Rollerball (2002) - Action, Sci-Fi, Sport

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The big thing in 2005 is a violent sport which can have some pretty serious consequences... like dying.

IMDB: 3.1
Director: John McTiernan
Stars: Chris Klein, Jean Reno
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 108 out of 288 found boring (37.5%)

One-line Reviews (215)

What a terrible waste of time and money!

In fact, it was returned to my local video library containing a single post-it-note, compiled and agreed upon by the four that watched it - "Worst movie ever!

presumably the makers of this film were trying to recreate the Running Man but instead ended up with a completely incomprehensible and utterly tedious movie with an insipid lead (Chris Klein) and comedy baddy (Jean Reno) Firstly, Rollerball is a rubbish game.

Too much cliche, not enough plot.

Ok so the plot line was pretty cheesy but hey its worth watching when you're bored.

The movie revolves around a pointlessly confusing sport called rollerball, a violent game that mixes hockey with lacrosse.

a waste of time.

in fact I found this movie to be higly entertaining.

Suddenly the picture on my TV went monotone and grainy.

It was so hard to follow.

Although it's not any masterpiece and it is no where near as good as its predecessor from 1975, it is still an entertaining film that has even got a few comments on the real world.

This was, without a doubt, the worst movie I have ever seen.

The bonecrunching, bloody violence of the Rollerball games and the opening street luge race will also keep action fans on the edge of their seats.

The film is also confusing as some of the events that occur in the film don't really make a lot of sense.

But the part that got me was how confusing the new game was...

worst movie EVER!!!!

There's no storyline.

This movie tryes to be a ultra cool, sleek romp that should be lots of fun and highly entertaining.

I did walk into the theatre expecting a mediocre sports fantasy movie, what I got was terrible acting, horrendous editing, a plot i could drive a fleet of tanks through and enough nightmares to scare narcoleptics into staying awake.

Rollerball is just too confusing and complicated, and we're never even shown the score to any of the games, eliminating the possibility of any suspense.

This movie had me falling asleep towards the end.

hell the movie is confusing.

The editing, score and dialog clearly does what it can to seem 'hip', cool and fresh, mostly just resulting in more bodily pain(now it's not just your brain that hurts due to it trying hard to understand the pure crap the plot and the film in general is, now your ears will be bleeding from the noise and your eyes will be flinching from the quick, pointless cuts that try far too hard to be stylish).

No storyline.

In fact I found it very entertaining as an action movie.

So, in summary, don't waste your money.

Imagine three of the worst movies you can think of from the past few years -- say, "Battlefield Earth," "3000 Miles to Graceland" and "Password: Swordfish" -- roll them all up, multiply by ten and you might start to approach the mind-numbing stupidity of "Rollerball.

Where the original movie was an anthem of the value of one man in an anonymous and faceless society controlled by Big Business, this film is formulaic story of greed and violence.

It's extremely pointless and just horribly done.

The music was mundane.

Rollerball is one of the worst movies ever made.

Dialogue is truly risible and should never have approved beyond first draft, and even earlier than that, the pace is so pedestrian the slowest snail moves faster in comparison and the story is redundant in all senses with no thrills or fun, lack of coherence is also an issue as is the jumbled structure.

The only thing remotely worth watching in this film is the opening luge sequence.

Unlike most bad movies that are at least fun to watch because of how horrible they are, this movie is beyond laughably bad, it's simply UNWATCHABLE.

I am not ashamed that i like this movie, granted it was horrible but i still enjoyed it as long as i dont have to sit through it again.

The film is about 95 minutes long but it drags on forever since its just a really boring film.

Don't waste your money seeing this movie.

Could very well be the worst movie i have ever seen!.

No Plot- thats gone!

This has to be THE worst movie EVER.

the rules are confusing.

Well, I watched it to the end and I think it is worth watching.

So the bottom line is DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

However, knowing that this was once an R rated movie, and in order to recover what must have been stunning prospects of losses at the box office, neutered down to a PG-13 rating with bad digital shadows to cover up Rebecca Romin-Stamos' nudity, doesn't make it an easier pill to swallow.

Needless to say the only enjoyable part was Jean Reno.

There is no depth, and the action photography is especially shallow and confusing.

Rollerball is a pointless remake and a terrible film .

Instead you get loads of rah-rah-machismo and an uninspired, humorless and boring storyboard that makes the 90 minutes of the film feel like an eternity.

While it has exciting action sequences, it fails to deliver any kind of worthwhile message.

This movie was ***really*** entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I think in many of his films he has come off as the best part of a weak film, but when he opens his mouth in this one he still comes off as insipid and dull.

But what it turns out to be is a huge confusing mess that is suprisingly violent and with a suprsingly high amount of nudity.

The murky supranational conglomerate politicoeconomic subtext seems even murkier in this version than the original, to the point of boredom.

I won't go into great details of the plot, which is often muddled and confusing.

Boredom on Wheels - Very Bad Remake .

If you require anything more from your movie making than some half big body blows and relentless pointless rushing about give Rollerball a miss.

If you can watch it for free and you're a huge Rebecca Romijn-Stamos fan then it might be worth seeing, other than that don't waste your time.

But the rest of this story was bland.

No story, terrible music, terrible filming.

I saw this film for free and thought it was a waste of my time (at least I got some free drinks before the film).

Well, folks, don't waste your money like I did on this.

McTiernan has single handedly destroyed the memory of Norman Jewison's sci-fi classic of '74 - an exciting multi-layered social commentary way ahead of its time and like Psycho - totally UN-REMAKEABLE!

Truly painful viewing - The worst movie and the biggest insult to quality movie making I've ever seen .

I finished watching this movie a quarter of an hour ago, and frankly I enjoyed it,well maybe because I wanted to have fun.


This is an action packed movie.

Waste of time .

Of course, one could make the argument that THAT theme is more relevant to our times than the old one, which in turn raises the intriguing question of whether a remake should remake an original film's values along with its story and characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jonathon Cross is supposed to be the hero, but to me, he just comes off as a big slow guy.

Someone with more intensity or charisma would probably have made this film entertaining at least.

Gigli), saying it's the 'Worst movie ever made' etc etc, clearly these people have never seen drek like "Rollerball Seven' or 'Space Mutiny' or even 'Leprechaun 4', those movies were BAD.


Horrendous remake of the James Caan cult classic about extreme blood sports (think ESPN2 version of roller derby) set in the near future with the bland as toast Klein as the lamb led to the slaughter hotshot/innocent realizing the gaudy athleticism on display is all a shady conspiracy with Reno (overacting a storm and practically foaming at the mouth and growing fangs as the villainous magnate) in full control.

If you're into high adrenaline filmmaking, run, don't walk to see Rollerball.

The remake is slow, loud, and kind of boring (though not on the sleep level of boring).

This is without a single shadow of a doubt, the WORST movie I have EVER seen in my life.

With none of 1960's, 1970's, politically awake attitudes, everything became cheap fun or even cheaper boredom.

Was it fun making the worst movie ever made?

this is not a blockbuster movie, but i would say that it is enjoyable.

There was no plot.


First of all, no plot.

Comically bad storyline, terrible dialogue (which, for the most part, is completely drowned out by the nu-metal soundtrack), and the most bizarre and overlong night-vision sequence ever, all combine to make this the worst movie I have rented in years.

The game of Rollerball looked really boring to begin with.

Yet another pointless hack job of a "remake".

With other laughable things Rollerball contains such as random cutaways to musical performances from rock bands as well as needless jump cuts and cheesy looking Eastern European TV footage; all of which are utterly pointless and given how long the film is, are probably just in there to bulk up the time.

It is the most uninteresting "sport" you could think of.

It made the sport very hard to follow, and gave me a headache.

All you need to know is this: It was entertaining, more so than most B-movies, and Rebecca Romijn Stamos is so hot with black leather and a big scar!!!

The locations are fresh and atmospheric, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and LL Cool J look great and drip charisma, the cinematography (by Steve Mason) is first-rate, and McTiernan gives us his best action since the original DIE HARD, with a particularly stunning "night vision" chase across a desert involving trucks, bikes and a plane.

What a waste of money (and not that much waste of a talent).

That last sentence was just like the movie, confusing.

If you want to see it that bad go rent it for a dollar at Blockbuster (Rollerball '75 with James Caan) but don't waste your time with the new version unless you're having problems going to sleep at night cause this one will put you out like a light.

There was also very little plot development, for that matter.

What a waste of time and money.

See it only if you want to be assured that you've seen THE WORST MOVIE to ever hit theaters.

Rollerball wasn't all that great but the skating was pretty cool, and the crazy skating death rinks were worth watching.

You find yourself being dragged unwillingly through the different scenes instead of catapulted.

I felt myself nearly falling asleep.

One might assume that since there is no plot it must be all action?

A little tip for the future, what gets good reviews, will SUCK, what is said to be bad, is usually pretty enjoyable.

It's entertaining and a roller coaster.

The Rollerball sequences aredesastrous, confusing, poorly editited.

It lacked plot, feeling and all around anything to make it worth watching.

I give it one star for having Rebecca Romjin Samos in it, she's always worth watching, and another for Jean Reno, he's always worth watching too, but for different reasons.

Save your money go see something else .

It's not even funny to watch it, only a waste of time.

I might have enjoyed it more if I was drunk.

I just watched Rollerball for the first time a couple of days ago off of pay-per-view and I must say that even though it wasn't an Oscar winner, it was worth the distraction it provided me on a boring summer afternoon.

What a waste of money and time!

Instead, it turns into a cheap, predictable "Running Man"-type thing about violence as entertainment and how sick we all are and blah blah blah.

But 'alive' is certainly not a word that applies to the 2002 version: lifeless, boring, and moronic are much more fitting.

I hear that the "Special Edition DVD" is just an empty box.

The game sorts of get your adrenaline pumping.

This movie is an exciting sports action film; remade so that today's generations can sit down and awe at all the exciting parts and effects that the new millennium version of "Rollerball" so good!

Someone said to me that the girl from X-men appeared topless in this film and that "made it worth watching".

Quite possibly the worst movie ever.

Rollerball is worth watching .

If it's not hurting your brain with idiotic lesbian jokes, or attempting to titilate you with frontal nude shots, it's forcing you to observe brainless, pointless eXtreme!!

It had terrible acting, no plot, no common sense, excessive violence, and a story line that im still trying to figure out.

On a Collision Course with Confusion .

This one of the worst movies I've ever seen and I'd die before I let a friend rent it.

Worst movie EVER .

It is in its way the ultimate anti communist propaganda.

yeah it was cheesy in some parts, and was the worst movie i ever seen LL Cool J in,<well maybe except TOYS> i still watched the whole movie..I could have seen the movie ending alot better to have LL COOL J roll in with united states marine corps to save the day....

The worst movie ever made .

Just seemed pointless to me.

Don't waste your money and time to pay and go and see this tripe.

But for every good movie like Insomnia, how many hideous things like The Haunting, The Time Machine, Gus Van Sant's Psycho, or Roland Emmerich's Godzilla are we supposed to take?

Making this movie should have been easy: all he had to do was take the original, remove the boring parts and improve the spectacular game of Rollerball.

The rest is the kind of pointless action we are all used to.

Rollerball itself, potentially exciting, is hopelessly confusing and pointless.

Its dull, the acting is awful(LL Cool J and especially Chris Klein).

Easily in the top 3 worst movies of 2003

That message is lost here in the remake largely because of mindless dialogue between the characters and pointless action sequences outside of the sport.

The track set is so visually confusing that i could not follow the action at all.

), lack of drama in conflict moments, much too brief and rushed climb to the "climax", its hard to say in mere English just how bad this disjointed stinker really is!

All in all this film seems to be a waste of money/film and talent.

Don't waste your time with this crap.

Don't waste your time on this.

It is, rather, a sci-fi classic- a tale of man against the system, fighting to be who he is in the midst of corporate greed, etc. This new version, while not nearly as "deep" as the original film, is still quite entertaining.

I can't say I would recommend this on any count, as watching Ticker is the only thing that keeps me from calling Rollerball the worst movie of 2002.


For those unfamiliar with the 1975 version of Rollerball with James Caan, this film will be especially difficult to follow.

Okay, some of the 'gaming' scenes are rather fun to watch, but still confusing.

Okay, so I was disappointed about the violence which mainly takes part in the last 15 minutes, but also the story is going nowhere.

Basically it made me want to fall asleep.

To be fair to the film, it does move at a decent pace and is entertaining enough if you lower your expectations accordingly.

I urge whoever reads this not to go see the movie, even if you are bored and it is out on video.

The entire game sequences seem uninspired and drawn out.

Boring .

I expected a dull movie, not something so dreadful.

In the top 10 of the worst and most pointless remakes ever and on its own terms as a film it's not much better, even worse actually.

One of the top 5 overall worst movies I've ever seen.

Welcome to one of the worst movies you will see this year .

Is not only a waste of money, but also waste of time, celluloid and Jean Reno.

Brutally exciting and fun .

It is a film with no meaning, no message, and ultimately no point.

The film lacks the energy/drive it requires to pull off such an supposed intense thriller.

The movie's rife with massive plot holes and random confusing images.

The actionscenes in and out of the stadium are very exciting and never dull.

The attempt to make this non-sensical sport look breathtaking through rapid editing and instant replay is awful.

There is an over-long (and boring) preamble, with a race down-hill of some cretinous youngsters, in San Francisco.

The script by Larry Ferguson & John Pogue is based on the original Rollerball (1975) which I have not seen so I cannot compare the two although I find it difficult to believe that the '75 version was worse than this limp, lame, boring, repetitive mess of a film.

In addition to the skateboard scene, there were plenty of exciting chases involving cars, trucks, even an airplane.

If you say the original, you will want to leave the theater after the first 10 minutes.

As a stand-alone film, it's very enjoyable.

This movie was SO boring.

It is just another boring movie, skip it, watch better some Disney stuff!

Ladies and gentleman, Rollerball was one of the worst movies this moviebuff as ever layed eyes upon.

This is DULL TRASH!!.

The worst movie I've ever seen .

This was one of the worst movies I've seem in decades.

It was disjointed and impossible to follow.

This must be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Even if we agreed to swallow the whole thing merely for the sake of the entertainment value of the film, we would be forced to admit that `Rollerball' is a chintzy, clunky, uninteresting movie in all respects.

McTiernan will never be accounted a great auteur, but his other films which I have seen, such as his contributions to the "Die Hard" series and "The Thomas Crown Affair" (also a remake of a Jewison film), are competently made and often enjoyable pieces of popular entertainment.


This is, by far, the worst movie I have ever seen.

Steer way clear of this stinker if you what an entertaining good time pick up the original.

It was, however, entertaining.

Extremely confusing .

If you want to see a movie, rent the original, if you want to waste your time, see this.

Now that I've seen it, I can say that it is THE WORST movie I have ever seen.

Honestly, I was bored from about 10 minutes into it.

com 100 worst movies ever.

Between the bouncing camera, the incomprehensible game, formula action scenes, lack of plot, lack of character development (who cared about the "zero" annonymous atheletes?

There's fun trash and dull trash...

And finally the set is so monotone that you would be forgiven for thinking that "play school" would have been a better location.

Here the game is total confusion.

There is a brief 'attempt' at the rules being explained but the American commentator does his best in screaming the point of the whole thing down a microphone in a fashion that is both quick and confusing.

Don't waste your time; rent the original and see why it's been a cult classic for 30 years, whereas this one was forgotten in 30 days.

I'd recommend this film when all you want is an entertaining escape on an otherwise dull day.

Save your money or down a few pints instead !!

This movie was a waste of money, look at the budget debt and starving children and they spend millions on this horrible piece of amazingly original and creative art.

I saw Rollerball at a movie marathon and fortunately I cannot remember what happened,partly because I fell asleep about 6 times.

This mix of fast paced drudgery and furious speed leads to serious ramifications which question the integrity of the sport.

But the game itself makes "Baseketball" look like fun (a Comedy Central Canned Ham told us the Baseketball game itself was a very boring game to play).

I enjoyed it.

worst movie ever made?

Cool J admitted the movie "sucked", but did his "duty" to promote it, he really should not have bothered, the performances are wooden, the story is full of clichés, and the pacy rollerball sequences and action set pieces are worthless, there are no thrills to be had here, it is one of the most boring films I've seen in years, a highly dull and pointless science-fiction sports drama.

Worst movie ever?

i saw this then i went out and got the original and i have to say i hated the original its boring and its old.

This movie (with the exception of Exit Wounds)is the worst movie out right now.

Obviously, such subtleties are beyond the writers of this 2002 version, and they instead dissolve into an extreme display of banal, pointless violence.

Klein led the pact with kindergarten acting skills, but Reno was completely over the top, which caused confusion as to who he was and why he was involved financially, Andrews was nothing more than filler, Stamos was used for the nudity … that was all, and LL kept the "hip-ness" factor on a grander scale.

After seeing it would you really say it belongs to the 100 worst movies ever made?

But this review is about Rollerball, an intense yet somewhat dull ride through a fake sport, that happens to be a remake of a horrible, boring, dull movie.

It's not the pointless nudity, the unbelievably awful script, or even the 20 minute scene that is in night vision for some reason that makes this #1 on my all-time worst movies list.

The biggest flaw is Chris Klein, he is the most bland actor that I have ever seen.

Even the actual Rollerball game scenes are so boring, there is no atmosphere and they just look so tacky and lame.

It's also ranked, on last check, as IMDB's 39th worst movie of all time and only a handful of the films considered worse have more user votes then this (Battlefield Earth being the most notable, lol).

Underrated actioner that's much better than Jewison's pretentious original .

This is one of the worst movies ever.