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A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Dexter Fletcher
Stars: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 93 out of 807 found boring (11.52%)

One-line Reviews (344)

The scenes are random also, so it´s also confusing.

Very boring movie.. I didn't like it.. as I don't like their life of useless stuff .. aimless life .. not thinking of the last day.

Where Bohemian Rhapsody takes a dull, very literal approach to telling a music biopic, Rocketman recognises that there is more to show than just the chronology of a musician's life, and that's where the music itself comes in.

Taron Egerton nails it completely in the lead conveying his egocentricities, yet vulnerablities, and flamboyant style while Jamie Bell (who is undoubtedly coming of age in his recent roles) is excellent as the words behind the songs, and 'brother' Bernie Taupin.

The way he portrays emotions, the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, everything, is just stunning and really let's you feel the pain and the emotions he's going through.

Rocketman displays such a strange mixture of self-pity and self-aggrandizement that it made the tone way too confusing to pin down.

' There is no point, no message.

Very well done, highly entertaining ...

Unlike "Bohemian Rhapsody", where the purpose of the songs were limited to entertaining the audience (mostly fans), here, Elton John's songs (recreated, and sung by Taron himself) serve as a device for storytelling: the film-makers cleverly use the musical-style approach to depict happening of events, and passage of time.

Don't waste your time!

A gripping tale of one of music's biggest icons.

While telling a somewhat well-known tale, Rocketman manages to be joyous, tragic, romantic, funny, exciting, and just about any other emotion one might hope to experience while watching a film.

I did like the performance from taron egerton but the story was confusing

Really enjoyed it!

'Rocketman' was not a perfect film, but on the most part it was thoroughly enjoyable and at its best dazzlingly executed when seeing it in the cinema earlier this year.

I wholeheartedly enjoy it, not because it was about someone who i grew up with (the sole reason why I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody, the music and the talent of Freddie Mercury), but the lingering feelings it leaves long after I left the theater.

It's a damn shame the story was mangled by this waste of time by all involved.

But it was enjoyable and makes me want to go crank some Elton John CDs, so I feel it succeeded.

Too much boring dancing and singing scene!

Insightful, entertaining, good acting.

Its fairly unique presentation as an actual musical leads to some entertaining sequences and the fact that it's frank about its protagonist's troubles is certainly welcome - especially coming off the back of its recent unavoidable comparison, 'Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)'.

It was actually so slow in parts I couldn't believe it was only 2 hours.

Taron Egerton stars and sings in this biopic musical that offers up a compelling, creative, and artistic depiction of Elton John's life through both an absorbing storyline and a dazzling array of musical dance numbers.

Fast paced, dizzying at times.

Dazzling presentation of a cliche .

Worst movie ever and does not address in any sensible way how the focal figures in his life effected him.

It's a fine movie for its type, with the usual strengths (hardworking talent, no expense spared for artistic set design, undeniably great music) and weaknesses (somewhat pedestrian and predictable as well as episodic and fragmentary plot) of the genre.

This movie is the most beautiful, touching, authentic, stunning, magical and empowering movie I have seen in the last 30 years.

A loose retelling of his life and people in it, hugely entertaining with big choreographed dance sequences.

If I have learnt one thing is that the cloak we all wear to hide the takes of who we are are often the hardest to remove each night we lie in bed to fall asleep.


It's fun to watch, and exciting to know.

It's disjointed making it hard to follow how the various events affected his life and his music.

Unsurprisingly the film has the feel of Billy Elliot, also written by Lee Hall, with a gorgeous rousing bop through the mean streets of middle-class Pinner.

While it does differ from the majority of them as it's a straight-up musical as opposed to just featuring on-stage performances, every beat of the narrative is very generic and therefore predictable.

Definitely worth watching in the cinemas.

Bohemian Rhapsody was drawn out and poorly structured, in this case Rocketman was messy and jumbled, jumping from scene to scene.

I went into this movie doubtful about what kind of drama could be written about Elton John that would make for a riveting story, and I was right.

Dexter Fletcher is a truly amazing director and the screenplay was also written beautifully, keeping the viewer on the edge, something not often experienced in biographies.


The constant, back-to-back recital of his relatively similar songs eventually became tiresome and got on my nerves, not to mention the unnecessary intermittent musical-esque scenes.

The most self-indulgent load of drivel I have seen in years.

I'm glad I didn't spend any money on this and was able to stream it, so save your money.

This was tough to sit through and honestly, I didnt make it to the finish..I was bored while watching this.. It came across as unrealistic and greatly lacked depth .

A tad superficial & self indulgent .

Elton John is undoubtedly a legend, and this subjective statement alone will attract several audiences into what is an enjoyable musical.

Dexter Fletcher (director) clearly had a vision for telling this internal story through stunning set pieces and brilliant pacing and editing.

It is a fascinating movie, which did almost bring me to tears twice.

At times it's a bit of of fantasy, and perhaps because of that and because the movie tried so desperately to fit the story of Elton's life with Elton's music (it's a little bit like "Mamma Mia" in that respect except that the story is true) it at times seemed a bit disjointed.

Visually, it's stunning work.. and in most other ways, you'll get lost in the movie (which shows the film makers and production crew really paid attention to detail and did a great job all together).

Instead of a linear "here's-how-this-song-came-about" storyline, it's a jukebox musical, with entire scenes bursting into unexpected song-and-dance numbers.

The movie is hard watch and it is difficult to follow , people were leaving the theater.

Save your money, watch something better.

I did feel that there were parts of the movie, mostly in the third act that dragged a bit, which felt that the film had gone a tad bit too long.

Stunning .

The formulaic plot that this follows isn't just sub-par because we've seen it before, either.

Finally we are getting some entertaining movies on the big screen.

This movie was boring and a typical story of rags to riches with all the emotional baggage you could think of.

I'm not questioning anyone's personal struggle with such issues at all; that said, I had rotten parents too and it simply wouldn't make for a compelling story or movie, especially if that were the lion's share of any hardship I faced in life.

Very boring, i give up before the middle.

Which is what makes them instantly enchanting but ultimately -- for me -- disappointing and even empty.

It is not a masterpiece but it is raw, entertaining and definitely a window into one of music's largest personalities.

Total waste of time and money on this movie.

An entertaining musical that's let down by following the music-biopic formula too closely.

Everyone on screen is great, especially Egerton (which is, incidentally, another cliché of the genre).

"Rocketman," the musical biopic of Elton John, while far from a perfect film, is very enlightening and entertaining for both fans and those who might only be peripherally familiar with the singer's work and tumultuous life.

Rocketman was entertaining, and the music brought to life what Elton and the other characters were feeling.

EDITING/FLOW: It made the story feel disjointed at times.

While the characters and story seemed to ring a bit formulaic and hollow, Egerton's performance is able to carry the gravitas.

It's quite funny in places, visually impressive in others (the costumes are a real treat), harmlessly enjoyable on the whole.

Entertaining and watchable, though far from reaching its potential .

Due mostly to a sensational performance by Taron Egerton in the title role, the musical interludes are performed and viewed very imaginatively, even if the storytelling is strictly mundane.

Originally, I left the theater with about 20 minutes left.

Boring story.

A yawn.

The singing and acting was amazing and so enjoyable.

Blending the music together with orthodox drama in incredibly slick fashion, the film runs at an electrifying pace throughout, running to the beat of its fantastic soundtrack, all the while engrossing you all the more in the story at hand.

In an effort to be " not your standard biopic" , the filmmakers have delivered a movie that is a collection of fantasy musical numbers and scenes that makes watching it more like work than an entertaining, enlightening, or interesting experience.

But it's intriguing that - apart from some of the historical releases that frame the story - all of Elton's hits are scattered through the film without regard to release date.

Really self indulgent (classic Elton)

The pain he suffered in life and how he tried to self medicate is a journey worth watching in this movie.

Most importantly - the costume and set design for this movie could not have been better, and when they close the movie (to an awe inspiring rendition of I'm Still Standing) the side by side shots of the outfits in film and reality - the greatness truly shines through.

No No Rap, but entertaining .

Artistic, original camera work, touching, entertaining and great music.

Absolutely stunning .

The soundtrack - provided by Egerton, himself, is the stuff of legend, though and all-in-all it is still a most enjoyable watch.

A decent telling of the life of the British icon, yet lacks real substance with forced and dull attempts at convincing the audience of the auspicious relationships with Elton and his art.

With vibrant, passionate and dazzling energy from beginning to end, Rocketman sets a new gold standard for the music biopic, brilliantly blending a riveting true story with inventive and dizzyingly entertaining musical shenanigans throughout, not to mention a fantastic lead performance from Taron Egerton, and stunning directing from Dexter Fletcher that brings it all together into one delightful and endlessly enthralling whirlwind.

You don't have to be an Elton John fan or vice-versa, to watch this film and come out of the theater with the feeling of "who cares", since Rocketman is that kind of 2 hour waste of ones life in a film that hardly anybody will remember a few weeks after watching.

Was so boring, almost walked out.


Too bad the script was a "Mamma Mia" pastiche, campy and difficult to follow.

This is a film about a talented but self indulgent person who desperately wants you to forgive him for all the bad things you've heard about him.

The second reason I enjoyed this film is that pretentious its narrative style as it is, I felt that it added some frequent and refreshing glimpses to an otherwise formulaic story that tries to conceal itself under the glitz and glamour of the irresponsible Elton John.

Taron is a good actor - quite intense.

One of Elton's only true relationships that went both waysJamie Bell was very good as BerniePicked the right songs for the moments in his lifeOverall enjoyable and entertaining filmGreat for any Elton John or musical fan

The most successful is the title number, which is realised in an entirely unexpected, totally effective way.

Bohemian Rhapsody is an award winning movie plagued by some big problems thanks to backstage drama, but still managed to maintain an interesting and entertaining story of one of the most tragic figures in modern music.

A stunning and dazzling cinematic marvel, and nothing less.

Clunky acting (mostly) obvious themes, zero subtlety, and incredibly self indulgent.

Multiple boring moments.

The performances are incredible and music numbers thrilling.

NB: For Soft Machine fans, there's an unexpected surprise.

You will be treated to an exciting journey of self-discovery, heartache, suffering and healing with both fist pumping and candle swinging musical numbers.

Fast and loose with facts and song timelines it's still entertaining enough

Waste of time and money.

It's obvious that Egerton looks up to John as a role model, and he did a stunning job.

A stunning film, about a stunning man .

Half the time I tried to keep myself from laughing out loud at the cheesy musical numbers, crappy dialogue, and disjointed editing, and the other half I was rolling my eyes for the never-ending pity party.

A well shot and compelling movie about Elton John's rise to stardom and his international stardom.

Slick, polished and hugely gripping, it doesn't slow down for a second.

The film also evokes some unexpected emotion as there were more than a few people wiping their eyes during the film which at its core is a store of a young, shy boy desperate to be accepted and loved.

Nonetheless, the highly-stylized musical numbers, along with the sheer amount of unexpected weirdness, make Rocketman fly above its banal shortcomings.

But in second half, it becomes boring.

Frequently, the timeline of events in the film is confusing or unclear.

While a few scenes are hard to watch overall this is a highly interesting and entertaining account of Elton John's life, and Egerton is superb, what I will call a "Best Actor" quality of performance.

Had to do what he could with a banal script Far better is bohemian rhapsody.

DF has created a film that will appeal to both the masses and the more discerning indie film lovers (like me to be fair - pretentious, moi?

This film is entertaining, emotional and inspiring and won't leave you bored for a minute.

Costumes- simply stunning.

Pure self-indulgent Puke .

While the material could be fascinating, the medium consists of a recitation of facts and events, as opposed to an actual story.

I was happy that the filmmakers went this route (vs the bio-pic route that BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY went) for they were able to use the vast catalog of Elton John/Bernie Taupin tunes to their fullest advantage, when it made sense to drive the narrative forward - or to give the storytelling a shot of adrenaline.

The pace is slow at times, drawing on the drama to fill the gaps rather than the comedy/energy of the numbers.

I left the theater wanting to turn around and see it again!

A very entertaining movie about overcoming obstacles .

Solid acting and singing, however chronologically I found the film quite confusing.

Both have their flaws, but both, in the end, are remarkably entertaining.

Enjoyable take on Elton Johns rise from a shy little boy to outrageous artist.

Not gonna lie, s*** and boring, not worth your money, def not as good as Bohemian Rhapsody

If you absolutely HATE musicals, save your money.

With only few flaws like some longer, slow scenes, one annoying actor, and similar style to other bio pics, I think this is a good movie.

So overall, this was an entertaining experience, and one I'd welcome viewing again.

Worth the watch .

After a while it goes around in circles and peters out and instead of a rousing concert hit song to go out on you are left with a song that most people will not even know?

In comparison to last year's Bohemian Rhapsody which had good casting but felt like an average movie overall, this one just way more interesting and engaging.

Despite John's melancholic depressive state, that may catch many off guard, it did feel occasionally boring.

And it's also an amazingly entertaining film - an element that too many biopics forget about.

In the end, the film is lost between a shallow drama and a boring musical.

Director Dexter Fletcher knows how to make a biography interesting and entertaining without seeming like a documentary.

Really Enjoyed it .

Not so much a biopic as a musical fantasy, allowing the film to cleverly avoid accusations of being a "true story" with numerous historical inaccuracies (which it certainly has), or being a formulaic jukebox musical that trots out loads of popular hits (which it certainly does); music and image have a life of its own here, shattering the constrains of reality, informing the emotion and experience of its flamboyant protagonist, and giving the familiar songs new context and fresh voice (Egerton did his own singing).

Nonsensical, trite, and ultimately hollow .

This compelling, thoroughly enjoyable film will whisk you away and take you back to those golden days of youth and the Elton John songs you listened to growing up.

It's extremely predictable, and while it felt like Bohemian Rhapsody in many ways, it was most reminiscent in its one-dimensional supporting characters who had no development and whose ultimate relevance to the main character was obvious from the start (especially the manager who seems like he's his friend and then clearly doesn't care about him, that felt literally identical).

Very similar to last year's 'Bohemian Rhapsody', I find myself in the internal battle for conforming to an opinion that readers will appreciate but understand, or give it that elusive perfect rating because it's "enjoyable" to the point that flaws are ignored.

This movie is thoroughly enjoyable, regardless of if you are an Elton John fan.

Very enjoyable.

Fascinating view .

His direction on that film was very inspired and the overall movie was quite enjoyable, so I was hoping for at least another feel-good movie that he would sink his teeth into.

There are some brilliant moments - the decision to tell the story in retrospect through an AA meeting (this film is very good on addiction, and it's refreshing to see a portrayal of a man with an eating disorder); there's a stunning sequence during the first American gig which perfectly captures that special moment of connection between performer and audience where a gig transcends to something truly elevating; there's a great supporting performance from Richard Madden; and for all my cynicism, Taron Egerton really can sing.

Pacing is also slightly on the slower side, especially in the second half.

So I REALLY wanted to love this movie but I left the theater irritated and disappointed.

Taron Egerton does a masterful jobs playing Elton and has created an absolutely stunning music album to compliment the movie - in honesty I downloaded the album as I left the theater.

Unbearable .

Director Dexter Fletcher's aim was to make an entertaining musical setting out the stages in Elton's life from his relatively humble and somewhat unstable family life to establishing himself as the most successful solo pop act on the planet.

A super entertaining film that makes you feel you're on Broadway watching a musical theatrical play.

This definitely is not a documentary of Elton Johns life, but I think it does capture what he was like back then, the trials he had to go through personally and professionally and while the film was not as good as I was expecting, it was enjoyable.

" Elton John (Taron Egerton)Elton John's remarkable removal from reality while he really defines a new rock performance style in the late '60's expresses in "Rocketman" the tension between performance dynamism and the formulaic loneliness fame and success bring to a legend.

2, there were several weak spots, I will detail two, when the song Saturday Night.. came on it seemed just shoe-horned into the movie, as happened in Mama Mia, it was just too contrived.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

and shaking yourself to stay awake.

Perhaps if you just want to learn about the life of Elton John, then this approach won't be ideal, but as far as making a cinematic and immensely entertaining movie goes, Rocketman hits the nail right on the head with this.

A predictable boo-hoo story about the struggles of being oh so famous and not getting enough love from mommy and daddy.

The one thing I would've added in though is little title cards that say what year it is because it got a little confusing at times what year it was and how much time has passed since the last scene.

I came away from Rocketman an entertaining well done film both raving about Egerton's superb performance and realizing and respecting anew Elton John's spectacular talent as a performer and songwriter with Bernie Taupin's talent as a lyricist.

Really enjoyed it.

The script manages to be both entertaining and sincere, underneath all the flashiness there is depth too.

Overall, this is very enjoyable and reveals that it will take a mini-series to chronologically and accurately tell Elton's story.

very enjoyable.

Brilliant, stunning storytelling.

They took every cliché in the book and gave it the Mama Mia treatment.

Ive always liked elton john as a singer and artist most of his singles are catchy and inspiring and in my opinion he still one of the best musicians thats ever lived, this film is poignant , engaging, and exciting , the film focuses on his childhood , his early fame to the peak of his career , his rejection over his sexuality from his overbearing and unloving parents and his close relationship with his grandmother and of course his turbulent relationship with his manager( john reid )and supposed lover who nearly drove the poor guy to drink, drugs and suicide.

A riveting combination of candor and glamor.

From the beginning, Rocketman sets itself out from the crowd and the ride that follows is a gripping tale of love, talent and the tempestuous nature of fame.

The film's cinematography is also stunning.

Whilst Queen's recent biopic 'Bohemian Rapsody' packed a punch, this left me bored and unmoved.

Regrettably, the film as a whole is self-indulgent and cliche-ridden to the hilt and goes down as a misfire.

Generally, the experience is quite entertaining, too.

Don't waste your time.


*Theme- Seeking approval and love from others your whole life can take you on an unexpected adventure of 'ups and downs'.

Rocketman is an honest depiction of fame, both of its hardships and triumphs; it may not be all smooth sailing (with Elton's life and the film itself), but Fletcher puts forward a vigorously entertaining piece of work, bolstered by an outstanding Taron Egerton.

The foundations of the feature are as rigid as ever, forcing the whole thing to follow the predictable beats of its predictable genre practically to the letter.

Not just your average music biopic, it tells a riveting story that's accentuated by dizzyingly entertaining musical energy, vibrant visuals, electrifying pacing, and a truly brilliant lead performance, all somehow brought together by director Dexter Fletcher.

Worth the watch!

The storytelling style of Elton sitting around a rehab table was sad, boring and overdone.

Hmmmm, very scattered, unfathomable and pretentious fragmented film in epic identity crisis.

This musical fantasia gives a giddy jolt to the predictable musical biopic genre.

Hearing them again in this context, all in a single sitting and accompanied by great visuals, was totally different from hearing this familiar music on classic rock radio for the one-thousandth dreary time.

Such a stunning performancee from Taron Egerton, who gave 1000% of his mind, body & soul.

"Rocketman" is the only movie that I have ever walked out of, after 20 minutes of cringe inducing musical breakouts and blasé storytelling the movie simply becomes unbearable.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it brought back many great memories of 1970s and 1980s parties accompanied by Elton's distinctive songs, and a couple of wonderful concerts from that era and later.

He portrayed Sir Elton John in the most stunning way, he really captured his motions and his facial expressions, it's amazing.

This film came off as a disjointed biopic masquerading as a cheesy musical.

The movie it's kind of long in the plot because after the first hour of the movie it's starts getting slow and repeating the same situation over and over again until he realizes what is really happening

Like an old-school musical; enjoyed it anyway .

I mean, this is Elton John we're talking about, if there was ever a moment to reject the mundane and fully embrace the over-the-top flamboyant fantasy it was here.

Taron Egerton too, mirrors the film's brilliant energy and passion, portraying Elton John not only in a convincing and likable manner, but fantastically blending the singer's lively stage persona and real-world troubles into one, something that's so hard to do in such sleek and engrossing fashion.

A totally disjointed interpretation that could have been something magical.

Jamie Bell aside the rest of the cast were bland and forgettable Problem is that I just couldn't warm to Elton.

Being entertaining is where the movie really succeeds ....

Though perhaps some songs could have been more suitably placed, there are some gorgeous moments that really make use of both the energy and heart of Elton's music; a rendition of 'Your Song' sung solo by Egerton at the piano is slow and goose bump-worthy whereas the 'Saturday Night's Alright' sequence early on in the film is a joyous burst of colour and choreography.

It has a masterful weaving of fact with fantasy and - as you might expect from a film about Elton John - there are a number of hugely enjoyable musical set pieces.

And we get to sit front row as he details his early sexual confusion, his desire to be loved, his early professional frustration, and finally a career that exploded - covering him with money, adoration, stress, and more frustration.

' This hoary cliché finds refreshing relevance with the eponymous musician's own confession early on in writer Lee Hall's screenplay.

Do that and the flavor of the movie sticks, but way more entertaining.

Even if accuracy and the chronology can be called into question, it still makes John and his personal life, detailing his childhood, early career and how it came to be and the troubled period of his career, quite fascinating.

Enjoyable biopic of Sir Elton John .

Inventive, creative, exciting, whacky, moving, funny, touching, saddening and uplifting.

Entire film full of Elton's boring fantasy scene!

Six-line Review: The stand-out feature of this musical biopic is Egerton's stunning performance.

I watched it to the end and I enjoyed it.

Egerton is sensational as the music legend, inhabiting the role enough to almost (but not quite) disappear inside it; Fletcher (who previously took over directing duties from Bryan Singer on a different gay British rock n' roll icon picture, the greatly inferior "Bohemian Rhapsody") stages several visually exciting musical numbers both onstage and off.

Save your money, go home and listen to Madman Across the Water.

He is/was also a quite interesting man, both stage persona and personal life, and the period that is primarily focused on is a very compelling one and worthy of being told on film.

The new arrangements gives the familiar hits, a new vibrant and exciting feel.

Grand Pretentious Bio Cliche of the Year .

The fantasy elements make it fun and over the top (just like the man himself) and Dexter Fletcher's directing is stunning.

A Stunning Biopic .

Albeit some minor plot holes, cliche, and of course the unavoidable exaggerations that always inserted themselves in these types of film, it still demonstrates the struggle, sufferings, and inner- conflicts of a lost, heart- broken, forsaken and lonely person who also battles with identity- crisis.

However, my wife had dragged me to the film, so I had to slog through four hours of crap karaoke.

Boring .

And yet, that total inconsistency and almost insane range of atmopshere only adds to the immense passion and energy of the film as a whole, keeping its feverishly entertaining vibes at top pitch all the way to the finish.

but from the very beginning it was entertaining.

Taron does an absolutely stunning job playing Elton, and his voice is freaking awesome!!

"Rocketman" Blasts Off New Exciting Biopic .

Elton John's biopic in musical form, the story of which came across as a little bit cliché.

It is honestly just self-indulgence and arrogance at its finest!

Production values are top notch, with lots of stunning visuals, and the cast is excellent.

Tedious, Depressing Bio Of an Uninteresting Life .

For my money, this is a nice change of pace from how formulaic and tiresome some biopics have become these days.

A stunning masterpiece .

Very enjoyable film cleverly put together with excellent visuals and a good flow to it.

this was also true of BoRhap which in turn was panned by most critics, yet went on to be a stunning success at the box office and with the Academy.

But the film is entertaining, and sensitive, and a pleasure to watch and listen to.

The musical numbers and Elton's story are major players in the film's success however, Taron Egerton's electrifying performance as Elton John is the real driving force in making this a stunning biopic.

It seemed as though the filmmakers tried too hard to break the biopic mold by having people break out in song and dance every time they were in danger of committing the 'biopic cliche crime'.

While the film did come across as slightly self-indulgent at certain points, it redeems itself with a scene where EJ speaks his heart out to the folks who played key roles in his life.

This film was pointless.

Enjoyable, brilliant biopic of one of Rock's icons.

Taron Egerton was fine and I love Elton's music but it is boring to watch another musician doing drugs like in every other biopic.

While most of it is expertly paced, the final third suffers a little from a meandering focus, becoming a slightly repetitive chorus of psychedelic escapades and impassioned arguments that certainly takes the scenic route towards what ends up being a pleasing, if slightly cheesy conclusion.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

His high notes were breathtaking!

With sweeping shots and many, many montages that show off Elton's life in intense music-driven scenes.

But everyime that the movie burst into music, the impetus was lost with these bland reworkings of Elton and Taupins great music.

" This film is a rousing, jukebox musical with Elton John's songs weaving in as the story unfolds, infusing the various set-pieces with emotion, depth and ultimately a lot of entertainment.

So many biopics that follow the same formulaic way of telling an artist's life story end up leaving a sense of grotesque coarseness after watching them.

Boring .

Well, that blew me away, gripping from start to finish.

Bernie Taupin as well as Elton's parents make fascinating supporting characters with far more depth and complexity than supporting characters in similar films.

" A wonderfully enjoyable 8 out of ten

Slowly going through his life until he reaches his breaking point (which is, of course, the climax), Rocketman is a very engaging film, due to the fact that it really is a musical fantasy at times, providing thought-provoking sequences that really dive deep into the meanings of a few of his hit songs.

Lee Hall's screenplay follows the contrived formula usually found in most bio-pics by showing the highs and lows of Elton John's personal story and expansive career: a child prodigy, unloving parents, a doting grandma, a caring music partner, a destructive relationship with his first lover/ manager, the typical drugs, sex, and rock and roll, etc. The story goes from Point A to Point B in a very predictable manner.

Musical biography thats entertaining and inspiring.

It's informative, emotional, and most importantly, very entertaining.

The first half of the movie is mostly light and entertaining, the second half more dark and tragic, as we see Elton John spiral into a drug and alcohol use that could have killed him.

Very enjoyable.

Predictable high school musical .

One of the worst movies I've seen in quite awhile.

A dizzyingly entertaining music spectacle that celebrates its subject in style .

Enjoyable rollercoaster of a film .

Like I said though, it is definitely entertaining in the moment and the musical sequences are well-realised and enjoyable.

Robbie K here to review:Movie: Rocketman (2019)Director: Dexter Fletcher Writer: Lee Hall (screenplay) Stars: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard MaddenLIKES:Acting Make Up Costumes Setting/Special Effects Musical Numbers The Emotional Lessons/MomentsDISLIKES:Slow At Times Not Quite As Censored Movie Dramatic Moments Over Concert Approach Real Vs.

Now, if you're wondering what he felt about this off-delayed, somewhat contrived jukebox musical fantasy, it should come as no surprise that the five-time Grammy winning piano prodigy adores it.


Although there's plenty of great music, upbeat numbers and entertaining dance routines, there's also a fair bit of emotional trauma and drama, making the presentation tonally all over the place.

The movie falls flat and I grew bored.

Then, when Elton is taken to the hospital and the technicians break into song and lift Elton up into the air, I almost walked out.

Exciting at the beginning but it leaves feeling empty at the end.

On the whole it's an entertaining film.

Whether that's historically accurate or not, it provides a thrilling moment on screen for the creative duo.

Just, breathtaking.

So, so boring.

Taron gives a breathtaking performance as Elton John with his real, stunning vocals and didn't fail to make me feel so many emotions.

And the journey is always entertaining, switching seamlessly between flamboyance, pathos and humor.

Most of the time that formula feels tired and makes for a very boring theatrical experience, so I was very excited to see that Rocketman would be taking a slightly different approach.

Having random instances of each are very confusing and they don't work well in the way they're are presented.

The story arc is confusing with glaring inaccuracies which is annoying when the movie is supposedly describing the life of someone so public.

Combine this with the impressively executed dance sequences, which similar to La La Land feel like modern day versions of a classic Hollywood musical, these sequences stand apart from Elton's as their own entertaining versions.

Formulaic, better suited for a stage play than a movie .

The film is brilliantly entertaining and fun.

He has a certain hidden quality that makes him intriguing.

Rocketman is a very entertaining biopic film with a ton of catchy songs and performances.

What an enjoyable musical .

But "Rocketman" is still a powerful and enjoyable film.

This film was absolutely breathtaking!!

Boring .

Cliche Plot Revolving Around an Unsympathetic Person .

Unlike Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman's musical scenes are intriguing.

Such an intense and convincing performance!

I was generally looking forward to this film, but I walked out bored and disappointed.

The music is immensely enjoyable, and the lead actor Taron Egerton, whom I admit I hadn't even heard of before, gives a performance that's stunning, to say the least.

Making entertaining musicals which successfully tell a story is incredibly difficult; Rocket man succeeds brilliantly where many have failed.

Still, what sets this tired old cliché set-up apart from most bio-pics are the clever musical numbers that give the film a surreal and engaging quality.

Don't waste your time.

Surreal but enjoyable .

This film feels like a fantastical dream where one moment were in a dreary apartment and the next we go through a door and we're walking with Elton to perform on stage.

I'm still gonna come away giving it a recommendation, because there is enough in there to mean that I enjoyed it, especially in the core casting, all of which is great, not least Egerton.

Really enjoyable film, Taron Egerton is perfect for the role of Elton, the film outlines Eltons rise to fame and success, touching on each aspect of his life in just the right amount,highly recommended

I do like this movie but I also question whether a more compelling telling is possible.

enjoyed it .

Perhaps a message lurks within for prospective rockers about confusing love with sex.

Basically it's a predictable musical without any originality.

As for Edgerton, he's probably best with the choreography, staging some entertaining, up tempo dance numbers throughout (coupled with a multitude of nifty costume choices).

Unfortunately, I got bored after hour and the half of this musical fantasy biopic.

The use of John's music as his life progresses was both emotional and exciting.

But the movie follows a very predictable path that we've seen many times before (recently in Bohemian Rhapsody, and even to an extent in the many iterations of A Star is Born).

With an excellent lead performance by Mr. Egerton, Rocketman is always entertaining.

Was quite uneventful and unenjoyable.

The tendency to blame others for hurt feelings was cheep, while the outright grab at the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' spotlight, is tastelessly self-indulgent.

And it really is worth watching for Taron Egerton, who actually performed most of Elton's songs and did very well with them.

Perhaps the ending is a bit too introspective to be entertaining.

Freddie Mercury and Elton John are two of the most fascinating figures in music history, and while both films are enjoyable, it's ROCKETMAN that is willing to take the riskier path by highlighting the flaws of a creative genius.

The movie is engaging.

The worst movie I've ever seen .

Fletcher directs the musical numbers with some flair, occasionally adapting the song lyrics to fit the screenplay, but is less certain in depicting the dramatic episodes in the singer's life, which too often flirt with cliche.

" It's a very good movie - often enjoyable (if you're a fan of Elton John's music) and often quite heavy as the more troublesome aspects of Elton's life are portrayed.

The movie was well acted, full of energy and quite entertaining.

The pure brilliance of this spectacle is heart wrenching and at many points my adrenaline made my hairs stand on end.

Queen protected Freddie to such an extent it made for a dull movie.

Not perfect, but damn entertaining.

They are new versions of resonate hits, evocative of the source material, while bringing new elements that suit the vignettes to which they are set, even if they are completely out of chronology for the timeline of the story.

I would highly recommend it to anyone!!!!

This outstanding biopic blew me away by managing to both inform the viewer about the ups and downs of John's life in a wholly engaging and all-encompassing manner, yet also entertaining the viewer through absolutely dazzling musical scenes that manage to make the most of both the lyrics and subtext of John's lyrics.

Fast moving, as colourful as the man himself, very enjoyable

That will be far more interesting than "Rocketman" was, so save your money and skip "Rocketman", and I say this as somebody who's loved Elton John and his music for decades.

He shows both the intense vulnerability of Elton John the man, and the bravura of Elton-John, the bedecked on-stage megastar.

Too much of of the movie was spent dwelling his problems and his therapy in rehab which quite frankly was boring because it's a story we hear repeatedly in the media.

He is breathtaking in this.

Mmm while this fantasy retelling of Dwight's life is vaguely entertaining to a point it does not have the flow and homely character of Queen's biopic.

So boring and stupid.

The musical moments are entertaining and it doesn't feel like John was interfering with the narrative in any way - in fact, it seems as though it would be quite painful for him to watch.

The writing could have been better, at time it seemed very cliche.

Everything is wildly predictable.

)At best, this integrated format supports a seemingly drug-induced momentum, from one stage in the star's life to the next, which is entertaining spectacle, including the dreamlike imagery.

The use of EJ's songs and in particular the poignant lyrics provided by Bernie Taupin to highlight turning points in Elton's life is at times breathtaking.

Predictable to the very tip of the writer's pen.

An amazing performance, but a predictable story .

But I think the placing of a music scene is critical, and it just felt very repetitive in this movie.

It was engaging and well written.

The scenes in which characters burst into song and dance were obviously fantasies but entertaining ones.

Very entertaining.