Rememory (2017) - Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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Gordon invents the Rememory machine that allows him to see memories as they actually were. He dies in his office. Is it murder? Sam investigates by using the machine "borrowed" from Gordon's wife. He looks at memories of others involved.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Mark Palansky
Stars: Peter Dinklage, Matt Ellis
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 13 out of 53 found boring (24.52%)

One-line Reviews (33)

It had the perfect and unpredictable ending.

It feels like the film was more focused on its plot, blissfully unaware of how predictable it was, rather than filling out the details that could have made the movie much more intriguing and fun to watch.

It hardly feels fair to label it as a spoiler because of how predictable and ultimately insignificant it was.

The side affects are boredom and a desire to go to the rest room.

It's quite empty and unevoking, a person going through other people's histories and nothing much happening in the present.

I really like this movie, it is really touching, the performance of Peter Dinklage is really awesome, worth watching.

intruiging concept, but boring .

This film had great potential with a such a great cast, good directing and interesting story, but fell short of that potential with a dragged out screenplay full of unnecessary scenes and plot holes that could have been easily omitted.

The dramatic "Rememory" is not a sci-fi film, but a boring and deceptive mystery movie.

This movie is not for the action loving, sci-fi addicted and fast paced viewer.

The same can be said for Anton Yelchin, and the confusing plot and literally ZERO motivation on screen for why and what is happening.

With the help of the machine (acquired in contrived fashion) he proceeds to sample through recorded memories from test subjects, looking for clues as to who could've had a hand in the murder.

This 2+ hour film should have been just over 1 hour, and then it would have held my attention much better, and I would have enjoyed it much more.

This is a really intense ride.

When Gordon suddenly dies, the film turns into a bland "NBC Mystery Movie" as Sam tries to figure out who killed Gordon...

Each time you begin to sympathize with each character, you get bored and just want to move on to the next scene.

Most movies work the other way round these days with little or no story at their core.

I found that whilst the acting was solid the pace was a bit slow for my liking.

Too simplistic and plodding to be worth paying to see .

The movie itself was plodding and nothing groundbreaking as some reviewers are suggesting - its very sad how there are so many shills on IMDb trying to sway the votes and getting people to view movies that really aren't what they are expecting.

----All in all, not terrible but certainly stupid, pretentious and slow.

Fellow reader, you must know the types of films that are boring to watch because the end is pretty obvious?

The acting was good, however, sometimes the story dragged a bit and probably could have been shortened vs.

This is important in order to understand the confusing ending.

It was fascinating to watch him track down the strange clients of Gordon Dunn, inventor of the memory machine.

Enjoyable .

Overall, this was a movie that had a fun and novel concept to play with, toyed with us with the potential of this concept (the idea of a world in which anyone's memories could be viewed on the spot by others in perfect HD) and proceeded to do very very little with it, more focused on its boring and predictable story than with running wild with its imagination and doing something really memorable.

A rather intense and edge-of-the-seat thriller, definitely worth the time and effort to watch.

The film is worth watching for Dinklage's compassionate interpretation of his character Sam Bloom from Pequod Road, a modern Ishmael reconstructing his variation on the memory of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick.

Peter Dinklage is worth the watch.

Boring and Deceptive .

On the other hand, if you want immersion into a gloomy world of amplified pain, confusion, and regret, it might be just right for you.

A great script that goes too slow; too long...