Relic Hunter (1999) - Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure

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Sydney Fox is a university professor and black belt who globe-trots after lost, stolen and rumored to exist artifacts and antiquities.

IMDB: 6.6
Stars: Tia Carrere, Christien Anholt
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 4 out of 41 found boring (9.75%)

One-line Reviews (20)

Let me put it in few and simple words where the similarities lie: * Indiana Jones is a university professor -> Sydney Fox is, too * Indiana Jones looks for relics -> Sydney Fox does, too * Lara Croft got martial arts skills -> Sydney Fox does, tooNow let's take a look at the differences: * Indy Jones is a really intelligent man who knows very much and has to figure out intriguing riddles -> Sydney Fox never gives the impression she is a top professor with a vast knowledge about what she does.

)I know it's a Canadian production (probably with US co-production money) and it's supposed to be pure Bubble-gum but it's depressing that every show directed at a US audience has to reinforce every asinine cliché about other cultures for the benefit of the most bigoted hick.

It is way too predictable.

Her scholarly brilliant English academic assistant, Nigel Bailey, has his reservations about being dragged along all over the world on most of her treasure hunts .

a really enjoyable show .

That said , many of the episodes are lively and gripping , and Tia Carrere is always worth watching.

Ho-hum, I must have fallen asleep.

It bores everyone to tears!

I have just seen "Relic Hunter" (i think about last year through AXN-asia channel on our home cable provider) and I could say that even though the show may have flaws it is over-all entertaining especially if you love woman-in-action and supernatural relic themed shows.

Bland if you wish.

The show is very interesting and very enjoyable and i think Tia and Christian put a lot of effort into making this brilliant series.

We're way nicer in our cultural cliché's to the French than we are to the Brit's.

Every Lara Croft/Indy Jones cliché in the book thrown at exotic locations (I'm guessing back lot of the studios or a 20 mile radius) and insular representations of other peoples that would have the natives cringing in disbelief.

A fun and entertaining new series.

The show is enjoyable as a brainless action series with a good humored side kick.

As the whole thing was based on that formula: strong woman + dull man.

It's an entertaining, fairly realistic show (in relation to a lot of what's on TV) that isn't afraid to laugh at itself in the process of doing its thing.

an enjoyable one hour of fun .

Relic hunter is hilarious and tottally entertaining.

I very much enjoy watching this series, although the acting is often corny, i think it has its own entertaining atmosphere about it.