Rio 2 (2014) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids after they're hurtled from Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets his father-in-law.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 22 out of 106 found boring (20.75%)

One-line Reviews (119)

As it happens, everything was very predictable and unexciting.

Anyway, this is an entertaining film.

But whilst the film expands and heightens its grandeur in regards to scope and animation, the central story is entirely predictable and continues to build on the clichéd domesticated vs.

Rio 2 (2014) is fun, adorable and entertaining.

To conclude, a good sequel to a great original, enjoyed it a lot and when it comes to animated sequels there is definitely much worse(ie.

So yes the movie is predictable, and does fall into the trap of the many father-in-law subplot clichés.

He was a necessary villain for the first film, though bringing him back was pointless.

The story is as predictable as it is boring, reusing old characters which simply shouldn't have been there just to introduce a bit more "suspense", one which also fails in bringing something good into the equation.

Despite a cliché script, there is hardly a dull moment and a colourful array of side characters and jokes among them keep the fun going.

The movie does not achieve it's goal, thanks to its generic story the movie is bland and boring, even if I do like the performances from the actors it's just not that well interesting for me to care about what's going on in the picture.

Visually Stunning .

So while it is also predictable and puts characters very clearly defined against each other, it does a fine job with it.

Anyway, when you put all of these elements together, it does make a good movie that must have taken a lot of work from the creators, but for some unknown reason, the simpler original was more enjoyable.

An entertaining sequel, full of laughs indeed .

Entertaining, Fun and Vibrant.

It has a splendid animation, which is brought to life by the colorful dances and exciting songs practically all samba, we do have other music styles you know), and has some very funny moments, just like the first Rio.

Let's see, we have, the city boy in the country, the hard to please the father cliché, the jealousy story despite the couple being married and have kids, Linda and Tulio searching for blue macaws, the red macaws and blue macaws playing football, Blu and Jewel's kids, one of the kids putting on a talent show, the environmental message, one of the birds looking for a new hat, Nigel plotting against Blu and Jewel and the poison dart frog with a huge crush on Nigel.

Coming off a snappy and clever original, this sequel which is once again helmed by Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha and voiced by pretty much the same cast members feels lazy and perfunctory by comparison.

Yet ever still, the re-use of certain villains, plot points, and the irritatingly tame inclusion of clichés will do little to impress the adult viewers dragged along to view the film with their children; though even the children may very well be bored with this cluster of predictability.

I loved the original Rio film and I found Rio 2 to be a very enjoyable sequel.

Also, this movie had more than one antagonist, which I think makes it more suspenseful for viewers to watch.

I thought it was slightly over the top with the fauna- we don't have to see every individual leaf, that's just a waste of time.

The characters is annoying and cliché.

The music is amazing, the story is funny and engaging for all ages, while the quality of the animation is quite superb.

In essence this movie serves the purpose of being entertaining.

Found it to be quite funny and more action packed as well.

If you can't first produce a decent script, don't waste your time trying to wow me with your visuals.

Self-indulgent, over-the-top garbage.

Even with a predictable story, Rio 2 does enough to keep your attention with beautiful animation and some memorable characters.

It is enjoyable and well made (the jungle settings are particularly nicely done) with some fun, though unmemorable, songs which are well staged.

Over all I thought it rather intriguing the great use of touching on the theme of the Amazonian jungle and rainbow forestry were a great way to bring some info to people of all ages ,of these beautiful and timeless works of nature.

Are we now at the point where we can be bored stiff by $50 million of cutting-edge movie technology?

10/10Characters And Comedy: All characters here follow standard archetypes we all know of, but Nigel and Gabi serve as the most original and most entertaining.

Rio 2 is pretty enjoyable, just not as much as the previous one .

In other films, I see stories getting ever more compelling in surprising ways and exhibiting self-awareness with increasing sophistication.

I enjoyed the original RIO,it was a fun,beautiful animated family movie with enjoyable musical scenes and some pretty impressive animation.

The sequel has some funny moments and I chuckled a few times, but the plot was weak and predictable.

Entertaining .

The new cast members are also enjoyable, including the excellent Andy Garcia.

For me it's good on one side, but, if has a little more musical part, the movie will be boring.

A word about music, which was good in RIO, comes weak and though are many songs, not even one was memorable, as I left the theater.

The film's visuals were really mesmerizing with the seemingly realistic, luscious vegetation of the Amazon (it tends to somewhat remind me of the greenery setting in Blue Sky's 2013 film 'epic'), several good laughs involving the engaging "sky soccer" sequence that's a nod to the World Cup, and one notable song titled "Don't Go Away" sung by Hathaway (in my opinion) gave a sense of warmth and sentimentality; presumably building off of her Award-winning success from 2012's musical 'Les Miserables.

Having watched the all exciting part One; and waiting for part Two - well, that was an eternal wait.

Unfortunately the gorgeous Amazon presented cannot make up for a drab screenplay that ultimately goes to the birds.

I asked her why she seems so nervous and she told me that she is bored.

Full of energy and swirling colours, yet narratively plodding and largely devoid of humour, this follow up adventure for Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) is a harmless misfire.

This is naturally no real surprise as these days CGI movies have reached a point where the skills and computer technology are in their prime, you expect them to look stunning, you know they will, its so routine that you could actually argue that people don't even notice the visuals anymore.

Save your money.

I have seen many movies in 2014, and out of my whole life, Rio 2 has GOT to be the worst movie EVER.

An enjoyable sequel .

The soccer match, and American idol scenes create an entertaining side stories which mix well with the main story line of conservation.

All the elements of a good film are not present it's just bland, generic,boring, and tiresome.

So the film is a formulaic cookie cutter production and like other identical films there are a few positive things I can mention.

Confusinnees 3\10 Well, the very beginning is confusing.

It seems fairly typical child environmental propaganda at first.

It is all about making the flow engaging and creating a lasting experience.

4/10Animation: It's beautiful, gorgeous, colorful, and worth watching on Blu-ray or Blu-ray 3D.

By the end of the film I kind of felt tired and exhausted, but the kids seemed to have enjoyed it.

It is an appealing and entertaining start that reintroduces the main characters.

The jokes where just boring cliché stupid and unfunny Most of the characters i wanted to strangle Andwas up with all the death love and murder plot in this movie?

Enjoyable if a bit over-stuffed .

Not the best animation movie of 2014, but definitely worth watching.

Even my 5-year-old was bored.

First half of the movie was boring.

This movie is funny, exciting, and slightly touching, the perfect thing to watch with friends, family and partners alike.

Because of this, the movie is extremely sloppy, scattered and unfocused that it becomes hard to follow.

Too Many Subplots but still Fun and Entertaining .

Add to this the now statutory inclusion of rap/hip-hop/pop stars for voice work too, plenty of folk out there but yeah sure, lets use some bland untalented popstars just to lure in more kids.

This movie is entertaining, the story and ending are nice as well.

It is a departure from the Walt Disney style cartoons that have been boring me for the past years, with the exception of Frozen.

In this sequence to the enjoyable Rio, Blu and his new family go to the Amazon to see if there is any truth to the rumor says they are not the only blue macaws in the planet.

the answer is no, this is merely the same formulaic albeit gorgeous looking CGI flick we've now seen about a thousand times.

"Rio 2" just falls flat with a story that has way too many plot elements, new characters that are very unlikeable, and song numbers so forgettable and bland that not even Bruno Mars could make them fun.

It was entertaining to see Blu trying hard to get along with Jewel's family members.

Overall, the movie is just a colorful romp filled with predictable slapstick humor and a leading actor who probably isn't the best choice.

Yeah sure there are some reasonable visual gags here and there but really the entire film hinges on the likable dastardly vocal performance of Jemaine Clement, everything else is dull.

Overall, an entertaining movie.

There is also a thrilling football match between blue vs.

I wasn't a huge fan of the plot either, but the animation is so breathtaking that it is worth it.

Enjoyable to watch, and overall a satisfying sequel .

To conclude: A wonderful technical execution of a CGI animated feature with some pleasing artistic aspects but overall story was what turned this 'quite nice' film ,a predictable, heavily clichéd and reused pile of pretty feathers.

The story in this movie just has so many plot elements in this film that it just got so confusing and full especially compared to the first film's very simple story.

On their part, the voice actors do their darnest best with each and every one of their respective roles - though the scene-stealer here is Clement, whose interactions with Chenoweth as his poison-frog sidekick are probably the most entertaining parts of the movie.

Exciting and entertaining .

It felt a bit long and dragged at times.

Bored with their lives in Rio, Rafael, Nico & Pedro decide to accompany the family to the Amazon.

Other than that, the story is quite bland.

Because of slowness of film,it is boring for young kids.

The story and the pacing are uneven here, with the film getting off to a slightly slow start and feeling rushed in other places, though you do have to admire the energy there is.

The soccer is lots of fun and the final battle is actually exciting.

As I said, Rio was much better, exciting and thrilling.

There were plenty of funny stuff for the first 30 minutes but then I noticed some plot threads that initially seemed unrelated that threatened to slow things down.

The music is forgettable to be honest just like the first movie but it was a entertaining movie.

Don't go looking for 'Rio' in the Amazon - despite similar striking visuals, this Amazon-set sequel suffers from a distinct lack of story, character, humour and poignancy .

So cliché that Eduardo the gruff father has a buzz cut style tuft on his head, is this Macaw from the 50's USA?

The colors are brighter, the animation is more stunning, the 3D is better, the jokes are funnier, the emotions are stronger & the overall message of the film is meaningful without being too preachy.

While it wasn't the best movie or even the best animation I have seen this year, this movie is definitely entertaining.

Trite and forgettable.

Dragednees 4\10 The movie dragged when they where moving in to the Amazon.

routine and predictable.

Yes it's colorful and the animation is nice, but the story itself is boring and clichéd.

There would be auditions for a Carnival, which would set the scene for various entertaining musical numbers.

While they do succeed at making very enjoyable original movies, their Ice Age sequels don't have a lot of rewatch value.

Worst movie ever .

Also, when Big Boss is eaten by a boa constrictor is quite an unexpected twist.

Made even more stupid by the fact that he almost immediately does an 180 and goes back to loving humans again, making the first freak out even more confusing.

The movie is greatly entertaining, especially released after the dose of action and heroes.

The story here is so overused and heavily clichéd that I found myself getting bored.

The movie has just enough conflict and drama in it to be exciting.

Sure, it's not quite greater than the original, yet I caught Rio 2 on its first night and when I did, I was once again immersed and dazzled into the joy, spirit, and culture that is Rio de Janeiro.

There is nice jokes and good sense for humor,but the story is somehow slow and boring.

But the presentation is always one sided, and when it's packaged all pretty with colors and song, it becomes propaganda.

Things take an unexpected turn for them when they discover that there might be more macaws in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Watch it like you would a Madagascar film and just sit back, relax, and enjoy an entertaining family film with some beautiful animation, good comedy, and amazing songs.

The colours are extremely bright and vibrant which make the adventure all the more enjoyable.

Rio and the *other places* are animated beautifully- with a lot of attention and care taken to create some spectacular, breathtaking backgrounds.

The film is saved thanks to competent voice work from Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg, and the aforementioned animation is still absolutely stunning, Blue Sky Studios not disappointing in the slightest in this regard.

Jamie Foxx, Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, and many of the original cast returned for this and that makes this even more enjoyable.

I was thoroughly bored and irritated by the first Rio, so "Rio 2" is a nice surprise.