Rise of the Footsoldier (2007) - Action, Biography, Crime

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The life of career criminal Carlton Leach.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Julian Gilbey
Stars: Ricci Harnett, Terry Stone
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 79 found boring (16.45%)

One-line Reviews (39)

Pretentious tripe .

The story is gripping and the football firm fighting scenes although perhaps a little over the top with the blood make sorry titles like green street and football factories seem like a walk in the park.

The high ranking critics of the film world may well not relate to these eras on that level, which is hardly surprising as they were unlikely to be part of such circles, but the Gibley brothers have proved that on a fraction of the budget they can come up with an engrossing tale that depicts a big story taking place over many years.

Brutal, intense and brilliant .

If you want to leave the cinema feeling like you need to wash then this is the excrement for you.

Every character on this is a stereotype or a cliché.

This movie actually opened me up to tons of other great British gangster films, something about the accents and the funny lingo makes the movies much more enjoyable.

Julian Gilbey made a realistic movie that is many moments seem to be a documentary, with stunning performances of the cast.

It gets a 2 for including every single "Violent English gangster hooligan genre" cliché out there.

It's crazy & relentless, shocking & entertaining.

The late 90s success of Ritchie's cliché-ridden Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels triggered a series of pitiful gangster movies from which the genre never really recovered.

All in all the film has some intense and terrifying performances, brutally realistic violence and great direction, if a little repetitive of other films.

But that would waste even more precious minutes of my life even thinking about it.

Well directed and just entertaining and interesting.

Seriously though, if you like hard-boiled, brutal, gripping "TOUGH GUY" cinema, you will enjoy this.

Script: Failure, boring, clichéd drivel.

This movie was just plain awful, boring, way less about football hooliganism than it seemed like.

While 'Rise of the Footsoldier' is entertaining, it is by no means a film that forces you to take it seriously.

It was very hard to watch the movie and the story-line was boring, clichéd and narration was just as boring, which was accompanied with flashes of violence, which did not contribute to the story at all.

The story feels epic, you get a sense and feel for the different times in which the film is set from the violent terraces of the 70's to the coming of the Ecstasy fulled era of the late 80's leading to the results of living on the edge for too long in the 90's.

The actual scenes of violence (before becoming repetitive) hold some tension, spliced with rapid flashes of colour or the end of a film reel.

Fight scenes were entertaining and well done, not too Hollywood and not too fake looking either, nice and gritty.

Bags are smothered over mens heads, this is probably the most intense torture scene in the whole movie.

And finally a torture scene where men have the teeth physically ripped out with pliers very hard.

Music of the time is also used crassly and unimaginatively to save the director/budget the effort of chronicling the years depicted effectively I may sound harsh,but this is a film i dearly wanted to love,the Rettendon murder case is fascinating,and this was a chance to highlight a time when the British underworld's bloody antics bubbled to the surface.

Brutal but gripping British gangster movie .

It's brutal, bloody and intense.

A problem is that Rise of the Footsoldier that it relies too much the old British cliché of constant strong swearing, using the f and c word all the time.

Undoubtedly the story Colton Leach has to tell (and did so in his autobiography) is a compelling tale of one mans ascent from Terrace boot boy to connected underworld villain.

Great Find, Unexpected Great Movie .

Partnering up with Tony Tucker, an Essex playboy gangster, Carlton finds himself amongst the wild, brash criminal circles of the richer suburban towns outside London and on the edge of one of the most shadowy and suspicious criminal conspiracies of modern British gangland lore – the Range Rover Murders.

It has no plot and no decent acting and just relies on being violent( gritty and realistic as some people like to put it) The sort of people who made this film should not be allowed near a budget or film camera just as the sort of people this film is about should not be given the opportunity to tell this pathetic violent little tale of no consequence.

If you're a male below 30, like gore and hardcore violence and think that's entertaining, than this is a movie for you.

Where it sits in the pantheon of Brit thug movies is to my mind quite high, because I found it riveting, nasty and often uneasy to sit thru.

I did find it slightly confusing that the film opens as a story about Carlton Leach only to find half way through that he becomes a minor character.

The main character (and actor) are quite dull, but the supporting cast are pretty entertaining, in particular Craig Fairbrass, whose larger-than-life turn is the best I've seen from him.

Gritty & Entertaining.

Lastly, I am so very bored with films holding back on the violence.

After a brief exploration of the ecstasy scene of the 1990s and an uninteresting plot of a drug deal gone awry in which there's a lot of torture and cruelty, the film covers the most interesting element of the story - the Rettendon murders in which Tucker, Tate and Rolfe were shot to death in a Land Rover.