Rob Roy (1995) - Adventure, Biography, Drama

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In 1713 Scotland, Rob Roy MacGregor is wronged by a nobleman and his nephew, becomes an outlaw in search of revenge while fleeing the Redcoats, and faces charges of being a Jacobite.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Stars: Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 136 found boring (11.02%)

One-line Reviews (92)

She was very bland and lifeless, and did not look like a young, innocent wife with children in the Highlands, that had to deal with these situations.

But Tim Roth gives a world class performance as the sleazy, vulgar, feminine wimp with an evilness that comes through in a mannerism that has to be seen and a god gifted ability in swordplay that puts one on the edge of their seat.

The action was also very well done and gripping.

One was an attempt to portray Historical fact that was absolutely littered with massive innacuracies but was actually enjoyable to watch.

The villains in "Rob Roy" are equally as compelling.

I found it very slow to start and in some ways overly gratuitous, the story primarily is a very good one but due to aspects of the film it turned into a bore.

Rob Roy may be the red-headed stepchild of Scottish historical dramas released in 1995, but it offers an interesting story and engaging characters.

It makes for a very tense, exciting sequence, since we have no musical cue as to the direction and resolution of the scene.

This is a very exciting and romantic film.

An interesting story and good performances make this movie worth watching .

Save your money and watch Pinnochio.

As the story dragged on and the characters kept on talking and talking, I began to wonder when the hell something would actually háppen.

Liam Neeson gives life to the main character and does it in a convincing and enjoyable way.

It really has everything - interesting story, great acting, remarkable dialog, and breathtaking scenery.

A very engaging, intelligent, and well-made film.

Entertaining and Underrated Film .

Cinematography by Karl Walter Lindenlaub is stunning.

There is many exciting scenes - watch out for the Bridge Scen and the last fencing scene.

Thoroughly enjoyable, intelligently-made period action/drama .

Probably it is because I had watched Braveheart about a dozen times before seeing this movie, but I found Rob Roy particularly boring and insipid.

Great, rousing movie - spoilers .

Cunningham is a compelling character in that he seems to have been raised to do whatever he can to obtain status and the affection of the Marquis.

And the movie as a whole moves at a slow pace.

It just lacked the intensity and passion that made Braveheart such a breathtaking experience.

What a waste of time.

It perhaps does not equal BRAVEHEART with its spectacular sets and crowds of extras in battle scenes, but it is a fairly long film with much attention placed on one very significant feature a cinema should have: stunning entertainment combined with heartfelt education.

The two men are Liam Neeson, as Robert Roy, cattle drover and leader of the MacGregor Clan, and Tim Roth as Archibald Cunningham, the sneaky henchman of the Marquis of Montrose, played by John Hurt, and both Neeson and Roth couldn't have played more opposite characters, each one is the other's perfect nemesis and that's what make their antagonism so thrilling.

Excellent film dealing in the 1700's which capture my complete attention and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I feel that many people are bored by "Rob Roy" simply because they can't understand what the characters are saying.

This particular movie was one of the FEW worth watching.

The final duel in "Rob Roy" is more exciting then 10 of the battle scenes in "Braveheart".

When Rob Roy is finally compelled to rebel against the English soldiers, the action becomes well understood, ending with the predictable duel between him and an expert with the blade...

surprising that it made 28mil, as it was blown away by Gibson's braveheart, the more comic book version; Rob Roy is more raw, more interesting, better shot, better locations, but missing a screenplay that is entertaining; those defects are not helped by over the top fop tim roth who it is difficult to imagine even lifting a sword, and more so by jessica lang, who as her looks faded or something happened to create tiny little beady eyes, reverted to the quivering hand at the mouth and possibly tears school of acting; neeson is workmanlike, OK; john hurt nicely bizarre- though you should check him in his early penguin movie; all in all understandable that it faded under braveheart

I enjoyed it a lot.

Nothing but a coincidence, but it's still intriguing that "Rob Roy", a movie about a Scottish hero, was released the same year than another movie about another Scottish hero, William Wallace aka the titular "Braveheart", directed by Mel Gibson, and winner of the Best Picture Oscar (that's for the trivia).

It was too predictable from the start and hardly worth the film it was made on or the time spent by its producers and staff, like Braveheart sentimental dribble.

This movie is definitely worth the watch.

All in all, this is far more enjoyable than it might have been.

Really enjoyable Scottish historical romance.

The film looks wonderful and is always gripping: underdog vs superior forces always works in securing the audience's involvement.

This movie is every bit as enjoyable as the Shawshank Redemption.

The most compelling performance is possibly by Jessica Lange as Rob's wife, Mary McGregor.

The screenplay is generally vast and sweeping, and placed somewhere between dreary highlands and a Hollywoodised Celtic wonderland.

Rob Roy was a unique and intriguing taste of a time and place rarely represented by film.

The scenery was breathtaking, the plot had some nice twists and turns, and the characters were well rounded.

The dialouge here is first rate (you have to tough out the Scottish brogue however) and the story takes advantage of classic motifs from adventure films to produce a thrilling tale.

The whole film, from the deliberately slow first half to the exciting second half, is leading up to this moment.

All of it leads to one of the most compelling duel ever seen on film.

There are so many boring and bland moments in this film, that it really let me down, as I was expecting swashbuckling action from the first one, and sieges of English forts, and London political intrigue, and German royalty, and epic escapes/battles, and ruggedly evil antagonists.

Rob Roy employs a level of character development that makes its story even more believable and gripping.

However as a film this is really enjoyable, one for a romantic night in, with some excellent acting.

It has romance, action, beautiful scenery, and has a exciting plot.

Overall this is a stunning and almost flawless watch.

The Cinemaphotography was brilliant and breathtaking.

Jessica Lange, as Mary, gives this woman a fierceness which is a nice change from the simpering, dull movie wives audiences are usually forced to endure.

WHAT WORKS: First of all, the location cinematography of the Scottish Highlands is breathtaking (far better than "Braveheart").

Its not Braveheart( thankfully),but it is fine entertainment with engaging characters and good acting all around.

" The story was good even if it became a little predictable now and then.

I watched this movie last night for the first time, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Something about it was just extremely contrived, and didn't seem real at all to me.

There's no real point to the film, but it is an entertaining film.

Worth watching!

The problem is that Montrose and Cunningham are far more interesting, witty, fun, and entertaining to watch than Rob Roy, who is portrayed here as a bland, unrealistically perfect hero gifted with the beautiful, loving wife and two adoring children.

There were some scenes where I had a hard time telling the good guys from the bad guys, I could never distinct if that was intentional of the films producer as a way to create a climate of uncertinty, or if that was just a hole in the plot that made it sometimes hard to follow.

The scene he escapes Marguis of Montrose (John Hurt) to the waterfall is also worth a look as a stunning visual.

Compelling epic and incredible duel .

And speaking of the climax, the film features one of the greatest and most surprising sword fights ever featured in a film, you could feel the exhaustion, the tension, the hatred between the two characters, and the conclusion is absolutely unpredictable even in its predictability.

I belive the costumes were good, the Acting is 1st rate(Liam Neeson is always great-he is one of the best-an interesting side note: Big Time Producer Goerge"Star Wars" Lucas loved this film and called it one of the best films of the 1990's, He like this film so much and liked Liam Neeson's performance in this film so much that he offered Liam the Role of Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Ginn before he even had the Episode 1 script completed all based on Liam's performance in this film) What hurt this film is the Action scenes are are slow and its takes a while for the Action to develope.

The story is a simple revenge story and quite predictable - nonetheless its presented to the viewer in such a way that makes the viewer stay glued to the edge of his seat.

Boring chain of clichés .

Frankly, the entire movie is boring, up until Neeson fights the sissy guy with the wig at the very end.

The whole film was very well done and having lived with the Scots for fomative years of my life found it thoroughly realistic and entertaining.

Not totally factual, but then who cares when there's so much gripping entertainment.

evil formulaic, this can be forgiven.

This movie is very entertaining, it should appeal to all.

This leads to various battles, rapes, and drawn-out conversations about honor.

Another character that I find fascinating is the Duke of Argyll.

The film has some great scenery and the acting is enjoyable except for the brutal rape scene of Roy's wife.

That leads him to unexpected events...

Liam Neeson in the lead and Jessica Lange, who looked stunning despite her bedraggled attire.

Instead he basically walks though the film as the empty "good guy" avatar.

But with stunning landscapes, charming music and some cracking sword- fighting, this is a reasonable way to spend 2 and a bit hours if you've already watched your top 100.

So it's a very unbalanced movie, with memorable, exciting and deeply human villains that you long to see more of, and a boring hero with no discernible human personality you don't care about.

Did I fall asleep during a portion of the film, because the only action I remember was the climactic battle between McGregor and Cunningham.

Your voices inspire others like me who bore with today's version of excellence.

There are no grand battle scenes as in Braveheart, but continuous engaging action and a particularly gripping sword fight in the final duel between Rob Roy and Cunningham.

His was by far the best acting job of the year in this category and he was totally mesmerizing as the ruthlessly cruel but exceptionally talented and skilled swordsman who finally clashed with Rob Roy in a thrilling swordfight conclusion.

Except for the interesting content and quite vivid action, the movie is filled with truly stunning visuals.

The story is fair enough with predictable ending.

But the rest of Braveheart is laughably bad - it was evennamed by several critics as the worst movie ever to win an Oscar forBest Picture.

Actually only slightly below it's coeval "Braveheart", but only because it lacks the stunning battle scenes.

Gripping, spectacular and entertaining ...