Rocky II (1979) - Drama, Sport

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Rocky struggles in family life after his bout with Apollo Creed, while the embarrassed champ insistently goads him to accept a challenge for a rematch.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 17 out of 173 found boring (9.82%)

One-line Reviews (117)

All in all, a worthy sequel to the first, and definitely worth watching for any fan of the first film.

The fight is exciting, adrenalin pumping and highly action packed.

This and the strong direction, entertaining match sequences emotional music and likable supporting cast makes it all more enticing to see.

Anyway, Stallone still gives a credible performance, Shire is still good as his quite quiet wife, and Meredith is still fantastic with his Penguin style snarling or quacking and temper, there is another great montage with catchy music, and the fighting is gripping, the home life stuff's alright too, a worthwhile boxing drama sequel.

I like how the movie takes place right where the first Rocky left off,but at times it kind of felt like a complete copy of the first one,he's training once again to fight Apollo Creed,but it didn't bother me too much because the main thing that I thought made the movie enjoyable was the development in Rocky and Adrian's relationship and his intense training.

The dialogues are classic, the story is engrossing and direction is good.

The slower 70s style of the original is being squeezed.

Too slow, too boring, too average to be considered a worthy sequel.

The story is drawn out, overly simplistic and irritating.

The film starts off somewhat slow and steady as we delve into Rocky's post-boxing life of marriage and children and his job-hunt struggles.

When Adrian, after rousing from a coma, tells the big Italian tank to go win, it's akin to some President or Prime Minister declaring "we shall not be defeated" It's inspiring stuff, and of course it sets the wheels in motion for ultimate training and the mother of all punch ups with Apollo Creed.

To an extent, the story was predictable.

Lets not forget, the genre he tackles is emotional, action packed entertaining blockbusters and not some mind twister which is going to be some cult classic.

I very much enjoyed it .

The training scenes are entertaining and the fight is the best match I have ever seen in a movie.

Sure this film is totally predictable, the outcome not in doubt, but credit Stallone for shrewdly knowing what his audience would want, and gave it to them in an entertaining film.

Much of the picture feels like plodding for we already know what awaits in the end and can't wait for that final battle, which fortunately is as impressive as it was in the previous chapter.

That said, it's wildly entertaining.

This one is actually better than the original when it comes breathtaking fight.

This second part continues the story from the first one after Rocky's thrilling fight with Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).

Implausible plot, often dull and with some of the worst performances you'll see in a movie: from the over-the-top acting of Burgess Meredith to the monosyllabic, IQ-reducing grunts of Sylvester Stallone.

Not only that, but the main fight in the film is much more exciting and longer.

The film begins with the rousing fanfare that featured at the start of the original.

It's a much more watered down and predictable story than what we received in the first film.

This agreeable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky'.

That said, rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that it pretty much followed the same pattern as the first movie except that it was even more slow and predictable.

This time, however, the human drama side is more realistic and engaging and the movie flows better for it.

While "Rocky II" is slow and less heartwarming than the original, it still delivers in parts.

Entertaining Sequel.

It was also great to see the rest of the original cast returning, including Talia Shire, Burt Young and Carl Weathers, as well as Bill Conti's rousing score.

Although most did seem to enjoy this movie, I have heard a lot of negative comments ranging from "it's too unoriginal" and "predictable.

Despite keeping the same formula from its predecessor, Rocky II with the already established and exciting soundtrack from the first movie and inspiring story still is very enjoyable.

It has touching moments, exciting moments, thrilling moments and all of these are pretty good.

Rocky II I had the ultimate pleasure of viewing yesterday and I am pleased to say this was as excellent and exciting as the first one.

It also made the film that much more entertaining.

Rocky 2 falls in the sphere of an entertaining, action movie with dollops of emotion that will endure through the ages.

You have to be patient this time around as the film is slow going at first, and lacks the emotional punch of the original, but an exciting, edge of your seat climax makes it worth the wait.

Worth watching for the end fight alone.

Overall this isn't a classic but by repeating the basic formula of the first movie and taking Rocky back to the gutter, this remains an entertaining soap that is driven by mushy, if formulaic, emotion.

It's a lot of fun to see Stallone and Weathers reprise their roles as Rocky and Apollo, and getting an extra dosage of some great boxing is really exciting.

The training sequence and the fight are even more intense and inspiring than the first part.

it had better action like the slow motion shots, and it was a much more entertaining fight (then again thats my opinion.

It is excruciatingly predictable.

The training scenes feel inspirational and the main fight is exciting.

The biggest adrenaline rush of the movie is of course the end fight which just couldn't be long enough for me.

Better to get that adrenaline pumped up right to the max, and settle the score with no seconds to go.

On the flip side, the biggest weaknesses are the sporadic slow-moving moments.

But despite no wonder and power in the story, it's still really fun and Rocky II is plenty enjoyable to watch.

Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling.

It's more footage of Rocky, one of the most compelling characters in cinema history.

However the intense media hype, public mockery from the champion Creed, and a discovery that 'normal' life isn't all that it's cracked up to be draw him back into the ring for a highly publicized rematch.

by Burgess Meredith),and the exciting bout is what makes this film a good piece of enjoyment.

Spectacular and climatic final bout including slow-moving images.

But this is probably more entertaining than the original.

It's an enjoyable, albeit unnecessary, continuation of the story from that film.

Sylvester Stallone returns as writer, star, and now director of this exciting sequel that pushes all the expected buttons, and tells the story of how Rocky, despite not wanting a rematch, gives in to the public pressure of champion Apollo Creed, and agrees.

But you've got to give credit to Sylvester Stallone, the sequel, while not as good, is still pretty entertaining.

A nice highlight is Mickey played by Burgess Meredith, he with Sylvester Stallone deliver some very intense and heartening scenes.

As in the first movie, the fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed is magnificently choreographed (although - and I have this problem with the entire "Rocky" series - heavyweights just don't punch like that; at least not in any fight I've ever seen) but, again, the result is rather predictable (although how the result comes about is a bit of a surprise.

Highly Entertaining .

But all in all, I think "Rocky II" is slightly more enjoyable than the original "Rocky".

There are plenty of entertaining moments, not least Rocky's lengthy search for an honest profession.

That's right – many people hate the 'Rocky' sequels, but apart from 'Part V,' they're all surprisingly entertaining – and, more importantly, well made.

In fact this sequel is a real yawner.

That is where the script becomes very intriguing.

The film is how all sequels should be made and certainly has the viewing feeling that the film was well worth watching and if films now day were as well thought out as this film there would be no problem with ideas in Hollywood.

When the movie shifts to the boxing portion, it becomes more inspiring than the first and very exciting to see.

The movie moves very slow and only really starts to become interesting after an hour.

The fight is great, unrealistic maybe but exciting nonetheless.

The scene with Rocky and Apollo getting up at the end is classic and suspenseful.

Another weakness is in the pacing, too slow and not as rich in characterization and content as the first, basically, it's all about Rocky losing the money he won, trying to find a job, becoming a bum again, teased by Apollo for the rematch, facing Adrian's refusal, and then Adrian's coma leading to a whole sequence where we're waiting for her to wake up and give her blessing.

Entertaining with a great finale .

The movie is worth watching for this alone and the ending actually always keeps bringing tears of joy to my eyes.

It is worth watching.

Imperfect, but highly entertaining sequel picks up right where the original left off.

The story was very entertaining.

Here Rocky is still the lovable, sweet but slow guy.

The second half was more exciting and had some sad moments as well.

what comes next is the fight itself which is far superior than the first, obviously because of the bigger budget, but nonetheless is very enjoyable to watch, and excellently choreographed, and the make up is just as good.

Apollo's trainer Duke also has a bigger role here and would continue to be more prevalent in Rocky III and IV; I love this guy and his intense words of inspiration.

In the end though he decides to fight Apollo again and Wins the match after a very exciting climax (i was on the edge of my seat as they ref counted, i really was!

Besides one very touching bedside scene where a tearful Rocky tells her to sleep as long as she needs, the film is boring and slow while she's in her coma.

"Rocky II" is the perfect companion piece to "Rocky" and much like the first will leave engrossed and on the edge of your seat.

It is predictable, dull, and overall just a ploy to capitalize on the enormous success of the original.

Stallones second attempt at directing (the under rated Paradise Alley being the first) is an enjoyable movie, but it drags on places and pales in comparison to the first movie (which it borrows so heavily from) and is more than a tad predictable.

While this is by no means as effective a movie as the first one, this is however a worthy sequel and entertaining as hell.

Once again the script was stunning.

And way more engaging, despite it being a simple story.

The first hour is getting boring and slowly goes , the second hour is paced when he starts training the rest sucks.

Stallone, director here as well as the writer, does a good job in every department, making Rocky II an entertaining (if a bit overlong) sequel that's sure to delight everyone who liked the first film.

The training scenes are entertaining and the fight is the best match I have ever seen in a movie.

The story in this is simple as well, but felt so darn dragged out sometimes.

Human drama for 90% of the film, followed by an intense fight scene.

It takes the saga to the next step and does a great job of entertaining us in the process.

by Burgess Meredith),and the exciting bout is what makes this film a good piece of enjoyment.

However, the main intriguing element of the movie is when Apollo coerces Rocky into a rematch to prove that he is still the heavy-weight champion, and Rocky attempts to train for the match - all the while balancing his strive with his family.

The first fight was spectacular, but both fighters feel empty after it.

yes, it sounds a bit like an after school special and sometimes plays like one, but despite some cheesy and hokey aspects, it is highly entertaining.

Very boring.

Too much drama in it, slow pacing and field with boredom.

This one is a bit cheesy and dragged out.

But for the most part, a very entertaining sequel.

All the main characters return from the Oscar winning original and Stallone wrote this one too, plus he also DIRECTS it, and does a stunning job too, especially in the actual fight at the end.

Rocky II is sensationally upbeating and exhilarating with enough content for 2 hours of runtime; even though being predictable, is still fun and filled with all the clichéd drama.

Overall,it was still an enjoyable movie to watch.

Rating : Good , being impossible to dislike ,the result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement .

The new clash between the two is much longer and intense, better choreographed and filmed, with a breathtaking ending as in the first movie.

From the beginning we can see where the story is going and, while entertaining, it's not surprising and lacks the wow factor of the first film.

It was very entertaining.

Movie is a bit faster than the first one and that makes it even more entertaining.

Like all the Rocky movies, you want to root for Rocky in the boxing match, which I thought was well-choreographed, rousing and an edge-of-your-seat experiment.

e Empire Strikes Back,Superman 2)there is more excitement in this film,the fighting scenes are more intense and the story is a bit stronger.

In particular, Adrian's birth-induced coma is just a tad contrived and out of place.

There is an unhinged inferring that that's what 1976's Rocky was all about; a fitting sentiment to begin proceedings when we observe this sequel is mostly all about the fight and the sports which formulates therein between the two, when allowing it to just blur into a more interesting tale, as was in the first film, is all the more engaging.

I don't know if it's realistic or not, but at least it leads to a thrilling suspense and a final bell sequence that echoes the greatness of the first one.

This time also directing the movie, he demonstrates a surprisingly dexterity for the job, because he sustains during the whole time the moving and thrilling rhythm that made the first one so great.

What follows is the formulaic plot that will delight the populace and satisfy our need for another result.