Return to Me (2000) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A man who falls in love with the woman who received his wife's heart must decide which woman it is who holds his heart.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Bonnie Hunt
Stars: David Duchovny, Minnie Driver
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 34 out of 281 found boring (12.09%)

One-line Reviews (134)

Return to Me is a very sweet and enjoyable romantic comedy.

The beginning and end of this movie are completely predictable and both seem to be appendages to the real story that takes place in a neighborhood Irish-Italian restaurant in Chicago.

The actors are doing ok, Duchovny, basically known of his role in the X-files hasn't had much success as film actor and Driver, 'girl-next-door', 'till now mostly seen in films as the love interest, are together convincing as a nice, somewhat dull couple.

PLUS, the best aspect of the movie that make it so precious and entertaining is the wonderful supporting cast.

I am very tempted to write to Ms. Bonnie Hunt to thank her for this as it was an unexpected gift to me this evening.

Actress Bonnie Hunt shows off her writing and directing skills in this enjoyable love story that recalls classic films from the Forties.

Well worth watching .

Mr. Duchovny demonstrates a style of acting that is highly engaging and Minnie Driver and Carroll O'Connor are also excellent.

" Now, in conclusion, to all you David Duchovny or Minnie Driver fans that have not seen this heartwarming and touching romance, I highly recommend it!

At first I was reluctant to see this movie basically because I thought that David Duchovny was a bit bland and that Minnie Driver was just downright annoying.

Predictable .

The plot involves a recent widower (David Duchovny--boring as ever) who falls in love with a waitress who has had a heart transplant (Minnie Driver--what was she thinking?

The movie is so absurdly contrived that it has to be either a huge joke or a god awful mess.

But after I heard his song as the opening, I stuck around and discovered a very nice romantic comedy, and one well worth watching.

I saw this movie on opening night with my friend and, I must say we both enjoyed it immensely.

The main story is somewhat formulaic, but still enjoyable.

Delightfully entertaining .

The movie was sweet without being syrupy, it dealt with the sad moments with respect and restraint without being morbid or depressing, but mostly it was just lovely, and sensitive, and happy, and thoroughly enjoyable.

a bit too boring .

The fact that the filler was the most entertaining part of the film speaks volumes about the weakness of the main storyline.

While I will admit that the plot itself is a bit contrived, in most "chick flicks" you are expected to suspend disbelief, so this isn't a big problem.

Entertaining and just a Good Movie .

the fascinating thing about a movie like this though is it is not a hardcore movie, it is not intense, it mostly is not violent, it is just a sweet lite as air movie, no cussing, nothing like that, and it it almost perfect.

A positive and thoroughly enjoyable experience .

This is one of the most effective, if somewhat formulaic, comedy-dramas this year.

The story is unusual, yet gripping and compelling.

This film has no story, only a situation.

This is one of the best and most enjoyable movies that I have seen in approximately ten years.

The movie is so absurdly contrived that it has to be either a huge joke or a god awful mess.

But to create conflict purely for its own sake is like being married to someone who starts fights just because she gets bored.

When we left the theater we really felt as though we were entertained with something that was light and uplifting.

(spoilers ahead)The number of scenes (and lines of dialogue) that rise above cliche can be counted on one hand, someone on the production staff must have consulted his grade-school, zoo-obsessed son for the gorilla angle, and Bonnie Hunt (usually so sharp as an actress) for some reason decided to pummel her audiences over the head with relentlessly gooey music.

More than your trite chick flick, those who just go with it will likely chuckle and weep.

I highly recommend it for those who like romantic comedies.

" I've seen the film a number of times and enjoyed it with each viewing.

The screenplay avoids most of the obvious sitcom-like jokes while heading for its predictable plot complications and resolutions.

We found both Minnie Driver and David Duchovny very entertaining and very good actors.

I'm thinking about the (boring) scenes with Grace's grandfather and his friends discussing music, in particular.

I read the story and knew this was gonna be predictable.

It was enjoyable to see another side of him.

The rest of the cast is very pleasant and enjoyable...

Syrupy, predictable and incredibly wonderful .

I left the theater feeling warm and happy, and knowing that I would definitely add this one to my collection of alltime favorites.

The acting was engaging throughout and it was a pleasure to peek into the lives of this endearing group of family and friends.

Bonnie Hunt and James Belushi give great support and are entertaining enough in their own right.

Well, because the films are hardly ever original, terribly predictable, have overly clear symbolism and most of the time young actors, who don't care too much about their acting skills, as long their name is on the screen.

However, the film's pacing was poor, with numerous dull scenes and a bumpy flow.

The art - sets and costumes are enjoyable to look at - the actors attractive - smile - oh I love love love love love David Duchovny.

Return to me is a mixture of love and comedy and it was a thoroughly enjoyable film to watch.

Each character and scene is truly enjoyable (even though the filmstrip fell off the projector; long story short: we got free beverages on our next trip to the theater).

In short, for all their likeability, Bob and Grace turn out to be rather bland, uninteresting people (even their names sound ideal for a dull couple).

She co-wrote, directed and starred in this movie, but she is not the sort of actress to be afraid to throw in a touch of class, unexpected characters, and humorous lines in a movie with a plot that could have been dark, depressing and predictable.

6/10 worth watching.

All-in-all an entertaining film with no pretense to be anything other.

The characters here are very engrossing, they bring you into the world, and all of the nuances, the sadness, the happiness, this movie has it all.

During intense, sad moments of the film, Bonnie Hunt creatively took the edge off with a bit of humor.

"Return to Me" is a completely enjoyable film.

There are so many things wrong with this movie (flat cinematography, stilted script, uneven editing, painfully predictable) that it's hard to believe you end up liking it anyway.

YOU'VE GOT MAIL was very predictable too and still was one of the sweetest and funniest films of the year.

An unexpected delight.

Who are these people, why should I care, and why did I waste my time watching them?

The end is predictable but the road to the end is so enjoyable it doesn't matter.

Formulaic, but very touching, funny and entertaining .

what followed was completely entertaining and refreshing.

This film is great - well written and very entertaining.

I am very tempted to write to Ms. Bonnie Hunt to thank her for this as it was an unexpected gift to me this evening.

Don't let the movie's title, so sentimental, irrelevant, and cliche, mislead you.

The supporting cast is colorful and engaging (especially the four old guys).

These characters and the actors who portray them are so endearing and so entertaining that they could all be in their own little movies.

In many ways, most true love-effects in real-life, are often; this bland-looking.

I know, a lot of critics, have stated out that the film is somewhat tame, predictable, forgettable, bland, and full of clichés.

David Duchovny just ruins this movie with his monotone acting style.

The only thing offensive about this film is how boring it is .

Extremely Entertaining, Great Cast .

But it went on way too long.

The strength of this movie is in its performances, and in the decision of the writers and director Bonnie Hunt to establish the initial premise, then let go of it and concentrate on fleshing out well-drawn relationships between engaging characters we can identify with and care about.

I was so impressed and enjoyed it so much that I thought of finding where I could write to Bonnie Hunt and thanking her for it.

Some critics say that the predictability of the gorilla and the dog sensing Driver's uniqueness is mushy as well as predictable - I say, for the sensitive, it brings a tear of joy.

A sweet, if somewhat predictable, movie.

A sexy, entertaining romance.

It's so close to real life and at the same time such a breathtaking typical screen fairy tale that it actually gives you back the beliefs in "the big love" which some of us lost on the way to where we are now.

Although the plot is forseeable in the first 10 mins, it is still thoroughly entertaining.

The whole supporting cast is wonderful (O'Connor, Loggia, Grier, Belushi and especially Hunt), Chicago looks stunning, and the whole movie is very sweet-toned and friendly.

The movie was sweet without being syrupy, it dealt with the sad moments with respect and restraint without being morbid or depressing, but mostly it was just lovely and thoroughly enjoyable.

Extremely entertaining romantic comedy with great chemistry between the two leads and very funny supporting roles for O'Connor, Jim Bellushi, and director Bonnie Hunt.

This is a purely enjoyable film, through and through, and I recommend it highly to anyone.

This movie was realistic (aside from the horrible coincidence) and emotionally gripping.

Sweetness may be tolerable in real life, but in drama, it often makes for tedious going.

It's all enjoyable, and a first rate job of acting, writing, and directing.

I really enjoyed it.

This is the film to watch when you want to believe in people, believe in love, and most of all, believe that the Hollywood Machine can still churn out something worth watching.

And at the first moment of any realism he runs away with the old cliché' "I gotta go"?

And yet for my money this has to be the most enjoyable romantic comedy I have ever seen, even if the emphasis is more on romance than comedy.

Classic scenes and writing makes this story so enjoyable and touching to watch over and over again.

" However, even though this movie follows a fairly standard (and obviously predictable) formula, it still had its moments.

David Duchovny gives a good performance here, as well as Minnie Driver, while Carroll O'Connor and Robert Loggia both give quite enjoyable and funny performances.

Enjoyable light comedy .

(That alone would have made the movie worth watching.

Just think about SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE--it has a GREAT reputation and is at least as contrived and was, to me, a less entertaining film.

I know, what the heart wants, the heart gets, but the whole contrived coincidence was a bit impractical.

A sweet enjoyable old style romantic film.

Although we all knew the lead characters were going to end up together (yes, predictable) the trip was absolutely enjoyable.

I saw "Return to Me" this past weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was enjoyable and light and left out the sex,drugs & violence.

Maybe that last minute presumption contributed to my yawning reaction for the first half the movie.

The plot and theme are as predictable as every other date movie, of course makes you laugh and cry (each in abundance), and like every other Sleepless Harry was Addicted to Love(ing) Sally One Fine Day in Seattle makes you wish you had your own silver screen fate-filled romance.

Parents, the only things you might find objectionable is a little salty language from Belushi's character and some semi-intense aftermath from a car crash.

Return To Me is an enjoyable mixture of fantasy and humor and warm-hearted fun, the main message of which would seem to be, "life's too short.

It's just a bit too pretty, a bit too innocent and a (great) bit too boring.

Engaging and well observed .

This one's worth watching more than once, and showing to all your friends.

I approached this one with especially low expectations because of the brazenly contrived gimmick at its core (a grieving young widower unwittingly falls in love with the recipient of his beloved wife's transplanted heart) and its male lead, David Duchovny.

The story is fairly predictable, so if you're looking for surprising twists you're looking at the wrong movie.

Except for the expensive cast (Duchovny, Driver, perhaps O'Connor), I would have thought this was a TV movie: contrived premise, weak writing, predictable plot.

un-original and predictable.

However, it is a very enjoyable film, and my rating of "7" puts it in the company of such "romantic" films as "Hope Floats", "Forces of Nature", "An Ideal Husband", "Mansfield Park", and "Notting Hill.

So even though the characters are typical and the plot is predictable, it is a nice, easy going movie.

Minnie Driver was as engaging as always, and David Duchovney can actually act (who would've thunk it?

But Miss Hunt has hit all the right buttons, using the experience she gained from Second City and producing and directing her own TV shows, and her own innate sense of what works and what doesn't, to craft a tale worth watching again and again.

All we ever see of him is the monotone "Fox Mulder, FBI".

Overall an enjoyable movie.

I think the best thing about this movie, though, is that I went to see it with my teenaged daughter and several of her young friends, and there were no embarassing moments or aspects of the movie that I wish hadn't been there; indeed, the movie deserves extra points for pulling that off and still being enjoyable to the teen age group, not boring or preachy or "too old" for them.

Return to Me is "cute", contrived and disgustingly predictable.

"Return to Me" was a real crowd-pleaser for the audience (except for the penultimate scene which was so predictable that the audience didn't cheer as I think we were supposed to).

The first twenty minutes of the movie are tortuous - slow moving, depressing, and melodramatic - and I actually contemplated walking out.

It's arguable that the movie is predictable and the story doesn't move much.

has all the predictability of a Romantic Comedy, but is still enjoyable .

Don't let the movie's title, so sentimental, irrelevant, and cliche, mislead you.

The cinematography is breathtaking.

The premise is established instantly -- likeable schmoe (David Duchovny, resorting to forced capering) dearly loves his wife, who does SIGN LANGUAGE WITH A GORILLA and likes SLOW DANCING.

I loved it..watched it twice already and highly recommend it!

We were all pleasantly surprised to see how entertaining and funny this movie was.

So natural, engrossing, no exaggeration, professional actors* actresses* and off course director* made all this happen and made us to feel happy and warm in our hearts.

When I finally rented it in the summer of 2001 I enjoyed it so much that I went out and bought the DVD soon after.