Richard Jewell (2019) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the press who falsely reported that he was a terrorist.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Clint Eastwood
Stars: Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell
Length: 131 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 36 out of 432 found boring (8.33%)

One-line Reviews (145)

The movies pacing is very slow and the movie really could of been alittle shorter there is a lot of scenes they could of cut out of this movie to make it shorter.

Rockwell gives yet another robust and stunning performance as Jewell's friend and attorney.

With financiers having vested interest in how a piece of particular news should be presented, the truth is somehow lost in the rabble-rousing.

Very Serious Subject That All Should See, But Immensely Entertaining As Well .

Wilde, Hamm and Bates have great roles so bring to life engaging characters.

Riveting .

Sam Rockwell as Jewell's attorney was enjoyable too.

Entertaining and informative movie on how the media and law enforcement can conspire to create false narratives, trampling on the rights of the common man.

LIKES:Decent Pace Strong Acting A Nice Blend Of Facts and Drama, mostly Great Writing and Monologues Hits From Multiple Aspects Emotional Cinematography A True Show Of FriendshipDISLIKES:A Little Slow At Parts Some Rather Blanche Tales Overdramatic At Parts Not Quite as Dramatic Or Epic Clue HuntingThe VERDICT:Eastwood knows how to direct a drama and I was very happy to find that I did not leave out here depressed as I have seen in the past.

As for Scruggs, when the brouhaha first started up about this portrayal, before it got really intense, I did a lot of searching on this person, her life and her death, and I found sources that were people who worked with her at the newspaper.

The movie was very bland and mediocre.

The fact is this is a compelling true to life story.

The direction is taut, crisp, and engaging and the story unfolds with wonder and precision.

That would seem like the basis for a reasonably compelling story.

I've seen some criticisms in other reviews that the movie is propaganda or bias.

Gripping story with excellent acting by all the cast Mr Eastwood has once again shown what a great film maker he really is bravo loved it .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has great performances, tense moments and an intriguing true to life story.

Riveting .

It's a well told story, written in a very engaging way, with some very thought provoking points.

The boring non subplot about the lawyer and his secretary was boring and irrelevant; the journalist's arc was half-assed and fell flat; the FBI came across as bumbling fools (maybe they actually were though).

Seeing her stressful breakdowns as she watches her son's reputation dragged through the mud is quite heart-wrenching.

I have experience dealing with the Feds and found this movie incredibly compelling.

A bag, a big mouth detective and a ruthless journalist woman, sets the fascinating part of the story

The beautiful cinematography, engaging sound design and expert editing all highlight an incredible cast as they perfectly embody characters who we instantly know and feel strongly about.

It's very tight, entertaining, and suspenseful.

Compelling .

Overacted/Boring .

I think because Eastwood tends to be slow and process focused rather than using detachment to drive introspection, I often think his films are a little longer than they need to be, spending time on scenes and facts that, in my opinion, could be removed from the movie all together.

A very compelling film about Richard's journey

This is the film that former editors at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tried very hard to prevent the public from seeing, even threatening lawsuits and engaging in a public campaign to vilify the film just weeks before its worldwide premier.

An engaging movie .

Dull and overrated .

A riveting movie, well worth seeing.

Its shocking and riveting.

All in all, very slow and boring.

Starts off rather mundane.

I'm happy to say that Richard Jewell was actually really entertaining and has a very well acted performance by Paul Walter Hauser.

It's a good true story of how the FBI and media got it wrong detailing the witch-hunt, their commitment to the lie, the impact on Jewell and his family and the quest to prove his innocence, but the slow pace and undemanding presentation meant none of the film really grabbed or shocked me.

A story-less movie, even if well directed and well acted as this one, will only turnout a bland movie.

Traditionally, in Malaysia, the Fourth Estate has been functioning more like a Fourth Branch of the Government, working well as a propaganda machine of the ruling Government.

Anyone with a half a brain can spot this well-acted but flawed storytelling film for what it's trying to be, propaganda.

While it is a true Story and the Outcome more or less familiar, it is still exciting.

The portrayal of the actual bombing was realistic yet suspenseful; it didn't overplay Jewell's role or make him some kind of superhero.

The people to the left of me were on the edge of their seats, leaning forward engrossed in the very tense scenes.

Mr. Eastwood serves his right-wing propaganda piping hot, with broad strokes of black and white and very little grey tonality in-between.

As he himself said in an interview, he did not like shooting many takes, because it made people waste time, if it went right the first time so why continue.

However, it is generally rather enjoyable and is consistently well-conceived.

Thank God for Clint Eastwood and directors like him, who bring to us movies with depth, with meaning, entertaining, where we get right into it.

The storytelling is predictable and one dimensional.

His style is often a bit more detached from the subject for my liking, which is saying a lot for a reviewer like me who enjoys his slow Bergman, Bresson, and Tarkovsky films.

It's rare to see a good entertaining biography movie...

confused by empty tbeatre .

With a slow direction.

I was surprised to see it rank significantly lower than "Knives Out"; a film that while occasionally entertaining, I frankly thought was somewhat shallow and vacuous.

Obviously the FBI and the Media are the bad guys-maybe the Carter Page movie 20 years from now will be just as gripping.

Boring .

The core events of "Richard Jewell" are arguably less dramatic than those of "Sully", if unquestionably more tragic, and thus seemingly harder to mold into a compelling film.

Paul Walter Hauser was stunning in all phases of the entire film.

It is intense and really interesting to the point of being powerful.

He is a very skilled narrator whose films are usually entertaining, engaging and emotional.

Intense film with some great performances, go see it!

That said, Mr. Eastwood has made an absorbing and effective piece of filmmaking with excellent production values and he keeps the action moving at a brisk pace.

Gripping and emotional, it's truly an under the radar masterpiece crafted by Clint Eastwood.

) Eastwood deserves a lot of credit for coming such a long way from the 2012 empty chair episode.

Scruggs turned the Centennial Park bombing into pulp fiction, confusing it with true crime, her predominating writing style, which came from years of being a veteran on the police beat.

But if you add that the rest of the facts presented are all tinted of the same bias (even if those aren't lies per se), presented with embarrassing sentimentalism trying to force a perspective of every single act, clear overacting in the same direction (Wilde and Hamm), several boring segments (mostly in the first act) and the insufferable Kathy Bates, we have a super flawed movie.

On another note, the performances are excellent, the story line is gripping and well-developed, and there is an overall authenticity about the movie that is extremely satisfying.

It's engrossing, riveting and tense.

It's also kind of sad because the main character is mentally slow and it seemed like he was having trouble managing during that stressful timeOn an unrelated note, did anyone see a guy wearing what looked like an Apple Watch at around minutes 18-20?

In the end, it's a relatively unique yet simultaneously mundane look at a compelling 'true story'.

Storyline is very good , the dialog is enjoyable.

A compelling, engaging portrayal.

Of all of them, his latest, RJ, is the one I have found the most engaging and emotionally investing, although maybe for personal reasons.

Excellent telling of a riveting, modern tragedy by Clint Eastwood.

Entire film quite slow and long!

Outside of the moments from the bombing attack, Richard Jewell is mostly a drawing room drama filmed in banal, lugubrious settings with the occasional flock of abrasive reporters.

Compelling story, great performances and skilled movie craft make this a movie worth watching.

If this was scrabble I'd add another 'b' word, 'boring'.

Boring .

The flashback of the bombing scene at the Olympics Park, also make the film unwatchable!

Simply a good, enjoyable, warmhearted film about narrow minded misconceptions from the police force and the media.

Clint does a good job of letting the story unfold in its ordinariness, yet compelling outcome.

They prolong the confusion, build up anxiety and leave with a load of money, giving the impression of saving the day.

A slow thought provoking biography of a character you can't grow to like.

Kathy Bates delivers a fantastically devastating performance as Richard's mother; Bobbi, perfectly showcasing the confusion and fear that someone put into her situation would feel.

This film is captivating and gripping from the first scenes already, and it manages to keep you hooked and rooting for the good guys from the moment of the incident.

Overall, even though this subject basis has already been covered, Eastwood still manages to provide an entertaining film thanks mainly due to the excellent performances of its actors.

Really strong film with a good telling of a fascinating if infuriating story, and the performances take it home.

The film does have a slow direction by Clint Eastwood.

Its very intense, frustrating and the main character is very like able and believable.

Casting, dialog, screenplay, and acting (bravo to Paul Hauser, Sam Rockwell, and Kathy Bates) combined to create a very entertaining, powerful, and nuanced story-telling, while at the same time recounting a sobering example of a self-serving, blatant abuse of power carelessly wielded by a handful of ego-driven governmental and media employees.

Very slow and all story, a very good drama if this is your thing.

Too long, slow, and bored!

Unlike many critics and the Academy I'm not a fan of Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby or The Unforgiven all of which to my mind are overrated, but I'm on board with Clint's latest, Richard Jewell, an absorbing, moving, entertaining and thought-provoking film executed without flaw and featuring sterling performances by a superbly chosen cast.

There's nothing overtly bad about Eastwood's effort, an effort than in many ways show's more refinement than The Mule and also marks a major step up in quality over the dire The 15:17 to Paris but there's just the feeling of acceptance for the middle ground as Jewell's intriguing story plays out before our eyes.

I'm not sure if this is just the writing of the character or the over the top way she chose to perform it, but, in a movie that is all about not assuming things about Richard Jewell simply because he fits a profile, this film relies on cliche' and over the top straw-person tactics to take down a 'biased news woman' who'll do, screw, or say anything to get a front page story.

Terribly boring .

It made for a very confusing watch.

Entertaining .

Only Richard Jewell's performance is true to life and fascinating though, the other characters are cardboard and flat and are only there to propel this story forward.

Fantastic film with acting and great use of cinema skills, the movie will certainly be engaging to those that like biographical dramas.

While portions of the film were generally uninteresting, there were a couple of scenes I thought were really well put together and executed.

His psychological and mental toll from the media circus is riveting stuff.

Regardless, the film does the magical entertaining trick of making audiences move to the edge of their chairs even knowing he will be released from suspicion.

Richard Jewell is a compelling movie which asks about the government and media.

Gripping, 1 Reporter and an overzealous G-man .

The movie turned uncomfortable pretty quickly as I could not tell whether this was a comedy, a drama, a story about a dead beat wanna be cop who tries so hard to fit in that you kinda don't wanna see him and truly, during that moment when the other cop was opening the bomb backpack, I was telling myselfIf it's beer, walk outI was done at that point with the movie - boring as hell and dragging on with pointless shots.

This is a gripping, well-written tale.

This story is very engaging.

He was terrific and gave me a real sense of a man who really tried hard to follow the rule of law and be someone people could count on to protect them.

-6.8Act 2 - 6.7Act 3 - 7.3 Gives in depth look at a tragic real life event and the media circus that followsFilm shows how Richard saved lives and was seen as a hero until the narrative flipped making him out to be the bomberShows the power the media has for better or worse, for worse in this situationRichard's life was made public and was demonized for moths because of the FBI investigation being made publicGood performances all aroundRockwell is good as the lawyerBates has a few really good scenes as Richards MotherWalter Hauser gives a good performance as Richard as wellWish film touched a little more on how many people were hurt from the bombing but does show that it would have been much worse without RichardNo score in most of the film really takes away from some emotional scenes that could have been betterFilm is competently directed but nothing impressiveWould recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about this event at the 96 Olympics in AtlantaWatson Bryant and Richard calls him Radar are friends at old job 10 years before96 Richard is campus police at a college in AtlantaProblems at school with Richard and got let go from the sheriffs department, too serious about job and gets let go there tooEveryone getting ready for the olympics and Richard gets a job as security for the events watching video equipmentTom Shaw, FBI and Kathy Scruggs journalist working olympicsRichard sick night of bombing and finds the backpackRichard dealing with drunk kids and tells cops to follow protocol to keep people safe from a suspicious bag left by a bench near the concertPeople call in to police telling them there is a bomb in the parkBag turns out to be a bomb and Richard was rightRichard pushes everyone to follow protocol and saved lives because he caredRichard gets everyone out of the media towerPipe bomb went off while evacuations started, people were injuredPeople want to talk to Richard for finding the bomb, calling him a heroReal footage of Richard on TV and just dubbed his voiceAll injured cops are going to make a full recoveryFBI looking at Richard as a suspect as old dean of the school suspects him the guy who fired himFalse hero narrativeFBI made his cop friend wear a wire to get intel on himKathy the journalist seduces the info out of the FBI agent JohnKathy goes with this as the narrative instantly without corroboration and real evidence, just a men's and nasty narrative and pushes to publish the story with more liesThe mainstream media runs with this narrative after she publishes and John knows he messed up telling KathyRichard walks outside to a media frenzy that he doesn't know he is the suspect yetMother turns on the news and sees what they are now saying about her son, turned him from hero to villainDoesn't talk about the casualties and deathsFBI tried to trick Richard Jewell and he wants to contact his attorney, on to what they are doing, Watson Bryant is his attorneyFBI tries to freeze out Bryant but gets through to Richard and tells him not to say anythingMedia frenzy outside of Richards homeMedia is saying that Richard is dead to rights and close to being arrested, driving a false narrative and ruining a mans lifeNo score driving the film, feels bland in tone most of the time, no real extremesBryant knows the man Richard is and believes himBryant says world spotlight has ruined this case and making a man guilty before they have proofBryant starts his own investigation into logistics of Richard doing it and realize his is innocent for sureRichard has a ton of guns and hasn't paid his taxes in a few yearsFBI investigates and runs through the houseWhen Bryant is outside Richard gets talked into saying what the phone call was about the bomb and Bryant interrupts after the days the line a few timesRichard seems to be having some sort of heart problems as he reaches for his chest a few timesBryant wants Richard to get angry about everything and Richard knows people don't respect him and make fun of himRichard used of being treated like a second class citizen in a good sceneThey bugged Richards houseFBI realizes he couldn't have placed the call and assumes it is one of his friends who did it will RichardMom crying in bathroom is a good scene, best scene in the film, adds score and shows how scared he is for her son, Kathy did a great job along with Paul in this sceneRichard passes a lie detector testRichard and Bryant show up to the newspaper who resorted the story and demand a retraction, good scene with the reporter being reamed by Bryant and she realizes she was wrong about Richard too when she walks out the call to the bombMom talking at a press conference was good and talks about how the media has ruined their lives and made him guilty, calls for President to help Richard, another great scene from BatesReporter Kathy knows she messed upRichard gives a good speech in his interrogation about future people being scared and situations like this that could happen in the future88 days after investigation began the FBI officially let Richard know he is not a suspect, Richard wonGreat emotion on Richards face knowing he is free, let's go of everything and cries, good scene6 years later we see Richard working at a police station, a real cop and Bryant comes in and tells him they found the real bomber

The pacing is really good as it's consistently engaging throughout.

Overall: This was a wonderfully entertaining film and brought to life a story I read about some twenty-three years ago.

Fascinating and accurate portrayal of media trading access above truth .

Good movie, some liberties were taken with the facts, some characters created, some dialog fabricated, but overall the Clint Eastwood movie tells a very compelling true story.

This dynamic makes the middle and end of this story more entertaining than one night otherwise expect.

Clint Eastwood does it again utterly engrossing from the first minute and fantastically performed by all throughout my favourite film of 2020 so far and it will go a long way to beat it for now.

The film gets intense around the time he is working at Centennial Park, before the event, and continues throughout the film.

Clint Eastwood, in his always laconic and effective style simply presents the reality and the result is a stunning film.

I was totally immersed in his role.

Eastwood Keeps Bringing Us Compelling Stories of Real People .

An intriguing and frustrating film that will burn in your memory.

Hauser is so good at enlisting our affection despite the good-ol' boy cliché that he should be nominated.

The plot is handled with intensity, and thrilling scenes are to remain in my memory.

10 for acting, zero for propaganda-filled script .

The plot was dull and the characters were one dimensional.

Hauser was compelling, not a single misstep.

With all the junk out there these days finally found a good movie worth watching not confusing and very easy to watch .

Where the thing falters slightly is in its story, which feels somewhat slow and doesn't really escalate once it is fully underway.

Well worth watching.

The pace was right for the scenes, but a bit slow in a few areas.

Great movie-very intense and realistic.

And does get a little boring.

The facts of the story are there but in too many scenes the context felt contrived to fit the directors political statement, and the story depth / focus narrower than it should have been.

Wilde was all over the place and enjoyable as Scruggs, who clearly had only one thing on her mind, fame.

It's far too long, though - and at times it sags in the middle - it is virtually impossible to sustain the level of intense dialogue.

An omniscient point of view is boring.

However, as many trail movies, it's slow and a little bit boring.

There's also a brief dream sequence where Jewell has a flashback to the bombing incident, and it was pretty cheesy and overall pointless, and the ending I had mixed feelings on too.

Very enjoyable film and I recommend it.

Long and boring movie.

Enthralling, Gripping, Brilliantly Paced, Inspired Performances, and Casting Perfection .

Entertaining Bio .

Engaging Throughout .

Sam Rockwell is always worth watching.