Red Dog (2011) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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Based on the legendary true story of the Red Dog who united a disparate local community while roaming the Australian outback in search of his long lost master.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Kriv Stenders
Stars: Josh Lucas, Rachael Taylor
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 12 out of 89 found boring (13.48%)

One-line Reviews (50)

Unfortunately it doesn't work at all, being too convenient and too cliché for its own and the viewers good.

I highly recommend it.

The characters, and in this town, everybody is one or they wouldn't BE there, are original, surprising, and compelling.

Otherwise, an engaging dog story.

In a non pretentious way--it simply WORKS !!

An engaging movie, which will make you..FEEL GOOD.

Entertaining, amusing and heart warming .

But despite that, the film is still emotionally engaging.

) All this is done in slow motion with sad music in the background and a ponderous narration to make it all emotional...

When I first started watching this my eyes rolled when I suddenly realised it was Australian, however despite my prejudices the more that I think about this movie the more that I realised that I enjoyed it.

In fact, there were some of the lamest, most cringe- inducing, cliché-ridden lines in this film that I've heard for many years.

I would have liked to have given this film more than 2/10 since I did like it: There was definitely something likeable and enjoyable about its atmosphere and a few of the characters.

Josh Lucas is oh so gorgeous, and so is Rachel Taylor, and the 'real characters' maybe cliché, but you know what, it doesn't matter because it makes the movie even more real and enjoyable.

It was predictable and not engaging at all.

But the most kudos has to go to director Kriv Stenders (Lucky Country, Boxing Day, The Illustrated Family Doctor) for shooting a beautiful film in a stunning location while keeping the story elevated to the mythic status Red Dog attained.

You should, for this adaptation of Louis de Bernières' book based on the legend is a surprisingly engaging yarn that is probably one of the best canine movies you'll see this year.

- because the last track for sing and dance towards the end - was particularly riveting and I felt like singing along!

This Aussie movie is a little more subtle and just as entertaining, also based on a true story.

Uninteresting .

This started out slow, kept up the slow, then from the middle it picked up, all be it a little bit....

A family film that is actually enjoyable for a whole family .

The first third of the movie is a bit slow as the main characters are introduced and the plot is developed.

The biggest cliché offender was a fight scene between Red Dog and "Red Cat" that seemed to be plucked straight out of 'Looney Tunes' when the two animals clashed in a literal tornado of dust and paws.

The photography kept me watching until about halfway, when I just got too bored.

Taylor looked stunning in this, the cinematography was truly exceptional...

The main character John Grant (Josh Lucas) was just as dull as the secondary characters, except he wasn't a complete stereotype.

It felt so stagey and contrived, like everyone was trying to talk like John Mellion and "out-Aussie" each other.

In fact, there were some of the lamest, most cringe- inducing, cliche-ridden lines in this film that I've heard for many years.

An engaging story...

The story was cluttered with too much cliché's and common Hollywood-type story lines when it simply did not need it.

It IS an unusual cross-section of intense characters with quirky personalities from all corners of the globe, and I think the film captures that spirit extremely well.

The Western Australian scenery was truly breathtaking.

Romper Stomper, Chopper, the Mad Max series were pretty good, but beyond that I have generally found Australian movies to be quite dull and contrived.

What was disappointing was how intriguing characters (like the Russian men, the harmonica player, the local policeman, Vanno's love interest, and even the sun-burned man who spoke Chinese all seemed like potentially entertaining characters), instead were given 15 seconds of fame and then vanished into background extras.

It is a dull story of a stray dog which people adore for no reason.

Utter waste of money and my time.

My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing this movie yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

To be honest I initially baulked at seeing this movie, I didn't think it was for me, however, after my fiancé's cajoling to see Red Dog,I can honestly say that it is well worth the admission and definitely not as mentioned by a couple of no doubt highly respected movie critics, a waste of your time!

In west Australia, at a desert-mining community, an engaging Aussie Kelpie, Red Dog, once begged for a ride from two village members.

an engaging story from a time when the north west of WA was the frontier.

But despite that, the film is still emotionally engaging

I haven't read Louis de Bernieres story that is based on, or even heard of the "folk tale" that the movie is based on, but the story is compelling.

I would have liked to have given this film more than 2/10 since I did like it: There was definitely something likable and enjoyable about its atmosphere and a few of the characters.

It is enjoyable, but as with a lot of other Australian films that I have seen, it did feel a little bit contrived.

Possibly the worst movie I have ever had to sit through.

I went to this with great anticipation, even though a friend had advised that she thought it was boring (crap) and my personal views on Australian films taint me with the belief that we simply cannot make films that compete with the rest of the world....

It's opening and early and frequent use of flashbacks made it hard to follow even for me.

The storyline is engaging and manages to hit the right balance without falling into the trap of being overly sentimental, as so many other films often do.

Why would I take my kids to see what was essentially a love story about random adults, mostly kissing and hopping in and out of bed, simply as showcase for actors and some stupid and terribly predictable nonsense of how Aussies in the bush behave.

What could have been an arsenal of authentic characters, instead diminished into racial stereotypes, with quirky backstories, thrown in to keep the movie from becoming tedious.