Return to Horror High (1987) - Comedy, Horror

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A few years ago, a mysterious serial-killer caused panic on Crippen High School. The killer was never caught. A movie company, Cosmic Pictures, has decided to make a feature movie about ...

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Bill Froehlich
Stars: Lori Lethin, Brendan Hughes
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 25 out of 63 found boring (39.68%)

One-line Reviews (61)

The whole narrative & structure of Return to Horror High is quite confusing & becomes annoying, for a start there's this framing device in which the police are rounding up bits of dead bodies while the lone survivor tells his tale of what happened (he also tells the cops things that he couldn't have known or wasn't there to see) so there's are numerous flashbacks & interruptions as the film switches back & forth between the two.

There are some engaging performances (particularly by Lori Lethin and Alex Rocco as the producer - "write them a hopeful, life-affirming scene where they talk about love and children, and make sure it's set in the showers, so they can be naked!

It was a waste of time to watch this movie and trying to decipher what the writer was trying to do, scare us or bore us?

"Return to Horror High" is a decently enjoyable cheesy slasher from the time.

This movie had no plot.

This is mostly used in the final half when it uses this to help make it far more entertaining through it's ridiculous cheese.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

This was absolutely the WORST movie of all time!

Maybe not a classic, but most certainly entertaining.

In addition to the boredom, there are many logical flaws within this movie, such as the actress agreeing to do a movie that she considers degrading to women.

But the most unique element of this movie is the overwhelming sense of confusion.

The script meanders all over the place and the film within a film "surprises" got tedious real quick.

There's just too much going on, as the illogical story switches back and forth in a rather disjointed manner.

Actually it can get unpredictable in spontaneous spurts.

Please for the sake of humanity (and your sanity) don't waste your time watching schlock like this.

With an over-elaborate plot, a confusing ending, and lots of terrible eighties music?

The sound acting from the sturdy cast rates as another significant asset, with stand-out contributions from Alex Rocco as cheerfully shameless sleazeball producer Harry Sleerik, Scott Jacoby as pretentious director Josh Forbes, Brendan Hughes as earnest cop hero Steve Blake, Lori Lethin as sweet lead actress Callie Cassidy, Andy Romano as sensitive Principal Castleman, Richard Brestoff as hapless screenwriter Arthur, Vince Edwards as mean, lecherous biology teacher Richard Bimbaum, Maureen McCormick as eager, bumbling, blood-happy Officer Tyler, and Al Fann as merry janitor Amos.

One of the films attempts at a more inventive story-line is with a slightly confusing mix of is it real, is it the film in film and is it all being made up as they go along, and who are they?

It's a film within a film, an opportunity missed as this is something of a confusing mess.

Campy, Uninteresting Horror.

Basically I was bored and the lousy murders were really insulting.

Return to Horror High tries to be funny, it tries too hard & as such just ends up predictable & quite forced.

At least those who are tuning in merely to catch a comical glimpse of pre-fame Clooney get off pretty easy, since they can turn this miserable waste of time off 10 minutes in and save themselves the agony of enduring the 80 additional minutes that follow.

At times of utter confusion she's always fun to watch either scared to death, combating males, or being oblivious to the body count/bloodshed surrounding...

It's a good idea never done before, but the execution of the film flip-flopping between the fake movie and the real movie is so confusing and impossible to follow that you have to believe it was made up as they went along.

A lot of people find this so bad that it's good--but I was too bored to enjoy it.

Also the jumping between time-lines and certain scenes where you think you are watching someone getting killed but turns out to be a scene for the film within film just gets confusing and muddled.

It is so so confusing and i couldnt even figure out who the killer was!!

Think that's confusing to imagine?

It sounds confusing, and it is.

And while he is quite entertaining in the film, he is also only in it very briefly.

Please don't waste your money on this piece of trash.

Also starring former ALICE child actor turned awkward lean teen Philip McKeon with OVER THE EDGE father and son Andy Romano and Michael Kramer along with the movie's movie's pretentious director and slimy producer Scott Jacoby and Alex Rocco plus former 1950's stud Vince Edwards, RETURN TO HORROR HIGH is a cat batting a ball of colorful string, unveiling itself creatively as it's surprisingly good: enough for horror fans to not have to take it seriously enough to feel cheated of their beloved genre, and the casual viewer could very well be entertained if they'd give in and...

It's plain boring!

From there, it has a bunch of fun from the relatively fun and enjoyable different amounts of action that the film has.

I sat through about twenty minutes of it and got so bored I had to turn it off, and I have seen many cheesy movies.

It is just incredibly confusing to decide what's going to happen through the different plots that there's nothing at all to determine the order of what's going on in the order of the plot.

So many unanswered questions and I find it hard to understand how this got released being as confusing as it is.

This movie is a complete waste of time.

This one here is really confusing and manages to get the differences along the way really hard to pick out.

Even normally mediocre performers like Maureen (Marsha) McCormick deliver vague and confusing acting.

Stupid, schlocky, and an overall waste of time.

Again, there are some inspired moments in the film, such as the disection scene and the creep room in the basement, but even those are destroyed by the confusion of whether they are fact or fiction.

That doesn't sound so bad, but what follows is so confusing that it is almost impossible to follow.

Comparing the two films today, it's easy to see why Craven's is the better film: it's entertaining throughout, witty and intelligent with a great script, loving and a classic.

This movie is a bore and is another one of those that spends too much time glad handing and back slapping.

If you are tired of the same old predictable horror flicks than this movie is for you.

Yawn and Snor .

*YAWN* .

Albeit confusing at times, this movie is definitely worth a watch.

Director/co-writer Bill Froehlich offers a fun behind-the-scenes glimpse at the chaotic shooting of a down'n'dirty cheapie flick, relates the absorbing story in a complex and tricky flashback-ridden manner, delivers plenty of clever and startling film-within-a-film moments, stages the murder set pieces with reasonable brio, and, best of all, makes several spot-on satiric pot shots about pandering to the lowest common denominator (y'know, graphic and gratuitous sex and violence) and the filmmakers' responsibility to produce something of substantial moral value.

An enjoyable and inspired deconstruction of your basic slice'n'dice fare.

"Return to Horror High" is a hokey low-budget tongue-in-cheek slasher that peculiarly rips on its genre in a very confusing muddle of ideas and bizarre pathways.

There were really lively moments like the man getting chopped by a huge fan, but then it goes into oblivion and confusion.

Beginning in the present time, exterior night, as a tough yet gentle-giant-type police chief and a doting, surreptitiously perverse female officer, played by BRADY BUNCH oldest Maureen McCormick, are outside a high school where a multi-mutilation of bodies are a mysterious result from a confusing aftermath: Then cutting back to a horror flick being shot inside the school centering on a string of deaths that had occurred years before...

Too many flashback sequences and movies within movies make it terribly hard to follow.

I love bad movies, but this one is simply unbearable.

The crazy principal alone is worth watching the movie for.

The Worst Movie I Ever Seen!!.

It is hard to fathom exactly what the point of this film was and it definitely has one of the most confusing endings in horror movie history.

I find the whole 'filming a movie that comes to life' type storyline pretty uninteresting, because it means there's always a small cast and the scenes are invariably repetitive.