Rocky V (1990) - Drama, Sport

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Reluctantly retired from boxing, and back from riches to rags, Rocky takes on a new protege who betrays him, as the champ's son must adjust to his family's new life after bankruptcy.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: John G. Avildsen
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 39 out of 256 found boring (15.23%)

One-line Reviews (109)

Rating : Good , being impossible to dislike , the result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement .

Ellis theme of the movie Go For It, and Elton John's Measure of a man which are both wonderful entertaining songs.

Avildsen, the film reunites the team that was responsible for Rocky and now, they're also responsible for coming up with the worst chapter in the series for Rocky V is an uninspired, tedious & dull movie from start to finish and for what was supposed to be the final chapter of the franchise, it doesn't get any worse than this.

It struggles to split the difference between the gritty documentary feel of the original and the glossy formulaic sequels.

First, the return of Mickey Goldmill in flashback sequences makes this film worth watching.

Unfortunately, "Rocky V" while not a mediocre film never really fulfills its potential, despite many touching moments, it often gets lost in the realms of cheap predictable made-for-TV stuff.

Tommy Gunn is by far the most boring boxer in the entire franchise, and Duke (not the same "Duke" from the previous ones mind you, was it really that hard to come up with some different name?

Despite more budget, Rocky V fails to make proper use of it for the set pieces are similar to how they were in the first film, there is nothing to mention about its camera-work, Editing is disappointing for the entire 104 minutes of its runtime fails to offer anything interesting and for the most part, it's just plain boring cinema.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this series has definitely featured some entertaining movies and I had hoped that this picture would be somewhat comparable.

The final fight is exciting despite it not fitting in with the "if Rocky fights again he'll die" diagnosis given at the beginning of the film.

so,is this movie worth watching?

Way too many songs, montages, and dragged out training scenes that served as fillers in lieu of an actual script and the idea of a boxer turned world peace negotiator was just cringe worthy.

Implausible plot, often dull and with some of the worst performances you'll see in a movie.

The fight at the end is brilliant with wonderful drama, emotion and adrenaline with Rocky triumphing against the odds to deliver another awe-inspiring victory making this film the best in the series.

This was a true rocky move, where as all the other films in the series were fun and exciting, this one went back to the basics of the original Rocky and stole back some of it's charm.

Having a story not so engaging while trying to give a new direction in Rocky's life, this fifth film is quite uninteresting and not very exciting.

Exciting & all round - Good.

True, Stallone throws a few too many "yo"s and the Tommy Gunn character is a little weak, but I think this movie is a lot more meaningful than the cartoonishly goofy IV or the incredibly boring II.

This film was predictable right from the start.

In one word, Predictable.

it is entertaining.

Stallone has clearly tried to go back to the roots of the original and in many ways it works, but what this film really lacks is anything to really get the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Awesome characterization of Rocky Compelling love story between Rocky and Adrian.

Rocky III was just great entertaining.

Anyway, it's very sad to see how far the "Rocky" franchise fell after an Oscar-winning beginning and two relatively entertaining sequels.

Soppy, predictable, and far-fetching, yes.

)Most people complain that the `Rocky' sequels are repetitive.

The serial of Rocky films has been interesting at its beginning and boring after the second film.

Rocky IV threw all seriousness out the door and the quality steeped even more than with Rocky III, but it can be entertaining on a primitive level, similar to Stallone's other 1985 hit, Rambo: First Blood Part II.

My adrenaline pumped up and specially the relation between rocky and Robert is really touching.

Human drama for 90% of the film, followed by an intense fight scene.

I admit: I felt that the plot device of having Paulie accidentally lose all of Rocky's & Adrian's assets by giving some lawyer or accountant full power of attorney felt very contrived and very inconsistent with the streetwise smarts of the character Paulie.

"Rocky V" is a pointless, "old" film, that should have stopped while it was ahead -- right after the first film was released.

In comparison to its epic predecessors, this is just a complete waste of everyones time.

Few motion pictures seem to inspire as much intense dislike as Rocky V, even to the point of Sylvester Stallone himself giving the film a score of "O" on a British talk show - yes, 0/10.

Rocky Balboa is a much better movie, but I'm glad they were both made as Rocky Balboa finishes the series on a high note, and restores the original magic of the first, something this entertaining thriller (ROCKY V) failed to do.

The original is classic and all the sequels are some of the most entertaining sequels to a movie ever made.

sly's too old, fat, slow and lost his talent in writing.

This time, however, the human drama side is more realistic and engaging and the movie flows better for it.

It would have been easy enough to just put rocky in the ring again for another 15 rounds against a different opponent,but they haven't which I'm all for because,i think if we're all honest, it was getting tedious.

Sage Stallone gives a engaging performance showing he has a great future ahead of him.

The story is dull, and it is not as engaging as the others.

It's slow and boring till the end, and is far too long.

Yet this fourth sequel is far more entertaining than the previous film, "Rocky IV".

Rocky IV was great because it was fresh and new, something we hadn't seen before, Apollo vs Drago, an exciting main character of the film taking the stage instead of Rock for a short while, a side of rock we hadn't seen before, not really paying attention to Adrian, showing he could have done it without her words of wisdom like we'd seen in the previous two, and Dolph Lungren looked pure!

Something incredible and new from this one is the fact that even the fights aren't good as before, they're well choreographed and filmed, but fail to excite and far from being breathtaking.

The overall boring story drags on and then ends with an unrealistic ending that will dissapoint all who want to see it.

I thinks it's better than the fourth Rocky,but only slightly,this film series clearly dragged out and this one dosen't prove differently.

Don't waste your time.

It's boring and pointless no matter how you look at it.

The fight between Rocky and Tommy was pretty predictable too.

Some scenes in "V" belong to the best of the franchise and make it even better than "Rocky IV", which was build on a predictable 'death-followed-by-revenge' plot, the story-line of every 80's sports movie.

Rocky IV was such a Entraining Action sport film, this is a disaster and over long boring train wreck!

) and fighting in school - ho hum, heard it before - when are we going to see something new?

They even went as far as calling him George Washington Duke while there's another Duke in the film, to add to the confusion.

Rocky 5 is more intense than the horrible Rocky 4 movie and has better acting.

Rocky V is fast paced than the previous ones and seems to have material enough to run for around 100 minutes unlike its previous installments even though the content is predictable and familiar to the audience.

Well I recently saw Rocky V and I must say I enjoyed it greatly.

With no build up, no story, no proper resolution, the film lacks everything.

Then you have the new characters, who are just really bland.

Anyway the rest of the film is pretty boring and unevenly balanced.

III and IV even being quite poor at least were quite entertaining...

I actually enjoyed it far more than the last sequel, that was nothing more than a retread of ROCKY III, substituting Dolph Lundgren for Mr T and achieving little else in the short running time.

Rocky V was so boring that I had to staplemy eyelids to my forehead to stay awake while watching this.

This one is drab and ugly and, in the end, Rocky wins nothing more than meaningless bragging rights among the slack-jawed hoods cheering him on in a back alley brawl.

Fifth installment to the long-running Rocky series may be well-intended, but it's far from entertaining and doesn't seem to have any real significance.

Talk about American propaganda...

Rocky V is a complete waste of time and something not worth spending a few dollars to watch on demand or ten dollars to buy on Blu-Ray.

I love all the Rocky movies they are funny, dramatic, and exciting.

Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling .

One remembers how honest, rewarding and snappy the original Rocky was.

This enjoyable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky'.

Plus the final fight sequence is pretty exciting.

It is quite possibly the worst movie ever made and is an embarrassment to be in with the rest of the series, all of which were great movies.

An awful ending to a highly entertaining Anthology.

A rather dull end to an otherwise enjoyable series.

Another problem is the antagonists, they suffer from the same issues that are in the third movie, which is not exploiting and developing seriously these characters making them strong and imposing figures when they're on the screen, passing the image of important individuals, instead, they're very superficial and boring.

But for those who are looking for the engaging boxing matches with Rocky involved, they will be ripped off.

If you can look past the cheesy music and 80's era schmaltz, there is a thoroughly enjoyable film behind it.

It is so boring, and your waiting for something to happen, but no, nothing happens.

The climactic streetfight is one of the more intense fights seen on film, not to mention Bill Conti's wonderful score.

Worst Movie Ever .

Also Rocky V is fairly clichéd and generally predictable and lacking in a serious villain.

Firstly the direction is slow, tiresome and not crisp enough.

I enjoyed it through and through.

Avildsen (the same director of Rocky (1976)) here is more family oriented, which to be honest is what made Rocky (1976) so compelling.

The formula was already running out of steam but this dull sequel doesn't have any memorable training montages or exciting ring bouts which could have at least held your attention.

Thank God for Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI) because it redeemed Stallone from what I feel was the worst movie made in the last 25 years.

Unlike Rocky III (1982) and Rocky IV (1985), which were very straight cut and predictable this time there's things to think about.

Nice plot complications, if a little predictable.

But it is certainly a departure from the tiresome ROCKY IV.

Rocky V: Worst Movie Ever Made .

Rocky's trip down memory lane to an empty Mickey's gym has to one of the standout scenes in the entire series and whilst the writing isn't on par with Rocky or even Rocky Balboa, you get the sense that Rocky V is back to basics and this is how it life would be if Rocky was a real everyday person and shows the struggles of how he and his family have to adjust everyday life, and how Rocky struggles to reclaim the life he once had, and the father/son relationship that deteriorates, due to Rocky spending all his time trying to live his life through his new protégé.

If you take out the first and the final(ROCKY BALBOA) episode of Rocky's epic journey this movie stands by far the most compelling.

I saw Rocky V recently and I enjoyed it as much as I did when I first saw it in 1990.

It's literally a waste of human time.

Definitely worth watching.

The hospital scenes are kinda long and tedious!

Rocky IV was propaganda at its worst...

Personally i think people got bored because after 3 and 4 they became so stuck on the rocky action flick rather then the true rocky film an that disappoint me as this could have easily been a classic to.

But the problem with it was it was too predictable.

I refuse to give into the notion that this is the worst sequel because Rocky IV was far duller.

Very predictable stuff here.

Pointless movie.

This climactic scene is perhaps the most entertaining one in the entire movie, courtesy of Ersatz Don King!

It was typical Rocky entertainment: hokey but satisfying and generally enjoyable.

But were they wrong, this movie was much better than i expected and I thought it was much better than rocky 4, the storyline in rocky 4 was dull, the acting was rubbish, the original rocky soundtrack wasn't there which changed the viewers motivational feeling during the training scenes.

But that my friends is how you look at this movie when you go to watch : because if all you look for is the action packed portion of the movie ...

Also it shows us stereotypical behavior of everyone playing in this movie and the way all this is played out is just awful and boring.