Reservoir Dogs (1992) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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When a simple jewelry heist goes horribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 116 out of 1013 found boring (11.45%)

One-line Reviews (551)

The actors do play off well with each other and along with the strong dialogue it makes the film entertaining.

I will admit that I originally saw this movie hoping for it to be another 'Pulp Fiction', but discovered it to be a much more simple and enjoyable movie.

great acting, fine directing, exciting story and to concise, ranked among the top 100 best movies of IMDb.

It is not too long, as a story like this could easily have turned out boring with too many bland and boring scenes.

All that said and done, the revelation of the police informant's identity is very well done and the second half of the film has many intense moments.

If anything, it makes the film feel more incomplete and empty.

This is one of those movies that are not at all complex, but are also exceedingly enjoyable.

It is a perfect blend of comedy, violence, crime, character development, plot, all told in a unique and intriguing way.

Intelligent, engaging, bold and invigorating; a great debut .

short but brilliant in all of it's aspect from story,plot,character,cinematography,screenplay,acting, and great editing that also help this movie delivered everything from start to finish and with so much originality in it that really make this film an instant classic as Quentin Tarantino first brilliant movie that eventually will shape his unique style of film making in the near future also with the perfect twist that he added in every scene that really make the film so curious and really unpredictable and not to mention a lot of interesting character that help this film to be even better from Mr.white played by Harvey Keitel the easy lost tempered guy,Mr.

I thought it was very difficult to follow the story because of all of the flashbacks that were involved.

the rest were either boring, or bad actors.

Unlucky for them, they are set up and fall victim to a burst in on their robbery and all make like a banana and split for them all to return to an empty warehouse where they should all meet up if they got out in time to survive in a shootout with the police.

A stunning and thunderous achievement.

Mostly consisting of dialogue of pointless banter between the characters dragging out for uncomfortable amounts of time, the story had a weak plot and built up to nothing.

It's fast paced and has a lot of action to go along with.

If you see it you'll know what I mean, it's a stunning classic scene.

How Tarantino plays this rich cast of rogues against each other and the constant switches in narrative time-line is strategic and fascinating.


One good thing about this film is that it's unpredictable and has funny jokes, which in real life would be just the opposite.

This was possibly the most uninspiring 100 minutes of film I have sat through in recent history (Pulp Fiction being a close second).

The acting in this is believable and good, the story is masterfully handled, its funny, its sad, its entertaining, and is easily the best heist movie, even though you never really see the heist (which could have made it alittle better, especially to see how crazy Blonde got, it could have helped the overall movie).

" Don't let tall this get in the way of your opinion, because this movie was stupid and pointless.

Despite the plot being superb, every word out of the character's mouths interesting and unusual, the casting brilliant, and the acting gripping and totally realistic, it is the camera angles and the music which really give Reservoir Dogs its atmosphere, which in this movie is everything.

The filming is riveting and the acting is better.

Today, with most artists now with an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema, such that they can, like Tarantino, spin entire tales out of bits and pieces in a matter of days, the challenge is to slow down and let go of the mix-tape.

The intense dialog, the scene setting and the crude violence at the warehouse allows the audience to better understand the characters position on the failed heist.

It is a violent, but very entertaining film.

Nicely entertaining, convincingly executed and completely ineffectual.

Along with bravely deciding to not show the heist itself,but to instead focus on the after effects of it,Tarantino superbly uses long, stylish gliding shots for the pre-warehouse scenes to initially show the tight "round table" bond that all of the gangsters have with each other,to slowly increasing the speed of the long shots,to create an intense,gritty atmosphere,as each gang member finds the union to have disintegrated,and only being left with the option to shoot their way out of a corner and into survival.

I did enjoy the film especially the most exciting parts of the film.

Entertaining only escaltes in Tarantino's debut movie .

The story is boring.

And even the smallest roles are noteworthy; Stephen Wright as the bored DJ of K-BILLY always makes me smile.

what I like about this movie is that its a tense and exciting test of male egos on a collision course with just the right mix of wit and cynicism which washes down its melodramatic excesses with sly satire on the blood-and-guts elements of crime movies, there's not many movies out there as powerful or original even do Tarantino got the idea from a Hong Kong based film.

The intriguing thing is that the 6 members (1 of them is an undercover cop) of the crew do not know anything about each other, and are given new names by the guy who hired them - Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney).

Having said that,this movie is absolutely riveting in it's movements from the ordinary, to the grim, to the horrific aspects of a career criminal.

And it was very predictable who the cop was.

Disjointed, Unappealing Flick (Quasi-Spoiler) .

The dialogs, the setting, the suspense, everything is very simple and yet very different in its way, as the film has a structure which is elementary yet intriguing.

It also allows for some entertaining dialogue: the conversation between Mr. White and Mr. Pink discussing the psychotic Mr. Blonde going trigger-happy at the bank.

Entertaining (How enjoyable is the movie to me): 10 Escapist (How involved was I in the movie's world): 10 Emotional (How much did it make me feel): 9 Enlightening (How much did I learn about the universe and myself): 7

It has dialog which is memorable and entertaining and it has scenes which are unforgettable.

Tarantino knows exactly when to cut to a flashback and how to keep the viewer on the edge of his seat with costant quarrels between the crooks as they point guns in each other's faces.

When I watch a film, I have certain guidelines/expectations that must be met in order for me to considerate it entertaining.

It has some originality and clever humor but all squished with a boring plot and uninteresting characters.

In an unexpected way the violence and evil help to make portray them more vividly.

But then from then on, I just got bored.

Complete Waste Of Time ...

I didn't have a bad time watching it, but it felt like a waste of time.

Moreover, some parts were very boring.

From the opening snappy dialogue to the final shoot out you are gripped in the tale of a heist gone wrong.

I know that this film is highly regarded and that my adverse view is a minority one, but I found Reservoir Dogs unsubtle and uninteresting.

Also the final shootout scene where everyone is lying nearly dead on the ground is way too long.

Quentin Tarantino's powerfully compelling heist movie is one that is both shockingly violence and compulsively funny.

Other than that the movie is incredibly predictable.

Rounding out the cast, you have the always enjoyable Steve Buscemi (MR PINK), Tarantino favorite Tim Roth (MR ORANGE), Tarantino favorite Quentin Tarantino (MR BROWN), Chris Penn as NICE GUY EDDIE and finally.....

If one tries to think with his own head, he is sure to agree that Tarantino's first movie is too pretentious and uninteresting, its space design is claustrophobic, and there is way too much blood that serves no purpose.

I get that many people see this movie as ''different'' just to show others they enjoyed it, it would be awesome if everybody wasn't afraid of expressing their opinion and sticking to it.

It's fun, fast, thrilling.

Keitel, who plays a pretty level-headed guy here, plays Winston Wolfe in Pulp; Roth, who doesn't have to do that much for most of the movie, was Pumpkin in Pulp; Buscemi, who does a great job as the terminally interesting and entertaining Mr. Pink, was the waiter in Pulp; Madsen, who plays my favorite Dog, Blonde, because of his gleeful derangement, is Budd in Kill Bill.

Now, I'm a big fan of all of Tarantino's big movies such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained and Inglorious Basterds having loved all and appreciated his brilliant style and entertaining dialogue.

The dialogue is so slow and redundant.

The brutal take on the Gangster Scene is unique, surprising, full of black humour and very thrilling, even though it falls a bit near the end.

One of the ten worst movies ever .

This is not your kick back and relax type of movie, but more of a on the edge of seat waiting to see what happens next.


This film is an exciting story of betrayal and of humane trust and sadistic violence.

The aspect which is the tip of the iceberg for me and what made me on the edge of my seat when I first watched this film back in 1996 is the skipping of one bit of the film to another.

The film for the most part keeps me interested with it's great pace and it's characters play with his dialogue, though Mr Orange's backstory did feel tiresome and did feel like walking through a mountain after the swift two thirds of the film.

Violence can fit if its done well (Fargo, Godfather, Pulp Fiction) but this violence is totally pointless.

The film itself gets a bit boring in my opinion.

Only a half-wit would bitch about Tarantino's formulaic storytelling.

Pure Garbage - don't waste your money .

It is shocking, powerful, and very riveting with excellent acting, sharp dialouge, cool pop culture references.

Something that i love about Tarantino is that he is not afraid to kill his characters, and thats so exciting,beacause with Tarantino you never know whos gonna live and whos gonna die.

Some camera angles are maybe original, but really kind of pointless I think.

Instead, critics applauded Tarantino for his strong characters, clever dialog, use of violence and music; and the effortless use of structure and narrative, which helped to turn a seemingly pedestrian crime-thriller into an exciting and enigmatic exercise in cinematic tension building.

Then the movie itself, electrifying and fascinating from the word go.

It never fails in modern-day cinema, that whenever over-the-top gory, pointless violence is dressed up in hip clothing, and wrapped around so-called "cool" fast dialogue, that every Mutton-headed, knuckle scraping Baboon with an internet connection, a keyboard, and a desire to be as "hip" as the idiots they heap their praise on, will show up and make excuses for it.

Harvey Keitel was the most enjoyable to watch, and finally we have a film with Tim Roth that I actually like.

Arguably Quentin Tarantino had almost perfected his blend of long takes, irrelevant and referential dialog and group of entertaining characters by the time of his debut film.

The dialogues are more tense, the story is way more clever, and every scene keeps you on the edge of your seat, let alone the beautiful scenery.

This movie has a highly entertaining script that is supported ever so well with great acting across the board.

The dialog is witty, some scenes intense and gripping, making you almost fear what happens next.

boring dogs .

The stage is set in the diner scene, as the cast takes turns mouthing cleverly-scripted yet coldly unfunny trash talk, and by all accounts reaches its climax in the bloody scene that finally got me to walk out of the theater, 20 minutes after I first felt the urge.

However, before the hype and the greater success of Pulp Fiction (1994), it was simply a great film; one that presented a clever story, cinematic characters and an unconventional approach to on screen violence that reminded people that you could have more from cinema than a bland reproduction of a story.

How exciting can a film be when most of the scenes take place at a drab warehouse?

The first time I saw Reservoir Dogs, I was sick with a fever, bored out of my mind, and needed something, anything, to take my mind off of being sick.

There was one particular character who was rather pointless and he literally has no character in the film, even the poster and the tagline of the film forgot he existed.

It just got too predictable for me.

A different perspective to a crime movie but boring.

While some of the violence is quite brutal, there is precious little of it as the film mostly consists of the characters bantering back and forth, which unfortunately has a tendency to feel repetitive.

Intense and thrilling from the first moment of the action, you find yourself in the back of a car with a man bleeding to death, being hauled away to the agreed hideout by his fellow criminal.

Michael Madsen is simply perfect as the creepy, quiet type (although quiet type in this context only means he pauses for breath between lines), giving off an intense presence while barely making a move.

Funny, brutal, and intense .

Editing, screenplay and dialog's play the major part in this film, rather than an exciting storyline.

This movie is so horribly boring, so boring that i even fast forward all of it and still, i just decided to leave it and not finish it.

It is still the worst movie to take your date out, topping the list after American Psycho.

Though the script is unpleasant to listen to, you'll forget about it all by the middle, where the film takes it's real twists and gives real thrilling content.

Pointless bloodbaths, violence and annoying flashbacks detract from an otherwise interesting tale of deceit and mistrust.

Depending on your taste in movies, the excessive dialogue may bore you at times.

Seriously this is a waste of your time.

The movie avoids all the cliché bullshit, giving us a unique storyline and dialogue.

It's a masterful film in a way, but some scenes I found too boring.

This short and bloody piece of work is completely breathtaking, a legit masterpiece.

Quentin Tarantino did a wonderful job with this truly unique movie, which will keep viewers on the edge of their seats with thrills, surprises, and tense scenes.

However, Reservoir Dogs isn't good just because of some snappy interplay and a couple of powerful scenes.

, that's just stupid, I freakin hate reservoir dogs, it's boring, it's painfully slow, and it drags A LOT, if you want to see an exciting and fast paced heist movie with nonstop action and suspense, check out these ones below1.

The pace was slower than what I had expected from the man who made Pulp.

This movie is entertaining and brilliant even though it only has a simple concept that is a Robbery gone wrong with a Rat/Traitor in it.

I also give him points for the solid performances and the amusing scenes he's able to compose, but overall 'Reservoir Dogs' turns out to be a disjointed and ranting film that doesn't quite go anywhere, and isn't quite as intelligent as it seems.

Tarantino presents a gripping plot that is as real as it gets - this is not your typical Hollywood-ruined crime film.

But the raid backfires and when the survivors meet back at an empty warehouse they begin to suspect each other of being the traitor who tipped off the police.

It starts off really slow.

An original, inventive & ageless masterpiece that's bursting with a reinvigorating passion and is also notable for launching the careers of many, best of them being Tarantino himself who, in the following years, would go on to script an unmatched legacy of his own, Reservoir Dogs is a milestone of gripping, clever & quality storytelling.

The pacing was off.

Very predictable too.

Not on par with "Pulp Fiction", but still an enjoyable work from Tarantino.


over all the film was very enjoyable and i could watch it every day and still be suprised and shocked.

The movie is the very first movie that Quentin Tarantino directed,and like all his other movies to follow,it is incredibly violent,especially the scene when they're singing Stuck In The Middle With You while killing someone,its as entertaining,as it is disgusting and almost hard to look at.

Superbly entertaining and exciting fare that is definitely rewatchable.

It's set mostly in one location, and as the tension builds in the gangster's hideout the film becomes so unbearably intense it threatens to explode through the screen.

This just proves how gripping Tarantino's writing is to be able to rake in the top stars for a low budget.

Quentin Tarantino is one of the greatest directors of the last few decades, he seamlessly blends dialogue with brutal violence in his films which are always compelling and extremely entertaining, while is do not think this is his best film Reservoir Dogs is a fantastic opening to his filmography.

There's a fabulous cast, a smart and witty script and a circular time line which allows for fascinating twists and turns which would not have been possible were the story told in the traditional manner, from beginning to end.

Roth is definitely the cream of the crop here - he's just stunning in this film, period.

Blonde) who gives a very intense portrayal of a psychotic robber.

very good, worth watching .

This soon accounts to a series of verbal spars supplemented with audacious dialogue and tension that leads to unpredictable bloodbaths.

Although an original way to make this film, this film is mostly boring, with an exception on the prologue of the film which I found entertaining for some reason.

It's gripping stuff that could work just as well on the stage, always striking and never boring.

Many people say that the films were hard to follow.

His "Reservoir Dogs" is a fast paced movie with tension building up into every scene and then exploding at just the right moments.

The camera work at the time was fresh and new – even if most of it was allegedly stolen from Asian filmmakers like John Woo – and the back and forth editing was a little disconcerting at first but undoubtedly exciting, far from the overdone device that it has since become, even by Mr Tarantino himself.

Only after each characters' plot is explained do we get the stunning and brilliant climax and conclusion which ranks as one of the all time greats.

I don't know what kind of drugs you have to take to make this movie seem good, but it's one of the most overwrought, pretentious pieces of crap I've ever seen.

Pretty thrilling .

I thought it was boring, rambling and way over rated - and I did watch it three times to see whether I'd missed something as everyone was raving about it.

From first impression, this film appears to be slow, difficult to follow, and completely random.

The confusion starts when the police arrive at the robbery location as soon as the alarm is tripped and now the question arises of which one of them is the undercover police officer.

The story is great, and told in a creative and intriguing way, first you see the crew relaxing, telling jokes, about to commit the job, then you see Mr Orange bloody in the back of a car, opening a whole chest of questions (soon to be answered), then you see Mr White and Mr Pink trying to figure out what went wrong, then you learn about the characters while slowing piecing together how the job got messed up, until finally the truth comes out, and the ends meet.

it is funny, exciting, dramatic, and brilliant.

Harvey Keitel is the type of actor I'd watch even if it involved him reading out his shopping list , and the scene where it's revealed who the undercover cop is memorable along with the compelling " How's he going to explain that to the bad guys when they return ?

on the second viewing months later i enjoyed it, i had a bit of a hard time with the torture scene though, and i think the reason this movie was so popular was that it was made with no cgi or any fancy tricks, it was mostly just one guys idea or "vision" if you like, and i think people would like to think they could do something like that too.

However i watched this movie like all with an open mind and i was completely bored for the entire first half of the movie.

Fairly Enjoyed it!!.

What I do mind is boring movies.

Then the movie itself, electrifying and fascinating from the word go.

A gruesome, yet oddly compelling, gangster flick (contains spoilers) .

Clearly, Tarantino knew early on the secret weapon of a suspenseful drama: comedy.

Quentin Tarantino's directing debut is riveting.

Wow, a movie about gangsters cussing and waffling on, BORING.

Suspenseful and nail-biting action.

Tarantino is believed to be a humorist however his humor is undoubtedly bland and mainly consists of filthy abuses.

The structure is very unorthodox and absorbing, while the predicament of the characters is conveyed with genuine excitement.

Reservoir Dogs is an outstanding thriller, as challenging, disturbing and gripping as any film you'll ever see.

Gangsters talking about their life and trying to be humorous, BORING!

It was really low budget but get past that and its a very enjoyable ride.

It is full of legendary scenes with legendary characters performed by an ensemble cast of Hollywood heavyweights, pair that with a rocking 70's soundtrack, incredible shoot composition and direction by Tarantino and you get yourself a hell of an entertaining movie channeling the great heist movies that preceded it and, in many cases, exceeding them.

When Pink and White were evaluating their situation shortly after the heist I found the sense of uncertainty and threat so tangible and their decision to actually _stay_ in that warehouse so unbearable that _I_ almost wanted to leave the room so that at least _someone_ would be getting away from that place...

Cool, Dope, Exciting, Excellent.

If you are deciding on if you should watch the movie of not based on the high reviews given, do not, you will be bored.

The film was very violent, funny and entertaining despite this being my least favorite Tarantino movie by a tiny bit.

An example would be the moments in the office of the head honcho, which go on way too long.

Then we have the bored wife of the mob boss overdosing.

I love this movie, because it has got a hidden meaning deep under the very intensive pulse of this gangster-classic.

' scene, but he also did an excellent job playing the only character who kept his cool in the final, action packed scenes.

) Pro: Atmospheric and evocative soundtrack, especially the opening Ventures-like rockabilly song from the famous opening "walking scene".

This is one of the few films to ever come out that can be just as intriguing reading the script alone as opposed to seeing it unfold in the big screen.

Tarantino's much deified dialogue is insultingly dull-witted -- banal pop references peppered generously with tiresome profanity.

If you like action movies, heist movies, suspense movies of just want an entertaining film rent Reservoir Dogs.

The high point is Mr. Blondel(Madsen) in a torture scene involving a knife and Stealers Wheels song "Stuck in The Middle with You.

The story, too, is well written and engrossing.

Not to mention the way the story is told, it's just very intriguing from the start.

Stunning work for first time director Tarantino.

the way violence really is (there's something very wrong when violence becomes entertaining which this film does NOT do...

The worst movie in history .

Some reviews say it slows in parts, I find it riveting.

Overall, Reservoir Dogs is not my favourite Tarantino film, but it is highly entertaining and well worth watching.

For the first 50 minutes of the movie the viewer just sits through completely irrelevant and boring scenes, experiences next to no action and just gets bored, since nobody is presented with who is who in the first half of the film.

- Well worth the watch .

It's a compelling story, and the unique way in which it is told heightens the drama.

Just remember the characters I told you about, and you'll enjoy this entertaining brilliant film.

The tension and unpredictability alone make 'Reservoir Dogs' a fascinating watch.

I cannot understand why so many people have taken such a liking to this film, when it is quite empty and shallow.

I've seen too many mob movies, so in some way it got a little boring.

Completely BORING.

Truly breathtaking cinema, a feast for eyes and mind alike .

Since we don't get to see this diamond heist, the movie becomes more thrilling psychologically because the viewer is forced to imply much in his head.

The characters- The characters are original and entertaining, each in their own different way, no matter how little screen time they get.

A brilliant, well written and entertaining character driven film about a group of burglars that know each other only by the nicknames given to them by their employer.

This movie just bored me no end.

Whether it's Tim Roth losing several pints of blood or Micheal Madsen amputating a cop's ear in a torture session to the tune of 'Stuck in the middle with you' ( a powerful juxtaposition of a feel-good music with stomach-churning knife work) .

Quentin Tarantino's mobster flick is very violent and bloody, but superbly entertaining .

The acting of Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, and Michael Madsen is riveting in its unflinching intensity.

The dialogue and atmosphere is perfect for this fascinating story of small-time, small-minded crooks.

Tarantino's accolades from giving American cinema the resuscitation it needed mirrors what has happened, at least since the 70's, with Martin Scorsese's 'Mean Streets', both in terms of entertaining violence and usage of music in the scoring of films.

The plot is extremely intriguing, what you would expect from Tarantino.

The movie went backwards and at times was confusing.

Waste of time, don't worth.

Reservoir Dogs is still entertaining to this day.

Mr. Blonde a psychotic individual just released from prison (but very loyal to Joe), reveals his true self when he kidnaps and tortures a cop, his demeanor is very riveting and cunning in the sense of being one sick individual.

Lawrence Tierney is wonderful and intense as Joe Cabot,the boss of the group of thieves.

No story should ever be told in chronological order.

We are constantly being told that he is not going to die, but we soon learn that this is not the case, and that it is a slow and painful way to die.

A wonderful cast combined with a well told story that is gripping.

Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill Vol.1 & Vol.2, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction) made an fascinating crime film with interesting characters, sharp dialogue and moments of dark humour.

I highly recommend it!

This method ensures the narrative is full of surprises, and Tarantino astounds us with some wildly unexpected turns in his plot.

My number 1 worst movie of all time.

Tarantino gets things off to a spectacularly engrossing start, as Reservoir Dogs begins with the iconic sequence involving the coffee- shop banter of six morally ambiguous outlaws.

Quentin Tarantino's explosive debut feature struck some as a pretentious, audacious, over-talkative and thoroughly objectionable piece of work that plagiarizes from every Hong Kong action movie, crime thriller and even a couple of slapstick comedies imaginable.

Exciting film with a few browse your phone moments .

I mentioned the non-linear storytelling that was used in both "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction", unfortunately however, the concept that was so exciting in "Pulp Fiction", seems like a gimmicky way of hiding the movie's greatest flaw: Nothing much happens.

Waste of time listening to what they kept talking.

"Reservoir Dogs" is self-indulgent, and too much so.

Reservoir Dogs is an entertaining film and a promising debut by Tarantino, who has gone on to direct two more excellent movies: Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.

Dumb and boring.

It manages to stay engrossing enough, though it's too bad about the longer moments that drown it, either from too much dialogue or Tarantino lingering on one shot for an entire seen like he revels in doing.

It may be a homage and not as original as some films but so what - it is tight and tense, macho, violent, funny and very enjoyable.

A police informant infiltrates a gang of bank robbers engaging in a "final" retirement heist, does he succeed as a mole?

Reservoir Dogs already calls the face of attention with the great cast we have in the film, Edward Bunker , Harvey Keitel , Lawrence Tierney , Chris Penn , Michael Madsen , Steve Buscemi , Tim Roth and Quentin Tarantino, who acts and directs , this is also Tarantino 's directorial debut , and could not get better, the script is good, nothing spectacular else is good , the performances are very good, the action scenes that do not give so many are good too, the film has excellent dialogues plus has many useless dialogues and no need for the plot, the chemistry of the actors is good, I found a few moments dragged, most are few, Reservoir Dogs is a very good movie , not enough to be the best of Tarantino , besides being a great start pro Tarantino at the helm.

But I did not quite love the screenplay, they were satirical correct but in some parts the story was dull.

And the last twenty minutes of this film is one of the most absorbing twenty minutes in film history.

I give some credit to Tarantino for making an entertaining movie, something he always is able to do.

If you want an action packed film with top-notch acting, Reservoir Dogs is a very good film.

So basically, this movie has very few flaws, and I recommend it to anybody who likes an enjoyable crime film.

Apart from that, the flashbacks also enable Tarantino to give this very thrilling film a lighter and funnier touch.

orange played by Tim Roth the dramatic one, ,funky Mr brown played by Tarantino himself,Mr blue the quiet one, the most hilarious but a coward played by Steve Buscemi,nice and funny guy Eddie and lastly the big boss Joe with all of these interesting character plus the perfectly well written script this is really a entertaining fun movie for everyone who watched it.

Without question, Reservoir Dogs is a tense, coolly ironic thriller that not only subverts the usual codes and conventions you would expect to find in a heist thriller, but does so in such a way as to remain light, effortless and greatly entertaining.

These scenes in the warehouse considering the context of the plot are absolutely riveting and they pretty much make the film feel like a play at times.

The title is very misleading, as the film itself was enjoyable, just unexpected, mainly the reason for this low rating.

All in all, it is a very entertaining neo-noir film that is from an indie film legend.

"Critically acclaimed for its raw power and breathtaking ferocity," as accurately described on the Special Edition re-release, this is "the brilliant American gangster movie classic from writer-director Quentin Tarantino.

The soundtrack is understandably legendary, the dialogue is engrossing, and the ending catches you out every single time.

Less a film, more a mind blowing, pulse pounding powerhouse, Reservoir Dogs is certainly one of the defining films of the 90s.

If you can get past the foul language, this is a entertaining movie.

The atmosphere is solid and full of well acted malice and is pretty unpredictable.

How could I remain on the edge of my seat with every word?

My love has grown more now for the smart & intriguing storytelling & characters of his underrated masterpiece "JACKIE BROWN" I absolutely love his "90s Trilogy" as i call it as each film was outstanding, Reservoir dogs, Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown, what a set of films by probably the greatest director of all time!!!

And Randy Brooks is great and entertaining in his supporting role.

The warehouse scenes were too bland in setting as well as editing.

If excessive dialogue or drawn-out scenes aren't bookended by major turning points, they're usually blanketed by some kind of tension, such as Mr. Orange lying there freaking out from his wound as Pink and White discuss what to do next.

The fast-moving, well-edited film combines flashbacks with the present moment to put together how it all went wrong, leading to a shocking final conclusion that makes you, as a viewer, feel like you got your money's worth.

There's a groovy 70's soundtrack, some stunning cinematography and some reasonable editing to top off this amazing story.

speaker will still be exciting.

Many people seem to like it and that's fine, go right ahead, but I found it to be fairly uninteresting and incomplete.

The dialog is good and funny as we expect but some of the writing is a little dry and plotting slow.

after 24 years of its release but found it equally fantastic and exciting today as well.....

Amazing, simply stunning.

These characters live in a parallel universe, their dual social roles of criminal and laborer making their flash and bravado seem empty and innocuously self-contained.

well writtensmart with the intro looping plot and writinggreat atmospherewell actedcan be just slow at times

It is a pure adrenaline rush and is one of the greatest films ever made.

What to say.. a cliche story, badly told, with non believable characters 1/4" deep.

But it's the way all the blood and violence is presented to you that's fascinating, it's pure art.

The ear scene was superb: Michael Madsen dancing and cutting off the cop's ear with the physicality of an oral surgeon pulling a tooth, the cops laments, the unexpected killing shots from Mr. Orange...

Having said that,this movie is absolutely riveting in it's movements from the ordinary, to the grim, to the horrific aspects of a career criminal.

The tone is of a play, with artificially snappy dialog.

It's also kind of slow and almost the whole movie takes place at only one location.

Trademark dialogs-about-nothing, unconventional but positively engaging narration, splendid intentionally superfluous acting and unparalleled sensibility of crime aesthetics, the formula was established here, in Reservoir Dogs, and it still works, as you are quite well know.

I like the suits they wear as well as the story-line because it never really shows the robbery, and as we learn throughout the movie, the chaos in the store may have in fact been more intense than originally thought.

Don't waste your time.

It is the most entertaining movie I have ever seen.

When someone talks about seriously engaging in a first class felony, they get attention, once they totter with the idea of murder, people are all ears, at least they should be!!

Is it the iconic Stuck In The Middle scene, which is painful to watch but also entertaining?

It's set mainly in an empty warehouse, with 4 of the nameless criminals: Mr White, Blonde, Pink and Orange and a poor kidnapped policeman.

'Reservoir Dogs' is smart and entertaining, with interesting characters, great dialogue and an absorbing storyline.

Such a sleek and stylish build of characters in an intense supercharged plot of a bank heist gone horribly wrong.

7/10 Cinematography - I really don't like reviewing this part of any movie, as I feel that it is so mundane and uninteresting.

Hailed as a cult masterpiece by some and condemned as an overly violent rip off by others `Reservoir Dogs' is still definitely worth watching and is still probably Tarentino's best piece of work to date.

All of the other performers who had been sitting like stone idols all that time went suddenly into spasms of twitching, yawning, scratching, and moaning with relief.

Reservoir Dogs is easily one of his best films, there is a certain sense of simplicity to the scenes, the writing is flawless and the characters are entertaining.

saying that it did not contribute to film making is crazy, it was a 'talking head film' which made the few action scenes seem all the more intense.

It's blunt, monotonous and quite uninteresting.

If nothingness was entertaining, it would exactly look like this movie.

The pace, while unconventially slow for such a film breaks in here and there, causing excitement then anger then surprise and so on.

Like the best laid plans, the unexpected was not included and therefor becomes the focus of a violent shouting match with guns.

Moreso, with a lack of plot and dialogue - I mean good plot and good dialogue ofcourse - unique characters are a last option to save a movie.

With an open mind, this movie was found to be quite good, with some of the early dialog being boring and the few locations being too repetitive.

It's a quite strange and slow movie.

What makes this movie a classic isn't its deep metaphors on life or social commentary, it's its memorable characters and unique, riveting style.

Timeless and Gripping .

I loved Pulp Fiction but this was just too bloody horrible to be enjoyable for meAlgis Kuliukas

Madsen plays the unpredictable role of Mr. Blonde almost too realistically, constructing a character that nearly steals the show, and who certainly has one of the most memorable moments of the film.

All the principles are completely immersed in their roles, and give magnificent performances.

For starters the film uses a very disjointed means of telling the story.

 In the middle of the movie, I became bored.

There are two ways one can view a film like Reservoir Dogs (and, indeed, much of Quentin Tarantino's work): a) as an uninspired hodge-podge of ideas blatantly lifted from countless other movies (in this case, a large helping of '80s Hong Kong action thriller City On Fire with countless 'nods' to other crime classics along the way), or b) as an exciting, stylish and highly entertaining exercise in revisionist film-making that sees a bold director mining the work of others to forge a classic of his own.

The movie is entertaining throughout and is true to life.

Quentin Tarantino's "brilliant" crime drama is just an excuse to show new and exciting ways to violently violate human bodies.

Also, the unexpected ending, I doubt people were accustomed to see that much blood in Hollywood flicks, maybe not since the 70's exploitations.

Some have complained that the violence in "Reservoir Dogs" is basically too intense and gruesome without a good reason for its necessity.

This film completely dragged on, for it had a lame dialogue with no proper plot.

Tarantino demonstrated his talent for dialouge with his stunning debut masterpiece in 1992.

Each one of the characters are later re-introduced in a more detailed way, all well performed and engaging, except for Tarantino he is a bad actor.

I'm not a huge fan of ultra-violent films with blood, guts, and torture, but it's just the way that Tarantino does it in his movies makes it enjoyable.

It's sort of like Jordan Peele's 'Get Out', a slow build-up to a violent climax.

I don't care how great the acting is, there's just no real plot.

Reservoir Dogs is a highly enjoyable ride that promises to thrill, shock and entertain any audience able to listen, pay attention and stomach its brutality.

Boring and just filled with violence, blood and no progress.

From here, the movie gets wild and unpredictable.

There's a lot of blood, sudden outbursts, confrontations, disloyalty, unexpected fights and a lot of dark humor during this time.

Plus the set got boring after a while, it was an abandoned warehouse after all.

A clever, mind bending story, compelling characters, and even an exceptional soundtrack.

Very entertaining crime film .

Although it drags in places, the dialog and simplicity keep us hanging on long enough to make it to the thrilling conclusion.

It is stylish and engaging.

While some of the scenes were intense, it is definitely not a feel good movie.

The scene is both very entertaining and very original.

Between the brilliant scenes, the "guys are yelling at each other" routine tends to get a bit monotone.

On the surface, Reservoir Dogs is a stylized gangster movie, but underneath, it is an intriguing character study and a cynical commentary on human nature.

Tarantino's script + direction means that the movie was pretty gripping.

2/10 Good acting, very boring plot.

Unfortunately, the editing gets dull after a while and just seems like an excuse to make this film longer.

It was exciting.

And the ending was very predictable, including what I guess was supposed to be a plot twist.

This film is arguably hosts the best berformances of ALL actors including Harvy Keitel , Micheal Masdon etc.For a truly enjoyable experience se this film.

But all in all very UN-entertaining.

It has a great cast, terrific script, really good performances and breathtaking scenes.

Quinton Terantino's Reservoir Dogs is one of the most blood soaked, shockingly violent, and wildly entertaining movies I've ever seen.

RD is funny, entertaining, intelligent and actually not so violent as some people say.

Sometimes this hinders him (some think it dragged down the pace of "Kill Bill Volume 2", almost all agree that "Death Proof" was too dialog-heavy).

" so i watched it, and it was THE WORST movie i have ever seen!


I was absolutely shocked about how terribly boring this movie was.

Pulp Fiction shook the foundations of modern cinema, Jackie Brown had Tarantino being smarter and even more complex and the eastern/western homage 'Kill Bill' saga, was a bloody, thrilling and beautifully served dish of revenge.

Dont get me wrong I like his work but he was pretty boring in this film.

In the end, I just lumped it into the category of "no plot" and moved on.

Don't get me wrong, it's a compelling script.

In my opinion, this film is perfect for what it is: a kick-ass crime movie with snappy dialogue and lots of twists along the way.

Each main character is given a tremendously entertaining background before they started working for their old-school boss Joe.

Waste of time really.

But this is balanced out by a truly riveting performance from Michael Madsen as the sinister & sadistic Mr Orange; and another strong performance from Keitel as usual.

Twelve Angry Men is an awesome film that does the opposite of this and uses pretty much one boring room as the entire setting.

Pointless movie.

") The relationships forming between the six individuals, all of the complete strangers, make Reservoir Dogs a really fascinating watch.

worst movie ever (spoiler alert) .

The movie follows the same gangster theme that all of them do however it's an enjoyable movie.

That sort of thing is just so ho-hum, clichéd, and juvenile that I felt like tuning out right away.

The plot was difficult to follow and had minimal enjoyable moments.

This is Tarantino's first major film, and is worth watching for the dialogue alone.

Several scenes have a marked impact and really stand out, while others are far too drawn out and self interested, rather than being the brief, meaningful encounters they should have been.

Disturbing, Thrilling, Fascinating, and--most of all--pure Tarantino.

Good and intense .

The plot is clever, funny, bloody, inventive, dark, gritty, intense, violent and has a phenomenal duplicitous ending.

An intriguing story of strangers .

The story is gritty, suspenseful, and downright disturbing.

sure, there were some good classic lines in the movie, but over all it is a very dull and boring movie.

What results is a tightly wound, slow-burning little crime-drama known as "Reservoir Dogs.

The film though it is 25 years old still is as captivating, enjoyable and relabel as today, dispute the fact that many of it references in pop culture are now dated and forgotten.

Shallow, unintelligent and pretentious .

If he were a musician, he'd most probably be a hip-hop producer - someone like RZA or Danger Mouse - taking ideas and samples from a variety of different works and blending it all together to produce something new and exciting.

Starting with a clever plot, following up with a genius screenplay, and ending with mind blowing performances by a male dominated cast Reservoir Dogs will not disappoint.

I love this movie, because it has got a hidden meaning deep under the very intensive pulse of this gangster-classic.

Great movie with a lot of suspenseful drama .

So much of the film relies so heavily on the dialog and it's just riveting in the way it is presented.

However, the film begins to lose steam once the story begins to flash back, showing dull and uninteresting scenes that feel as if they were only included to get the picture to an hour and a half.

Keitel and Buscemi, in particular, are truly natural in their roles and keep the movie feeling genuine and engaging.

The story is very intriguing, the narrative novel, and the acting simply brilliant.

Intriguing low-budget caper film stalls midway through .

Overall, Tarantino's debut is one of subtly, and yet one of brutality, that makes the most of its characters, its dialogue, its soundtrack, and , if nothing else, its awe inspiring camera work - which is textbook for any director to follow if they want to know how to use a camera.

Incredibly boring and over-rated garbage.

One of the most boring movies I have watched .

A poignant message wrapped up by a gripping plot, with flawlessly created characters on the side, and all told using the twisted narrative skills of Tarrantino.

Oscar-worthy performances abound, most especially from greviously wounded Tim Roth and nervously intense Steve Buscemi.

He simply blows our mind with a totally unexpected script, characters, dialog and plot twists.

This was a great caper with excellent acting, excellent premise, EXCELLENT dialogue, and an excellent, unexpected ending.

This movie was engrossing, riveting, horrifying and thoroughly entertaining as well.

This powerhouse of a film features one of the very best screenplays ever written filled to the brim with rich and engrossing dialogue that will intrigue, repulse and shock you all at the same time.

The rest of the film is a gritty, action packed look back on what happened.

It's very intriguing to watch all the characters development (and lack of) and see how everything all fits together in the end.

I never thought anything would ever come close to topping Pulp Fiction as my favorite Tarantino film, but Reservoir Dogs certainly makes a compelling argument for the top spot on that list.

Or at least, the few who enjoy excessive violence, which is what this movie is immersed in.

It goes nowhere, it's incredibly boring and the best thing that can happen to you is that you pray it's over.

I found this movie to be very boring and absolutely preposterous at times.

The only reason I rated this a 9 instead of 10 is because there are a couple of moments where the story gets a little dull (a couple of the characters' back stories were kinda 'eh...

It's hard to believe this movie is now twenty years old, since it still seems as fresh and gripping as the day it was made.

Though it was the cinematography that made the film intense and rough.

It's hampered by a low-budget vibe, which I can handle, but not the uninteresting lowlife characters, their self-made conundrum, their interminably dull dialogue and the one-dimensional setting where about 80% of the story takes place in an old warehouse, not to mention no females in the main cast.

A little overrated, but still entertaining and interesting.

Quentin Tarantino directs great sequences from the opening diner scene, to the cool slow-motion walking scene, to the intense shootings.

I think there are a few scenes that are downright boring.

The movie literally consists of 70min of dialog about random boring **** with the occasional occurrence of some relatively entertaining segments.

The final scene- The Mexican Standoff is thrilling and kind of humorous at the same time.

Whilst this movie won't be to everyone's taste, it's undoubtedly an excellently made, highly entertaining spectacle, and arguably one of Tarantino's best.

In fact, the mysteriousness makes it even more entertaining.

The violence and Action in the film is bloody and shocking and when the violence happens it is surprising and unexpected and when you watch RD you as the viewer feel like no one is safe from violence that's in the air.

And, as I said before, I must say, this movie was by far below par, and competes for my worst movie ever, compariing with "Spirit" (G movie) From Walt Disney.

This film looks like an action film, but contains very little of it, nonetheless remains entertaining because of the suspense and never losing its pacing.

I thought it was so boring.

Solidly entertaining all the way through, "Reservoir Dogs" served as a fine announcement to the world that a fresh talent had arrived, and holds up extremely well.

But of course, it was still interesting, entertaining and incredibly funny.

A truly unique and engrossing film.

The intense dialog, the scene setting and the crude violence at the warehouse allows the audience to better understand the characters position on the failed heist.

The budget was small, the sets almost non existent, yet Tarantino created a wonderful piece of film making art, and assembled a cast worth watching.

I found the whole movie to be entertaining and I really recommend Reservoir Dogs to people that like to be entertained.

The actings were relatively decent and this film is nowhere near one of the best films ever, although many people said it was, which lead me to buy the film on DVD, which I found a complete waste of money.

But Tarantino threw out that logic just so he could make a "thrilling" scene as Mr. Blonde prepares to set fire to the police officer.

Nothing happens without a reason, no matter how ridiculous it might be.

Way too long conversations.

The camera moves about to keep the central set from being dull.

The whole thing is grimly compelling; this odd assemblage of characters reveal little details about themselves throughout and often just get on each others' nerves.

The idea of characters being refereed to by colours is definitely a concept which I found particularly intriguing, especially as the people in charge of the operation revealed their own names to the team.

The movie is dead, dull to look at.

It's consistently entertaining from beginning to end (for those who can stomach the violence) and bizarrely enthralling.

Worth watching .

Most importantly, it is a raw gangster flick that pays a fair amount of homages to the classic film-noir genre of the 50s and 60s, and that is only half of what makes this movie subversively entertaining.

The Story is simple, but effectively entertaining.

This rubbish shouldn't even be a 8 rating, this boring crap should get a much lower rating than it does.

If I had just watched this movie without knowing this piece of information, I would easily be able to recognize his signature style with the highly entertaining dialogue, and long conversations about pop culture throughout the movie.

Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs is a stunning debut film - one where the director is not ashamed to depict realistic dialog and violence.

From mundane, prolonged, unrelated-to-the-plot conversations about Madonna songs and white knighting about waitress tipping, trough other drawn out, slow, illogical conversations happening in the two or three sets this movie was filmed on...

Reservoir Dogs is nearly twenty-five years old and it is still as exciting and relevant today as it was then.

I really did like this movie it's got amazing characters and performances, it's never anything less than engaging, the mystery is established perfectly and like most of a Tarantinos films, the characters were ultimately what made this film worth the watch.

It is dramatic, action packed, and even has some comedy.

For everyone else, this is an entertaining picture for the crime genre.

I did not find it very fascinating, and the dialogues were not masterful, but rather boring.

Fascinating from the word go .

It's just amazing and unpredictable, being of the best of the 90's and one of the best films ever made.

Much like "Goodfellas," this film did not let me down, but I actually enjoyed it much more than I ever dreamed.

This made the movie too boring.

Though a bit on the violent side for some, I found Quentin Tarantino's first movie highly enjoyable.

The movie uses a lot of excessively drawn-out conversations, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but here it didn't fit, since the screen time is so short, leading into a very boring plot and irrelevant actions.

A violent, viscerally thrilling and ferociously entertaining decade defining masterwork .

Although this fare is devoid of any profound message, morals or statement and there's no discernible kind of symbolism, it is extremely enjoyable on a basic level.

The conflict is anti-predicable and very exciting.

I have to say this is a very good movie, i love a lotta things in it: Beautiful music, very good fotography (all the colours are quite dull, giving to the blood a real importance)and a very good cast, I love the dialogs too, they are so real, in so many movies the speaches are really complicated and studied, sometimes your looking at a some kinda gangster talking like some Shakesperian Character!

The cold, unpredictable nature of Mr. Blonde appears with the utmost effect in his performance.

" The brutal torture scene was a little too intense for me.

I can't really imagine why you would consider a movie where one character is slowly bleeding to death in the center of the screen for most of it, another has his ear cut off, another does a long drawn out torture scene, and the incessant 'fuck you's' and shootings left right up and down....

Yes, I must say, this movie was boring...

I felt the action scenes were trying to be entertaining versus plot tools.

You may like his movies or not, yet they are entertaining to watch.

However, I do feel like the film spent a bit too much time on the flashbacks and the reveal of this film was actually pretty predictable.

Like all his films, Tarantino keeps his films raw, out of control, uncut, and totally unpredictable.

The witty dialogue is the entertaining part of this movie and to me, that is more entertaining to watch than a bunch of explosions, as I feel this would not even fit in with the story here.

He lures you in by intriguing you with regular everyday things that shouldn't intrigue you.

This scene sets the stage for a funny, macho movie that keeps the viewer on the edge of his seat until the time the credits roll.

I really liked this film, it was gripping and suspenseful.

It's incredibly compelling throughout, with snappy dialogue driving character-based brilliance.

For someone like me who's actually rather conservative, I find that anything Tarantino is involved with to be a unique and action packed joy ride.

Totally boorish, tasteless, boring, repetitious, tedious & moronic.

The dialogue may seem bizarre, considering that often the characters talk more about Pam Grier, tipping and Maddonna than anything else, but it is very clever and very quirky dialogue, which can often be very funny, and surprisingly, there are more laughs throughout the film (especially the opening scene) than you'd think, but the funny moments and the more suspenseful moments are balanced out perfectly, as each allows their own time to shine, and the film is smart enough to not veer too much into one genre or the other.

This has to be one of the most intense movies I've ever seen!

Useless and tasteless violence like this is only needed in a movie with no story, if the movie already has a story it turns the viewer away from an otherwise provocative story as was the case in Reservoir Dogs.

In all of his films, he would set up his characters in any scene (from a diner, to an empty warehouse), and then put them through a stick-up that goes disastrously wrong.

It must have been really exciting to see, in 1992, this new wonderful kind of filmmaking arise.

It has a disjointed feel to it and while I recognize the new things they're trying on a narrative level, it simply doesn't come together.

There is only one thing I'm going to be critical about: the discovering of who is the undercover policeman came about too soon for my liking; it could have easily been drawn out a bit longer.

Two talking heads in a room can get pretty uninteresting after a while and this is what you get in some scenes.

The torture scene is filled with gore and is probably the most engaging scene in the film.

The plot unfolds in ways where our minds take hairpin turns from what we were immediately expecting and gives us something much better and much more riveting and unpredictable.

The final segment of the film makes it the most exciting climax since the shootout of the Wild Bunch.

Following the conversations and how the movie plays out is gripping.

This movie was a total waste of time.

Tarantino has a very dynamic and explosive visual style which enhances the brutal action, and you'll be on the edge of your seat for all 90 minutes.

It will keep everyone on the edge of their seats up until the very end of the film.

Seriously, if you like movies as much as I do, you shouldn't waste your time with this.

The use of long takes instead of cutting all the time made the movie pretty atmospheric and engaging.

It was certainly realistic, and the chopped, reverse chronology turned a nearly non-existent plot into a bit of a mystery.

So naturally I find the whole mr. white-black-pink stuff uninteresting.

Reservoir Dogs is a throughly entertaining crime movie that doesn't take itself gravely seriously and presents a thrilling tale in a comical way.

It's a great testament to the movie that all the characters come off as complex and fascinating within a span of 99 mins.

Far too self-indulgent .

The key to its effectiveness, I think, is just how well-constructed each individual character is over the course of its running-time, with so many fascinating and paradoxical dispositions on display that the viewer gets yanked right into rooting both for and against them.

The action is chaotic and lot of dialogues are meaningless and way too long.

Watching this after 'Inglourious Basterds' made dissatisfaction even more unbearable.

This movie opened my eyes to a whole world of action packed dramas just like this one.

At this point, the movie delivers 15 minutes of monotony and a pointless flashback to how Roth insinuated himself into the caper.

Reservoir Dogs is a classic for a reason, it has very colorful characters who are engaging and interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed it still for its acting, the story, the characters and the dialogue, despite it being his weakest.

There are long intense scenes with heated dialogue while the survivors discuss the possibility of being set up, which is eminently possible given that none of the gents with 'colourful' names know each other, having all been teamed up for this one off job.

Now, despite this intense warning, I greatly respect the film--especially since it was made for next to nothing and without the big studio money.

The story is engrossing and fascinating with a knockout ending.

Reservoir Dogs is a profound start to Tarantino's career; one that's hard to beat with an unbeatable style, fast paced dialogue and an unforgettable scene that, whenever Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel comes on, springs to mind instantly.

Some wonderful twists and a stunning ending make this movie what is sure to be known as one of the classics of the 1990's.

David Mamet only wishes he could integrate speeches this snappy into his movie screenplays.

It doesn't have to, because of its brilliant, gripping script and plot twists, acting that makes you think these people are real, and a flashy presentation of it all.

All of the scenes in this movie felt intense.

Some good moments, several boring and the movie is just trying to get to the goal, only to miss it.

Everything he followed up with disinterested me, the dialogue laden, near 3 hour yawn-fest "Pulp Fiction", the meandering "True Romance", the dull vampire offering "From Dusk till Dawn", and "...

The stunted, pointless dialog in the beginning of the movie made it pretentious.

The movie just seemed pointless, especially after the ending.

This type of storytelling is truly exciting and fun to watch, and is a huge reason why "Reservoir Dogs" works.

It was real, raw, and exciting.

Even in his first film, you can see the style, classic lines, and intriguing that made Tarantino the household name that he is.

The same elements are in this film as well: intense violence, snappy dialogue, abrupt changes in time (forward and backward) as well as a memorable ensemble of characters.

but most importantly, Gripping .

Like the bulk of Tarantino's work, many criticize Dogs as being pointless, excessively violent, and filled with over-the-top obscenities.

Anyway back to the dogs, I love the "set in one place" situation such as the meeting place warehouse where all the intense drama happens after the robbery has gone wrong.

The storyline is unpredictable and thrilling.

I highly recommend it.

this is brilliantly directed by Quentin Tarantino , it's fast paced and stylish with lots of of cool shots.

If you are looking for a riveting tale of distrust and greed, watch this movie.

The plot was intriguing, even though there wasn't many action scenes which to be honest I wish it had more, but the dialogue was good and sometimes funny which made it enjoyable.

Edgy, engrossing and still holds up well as a heist film over the years .

Reservoir Dogs tells the intriguing story of a handful of 'colour-coded' criminals.

Watching them try and figure out what had happened, when they probably didn't even know themselves, was very entertaining, and I don't mean in a ' OK, Mr.Blonde, kill that guy!

Fast and fun the film is truly thrilling, set mostly in an isolated warehouse as the group attempt to uncover the truth whilst testing friendships and trust the style and focus upon mostly dialogue which is split by brief bursts of action it encapsulates the brilliance of the director and is worthy of the title 'classic'

Good, entertaining movie .

Yet another great action packed and humorous movie by Quentin Tarantino.

Still in his late twenties, Tarantino had directed a movie that was as smart as it was entertaining.

The violence is slow, loud, painful and with consequences that the characters have to deal with.

It would probably be the funniest yet most serious film that has ever been made and it would certainly be one of the most entertaining.

I admire it more than I enjoyed it, and I'm less attuned to his style of filmmaking now than I used to be.

The story is wonderfully compelling, while the dialogue is very hard-boiled and attitude-laced with plenty of pop culture references, and references to TV shows and hip movies.

Tarantino succeeds at taking something so familiar and turning it on its head until it becomes new and exciting again.

It's mostly plain boring.

I tried watching it again, but I fell asleep right in the middle of it.

I don't really like violent movies, but I liked Pulp Fiction, which I found clever and compelling.

Law enforcement was waiting for the unexpected criminals and a blood bath occurred.

The script is very compelling and stylish.

It's still very enjoyable after all these years.

The movie is so intense that you cannot help wondering what happened.

There are so many suspenseful moments that you just cant help but be on the edge of your seat throughout the whole film.

The intelligent thing that the film does is never actual show the heist itself as even though by the end of the film most things would be solved, it leaves some mystery still lingering there and makes the film more intriguing throughout rather than just simply showing stuff.

As enjoyable and fresh it feels, I think it is imperfect.

Anyway, it's all so exciting it just completely boils over and ...

The whole film is very suspenseful and is very reminiscent of the classic noir films of the 40's and 50's, such as "D.

Short, no action, zero plot progression, drawn-out irrelevant conversations, boring.

Intriguing as all this might sound, one's mileage with the movie is almost certain to vary depending on one's tolerance of the dialogue-heavy script.

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino's feature debut is a viscerally entertaining, powerful, witty, and well acted piece of work that at once showcased his way with dialogue and tendency to leap back and forth in time.

But for me, the thing that strikes me the most is the entertaining story.

The film bristles with snappy dialogue and is slickly played by an expert cast.

I went away with that disappointed forever feeling, yuk, shrug, and ho-hum.

Too intense, too graphic.

This is a cool, slick and compelling movie that did a lot with the resources they had.

Quentin Taratino uses the warehouse, which is large, bland in color and empty, as the set that give us the feeling of a dark place where bad things are going to happen.

First, there's the opening scene that introduces Tarantino's trademark of the camera hovering around the table while the immensely entertaining dialog is carried forward in all sorts of directions (there is a similarly brilliant conversation in a car later on).

The acting is fantastic, the dialogue is inexplicably intriguing, the soundtrack is like no other and it oozes that lovable Tarantino style.

The story is gripping without even having to show any of the heist.

It was long, boring, and had barely any of the comic touches that made PF so great.

Thus it being pointless.

Anyways, i enjoyed it....

"White," (Harvey Keitel) his partner in crime, takes him to their "hide-out," an empty warehouse, in fear the police will find out who they are.

Harvey Keitel is excellent and intense as Mr. White-Larry with Keitel bringing depth and power to the role.

Still, you might want to catch the compelling moments that dot the result.

To summarize the film in three words I'd say: bloody boring swearing.

Interesting and exciting movie .

While I do agree many of the dialogs are tedious and don't really relate to my life or anyone else that I know, they paint a believable human image of people we'd like to do away with.

There is the usual Tarantino dialog, featuring lots of cursing, lots of pop-culture, but also unexpected humor, and also boasts Tarantino musical selections that fit the scenes well, most people think of Reservoir Dogs now when hearing the song "Stuck In the Middle With You.

A total waste of time.

There is something compelling and original about all the violence and destruction in this film that separates it from other thrillers like it.

A cult classic with wonderful acting, wonderful pacing and a gripping story.

At the time this movie came out, probably the most exciting movies on offer was the Die Hard Franchise, Schwarzenegger schtick, Rambo and Rocky XXXVIII or the Jack Ryan franchise.

His pan-around-the-table scenes where everyone is making a case for some silly argument, (whether it be foot rubbing or Madonna's 'Like a Virgin') that is supposed to have rich, deeper meaning, is just boring, dry and plain dumb.

Tarantino's movie is more enjoyable the more you see them.

What we received wasn't bad or lazy, I was just hoping for something more intriguing.