Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Drama

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The drug-induced utopias of four Coney Island people are shattered when their addictions run deep.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Stars: Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 124 out of 1000 found boring (12.4%)

One-line Reviews (505)

I was too immersed in the story and it kinda brought me back to reality.

Like "Black Swan", another compelling masterpiece by Darren, "Requiem For A Dream" is a descent into madness.

I know the director made most part of the movie very slow so that the final part had a major impact in the audience, and he was right but the problem is that I almost stop watching the movie because it was very boring, I only watched it until the end because I had rented it otherwise I had stopped watching the movie and changed the channel.

What is fascinating about "Requiem for a Dream," the new film by Darren Aronofsky, is how well he portrays the mental states of his addicts.

It was OK, but way too gimmicky and ultimately boring, with the exception of Ellen Burstyn's character.

The acting was terrible, there really was no plot, it was a journey through a worthless group of peoples lives.

A mixture of superb sound in combination with skillful editing and strong acting makes the story ever more gripping.


The chilling and thrilling game of addiction.

Aronofsky uses every trick he learned in film school: split screens, fast motion, slow motion, extreme closeups, trick photography, repetitive shots, etc. While he no doubt thinks he is being innovative, his repeated attempts to call attention to himself is simply annoying and distracting.

After a phone-call from a television station she is filled with false hope, entertaining the idea of her 15 minutes of fame.

The music is always perfect, always the melody, stunning, powerful, taking us to the end of the character's nightmares...

Their slow descent is hard to take and hard to take my eyes off of.

Very, very intense movie and this is probably way I liked it so much.

I really got no message from the film which is heavily focused on torturing four miserable characters again and again....

His work on Requiem For A Dream, like on Pi, is absolutely stunning, with brilliant use of experimental photography and editing techniques, short, thematically repeating shots (also used in Pi) and the original split-screen technique.

this is as intense as it comes Kudos to everyone involved...

But I missed the feeling, the sadness, these special kind of empathy which overcame me in Candy, it actually was intense enough to make me cry - an emotional feeling that can only be evoced by really good and realistic movies; some sort of comparison with the protagonist, as you are twitching in his role and feel his dilemma.

I watched about 20 minutes of this pointless "film" and had to turn it off.

If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on this movie.

In conclusion, this movie ranks second, behind "Cruising" as the most provoking and stunning movies I have seen.

Requiem for a Dream defies this by painting a grotesque, gripping portrait of addiction.

Faultless but intense and memorable.

Stunning (if your depressed) .

Really worth watching.

The confusing premise is that there is virtually no ability to balance the tables.

More than anything, the film is a visual and auditory treat with a rousing soundtrack and common for an Aronofsky film artistic film editing that displays the darker edges of the human psyche.

It's a recycled story line - and it features highly obnoxious, contrived, "I'm trying too hard to be artsy" cinematography.

Very Intense .

As the story progresses, you experience the same range of emotions the characters feel and the intense climax and conclusion to which the movie arrives at leaves the most lasting impact on your very soul.

Overall, Requiem for a Dream is a feast for the senses, as well as a stunning wakeup call about addiction and substance abuse.

Requiem for a Waste of Time .

The direction of the film is stunning, the acting is stunning, and by the end of it, you shall deeply moved by the journey these 4 people have been on.

The implication, of course, is that substance abuse is a downward spiral, but it makes for a messy movie with little or no plot, and more importantly, little incentive to watch again.

Simply Stunning.

To say Darren Aronofsky's unflinching mind-bender is an intense cinematic experience is to sell it short - it is a scooping out of your intestines and playing with them before trying to squeeze them back into your torso, all while you're conscious.

This was a totally pointless movie...

Especially Jared Letos work is stunning although other main characters perform excellently as well.

I was amazed by the absolutely stunning performance by Ellen Burstyn.

Maverick director Darren Aronofsky finds new and compelling images for what drugs can do to you.

It doesn't inspire sympathy or shock, it just kills you with boredom.

Plotless movie .

The love story between Marion and Harry is fascinating and heartbreaking.

Only people who are mature, can handle intense movies and heavy things that include drugs and prostitutionThis was an intense film but wonderfully crafted by the writer and the director.

The most famous part of Requiem by far is its reputation for being intense.

There isn't 1 shocking bit in the whole film, the acting was poor at times and the editing is so repetitive it gets boring.

It will have your heart racing and have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

It gets better as she falls deeper into drug addiction - her acting as a upper-junkie is mind blowing.

This explores the intense reality of drug abuse and addiction and the consequences it brings about to the four protagonists.

I'm sorry but Ellen completely deserved it, her performance is so compelling and realistic.

The final act of the movie, when everything goes full tilt, is intense.

Very slick stuff, even if it becomes repetitive.

I was thinking that the end would be something unexpected, but it was such a big waste of time, AND BELIEVE ME.. I HATE WASTING MY TIME.

Fast Paced clips does not help either.

This movie drips of propaganda and the viewer is left drinking the excesses of the creators viewpoint.

total waste of time , skip it !.

Her character was one of the most intriguing and major in the movie.

I will start with the negative because the movie starts off rather slow and stupid.

I don't enjoy it, it's boring to me, and despite all efforts, I just couldn't force myself to watch it whole at once.

Man, this movie is intense.

Marlon Wayans surprisingly gives a stunning break out performance for someone known for starring trivial and mediocre pop culture comedies.

The repeating mundane and reinforcing dialogue and visuals just go to remind you of events and circumstance that you already know.

Although as it stands requiem for a dream is a simple, dull story which glorifies and tries to make us sympathise with some junkies and a woman obsessed with television.

That being said, the credit sequence is very gripping and the movie wastes no time giving you a solid profile of all of the characters.

I won't say how the plot is because i hate ruining movies but it is very engaging.

After winning an opportunity to appear on a television show, she posts her application form and then chooses a stunning red dress which she wore to Harry's graduation as the outfit which she will wear on television.

Overall, an absolutely great movie, and one worth watching.

Also just as predictable and bland is the story, the writer should have taken the same stuff as the director, maybe then he would have thought up some interesting plot developments and characters.

Her acting in this movie was breathtaking.

The music is stunning too, Aronofsky directs superbly and the script is brutal and very honest.

This movie is so real and painful, which makes it so worth watching.

Its nothing but a dull, repetitive mess with very brief glimpses of quality, added in to try and interest us in a crappy story which runs out of mileage within the first half hour.

Having said that I found the movie very boring and very slow except for the last twentysomething minutes where the movie is really good.

Sure, it looks great, but it's really going nowhere.

It bored me to the extent that I was not able to analyze it, and I only assessed my subjective impression by rating it three out of ten.

With a premise like that, I would've preferred seeing how destructive drugs could be to friendships, relationships, etc.I can just add this to my list of over-hyped movies I've seen that was supposed to be amazing, but only succeeded in mildly entertaining me.

The soundtrack, by the Kronos Quartet, is riveting and wonderfully complements the movie.


The musical score too is on the brink of perfection with truly stunning music that accompanies each moving scene beautifully.

Same ugly topic, but entertaining.

Sound is a medium film-makers often over look, whether it be diegetic or not, Darren uses both to absorbing effect.

It is integrated into this scene to express unclarity and slowness, both associated with hallucinating.

The fast paced scenes with the slow motion scenes were eye struck.

'Requiem for a Dream' isn't even a groundbreaking in-depth analysis of the drug subject, making it inferior in that aspect to most of the abundant anti-drug propaganda; at the same time, it holds no entertainment value in order to reach the 'common' people.

This is an intense movie experience following the results of drug addiction on 4 hapless souls.

Dull, boring, pointless.

Given the story is just one giant cliché (in capital letters), the question is how well and how originally the cliché is played out.

The heavy, compelling music strengthens the feeling of sadness and compassion for Sara.

The movie, when all is said and done, is jarringly predictable, and simply goes nowhere, much like the addicts and drug dealers it depicts.

After the first half hour of the movie it was so intense and incisive that it was like i was there.

Dullest movie ever .

The most incredible, breathtaking and ultimately heartbreaking film I've ever seen, and one that will remain at the top of my favourite films list for a long time to come.

the film is heavy, whenever they inject drugs, shows his eyes dilating, and it bothered me a lot, the way that Darren Aronofsky films is very good, he does great things with the camera, there are times when it leaves the film with fast camera, especially when they use drugs, the cast is excellent, Jared Leto this great, one of his best performances in his career, Jennifer Connelly this excellent, Marlon Wayans this great also, more emphasis is Ellen Burstyn this impeccable, you WHAT feel her character feels, especially when he shows his hallucinations, such as refrigerator moving, she saw the favorite program, he is amazing, the cast still has Christopher McDonald, Louisse Lasser, Sean Gullete and etc, the soundtrack is simply incredible, the theme music is expectable, it thee pursues the whole movie, and this track feeling of end of the world is something inexplicable, because I feel that one of the best film music theme, the film has good dialogues plus some are half boring, I found some affected performances, and some unnecessary moments, the more it does not draw the incredible quality of the film, the final scene we see in the character of Jared Leto armless is very strong, I too bother the scene he injects heroin in his wound in the arm, and when he shows the damage is agonizing, Requiem for a Dream is one of the best in Seculo 21 films, has disturbing moments, and very heavy scenes, plus has a great direction, a cast excellent, impeccable performance of Ellen Burstyn who deserved to win the Oscar for best actress (in my opinion it was better than Julia Roberts).

Its creative camera work, beautiful score, interesting characters, entertaining dialogue, and powerful actors will mesmerize you.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The fourth character is Harry's mother, a widow who spends most of her time in a dreary apartment eating candy and watching a bad self-help show.

way too long, trite, and just over the top.

It's an okay way to kill a few hours if someone else has it, but don't waste money on it, unless you intend to take acid or smoke at least four joints before every single time you watch, because that's the only way I can think of to make this movie enjoyable.

This was probably one of the most emotional intense films i have ever seen.

Darren Aronofsky gives us a amazing movie about drugs, how it changes our lives, by showing how time can go faster or slower with the more than 2000 cuts that make us always be on the edge.

Ironically, while many critics bashed 'The Passion' for overemphasizing torture and maiming of Christ again and again and again and again over other aspects of Christ (and rightly so, that film has its flaws as well), it surprising these critics praise similar methods of repetitive "how can it get any worse" torture done to rather shady characters nonstop.

Not one second goes by without a 'cool' film-making technique being thrust in the viewers face, whether it be split screen, time lapse, rapid repetitive editing, or Snorricam.

Except that they would have cast Divine as both the mother and girlfriend if they had been directing, and they would have called it something like "Naked Flamingoes from Outer Space" rather than given it the pretentious title that it actually had.

Thrilling movie with an incredible score, excellent camerawork and a finale that touches me every time I watch this piece of art.

You learn to like the characters as people, possibly people you know in your own life, and then, things go downhill in unexpected ways.

Aronofosky has a create a truly mind blowing (really hate to use that phrase too!!

Fascinating, repulsive, powerful and important .

But in reality it is just horrid, convoluted, strange, stupid, ignorant agonisingly plodding and at times just damn right rage inducing.

That's what I call an intense movie!

"Requiem for a Dream" offers an absorbing, terrifying, yet fascinating look at the downward spiral associated with drug addiction.

Then comes the cliché, predictable irony,.....

The movie is truly breathtaking, and I mean that most literally - I was starting to run out of oxygen after the first thirty minutes.

The cinematography is excellent in capturing the rather intense thoughts of the characters as they face the horrors of their addiction.

The cinematography is stunning and the background score is brilliant.

It's fast paced and dives right into drug addiction.

That cliché is aptly captured in the paths these characters follow.

Powerful, Compelling, and Extremely well Directed.

This is the most intense film I have seen, depicting four individuals whose lives descend into absolute disaster.

It was boring and predictable.

And Requiem For A Person Who Waste His Time And Money is not "the most shocking film ever", so, are you shocked, now ?

In fact, they are more interesting than anything else in this tedious film.

The film managed to exceed them by far; it's a masterpiece that manages that rare feat where the impact of the dead serious subject matter (substance abuse) is enhanced, not subverted, by the director's choice to offer a truly cinematic, stylish and visually exciting experience.

Preachy, Pretentious Filth.

The score by Mansell and the Kronos Quartet is perfect and is a wonderful compliment to the images, increasing their impact and making the film feel fast and exciting at times, tragic and moving at other times.

The pretentiously titled REQUIEM FOR A DREAM is a film that is dark, depressing, achingly dreary and laughably awful at every turn.

Through an intense use of uncanny film-making techniques including split-screens, intercuts, wipe-cuts, hip-hop montages and over three times as many individual cuts as your average length feature, Requiem is truly as much a film on drugs as it is about them.

While some of the camera work and techniques were interesting, anything positive was lost due to an entirely predictable and weak plot.

Absolutely predictable .

Intense, powerful and thought-provoking .

These are compelling characters in unforgettable stories.

And Requiem for a Dream was really intense.

"Besides; after about 1:20 mark the movie just becomes pointless like I previous mention; completely treads from the true reality.

On the other hand, Leto, Wayans and Connelly, each in his own frame succeed in playing their very intense roles compellingly.

Pretentious .

A couple of years later I reprised it and it was so boring that I gave up before the end.

Pretentious Overrated Plop .

This is an intense, stirring, thought-provoking film - yes.

To make a long story short: Perfect story , good acting, great director and a stunning soundtrack that still gives me the chills every time I hear it.

In a way both Hurt and Requiem for a Dream (RFAD) deal with similar themes regarding individuals engaging in self-harming activities (in this case, drug use) as a means to escape their empty lives.

We watch the slow degeneration of the two characters as their addictions take hold.

intense .

I have often paused, checking how much is left to the end, and dragged it through the entire day.

The back and forth between the Connelly/Leto/crazy mother at the end was just unbearable.

This is really heavy and intense stuff.

I found it very boring, I only liked the final part .

The compassion you are made to feel for Burstyn's character is so intense that the film's climax is almost unbearable.

There's no plot, only a series of scenes showing the effect of drugs.

They're boring, narcissistic and self-destructive.

The film introduces Sarah Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn), who plays the role of an elderly, overweight Brooklyn widow who lives a repetitive, boring lifestyle with her peers.

Requiem uses this to its advantage, the climatically devastating montages of each character's decent into hell is so horrific, but engaging, you find yourself unable to look away.

I'm sure there are just a few movies in the world in that music, acting, narrating and photographing is so well composed and coordinated that all together is just one big intense masterpiece.

The atmosphere of the movie is perfect, eerie yet oddly compelling, the setting is perfect, the music is exceptional, and the characters do an extremely good job.

While the story may be a lot slower than you average American movie it's also a lot stronger and touches you in a way your average movie doesn't.

It is one of the most intense movie experiences I have ever had in my life.

The ending scene is probably the most intense, beautiful scene in a movie that I have ever viewed.

The last few scenes of the movie are among the most harrowing, horrific-yet-compelling scenes ever committed to film.

The plot is minimal, but the performances are wrenching and (pardon the cliché) not for the squeamish.

Empty of sub-text and any sort of thought-provocation, Aronosfsky holds our hand through this highly implied story and suggests that if we touch a drug, we could end up having our arms amputated, or working as a prostitute for cash.

The visual techniques are what set this apart and the intriguing camera placements, split-screen scenes, the montages add to the experience.

Through a deliberately slow buildup we are made to see these peoples' dreams of grandeur blossom for the briefest of instants and just as swiftly, wither and die.

Totally mind blowing .

Aronofsky's directing is every bit as compelling as on his later work, starting off dreary, hazy and even comical in a twisted sort of fashion, but before you even realize it's happening, the storytelling is quickly contorted into a demented mad carnival-esquire thrill ride, finally fading out into a sorrowful, monotone-gray ending that will leave you thinking, depressed, and most of all, changed.

BOTTOM LINE: While the story is only mildly absorbing it has great acting and is filled with kinetic filmmaking, which is both interesting and sometimes annoying.

From the second half it's a very interesting and compelling film, dropping to total despair by the last twenty minutes.

The daily repetitive actions of addiction are highlighted by brilliant editing (even if a bit over done) to effect.

Despite being movie cliché and law - some people don't prostitute themselves even when starving.

"Anybody wanna waste some time"?

Intense scenes are sped up, and scenes of boredom and fear are slowed down.

Music is playing nearly constantly throughout the movie, and makes scenes that are already very intense and emotional have even more potency.

Both are very well shot, edited and produced, but are tough to call entertaining and certainly not the kind of movies you'd pop in on a rainy day.

So I finally watched it the other day and i was gripping the edge of my seat...

Most importantly for me, is the accurate portrayal of addiction, the lack of choice, the slow and innocent plunge.

This is one of the only downfalls to the movie, in fact, is the repetitive blaring towards the end of the film.

If you want to watch something about addiction, watch the Wire or read Infinite Jest, but whatever you do don't waste your time watching this movie.

I have stared at an empty screen for 5 minutes, not able even to cry...

This sound track composed by Clint Mansell is mind blowing, even after the movie ends u keep humming or thinking about the sound track.

This film uses clever split-screen technique, fast paced montage-like moments, especially when characters take their drugs, huge close-ups and exaggerated sound effects, all creating convincing highs and lows of drug taking.

There are some things which I thought didn't have to be in the film, like a rather pointless (in my opinion) sex scene.

You need to be in the right mood to watch this film, but it is well worth watching and it's message is very clear.

It's an intense movie.

It may be true however that this movie might be offensive to drug users or others who know about or are involved in the business, possibly due to some images shown and the circumstances of the characters, possibly being stereotypical and somewhat cliché.

It isn't clever, entertaining or good.

Well worth watching, ironic, sad, and clever.

Confusing cut scenes, transitions, and the characters used all kinds of slang that I doubt the common man could follow.

It requires users to use a split screen personality to hide their dependency while engaging in hyper-kinetic repetition to maintain a high.

Please, do yourself a favor, and don't pass up this movie, it could change your or someone you knows life, as corny as that sounds to be drawn out of a movie.

Rather, it is just mind blowing creativity.

Among the many documentaries, special programs and propaganda (not in a bad use of the word) done to spread the knowledge of this drug disease, Darren Aronofsky came out with 'Requiem for a Dream'.


The remainder of the film is highly intense to the point where it pulls it up out of the hole and turns into a must see for anyone as well as a film you'll want to add to your collection to view again.

Over-rated, over hyped and to be honest I was bored to tears by half way through.

This movie suffocates it's viewers with an intense story line of the character's lives decomposing.

Harry (Leto) and Marion (Connelly) together form a couple worth watching.

I remember sitting there watching and thought this is probably the biggest waste of time I could have ever encountered and had the movie continued in it's lacadaisy ramblings it would have been.

The film utilizes various creative picture/editing techniques to relay its tale of a slow descent into hell on earth.

it was psychologically intense, I loved it.

The movie was breathtaking and changed me in the inside.

After seeing this disturbing, intense, depressing, horrifying film, we want to ease our own pain, by telling her and the world that it's no good.

Although some bad artistic decisions *cough, split screen, cough* and the first 20 minutes of the movie is kinda monotone, the movie is still great and presents human characters, a realistic scenario and some good acting.

Whatever little substance there might be is crushed under the weight of a director who throws split screens, frame rate effects, cameras mounted to the actors, fisheye lenses inches away from faces and an endless grab bag of visual gimmicks that sits uncomfortably between amateurish and pretentious.

The only reason I gave this pretentious drama 3 points is because there was at least some attempt at experimentation (otherwise ROAT would have been an extremely dull movie) and for the very interesting soundtrack.

It's depressing, horrible, tragic, powerful, and intensely compelling.

This is the US cutting-edge version of Danny Boyle's film - and guess what - its dull and ultimately depressing.

There is no real plot line.

The insurmountable problem, however, is that three of the four major characters are monumentally uninteresting losers.

A dark addiction film that shows how propaganda, lust, and substance sells and will control one's life.

Aronofsky's bold directorial vision and some spectacular performances, especially Ellen Burstyn, make this film worth watching...

I believe this is what makes the movie a compelling piece of story.

absolutely worth watching .

RFAD is positively the most intense movie I have seen till date.

The absolutely brilliant soundtrack (yet again delivered by Aronovsky's long-time cohort Clint Mansell, this time with The Kronos Quartet) delivers a massive backdrop to the unpredictable scenery.

Frightening and unexpected.

When I first saw "Requiem for a Dream" I watched it with a company, so I've probably seen it in its entirety, but, since I was extremely bored, ask God where my thoughts were.

The shallow plot and mundane story goes nowhere, it is empty and pointless.

I like controversy but I think the combination of how the film was shot, the themes and the score took it over the edge of what is enjoyable cinema and a piece that is intended to shock and leave the audience feeling stunned.

Darren does it over and over in this and at one point I wanted to turn it off.

The plot is very, very predictable and the visuals are tacked on in categorizable chunks.

It is superbly edited, with Aranofsky transforming otherwise mundane daily rituals like cleaning or moving into intriguing expositions.

I've heard many amazing things about it and perhaps this is partly why I enjoyed it that much; or maybe it's because it's really, really good.

All the flash shots, rapid fire camera changes, sounds, etc. There is intense film-making vision and skill here.

Very intense .

Direction - flamboyant but enjoyable, discernible talent for sure.

apart from the stunning acting of ELLEN BURSTYN & JENNIFER CONNELLY all belong to the director no doubt..i don't know why no one(in other comments)mentioned the musical effect of this movie...

All main characters give strong performances which allow us to get more immersed in certain parts of it.

But it never asks the question why do people take drugs, may be it it because they want a good time and forget about their boring lives and do you know what, may be they often get a good time out of it Remember the difference between enjoying a bottle of wine from time to time and being an alcoholic, the same is true with drugs.

feeling empty in the aftermath .

In one of Burstyn's most intense performances, she is a complex and confused woman; perhaps her story is the saddest because her addiction was not at her will.

Aronofsky gives us mind-boggling effects with the young kids use of drugs and the repetitive "You've Got Juice" slogan that sadly represent the attention and happiness Sara Goldfarb pines over.

Finally, I found that in both films, at the climax, there was a rush of confusion and emotion.

"Way, way, way, over the top, "Requiem for a Dream" offers a long, tedious series of clichés presented in an MTV music video format.

The cast is terrific and all portray the decline of their character's mental health as their addiction develops brilliantly, with Jared Leto's unique style, Jennifer Connelly's personal engagement, Marlon Wayans surprisingly dramatic performance and the intense, pure delivery by Ellen Burstyn, who is the hardest to view as a result of how far she spirals.

SPOILERSI was told this movie is really depressing, but in order for that to be true I would've had to watch a movie with engaging characters.

The jump cuts and split screens, spinning overhead shots get tiresome though, it's relentless.

Despite snappy editing, some naughty director's cut sex footage and strong acting, this movie has the artistic value of a 1950s pot-scare movie shown in high-school phys ed.

I would highly recommend it to all.

Augmented with a stunning soundtrack this is the complete package.

Burstyn effortlessly imbues Sara with a sadness and confusion about what is happening to her that is positively haunting.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat wanting more of this shocking truth.

But within he is an empty shell.

So I recommend this movie to junkies and addicted people, other than that it is a waste of time

As a case study, the movie does falter due to the content of style over substance, yet as a visceral experience it's a predictable triumph.

This technique comes to full effect in one of the last sequences in which all the three(possibly four)stories become one in a mind blowing editing frenzy.

The mother's story line takes a long winded, boring walk to a point that has been realized for so long that the irony is long gone.

It reaches it's peak quite close to the end, in the most intense scenes I've ever experienced.

Co-writer/director Darren Aronofsky (who cut his teeth on the stylish but showy black-and-white psychodrama "Pi") uses every stylistic device imaginable to convey the escalating effects of addiction (passages of drug use are signaled by montages of prepping heroin works, rolling blunts, and excited cells in the bloodstream); anyone who has had even a passing infatuation with illegal substances will be surprised at the accuracy with which this is conveyed--Aronofsky's decision to speed up or slow down film, use a fisheye lens, steadicam shots, or even show waves of heat rising from a closed refrigerator, successfully hypnotizes the viewer in a manner as gripping as a dissolved drug.

It is hard to follow sometimes with the screens going by so quickly.

Overall, I cannot say it's a beautiful or even entertaining movie, in its common meaning.

The acting is really good, the script is great followed by a very intense screenplay.

Slow, painful, and methodical killers.

This film is excellent, I felt intense and could hear my heart beat right until the very end.

This movie is an absolute and utter waste of time, it is beyond comprehension how such a piece of worthlessness has this rating.

The fast clips and reoccurring pictures makes it even more gripping of, at least my, heart.

Don't waste your time and your money in this bullshit, Darren Aronofsky shows us that he doesn't have any talent, because it's too much straightforward to show dumb people always getting in bigger and bigger problems , until madness of addictions!

The performances are brilliant from all of the actors, with a special mention to Ellen Burstyn's(Sarah) absolutely phenomenal performance, her story is the most riveting.

The effect isn't disturbing so much as jarring, by reminding us that we're watching a movie- something that the rest of Requiem, for all of its overt stylishness, avoids to stunning effect.

The soundtrack was also appropriate, as the sad dreary piano tone still makes me think of this movie to this day.

But amongst these four main actors, it's Ellen Burstyn who ends up impressing the most with an unforgettable performance that's truly breathtaking.

Not essential, but if you want a compelling, emotional, and endearing film that will tug at your heartstrings while making you reel back in revolted disgust, and also provide something thought provoking and dense, get this.

But ultimately, I like movies that force you to either look away or hold on, squirm in your seat and continue absorbing the visual imagery, no matter how beautiful or disturbing.

The things they do are fairly predictable and mundane, and the pace is rather slow.

It somehow immersed me in the world where Harry, Marion and Tyrone live.

The first hour of this movie is a fairly boring.

Each character is written in detail as well, it's in-depth which is also why the whole film is so compelling and absorbing.

It even is a very well elaborated story with fascinating acting.

As in this dreadful, pretentious movie.

There's also Aronofsky's visual techniques which are quite striking at first, but after a while they get tiresome.

One of the most compelling and hard to watch movies.

Few films show the truth about what can happen with drugs and don't just glamoriser the whole scene, this is an exception, well worth the watch - wish that I'd seen this as a teenager!

how this boring movie consider Top Rated Movies #81 !?

At times requiem is hard to watch but at no time could i take my eyes away from the screen, it is hard to say whether i actually enjoyed the film but it was fascinating and compulsive viewing which kept me interested for the whole of the film.

It is the most gripping, intense film that I've ever seen.

Nice techniques but it begins getting boring after half way in.

Intense .

Intense, gruelling yet very very enjoyable.

i stopped in front of the TV looking at the empty screen.

The characters are very human in their reactions and remain unpredictable and, in some cases, repulsive.

A raw, engaging film that paints an intense picture of the reality of drugs .

All the lighting, the editing, the cinematography and the special effects; everything serves the dramatic progression of the story and makes the story all the more gripping and convincing.

The whole movie was extremely predictable, just like a teenage horror movie.

For me is was just boring.

Pretentious, overrated; couldn't care less about the characters .

This was not a terrible movie in the slightest, while it might not be for everyone, it is worth the watch and definitely better than 1/10.

I thought that I had found the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" of drug movies but instead I had found a movie with average to sub-par acting and a plot which contains every cliché from the genre.

well, there's no storyline.

The BGM throughout the film were cool and intense.

boring, flat, awful .

One which is boring, ugly, full of despair and stupidity.

The cinamatografy is unique and entertaining, the story is compelling and powerful, and the acting is superb.

I was really BORED with it (so much that I could not resist to fast-forward, almost never happens).

Great direction, great acting, great score, great script combine to produce a great film that is depressing but totally gripping even if it will not be to everyone's taste .

All the great acting, this horrifying story and the stunning ending.

The first film that was drawn out of that jar was 'Requiem for a Dream'.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, the style, the acting and the decisions made in terms of camera angles, fisheye, pov etc. It made me want to write about it, so it did have a big impact on me, but the strengths were that I was immersed in a world that had been created and come to life and the weaknesses were that the story-line was unfortunately (regardless of the amount of unexpected events that happened) predictable in the sense that we were led to believe throughout the film that they weren't going to overcome the addiction and therefore we expected what was coming.

Worst movie ever and the creator should hang it up and himself.

And I finally watched this classic cult gem "Requiem for a Dream" and this film is indeed gritty and dark as it shows how the themes and issues of media propaganda, culture, lust, and substance abuse can control and overtake life as we know it.

Although, telling a grim story, the second half is duller than first and as it approaches the end, becomes a tad boring.

First of all none of the characters have particularly enviable lives to begin with, and whilst they end up in a far worse place than they start, one feels the drugs are only a symptom of a root problem - the pointlessness of their lives and the existential boredom it brings on.

The film is meant to be somehow "deep" through its "unusual" editing and directorial touches; however, it is essentially a recycling of many ideas from others (most notably Stanley Kubrick, Adrian Lyne, and Satoshi Kon) and even its choices that are--and this is the best word I can come up with for them--cutesy and fun become boring by the end of the film.

Requiem For A Dream is an overall intense portrayal of the life of several winning characters who despite their ambitions for something greater are quickly overwhelmed by their unfortunate drug addictions.

The characters are understandably kind of pathetic and the story is only moderately absorbing, until the end, that is.

This film is worth watching on so many levels.

It left me completely breathless and on the edge of my seat and I could feel surges of energy travelling up my body.

Then there is Tyrone's path formulating out of the events, a strand more akin to being a gangster film or drugs trade thriller which might have made a fascinating short all by itself.

Then I watched it, slightly stoned, and the outstanding editing, the mixture of slow and fast pace, and the music (that I think it is a free adaptation of a requiem) takes you in a crescendo visual trip to a final apotheosis that takes your breath away.

Unfortunately, their habits (and, in one case, an apathetic health care system) win them over, slowly destroying them until the final gripping montage shatters any remaining hope for them.

Anyway, summing it up it's very good movie that is definitely worth watching.

Probably one of the most stunning and true moments in cinematic history is this conversation with her son Harry.

Which is all so obvious, that it became very boring to watch.

Her confusion and horror expressions convey the danger and risk of drugs.

The third act is so intense and sad at the same time, it gives me chills typing about it.

Because this movie deals with drugs in the least exciting and glorifying way possible.

I know some like "art" movies and this is perfectly normal and acceptable, but to claim that people are "dumb" because they find a film dull is snobbish.

Aronofsky was a genius at creating that intense trapped drug feeling for the audience.

A fascinating downward spiral of both socially inaccepted and socially acceptable drugs.

I watched it with a friend and he thought it was the worst movie he's ever seen also.

Incredibly intense - director Darren Aronovsky weaves a wonderful web of drawing the characters into a desperate situation and then slowly tightening the noose.

And the soundtrack is incredible - with the string ensemble summing up the movie perfectly - powerful, unforgettable, driving, intense and a thing of haunting beauty.

I have to say, stunning performance from Jennifer Connelly, and an equally amazing and surprising show from Marlon Wayans.

By using a combination of slow and fast motion shots, extreme close-ups and more edits than you can shake a stick at, Aronofsky successfully brings the audience into the world and mind of someone with a drug problem.

I have to say, I really enjoyed the cinematography in this movie and that actually makes it worth watching.

The most powerful movie I have ever seen, Burstyn's performance is stunning and tragic .

I honest to God say this is the worst movie I have *ever* seen.

Once the story developed I found every second compelling.

All in all, i think this movie is very good and worth watching for sure!

Too intense for words.. .

I enjoyed it.

i saw 'the fountain' before requiem and i was expecting some mind blowing time watching requiem.

Though the movie may be too intense for some to stomach, the wonderful performances and the bleak imagery are hard to forget.

Darren Aronofsky's directing and Hubert Selby Jr.'s screenplay combined created this riveting visual masterpiece!

This is a film that shows people with no hope will gain happiness thru addiction, yet it showcases just how powerful addiction in the form of media propaganda, substance abuse, and selling the body can overtake one's life.

The slowest & the most boring 100 min I have ever experienced in my life .

WOW This has to be one of the most intense and disturbing movies i have ever seen.

In short, it was boring.

It is one of the most intense movies I have ever seen.

A stunning depiction of life.

Requiem For a Dream, supposedly a movie about drug abuse, which I thought was going to be yet again another big bore.

Very intense movie.


However I felt it was just too disjointed and inconsistent to help me as a viewer understand what the storytellers were really trying to convey.

Requiem for a Dream is a grim, intense, choppy, trippy film about drug abuse.

The most Intense Movie Experience Ever...!!. .

Aronofskys attempt at bringing some sort of art-house chic to this boring story, totally backfires and comes across as pretentious and silly.

The pretentious title alone will impress many among the clueless...

Music is the most entertaining element of this movie.

it's only about people taking drugs , most boring movie I ever saw .

The film leads the audience down a spiral of addiction until the grand finale, which features a montage of graphically intense scenes and images with more edits per second than any film.

This is one hell of a movie that is definitely gripping.

Ellen Burstyn's performance is stunning.

It is the essence of independent filmmaking, a daring, engrossing, artful film that stays with you long after you leave the theater.

In just his second directorial effort, Darren Aronofsky has crafted a film that is both beautiful and tragic, as well as emotionally gripping.

This is a truely honest story of poor poeple engaging themselves with drugs and start destroying their not-so-beautiful life, second by second through the film.

I have a little sister (9 yrs old) just wanted to know about that also does it have any nasty drug scenes like blood etc..people in my school saw it in their health class and they said it was sort of like a porno i thought they were exaggerating hopefully someone can tell me their opinion this thing says i have to write 10 lines so i am just using this as a filler i am so bored right now i wanted to go rent this movie but i do not think my mom would want to see it may be it will be a bit awkward since if may have sexually scenes so that is when i say i got to go to the bathroom just as an excuse to leave

This was torture and to this day I still claim this to be the worst movie I ever watched.

Delineating a quadruple downhill spiral of escalating drug addiction and hallucinatory madness, Darren Aronofsky's 2000 offering, "Requiem for a Dream," is some pretty intense stuff indeed.

It's kind of, well, boring.

First of all, it's utterly predictable.

Though by the 100th time it gets boring and a little embarrassing.

When I first began watching this I thought it was really strange and hard to follow.

It is incredibly good, a stunning achievement, and only a slight feeling of over-the-top-ness stops me from giving it a 10/10.

The story is startlingly too real and will leave the viewer on the edge of their seat with an eerie feeling of depressing doom.

The story of how different people are dealing with addiction - all forms of addiction - is extremely engaging and deeply humanistic.

Because you are way to busy absorbing the all the input during the movie, you can't really reflect on it.

Ellen Burstyn is completely immersed into her role.

Breathtaking .

In reality it is one of the WORST movies ever made.

The music is another brilliant piece that adds to the suspenseful and disturbing vibe.

While being visually engaging the images contrast the oral aspect, as it is a delight to the ear.

The cast is fantastic, the music is intense, the visuals are.. well they're visuals!

Progressively it gets louder and more intense, as the character's scenarios change in the same direction.

Requiem's ferocity is not due to explicit drug use, but to its intense depiction of the effects.

The cast includes Ellen Burstyn, already an Oscar winner at that point, the super stunning Jennifer Connelly, briefly before her Oscar win, and Jared Leto, a recent Oscar winner, so acting talent is certainly enough in here.

This movie clearly shows the self punishing act by slow poisoning our self with drugs, this film shows the unintentional attempt of the human towards self destruction.

A haunting and stunning masterpiece-This film should be shown to teenagers in health ed class; I will certainly force my son to view it once he is 14 or 15.

If you like propaganda.

If you want entertaining drug freaks, try Trainspoting, which I loved.

Bad/good messages have to a bit of boom-boom-boom in the background or the audience will fall asleep.

The movie is very moving with some excellent camera work and a mind blowing score.

i guess I'm bored by these kind of films.

A stunning performance of Ellen Burstyn, accompanied by the helpless role of Jared Leto, the desperation of Jennifer Connelly, and the emotional trouble of Marlon Wayans leads me to believe that this movie can, and will, impact any person of any age or upbringing.

The characters are about as fleshed out as your standard uninteresting junkie usually is and while Ellen Burstyn gives a decent performance with this material, her downward trajectory as a diet pill popping old lady who wants to be on television - is so over the top that it becomes almost comedic.

Shocking and Intense.. Way to Go Darren.

This film is completely overrated, don't waste your time.

I was surprised yet admired the way he showed the pretentiousness of Sara Goldfarb and her mundane friends.

The background score by Clint Mansell is one haunting masterpiece in itself for it manages to evoke our strongest emotions with effortless ease from its very opening moments & elevates the entire film to a whole new level with its intense tracks.

Its fascinating, thrilling and entertaining, and actually it also makes me think about drugs and society.

However, watching this movie makes me think of the old 50's propaganda movie Reefer Madness.

A riveting visual masterpiece .

In both cases, the grandeur that seems accessible at a certain times in life (no matter what age), and even easy to grab, brings unexpected downfalls, generally not reversible.

A gritty, powerful drama, Darren Aronofsky's second film is a visually stunning, character driven ride through drug addiction.

Amazing on a purely cinematic level – assaultive, hyper-kinetic, full of breathtaking images and cuts, The performances too range from good (Jared Leto) to extraordinary (Ellen Burstyn).

Movie starts intensive with stealing mom's TV (adorable scene) and getting faster and brutal at the end with many fast scenes changings.

This was one of the most intense movies I have ever seen.

Very cliché plot.

And what is so shocking, what is so engaging of "Requiem" is that it is believable.

This has to be the most harrowing, unsettling, and yet utterly compelling film dealing with the issue of drug use, and the effects it has on those involved I have ever seen.

The disturbingly accurate portrayal of drug addiction and breathtaking performances by Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly and Marlon Wayans contribute greatly to what is an outstanding piece of art.

Highly entertaining.

Not for everyone, but one of the best movies you will ever see for film buffs, photographic geeks and anyone looking for an intense movie experience.

Maybe the thing that really bothers me is that most modern American films, even the so-called 'independents', seem to be so utterly empty and binary in their subtlety - there is no room for anything at all between vacuous air-headed garbage and morose doom-fests.

Music: Stunning!

The performances--by Burstyn, Leto, Connelly & Wayans--are compelling and moving.

There is meaning behind every stylistic flourish that graces the screen, adding a greater depth to the proceedings and involving the audience in a way that makes for uneasy, yet entertaining, viewing.

There is no plot.

This film is breathtaking.

The visuals are stunning; the entire way this movie was filmed and directed is just incredible.

For people who choose to see the empty half of the glass the movie is a piece of art, for those who believe in "we shall overcome" please stay away from anyone who has to do anything with the movie.

Requiem for a Dream is extremely intense and very hard to watch.

Boring, shallow, seen it all before.

In parts questions were asked on the necessity of such flourishes which felt tedious come the end.

the scenes with jared leto's mom were grating and repetitive to the point where they just became annoying, as opposed to making me feel pity for her drug dependency and isolation.

The film has very little plot.

Took me ages to finally see this flick, first off i would like to thank the lord for putting Clint Mansell on this earth, the score he has done for every movie he has been involved in is truly mind blowing.

Drug using and sex scenes are very intense.

Connelly's character is an terrible cliché – daughter of a rich people , she feels unloved because her parents care only about money , she feels lonely , her parents are far away and left her with a guardian , bla bla bla .

If you have the capacity for engrossing, deep, personal, disturbing dramas, you will be glued to your seat in amazement.

Well, this movie is a trip, and I mean an intense one.

It was horrific because it was real, it was gripping, I wanted to vomit and scream and cry and I felt so empty and desperate for something that wasn't really ever there.

So, while "Requiem for a Dream" is riveting and sad, it is also, quite strangely, beautiful.

The psychological thriller directed by Darren Aranofsky absolutely ripped us all throughout the film with its cutting edge sequences and a stunning climax.

this movie make's me sic - a 'real life movie' to real for me ,not bad just to real ,is very boring ,they try to make a unique movie , they try to muchthis movie make's me sic - a 'real life movie' to real for me ,not bad just to real ,is very boring ,they try to make a unique movie , they try to muchthis movie make's me sic - a 'real life movie' to real for me ,not bad just to real ,is very boring ,they try to make a unique movie , they try to muchsic sic sic movie - not to see

Jared Leto, yet another bland androgynous midget, an always overrated Burstyn, plus I also have to question the intelligence in picking a Wayans brother - and Marlon at that!

It reminded me of the worst excesses of Dennis Potters oeuvre in places,especially visually,it just went nowhere with material that has been covered much more successfully elsewhere(Trainspotting,to name one),i cant in all conscience understand why this movie is rated so highly,as i found it puerile and obvious,with almost no redeeming features,apart,maybe,from a good performance(with laughably poor material)from Burstyn.

By the end of this movie I was so engulfed and on the edge of my seat.

The crushing 'reality' that whatever your dreams are, that reality is always so much less, the disconnect between family members, etc. Plus the intense physical imagery left a permanent impression in my mind.

The direction is distracting and also quite pretentious.

They eventually take the viewer out of the movie's reality, or, at the very least, become a bit dull through repetition.

It's both stunning and true to life how quickly the lives of the characters get swallowed up in their addiction, and no matter what walk of life you come from, and even if you've never tried a mind-altering substance in your life, you'll relate to it in some form or another.

It's incredibly graphic, nauseating, and intense.

The intense fear I felt was real.

"Requiem for a Dream" is as powerful and intense as film-making gets, hence, it is a rather drowsy title for such an explosive film.

The cinematography is absolutely unbeatable and really adds to an otherwise seemingly boring movie.

Requiem for a Dream is one of my favorite movies because its intense story line and artistic style of filming.

A sublime outstanding breathtaking film.

overrated trashy and confusing .

If, however, you prefer films that tell stories about complexities inherent in living reasoned, well-examined lives this film will prove to be just a bore.

Well Requiem has more than you could ever wish for - split screen (done to death better on UK television dramas), computer altered dilating eyes, a snappy 'shoot up' sequence that is used about 50 times, imaginary food falling from the ceiling, fridges that want to come and eat you and hundreds more, it's all so much fun you might wet your pants in elation.

But aside from simply being very disturbing, which was an obvious desire of the director, it's just kinda boring.

In fact, it's a very dramatic and intense soundtrack.

Of course there's "meaning", there's symbolism and a clear depiction of the subconscious mind and how it manifests itself to the individual, but to watch all of this just to find nothing in the end but the logical, empty conclusion it is just isn't viable.

This threat and her madness is so brilliantly told that the last half-hour of the movie is nearly unbearable to watch.

The entire storyline of the mother and the gameshow was annoying, boring, uninteresting and lame.

The characters, and the paths they have chosen (including Ellen Burstyn--who really WAS robbed of an Oscar--as a widower who becomes addicted to diet pills) are compelling, misguided, and all too human; their rationale for remaining hooked on the substances that ultimately determine their downfall is a fascinating mix of human loyalty, commitment, and betrayal.

How they all start out so happy and ending falling apart with sadness and out of control behaviors, was worth watching and very powerful.

Between them, they create a world that pulls you in, instantly engaging you with the characters and their lives.

Oh my God, this is one of the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

No plot in this movie, just a series of scenes showing people doing drugs.

The parallels between Harry's and his mother's addictions are clearly drawn with the use of snappy editing.

Some of the visuals are very intense, the last half hour is dizzying in its intensity thanks to Darren's manic quick-cutting and Clint Mansell's incredible score.

The plot was good, solid, harsh and intense.

In the end Sara gets totally insane and is being closed in a clinic,Marion is being dragged in an inhumane world of total degradation and humiliation in order to get her fix,Harry and Tyrone are being closed in jail and Harry loses his hand due to Gangrene.

The score is amazing, but slightly repetitive.

The story is well written, the direction is sharp and intriguing, and the acting is peerless.

This movie hits hard with mind blowing visuals, some of the best acting I have ever seen in a movie, and a soundtrack by the Kronos Quartet that would impress even the most finicky music critic.

The true reality is that the very reason addiction can be so much more damaging to people is precisely because it can go unnoticed, or even incorporated into their daily lives for so many years, with such a level of mundane functionality that over time it robs a person of true flourishing and all the various potential they started out with in life.

The daring visual way is so well suited in this particular movie that any other movie's possible usage will appear to be a pretentious failure to me.

Stunning and frightening movie .

While good if not great standing alone, the tunes are poorly matched to the scenes (ergo the beautifully slow title song for all the fast-forward sequences).

Wayans character has a flashback to his childhood with his mother, which has some fantastic cinematography, but it feels pointless and clichéd.

All done with intense amplification of sounds.

Brilliant characterisation and a very believable plot makes this film enjoyable - it's all about drugs and addiction; how it can corrode your soul and mind.

Mr Aronofsky is by far one of the most influential Directors of all time in my opinion taking film to another exciting level.

The speech she gives to her son Harry about being old and alone is touching in a strange way; she sounds whiny,almost pathetic, but you can see she is on the edge of hysteria so it is also frightening and Harry's reaction in the taxi is stunning.

" This dynamic duo have definitely created a remarkable film -- complete with an engaging story that is at once familiar to the point of being cliché .

The movie is very thrilling!

Waste of time.

The last 10-15mins where the 4 leads finally pay for their addictions is probably the most gripping, intense finale I have ever seen.

This movie had some of the most thrilling, the most beautiful, the most devastating scenes I have ever seen, and they lingered in my mind long after viewing.

I am shocked at the rave reviews of this War on Drugs propaganda film.

Requiem for a dream has to be one of the most shocking, intense, visceral, heartbreaking, shattering and disturbing films ever committed to celluloid.

Flawed, but thrilling film-making .

If it's just "don't do drugs", than that's a grave disappointment and waste of time for a supposedly deep experimental film.

With cinematography done by Matthew Libatique and soundtrack by Clint Mansell I feel as if this was a well composed depiction of downward spirals caused by intense drug abuse.

The director went off the rails for this overrated waste of time.


Requiem For A Person Who Waste His Time And Money .

One can manage heroin addiction using prescription painkillers (which is what folks like this would have resorted to), rather than driving 600 miles away or engaging in an uncomfortable orgy.


Believe it or not I signed up with IMDb because this movie is so terrible and I wanted to leave a review warning people who have any taste at all not to watch this garbage of a movie.

I plan to read the book soon as this film was both inspiring and entertaining.

However, it is one of the most compelling and brutal movies.

By contrast, reality seems drab and without purpose and the individuals utterly alone.

Overall Requiem for a Dream is a stunning and utterly creepily amazing film...

Stunning Plot line .

Confusing, plot less, and random.

She has constant company living in the psychiatric ward and people to care for her; Marion is more difficult, she's now relying on entertaining the sexual desires of 'Little John' in order to fund her addiction and honestly there seems to be no end in sight for her.

This is REEFER MADNESS on LSD; scare tactic propaganda served up as if it were from a crazed evangelist.

Nothing happening in this movie is romantic or drama.


Waste of my time.

Unfortunately, this is done in such a extreme anti-drug sentiment that it leans more towards some sort of anti-drug propaganda than true, insightful art.

This is one of the most dramatic and compelling movies I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Wonderful movie and defenetly worth watching more than once.

Though this, which is evidently the films main attraction, becomes boring very soon.

The editing and soundtrack are so amazing, and the visuals are stunning and impactful.

A shockingly thought-provoking film with stunning performances.

The despair and chase of the illusive dream life are haunting to watch, yet riveting to the emotions the film brings to life

The whole movie is boring and senseless.

Jared Leto plays her son and Jennifer Connelly his girlfriend with equal brilliance in this impressively well made film of stunning expressionism enhancing the impact of the brutal realism.

It was great to watch the first few scenes where the boring routine of an old woman is portrayed perfectly.

Breathtaking drug tale .

Requiem for a Dream has one underlying theme, the creeping menace of addiction, this theme is explored in a lot of forms and with chilling and compelling effect.

It's hard to say if Requiem for a Dream was made to shock and disturb, or tell a suspenseful and intriguing story.

I was told that "Requiem for a Dream" was a good movie, and many people who have similar movie tastes as me seemed to have enjoyed it, so a couple friends and I rented this movie and watched it.

Aronofsky also does various slow downs and speed ups, white fades and more in the editing process that continue to inject director presence into the material.