Rocky IV (1985) - Drama, Sport

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Rocky Balboa proudly holds the world heavyweight boxing championship, but a new challenger has stepped forward: Drago, a six-foot-four, 261-pound fighter who has the backing of the Soviet Union.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 53 out of 353 found boring (15.01%)

One-line Reviews (208)

Cheesy dialogue, cheesy music, and cheesy predictable plot.

We have the one-dimensional antagonist, through Ivan Drago, furthermore from Soviet Russia, the greatest cinematic propaganda villains' providers before September Eleven.


I know it's a propaganda movie(yes, that's what it is.

Definitely More Enjoyable & Entertaining Than Rocky II & Rocky III .

The point I'm trying to make is this - if I were to try and watch the very original B&W King Kong movie with fresh eyes, this movie will be uninspiring and look awful - bad music - effects, etc....

Apart from anti-soviet propaganda i consider it one of my best in the 80s which i recommended to others resulting in appreciation all over.

The final scene is exciting, even though predictable, because we think to ourself "I'm going to enjoy seeing Rocky kick this heartless communist's ass infront of the whole world...

Of course being that young, loving Rocky movies, and not caring at all if it was actually a "good" movie, I walked out of the theater with my best friend, went home, and began training and boxing!

Rocky IV is one of the most entertaining movies ever made.

Seriously, i cannot think of one that is more entertaining, awesome and fun and with some seriously awesome training montages.

It's brutal and silly but still enjoyable.

This film strives for action rather than a complex storyline, and consequently becomes a more than enjoyable jaunt than the later Rocky V.

And where there's a war, there had better be good propaganda to keep your spirits up.

It's stunning that the minor classic Rocky could become the minor turkey Rocky IV.

Of course, and probably is the most entertaining of the series.

The First two were very good, but they were good for drama, and Rocky III and IV are entertaining, you have to forget about how old Rocky is.

Whenever I have a stressful day of work I listen to the Rocky IV soundtrack when I need that extra bit of adrenaline to make me go on.

However, although it isn't quite my favorite (Rocky 2 would take 1st in my book), it still is definitely a very entertaining piece.

Drago is a great foil for Rocky and on the basic level he is entertaining.

I grew up watching all the Rocky movies and have found that Rocky IV is the most entertaining and the one with more excitement.

Being 13 at the time, its easy to overlook unrealistic elements and predictable plot turns, thats why i had a great time with Rocky IV.

Empty .

But the movie's entertaining enough to (mostly) carry through that.

Although it isn't as iconic or as well made as the films which preceded it, ROCKY IV is still an entertaining film in the long-running franchise, a memorable Cold War encounter that tries to do something a little different than what's come before.

Even so, Rocky IV proves to be an extremely enjoyable movie and in my opinion, by far the best movie from the Rocky series.

We encounter situations bursting with emotion and many exciting scenes.

Of course the fight follows the "our hero gets badly beaten but then rises to beat the baddie and win over the crowd" cliche.

This is a fun and over the top movie therefore i only have 1 thing to say, "GO FOR IT", funnest rocky movie sofar and most entertaining!

Virtually the same movie as "Rocky III", with a better (and longer) climactic fight, but Dolph Lundgren, although physically intimidating, is a wooden log in terms of personality in comparison to Mr.T. Stallone's screenplay is formulaic to the extreme, and often ridiculous (how can anyone last 15 rounds with a man who supposedly has three times the punching power of the average heavyweight?

But as formulaic and stupefyingly daft as it all is, it sure is fun.

The whole training and cold war message is dull and the movie comes close to being a parody of the first Rocky.

I don't care that the movie wasn't realistic or wasn't of an extremely high quality, it's still a very entertaining film and I will defend it with everything I've got god dam it!

Entertaining Entry in a Saga That's Slowly Showing Its Age.

In one exciting sequence where he and Rocky are both shown training in separate locations, he does show some determination.

A very entertaining movie from a great actor, writer and director.

An impressive example of 1980s propaganda movies - a sport-movie cousin to "Red Dawn" and, of course, Rambo 2 and 3.

But Rocky 4 is still very entertaining and a great Rocky film.

shire is bland as allways.

Is it cheesy with the 80's music, predictable plot of Invincible Villain versus a beloved underdog?

Here's another low-brained but very entertaining "Rocky" movie with one more interesting villain.

Predictable .

I enjoyed the training montage, and the boxing scene was so entertaining for me.

'Rocky III' was mindless but still energetic and entertaining and I accepted it as such.

Granted, Rocky III was good with the fight scenes between Sly and Mr. T, but Rocky II was simply Sly training for a rematch with Apollo Creed and Rocky V was just predictable.

You really can see him as a big challenge to Rocky Balboa even if the plot is pretty damn predictable.

Nowhere near the artistry of the first film but much more enjoyable than any others in the series.

Putting that aside, what made Rocky IV so enjoyable for me was the great training montages, the in your face machoism, and when it came time for the final fight i was licking at the chops for Rocky to open up a can on Drago.

I won't spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen this movie,but the decision they make for Appollo Creed,played by Carl Weathers,was a very bad decision,it was dark and really unexpected from this film series,and was definitely the biggest mistake made in this movie.

It could be argued, but the substance that is there is a little contrived.

Paulie and Adrian were more than tolerable in the earlier ones, but here they're just bland and lame.

Entertaining movie .

The film itself is literally one cliche after another, accompanied by endless montages.

This makes the training scenes all that more compelling, who doesn't get a shiver down their spine when Rocky is lifting the cart with Adrian and Tony in it.

No Credibility, But Sure Is Entertaining .

If you are an `Average American' you may like this film, if you are Russian you will love this film, if you are something else - you'll waste your time.

Possibly because it IS so familiar, so formulaic, so flashy and so desperate to work its audience into a frenzy.

Rocky IV is predictable, loosely written and choreographed and executed unsupervised.

But it's a fascinating, often enthralling piece of glitzy schlock.

It thrives on pure adrenaline, with a pumping sound track and fast paced montages.

Rather like The Rolling Stones continuing to tour, this film, while vaguely entertaining, is a rather sad parody of it's former self.

The film is a mess, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable one, and there is a certain art to it.

Up until the point when Rocky and his family arrives in Russia this film was alright, but thereafter that scene this movie became dull and boring.

The film has a surprising complexity post-Creed II that make it at once an effective piece of propaganda and a self-aware drama about the human cost of dehumanization.

An underestimated movie that is enjoyable and fun to watch when Rocky faces his worst opponent ever.

This Rocky was the most entertaining and I thought had the best Training Scenes and probably the best fight scenes (Rocky 2 not far behind!

In other words, pure political propaganda, which played a part in Reagan's Cold War against the USSR.

With that, the scenes feel like filler, making viewers feel like they're beginning to waste their time.

It should get your adrenaline flowing even though you of course know who is going to win in the end.

This time, however, the human drama side is more realistic and engaging and the movie flows better for it.

All in all, with its perfect combination of classic Rocky elements and its ability to create comedy in the most unexpected places, Rocky IV is the perfect Rocky movie, and a crowning achievement for all of mankind.

The fight itself, however, is definitely one of the most exciting of the series so far.

But nevertheless,I think that it remains enjoyable,fun and entertaining especially if one is not to expect a classic or a masterpiece like Rocky I and Rocky II or probably for some,Creed.

The cold war propaganda backdrop is a bit cartoony, as the Russians fighter is so one-dimensional evil.

The fight was filmed with such good editing and that it really sucks you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It's predictable.

With rapid-fire editing and rousing music, these parts of the film are quite inspirational and make you want to get out of your chair and put yourself through your paces in a gym as soon as possible!

Even newcomers Dolph Lundgren and Brigitte Nielsen cannot get us interested in the predictable storyline.

The plot synopsis is empty ...

Overall: a very enjoyable film with some good 1980's film cheese.

Overall, Predictable and unrealistic as it is, it's still highly entertaining.

While it was a step down from the first three films, Rocky IV still was entertaining.

The first Rocky was a stunning, emotionally charged drama, a best picture Oscar winner and a film classic.

In the end, Rocky IV remains one of the very few entertaining propaganda films that Americans loved.

I think this is the best of the ROCKY series, it is entertaining from beginning to end.

Yeah, it has older-than-a-Bible James Brown,virtually no plot and non-moving actors like Lundgren and Nielsen....

Implausible plot, often dull and with some of the worst performances you'll see in a movie.

Unfairly dismissed by some as confusing.

Just about everything in the film screamed copycat for it's imitation of the first three films, from the flashback scenes to Apollo Creed's (Carl Weathers) impersonation of Muhammad Ali, to the physical impossibility of each man absorbing so much punishment in the ring and still standing.

It's classic Reagan-era pro-American propaganda.

It's like everybody involved knows that they're working on something ludicrous, but they give it their all anyway – the actors, the cinematographer, the composer, the editor and the director all pull in the same direction, united in some kind of cheerful conviction that they can make an enjoyable movie from this silliest of premises.

American Style" and when it's all over, predictable or not, you feel wonderful on the inside and proud to be an american.

Predictable, as usual...

It's definitely a classic movie and a symbol of the 80's – over the top , but wonderfully entertaining.

There's even the Gorbachev double who starts the slow clap.

From formulaic to silly .

It's a product of it's times , but still very entertaining today.

From formulaic to silly.

Despite being a very entertaining movie, there are some really cheesy moments that should have been left out.

A fist of fun, and a damn enjoyable movie .

Rocky 1 :best acting,story,yawn Rocky 2 :best training montage Rocky 3 :best soundtrack.

Drago is a cliché of a character that has about as much realism as the city background of most studio newsrooms.

The battle is also very personal for Rocky, and this movie is, in some ways, the most intense of the series.

The movie itself smells quite bad of patriotism and propaganda.

Rocky IV is so silly that it somehow is able to top the adrenaline-reigning montages of Rocky III (and that had "Eye of the Tiger" so you know what you're getting into), and its silliness with Mr. T and Hulk Hogan, two non-boxers fighting in the ring.

Rocky IV deviates from the dramatic prospects that made the first two Rocky films so fantastic and instead follows in the popcorn action flick direction introduced in Rocky III, but goes even further and on to becoming one of those ridiculous macho man action movies from the 80s like Commando that is also riddled with Cold War propaganda.

This agreeable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky' , though loses strength in the numerous and subsequent sequels .

It has the perfect depth of compelling human agony,the taste for revenge,some fantastic songs & triumph of the human heart over all odds.

But I must say something, even this movie hasnt got an intense main idea, final sequence has it.

It is fast paced and Entertained from beginning till end.

Rocky 4 Review 3/5Rocky 4 or (Rocky IV) see's Rocky Balboa coming out of retirement to go up against the steroid addicted Ivan Drago (and the whole of Russia) For the most part, it's poorly acted and the actors just look bored.

Communist and Nazis did use the sports for their propaganda and very often in real life politics and sport were entwined.

Aside from that,it is enjoyable and entertaining in the sense the American patriotism was brought into the picture as one of its themes.

suffering from a predictable build-up ...

What's the point of criticizing this shoddy, shabby waste of time after it became such a huge box office hit?

Entertaining—if shamelessly contrived—sequel has Rocky coming out of retirement to do battle with Ivan Drago, a devastating and frighteningly powerful Soviet boxer who's groomed as the future after literally killing his last opponent.

Enjoyable Over The Top Just don't mention the speech.

Pound for pound (as they say), this has to be the most cliché dialoged film I've ever seen.

Film making at it's most basic – but has enjoyable moments .

One brutal punch to Stallone's chest later and his heart slammed against his breastbone and swelled up, sending him into intensive care for eight days.

and totally entertaining if you look upon it as a guilty pleasure!

Intense, bloody, brutal and nail-biting.

The plot is paper-thin, there isn't any character development to speak of (watch Rocky 1 & 2 for character development), and the cold war setting is cliche'd and outdated.

The usual support is back in there too in the form of Burt Young and the amazing Brigette Neilson, and, believe it or not, much can be said for Stallone's direction; he may not be too worried about realism or plot, but when it comes to exciting and entertaining his audience, he really is something quite special.

While there is a lot of fun and entertainment in it especially by showing how technology is used to develop athletes like Drago,it does not present any new message about life and life's challenges unlike its previous films especially Rocky I,it definitely is somehow shallow and empty for the movie is just like a 2-hour MTV as well filled with 80's music like Hearts of Fire.

Awesome camp combines with propaganda filmmaking to shame Eisenstein and Riefenstahl, in another entry in the always-entertaining Rocky series.

It goes without saying that Rocky IV is the cheesiest of the bunch, with he Soviet having to be an enormously powerful man, whose power is often over exaggerated, but that's part of what makes it so entertaining.

The saga gets weaker with every entry, and this entry loses its edge by the end, but the performances from Stallone, Dolph Lundgren (as Drago) and Brigitte Nielsen (as Drago's wife) make the movie well worth watching.

The fourth installment of Rocky is by far one of the most entertaining and fun of the 5.

Forget the politics and this is one of the most entertaining films ever made .

)The only upside to the film is that in spite of the ridiculous nature of the entire film and it's awful comparison with the first movie is that it is entertaining, in a really awful eighties way.

The rousing rock & pop soundtrack and Vince DiColas' score do help to get you in a fired-up mood.

It shows how the relationship between the USA and the USSR was at the time and what were the prejudices at the time, for instance that all Russian athletes used drugs and steroidsOf course the story is extremely predictable and you know exactly how it is going to end and that whole thing with that strange robot...

my first release of adrenaline.

Rocky IVJust like the songs, exercise routines and repetitive clips, it seems redundant to add another installment in this already falling franchise when you clearly lack material.

The boxing matches are well-choreographed, rousing and gets your heart pumping.

)This artificial movie is somehow entertaining, by all means.

This movie will be enjoyable to rocky fans.

Camp meets propaganda to create nearly the ultimate 80s flick .

This is, to its date, the most un-needed, pointless and silly Rocky movie.

Suspicions that Stallone was bankrolled by the White House tomake anti-Red propaganda movies glorifying the American race(Rambo being another) appear worryingly plausible, whilst alsodrawing uncomfortable parallels with 1930's Nazi propagandafilms promoting Aryan idealism.

Human drama for 90% of the film, followed by an intense fight scene.

ROCKY IV, while lacking a lot of plot and being more a revenge story than an underdog story that the first 3 movies were, ROCKY IV is still an incredibly enjoyable film and just as good as ROCKY III in some ways.

Wouldn't it be something if Heavyweight boxing matches were really that entertaining?

The downfall to one of the most boring film series ever.

Subtlety and plausibility are entirely absent here, but to me this film remains the most entertaining in the "Rocky" series.

Much different from Rocky 1 but still entertaining .

Undoubtably one of the most laughable films ever made, a hearty slice of shameless Reaganite propaganda, with Stallone's decrepit midget of a heayweight boxer thawing out the Cold War and establishing world peace by travelling to Moscow to knock seven shades of s**t out of towering superhuman Soviet stud Dolph Lundgren thereby avenging the death of buddy and one-time rival Apollo Creed.

Stallone as gifted a writer as always writes a compelling story.

Even the hint of political power that Rocky garners by the end of this latest battle is made to seem like more of the same empty glory.

The character arcs are engaging, as we witness Apollo Creed come to the end of his long-running arc and Rocky himself battling fear for the first time in his life.

It's clear Stallone has lost enthusiasm for the franchise writing a cliché script that just copies the best bits from the previous films whilst throwing in cheesy moments of its own.

The fight is so cartoonish, completly with Drago giving Rocky the "death-stare," it feels like video game propaganda.

As a Russian, I, personally, consider this cinematographic piece of… eh… celluloid a marvelous example of zealous propaganda flicks , similar to Red Dawn or Rambo 3.

Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling .

And it showed a beautifully intense training sequence, a shocking first match and an inspiring second match.

I hated the first three they were so boring.

They have many similarities but Arnold movies don't try to boast a political message, they are intended to be mindless and action packed.

It's probably one of the daftest, xenophobic sequels ever written,the script is laughable, and like number III, plays much like an extended music video filled with montages, but its one of the most entertaining movies from the eighties, and it's the most entertaining Rocky film.

A very intense Rocky movie.

Even worse than Rocky III, Even worse than Rambo III (Where John Rambo fights *alongside* the types that later on would commit 9/11), it is predictable from the first minute on.

The Boxing fights seemed very real and also very exciting, i felt like I was watching a real boxing match every time!

The training scene with Rocky climbing the mountain, is pretty to look at and the end fight scene is totally unbelievable but totally entertaining.

The fight scenes in Moscow to me were entertaining and you could sense the momentum swing towards the Stallion.

Predictable and corny.

If there was ever a movie I can turn to for just 90 minutes of pure, immense, adrenaline filled, inspirational entertainment, it's Rocky IV.

But like in all Rocky movies is the case, it really are the boxing and training sequences that make the movies worth watching.

It's an entertaining film to watch...

We're always ahead of the characters and know what would happen, Stallone with an Oscar nomination for writing proved to have a talent to come up with inventive ideas, but in the "Rocky sequels, he always seem more inspired in the second acts, probably confident that the ending would redeem the flaws in the beginning..And he's not totally wrong, the "Rocky" films always have been about the ending, and the climactic fight, whose patriotically austere undertones contrasts with the flashiness of the first one, features probably one of the most painful to watch fights, yet awesome and entertaining.

Stallone is a unique presence in North American cinema and hopefully will do more of these kinds of austere, gripping character pieces in the future.

Where the focus was once on people, the focus is now on the mashing up of people; where once it was interesting, it has, by the point of Rocky IV, become extremely uninteresting.

The character of Drago as created by Dolph Lundgren and Stallone is frighteningly intense and stoic.

Quick cuts show the influence of music videos, a change to the slower pacing of movies 1-3.

But aside from that and the pointless story of the robot, Rocky IV seems to work just right to make us say this was where the series should have ended.

And even though I can admit that this film is not as concerned with character developement as it is with training montages and bulging muscles, it is by far and away the most entertaining film of the 5.

Rocky is becoming more cartoonish and cliche with each new installment and Rocky IV is as cartoonish and cliche as you can get.

Probably the best sequence of the film had those juxtaposed scenes of Rocky and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) immersed in their training regimen; Rocky battling the elements in the harsh Russian countryside, Drago pumping up with the latest technologically advanced equipment and monitored to the max for ultimate physical output and endurance.

Rocky is perhaps the most entertaining although most unrealistic of all the Rocky films, Stallone looks in the best shape of his life here and there is not an inch of fat on him, acting wise he puts in his usual Rocky performance which is fine.

The introduction to the fight between Apollo and Drago is really entertaining and funny.

Once again written and directed by Stallone, Rocky IV knows its audience and plays to it, with clear-cut heroes and villains, and an outcome more predictable than Jeffrey Epstein's 'suicide'.

Sounds like another Cold War, anti-Russian piece of propaganda.

He dosen't say much and is quite boring though he is a fearsome adversary in terms of physically.

This is the saddest part of the movie because it makes the viewer realize how much they used to care for these characters, before the Rocky franchise became a formulaic, money making machine.

Rocky IV has the same plot - evil, seemingly unbeatable nemesis rises to take on Rocky, and the movie culminates in a long, intense fight.

And it's a shame, because with the exception of the primary anti-Soviet propaganda, this fourth episode is not a bad movie in itself.

The character of Rocky, too, has become a dull preacher, with little or none of the traits that first made him so endearing.

Well, the whole film has something missing, zing, it just feels all the same thing to the point where it is tiresome, especially the montage bits with different music, and the ridiculous long scenes in the snow are boring as hell, in fact, almost the whole is boring as hell, a pretty lacklustre boxing drama sequel.

We see the Rocky highlight reel followed by a pair of intense training sequences to an actual soundtrack.

There is little to no story either, just fights or training montages.

While I don't remember much of it, I do recall rooting for Rocky in the boxing matches and do remember it as being of the more exciting movies to watch back in the 1980s.

Charming and enjoyable sequel with the Italian Stallion taking on the brute , huge Drago , Dolph Lundgren .

A rush of adrenaline, passion, and invigoration that no one has ever felt before.

Only the original is worth watching.

This is more of a music video, with some boxing fights and catchy music, which isn't a bad thing, but its something that we can't describe as a 'serious' movie, more of a fan-made entertaining film.

Rating : Good , being impossible to dislike , the result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement .

The fight is by-the-numbers too, with Rocky getting beaten to an inch of his life before the thrilling last round comeback.

Minute-for-minute, this might be the most entertaining of all the Rocky films, and looks good on DVD despite some graininess in the first five minutes.

Hence it's dumbly predictable as well !

But this film is one of the most thoroughly entertaining movies in history.

Especially Rocky IV (1985) ruins the reputation, which is only made for needs of Reagan's time idiotamericanism and cold war's propaganda.

The scene of the American boxing commission refusing to sanction Rocky's fight with Drago should of been included in the original because it clears up the confusion as to why the title was not on the line.

Ridiculous, entertaining....

Overall, this film is entertaining and takes the series in a new direction, even if parts of it do recall the earlier films.

On the film's own merits this is an entertaining balls to the wall boxing film.

It is sad that Apollo dies in this movie I hated that, but the rest was pretty fast entertaining, well faced paced entertained action movie.

But I can say that this was the least entertaining of the four so far.

The events that lead to the fight are predictable, boring and done with low effort.

Incredibly entertaining silly fun .