such as Hermit's Peak in the background are very breathtaking.

"The most clever critics realize that thematically Red Dawn is a success, so they go after the acting -- after all, that's where half of Milius' conservative propaganda is coming from.

The final fifteen minutes or so, when members of rebellious "Wolverines" begin to be overwhelmed by enemy forces were especially compelling.

Good propaganda action flick .

Both films offer few thrills, but Bradley's was the more pointless of the two, having been released in the wake of "Tomorrow, When the War Began", another "Red Dawn" remake which likewise demonized Asians and portrayed them as invading menaces.

Red Dawn is I found to be a fun and intense war movie as well as a good what if story As far as this movie goes I enjoyed it.

Though I'm not American myself, I am used to the propaganda and flag-waving idiocy in the American media, having reviewed such horrible titles as "The Patriot".

And the lack of one-dimensional propaganda.

Propaganda movie to help Ameican rearmament from the eighties.

Arguing over Red Dawn regarding anything other than entertainment value is pointless and stupid.

Well made war film though a little too much propaganda .

Entertaining WW3 drama.

This is down right one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

It is enjoyable as the story of resistance fighters taking on, and defeating superior forces.

As improbable as the premise sounds, Milius and co-scenarist Kevin Reynolds of "Robin Hood" fame turn it into a propaganda-style shoot'em up.

Director / co-writer John Milius conventionally focused styling is packed with tactically precise action and lean dramatics favouring pulpy propaganda.

Though this movie appears to be a pro-American propaganda piece playing on a prevalent fear in the 80's, it is actually an emotional drama that shows a young group of people as they cope with trauma and struggle to survive in a hellish landscape.

Overall worth the watch.

Upon my 1st viewing of Red Dawn, years ago, it was very gripping/interesting.

It's fascinating that the northeast of the United States didn't get invaded and that was the Free Zone.

It is well done and very entertaining, definitely recommended.

But to make this movie out as propaganda is ridiculous!

It explores war's effects on human relationships and loss of innocence in people who are contrived to remind you of someone you know.

Entertaining WW3 drama .

However this movie was not planned to win Oscars, but present a rousing cold war film showing that no matter who you are, you can still help your country from evil Russian stereotypes.

A solid right-wing action propaganda flick .

One scene straight out of a World War II propaganda scene occurs when one of our dying heroines booby-traps her body to kill a Russian soldier.

The crude propaganda pumped at their hapless parent Internees, who show such pathetic courage as they warble a quavering "America" before the firing squad cuts them down, may seem "over the top" to a Westerner.

Red Yawn .

and on a base level I just plain enjoyed it.

Red Dawn is still an entertaining 'what if?

--GG: The film was an entertaining, nostalgic and highly commercial action movie from a time past.

And yet, it is thrilling to see the patriotic US kids take on the enemy.

Taken together the movie is not great, but very memorable and worth watching.

The opening scene, and a few exciting scenes are the only bright spots in the mess.

Red Dawn is worth watching in my view.

But "Red Dawn" is well worth watching for one reason.

Besides the propaganda and an unbelievably ridiculous story (Soviets traveling undetected all the way into Colorado???

Entertaining product of the time .

Most people, in neither camp, enjoyed it for what it was.

One day, in the town of Calumet, Colorado, high school students are setting through a boring history lecture when a group of Russian and Cuban paratroopers show up in the back of the school, firing machine guns into the classroom and RPGs at school buses!

They're emotionally tested in what is an inspiring coming of age through harrowing extremities and heroic exploits.

There is no real plot.

An entertaining action movie.

As propaganda artists go John Milius is up there with Eisenstein and Riefenstahl.

This movie mirrors the deep anti-communist, pro-American feeling with which so many of us grew up in the early '80's, and as a manifestation of this cultural trend, it is quite fascinating to watch again and reflect upon.

One of the most intriguing characters is a Cuban colonel (Ron "Superfly" O'Neal) who has his doubts about the whole conflict, and who yearns to be back home with his beloved.

I have a feeling that the Chuck Norris B-movie INVASION USA is a lot more entertaining than this flick.

Red Dawn is a huge piece of anti-Commie propaganda made out of cheddar.

Propaganda .

John Milius directed this rousing speculative film accounting what might happen if foreign forces(led by the Soviets and Cubans) suddenly invaded the U.

There are overlong, boring conversations fit only to be fast-forwarded past.

Thomas Howell, the unpredictable Charlie Sheen, and the rough and tumble Powers Boothe as the Wolverines' main asset.

Corny but entertaining .

Overall, it is enjoyable as a stand alone action movie.

Much like "True Blood: Rambo" and "Rambo III", "Red Dawn" is propaganda of the most idiotic kind and leaves one looking with much skepticism to the soon to be released remake of "Red Dawn", where invading Chinese replace the Soviet army.

It has adrenaline and as a viewer, you're interested to see Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C.

Ridiculous right-wing paranoia makes for entertaining cinema in retrospect, making this a time capsule of the last serious years of The Cold War when America was starting to cathartically pump out action movies in which the anthropomorphized ideal of the stars and stripes decimates the Soviet army.

Is the propaganda a little heavy-handed?

)It goes from russians/Cubans landing in a desertic small town, attacking the highschool and shooting everyone in sight (negating both 40 years of technical progress with radar/air support AND rules of War) to a group of teenagers taking out soldiers (but we all know how a trained football player is sooo much better with a riffle than a Commie with an automatic AK-47) and the most stupid propaganda (eg.

but it's still an entertaining bit of macho fantasy.

Red Dawn is wicked fun, the characters are well developed, and the sub-plots of survival in both are actually somewhat fascinating.

The film was an entertaining, nostalgic and highly commercial action movie from a time past.....

The film opens with no build-up or character development, and we are just thrust head-first into Red Dawn's utterly banal, ridiculous plot in which high-schoolers are left to take on the Russian military, without seemingly any help from the Air Force, National Guard or police (and where did they get so learned in the art of kicking Russian ass, anyway?

Why is that all made-up or Propaganda?

Enjoyed it the first time and still enjoy it.

I remember in 1985 gripping the arms of my theater seat during the opening invasion scenes with Soviet Paratroopers falling from the sky onto a small Colorado town.

Soviet-American friendship cafeteria, well organized propaganda........

Overall, I find the film to be very entertaining and pretty well executed.

Undoubtedly The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen.

Very exciting and patriotic.