Robin Hood (2018) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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A war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Otto Bathurst
Stars: Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 172 out of 994 found boring (17.3%)

One-line Reviews (514)

Entertaining .

Entertaining .

But with a storyline that is as cliché as a political speech; dialogue more cringy than Days of Our Lives; and a continuity in the scene development that would make a 4 year old on cocaine seem coherent, this is probably the worst movie of 2018 in proportion to it's budget (I'm sure there was some backyeard YouTube movies that had worse dialogue...

This movie was action packed, and one perk of a storyline moving quickly is that it keeps you engaged the whole time, and it kept the movie to the perfect length.

It was actually really entertaining!

One of the most stylish/energetic action packed movie I have seen in recent time, ignore the haters

This film was entertaining for me as well as friends who included a 30-year old and a teen.

Its supposed to be entertaining I feel people have forgotten what entertainment means.

They aren't necessarily wrong, but again, I found its bizarre anachronistic takes to be oddly compelling.

Robin Hood, It's no good, what a bore.

The Sheriff of Nottingham would not have been out of place in The Matrix, and although very much made to find its niche on the silver screen, this latest version of one of my favourite film characters is refreshing and quite exciting to watch.

It was dark, gritty , and super entertaining.

The setting of the movie is a little confusing.

On the other hand total dreck like It and Get Out ( two of the worst movies ever made ) mystifyingly get championed.

Action packed and entertaining while lacking a story.

I'm confident in my position as declaring this the worst movie of 2018.

It is action packed and somewhat funny.

I didn't start off by hating this film, in the first scenes where Robin is off fighting in the crusades, I found the fight scenes exciting, Taron Edgerton portrays the titular characters bravery and humanity very believably, when he tries to save Little Johns son.

A very action packed retell of Robin Hood with a big anticlerical message .

Left the theater after 5 minutes and a good meal .

If you like a fun action film then this is for you,if you like the slow telling of this tale then avoid,simple.

My point being that the base foundation of the story is so enjoyable that it translates into almost any medium or style with a high chance of success.

A must watch if you're settled all cosy looking for a genuinely enjoyable film to satisfy your evening.

There was a lot of entertaining action sequences.

Add in too many action scenes that go on for too long, and are too repetitive, and it's a bit of a mish mash all round, unfortunately.

It's a quick witted, very clever and exciting retake.

I really tried to like this film but was soo bored, Friar Tuck was the only good character in this production.

After 30 min i could nt take it anymore, and walked out !!!

Waste of time.

Save your money and go and watch something else....

It's fun, entertaining, heart-warming, and if you're willing to think deeper about some of the dialogue and themes - quite meaningful and inspiring.

I couldn't grasp what accent Foxx actually had, and the typical "period drama" English accent from the rest of the cast became tedious after a while.

Costumes aren't period appropriate (they're in jeans and under armour for f sake), accents keep going in and out, they do a battle scene out of call of duty, so many things do not fit the period, acting is quite bad all around, writing is predictable, god the list goes on.

If you like fun and entertaining movies definitely check this out!

It was action packed and each actor played their role well.

The scenes depicting the Crusades are exciting and gritty as absurd it is seeing crossbows handled like modern machine guns.

It was a very fun action packed movie.

There was a bunch of cringy dialogue, failed jokes, and super cliche cliches.

waste of time .

* Bland sound design.

It is nothing of the sort, just grabbing a pair of well-known and loved characters and throwing them into a cliche of a story.


If you want to watch an entertaining movie to be entertained, watch this.

Bad sets, uninspiring action set pieces, mediocre acting.

Surprisingly entertaining but predictable.

This version of Robin Hood touch a lot of things even Ridley Scott with his revisionist (and boring vision) avoid.

I'm a big fan of Taron Egerton as we are both from the North of England and this was an enjoyable movie to watch.

Looks the writer was so bored he wanted to get rid of the script.

Extreme cliche.

Predictable yet the slight different retailing of the story of Robin Hood in enjoyable.

It's like the producers just took the most cliche scenes out of a couple romance movies, a couple drama movies, and a couple present day war movies, threw in some clearance Halloween costumes, a couple bow and arrows, and some other random crap cuz who cares, named it Robin Hood, and called it a day.

I took my two boys under 13 and they really enjoyed it.

Ignore these anal nerds who hate practically anything except the movies that really suck like It if Get Out ( two of yhesll time worst movies ).

Worst movie of the year.

Totally worth watching if you are capable of forming your own opinion .

This movie is a confusing mess of Robin Hood meets Hunger Games.

Worst movie.

Tremendous action set pieces and an engaging cast makes this a fun experience.

My husband enjoyed it too.

Don't waste your time .

It's that predictable.

After Robin finds out his love has fallen for someone else, he is physically in pain, so much so that it is unbearable for him to be anywhere near her.

Enjoyable .

Well no, really we didn't but if we did, I feel we needed something a little more relevant than this tiresome affair.

If you wish for an exciting version of Robin Hood.

Just a waste of time completely.

Entertaining .

Worth watching.

) The main characters, I feel like were rather cliche and I felt like I have seen some of these characters before.

Boring ...

I prefer Prince of Thieves over the latest one and the one before with Russell Crowe because they were both boring and dull.

Dull .

But the truth is that the action scenes are spectacular and that's why the movie ends up to be quite enjoyable.

All in all, I felt it was an extremely exciting film.

A generational leap forward in unwatchable nonsense.

The rest was a bit pointless and had no charm.

It is both thrilling and entertaining.

Only watch this if you are REALLY REALLY bored.

Predictable & Unentertaining!

The action scenes are quite enjoyable.

I was bored and totally uninvested in its characters.

This was different, modern, and entertaining which left me pleasently surprised.

This was actually quite enjoyable to watch.

it's fast paced tried to do smg different and if it hadn't had too much cgi in the battles and also if they handled the love story more carefully it would be a great film.

I thought it was a very enjoyable movie.

" However, the action scenes are awesome and enjoyable to watch.

lots of exciting scenes.

and as a movie, it is very entertaining.

Absolutely boring throughout the entire movie.

If you have spare time and like one or more of the characters, there is some fun in there - still predictable and cliches abound ...

Enjoyable .

This is a modern twist on an old tale that's fun, action packed, light hearted, decent acting.

This new Robin Hood was performed with intense action scenes that left behind a lasting feeling that anyone with passion and determination can lead and become a hero.

Enjoyable if you watch with reasonable expectations.

The problem is that rather then using it to it's advantage, it serves as a backdrop for a very dull, unimaginative retelling.

Don't waste your time !

It was very entertaining, the storyline kept moving and the action was great!

Don't waste your time.

Action packed!

this kind of sillyness is not ridiculous, it is "ridonculous" which is a step up from ridiculous because it makes one feel part of the joke that's why this movie gets a 5/10 - because even though it did the effort to try and be enjoyable, it ended up being quite forgettable

Horrible Robin Hood movie, but if you watch it as non-RH movie its watchable and IMO enjoyable.

And uninspiring.

The story is contrived.

It was entertaining and full of action.

With all the hokey action; it just got boring.

Entertaining at the very least.

Fun and Entertaining .

I find this movie a little too fast if I say, just the storyline was a little too confusing, the storyline could been better .

Waste of time

Whilst far from historically accurate the contemporary take on an old story was enjoyable to watch.

Very enjoyable .

But the movie was still good, still entertaining.

A very enjoyable film.

No plot.

Yes the way they dress is confusing.

It's a very enjoyable story in its original form sure, but how many times do you have to reinvent the wheel for it the become boring?

Sorry it was far too predictable.

Dont waste your time.

Very predictable.

There are plenty of fun and engaging action sequences that put prior Robin Hood renditions to shame.

Worst movie of the year .

But to my surprise my wife and I enjoyed it.

This movie is entertaining and enlightening.

We really enjoyed it.

(You know a movie is about pretty people when Jamie Dornan is cast as the unsexy boring guy.

They really shouldn't have bothered with this one as it was pointless.

Music and cinematography were suitably awe inspiring.

Now there is Robin Hood (2018), which has even less to do with history, as impossible as that sounds, but is once again a grand old movie blockbuster, whales of fun, and a rousing tribute to the power of Hollywood.

The worst movie I've ever seen in my life!!!

It's a action movie with all the components it should have and even though it doesn't go too far beyond that, it's a enjoyable movie to watch.

Don't waste your time!

Disgusting Propaganda .

My family enjoyed it and look forward to the sequel!

It's still entertaining.

I literally fell asleep in the theater because I was so bored.

However, it is very entertaining and fun to watch.

Camera angles were horrific sometimes, and the music was absolutely boring.

The next scene that caught my attention was the ride into Nottingham that appeared to be drawn out of the world Mad Max with its chimneys belching smoke and fire.

It was quite entertaining .

But after the initial fun and after Robin is "back" where he belongs, it begins to become a bit boring.

The whole movie is just a waste of time.

As I become more bored with the mediocre story and its lacklustre characters, I begin to notice how much the set looked like a terrible medieval theme park.

This Robin Hood is so dull and forgettable, that I'd rather shoot arrows at it then watch it again.

The movie is a light entertaining version based on the Robin Hood myth.

The story line was crap, the sets were ridiculous and borish, the acting was short and forced, I'd have to give it a -5*, however as a movie of simple entertainment that one watches when their sick on a couch or brain numbing insomnia and don't have to think about what their watching.

Worth watching, an enjoyable movie.

It's actually set up for a sequel but don't waste your money buying this tripe it's the best unintentional comedy I've seen though.

Nonetheless, the action scenes represent a big problem of the movie, since they're confusing and chaotic, even for an action sequence.

This film was a waste of time.

This is the worst movie of 2018 by a long shot.

I did though and actually really enjoyed it.

I rather enjoyed it at points.

anyway, don't listen to the negative reviews, the movie was action packed and kept us entertained from beginning to end.

On the short list of films I have walked out of...

Having watched it twice, I really enjoyed the modernistic twist that Otto Bathurst took on the film and the soundtrack is absolutely stunning to credits to Joseph Trapanese for such amazing work.

This movie is a waste of both time and money to make it.

It might be the worst movie I've ever paid money to see.

Exciting and a nice new way to tell the tale.

Just enough to enjoy the movie and in the end I enjoyed it.

It totally fails to connect with the audience, it's flat and uninteresting, at times silly.

(wal*mart, prices low guarantee ) also the movie sets, where totally from other movies (mad max, Holmes, etc), just bad, bad pointless bad directed badly plot.

If you want a 'classic' Robin Hood story then this is not for you, but it is an entertaining enough film, well put together.

Sadly the new Robin Hood is frankly not that good, an often bizarre and mostly charmless affair that sees Robin of Loxley become some type of Assassin's Creed reject that also masquerades as a GQ fashion model, as debut filmmaker Otto Bathhurst gets caught up in the joys of slow-motion instead of getting caught up on making his characters more intriguing or his film more fun.

This is the definition of wack storyline and cliché acting..Wow this bad, wasted 1hr 55mins of my lifeIf you want to create a classic, you must be class.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Refreshing and Entertaining .

Enjoyable fun .

Immensely entertaining movie with not one biting moment.

Action packed all the way!!!.

However, is entertaining .

Enjoyable Romp .

This angle and everything that comes with it is uneasy and not carried-out well, and it takes the film way too long for him to really feel like Robin Hood in earnest.

Don't waste hard earned money for this drool.

Now I'm not saying its absolute garbage, it is sometimes enjoyable.

Funny and entertaining .

So overall, Robin Hood is far from perfect and definitely has its flaws, but at the same time is a very good movie that's entertaining, unique, and somewhat special in its own way.

Two stars are only as appreciation for the idea of interpret the origin of Robin Hood legend and its characters, and for intense arrow-ing styles.

The story had some interest, but was delivered in such a bland and formulaic way as to merit scorn.

I did see it in a AMC using the DBOX seat which made it more enjoyable

It was just boring.

Somebodies pretentious idea of artistic license.

Save your money and go and watch something else...

People can hate on the slow motion and quick cuts all they want, but I thought it was thrilling.

This was an entertaining film.

I went on a Saturday night and the theatre was empty!!

A fast paced tale, full of amazing actors, abd characters you thought you knew, that doesn't take itself too serious.

I enjoyed Robin Hood, the arrow work was exciting, the movie well acted and the pace was fast.

Anachronistic silly bore .

Although this movie had alot of errors considering the historical accuracy, it was fairly entertaining and watchable.

nevertheless the story is boring and unrealistic ...

Entertaining movie for this week-end holiday .

Was the story and the action predictable?

Anachronistic, but oddly compelling .

Disappointing, Waste of Time .

Unwatchable .


Very Entertaining .

There were three problems: (1) the scenery was repetitive, dark, and too brown.

This movie was so boring and lame.

Totally Underrated, FUN and WORTH WATCHING!.

I can understand why it would have bad reviews but I enjoyed it.

Dumb, illogical things happen, which makes it nearly unwatchable because it's also done poorly.

Is actually a very refreshing reboot of an over done, and frankly quite boring tale of a skilled bowman stealing from the rich and redistributing to the poor.

Enjoyed it from beginning to end :) and the costumes were amazing.

Nothing happens to make you care about them or their relationship.

As a huge Taron Egerton and Robin Hood fan i really enjoyed this movie Taron is the perfect choice for this role annoys me that people think this movie is bad its blatantly enjoyable

But the ending was poorly written and it was somehow confusing because the script was...

Of course its full of cliché pandering to the lowest common denominator about how terrible you automatically are if you are any more affluent than a fuedel pesant etc blah blah blah its woeful.

Terrible, atrocious, convoluted, confusing, poorly scripted, false.

I suppose if your 12yrs old or under you may like it, the acting was ok, but the plot is too PC , why is it most movies or TV shows now a days either have that stupid " metoo" slant or " poor muslims" as part of the story, this movie has the poor muslim slant, the quality of the acting and CGI is more suited for a tv show then a major movie, i was keen on seeing the movie after seeing the trailer, but, walked out very disappointed along with most other people, listening to their comments.

Boring .

However, Robin Hood was lots of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Which is a shame because they had some decent actors do terrible parts which only made the movie more tedious.

regardless the movie was terrible , story was boring and unbelievable!

I enjoyed it and like how although the Robin Hood story was there, it was made different so it didn't just feel like re-watching the same storyline again.

That's the most unexpected plot twist of 2018.

2nd Worst Movie .

Very enjoyable.

The un-entertaining and un-thrilling story of Robin Hood .

Enjoyable Reboot .

An enjoyable adventure .

I enjoyed it, the whole Robin Hood tale is a fantasy, this adds a nice touch.


"Robin Hood" is a fast moving, exciting action movie.

All in all, a proper waste of time and i will not even waste more of my time writing about it.

Finally, we have predictable scene after predictable scene, many follow a nonsensical plot line.

From start to finish it was a total disaster, I think possibly the worst movie of the year I have seen except for The Hate U Give.

Well worth watching.

True, it was a bit cliche.

utter propaganda tripe.

What it is is a nice action flick offering entertaining action scenes with solid archery combat (if you've ever seen this youtube video of a guy showing how archers actually fought, it seems the makers of this film were paying attention).

I quite enjoyed it, it was an interesting take on a tired old subject, I mean, really, we've all seen too many Robin Hood movies.

Only if you suffer from insomnia .

I thought that was a very good film full of action excitement it was very entertaining I can't wait for the sequel in 2020/2021?

The one with Crowe was simply boring to me.

Worth the watch, don't pay attention to all of the negative reviews .

Robin Hood (2010) and this 2018 remake of the classic tale are very enjoyable, fresh faces.

In addition to a more intriguing plot, character development, and acting, the appearances of the entire cast just put the most recent Robin Hood over the top.

Don't waste your time unless you want to have your ticket money stolen from you!

If a review said it's the worst movie ever, or giving it less than 5 stars, these people have not watched many movies at all!

The action is well filmed and very enjoyable.

The Sheriff is portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn as a rabble-rousing, Muslim-hating demagogue.

It just made the movie confusing.

I found this to be an entertaining take on Robin Hood, at least until the end, which felt a bit forced.

It was an enjoyable action movie that gave a cool spin to the robin hood story.

I personally found this movie entertaining.

The props used were OK, nothing fantastic or awesome about them.. the action mehhh, a bit dull if you ask me and to add, the transition between several scenes seemed a bit rushed and not smooth at all.

"Robin Hood": A Joyless Spectacle of Action and Cliche .

Watch this if your bored to tears and have nothing else to watch

It was entertaining and enjoyable.

Solid performances especially Robin and The Sheriff(s) throughly enjoyable whether you like to think or not.

Overall, I and my guests fond it enjoyable, and I'd even recommend it if your looking for a feel good popcorn flick.

First movie I have ever walked out early on.

This is not inherently a bad decision, but the movie fails to present their relationship in a compelling or interesting way.

The movie merits three stars because there are some entertaining moments.

By the way, this is the worst movie I've seen in a LONG time.

In summary, I think this film is an enjoyable adventure, and is worth the price of the ticket.

Action-packed movie, worth watching.

Enjoyable .

It started well enough and then just became a pointless exercise.

Don't waste your money.

Don't waste your money or your TIME.

It reminds me of some of the CBS tv shows, where they spend more time coming up with the idea of trying to stretch a poorly thought out script effort around a political message than they do actually writing the script, the result of which is long on propaganda content and short on substance.

It wasn't anything new or special, but it was entertaining.

I found this movie entertaining.

I think that the film has infected me with: "scrappy and disjointed" disease.

Predictable, boring, slightly confusing .

Oh yeah, he's in this, and his character's arc is, in order: nonexistent, then confusing and script-serving, then literally Two-Face from The Dark Knight in a categorically stupid franchise setup that promises to tell the exact same story again next time.

The movie is actually quite enjoyable as well and don't take heed to the critics review.

If you want your Robin Hood movies to be 100% historically accurate, then you will be disappointed BUT i think it's the most entertaining Robin hood Movie made in the past 30 years !!!


Even then its a generic and predictable mess.

Boring .

There are elements of classic Westerns, BEN HUR, and fantasy movies, anachronistic glasses, shoes with laces, a train track (700 yrs before trains were invented), and puerile writing and predictable dialogue.

He was able to pull together a decent cast, especially with the demand for Taron Egerton after the success of the Kingsman franchise, but the predictable action scenes and poor wit made it unentertaining and a strain to watch.

Fun, action packed, entertainment .

The director doesn't even know how to build suspense or tell a story, just full of pointless emotionless scenes that looked complete in the first take.

Honestly, this is an entertaining action movie.


Other than that, it's cheesy, fun and action packed.

Anti-brexit propaganda.

An entertaining medieval action flick which is useful for passing time.

But still, despite its badness, I enjoyed it.

Definitely had many instances of unrealistic scenes but was exciting and quite enjoyable for a weekend movie.

Action packed, great acting, everything I have expected and more.

It was a contrived mess that didn't know what it wanted to be.

I watched Robin Hood because my friend wanted to prove the rest of the "haters" wrong as he put it but we both left the room feeling a bit empty and defeated.

Good at best entertaining at worst .

Don't waste your time.

It's Entertaining.

It was the same story we've seen and heard many times over, so incredibly predictable.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

entertaining and fun .

Good movie, totally worth the watch.

The movie was pretty good and exciting.

the whole thing felt contrived and ill-conceived!

I felt immersed from the start, and pacing is done well enough to keep you from lookin down at your phone thinking "how much time do we have left.

This is the second worst movie i've ever seen.

Though you know it's not real, CGI can be fabulous if used well, but here it is over used such that you bore of the over the top action scenes and sprawling vista.

from a masterpiece to a cliche....

Catering to interest groups, offering a one sided glance at the mutual brutality of medieval conflict, whilst taking an insipid swipe at atheists, isn't, in my view, entertaining.

I for one, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just hoping for a nice action packed film in some alternate-universe-like Nottingham and Robin Hood as was suggested by interviews and the trailers.

Entertaining fiction .

In addition to the dangerous and exciting cinematography, this new version also trumps the older version with its more real and raw acting scenes.

Boring more than entertaining, with few thrills or exciting scenes.

Fast Paced Action Film .

Enjoyable Movie .

:) Enjoyable flick.

This was an entertaining movie with a different take on the Robin Hood legend.

Unwatchable .


Hated by the critics but actually really enjoyable.

I was lucky to not watch it at cinema, i would have got bored.

All the reviews are lying, people saying they walked out of the cinema are complete liars it's a good film.

Taron Egerton in particular is as enjoyable as ever.

This movie was made to make Robinhood more exciting and provided a good origin of his skills which is military training.

+Fight scenes are cool and entertaining -Story -false empowered Marian -The incentive for Mr Fifty Shades to do what he does -Plot holes

All in all the film seemed exciting, and had no real boring bits, whatsoever.

The baneful influence of the Catholic Church is very well done, and the fight scenes are quite enjoyable.

This is as bland as can be, you DO know the story.. well no, you know a BETTER story about Robin Hood.

I enjoyed it and would probably buy it on DVD.

I still enjoyed it and Really don't understand the bad reviews.

I thought it was entertaining and the cast was good.

Action sequences were exciting and very well done.

The production value is high, most of the action set pieces are very entertaining, and the cast does the best they can with some really clunky dialogue.

Don't waste your time or money.

No story line .

Terrible waste of money

This is a fun, adrenaline packed action movie which was set up for a possible sequel we're clearly not going to get after the film only made about 25% of its budget back.

Don't waste your well earned money on such a bad movie.

2hours of boredom, a few memorable scenes.

Among the inexcusable waste of talent and money in this effort, there's an annoying soundtrack noise of thunder, which makes no sense at any point.

Worst movie ever !!!!.

Entertaining Movie .

Gritty, exciting and brilliant take on the Robin Hood story.

Even though I agree with the negative reviews that it was cliche and pc and stupid story that makes you wince I still quite enjoyed watching it splitting it up over 3 evenings.

Train Egerton does a great job leading the film and it is worth watching him steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Don't waste your time.

Boring .

Hopefully, the story line was brilliant with a twist, edge of your seat kind of film cheering on ROBIN HOOD I don't understand why it's had loads of low ratings maybe the critics they go too deep with there views and with a closed mind says alot about certain critics/viewers anyway it's worth the watch because it's very entertaining and please allow a open mind plus sit back and enjoy without being so gudgemental JUST ENJOY!!!

This must be the worst movie of all times.

I dont see why all the Negitive reviews on here this movie was action packed from start to finish.

An unquestionably talented performer and one of our countries best acting exports, Mendelsohn delving into yet another villain role as the nefarious Sherriff of Nottingham after similar turns in the likes of Ready Player One, Rogue One, TV show Bloodline and The Dark Knight Rises begs the question of how hard the actor is trying at the moment, and while his turn here isn't "bad", it's certainly tiresome with all things considered, with the time now for Mendelsohn to break away from these type of roles.

It has a slow start, as any quality trilogy movie pack does, and the performances of all characters are top notch.

Fast paced action.

It's exciting and has a good storyline.

Do like I did and don't waste your time.

Very exciting .

Watching the movie is waste of time, polt is utter waste need to improve more, guys don't spend time on wacting it.

A profound waste of talent, money, and time.

Worst movie of year .

It looks good on paper but is kind of dull when you get the result.

My daughter (13) thought is was allright, entertaining.

Another thing that sticks in your eye, is the overuse of certain movie cliche's that have been done to death.

Entertaining and Action Packed.

I walked out after 45 boring, utterly absurd minutes, and I definitely waited too long to exit this one.

But it turn out to be a very exciting and entertaining movie from the beginning until the end.

I found the action exciting.

If you can enjoy it for what it is.. a loud, exciting, fun, different take on the story of Robin Hood give it a watch.

However, even though the whole arrows that shoot like bullets were fun and entertaining, the story does not hold up.

One more boring story about RH .

What a Waste in throw money in style .

As the story begins, we're told to ignore everything we've ever known about the titular hero (for some, that's not a good sign; for me, it's an intriguing hook).

Like the other two movies mentioned, this one never lets up, has a great stirring soundtrack, hugely likeable good guys and several dastardly villeins, all well played both as acts and as characters, has a story that couldn't tax a slow wombat, is plastered with riveting explosions and shotgun arrows, and all inhabit a fairytale world only an highly romantic ancient hobbit could properly imagine.

I actually walked out of the theatre because I had better things to do than watch such a terrible movie.

So very disjointed and of little entertainment value.

I started watching this and it's so boring that you lose interest almost instantly.

I thought it was fascinating.

Worth watching once in a year, especially when the weather is not super outside and you have nothing to do.

It is very watchable, very compelling and I thoroughly recommend it.

predictable dialogue.

However, I find it entertaining.

This film has some fun action scenes and it's enjoyable as mindless entertainment.

They are comic book movies and enjoyable ones at that.

Cheesy as all hell, cliche as can be, and an insult to the Robin Hood story.

Unfortunately neither come off well, Will's is dull and confused and the Sheriff's is pointless, weird and makes little sense.

Tim Minchin's quirky Friar Tuck was a delightful distraction from the somewhat dull main characters and Ben Mendleson was menacing as the sheriff.

TL;DR, don't waste your time.

forced feeling leftist propaganda flick .

I recommend it if you just want something to watch, it's definitely entertaining.

Regardless of how boring this movie is and how redicelous it is , what makes it actually wrose is them getting up a black person to act a moor when we know that moors are the ancestors of modern morrocans who are not of sub Saharan ancestry this falsification on history really need to change !.

The movie is a good action movie and the heists are more exciting.

The direction is a bland, predictable and and lacks any noteworthy scenes.

An Entertaining watch.

But mostly, just become increasingly dissapointed as a beloved story is watered down into a thinly veiled, self-contradicting, and poorly executed social justice propaganda piece.

It's entertaining and never gets boring....

The romantic part of the storyline was boring and cringe worthy, often many times the lead actress and the actor were seeking the approval of each other like "smiles* I did well right?

Robin Hood is good, funny and entertaining.

My apologies for this very scrappy and rather disjointed review.

His screen presence alone make this drama worth watching, despite underwhelming several performances of the cast.

It was boring too!

To call it contrived would be an insult to contrivances .

I really enjoyed it...

It has everything you'd expect from a hero's story; intense action sequences, training montage, flashbacks, and a love story to fuel the hero.

But then, I already feel so bored in the middle.

Don't waste your time

Don't waste your fee or your time.

There are way worst movies that deserve a lower rating than what it's getting now.

There are some entertaining moments, like when Robin was training to become a proficient archer

There's lots of explosions, decent bow and arrow fights, and general mayhem to make this a really enjoyable Friday night movie.

Sometimes you were there and waited for catchy music but it remained a bored track which repeated all along the movie.

Terrible Hollywood cliché flick .

Predictable, cringe-worthy, mediocre special effect.

Taron Egerton makes a dull and uncharismatic hero, never looking able to fill the shoes of more illustrious predecessors in the role such as Richard Greene, Patrick Bergin, Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe.

Really enjoyable action movie.

Don't waste your time!!

The bad - The 'modern styling' does get out of hand and the story is VERY predictable.

I really enjoyed it.

This retelling of the old story is different, but I found the movie entertaining, well acted, great costumes, and delivered at an exciting pace.


Did they think they were making up a script for some religious drama or HR propaganda aimed at glorifying some section of the populace ??

This movie is a waste of time, the main actor has no charisma or charm and the Role of robin hood is clearly to much for him to handle.

This ruined the film and makes it pretty much unwatchable.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

It's all becoming too predictable and with no stakes at all.

5 You will see plenty of outlandish, hyper-kinetic action scenes that frankly just appear ridiculous, rather than exciting.

I found the movie entertaining, engaging for my needs and just some fun..

Stuff the critics this is a damn good action packed film full of everything..action..humour..romance I loved it & am sad there won't be a sequel 😞

Waste of your time like it was for me.

It was entertaining had good fight scenes.

Therefore, any attempt at conveying an actual sociopolitical agenda comes across as pretentious.

Everybody, from major toffs like New York biggies to all other hot Inet scribblers , has passed on the raison d'etre of the huge $ spent on producing the most exciting adventure movie since the hey- day of the great Disney movies.

Well it is very entertaining to watch.

Don't waste your time or money .

Great Entertaining Movie...

I really enjoyed it

Watch this movie for mind blowing action .

When I used the term predictable to describe this poorly contructed attempt to adapt the story of Robin Hood into a pro-communism vehicle, I'm not speaking of our familiarity with the classic tale.

I mean this is one time movie to kill time if you're bored.

Its as if someone thought, lets make a pro-communism propaganda film, spent a year thinking of the idea, 30 minutes writing a script from some kind of "fill in the blank", "mad libs script writing for dummies" book, and a month filming the whole thing, with the assumption that Jamie Fox is a big enough box office attraction to pass the whole thing off.

Foxx looks uncomfortable throughout and Mendelssohn does another scenery chewing villain for us - yawn.

Total waste of time .

so many cliche, political correctness, bad jokes, awful acting, bizarre costumes ....

Maybe a bit harder to follow for some, but they were intense, non-stop, and did a great job keeping the viewer on their toes.. No, Robin Hood does not pick up a sword once he takes up a hood.

They just stole the name and made propaganda movie about 2019 USA Politics.

The cut-edit is also lame, and the dialogue is so cliche.

Not only that, the gore felt toned down to get a lower rating and reach a larger audience which, in hindsight, proved to be pointless decision as the film was a failure at the box office.

Remember The Lone Ranger same thing, got bad reviews but it was meant for entertainment and it was very entertaining.

Stale, slow and slathered with Political Correctness .

a lot of special effects and pretentious tricks, little sense and logic.

I saw it with a bunch of people and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Enjoyable watch.


Really Enjoyable Film - Stylish and Relevant .

I'm pretty sure that movies are suppose to be entertaining and that's what this was.

The plot just has us bored to the broom with an end credits soundtrack that does NOT AT ALL fit the movie's purpose.

Personally, I get bored easily and didn't find myself checking my watch at all.

Could be the worst movie ever...

Very enjoyable.

Waste of time .

I Think A movie can still be entertaining carried by director and cast.

Enjoyable at best .

Even the trailer for it was boring.

It's an entertaining film.

As other reviewers have said, take a look at older films that treat this fictional story for what it is, swashbuckling fun that's enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Ben Mendelsohn was a tedious boring villain.

This one turns out to be even worse, a mish-mash of genre tropes and cliches mixed up in an over-stylised mess that tries to be cool and "street" and ends up being trite nonsense.

Entertaining watch, good directorial that can cover up Mediocre story .

And all of this made the first 2/3 of the movie a cheesy but entertaining popcorn flick.

Dont waste your time watching this movie.

Boring indeed.

I'm not saying this is the best movie of the year, but it is definitely entertaining.

Become genuinly frustrated at repetitive and needless attacks on catholic and christian faith (the only christian/catholic character painted in a good light refers to getting excommunicated as being "set free").

Now some specificsThemes- we had austerity, we had child abuse, we had powerful women resisting oppressive men, we had food and clothes being handed out, we had political action, all this is was so contrived.

It was fun and entertaining with nothing to nitpick.

The lead actor is an entertaining charismatic stunt guy, just like in his Kingsmans movie's.

Absolute waste of time .

The action is pretty continuous, has exciting moments, and is complimented with some reasonably suspenseful scenes.

With the story line including a "Twilight type love triangle" and action that is unfortunately dull and uninteresting, it's truly amazing how a story about Robin Hood could be done so poorly.

CheckProbably the worst movie I've seen in the past 5-6 years, honest.

This is liberal propaganda about social justice and other garbage disguised as a movie.

They took major liberties with tech and other things of those times but at its core it was entertaining.

Eve Hewson looks pretty but she's bland and forgettable as Maid Marian.

The most overrated movie ever seen by the way Soooooooooooo boring damn one

It stands on its own and is an enjoyable film.

Yes, I also wasn't happy with one part of the ending, and would have given it more stars had there been a more satisfying one, but this movie is still enjoyable and worth watching.

This newest adaption of Robin Hood is a mix of the classic hero with an exciting and fun modern twist.

I loved the film greatly entertaining....

Dont waste your time even its the last movie on earth.

very bland and drab.

Dont waste your time on this

It was fast paced enough to keep my husband's attention and he enjoyed that it wasn't the same Robin Hood that's been made over and over again.

So formulaic, really bad acting from nearly all of the "stars".

This is an incredible, action packed spin on the great tale of Robin Hood!

Great fight scenes tie into a very predictable story line.

The acting was so bad right from the beginning, the plot was kind of weak and a bit cliche.

) I found the writing and dialog, while predictable, to be engaging.

Worst Movie I have Ever Seen .

It does stray from the original story line, but I found it refreshing, and very entertaining.

The storyline is tired, predictable and cliche'd.

To the surprise of nobody, it's a tone deaf, ridiculous, poorly acted and shockingly poorly written waste of time.

Action packed fun filled movie .

There's big confusion in there small minds.

Terrible storytelling and awful propaganda!

The action is also enjoyable for a Saturday night movie.

Dumb acting and so damn predictable.

I wasted too much of my life watching this so I'm not going to waste another moment reviewing it other than to say, worst movie ever!

It has confused plot points which meander and seemingly end up going nowhere and really is only fairly loosely based on the Robin Hood saga making me wonder why they bothered using the story.

When you have the always entertaining Taron Egerton as the title character, an endless series of explosive action sequences and a plot that takes a tale as old as time and turns it on it's head, you get a movie that is much better than anybody would ever expect another "Robin Hood" movie to be.

Mendelsohn's villain is boringly one-note, Eve Hewson's Marion uses an incongruous Yank accent and always looks as though she's just stepped out of the makeup trailer, F.

That's the intriguing and audience captivating thing.

Same with the recent King Arthur, this racial pushing has become even more boring than the films themselves.

Costumes are way too confusing.

Very enjoyable watch.

If you're not uptight about films and love to just sit back an enjoy, this film will be enjoyable.

yeah, confusing.

He is calling Arabians savages even with our great culture that stretch to stone ages Will the Europeans ever stop that propaganda and stop promoting that they are angels while we are demons.

If you're looking for a action packed movie this is it, non stop, high budget, great action, the last Robin Hood version wasn't too long ago, so this fresh approach with a different take, almost an 'alternate universe' version, is very welcomed.

Sure, its got its own twists on the legend, but that made it more intriguing.

DON'T waste your time.

That doesn't make the movie bad and in my opinion just made it more interesting, even BEFORE I went to go see it with my dad, who might I add enjoyed it as well.

What I had missed was a fun, fast paced and visually brilliant film with great performances from the charismatic Taron Egerton as Robin and scenery chewing villainy from Ben Mendelssohn.

The acting was forced and the script banal.