Regression (2015) - Crime, Horror, Mystery

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A detective and a psychoanalyst uncover evidence of a satanic cult while investigating a young woman's terrifying past.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Stars: Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 25 out of 95 found boring (26.31%)

One-line Reviews (91)

Honestly, the cast is more intriguing than the movie.

which certainly makes me wonder about the motive of the people who created this piece of deleterious propaganda...

Ethan Hawke (Bruce Kenner) played his role well, by bringing intensity and intrigue to the film, and I liked the mood that was set from the beginning but it does become slightly boring after a while, because it seemed like Bruce was going round in circles.

His intense take of the obsessed Bruce Kenner was riveting and infectious.

Confusing as all hell.

Overall, it was pretty predictable, though.

Enjoyable mystery/thriller .

A case of compelling material being grossly underserved by a lackluster script .

The film comes across as flat, slow and subdued.

The movie is rather slow.

Not much, but still enjoyable.

As well as a thrilling and mysterious musical score by Roque Baños .

In this slow-moving and moody thriller, one of the themes that emerges is the tremendous power of suggestion on the human mind.

Intimately disturbing and suspenseful.

While the storyline is not without merit, its bland re-telling, the pedestrian direction and Watson's well below par acting, renders it a cinematographic wet lettuce.

This slowly unravelling story features a typically intense performance from Ethan Hawke (as Detective Bruce Kenner), and features UK actors David Thewlis (Professor Kenneth Raines) and Emma Watson as the shy young victim at the centre of it all Angela Grey.

Stated as "Gospel" the Film Explores that Regression Hypnosis might be Completely Contrived to the Whims of the Hypno Therapist with False Memories Planted and then "Retrieved" as "Occurrences".

Unfortunately the movies rhytm is confusing by strange shots and editing making this movie feel rushed.

It's an intriguing conceit, eventually shifting into a psychological thriller, though once it went to that newer direction, it starts to linger more on twisted imagery and dumb revelations until it leads to an answer that could have been obvious.

Although she still can't quite shake off the witchcraft link, Emma Watson must be desperate to get away from her goody-goody girl Harry Potter-based past to even think about appearing in this complete waste of time, meanwhile Dave Thewlis, normally an excellent British character actor, snoozes through this as if he was in a school play; zzzzzzzzz...

Anyone with any Knowledge of the News Stories and the Implications of a Media Overreach, Exploitation for Ratings, and its Aftermath are Predetermined to take Anything this Movie Presents as Mysterious or Investigatory as Uninformed, Badly Researched Propaganda.

He did so many things right in this movie that it more than made up for a couple of slow spots in the script.

It moves in a slow, deliberate way without sacrificing the message that it wants to convey.

What a waste of time, would be giving this movie more credit than is due, it would just be better to say why and weep for the money lost making this disaster.

All in all, I left the theater wondering why I was supposed to care about any of the events that took place because, with the lack of character attachment, it all meant nothing.

This is a common theme in classic horror movies and is elaborated here in an excellent way, in my opinion, as the film unfolds gradually in the moody background of a rural American town, with dreamy scenes that create an engaging atmosphere, and a general feeling of sinking helplessly into paranoia.

If it wasn't for the disappointing ending and the slow pace, I would have given this movie top marks because it was quite enjoyable at the beginning but the director made the whole film seem quite pointless once the truth came out.

I was hoping that there was going to be some big conspiracy and that there was some major twists, towards the end but it all turned out to be a total waste of time.

But 'Regression' is a very solid, expertly produced mystery and I enjoyed it.

The movie was both confusing and anti-climatic as they kind of swept the whole table clean in the end.

Therefore, whilst this film is a very enjoyable watch, its flaws deprive it of the 8+ score in my eyes.

Overall it's not a particularly remarkable story being told, but definitely worth the watch as it is all presented finely and tightly.

You know the whole deal where in this county a whole bunch of bored or annoyed kids started claims that their parents were abusing them and indoctrinating them into satanic cults and overly protective authorities, media and psychologists ran with it.

(*another main ingredient of this film) Since I've known and understood the above-mentioned crap for so many years, watching this "Regression" film has inevitably became so uninteresting and pointless.

kept me interested even when it was slow.

An intense mystery .

"Regression" has a very intriguing plot!

Amenábar made the film equivalent of a sleeping pill, with a tedious and listless narrative which doesn't wake the slightest suspense or excitement.

Great idea, great actors and an intriguing feel.

I do, in fact, agree to an extent as this film moralizes, that many of the cases that were sensationalized in the 80's by the Main Stream Media were actually the result of mundane criminal and abhorrent behavior by ordinary people.

The rest of it feels like those vague, bland scenes between the killings in a Saw sequel, the kind that you forget within half an hour of finishing it, because you were just waiting for something interesting to happen.

This is a complement to the somewhat better done, more polished and entertaining effort of Spotlight (2015).

I found the story compelling and the climax thought provoking and likely more fact based than fiction.

Set against the backdrop of a seemingly endless string of suspenseful incidents of satanic ritual abuse in America1990s , Minnesota , in which a detective and a psychoanalyst uncover evidence of a horrifying satanic cult while investigating a young woman's terrifying past and resulting in a bizarre nationwide mystery .

The revelations at the beginning were intense and the weird satanic visions that haunted Ethan Hawke were pretty creepy and built suspense.

Cool color temperatures, dreary weather, effective acting, and a creepy small town all come together to make creepy psychological thriller of good versus evil.

Worth watching.

Boring .

It contains an evocative and adequate cimnematography by Daniel Aranyó .

He had a flawless interactive rapport with Amenabar's camera, registering and conveying the anger, paranoia, confusion, and fear of his character so well on screen.

The psychologist is cliché and annoying - going round insulting strangers for having religious beliefs.

But that's why arguing or even discussing movies can be so much fun and is intriguing to say the least.

I found hard to predict, especially the twist was simple, but unexpected.

One dimensional characters, in a poor but predictable storyline, I am extremely fortunate that I did not have to pay to watch this drivel.

Inspired by Uninspiring Events .

I don't want to spend more time talking about this piece of junk, so I will only say that despite having a talented director and some solid actors (including Ethan Hawke and two Harry Potter veterans: Emma Watson and David Thewlis), I found Regression a waste of time and an absolute disaster.

They also tried to make the setting of the movie a dark & gloomy one- which is typical for a horror/supernatural movie, but only succeeded to make it extremely slow, boring and at times incoherent & irritating.

What ultimately is left after that is a sometimes intriguing, fairly visually interesting take on a subject matter that could have been gobsmacking.

The mystery is also entertaining to follow, even when it goes through awkward directions.

The story line and script were engaging, unpredictable and fresh.

However from about the middle of the movie he gradually turns into a pathetic and boring character.

Psychological thriller with a few suspenseful, sometimes overdone effects, that seem a bit strange i a way.

I give this film the rate of a ten for simply stunning acting, very, very subtle transition from scene to scene, great cinematography, an incredible score and for truly capturing a spirit of mystery and for allowing nonfiction to be fiction or vice versa, to being true to the spirt of a kind of collective mysteria all religious people seem to suffer from and for dealing with a forbidden topic, that is, the one devout Christians most fear.

Some flaws but an engaging film .

The direction at least breathes genuine coldness, much compelling than the silliness written.

ckweeds and their pretentious, SPOIL-FILLED reviews.

Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson's talents were wasted on this movie just like Ethan and Selena Gomez's were wasted on Getaway (literally the worst movie I have ever seen).

Forgettable is how I would define it, but that word is too harsh for something that is worth watching.

I'd say, it kinda got quite pretentious near the end.

It's true that this was a thing that happened and yeah it sounds like fodder for a compelling thriller, in fact I could swear a biofic or two was made.

The story is intense because the mystery is well built, and the suspense is well kept.

Boringly executed .

An engaging thriller .

Formualic, Predictable, Non-event .

An unexpected twist gives this movie the edge over other of a similar genre.

No, the point of Regression is making us be on the verge of falling asleep.

its a different thrilling movie .

If you enjoy watching films that contain prolific symbolism and question institutions that exist for physical and spiritual protection, then you will undoubtedly find this film, from the Weinstein Company that flew under the radar, intriguing.

Its that dull.

As he also wrote this movie, I can totally blame him for the terrible ending and slow pace.

All in all it was a fairly predictable movie that doesn't really surprise.


The film was trying so hard to tell a no-big-deal story with a storyline and scenario that have been used thousand times to pan out an one-direction, one-way boring film that should not to be produced at all.

Because I was expecting the unexpected the end didn't totally surprise me.

No it just doesn't work, what seemed like a suspenseful and enticing trailer transformed into a mess of a movie that didn't even make sense and was hard to watch.

As usual, he's relatable and absorbing to watch.

This is a fine and intelligent engrossing drama.

And it's all paranoia to its time of Satanic panic when the answers they were looking for should be more mundane than this.

The nightmares become so intense that is becomes difficult for the characters to separate hallucination from reality.

It tries to be worthy and important but feels quite dull and unpleasant at times.

The film will take you, at a slow pace, through a mounting aprehension of a tragic ending, only to defuse it at the very last minutes.