Rocky III (1982) - Drama, Sport

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After winning the ultimate title and being the world champion, Rocky falls into a hole and finds himself picked up by a former enemy.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 11 out of 215 found boring (5.11%)

One-line Reviews (126)

Thankfully, "Rocky III" is entertaining enough that it doesn't wear out its welcome.

Despite this, Mr. T manages to make for a compelling and daunting baddie and lifts the entire film.

Second only to Rocky IV for the most entertaining in the series.

We also get to see the characters of Rocky, Adrian, and Apollo grow and mature to continue to be ever fascinating characters.

I always think of his intense shouting of "There is no tomorrow!

Rocky III because while Rocky is the better movie, Rocky III is the most entertaining.

By this film the series became even more unwatchable and somehow even more redundant.

This time, however, the human drama side is more realistic and engaging and the movie flows better for it.

The story of Rocky III was for an enjoyable one.

In the second round Lang got over his confusion and started to punch his way through Rocky's defenses with Lang's devastating punches getting to Rocky flooring him a number of times.

In all, it's a corny and predictable collection of training montages trying to disguise itself as a movie.

The best part of the film, and why it is still entertaining, is Apollo.

action packed .

Even more of the same - formulaic .

Purists who wanted "Gonna Fly Now" get to hear it during some quite exciting training scenes, and played by a marching band early in the movie as Rocky's statue is unveiled.

By comparison, Rocky's slow-talking, slow-thinking character is becoming tiresome.

Rocky III is the one film that injected new life into the franchise with a great new story, amazing music and an entertaining cast.

Another ridiculously contrived and formulaic entry into the Rocky series.

The second most entertaining in the series.

Both of the men after 14 rounds of intense fighting collapse to the ground.

Rocky III is not as good as # 1 but remains superior to parts # 2, # 4 and # 5 (The jury is still out on Rocky VI) mainly due to Mr. T who is easily the series' most enjoyable villain.

I think it was cool and exciting to see Carl weathers' character Apollo creed to swallow his pride and become rocky's friend and trainer.

I really enjoyed this movie and found it very enjoyable for a third movie,and thought it was a lot better than the second one,because that felt like too much of a repeat of the first Rocky,this one was much more original because we got to see Rocky become a very well known boxer and see him take on a different opponent as well,who was very well acted by Mr. T,also I felt this movie contained more character development which is important in a movie.

Still an exciting sequel

Rocky 3 is plain predictable, you know what's going to happen and it does.

This is one slow moving movie, especially about half-way through the film.

Rocky 3 is an action packed film.

one of the most entertaining films ever made .

The second fight between Rocky and Clubber is just breathtaking, the pace of the fight is electric, some of the camera work makes you feel like you are literally in the ring with these two warriors.

The main antagonist is very one dimensional, but he is entertaining to watch, even if he is a giant cartoon.

Charming and enjoyable sequel with the Italian Stallion taking on the brute Clubber Land , Mr. T .

In fact, I enjoyed it more than the first film and feel that it comes only just behind the second in terms of pure entertainment.

Nothing compares to the raw emotion of the original Rocky, but if you like the series and you have a few hours to kill, this is an entertaining movie.

I Highly Recommend It.

Most franchises are showing signs of flagging by the 3rd film but the Rocky series defies this as Rocky 3 is another absorbing film.

Human drama for 90% of the film, followed by an intense fight scene.

It's comfortable film making with comfortable acting performances and it's often very exciting as well.

When we talk about Rocky's saga so many people say that the three firsts films are the best one and it is true,with the fourth part the series takes another way and films becoming a little bored.

Rocky III is a very intense film and that's what I absolutely love about this film compared to Rocky IV.

This movie is very very gripping from the start till the end rematch, especially the song eye of the tiger , it is still very much favorite among me and my brothers, cousins and friends.

And in an empty gym's boxing ring, probably the famous Gleason's Gym in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, the two square off in their unannounced rubber match to see who's the best.

But one thing Sylvester Stallone really deserves is the fact that he manages making the movie both believable and enjoyable enough that when the movie is finished you feel both entertained and good.

I don't think the critics are very fair about this third film in the series, the fight sequences are still gripping, the montage sequence or two with the great music is still enjoyable, and of course the Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated song "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, that went to number one, is a great song, a good boxing drama.

The 3rd installment is better and also a lot more exciting than the previous one, here you at least get some brutality, albeit conventional one, instead of family drama; also, Talia Shire looks way better in this flick.

This is my favorite Rocky movie of the whole series mainly because of the fast paced fights, the action and Mr. t.

A true larger than life villain with outbursts of immensely entertaining lightning fast dialogue; he sure has a way with words with such a violent temper and high levels of anger.

The fights are exciting and quite realistic, especially compared to "Rocky 4" (it's still a movie, so you need some suspension of disbelief) .

From the moment of the opening montage or Rocky's successful title defences through to the end painting of Apollo and Rock in the ring it's a rip-roaring enjoyable punch fest and the truth is that there's nothing wrong with that.

While it is evident that the third Rocky isn't as good as the first film which has become a classic,it still remains fun as well as entertaining and inspiring especially when it tackles how one must bounce back from a setback and defeat in life.

" But you'll be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining second sequel than this.

***SPOILERS**** After Rocky Balboa's winning the World Heavyweight Championship in his re-match drag out and knock down battle with "the Master of Disater" Apollo Creed, Carl Weathers, he's given a hand picked string of second tier boxers by his concerned, in not having his fighter and meal ticket Rocky hurt, trainer/manager the Willy Mickey Goldmill, Burgess Meredith, to defend his hard won tidal against.

Although most of the Rocky films were spectacular, I have to say that Rocky 3 compared to the other Rocky films had so much more to offer compared to the other Rocky films as it was action packed and ongoing excitement all the way through the film.

Rocky gets in an exciting fight with Hulk Hogan at the beginning of the film for charity.

Adrian played by Talia Shire doesn't have such a strong presence as in the previous movies, her few scenes with Rocky, Sylvester Stallone, are enjoyable, specially one that she sees the need to make Rocky understand himself and recognize what he's feeling.

The point I'm trying to make is this - if I were to try and watch the very original B&W King Kong movie with fresh eyes, this movie will be uninspiring and look awful - bad music - effects, etc....

Rocky III gets the big 7, it may be worn down it's still pretty entertaining.

Rocky 1 - this one should've been the the rise of Balboa Rocky 2 - He becomes the champion Rocky 3 - The downfall of RockyNope, instead, Rocky becomes boring and er, boring.

Not my favorite rocky movie, but definitely worth watching.

This is a bigger, slicker, and more formulaic Rocky movie.

this third rocky movie is of course, totally predictable, and it'sdumb as well(notice how clubber lang roars like a dinosaur at thering), but some viewers will find it entertaining.......

Mickey's(still intense Meredith) health is failing.

Worth watching!

Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry i s surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling .

It's so over the top with such intense pain on display.

Well, I am finding him a bore, and these movies lifeless.

The Rocky films seem to get progressively more predictable and less original.

It's entertaining, and the acting is not bad with Burgess Meredith as Mickey coming off the best.

The Rocky trilogy is the most engrossing and entertaining sequential movies ever.

Action packed and another excellent sequel .

Rocky III is ridiculously entertaining while still managing to have thematic substance.

Nevertheless, I own this movie, because hey, it's Rocky and it's got rousing music and stuff.

This is an entertaining third movie in the series and is about twenty minutes shorter.

Likely because Rocky II was roundly criticized for being too slow to develop, this time the action is fast and furious, though not to the benefit of the overall experience.

What was basically raw cinema for 2 stunning films, is now your bog standard good guy makes good story.

If awards were given for entertaining surface and not artistic depth, then surely Mr.T would win many for his awesomely over-the-top performance here ("Don't turn your back on me, sucka!

And then regain the same weight, in muscle mass only, during the shooting via the consumption of cereals, fish, high doses of honey coffee and intense physical training.

Outcome of the re-match is not in doubt of course, but film is well put across and rousing.

This film is predictable.

This movie quite possibly is the most entertaining one of the bunch.

And the boxing was unusual and a but thrilling because it seemed real and brutal.

Thank heavens "Rocky III" is still an enjoyable piece of work!

Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling .

This twist makes this more enjoyable than the second film as we get to see what happens to successes when they forget where they came from.

Also, as with the previous two Rocky films, you can expect a rousing climax in Rocky III.

It is a highly entertaining, warm and an encouraging movie.

Stallone is good here, the training sequences steal the show (as always), and Mr. T's role as Clubber is not bad, but the story becomes predictable by halfway.

Opening with a montage set to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" (written specifically for use in the film) all of the necessary exposition one would need with this film is provided quickly enough so that the film can get underway with its quickly-paced, action packed and drama fueled plot.

Rocky feels he has a lost apart of himself but with help from an unexpected friend Creed trains Rocky to reclaim his title from Lang.

The second fight between Rocky and Clubber is just breathtaking, the pace of the fight is electric, some of the camera work makes you feel like you are literally in the ring with these two warriors.

It isn't without its weaknesses, but I thought overall that it was better than Rocky II, and certainly worth watching, if one likes the "Rocky" series.

Even though there is some drama once more, this movie is just mainly entertaining.

Thoroughly predictable but very entertaining .

So this is the most action packed of the Rocky Series, has a great shift in character for Apollo, and has a great theme song.

In any case, while it may not have been up to the same standard as "Rocky", I thought it was still quite enjoyable and I have rated it accordingly.

But nevertheless,it is still fun and entertaining especially when we see how one should bounce back in life as shown by Rocky.

Maybe Sly just needed a script doctor to hone his good ideas into a more enjoyable whole.

An entertaining movie .

For what may be the most exciting and most fast-paced film in the series.

"Rocky III" is overall an enjoyable film that plays more like a 99-minute music video than an actual motion picture.

This is a story about Rocky rediscovering his passion for boxing and it is reasonably entertaining.

Mr T wasn't directed properly, his character showed promise but there was no script for him.

To do this he returns to the streets and learns some new skills from ex-champ and mentor Apollo Creed Somehow, cut down muscle tops, short shorts, and long socks, sometimes headbands, are acceptable in the ghetto and this culminates in some very shady scenes with Rocky and Apollo jumping and hugging each other on the beach in slow motion Also Stallone takes a hammer and chisel to Burgess Meredith's (Mick's) greatest acting moment on his death bed with some really stupid vocals which only Stallone knows how to makeBut otherwise this is a rock solid movie and very entertaining For those interested it has some unexpectedly good sound design features.

it containsthe same moral message as all the rocky films, of believing inyourself, and contains the unforgetable "eye of the tiger" song in it, but a movie needs more than a good song to actually be worth watching.......

So it's easy to criticize "Rocky III" and mock the evolution of the characters, but the movie is still a good cinematic achievement, more entertaining and heart-warming than your average sports films, it works because the first two films built a gallery of unforgettable characters, we learned to know, to appreciate and to love, as if unconsciously, we never wanted the series to end …

Implausible plot, often dull and with some of the worst performances you'll see in a movie: from the over-the-top acting of Burgess Meredith to the monosyllabic, IQ-reducing grunts of Sylvester Stallone.

I guess yes since a review asks for a minimum of objectivity, I have to mention that again, the movie sins by a predictable script whose structure parallels the second film's plot, who would have bet on Rocky after watching the first training montage?

To hell and back: Rocky III is an effective, breathtaking, and motivating story, so much so that it is used as a reference tool in the physical and mental preparation of many people, who have to face a harsh trial in their life.

Rating : Good , being impossible to dislike , the result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement .

It's a fascinating franchise that acts both as a mirror of the times in which they were made and of the soul of its star.

Rocky IV while visually stunning, is verging on SCI-FI it is so unrealistic( I still can't get over 2000PSI!!

Otherwise this film is relatively good and an enjoyable watch.

For me, this is the most gritting, suspenseful and heart felt Rocky movie (not including the IV, V, VI and Creed).

Sylvester Stallone is back as star, writer, and director of this exciting sequel, which sees Rocky basking in the stardom and riches of being the Heavyweight champion, only to be grimly watched from afar by ruthless boxer Clubber Lang(Mr.

Rocky could've been a terrific trilogy but instead just became boring.

Rocky 3 is the most action packed of all the rocky movies and once again delivers with all new soundtrack eye of the tiger.

This is pure entertaining so I guess many people enjoy this movie,because you don't have to think.

But putting all that to one side, eminently enjoyable - I've seen it about ten times now.

It was entertaining, enjoyable, and a nice change of pace.


This agreeable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky'.

totally predictable and nothing new .

While I don't remember much of it, I do recall rooting for Rocky in the boxing matches and do remember it as being of the more exciting movies to watch back in the 1980s.

I never got that heavily into The A-Team, but what I can remembering seeing of it was enjoyable.

mostly entertaining.

It is a curious thing to see a sports movie as generic as this one begin with its protagonist at the top of his game and seemingly indomitable, but credit to director Sylvester Stallone and the team for worming their way around some tight rapids and down into a stream of engaging formulae that does not grate.

Rocky III is flat out predictable and a typical sport movie filled with cliched action sequences to complete the run time of the movie.