Rocky Balboa (2006) - Drama, Sport

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Thirty years after the ring of the first bell, Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement and dons his gloves for his final fight; against the reigning heavyweight champ Mason 'The Line' Dixon.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Tarver
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 97 out of 987 found boring (9.82%)

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Predictable, Bad Acting.......

The movie is full of nighttime scenes, where Rocky philosophizes, talks with his son, and some other people from his past, and it plods on so that all tension is lost.

Rocky gives a couple of dramatic speeches in the film, but they were contrived and overacted.

Heavyweight boxing is becoming a bore until a computer simulation cast the two of them together in a virtual match.

Here Stallone does the unexpected.

In the end, both Stallone and his ego go down for the count in this Hollywood-smothered bore.

3 was entertaining.

I thought that, while the whole thread of Rocky trying to move on and leave Adrian in the past was slightly on the tedious side, the formula pretty much worked.

stunning, powerful, punchie!.

Considering the movie was written by Stallone himself I felt he wrote his role very modestly and in a way it made the movie a lot more enjoyable and realistic.

Overall this is an easy, enjoyable and still inspirational movie, well worth a watch!!

He has made a thoroughly enjoyable film worthy of its predecessors.

So how do we make a Rocky film emotionally engaging right off the bat 16 years after the last movie?

A computerized mock fight between Rocky and the current World Heavyweight Champ Mason The Line Dixon (Antonio Tarver) sparked that feeling of wanting to enter the ring inside Rocky, and what I found intriguing was Mason Dixon actually, and the state of the affairs he represents - those without heart, no passion, in it for the money, and competitors who give up easily when the going gets tough.

Maybe it's nostalgia or the seriousness of Stallone's devotion but I enjoyed it far more than any of those other new sports movies(Invincible, Glory Road, Coach Carter...

The inevitable training sequence felt short, but was as rousing as ever, almost bringing the crowd into hysterics as he climbed the steps in Philly one last time.

But with a good start and build up it descends into the predictable.

However, his writing reigns supreme over his plain, generally uninteresting direction.

The build up in this movie has got to be the most exciting of the Rocky movies...

Worst movie ever .

With his wife dead and his estranged son pushing away from him, Rocky is slowly finding his life is becoming empty.

It was an amazing movie that left me on the edge of my seat for every second of the action scenes.

His direction is fresh, engaging, and intriguing without looking sappy and stylized.

Absolutely terrible direction (you can see Sly has watched a lot of other stuff and just threw it all in here; the hand held camera - it was like watching an episode of NYPD Blue, the quick overexposed flash cuts, the idiotic, pointless black and white with one color shots during the fight match which had no purpose other than I assume Sly thought it was "neat"), awful dialog and predictable plot points make this just as bad as Rocky 5 and a completely pointless film that was only made for money and no other reason.

But at least the first half of the movie offers a slower pace and more relationship development than competition.

It is a pretentious sermon that has nothing to offer that has not already been presented in a more dignified and artistically viable format.

You enjoy us by this unexpected movie.

It's not all bad, though: there are some compelling and moving moments in it and, as he takes us to the final fight, we feel that the script is short and that Stallone had a lot more to say.

Sentimental Trash - Worst Movie Ever .

The emotion of Lucas, the over thrilling enjoyment of the Goonies, and of course the never quit attitude of Rocky.

The story is gripping and moving, you feel for Rocky in so many ways and he becomes more lovable and likable the longer the movie goes on.

And man, it is rousing.

The first half of the film starts out with a sad, lonely, and somewhat bored Rocky, who recently became a widower.

Recently I have watched the Rocky films from start to finish and apart from Rocky 5 found them to be really enjoyable even although the genre is not my usual cup of tea...

A weak cast and buildup, but still entertaining - especially if you saw the others and who didn't?

In summation, Stallone very very successfully weaves an intensely intriguing story using boxing as a backdrop instead of a main attraction.

The final episodes where execrable striped down to empty bodycounts that the dialogue-poor Rocky took in his ring.

The first half to two-thirds of the movie is horribly edited and slow, and all of the early stuff with Rocky wandering Philly bemoaning Adrian's death, and visiting just about every place he and her once went is maudlin, and frankly embarrassing.

I enjoyed it completely.

Stallone shows that he still has the heart and ability to make an engaging motion picture, and in that regard, his achievement with this film closely mirrors that of the Rocky Balboa character.

the story is predictable, the acting is predictable and the fight result is again predictable (so i will not reveal the result as it is predictable).

Always likable, usually stirring and entertaining (of course, I'm not acknowledging there was a Rocky V), this version has replaced macho with heart.

Nothing happens in the film besides the fight and the same fight like a video-game preview.

Applaud Stallone for making the characters so compelling, more so than the event.

There was a lot of intense scenes and enough humor to balance it out.

However, as time went on, the concept had become a little tiresome to the point in ROCKY V where he was relegated to a street brawl against somebody he trained who rebelled against him.

In this, it succeeds beautifully and if you love Rocky and wanted more, you get it and leave the theater very satisfied.

If you get over the whole concept of Rocky being 60, fighting a young champ, you will also find this film entertaining.

The story is something that many people would respond to as it was entertaining and poignant.

Rocky Balboa is one of the Years most entertaining movies, although it is shorter and there isn't as much hype before the fight as in the rest it is still great i give it a 10 out of 10.

Unexpected - Very Good!!.

Stallone also reminds us that he can be a powerful and compelling actor.

This movie was an unexpected new year surprise.

Rousing and well-judged .

What a pointless film.

I have admired Sylvester Stallone for many of the same reasons I do Rocky and although he has made some questionable choices with some films, I find him fascinating.

To think that Stallone, now 60 years of age, has delivered the sixth installment of this series is mind boggling.

The film is fast paced, entraining, not boring or over too long.

Confettied with cliché it may be, if Rocky Balboa ever meant anything to you, this film will earn your enjoyment.

Couple this with an impressive looking trailer and, although unrealistic, an intriguing plot line, i was looking forward to 2007.

If you are a film buff you know for example that Bogey did a number of films especially late in his career which, while not exactly Maltese Falcon, were nonetheless solid and entertaining.

Not once, the "Gonna Fly Now" tune, whether sung or played, appears to be the same during "Rocky Balboa"; Conti has piano, strings and even an electric guitar in the iconic 'going up the stairs' scene, where Rocky gets to the top and raises his hand before the camera makes a still image of the moment…That's a good cliché; maybe just a Rocky cliché.

The audience in the theater was cheering for Rocky by the end of the movie and it seemed that everybody had a huge grin on their face as they left the theater.

That is how entertaining that movie was.

Using this premise, Rocky Balboa has the former champ (Sylvester Stallone) - now a restaurant owner - featured in a virtual slug-fest with tough but boring current titleholder, Mason "The LIne" Dixon (Antonio Tarver, a contestant on Stallone's TV program, "The Contender") on ESPN.

This movie accomplished what most found impossible- it brought the Balboa character back to stunning glory, leaving the audience in a state of breathless wonder and joy, knowing that this beloved character has a fitting end to his incredible story.

It certainly isn't great – like the first one – but it is fairly well done with an interesting storyline and, of course, an exciting pugilistic finish.

I'm just sorely disappointed, as I think many people will be, because Stallone had a real chance to do something great to bring closure to this series, and instead just kind of let it end on a boring, although slightly touching note.

The film's evocative nature is nurtured through the implementation of appropriate stylistic techniques—a feature not as effective in his previous films.

Rocky and Dixon both bore many scars and bruises, their faces decorated in blood and sweat.

This movie was entertaining and sentimental.

Stallone is fascinating, he's got this wonderful ability to emote almost silently that has been glossed over in many of his "shoot em up" features.

I found it slow, dull, boring and devoid.

Rocky has always been a very special, emotionally engaging character to me and my clan.

cleaning out the basement can sometimes be a really enjoyable thing.

It has everything a person could want: gut tightening drama; laugh out loud comedy; and of course, the knock down, drag out action only a good fight movie can give you.

My grade is skewed by the amazing training montage, which is just beautifully cliché, and required.

Nevertheless, the fight is truly breathtaking and not since the second Rocky film have I been so excited and enthralled by a climactic boxing fight.

Happily the film was more akin with Rocky and Rocky 5 than with the worse parts of the film series and I actually quite enjoyed it.

real thrilling stuff.

This movie is very boring and a little bit pathetic.

enjoyable to watch .

A third of what made "Rocky," "Rocky III," and "Rocky IV" engaging on a visceral level were the opponents.

The subsequent match is at the same time riveting and believable.

The script had many useless or boring scenes, for example pretty much everything concerning Rocky's son and another tangent that is half pursued for little to no reason (Marie and son).

) The bar/cabaret bore the name 'Adrian', after Rock's wife.

Look at it as a life cycle: youth (parts I & II) is about innocence, your thirties (parts III & IV) are the most turbulent and thrilling times of your life.

The scenes of Rocky as a restaurateur entertaining his guests with stories of boxing past are perfect.

If the movie was mildly entertaining where I'm able to muster up the patience for it to end, I'll give it a five.

The only fault Rocky 6 has is the slow start and abrupt ending.

Sly all but invented the underdog makes good story in this way and when I watched it a second time, I enjoyed it much more.

And the best bit of the film, when his trainer delivers those rousing words made so famous by the trailer, "Let's start building, some hurtin' bombs".

Plainly if a film this preposterous, formulaic and romantic was made with Hugh Grant in it I would despise it with every fibre of my being.

It was inspiring while the sequels were over-bloated, unoriginal and dragged.

There were more yawns and groans than applause.

Finally a REAL sequel worth watching.

Unlike in the fifth installment, where Rocky behaves as if the the touch of money and fame did not change anything in him, here is a Rocky that clearly shows that life has instilled in him some experiences and he has moved on by absorbing them.

I enjoyed it so much i am going to get the DVD and watch it a couple more times.

It's warm, entertaining, and flows well.

What follows will keep you on the edge of your chair.

awful movie, very slow bad writing and filming .

I was bored through most of the movie and felt that it could have been better written to at least provide the spirited entertainment of the previous Rocky movies.

), but they're both fine, worth watching movies.

His dialog is empty and unengaging....

One of the movies problems is they didn't build up the Dixon character at all, he was flat and boring, he wasn't a ruthless killing machine that made Drago so good in Rocky IV, he was weak to be honest, with Tarver being a real life boxer, his acting abilities were always gonna be limited!

Let me start off with saying this, the movie is slow to pick up.

It is touching, exciting, well-acted, well filmed and well written.

Back to sanguine criticism… The character Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is entertaining to listen to and to watch because of the slight ignorance he sprinkles over his sentences.

The relationships with his son and the new Adrian-type gal were clichés, and everything else was formulaic: Take a fighter who's frustrated, shape him up, get him in the ring, etc., etc. The one truly outstanding thing in this movie was Stallone's face.

Very much like the first one but witha much more exciting fight sequence, and extremely well edited fight sequence.

Flawed, devoid, dull and boring...

The signature music during the training is still there and anything that made past Rocky movies great are all here to make this a very enjoyable film.

The story is, though somewhat fantastical, compelling and engaging, having us root for our favourite boxer both in and out of the ring.

The series that is so special to many of us, or exciting, or cool, has finally found its closing chapter.

they use the same music though, the slow mo 'noooooo's etc and then mix it with awful close ups, horrible b/w parts with splashes of colour topped off with a nice stallone voice over.

Save your money and get this one on PPV.

The champion "Mason Dixon" - the guy who played him - was boring.

In this ending of the "Rocky Saga," the punchlines are worth writing down, and they provide a very pleasant backdrop for the mostly dramatic and even more lax fight-intensive plot; even I find myself tempted in reciting a few on a day-to-day basis.

The cinematography is pleasing, the characters are a bit deeper (though as a rule the Rocky flicks are more conventional than the Rambo ones), Sly even utters some bitter aphorisms about how the world crushes people (talking to his depressed son), and on the negative side the script seems rather loose, with plot lines going nowhere (Sly's girlfriend and her son …), while the boxing part looks a bit added or glued, with no connection to the bittersweet family drama which preceded it.

As long as you loved the first five movies, Stallone could've spent 90 minutes doing just about anything and it still would've been enjoyable.

This was by far one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

Dialogue was as uninspiring as the list of ingredients on a cereal box.

Even with Rocky V (1990) being the weakest of the series, it still had parts of its writing that were intriguing.

The third night, I watched Rocky 5 and was let down, but still enjoyed it.

Rocky 2 is likewise very good, but suffers from a pointless story.

It makes the whole thing seem (a bit) more realistic, but of course it also takes away some of the tension that made Rocky's fights against Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago so damn entertaining.

Well done, I enjoyed it.

In fact it is quite effective at times as an ageing boxer, a widower, who once again returns for one fight, one more experience of that thrilling ring he has fought so many times before.

The first hour of the film is slow, meandering and a little boring to be brutally honest.

It was riveting a joyous closure to an overall excellent series.

I enjoyed the slow build to the fight.

Basically, if you saw the trailer - you saw everything that this bore of a movie has to offer.

Just like the best installments of the series, Stallone weaves a gritty, emotionally charged human story around a heart pumping, adrenaline rushing training montage and finally a crowd rousing fight sequence.

A Rousing Encomium.

i was disappointed about that but overall i definitely enjoyed it and recommend it to any rocky advocate...

Sixteen years have passed since the tedious Rocky V, and a 60 year old Sylvester Stallone decided to conclude his saga with another last film; this time it's called ROCKY BALBOA After four formulaic sequels, each of them, consecutively lacking more and more, we get the 6th and last punch.

Very entertaining and well put together .

The film is well acted especially Stallone, who I think gives an awe inspiring performance - close to what he gave in 1976 for the original.

The colorful Vegas cinematography beautifully contrasts the drab,grimy,dilapidated Philadephia scenery that suggests the mood that as Rocky ages rapidly, so does the neighborhood.

In true Rocky fashion there aren't a lot of surprises, but there's enough heart to make it worth watching.

I was, mostly, really bored.

Slow, dark and less colorful.

This ordeal becomes dragged out and tedious quickly.

Stallone writes and directs, and manages to keep the fans happy and keep the story moving and engrossing at the same time.

Decent but kinda boring with a weak villain and the weakest fight of all the movies.

-Man that first hour dragged on a bit, way too much emotional build up if you ask me.

In fact the audience is completely bored and the film doesn't even get to the plot until the third reel (each reel is twenty minutes)!

This is the most worth watching Rocky movie since Rocky 1....

OK, I wouldn't say this was a GREAT film, but it was certainly entertaining and completely caught me off guard.

I've read a few reviews that said the first hour of the movie was slow and that they should of had more boxing and more training.

I say that this film COULD HAVE BEEN GREAT because it does contain moments that are compelling.

Cue Bill Conti's rousing theme!

Writer-director-actor Stallone new outing is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling.

they were so entertaining and fun and in the true sense of word CLASSICS.

~ If you haven't seen this yet, do yourself a favorite and just watch the original a few more times, because that's how pointless this new one is.

Very entertaining.

The film is a waste of time and it's incompetence is largely why Sly decided to revisit and salvage the series.

It got through, but I think it overshadows the exciting and explosive nature that we all paid admission price to see.

, the rest of the film considering Sly is writer and director surprisingly good except for the standard cliché tricks to gain the audience hearts.

Fans of the series will find some interesting elements, but all others will find the film tedious and boring and even the aforementioned fans might.

e Rocky V) and is well worth watching.

It felt like I sat down in the theater and then I walked out in the quickest time.

The opening lines unashamedly foreshadow the plot, as we see current World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon (real-life light heavyweight champion, Antonio Tarver) in a television broadcast, being criticized as winning against losers in uninspiring matches (mayhaps a commentary on the state of boxing today?

This latest, pointless sequel will not help us remember that.

This film is enjoyable on many levels and is a fitting end to one of the greatest underdog stories ever told.

First of all, you may be thinking that the sixth installment of the Rocky franchise will be very predictable...

Still gives me that feeling when I walk out of the theater...

The movie had a similar build up like the first Rocky concluding with an exciting ending.

And to start with I thought it was a bit slow, and bit to nostalgic for it's own good, trying to tie it in with the first.

This movie was a waste of energy and time.

The boxing scenes are boring and it almost looks ridiculous how Rocky or Sly looks.

Before then, though, we have an engaging and warming human story in which Stallone himself is centre screen throughout.


There's heart, pain, fighting, humor, and it's very entertaining.

The advanced level of maturity of Rocky is fascinating.

But as far as the entertainment aspect, and the movie itself, it was just boring.

Went to see rocky last night, first 30/40 mins of it dragged, made me cry a little to and i thought jeez rocky is supposed to be a feel good film about a hero!

So I believe that ROCKY BALBOA is a badly written movie, heading nowhere, a bit pointless, if you take my meaning.

Sure, they're good, but they're just so dull compared to Stallone.

Taking place years after Rocky V, Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is now running a restaurant and entertaining guests with old fight stories.

The ending was a little predictable for the die-hard Rocky fans (that is why I gave it a 9).

The pacing was off at times, as the movie starts very comfortably, and then accelerates at the end.

I mean, everything is so predictable and not fresh here.

Very unexpected from a boxer!

It was full of positive emotion throughout the film that had me laughing, crying, and on the edge of my seat.

After 10 years this underwhelming retread into Balboa's humble roots somehow becomes tedious instantaneously, a self important, shallow venture into one last paycheck.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that even though the fight between the two boxers is quite entertaining, it's the events leading up to it that captures the character of Rocky and makes him so endearing to his fans.

If I see an appalling film (like Be Cool for instance), I'll be so bored it'll take hours and hours for the film to end.

At the end of the 2nd round however, Bill Conte's rousing score kicks in, as does some inspired direction from Stallone and the fight is elevated to the battle that every Rocky fan loves to see.

Also, i can understand trying to set a tone of nostalgia, the legacy of Rocky is great, but this theme dragged on for me and for some reason the writers thought they'd make this film into a form of comedy with way too many jokes, all of which made me feel like crying rather than laughing.

It struck me at how good an actor Sly is, but how much he wastes his talents acting out clunky scripts of his own making, with absurd story lines directed in a cumbersome manner in which his co - stars seem fixed in an apparent state rigid confusion.

Add Bill Conti's rousing "Rocky" theme to the mix and you have a true film classic.

Paulie's not of the same mind - he asks Rocky to change the channel, stop living backwards, and any other cliché he can come up with.

Instead Rocky came over as a sleazy old man , and the other characters were just pointless and forgettable.

Bad acting, slow story and the worst fight scene since punch out back in the 80's.

Really enjoyable and right up there with some of the other better Rocky movies

This is a slow and frustrating exercise and Paulie reflects the audience's frustration with this in his acerbic comments.

The characters of Rocky and Paulie were kept in line with the previous movies and they were enjoyable to see again.

With an exhibition bout set in Las Vegas the two square off in one hell of a match that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

This Rocky film is very slow paced, with loads of scenes of Rocky having flashbacks and memories of Adrian and loads of pointless scenes of him in his restaurant telling his old stories!!

unexpected surprise .

It left a lot of questions unanswered and seemed to just stop dead in some empty space.

The fight scene at the end was boring and to be honest I was hoping Rocky would have a brain hemorrhage and die so no more awful Rocky films could ever be made again!!.

Did anyone else think the people in the restaurant looked extremely bored listening to Rocky?

Also, Rocky drawing strength from his wife's memory was a bit dramatic, once again, and it felt as if the viewer is being dragged along a very uncomfortable Memory Lane.

It's been over for far too long .

Not necessarily a bad thing though, it does allow for intriguing scenes of character depth, especially in Balboa himself, but don't expect a fast, intense 'boxing' movie, as it primarily aims towards more of a sentimental story of Rockys fall and rise, which no doubt implies a strong sense of morality.

When he tries to spice it up with flashes of color, mixed with the monotone, it just looks like a bad Gatorade spot.

It was amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

What it lacks on sport, it gains in heart, so it was a very enjoyable movie.

It is charming, delightful, exciting, funny and moving all at the same time.

the whole movie was soooooooo slow to develop and didn't keep me interested at all.

The end bout between Dixon and Balboa delivers some great intense moments that only a Rocky film and Stallone could deliver.

It was slow going but it was gripping the slow pace was perfect.

It is an entertaining hour and a half that you will not be sorry for spending eight dollars to see.

I was expecting a puff piece about an over the hill boxer coming out of retirement, but this movie was a life lesson while still being entertaining.

Worth watching .

I enjoyed it very much.

Great lead up to the fight and everything about it was entertaining.

the writing is absolutely breathtaking Stallone definitely deserves an academy award for it.

Quite Simply The Most Enjoyable And Moving Film Of The Year .

Unfortunately, as much as "Rocky Balboa" surpasses "Rocky V," Rocky's latest adversary is bland to his boxers.

To the naysayers I answer that the first one was built on the cliché of 'small town boy makes good' - "His whole life was a million-to-one shot!

Well done, more exciting toward end .

And in sulky champ Mason 'The Line' Dixon, Rocky is up against his most boring opponent ever.

Well, I walked out of the theater in absolute shock.

The problem is, the movie is very slow-moving and fails to evoke the emotions it intends to.

Stallone is as engaging as he's ever been as Rocky Balboa, now a retired widower who spends his days running a local restaurant, entertaining friends and neighbors with old fight stories, and trying to rebuild a relationship with his suddenly estranged son.

For me, "Rocky IV" is still the most enjoyable.

First, if anyone saw ROCKY V, you know that it was one of the worst movies of the 1990's.

Rocky himself is such an enjoyable character.

There's talk around the campfire that the impetus for Sly to waste our time with ROCKY BALBOA and the upcoming RAMBO IV: PEARL OF THE COBRA stems from his wanting to at long last produce his baby, his Edgar Allen Poe biopic.

there was no plot other than to show he can fight one more time which didn't happen until the last 10 minutes or so of the movie.

I saw the televised version in the 1970s, and it is still intriguing to this day.

Not only does Rocky not out box the champion, there are some sequences in which he looks slow, out of focus, and missing the mark strictly because of the age thing.

Basically, with the disjointed flashbacks and archival footage, combined with incorporating old characters (can you believe Paulie is still around?!

Of course, the storyline of the movie is very predictable.

The later sequels - whilst entertaining enough - sometimes fell into the trap of being too flashy and shallow.

And the fight at the end did its work: as I left the theater, I felt for several minutes as if RB had been pretty good, all in all.

Proving himself with this film as an adept director, Stallone presents a visually compelling experience.

This agreeable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky'.

Overall this was a stunning piece of cinema and a great conclusion to a fantastic saga!

This picture crosses the line from a simple boxing adrenaline film and becomes a psychological, incredibly-moving drama.

Again Rocky Balboa is just boring.

You feel like he is a true underdog, and the fight scenes are longer and more intense.

worst movie ever .

There followed a series of sequels, growing duller and duller, as sequels will.

Rocky Balboa is just boring.

I think with "Rocky Balboa" Stallone really made up for part 4 and 5, which were unbearable and stupid, especially compared to the first movie.

overall these are my views : Is the movie worth watching ?

Adrian has died of cancer and Rocky has become a restaurant owner, still loved and respected throughout his community by pretty much everyone except for the people who are immediate and stunning a$$holes to him.

This installment of the Rocky series is excellent and had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Stallone, at age sixty, still has enough prowess and likability to be a contender, in the role that launched him to stardom, the story for first half is a bit slow and very talky, as the hero exorcises his demons and comes out of retirement, the training in montage with punching meat, running up stairs and the famous music is still good to see, and the main event is most watchable, so all in all it is not a bad sports drama.

ROCKY BALBOA 2006 (SYLVESTER STALLONE, GERALDINE HUGHES, ANTONIO TARVER) DIRECTED BY: SYLVESTER STALLONE ~ THE RUNDOWN: After bringing his career to all new heights with Spy Kids 3, Stallone gives us this pointless, predictable and far-fetched 'Rocky' installment.

He owns a restaurant and greets guests, telling stories of the old glory days, becoming a complete cliché of the retired, punch-drunk athlete.

visual and sound effects were stunning!

Since Stallone has done nothing with any impact since his 80s heyday, this finds the former box-office champ feeling a little sorry for himself, reliving past glories through his most engaging and heroic character.

Stallone did a brilliant job of maintaining conventions as well as reintroducing old favourites from the very first film (Spider Rico, Marie from the corner) and building the relationships on all fronts, so that it looks like a more consistent sequel, rather than playing it out against the inevitable boxing ring climax, which here as before is compelling and coupled with Bill Conti's competent score.

I enjoyed Rocky Balboa tremendously, even though it was formulaic and probably a carbon copy of the original in terms of telling an underdog's tale.

Everything that made the best "Rocky" movies ("Rocky," "Rocky III," and "Rocky IV") blissfully entertaining appears conspicuously absent in Sylvester Stallone's new movie "Rocky Balboa," reputedly the last hurrah for the "Rocky" character.

"Rocky Balboa," in addition to being boring, lacks artistic integrity.

It's a shame I have to bore you with more to fill my 10-line-minimum quota to be allowed to post.

This is a very enjoyable movie.

I am very happy to say this movie brings the Rocky series to the rightful close that the fifth left so empty.

Rocky II was a slight improvement in that it had a more plausible and engaging plot, though pretty much relied on the same formula as the first movie.

Here Rocky's opponent, Mason Dixon, is an uninteresting character.

It starts slow and continues in a sad, lingering way, delving into the past, encounters and flash backs that are there to make us more involved with the film and give it some deeper meaning.

I was thoroughly disappointed with this film, the film had the potential to glorify the rocky franchise forever, however the film left me feeling somewhat empty, I thought that the film wasted time with characters that played no significance to the film whatsoever.

Don't waste your time with this one.

In this film we see a return to the portrayal of human retaliation which is apparent in the first film, however,in the first Rocky, where the title character battles against the odds of being an unknown against the popular champion Apollo Creed, in Rocky Balboa, the established hero of the films battles against the timeless angst of ageing and loss making this film both enjoyable and poignant

10/10 Sylvester Stallone stunning performance is as awesome as always!

The first one was dull, implausible, badly acted (except for Talia Shire) and vastly overrated.

i think the plot was so boring and it made me want to fall asleep, and the fight wasn't even that good.

As a result, we might have ended up with a remarkable human drama instead of another dreary, uninteresting and completely unbelievable sports film.


'Rocky' is pure Adrenaline .

Rocky became a joke and a bore.

The characters were enjoyable.

) is more than entertaining, competent, heart-felt and rousing than anticipated with the aging Italian Stallion making a reluctant comeback when he's arranged for an exhibition bout with the current champ, Mason "The Line" Dixon (real life boxer Tarver), an arrogant whose popularity is on the wane.

The themes that made the first film so special are once again present here; Courage, will, determination, and spirit in the face of insurmountable odds is not a new or novel theme, but is compelling and moving in this film.

Dixon is also given a compelling reason to enter this match which will make him a loser whether he wins or loses the bout.

Director Stallone manages to pull off a rather slow drama, without the movie getting cheesy or boring.

The whole beginning of the movie is pretty sappy, but the movie becomes interesting (and strikingly predictable) when we meet the new Heavyweight Champion of the World, which himself must also be a suggestion of how times have changed for the worse.

But then it really started to pick up and ended up being a classic Rocky movie, powerful, inspiring, exciting.

It is a slow moving dialogue movie, with only the last 20 minutes containing the training and big boxing match, so don't expect an action-filled adventure.

And the fight scene is effortlessly exciting, reminding us just why Rocky was such a lovable character.

It's the most entertaining 2 seconds of the movie.

This is not so much an entertainment flick, but more of a slow burner that if you are prepared to follow, is filled with warmth and inspiration.

All in all Rocky Balboa is definitely worth the watch!!!

It's also rousing to see how Mr. Balboa still has enough heart in him to climb those steps and do a few push ups.

" But I think anybody who liked the story and could relate to it would actually walk out of the theater and say, " That was a darn good movie" It had a lot of the silent sort of scenes where that early morning Philadelphia song would come in.

On the down side, there was utterly no character growth, merely boring and empty echoes of the past.

Thoroughly enjoyable 'wrap' to the Rocky series.

While sports movies can build up to an intense climax, this one never seems to get better than "good".

But each of those story lines went nowhere.

The rapid cycling and color juxtapositions in this final fight are simply too jarring and hard to follow, and took me completely out of it.

Some unexpected characters pop into the story, and key characters in the Rocky saga also return.

But that was only because the fight sequence was exciting and overstimulating (and dialogue-free) enough to make me forget what had gone before it.

the ending was so predictable.. you knew he wasn't gonna get KO'd you knew he wasn't gonna win .

This movie was slow for the first half hour, Rocky crying, Dix showing how fantastic he is, Rocky being kinda' charming, the son being a jerk, Rocky crying.

More importantly, he also had to deal, in a compelling way, with his own fears and doubts about his actual ability.

It is engrossing, uplifting and has its heart in the right place.

The scene outside the restaurant with his son is stunning and brilliantly done.

Rocky Balboa (2006) was a movie i was so looking forward to, i'm a massive fan of the Rocky series, as most males are, but after coming out of the cinema, i felt empty and disappointed with this movie.

It's completely implausible, but you won't care, because the movie is engaging enough and heartfelt enough to make you feel that anything is possible.

And herein lies a problem; I fear even the hardest core of Rocky fans will find this movie painfully slow.

This actor who played Rocky Jr was just like "Mason", boring as heck.

I enjoyed it.

Dull and dumb, half-hearted in every sense .

It was inspiring, touching, funny, sad, intense and heart warming.

It's not stellar theater, or any sort of classic in the making, but it's entertaining and brings good closure to Rocky.


It was repetitive, over-hyped and in no way original.

The boxing scenes and the training montage are still snappy and exciting, and that wonderful "Gonna Fly Now" theme is enough to get you out of your seat and shadow-boxing for all it's worth.

Worth watching!

Just as all of the Rocky movies it is extremely predictable in what is going to happen.

Th fight scene has some thrilling and nicely stylised moments, as well as a realism that we haven't seen in a Rocky movie for a long time.

This disjointed string of forced performances, rampant narcissism on the part of Sly, and hackneyed clichés in perpetua is trite where it's supposed to be inspiring and ultimately dull where it should be fun.

Is the film worth watching ?

In the end though, we really felt that Rocky Balboa was an excellent ending to what was a thrilling ride.

The result is absolutely 100% formulaic.

It's Hollywood, so inevitably it's somewhat corny and definitely predictable, and of course it has a ¨message¨.

The video game Rocky clobbers the unlikable and uninspiring champion; causing media speculation that the Italian Stallion could still win back the crown.

The training sequence is quite enjoyable, with the familiar music, plenty of action and fancy rapid-fire editing.

A compelling and emotionally touching film that reminds of the first two Rocky movies, "Rocky Balboa" is an excellent finale which reminds just how good an actor Sylvester Stallone is when given the right material.

There is a genuine sense of innocence that pervades the film and it is as intriguing as the final hyped-up fight, while the depressive view of a suffocating world that Rocky lives in easily brings to mind Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" at times.

Now Rocky spends his time running an Italian eatery, entertaining customers with his boxing tales, he had to have a new hobby since his wife the beloved Adrian has passed.

Rocky (Stallone was 60 when this was made, so Rocky must have been 60 too) gets an unexpected chance to fight the current champ, Mason "The Line" Dixon, in an exhibition match that comes to be taken quite seriously.

Before he fights he must overcome the fighters licensee commission (UN in Bush language)who refuse to him, until he makes a riveting speech that ended up like Swiss cheese.

The fighting scenes are truly remarkable, with real intense hits, jabs and all.

The best thing about this movie is that the story itself is compelling.

He was boring, like the rest of the movie.

The black and white flashbacks of Talia Shire, so bored in sequel after sequel that Stallone decided to kill her off, and scenes from the previous Rocky movies during the fight scenes, also add to the mawkishness.

Everyone seems to be agreeing that Stallone has redeemed the franchise with a final, enjoyable film, Rocky Balboa.

The artistic talent absorbing the viewer into this movie.

he's basically pointless to this story...

Mason Dixon is believable, also, and adds credibility to an otherwise slightly contrived set of circumstances.

Even the fighting scenes-while exciting-felt anti-climatic.

It was satisfying and well executed,but too predictable and borrows too much from the original.

But despite the obvious bias created by the crowd, and the creative force behind the movie being in attendance, Rocky Balboa is still a stunning movie.

He's not a great actor, but he's crafted a compelling character in Rocky; Rocky feels like a real person.

I felt the adrenaline rise during the few tense scenes and had to laugh it off (I loved it when Rocky grabs the thug on the street to put him in his place after saying, "It's not alright").

As in all of the Rocky series, the fight scenes are first rate and truly exciting, especially when they're viewed with a good sized, theatre audience.

It's like in the old days, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat screaming: "ROCKY!

Aside from the initial problems with the premise, a sixty year old man boxing the twenty two year old heavyweight champ, the rest of the film is cheesy, lame and pointless.

" This painfully predictable punching bag of clichés never generates the blood, sweat, and cheers of the original.

Sylvester Stallone takes complete control once again by starring in, writing, directing and serving as executive producer of this flawed but well-crafted and solidly entertaining audience-pleaser.

Tarver is a walking cliché, Young does the basics, Hughes didn't seem too sure of her character (neither was I) and Kelly the same.

on top of that her son is half black and looks nothing like her, the relationship between him and rocky is stiff and boring..My favorite scene in the movie is where the love interests son and Rocky go to the pound to look at dogs...

Stallone insists on playing Rocky as the same old dim-witted but good-hearted schmuck and that character has grown tiresome.

" The fight sequences, which have always been cartoonishly brutal, mock the limits of human endurance and insanely exciting, deliver once again.

Both familiar fans and new watchers will find this film enjoyable.

And by the end it gets so predictable and obvious that it makes you want go back home and watch the original for full satisfaction.

Mawkish, confused and pointless .

But still it is very exciting to see the old Sly fighting the young Antonio Tarver (who is a real boxer)!

The fight between Rocky Balboa and Mason Dixon was very intense and it's almost as if you can feel Rocky get hit as you get more attached to the character,Overall, I would recommend this movie because it's an action-packed, inspiring homage to an awesome series.


On his way, he must cope first with his son, then befriends an unexpected person, a woman whom he tried to turn good when she was a kid some 30 years back...

I found them all to be enjoyable.

I have seen the all 5 Rocky movies, from III starting to get bored because of the recipe.

However, plot-wise, the movie is a bit slow and kind of a repeat of earlier films.

Thoroughly predictable from start to finish.

You want a gut-wrenching, jaw-dropping, dull and impossibly boring dialog lines?

Similarly, Rocky's relationship with his son in the movie is predictable from the start: it's pure formula.

How gripping that would be?