Replicant (2001) - Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Scientists create a genetic clone of a serial killer in order to help catch the killer, teaming up with two cops.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Ringo Lam
Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Rooker
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 105 found boring (9.52%)

One-line Reviews (50)

Art is all in the carrying, I think so you might find yourself admiring something that is incompetent, unartful, even repellently stupid if it has an engaging heart.

I find Jean-Claude Van Damme have potential but unfortunately the majority of his movies are boring and story have no sense.

And boring.

I'd pretty much come to the conclusion that only 1 or 2 (if we're lucky) good action flicks, with engaging action choreography, and most important credibility would come out a year, and that the rest would be paint by numbers cliche ridden piles of hob glob, with the story used only to set up the next bland exhausting action sequence, with MTV cuts to make up for zero choreography.

Jake(Rooker, enjoyable to watch as usual) is a cop, obsessed with a serial killer(Van Damme, who, like we see in The Expendables 2, is a much better villain than hero), Torch(so named because of his MO...

It was great, thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

The plot is slower-paced than normal and rather more complex than you might at first expect.

Fully deserving of it's 'straight-to-video' status, this derivative, disjointed mess of a film wasted everyone's time at release, and has not improved with age.

'Replicant is a really good action packed-thriller and you can see van Damme is back.

How create boring movie...

So, it IS too violent but I enjoyed it.

"The Rook" aka Micheal Rooker plays a bad ass as usual and Ringo Lam has made a very enjoyable film.

For example Face/Off works because, no matter how silly and unlikely the plot, the fact that it fun and exciting means that you forgive it.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen, I didnt pay for it and I felt ripped off.

What is more pity it is that last movies of Van Damme are more boring.

I found this film quite predictable however on the whole I enjoyed it.

It's a decent enough, but fairly formulaic action/sci-fi flick.

In Replicant the music is so boring and "ugly" to hear.

This Abuse is Pretty Hard to Take and Keeps the Movie from being Enjoyable.

From a Van Damme fan, bored with his latest films.

I think when it does come out in theatres go watch it great movie i enjoyed it.

Replicant is 2001 solid good-entertaining action thriller.

The fight scenes are smoothly choreographed and exciting, with director Ringo Lam clearly aware of what makes a Van Damme movie work.

Don't waste your time on seeing this movie unless you are very very disturbed.

Overall, Replicant was better than expected is very entertaining and i refuse to say that this is a DTV movie, i think that it deserved a theatrical run, a wide one, not limited !

Having been a Van Damme fan for many years but bored by his latest offerings I was expecting to be switching to another channel very soon!

It starts off with a disturbing sequence of Van Damme burning a mother to death,then putting on one hell of an exciting chase sequence, when Rooker shows up.

The production is suprisingly well polished, with some good direction and entertaining stunts.

Some things are simply unexpected, for example the cruelty of the killer when he is not actually killing.

Throughout the film, he has various memories circling throughout his head, which only adds to his confusion.

Michael Rooker is one intense guy.

An original,inventive and intriguing flick,which works on nearly all the levels it sets out to.

"Replicant" is a B-movie, that is for sure, but in an unexpected way it is a good one, entertaining, not too much over the top and somehow still convincing.

It has your typical/dull kick-punch-kick action.

The other, although deadly, brought into a cruel world where he had a choice, succumbs to confusion.

Well worth watching, and it will make you realise that Van Dammes is the king do direct to DVD action movies

Not great mind you but a good, watchable and entertaining film.

I was afraid of seeing 90 minutes of boring stupid action with only few unintentional laughs, like "The Quest" or "Knock Off".

But, it moves relatively well and there's enough thrilling set-pieces to maintain interest, I think, and seeing JCVD in a different kind of film besides those aping Kickboxer and Lionheart is refreshing.

There are a lot of strange things in this movie but most of them work somehow and make it actually very entertaining.

"Replicant" is the other one; a film that could've easily fallen apart in the wrong hands, managed to rise above the limitations of the lead actor and become a poignant and entertaining piece of science fiction that contains just as much heart as it does thrills.

Just as you start to get bored the film throws another carrot your way.

They have a very cliche'd cat and mouse game where they talk on the phone.

The movie felt so good watching it, this movie has great scenes that are very entertaining which makes this movie Van Damme's best since 'Timecop'.

Boring, boring, boring.

One of the most boring action movies I have ever seen .

Now, by no means is Replicant Oscar winning material, far from it actually, but it is nevertheless a gripping, original flick.

Doesn't do anything with the characters, plot or action potential and is mostly a waste of space and time .

Entertaining and weird B-movie-mess .

No, believe it or not, Van Damme actually displays an amazing, intriguing, and very believable performance (or is it one?