Revenge (2011) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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An emotionally troubled young woman sets out to exact revenge against the people who wronged her father.

IMDB: 7.9
Stars: Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp
Length: 44 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 26 out of 149 found boring (17.44%)

One-line Reviews (97)

Season 1 was pretty fantastic and the storyline is intriguing.

A compelling saga of intrigue and often good dialogue .

the plot is deep and and unpredictable .

The plot is good enough but the way the actress revenges on each person is just way too predictable.

Having said that, the character lost it's touch when the first season ended, Emily's character became dull and soft-hearted, and the show in general just lost it's touch.

This intense, dramatic, romantic, mysterious, thrilling, and overall incredible show will take you for a ride that you will remember for a long time.

Ponderous, Over-Acted Soap Opera .

" The plot has turned farcical, ridiculous, preposterous, and absurd (if you think I'm being repetitive, that's the point), so that one is no longer willing to go along with the inane plot development.

It makes it worth watching as each time the punishment is different.

The characters are so flat and boring.

watching them develop from small minor characters to full blown antagonists to Emily was very enjoyable.

It's really rather sad because the thing is, I really enjoyed the first 2 Seasons and I wanted to keep liking it, but when a show becomes unbearable to watch then it's time to move on.

Hopefully series 3 will bring more brilliant story lines and maybe a couple of more series after that since her revenge is taking far too long with about 20 episodes in each season.

Then, through season 2, the twists and turns took you on a roller coaster ride that evoked the laughs and screams you get from one in an amusement park more than the intense intelligent journey you get from well-written drama.

Confusing air dates...

Very "run of the mill" and formulaic.

BUT, nonetheless, the show continues to be dramatic and suspenseful.

unexpected plots keeping you on your toes .

Every week, it gets more intense without the predictability.

It was a little clichéd and campy, but it was still very entertaining.

I am so disappointed and still hope that Revenge gets it together and make a sharp turn into "WOW, EXCITING!!!

Unfortunately, the producers ran out of ideas too quickly; the last two episodes I watched (8 & 9) were boring.

Revenge started off as a fun and entertaining ride driven by a woman's vengeance.

The first season was really good and was exciting and new.

The plot is very engaging and interesting with some nice twists.

I couldn't complete the second season, probably because I was bored by the web of politics.

I loved the first few seasons: interesting plot, mysterious characters and thrilling episodes.

Total waste of time.

Emly Van Camp is miscast; some of my friends won't watch Revenge for that reason, but the story is compelling and it draws you into the plot of dealing out revenge.

The plot is intriguing, though a bit convoluted.

the stunning actors and actresses.

All in all, this show truly belongs on daytime TV where people watch unbearable plots drag out over seasons and years.

The story line of Revenge might have been interesting at one time, but because the plot has lived about as long as a Galapagos Tortoise and actually moves slightly slower, the story has turned about to be about as much fun as watching one of those hulking creatures crawl by.

Season 2 is an absolute mess, quite reminiscent of Prison Break where the original story is good but how long can you drag out a simple concept, in this case revenge.

Stunning .

We started feeling frustrated and annoyed during the last three seasons, everything became so predictable.

Why Did this Riveting Show End!?.

Two characters make the show worth watching: Madeleine Stowe as the eeeeeeevil Victoria and Gabriel Mann as the delightful Nolan, who has the complex character Emily lacks.

If you want plot advancement and forward movement, than don't waste your time.

But it appears that the network thought they could, for the sake of profit, squeeze a few more episodes out of the series and that's where things got complicated and confusing.

We got all these other subplots and unnecessary characters who came along and made the show uninteresting.

For those who want to watch just a simple and boring revenge story, "Revenge" is the one!

Except, it gets tiresome to see moneyed people flaunt their wealth.

Worth the watch.

No story line ever freeking ends.

Instead of boring long conversations, we got more action and more of a clear path for the characters.

When I first started watching revenge it was as something to watch whilst I did mundane household chores.

Great 1st Season, but repetitive in the remaining .

Season one began in an intriguing, fast paced manner that left you hoping for the next episode and wondering what was next.

A great deal of time wasted getting nowhere, with unnecessary characters that are increasingly annoying and pointless.

revenge is a really fun thrilling ride .

Extremely Intriguing .

The dumb Nolan's girlfriend's character could be OK if they used her right but it is so predictable what is going to happen with the death of her brother, they will find the tape on him and Nolan will be blamed for it blah blah blah same old same old.

I just lost the connection and watching every Sunday plot that consist only 5 people and the rest of it is bullsh*t .. well it's a waste of time .

Too many sub-plots, uninteresting characters and story lines.

We endured and enjoyed it - Season 1 = 9/10.

They manage to create engaging characters.

I watch it because while it may not be as dark as your typical revenge drama, there is still a very real thrill of watching them unfold the characters' back stories, witnessing shocking revelations/plot twists, and all the other elements that make shows today entertaining.

It isn't the sort of programme you can sit and watch in a passive manner though, you find yourself engaging with the plot lines and this is what television should make you do.

I binge-watched episode after episode that kept me mesmerized for hours, with each twist and turn more riveting than the next.

It's thrilling, romantic and funny all in one.

They should have stopped at the end of the 3rd series the 4th was too contrived and the actors seemed way dumbed-down and not believable.

However, 22 episodes of a 42 minute show is TOO LONG for one season.

The basic idea here of adapting the Count of Monte Cristo should make for compelling TV.

The concept of her situation is quite confusing since new information start to appear within the episodes and each one of them is gripping and exciting.

Each act of revenge is more exciting than the last until the characters get entangled in their own lies and deceits and there is no longer a true bad guy or good guy.

Her tactical skills are just mind blowing.

As it is things are a little bland.

Gripping, Captivating and Pulsating .

Its fast paced and always entertaining and Emily Van Camp and Madeline Stowe do some inspired work here!

New silly plot-lines abound, new dull characters, ridiculous twists reminiscent of cheap and nasty daytime soaps.

Total Waste of Time .

I should add also that the main actor doesn't exactly fit the profile, she's just not believable as the "angel of death" who looks like an angel on the outside, she just looks dull.

Let's do us all a favor and free up the time slot for something new and exciting.

I hope the third season will fix these errors and bring back what made the show compelling.

Season 1 is watchable, you learn about the story and characters and it keeps you interested to know more, well that lasts for about 10 episodes, just goes straight downhill after that.. Random irrelevant characters keep showing up to fill the lack of story, plot-holes with no explanations what so ever and also Daniel overacting every single time he's on the screen, with his wide mouth opening and the "chewing imaginary stuff" all the damn time.. People keep dying or disappearing, boats and planes keep blowing up, no on goes to jail 12/10 would blow a plane again.

I rarely watch any TV drama shows except law and order: SVU because I find most of them very boring.

The plot line is thought out exceptionally far in advance in such a way that you don't see the twists coming because they sway in a manner that can only be described and intriguing.

In my opinion, this is gripping TV series.

this fluff is visually riveting on a big screen.

It lost it's direction, the writing became painfully contrived and to be honest the Revenge aspect of the show got lost behind several relationships...

Could rant about the complete lack of subtlety and sophistication in screen writing nowadays but pointless.

My biggest concern with this series is how long the process of revenge will be drawn out.

Performance by the actors, and maneuvering around each other is breathtaking to watch...

Epic love and epic betrayal to keep you on the edge of your seat, it's both exhilarating and addictive!

The plot is full of great twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I also love Amanda's other devious friends who make the show even more exciting.

Slow starter but now absolutely gripping.

Season one dragged on and on and spent too many episodes focusing on Conrad and Victoria's crumbling marriage and the personal shots they take at one another.

Amanda Clarke is just so exciting, and I love both of her little boy toys, Jack and Daniel.

The subplot with Charlotte and Declan is interesting and entertaining.

Her character is vague but annoying and she is just uninteresting.

In reality, the evil that the extremely wealthy do is far more banal, and generally within the bounds of legality, since the laws exist to protect them.

But enough of it was good that it is worth watching as the ending did a surprisingly good job of closing the tale in a satisfying manner.

A show worth watching.

The 1st season was very very good, made me addictive to watch another season but as the 2nd season was going-on, it became repetitive and so was the third and fourth season, the reason being the writer changed.

Emily VanCamp is absolutely stunning and terrifying at the same time!