Revolutionary Road (2008) - Drama, Romance

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A young couple living in a Connecticut suburb during the mid-1950s struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to raise their two children.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Sam Mendes
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 117 out of 446 found boring (26.23%)

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And, the music by Thomas Newman (whose work I normally admire) was so simple and repetitive as to become irritating.

For one thing, a memo Frank writes as a lark gets him recognition from the top management and the offer of a promotion that's too exciting to resist.

There's no plot!

Most people hailed it as a masterpiece; the minority insisted it was pretentious and meaningless.

But then he's offered a promotion that seems a bit exciting to him, so maybe things are looking up.

We know this because the talk she talks is stunning to the neighbors.

We were very boring and sleepy.

Needless to say, it was intense.

One day, thinking it will make things better for both of them, and possibly the whole family, April suggests they should move to Paris, France, a place that Frank once said he would love to live in since he enjoyed it so much, and at first this sounds a big decision to make.

This is engaging and impeccably dramatic.

But the exquisite cinematic detail, the precisely correct-to-period drapes, rugs, couches, suits, hats, and so forth, down to the overly-interesting artworks on the Wheeler walls, distract from the intense interactions.

The movie questions the cliché all of us live or wait to live, sooner or later with the love of our lives.

Roles do not come along like that very often, but Winslet took it and created one of the most intense characters of the year.

Just like the environment in Revolutionary Road, it was peaceful and calm, where one would slow down their paces and enjoying what is around them.

Leo plays Frank, a business man who is becoming increasingly bored with his life and has realised he's not where he wants to be.

With Revolutionary Road, his fourth film, Sam Mendes has crafted yet another visually stunning, expertly acted, good-looking and well-made drama; the performances by DiCaprio and Winslet are simply phenomenal, and while the plot seems simple, it contains complex characters and explores deep, rich themes.

But there are pointless and seedy sex scenes.

Dull .

Michael Shannon (so great in "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead") plays a mentally unpredictable man who sees the truth in what's going on between Winslett and De Caprio.

The pacing was tedious - too many lingering shots of people staring off into their souls; too many cars pulling into driveways.

To escape their dull reality, April suggests they move to France and start over there, finally realizing their old, buried dream.

The story is bland.

The film uses set-pieces and the supporting cast to attempt to heighten the magnitude of admittedly bravely performed sequences between DiCaprio and Winslet, eventually reaching an engaging, though predictable, climax.

There was literally no story.

Any other way of expressing that theme would have been more interesting than the un-revolutionary, unremarkable, downright banal road this film took.

" 'Revolutionary Road' is a film slow and introspective, the time taken, in which everything is determined with extreme precision, photography and soundtrack to contribute effectively to the performance of individual sequences, especially the last, shocking and inevitable, in which the emotional tension explodes in a paroxysm becoming almost unbearable.

However, the notion of baggage can also work towards an opposite effect, making narrative material which may have once appeared fresh come across as repetitive and unoriginal, devaluing an otherwise quality film.

If you like to watch mundane, depressing people lament over their lives for two hours, you are in for a real treat.

I thought the movie was too long, extremely boring, not to mention dark and disturbing.

Maybe if the movie were a true story, I would have appreciated it and felt the message it's trying to convey but this movie is just unrealistic and pointless.

You just feel empty, and wonder what the heck just happened.

"Revolutionary Road" is a brilliant ,engaging and a devastating movie(with a great direction) ,near to perfection, from one of the most original and amazing director(Sam Mendes).

Revolutionary Road, what boring smut.

The trailers implied a film with little-to-no plot, and two people shouting and arguing a lot.

Kathy Bates, however, really perks things up in her scenes showing even playing a one dimensional character can still be both artful and entertaining.

The couple in this film, who were apparently created by a book author, not a screenwriter or director, chose the "glass half empty" way.

Their friends and neighbors are bores.

He works at a boring job.

The acting, the emotion, absolutely riveting.

The themes in this movie are intriguing and relatable, the screenplay did an excellent job in making us understand the inner desires and motivations of the characters.

Critics Complained that Transformers 2 "Revenge of the Fallen" had no story line or plot.

I could easily imagine the sounds of France keeping her in a spell as they incessantly played behind her eyes rousing nostalgia and beckoning her.

Perhaps that is intended, but if so it is an error, because as the story unfurls in a predictable manner it becomes harder and harder to engage with them.

April and Frank end up having kids, moving to the suburbs an empty life.

Upon reexamination, I have concluded that this is truly one of the most intense, gripping and thought-provoking dramas of the last decade (or beyond).

Nothing happens except shouting back and forth.

These elements, done so flawlessly, include two riveting performances from Kate Winslet and Leonard DiCaprio both playing tortured middle class people living in 1950's America.

Michael Shannon does a great job of playing the mentally disturbed friend and Kate Winslet is great as the psychotic house wife but the entire story is boring and virtually unwatchable.

Poor Frank gets dragged down by his woefully insane and melodramatic wife's unfulfilled need for .. ?

Ms. Winslet comes off somewhat more sympathetic, but the constant baiting of her husband in most of the fighting grows tiresome.

Sam Mendes knows best why he made a slow paced, grinding excursion like this.

With Revolutionary Road, the excellent Sam Mendes delivers his most powerful and gripping movie since his debut, American Beauty.

The movie is extremely slow and all it does is focus around a married couple living in a suburban community in the 1950's.

I couldn't help but feel disappointed when I walked out of the theater following "Revolutionary Road.

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD is among 2008's best films and is a depressing look at life with a brooding reality that makes it a difficult and ponderous experience.

At school i am studying The Great Gatsby and a Streetcar named desire which are written and based around the sameish time and these are a similar sort of domestic tragedies that are also fascinating.

If you enjoyed American Beauty, you are in for an enjoyably intense experience.

Starting off nice, it soon deconstructs the golden era of the 50ies in which a man was still a man and a woman knew her role until it becomes emancipation propaganda.

We in the West are the Last Men, immersed in stupid daily pleasures whilst Eastern radicals are ready to risk everything, engaged in nihilistic struggle up to the point of self-destruction.

The whole film comes over as a contrived mess.

The main characters become unlikable and predictable, the only character that I found interesting was John Givings played by Michael Shannon.

Feminist Propaganda.

What Frank sees in April is the most stunning woman at the party who's willing to enter into his conversational orbit.

The only thing revolutionary about this film is what a tragic waste of time and talent it is, bringing absolutely nothing of worth into the world.

Boring & Pointless.

The scene before the title appears could very well be "the first day of this couple's life", but the language in Justin Haythe's script (adapting Richard Yates' novel) lacks Alan Ball's philosophical and sometimes pretentious search of meaning.

A seemingly successful couple in 1950s Connecticut struggle to fight off the boredom and resentment their marriage is facing.

They spend a summer making tentative plans to escape their life, but it all derails completely when April becomes pregnant with her third child after an act of unprotected passion on the kitchen counter (well Frank enjoyed it anyway…) with tragic consequences.

The intense emotion that come through the dialog between them is enough to kill your life.

A workday dawns with a visually stunning torrent of businessmen in nearly identical suits bursting forth onto the trains and streets.

It has a slow paced rhythm, you have to focus and have patience or you'll get bored.

Without mattering who they are sharing company with, after a first fascinating discussion in the middle of the highway, every argument occurs indoors.

What takes you to that level of anger and boredom?

But Frank and April's relationship is troubled, as she has failed to achieve her dream to be an actress and is forced to be housewife, and he is working in a New York City office job he hates, it has become a repetitive lifestyle and the passion is fading.

unhappy together and utterly absorbing...

He's bored going into NYC for office work and has an afternoon fling with younger worker Maureen Grube (Zoe Kazan) on his 30th birthday.

Despite performances that are a knockout, the movie feels perfect, yet empty.

But can they overcome their personal obstacles including April's unexpected pregnancy to succeed their goals?

They hold no punches in this haunting tale, exploding with powerful emotions that help make 'Revolutionary Road' one of the most explosively entertaining pictures of the year.

For starters, Revolutionary Road is a movie that depends on performances, not story or script; What you mostly see for almost 2 hours is two good looking people duking it out over their unhappiness, their wasted lives, their BORING lives, the chances they missed and wished they had, etcetera, etcetera.

Blaaaaaa this movie just tackled so many of the most powerful and engaging things in life that I cannot stress how good it was.

Intense psychological drama .

This does have its slow parts and the kids the couple have seem to disappear completely for long periods of time.

It is slow and builds into...

Revolutionary Road is like a psychoanalysis of our mundane lives.

Intriguing are the routine lives they all lived, in a Stepford Wives sort of way; like when Frank Wheeler's waiting for the train with what looks like 100's of his clones.

There are many powerful moments and very few dull ones.

Which rings rather hollow when you consider 99 percent of the world's population would kill to have the "boring", "hopeless", "empty" lives the Wheelers so detest.

But as a piece of narrative it's dull and pointless.

He is handsome; she is stunning.

"Revolutionary Road" should not be part of an itinerary for a Marriage Retreat because most of the film shows the Wheelers emotionally bickering about various contrived sentiments and psychological conflicts.

the clue was meager and predictable.....

Frank Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio): "You are an empty, empty, hollow shell of a woman.

Revolutionary Road takes on that vast and complex theme full bore, and what power it has comes from a theme that challenges people where they live, and how they live, like no other theme can.

As the marriage goes on they settle into the "American Dream", a nice house, a well paying but boring job, two little beautiful kids.

Frank assumes the dreary day job as a businessman sleepwalking through mindless work days, womanizing the new secretaries, and purposely slacking in his duties.

In such a farce, the luxury of the intense performances given by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are outrageously wasted.

Although I liked Revolutionary Road,I found it to be a predictable drama,which lacks of any special element which would make it something memorable.

Frank Wheeler unenthusiastically just goes with the motion in his mundane office job living paycheck by paycheck.

I mean I know the proverbial back seat drive-in movie thing was likely a fast, furtive and mostly clothed affair, but if this movie makes any statement about the banality and hopelessness of these characters' predicament, it is in the bump and grind of their everyday lives, or the lack of any to be precise.

Empty and Hollow .

A creepy, slow paced, soft piano score which seems both happy and sad and, if you've seen the film before, reminds you of the traumatic ending the whole way through, heightening the sense of reality amongst the appearance of their perfect 1950s lives.

Much too dull, and much too drawn out .

Perhaps 3 out of 10 is a little bit generous for this monstrous waste of time, but I feel I had to at least give the actors some credit, because they made the best out of an insufferably dull and pointless story.

Rather than paint a picture filled with black and whites, Revolutionary Road instead brushes the canvas with light, albeit detailed strokes of subtle drama shaded with layers of compelling humanity.

The only truly enjoyable moment in Revolutionary Road is when John turns on April for a millisecond.

Revolutionary Road is a powerful domestic drama sparkling with riveting performances and an solid direction by Sam Mendes who embraces the material with strong intellect.

And truly, they display this despair, frustration, depression, confusion and hopelessness if any 2 people could in their performances.

Their life is basically fine, but both long for more: he is disillusioned with his steady but boring office job, while she feels suffocated by the quiet life of a housewife.

The score of Thomas Newman is intense and goes deep into the soul of the characters, it tightens the screws of something that's already unbearable.

The movie is intriguing and worthy, almost a poetic exposition of some of the sociological observations of the late C.

It's no "Far from Heaven", but it's engaging enough .

The billboard artwork, though it depicted an upper middle class white family enjoying "prosperity" as the Depression presumably ebbed in the late 1930s, is nonetheless eerily prescient for, and evocative of post war 1950s material culture.

Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD would like to be a scathing indictment of 1950s America and suburbia but unfortunately fails to say anything fresh, and its satirical edge is remarkably dull.

Their performances are simply riveting, and they truly bring the fairly simple story of the film to life.

At times it seems as if Mendes is directing a stage-play rather than a film, and he lets the whole cast scream and holler against his finely detailed period backdrops, but it's still entertaining for those who enjoy watching polished professionals (including Michael Shannon portraying a man on leave from an insane asylum in a perfect pitch) stretch their acting muscles.

Still, despite the (ironically) banal subject matter, this film was well put together on every front, both technical and performance-wise.

She is dancing and now you're playing slow music?

Yet another pointless character to distract the viewers.

First off, both DiCaprio and Winslet just seem, bored and out of place.

I also think it needed more scenes containing intense dialogue between the Wheeler's,these parts were the highlight of the movie as Winslet and DiCaprio both deliver their dialogue beautifully.

Any messages this film may have had, are lost in the contrived plot and barely even two-dimensional characters.

I, as you can see, fully enjoyed it.

Sometimes they may come off as selfish, cold, or confusing to us.

One word - BORING .

Dull Movie with Wooden characters .

Revolutionary Road isn't a bad film at all, but it is inherently pointless and depressing.

It was slow, it was overdone, there was no point to any of if it, literally no one in the movie was attractive save DiCaprio, etc, etc. The score consisted of three ominous chords repeated over and over again.

Good dramas make me smile because obviously they're so fascinating to see.

There is no story arc beyond what your assumption would be from that first fight.

All of those things alleviate whatever inherent boredom comes with the territory.

Every shot is a silhouette or closeup of boring dramatic angles that mean nothing other then to have dumb audiences go "Oooo, now that's a great camera angle.

A few years had past since the end of the war and people were happy just to be bored.

Complete waste of money.

Instead of admitting that maybe life is not going to turn out to be as glamorous as envisioned in some unspecified fantasy, April has the idea that she and Frank can break out of their perceived drab existence by moving to Paris.

It was much too dull, and much too drawn out.

Obviously mostly everyone here would disagree with me, cause you apparently love movies where nothing happens.

If you have been in an intense relationship with the highs and lows so accentuated that sanity walked to the grave, this movie will take you back there.

What a stunning score.

I understand the premise of the story and Winslet character's desperation to get out of her, so called boring life.

The movie title is also very intriguing with a flavor of sarcasm.


Hopefully, Kate and Leo will reunite in the near future to deliver the same gripping performances as this one.

A movie worth watching.

And Oscar nomination not withstanding, I felt the mentally challenged character was a little bit contrived.

Revolutionary Road (2008)**** (out of 4) A suburban couple (Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet) find their lives getting boring and their marriage falling apart so they think a trip to Paris will give their lives a new direction to keep them going.

It's like a ceremony of tragedy in our life, so empty, painful, and regretful.

I think the weak point of the movie is its length (119 minutes), I think 105 minutes would have been better because some moments the film is a little slow and boring.

However, the implicit explanation for the failure of this couple (and the corresponding kind of moral failure portrayed for each of the individual lives in this marriage) has no plausibility, and thus the film's accuracy in portraying the mutual misunderstanding and emotional confusion of Frank and April Wheeler as they face up to the realities of their lives is largely wasted.

OK, slow film with unbelievably fast sex, < 60sec to orgasm of both participants.

If your crazy enough to think this sounds appealing then this movie is for you, otherwise don't waste your time or give your money to this crap.

At a running time of 113-minutes, this film grows on you & the intense moments look as if they are going on near you.

Not to mention, she's a powerhouse screen presence and she's so tapped in emotionally to her part that it's riveting.

Kate Winslet is just breathtaking.

Perhaps the newer film could have used a little more of element of surprise to raise it into the master class, but it is an enjoyable, if forlorn, tale of anxiety at any rate.

After an intriguing first half hour the film seems to slip into a predictable pattern and by the end that pattern has worn out its welcome.

April's strained body language when her dreams of moving to Paris are shattered, the shots of the lifeless empty rooms with dull furniture and the brown and gray suits of Frank and his wearisome colleagues depict a pervasive "hopeless emptiness".

I would rate this as slightly above "The Hours" as one of the least entertaining Oscar nominated movies I've ever watched.

empty, it leaves me absolutely nothing at all to ponder with, a totally opposite reaction from Mendes' previous work, all which contain 10 times the charm, beauty, humor, and depth of this film.

Tom Perrotta and Richard Yates explored the emotional turmoil and desperate yearnings for something more substantial in the lives of bored suburbanites.

In the blink of an eye, the empty and uncaring suburbanite who has no compunctions about bedding the new pretty office worker suddenly is transformed into a caring, self-actualized mensch who will go along with his wife's bold plan to go where no other suburban couple has gone before.


If the writer(s) wanted to examine suburban living and come down on it as empty and shallow, they did a pretty crummy job.

Additionally, I found the musical score to be severely bland.

don't waste your money on this drivel.

And pretentious with it.

*Watching a movie* about two people stuck in the American suburbs in the 1950s and hating their lives and taking it out on each other is the most boring thing in the world.

I also see how some viewers might be bored by the limited scope and ticked at some of the personal actions taken.

Hahn is worth watching closely in key scenes where the Wheelers share some unconventional plans to regain their lost goals.

A movie that claims to be a merciless depiction of how ugly a relationship can get cannot rely on trite clichés like a woman accusing a man of not being a man, or an "Idiot savant" who explicitly tells it like it is with his acute insights and tongue-in-cheek blabber.

Hey, Hollywood, here's a question: If life is dull in the suburbs, why doesn't it occur to you that movies set in the suburbs will be dull, too?

They wound up all pea and no cock, and their poor drab hens paid the real price.

the plot and the story line in this movie was slow, depressing, and not worth the time or money.

(Curious Note: Actor Dylan Baker, who plays DiCaprio's cubicle inmate at work, strikingly resembles the model for the father subject in the infamous 1930s anti-Depression propaganda billboard, "World's Highest Standard of Living, There is No Way Like the American Way.

Her neighbors are boring!

DiCaprio portrays Frank Wheeler in a powerful yet laid-back manner, while Winslet as April Wheeler is simply stunning.

When it's fresh it is new, it is exciting and you wake up every morning just aching to spend another day with the person you love.

I enjoy a good drama now and then, like the excellent "Snow Angels," the potent "Grand Canyon" or the masterpiece "Dead Poets Society," but "Revolutionary Road" fails to achieve the greatness of those films, mainly because the characters and their story are fairly boring.

However, while they are preparing for it, unexpected turning points come from outside.

This film is actually a fascinating case study for screenwriters and directors, especially when you compare it to American Beauty.

A visually stunning, expertly acted, good-looking and well-made drama .

The scenes where he single-handedly exposes the domestic fairytale for the crock it is are riveting and darkly funny.

Yet with Mendes (like American Beauty), nothing is ever as it seems and we see how Frank and April's relationship becomes jaded, empty and hopeless.

Actually, beyond the couple's conflict, it's the clash of different values that was fascinating to me.

Mendes' direction also really sticks to the movie rather than being formulaic.

Prior to John's visit, the Wheelers have a massively intense quarrel over marital issues which are interrupted by the visitors.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The pace of this movie is so slow, I kept waiting for something interesting to happen.

Meanwhile, on the home front April is feeling the boredom of the daily routine intensely oppressive.

The Bored Office Worker and the Desperate Housewife...

Anyhow, this is the story of a couple who lives on the road of symbolic name 'Revolutionary Road' and tries to make a revolutionary change in life, but faces unexpected turning points.

Once the decision was made, things seemed to happen to them - in a very unexpected way.

With these two fantastic main actors, technical mastery, beautiful (almost excessively correct) visuals, intriguing score (yes, Thomas Newman) and the mentioned intensity, Mendes may not even know why he's done his best movie.

It was a boring, pointless 2 hour pain that I am surprised has gotten so many great reviews.

Inadvertently (Especially in his final scene) his character truly sums up the utter banality and pointlessness of the whole story, and how shallow and empty the characters are.

All of which makes this a movie well worth seeing, and DiCaprio and Winslet, seasoned and proved now, give intense, balls-out performances, as do several in the supporting cast, especially the edgy character actor Michael Shannon.

I felt that it might become slow and fade out.

Congratulations, you've hit the cliché trifecta.

Winslet and DiCaprio are terrific as the volatile couple, with the former seeking escape from her mundane existence while making life hell for the latter.

Secondly, Michael Shannon as John Givings, the mentally disturbed son of the real estate lady (Kathy Bates), is a fascinating character.

I highly recommend it as it flows nicely without boredom and the setting really takes you back in time.

Because the plot is so real, one can easily relate to it, making the film ever more engaging.

The parts with Kathy Bates' real estate character's son, the mentally disturbed man, were, in my opinion, confusing and did not fit into the movie at all.

It has been a long time since a movie made me laugh and cry and sit on the edge of my seat all in 2 hours.

Michael Shannon plays one of the most boring and typical insane character I have ever seen.

Perhaps Revolutionary Road is best summed up as the acting equivalent of a bland, plot less summer blockbuster with lots of special effects.

Its wonderfully made sure, but the subject material is so banal its almost impossible to sit through.

In the final scene, we witness Helen's husband Howard's method for coping with his wife's exorbitant self-indulgence: he simply turns down his hearing aid.

Worth watching for sure though.

Empty for sure and bordering on hopeless Revolutionary Road is pretty much an all-around failure.

For Frank, April's resentment towards him is unbearable, because he does not know what he did wrong.

I did sympathise more with Frank, the brief shot of him as one of the swarm of trilby hats emerging from Grand Central was very powerful, evocative of 'Koyaanisqatsi'.

The movie touched some really sensible points and is worth the watch especially for a couple.

Uh-oh, warning bells are going off already, for we all already know suburbia is the place where civilized people live, and civilized people don't like degenerate American mainstream society, so of course they are evil, mean, boring, "racist," conservative, Republican!

Bored and alienated by middle class suburbia and the quiet presumption imposed by neighbors caught in a similar bind, Frank and April decide they're going to sell the house and move their lives with their two children over to France.

First of all the movie has NO PLOT whatsoever.

Still this is a fascinating if depressing look at suburban life in the 1950s.

Dark and unsettling but fascinating .

Instead, it is a slow-moving and mostly powerful look at a marriage that is similar to other marriages portrayed in other films.

It's a very thought provoking movie and somewhere anyone would connect with himself/herself that sometimes boredom and drudgery of life make one person irrational, he/she wants to break free from the usual cycle.

Choppy and unevenly paced, it felt like two hours of mean behavior, below-average writing, and zero chemistry between two actors who felt bored with the film and each other.

An stunning performance of actors, playing characters devoured by strong feelings, inflamed hope, resentments and frustrations.

It's worth watching!

A scene of the corporate "clones" departing the 'burbs for their corporate jobs was sensationally filmed, stunning in is scope and set the tone for the "robotic" view of suburban life the author/director chose to hang their story on.

Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) works in the city, is unhappy with his job and bored with his life.

Rather it bored me silly and I couldn't wait for the credits to start rolling.

These and other questions raised by this film make it either a riveting watch or completely obtuse.

And of course, it is the frightening realisation that he is himself an "object" exploited in another's "desire", that leads to Bill retreating to fantasy; fantasy being the very banal reality that Frank and April live in.

Although initially hating the movie after I saw it, I came to realize that their performances were so convincing that I, an objective member of the audience, became so emotionally involved in the lives of the two fictional characters on screen before me that their pain became unbearable to endure.

They say playing crazy is easy, but I say that Kate Winslet's slow slimmer to the pit of despair would be impossible for the average good actress in Hollywood to portray these days.

Because his scenes are so refreshing in a film that is so densely wrapped up in conversation with itself, that relies on riding the coat tails of the intense emotion depicted by its characters.

But the film did do a good job of portraying suburban life as a false, materialistic, repetitive life.

"Revolutionary Road" is more relevant than ever, it speaks devastating truths about bored office workers and desperate housewives, and as someone who actually followed his wife to a 'Paris' scenario, let me tell you that it didn't work either, I'm still figuring out what I'm made for and life is still routinely.

So if the goal was to depict a boring couple life, at least, it's accurate.

An unexpected pregnancy, though, prevents them from going and so begins a slow, downward spiral that's painful but fascinating to watch.

Sam Mendes; the director, aces in executing such an eerie plot and its his brilliant perspective that makes it intriguing enough to invest in it.

When they met, they were idealistic youths, but when they arrive in the suburbs, he working in sales and she a housewife, life seems dreary.

Leo makes the viewer believe that Frank Wheeler should be destined for better things, than his mundane work-a-day life.

A whole lot of marginally interesting stuff is drawn waaaaayyyy out and even though we know they have kids, we never see them.

Sam Mendes, in an effective follow-up of sorts to American BEAUTY (I say follow-up because both films touch on the same subject matter), has created a film that is amazingly realistic and compelling, and examines life in Suburbia to the extent that most directors are afraid to go.

The worst movie .

I love Sam Mendes, I love the actors involved, I'm sure it's an alright book, but this, what a lifeless bore of a film.

The trailers for this looked intriguing, and while I know they can be deceptive, I went anyway, having been very impressed by Kate Winslett's performances in other movies (Hamlet, The Reader, Sense and Sensibility).

They are shallow uninteresting people who have delusions of how special they are or could be.

At times it feels like a propaganda film against the suburbs that Sam Mendes seems to have a distaste for.

Secondly, I felt that the film was much too drawn out, and often during scenes it felt repetitious.

And Di Caprio look like a boy not yet grown up, his acting is dull sometimes, and great in some scene.

This film depressed and bored the pants off me, the only thing remotely interesting or entertaining was Kate Winslet's curious American accent.

An engaging tale of real lives .

An alternative template is therefore a passionate outburst of love, but both seem to be doing it rather of boredom, if anything.

They chose to be dull.


Frank isn't the man that April fantasized that he was when he returned from WW II with visions of Paris, a dream she has that makes her better then her surroundings, but leaves her empty like the vacuum tubes in the new Electronic Computers Frank decides to sell instead of escaping with April and their family to Paris.

Without any real drama (or perhaps too much of it), I really left the theater asking myself "who cares?

Sam Mendes, as a stage director, may have miscalculated in seeing the screenplay as a series of intense scenes of dialogue and not perceiving how the movie-work surrounding these scenes of dialogue would undermine them.

April's unexpected pregnancy finally kills the plan.

Moreover, the movie is slow and gets you bored.

OK, slow film, unbelievably fast sex, < 60sec to orgasm .

It is so boring I was willing the time counter to move faster.

The 'Road' is more empty than the mythic society it creates and attempts to tear down.

The free-spirited Dawson would find his life now quite the bore as compared to his free-wheeling days of a drifter, now rooted to a nine to five job he doesn't believe in, and lives his life like a robot only to pay the bills.

When you see a movie as dull as this one, packed with A list stars, all you think of is a bucket of poo glazed with honey.

So John (Michael Shannon), the mentioned intellectual son of Helen, knows what means for his parents that the Wheelers are leaving the country and for both Frank and April he is the only one who understand them, who understand why they want to leave Revolutionary Road.

That's what makes the movie so compelling.

The better moments of the movie are the conversations and discussions between the 2 leadings, the scenes where Shannon appears are very good too, the supporting characters are entertaining.

Ironically it is April, once an aspiring actress, who wants a change from bringing up their two lovely children in their leafy suburb in Connecticut even though Frank is bored by his city job in machinery sales.

But then, books have a way of gripping our senses much more palpably than cinema at times.

Everything is going according to plan and their trip is only a few weeks away, until an unexpected 3rd pregnancy stalls them, and to mess things further, Frank is now being offered a job promotion and a raise, with the 3rd baby on the way, the offer is a hundred times more attractive.

Editing keeps a stunning pace.

If so, it was pointless as her being there.

It's a dull, boring movie in which very little of consequence ever happens.

But it makes for an empty movie.

This isn't a happy film by any stretch of the imagination but that doesn't matter, because it has a gripping story and features raw and powerful performances.

This goes on and on for two hours as the audience tries to stifle yawns.

Revolutionary Road is merely the ironical name of the deeply boring and non-revolutionary suburban street in which the Wheelers live.

The beginning of the movie was slow and I was hoping for more excitement which never came.

A reminder to those few people who are in relationships that they work hard to keep fresh and exciting and ALIVE to KEEP DOING IT!

Her epiphany that they should move to Paris eventually persuades him they are living a "hopeless" and "empty" suburban idyll.

This can be told by the unexpected ending for the movie.

'Revolutionary Road' is a film disillusioned, gloomy, dreary, weary because so truthful and current, the Fifties serve as a perfect disguise of contemporaneity.

It presents the superficiality of American Suburbia that covers up the empty, cold lives these people lead.

Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) and April (Kate Winslet) are in an unhappy mess of a marriage that seems to be going nowhere, with frequent quarrels and whimsically made decisions.

He could have a crazy man come to an Episcopal church to crucify a rebellious teenager for the sins of the father: namely, conformity to prepackaged standards and adherence to values that seem obviously pointless.

But the movie actually starts 7 or 8 years earlier when they catch each other's eye at a social mixer, and each immediately finds the other fascinating.

Not much has been said by critics in terms of story/character development, but in my opinion, this is one of the most engrossing films I have seen for the Awards season.

A boring man and a horrible woman don't achieve their pipe dreams, so they have loads of blazing rows.

The story for this was great; it started off a little slow though IMO.

While the blockbuster film showcases the blossoming romance between Dicaprio and Winslet, this film goes the opposite route, and does so by tackling the sad, but significant issues that can leave marriage, or perhaps a whole family clinging on the edge of divorcement.

Together here, they make for immensely compelling viewing.

If you appreciate fine acting,intense adult drama played out in harsh reality,RR is for you.

There are few unexpected twists to the script, a ponderous and over-present background score, and to make it worse, Leonardo di Caprio plays the male lead.

Along the way, both have meaningless affairs to relieve their boredom.

Life is "empty" and "desperate.

Frank is passive, and basically a lazy person; he "goes with the flow" in most of his life's dealings, including taking a boring job at the firm his dad worked at.

And the use of ex-marital activity by both was intriguing.

Like that first sexual encounter they revel in the brief fervour of the decision, and when that breaks down, foolishly and falsely in empty affairs.

On my part, Winslet was overly dramatic and boring.

Leo radiates a compelling charisma, as Frank Wheeler.

It is an interesting and intriguing story.

I won't say it was an entertaining experience, as the subject matter is not your typical feel-good fare, but it is a very compelling movie that I intend on watching from the beginning, and then over again, because it was so interesting.

But an unexpected pregnancy and a new promotion at work stifle their globe trotting plan, and the two spiral into despair.

It is not that one cannot imagine people who, feeling trapped in comfortable but uninteresting lives, get desperate about their situation.

When I entered yesterday to the movie theater to see this film I had in mind that this was one of the five films nominated for the best picture Oscar, you know the poster of Revolutionary Road is similar to the one of The Reader but anyway I recommend you this new Sam Mendes drama, certainly the performances of those who leaved behind Titanic are enough to say that this is a worth watching film.

Her performance as bored and depressed April Wheeler is fantastic on almost all accounts.

Breath-taking and emotionally gripping film .

There are some compelling, memorable, emotionally gripping scenes between DiCaprio and Winslet, which should interest acting students who wish to know what it means to be "in the moment".

Despite the numbing boredom of his job, he was knuckling down and getting on with raising his kids.

just imagine another boring titanic, then u will realize the simple story is actually so complicated that will drive you crying.

intense, raw, painful and brutally honest .

But after an unexpected event and other factors, will the dream plan go through?

And so when Frank and April decide to move to France, echoing the countless characters in Antonioni's filmography who run away, we know that the couple are merely pursuing an empty fantasy.

Its certainly not outstanding and could have benefited more from its two leads,but Revolutionary Road is still a very enjoyable film that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good drama or romantic film.

The tension is developed inside a big house that Roger Deakin's cinematography captures as an unbearable scenario.

The film explores how the life of this couple is empty inside, with no hope - it is an 'elegantly devastating' motion picture as one reviewer put it, Mendes really masters the art of beautiful film-making.

There is a self-pitying self-indulgence about these people that ignoring the kids does fit.

On top of this, the film is morbidly predictable, and cliché.

This contrast is unbelievable shocking and for the audience sometimes also ironic and, of course, fascinating.

FINAL VERDICT: Boring, it's mainly a movie about arguing.

Men: grow, find a great, but boring job, marry, have 1 kid, get promoted, have another kid, repeat.

It was just that the concept -- two people stuck in the American suburbs in the 1950s and hating their lives and taking it out on each other -- struck me as possibly the most boring thing in the world.

And so the Hollywood propaganda machine keeps spewing its filthy poison into the minds of anyone dumb enough or anyone brainwashed enough to feel "guilty" who will listen.

If only its script was quite as compelling as the performances and ravishing cinematography, then we might've had something worthwhile.

The film explores, from the very start, a broken relationship between the two brought on by banal life on the quiet Connecticut Revolutionary Road and both of them leaving behind the idealistic dreams of youth with DiCaprio's Frank Wheeler in an uninspiring sales job and Winslet's April Wheeler locked into the position of a housewife, briefly flirting with the world of theatre.

The Wheeler's revolutionary Paris road plans come to a dead end when Frank gets an unexpected promotion and the zenith of the Wheeler Marriage Civil War begins.


The Givings bring their son John (Shannon), who's been in a mental institution, and while the Paris idea shocks his parents, he congratulates Frank and April on their decision to escape from the boredom of middle-class America.

It is about a husband and wife who make an attempt at escaping there their "empty and hopeless" life.

The banality of suburban life is not a new topic in literature or film, and this film does a good job getting the surface details right in order to make its point rather clear.

Although I felt that DiCaprio was superb in his more intense scenes, other times when he was just playing a "normal guy" he was rather dull and almost corny.

The movie has no plot and proves nothing.

Based on a theatrical play, Revolutionary Road tells the story of the Wheelers, who start out as the loving, dreaming couple only to become a pair of disillusioned, lying and selfish people engaging in acts of unbelievable cruelty to each-other in this train-wreck of a wedding.

I went to see it and walked out after an hour.

DiCaprio is compelling and Winslet is magnificent.

This is probably the worst movie I have ever seen.


This left an engaging thought provoking watch, which from the Oscar nominations I have seen for best picture, the Oscars this year have been lacking in.

A waste of time and money .

It's good stuff, not exactly entertainment, but riveting nonetheless.

this was an extremely exciting decade from another perspective.

You feel so little for the uninteresting characters that it is just leaves one totally unmoved at the end.

This is such a fascinating movie about life's disappointments, punctuated with some humor by Kathy Bates as Mrs. Givings, a loquacious woman, whose son (Michael Shannon) has been institutionalized.

Problems with approach and aspects of writing are covered by strong performances to make a generally convincing and engaging drama .

thoughtful, intense, lucid, superbly acted .

All the period touches feel authentic with Roger Deakins' cinematography and Kristi Zea's production design contributing to an evocative feel that doesn't feel overly contrived.

The plot is compelling all the way, and it develops well throughout.

DiCaprio,my favorite,as usual gives a mind blowing performance...

Do yourself a favor and save your money on this movie.

It's such an intriguing performance and when he's on screen, you can't take your eyes of him.

Transformers 2 - simple storyline, entertaining back plot.

We as the audience might have left the theater with a lot of questions that we fear to answer.

Cobb played the empty, hopelessness characterized in Willy.

As what she and Frank had said to their lunatic neighbor, life became empty and hopeless to April.


Frank is a stormy individual caught in the casual lies most men from the professional classes in that era were bought into, and he frequently takes advantage of the enhanced isolation that is driving April nuts through engaging in abusive tirades.

Glass Half Empty .

For many, the American Dream is just a long, dull, pointless exercise on a treadmill while waiting for the inevitable.

Allowing the audience to become fully immersed in his psyche, letting us feel everything with him.

I would give this a 0 rating except for the fact that the costumes/background effectively evoked the era, and that they convinced two fine actors to waste their time with this mess.

The movie feels like it has been adapted from a stage play rather than Richard Yates' novel with bulleted delineated locations and intense dialogue.

Every frame is stunning to look at.

Director Mendes creates stunning moments that literally strike fear into the heart of the viewer.

Frank and April are terrible bores.

As a result, the dialogue in almost every scene is overtly thematic, on-the-nose and on the same subject: live your passion, escape your dull suburban life.

DiCaprio, on the other hand, in my opinion, over acted horridly, displaying anger, confusion, passion, all by shouting and glaring.

Frankly, the worst thing about Revolutionary Road is that it was completely boring.


The intense fighting between the wheelers is so raw and real, absolutely nothing is held back in those scenes, which is the way it should be.

We soon find out their marriage is teetering on the edge of a collapse as they are overwhelmed by the fact that they have each made the wrong choices in their lives.

the propaganda you've been pumping out for the last decades is coming to fruition, culminating with the sheeple's unquestioning adoration of tripe like "Revolutionary Road" and "Little Children", to name only two.

such a intriguing movie.

The plot is very engaging and above all, real.

And mad man John with his deep insight hurting words to set a cascade of unpredictable reactions to follow.

Instead of being simply entertaining, it achieves what not many films these days do.

It's slow to take off, it's filled with expletives and lines that sound way too scripted.

Here they play a couple on the opposite side of the love spectrum, two people growing sick of each other and their plain and boring lives.

Great acting, boring movie.

Also the dismal existence of the 9-5 commuters and company men lined up in their dreary cubicles.

Revolutionary Road is intense, raw, painful and brutally honest.

The characters are so real, like we watch our long relationship, so boring, full of angry and misery.

Pointless Road… .

This is one of the worst movies i ever watched.

Gripping drama of dysfunctional family life.

Well, after a half hour, i was wondering what this movie was about: babbles, nothing happens.

American director Sam Mendes' fourth feature film, an adaptation of a novel from 1961 written by novelist Richard Yates, is first and foremost an excursion in acting with riveting performances by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

The dialogue sometimes is too predictable, with flatness both in words and delivery.

It is a shame that this story ends badly as if they, and no one, can ever win the battle to escape the 'burbs, the job, the predictable and inauthentic business life.

Also, there are no exploding cars, no chases, and the only violence is psychological, though that is as intense as it gets.

It was so much duller then and so were the people.