Righteous Kill (2008) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Two veteran New York City detectives work on a case of serial executions of criminals who escaped justice.

Director: Jon Avnet
Stars: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 83 out of 263 found boring (31.55%)

One-line Reviews (240)

Please, unless you enjoy boring, uninteresting films, do not waste you time and money watching this movie.

A real shame and a real missed opportunity – hopefully the nest film that combines these two is more of a Heat quality than this drab product.

Worth a look and intriguing to be sure,and while the whole film is a disappointment,the ride through was actually somewhat better than I had expected.

Any hope of a tense suspenseful cop thriller are thrown out the door early on as the director Avnet gives away the plot, with flash forwards, to some video diaries that are obviously being viewed after the case has been solved.

The twist was way too predictable (I had it solved half an hour in, and I'm usually unable to figure out twists way ahead of time) and the script wasn't very impressive.

I cannot believe the studio would waste their time and money releasing this dribble.

The New York police force, by the way, seems to only consist of four other people - smokin' Carla Gugino, snappy John Leguizamo, languid Donnie Wahlberg and unintentionally funny Brian Dennehy.

If they wanted to do another film, they should have come up with a script for Heat 2 instead of this predictable trash with a very bad twist at the end.

It was with great sadness that I saw this two cinema monsters, this two legends, dragging themselves scene after scene around the screen, lame and pointless.

The aged cops made everything really boring in this one - even the chase eventually lasted a second or two without any theatrics.

Pacino delivering his usual stunning performance.

Director Jon Avnet's handling of his material is clumsy and the action seems slow-moving and difficult to follow.

I'd have been more than happy if Pacino ended his cop career with Insomnia, a great film.

I'm not sure what movie most of these people are talking about when they put down Righteous Kill, because I thought it was a great movie with great acting, and I enjoyed it so much that I will be watching it again here really soon.

Having criticised the script and movie for being a tat cliché, it must be noted that it is still a workman-like thriller.

It dragged a little for the most part.

Hollywood heavyweights Al Pacino and Robert De Niro weigh in with an entertaining performance in a vigilante cop serial-killer escapade.

No, but given the flaws and the overexposure of the theme the 'old guys' carry it off and provide a riveting, fast paced film worth the attention of more viewers.

I yawn so much that if I had a dollar for every time I did during the movie, I would be able to buy my own Crown Vic...

This was a "coming of age" week for many of us it seems.

It challenges the audience to stay awake.

Not a great movie, but fairly entertaining for Gugino, De Niro and Pacino.

Empty movie, empty acting.

Wahlberg is simply bland, whereas 5 Cents delivers his lines with the same apathetic monotone voice with which he raps in his dreary, moronic MTV-hyped hits.

An adrenaline fueled psychological thriller directed by Jon Avnet (Red Corner, Fried Green Tomatoes) and written by Russell Gewirtz (Inside Man) with lots of action, suspense and drama.

This is an entertaining crime-police film which held my attention for its entire runtime of approximately 90 minutes.

Overall, this is a good cop flick that even skeptics of the genre can enjoy due to the terrific acting & engaging storyline.

Righteous Kill is utterly pointless, and as a result, it's pretty dull, too.

With themes on crime and murder tinged with moral ambiguity that questions the judicial system itself, there's also a lot here to satisfy the mind, making for an entertaining, engaging and mostly enjoyable affair with some familiar faces and their associated talents.

There's far worse movies that are much more enjoyable Pacino and De Niro's talent was squandered on this load of tripe.

Good movie with an intriguing story that kept me invested.

The intended "false lead" meant to deliberately confuse the audience is so transparent, that everybody can guess from the first fifteen minutes the so-called "theater coup" in the end - and so, while waiting for it, friends and neighbors, what a bore!

Yet the aforementioned successful portions only create a harsh contrast against the doldrums that are the movies lulls.

While this may not be one of my favorite performances by De Niro and Pacino, it is still worth the watch.

Still, there is a lot to like about the performances of the two great male leads and the twist was more interesting than contrived.

What a waste of time!!.

Two greats - well, De Niro has been great several times, cant say I remember a truly great movie with Al Pacino - together in the one thriller and it would seem impossible to doze off.

For fans of the crime -police genre this should be an enjoyable film.

The plot was vague and predictable.

Overall an enjoyable film.

a little disappointing, yet an enjoyable movie .

Let me spare you the pain: the script is a complete cop "old timer" cliché.

In one intense scene, Pacino tells Wahlberg and Leguizamo when discussing a case he worked on, " Whatever you do, don't bring up the Randall case.

Doesn't have enough punch or edge to be the gritty police thriller that it wants to be, but their are some suspenseful twists along the way, not to mention the sheer joy of seeing screen legends De Niro and Pacino reunited once again.

However when talking about the other acting its just bland cause you know why.

This thriller throws in an old trick, among other cliché'd ones, making you really believe early in the piece, Deniro's really the guy, in a lot of consistent flashback interviews where he's venting and describing the atrocities and unsavory acts of these dead executed scumbags.

Sounded like a double testosterone shot, sure-fire hit to me and the trailer was exciting.

Highly contrived (and often unlikely) vehicles for Big Names, who want to make another movie, and may have convinced a studio exec that they can fill a few seats in movie houses.

A boring waste of time .

very predictable.

Credit the chemistry between the two screen legends and the compelling storyline with making this feel less like a waste,even if its not going to be in any of the cast's body of work highlight reel.

I really found this film though, such an entertaining one, although it's not gonna remembered in these acting legends filmographies.

It just dragged on.

The twist at the end is also quite cool and in a way very unexpected.

There is just way too many predictable and stereotypical aspects to this movie.

Very intriguing.

Al Pachino was brilliant and very entertaining.

DeNiro's face is fascinating to look at (because there's something clearly dangerous right under the surface.

The story was exciting with a lot of twists and turns in it.

The story is very mediocre compared to some of these terrific actors who looked so bored throughout the move.

And it's their camaraderie, their back and forth playful banter, that makes the film worth watching.

If you're in the neighborhood for a compelling and suspenseful thriller, you might want to think twice.

The script is weak, and confusing.

Lame, boring, pointless .

Worst movie of the year.

Instead though it lets us sit back and observe things, which was an approach I found quite dull and not helped by the lack of complexity in the plotting or characters.

After you suffer through it for about an hour an a half, you are hit in the head with the "twist", the unexpected.. what?

Overall,this movie is waste of time,bad story lines,bad acting,you do not feel like it is a good cop-thriller movie.

But seeing those two on screen together was not only nostalgic, it was entertaining.

50 Cent's character was just plain pointless and could have been played by anyone, so why did he get third billing in the film?

Very intense.

Hard to stay awake thru this one...

Cliché, cliché, cliché best describes this embarrassment.

The two storied actors have great chemistry and carry the film through its dull moments.

The script, in a way, is much better than I might have thought, and the actors- stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, in a film technically for the third time and for the first time technically in the frame for more than a few seconds (a pressure obviously from those who whined about their bit at the diner in Heat) as well as the likes of Brian Denehey and Carla Gugino- do their best to make it an entertaining ride.

They completely drew you in and the plot was good, completely unpredictable and suspenseful.

This morning I watched a 1947 western titled "Cheyenne" in which the stagecoach robber (aka The Poet) also leaves a poem at the scene of the crime, in this case, inside the empty strong box.

Great actors, predictable storyline .

So obviously this is not a perfect movie, but it's highly entertaining, and better than most recent releases.

quite predictable, a DVD thriller if it weren't for De Niro and Al Pacino .

Right when one gets really bored of the evident storyline BOOM!

They thought the cop flick was arresting in its pretentious ways to fabricate itself as a cerebral crime drama.

Last night I watched "Righteous Kill" and managed to fall asleep midway even with DeNiro and Pacino which just about sums up what this viewer thinks about this movie.

This movie was completely boring because it lacked of dynamism.

There was a lot of pointless info that is completely irrelevant to the development of the plot that took up a solid 20 minutes to half hour of screen time.

This movie is as dull as a butter knife, as bland as spice-free food, and as empty as a dried-up well.

However, it's carried off fairly lazily with supporting characters that range from the annoyingly smug (Carla Gugino as De Niro's unlikely girlfriend springs to mind) to the plain two-dimensional (Donnie Wahlberg's dull Ted Riley character).

This movie is a very contrived vehicle for Robert De Niro and Al Pacino with almost nothing to recommend it that I could discern.

Simple enough, but it became kind of a cliché, to me, anyway.

Started off slow then picked up the pace towards the end .

And they obviously had fun making the movie, which is apparent by their dialogue and how they deliver it (although sometimes I couldn't follow their in-jokes, it still was entertaining to watch).

It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

And the story is set on the East Coast instead of oh-so boring La-La Land.

Younger actors Carla Gugino and 50 Cent try to add more trendy modern factor to the proceedings, but are as wasted and boring as everything else.

This is a pretty straightforward serial-killer thriller with predictable twist and turns.

Of course there are other facts, that might add to that (simple plot, pretty predictable, an ending that's absolutely too long for it's own good) feeling.

I honestly was fighting to stay awake towards the end.

DeNiro in particular looks tired and bored throughout.

Co-starring for the third and probably final time in their movie careers, Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro starred in this hackneyed, confusing, third-rate thriller that is utterly unworthy of their talents.

Cheesy lines, clichés, boring direction that would be more well suited for a made for TV movie, and the abundance of slow motion brings the word "arrrrgh!

I was really excited to watch this movie,the story sounded so original and thrilling,and with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the leads I thought it was definitely going to be great,and while it was certainly not awful,it was very disappointing.

"Righteous" Waste of Time & Talent.

Contrived and Clichéd .

Righteously entertaining .

This is not as good as Heat, the first movie they did together, but it is entertaining.

I just finished watching it and I felt wholeheartedly that it was powerful, engaging, and very entertaining.

The twist at the ending could have had more impact with a better script (the work of Russell Gewirtz), but the interplay between De Niro and Pacino makes the entire film and ending well worth watching.

The shooting targets was so cliché.

The story line was hard to follow for the first 30 minutes and made viewing more of a chore, sat there with a frown trying to work out what the hell was going on.

Overall it was entertaining, even more so to see these two performers together.

The script is tedious with three funny bits saved for the two other cops (who are the best actors by far).

Idea is unoriginal, twist is predictable, there is no tension.

The script is predictable.

Enjoyable Film .

The film takes the form of a confession (filmed in black and white),and the plot is often hard to catch up with,being muddled and confused -the unexpected final twist,now De Rigueur ,is hard to swallow.

The story moved at a good pace and everything unfolded properly without any glaring plot holes but it was very, very predictable.

Both these of a film have turned out boring and not interesting.

Well, there's nothing personal but Avnet is overrated: I knew him as a poor producer (see "Captain Sky"), now he adds also boring commentator (I slept hearing his gasping voice) and a uninspired director.

The same story and plot were in many films before and the boredom could only be avoided by some good one liners especially by Pacino plus one or two action scenes.

Sigh…………… I just find such sexist tripe so tedious these days.

very few entertaining scenes, i can't simply not recommend this movie.

Their relationship is somewhat empty.

All in all a really enjoyable film that touches on a good message of "Is it right to kill those who have hurt or killed others?

The only thing worth watching are some scenes where AL and BOB sit and just talk!

The trite plot "twists" (telegraphed so that you guess them 45 minutes before they occur), the tired dialog, and the two-dimensional characterizations make this a disjointed, sad little trifle of a movie.

Unfortunately, other than their more than 70% screen time together in the film, the movie itself is possibly the most predictable murder investigation ever, a case Matlock couldn't even finish his hot dog while solving.

I found the story very boring and dull and expect one cathartic moment nothing really to be remembered.

A clever story with an unexpected twist, generally well acted and well worth watching.

Actually, since the very beginning of the film I realize it was a complete waste of time and money, of course, because I bought it.

But 'Heat' was a brilliant film, and this is but a piece of lazy self indulgent nonsense.

This movie has predictable, poorly filmed action.

Entertaining crime film .

Then debate with yourself over which one had you on the edge of your seat more.

Mostly enjoyable affair with some familiar faces and their associated talents.

This was slow, boring, with a week script and a poor story.

What a complete waste of time and money.

It's predictable and slightly cliché no matter how good the leads are in their roles.

That said, if any other actors played those two roles, this could quite possibly be the worst movie of all time.

Pacino is not the actor of that "Scent of a woman", or even "Insomnia" or "Devil's Advogate"...

It's really just a case of staying awake long enough to establish which one of our tough guy, anti-heroes it is.

A routine and predictable thriller starring two legendary actors who deserved better.

It's just staggering two (older) actors of this calibre would be given a script as predictable, boring, uninvolving, uninspired and poorly written as this.

What I liked most about the film, however, was the casting of DeNiro in a role Pacino would normally play (the hotheaded cop who just can't seem to keep his mouth shut or stop cursing), and Pacino in a role DeNiro would normally play (the reserved, yet silently intense friend).

The movie just dragged on for so long it did not feel like an hour and 40 minute movie.

The pace is slow and fails to engage the viewer.

I found this movie to be entertaining, the story is good, the direction is good, it's fast paced, and moves along with the lives of our characters.

I found it totally boring and the diction was so bad they should have had English sub-titles.

Here's a film that really surprised me, something that was more engagingly entertaining as it went along, though a slight bit messy.

Directed by Jon Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes, Red Corner, The War) made an enjoyable suspense thriller with an refreshing sense of humour.

And the story was predictable.

The final twist, which reverses something the viewer learned- or thinks he has learned- in the opening scene, is, as such things go, relatively original and not too complex to understand, but like many such twists seems clumsy and contrived, something provided more to show off the cleverness and ingenuity of the scriptwriter than to increase the enjoyment of the audience.

A movie this boring should not be released.

Solid Cop Drama With Compelling Ending .

if you're looking to sit down to an action thriller, or see something exciting with buddies,....

I don't want to give too much away, but one of my friends leaned over and called the ending within 15 min, the movie is that bad and predictable.

No doubt it s good to see two veteran actors, Robert De Nero and Al Pacino together in this cop crime, drama and thriller, which does have a rather unexpected twist.

Both leads look extremely bored and tired, as in "tired of acting in this flick".

Pacino overacts again and does his range of "I'm about to fall asleep" to "oooh, I'm really crazy watch out" acting that has turned me off for a decade now.

I had trouble staying awake through it.

Quick lesson in film-making for the creators of this movie, to keep an audience intrigued you have to give them an exciting story to watch as it unfolds on screen.

Instead of following rather predictable plot, I kept looking at the actors who have given us so many moments of joy and thinking to myself, no, it is not Serpico, nor ...

Self Indulgent Old People .

Nice story telling, though the twist was quite predictable for regular movie watchers.

Flaccid, predictable, shallow, boring .

I found the whole thing cliché and trying too hard.

And the problem with this film my friends is a very weak, predictable script.

De Niro's acting, in particular, is very banal and unrealistic.

The story does get a bit boring at times but never the less it is a good concept but, again, it is a bit slow in picking up the pace and to do justice to the movie.

The rest was an uninteresting thriller with ugly ghosts of great actors.

DeNiro is equal to the task as he has some very intense scenes as well, mostly with Pacino.

It is not awful though, just really bland, obvious and very much a generic cop thriller the likes of which you could probably pull off cable TV most night, just without the star names.

), he delivers a dull thriller.

Definitely 2 thumbs down for this clichéd, hackneyed, tedious B flick.

It contains every cop movie cliché in the book, lots of 'manly' dialogue and ends with our two cop buddies spouting deathbed philosophy.

" They are a pointless plot contrivance, which is annoying, particularly when no-one seems inclined to do any significant forensic analysis on them.

Slow pace?

In this all-over failure, they are outright unbearable!

Forty minutes into this one and apart from the feeling that I'd already seen the movie several times before, the tedious dialogue and boring clichés had me nodding into my popcorn.

Snip this R-rated yawner down to a TV-14 (the way I saw it) and the viewer gets to sit through 88 minutes of incomprehensible incoherence.

Completely Enjoyable .

)RK is an entertaining movie.

Another quick presumption that could be made when looking at a Pacino/De Niro pairing is that the script may have came after the casting, thus leading to an obviously contrived and overly aware tone throughout as to who these guys are.

Why ruin a chance at making a masterpiece with a predictable plot, poor directing, average acting (the lead two had nothing to work with) and a repetitive score that fails to grasp tension?

The truly vivid, memorable imaginings of someone really creative who wants to construct an entertaining fantasy.

but the movie becomes predictable and disappointing.

I even hate to say it, this was very predictable if you've seen a lot of these thriller movies of today.

And not only that, they are very bland.

Hollywood independents will pay big bucks for big talent to simply use it in such a low class, stupid, predictable, tasteless flick.

The best side of the movie is the fear of being retired ;De Niro describes it as a paid slow death.

Looking for a flick to watch on a dull night for TV, I stumbled across what I thought would be an incredible movie, since it starred both the great Robert DeNiro AND Al Pacino.

) Righteous Kill summed up in a sentence: A boringly predictable buddy-cop drama starring two legends who dig up old dirt while investigating a new serial killer who unfortunately doesn't end up killing 50 cent.

Overall --- Highly Entertaining Stuff....

The one major modern thriller cliché RK does have is that once again the mass-murderer is a cop.

Maybe this isn't the greatest cop flick of all time, but it is still a decent, entertaining, and thrilling movie.

What is not understandable is why they should have picked such a weak, contrived script; why they should saddle themselves with such unattractive, confusingly motivated characters; and why they should chose a director (Jon Avnet) who simply cannot hope to compete with Francis Ford Coppola and Michael Mann.

This movie was so trite, so predictable and inane it was all I could do to keep from noticing their appearance.

I think the same flaws that these so-called critics find in the film ,will be the most enjoyable aspect of the film to others.

This film has been universally panned, was it ever going to live up to the hype of Heat, very unlikely, Righteous Kill is an average cop film, with two greats well passed their sell by dates, but surprisingly, despite the very average script and some very silly names, both Pacino and DeNiro aren't actually that bad, in fact DeNiro I thought was pretty OK, certainly the most enjoyable performance I've seen from him in some time.

Maybe I'm just slow on the uptake.

The film is gritty, action oriented and dizzyingly confusing.

Totally predictable plot, stereotype good cop bad cop, drug dealers, bad neighborhood were huge minus to this movie.

Which is lazy and formulaic - if you make it to the final 'twist', you will be neither surprised nor care.

Prior to this film and in their long prestigious careers as actors, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino worked together on two films only, the highly acclaimed "The Godfather II" (1974) in which they do not appear together on the screen, and the excellent "Heat" (1995), in which they appear together in two scenes only (The intriguing conversation in the coffee shop scene and the breath taking final scene).

They tried to make the dialogue work but it seemed to lack any imagination, it was tired and boring.

One of the Worst Movies of the Year .

This is a very bad thriller which commits the fatal sin of being boring.

Clichéd but occasionally entertaining De Niro/Pacino neo-noir .

Sadly, watching an episode of Columbo would probably have been a more thrilling alternative to this sorry little film, as would your typical daytime TV thriller rubbish.

It's gritty and dirty, much like the dialog, a decent piece of noir-ish, though very, very predictable entertainment.

I'm not saying this was a bad movie, but this was a sad and very predictable thriller that could have been done with more average actors, Al and Robert are above this script and don't pull in their best performances due to that.

Despite its message, the film seems primed for two respected actors in an average yet entertaining thriller.

The script is poor, very predictable, the actors especially Pacino seem to be bored and somehow I can't get rid of the feeling that DeNiro and Pacino were not satisfied with the result either.

The story is predictable.

The movie leads you into a direction of who the killer is in the beginning, making it very boring.

I really don't understand some of the negative reviews, Pacino in this film reminded me more of his performance in Donnie Brasco or Insomnia, very subdued & toned down.

Great Movie - Enjoyable .

Personally I thought the whole plot was very exciting and kept me most of the time on the edge of my seat.

) The plot was OK, but very predictable.

I enjoyed it because it wasn't written to please the critics, it was written because we all love these two actors.

The two leads seem to be sleepwalking throughout the film, and the action is dull.

Exciting, gripping movie with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino making an authentic Tour De Force .

There's a good line of dialogue here and there, and the twist at the end of the film, though predictable, is well executed.

'Righteous Kill" remains a modestly entertaining detective mystery with little character development and chiefly relying on the hit or miss semi-comic banter between two aging Hollywood legends.

The acting is uninspiring, tepid at best.

That might be because it was just so boring in the beginning.

Definitely worth watching at least once.

Avnet has shot this Entertaining Thriller very Stylishly and has def used the acting talents of the leads to the utmost.....

Heat was full of intense, unpredictable, and suspenseful action.

Abysmal crime drama about a serial killer possibly with a cop as the main suspect is only noteworthy for the re-teaming of the dynamic duo of De Niro & Pacino (last on screen in "HEAT") should have had more spark (and originality; the snoozer script by Russell Gewirtz feels like a left-over "Law & Order" episode) and the lame direction by Jon Avnet only makes the logy pacing bogged down in genre clichés (i.

Then you have to deal with the boring art direction, crap cinematography, and awful editing.

"Righteous Kill" aside from the casting is ordinary and painfully predictable.

(and I thought that Sea of Love was Pacino's worst movie !

The eleventh hour revelation of the killer is so incredibly contrived that you wonder how they could have foisted this pathetic potboiler onto movie audiences.

It is very predictable and contain many plot holes.

It starts off a little slow and boring towards the beginning to build up its characters and develop a plot, but towards the finale, it is somewhat a little more entertaining and the film doesn't feel as much of a waste.

Unacceptable, you have two of the greatest actors playing side by side and you give them this predictable and twisted script?

Even worse, it's completely predictable.

If you approach the film with an open mind and uninfluenced by the negative propaganda surrounding it I am fairly sure anybody interested in the genre or just the acting giants involved should potentially enjoy it.

Their characters are simplistic, uninteresting, shallow, so the poor big stars quickly fall into what became their worst mannerisms - Bob De Niro, mainly, so full of grimaces and squinting...

Nevertheless their presence is not enough because the rest leaves a lot to be desired, it's hard to know where to start, where everything ends (furthermore the twist is really ridiculous as well as predictable.