Rim of the World (2019) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Four misfit campers must band together and conquer their fears in order to save the world during an alien invasion.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: McG
Stars: Jack Gore, Miya Cech
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 104 out of 583 found boring (17.83%)

One-line Reviews (250)

This movie was light and entertaining which I came into with low expectations, and those expectations were not subverted.

The lazy script offers very little in the way of surprises, with obvious stereotyped characters, blatant telegraphing, a glut of deus ex Machina, daddy issues for all four youngsters, crude humour and tiresome pop culture gags and references, none of which are clever or funny.

This was actually pretty entertaining movie and well made.

The first mistake people are making is comparing this movie to coming of age films like The Goonies or a famous sci-fi like Stranger Things, even though it was never advertised as such.

I respect all races and the fact that these 2 characters are predictable and that the black kid is the jokester and the Asian kid is the smartest person on earth is something that American cinema needs to change right away and needs to stop doing immediately.

It's jam-packed full of so many character and film tropes that it's predictable and hardly funny.

lazy writing, bad characterisation and no plot .

Well done, most enjoyable!

Overall do not rate this highly at all, don't waste your time.

I like a good coming of age story, and I love sci-fi action movies.

Enjoyable, funny, relatable.

The film has zero charm, 90% terrible dialogue and tiresome characters.

A waste of time .

Speaking of the dialogue, it's so generic and empty that they may as well be reciting a modern top 40 hit.

Oh my hell this movie is so terrible lmfao DoNt watch it, waste of time and resources, acting is bad, story's awful.

With all these action movie clichés, it certainly was a pain to be listening to several predictable lines and watching the world's longest Old Navy commercial.


Unexpected Fun on a Friday Nite .

She was out of her element and enjoyed it on the same level that I'd enjoy switching channels and watching Happy Gilmore half way through on cable TV.

Overall enjoyable: 2 You're probably thinking, "You just trashed the majority of this film, so why are you giving it a 2 for enjoyability?

Fun and entertaining flick.

This is a terrible, waste of time movie.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The predictable storyline, bad jokes and worse acting made the almost cringeworthy to watch.

Every movie that Netflix makes seems like something is gonna happen and then nothing happens, all the hype for nothing.

0 acting skill, -10 direction, no story line,.

I think some of the music was enjoyable, even though it was forced so hard down our throats similar to the alien sticking his reproductive member down someone's throat (there it goes again, you're welcome).

I'll use a word you're going to hear a lot in this review "Cliché".

The story line is predictable.

The soundtrack was enjoyable.

Fast paced entertainment .

It's fast paced and I didn't feel it was a waste of time.

I enjoyed it, apart from three things.

Total waste of time.

Don't waste youre time to put on play.

The characterizations are good, with some decent thrills and overall the movie is entertaining enough to spend one and a half hours with.

The plot was basic , the jokes were cliché and the dialogues were so silly.

Don't waste your time .

It definitely has a 'Stranger Things' feel to it so it's worth watching if, for nothing else, to satiate the long wait for season three.

It's that predictable.

This film is crude, stereotypical, lazy and a waste of everybody's time.

This movie is not good, dont waste your time watching it please

Ridiculous preposterous mess and a waste of time.

Absolutely vile don't waste your time

The monster scenes are so illogical and boring.

Everything is so predictable.

And don't get me wrong, it is an entertaining movie with quite a few good moments.

Most movies aren't very good, but this is worst movie ever..

It's entertaining, has comedy and explosions and some exciting scares and chases.

A horribly cliched mess of a movie, this teen oriented action adventure sci-fi comedy from Netflix is predictable garbage that completely fumbles it's attempt to cash in on the spunky group of kids '80s-style revival kickstarted by Stranger Things and IT (it's so uninspired that it even has its young protagonists riding mountain bikes).

If it's under 5.2, be ready to waste your time.

I thought that the kids were going to be involved in some sort of virtual reality video game, maybe even some sort of way for Alex to deal with the trauma caused by the death of his father, hence the stolen plot and cliché characters would be justified by the lazy "in film" game writers.

They try to insert emotional scenes in the last 45 minutes but I didn't care because they started with action and everything else just seemed rushed and boring.

This film really lacks an audience, and unfortunately, it therefore lacks direction because it simply doesn't know what it is supposed to be, or who it is supposed to be entertaining.

Shallow and predictable.

sorry, I fell asleep while writing this.

In many ways, especially at the beginning of the movie, I agree with them, but as the movie went on, I enjoyed it more and more.

This is a very enjoyable movie some of the bad reviews I can only assume are by people without a sense of humour who are probably very boring in there own life's give this movie a chance and ignore the bad reviews it's very funny in places the acting is very good the kids are very likeable if you have a sense of humour and don't take life to seriously you will enjoy this movie

Real bad choice of actors, a black fat kid cliché, a mute chinese girl, a shy kid that acts awfully and even a Justin Bieber-ish kid with also poor acting skills.

This might be a teen kind of movie but I found it actually pretty enjoyable to watch.

It was a great film I enjoyed it the child actors are amazing.

Enjoyable .

I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

After cheesy one liner after another and countless innuendos I realized it was a pointless movie with tons of filler writing.

Enjoyable especially if you liked Stranger Things .

Beside the Deus-Ex-Moments its sparkeld with too much cliche.

Awful dialogue, predictable action, boring stereotypes, amateurish acting, and terrible directing makes for an indescribably bad movie.

Plot is standard alien invasion but with no real plot.

don't waste your time .

Apart from that, it was an entertaining film with aliens invading, and kids trying to save the planet.

Almost all movies in the 80s were like this, and it's a story structure that I still find very enjoyable.

) made "rim of the world" boring and so predictible

The WORST movie you've ever seen?

Its sooo bad, there is nothing to say, just: dont waste your time on this terrible movie!!

So predictable...

Dont waste your time .

Dont waste your time!.

Worst movie I have seen all year...

So entertaining that I upped my rating from 6 to 7 just because of those rare fun moments.

Entertaining and enjoyable to watch with suspended imagination.

I personally found it to be an entertaining movie, and I don't regret watching it.

It's an entertaining Saturday afternoon flick.

Incredibly dumb movie with every movie cliche in the book thrown at it,not worth your time

Sure, naughty humor and dirty words, but we enjoyed it, and it added to the fun

We enjoyed it for what it was and we thought it was reminiscent of cheesy 80s-90s films like The Goonies.

Don't waste your valued time watching this.

One thing that really holds this movie back is its confusion over its adults tones.

the plot is this: Go from pointless A to pointless B and throw in useless badly delivered dialog and blow stuff up.....

The rim of the world has a very predictable story, which, quite frankly, is boring.

The amount of racial and sexual references were unexpected and funny.

Enjoyable to watch, nice FX.

Totally entertaining movie for families with older kids to watch together!

Slow, boring, lacking in substance .

This movie was entertaining from start to finish.

There were a few pointless dialogues, yes.

It was a funny and entertaining movie!

dont waste your life time watching this trash flim .

TL;DR We enjoyed it, and thought it was a fun weekend movie to watch.

How about the pastry banging coming of age American Pie???

) As soon as I found it, I was disappointed because I thought it would turn out to be like the other films, something terrible and unwatchable.

This was so good it was entertaining, funny and an enjoyable way to pass time, it took so much from the original jurassic park films that i couldn't stop laughing, the only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because of the language, otherwise i definitely recommend it!

Filthy, sexual, vomi-inducing, pointless dumb stuff.

If you want to see typical cringe worthy moments, predictable scenes, cheap lines and vine wanna be actors...

If you still think The Goonies was awesome, you may like this boring movie with annoying stick characters spouting bad one lines non stop.

This movie is lots of fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This is an enjoyable film so, if like us, your happy to get under a blanket with some snacks and get away from being an adult for a while, this films for you

Entertaining enough.

Was it cliche and trite and silly at times?

The kids are bored from the dialogue, the adults are disturbed and hate the terrible CGI and writing....

Yet, the horrible and predictable writing cannot prevent those stunning visuals from attracting the audience.

Worst movie ever!.

What more can I say, a waste of time.

Enough material to make it enjoyable.

This disjointed unimaginative incoherent mess of a film with so many plot holes and scientific inaccuracies doen not deserve screen time.

Don't waste your time.

Lazy writing, cliche characters...

I really enjoyed it for a nice popcorn flick.

If they'd cut all that out, and made it a bit softer, it would have been an OK kids film, no Goonies, but entertaining enough for older kids.

Entertaining .

Cue up every horrible cliche you can find and you have this movie.

There are quite a few low scoring reviews that say this is the "worst movie I've ever seen" or criticize the "poor effects.

Quite an enjoyable film.

If your bored and have a few drinks on hand on a lazy Saturday, I would recommend this movie to anyone, although it is more directed towards the 12-15 year old target audience.

It's full of cliche action scenes.

After watching a series of less-than-stellar kids movies with my kids in recent months, it is a real joy to come across a movie that is exciting, engrossing, sometimes heartwarming and never boring.

If it's free and you're very bored, watch it.

It's entertaining and I'm thankful for that!

It's a charming, compressed coming of age story situated during a compulsary standard apocalyptic alien scenery with plenty of political and sarcastic references for adults which will make you smile regularly.

I definitely laughed and really enjoyed it, please don't go in expecting some ground breaking movie, if you are looking for a good silly laugh this movie does it!

Entertaining .

Funny and entertaining.

Special effects are laughable, action sequences are predictable.

Don't waste even a minute of your time attempting to find a positive in this "film"

The storyline is so predictable and cheesy you'd think it was aimed at young kids.

I found it cute and enjoyable.

There was literally no story of the movie and the same goes for the screenplay.

This is a great film I enjoyed it fully and would recommend watching it

But it was entertaining enough to keep me to the end.

Language was over the top and the sexual references were pointless.

By accepting the narrative pact of the ability to survive in extreme situations of the protagonists, the film is truly enjoyable and flows beautifully until the end.

This is an entertaining family film which is not at all bad.

Rim of the World: Unwatchable .

It was stupid, predictable, fun, and laughable.

It's basically a dragged out Adidas commercial with raunchy jokes and pretty cool CGI.

Many school films always have the big bully with the college jacket cliché and the nerdy kid who loves Star Wars.

I enjoyed it.

At first it was kind of fun, then it became tedious and distracting.

Waste of Time .

Instead I found it very entertaining at what it tries to be: a throw back to all those movie cliche and it had a kinda warm and nostalgic feel to it.

Predictable story, bad acting, vomit inducing shacky camera .

A waste of your time .

I watched about 20 minutes, and it was one of the most bland films I have ever seen.

Awful movie, waste of my time .

As can be expected of Netflix lately, the charactors smack of meeting diversity quotas and give us characters that are so utterly contrived.

This is a fun coming of age throw back movie.

This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Don't watch this as an adult and roll your eyes at the derivative, predictable characters.

I enjoyed it!

It's kinda entertaining.

absolutely pointless......

Pros: Visually okay, and kinda entertaining up to a certain point Cons: Horribly written, unbalanced plot, and awkward dialogue and characters Highlight: Those alien beasts are some darn good CGI I rate it: 7/10 (good)---- Originally published on my blog.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This was a boring, horrible attempt at 80s and 90s classics.

It jumps between coming of age adventure, we've-gotta-save-the-world-from-apocalypse sci-fi, and race jokes with occasional sexual undertone.

Don't waste your time.

His over the top persona was too much and became unbearable before the movie even really took off.

Mostly, 9 out of 10 are totally unwatchable.

Just boring, cheese and clueless .

Enjoyable throw back to the 80's.

Overall, I enjoyed it for what it was.

I was bored and this was featured on netflix so I decided to see what it's about.

The movie used every sci-fi / teen movie cliche possible.

Well, I enjoyed it.

Enjoyable for all kids 8 to 80 .

Cursing is intense as well.

Enjoyable film .

Dull stereotypical characters.

The intended audience was confusing, since I couldn't figure out if it was purely just for kids or just for adults.

Don't waste your time!!!.

The characters, particularly Miya Chen as Zehn Zehn and Benjamin Flores Jnr as Dariush are pure cliché.

Most of the plot was predictable including every twist and turn.

This just results in a weird and confusing movie.

I don't think so, because it is so cliche and so poorly written that it provides no interest to an adult.

This is a terrible, boring, and stupid movie.

Very Enjoyable movie for all the family .

Don't waste your time 😉

We watched during a family film night and really enjoyed it.

The movie is enjoyable and fun to watch.

Comedic fast paced alien invasion Netflick .

BUT, it was entertaining and exciting and I liked it.

Plot - thin Acting - adequate Effects - last Gen Cinematography - mediocrePlease for the love of all that's holy, don't waste your hard earned free time.

but expect an enjoyable action movie perfect to download for a short haul flight.

Don't waste your time with this movie there are still a lot of good movies out there.

Entertaining .

But all in all, I found it enjoyable.

Like I took the pain to download the app and create an account to ensure that ppl don't waste the time watching this trash .


Even though I enjoyed it in a terrible kind of way, I really felt depressed because they had a great opportunity to make this a great movie.

The action is so intense and full of exaggeration!

It is a coming of age movie that highlights the battles that young kids have not only from everyday life like dyslexia and being a nerdy outcast.

Kids with no likeable personalities, except maybe for the Chinese girl, boring plot and a typical low-budget execution.

Yes it's a goofy movie but definitely entertaining, that's what movies are for, for cryin out loud!...

Great way to waste your life.

a boring script, a bad acting.

It was very enjoyable, loved how the kids confronted their fears and supported each other

Worst movie ever .

While its first act leaves an uncomfortable taste in the mouth and it has moments of groan-worthy cliché and contrivance throughout, what remains is a charmingly amusing coming-of-age story which takes the increasingly popular restricted-perspective frame and aims it at the sci-fi invasion genre.

Takes it's stranger things (+ obvious nostalgic ones) influences and creates something definitely worth watching.

Few bad words but kids enjoyed it.

What a waste of time!!

This movie suffers from gaping plot holes,awful dialogue,terrible vfx, nonsensical romantic pairing and predictable/cliche stereotyping.

It is laugh out loud funny and fast paced with some great messages within the film , it will not disappoint.

Producers that make movies UNWATCHABLE don't deserver a higher rating.

Overall though the movie was enjoyable.

Where do I start with this dull, unimaginative waste of someone's time.

Poor acting by most, awful plot, no real direction, and far too predictable.

It's better to doze off .

An exciting kids, summer camp movie with aliens and adventure.

This movie is extremely predictable.

Especially if it's going to be a kids save the world movie, you better create something more intense and more separate from other films who have attempted to do this idea.

Very enjoyable film to watch, not too sci fi like, enjoy it for what it is, a teen+ alien thriller.

Enjoyable Popcorn Flick .

Totally enjoyed it.

What a snooze fest.

So bad that it's entertaining .

This is a silly film with a flimsy plot but if you don't expect a Spielberg film, it's actually enjoyable.

What we got instead was something that felt incomplete and rushed and full of terrible production decisions that bored me to tears.

It wasn't good enough for my kids either, who all became bored and picked up their phones and started to ignore the movie.

This same old boring plot, because the "good-ole" boys are never outside of their tiny box.


But for adults who are looking for an entertaining alien invasion movie, this isn't it.

Waste of time.

It is just painful to watch and a total waste of time.

Cliche on cliche but in a very bad way.

Entertaining for kids only .

Enjoyable watch .

Cheesy and predictable!

The characters are enjoyable and the young actors are very talented with great timing for all the gags.

We enjoyed it!

If your bored out of your mind then...

Enjoyable Flick .

The film then quickly morphs into an enjoyable alien invasion movie.

It's just awkward and uncomfortable to watch, you are gonna get bored

So bad it's entertaining .

Charming coming of age movie during a just will do fine alien attack .

Language and innuendo not for young children, but my teen and 20 somethings enjoyed it a lot.


A waste of valuable time.

Sadly predictable .

Waste of time.