Romeo Akbar Walter (2019) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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During the India-Pakistan war of 1971, an Indian banker is recruited by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) for a covert operation deep inside Pakistan.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Robbie Grewal
Stars: John Abraham, Jackie Shroff
Length: 141 Minutes
PG Rating: Not Rated
Reviews: 25 out of 134 found boring (18.65%)

One-line Reviews (70)

Worth watching.

Boring to the bone, clichéd tropes, cringe worthy dialogue and unrelateable characters.

Thoroughly enjoyed this thought-provoking, intriguing spy thriller which highlighted important historical events.

Few elements kept me on the edge.

Nilesh Girdhar's editing is quite slow and the film is too long at 144 minutes.

Good direction with poor budget and slow storyline is what ruined the movie.

A tough and gripping tale of espionage .

And once you blend in, it's a highly engaging and interesting spy drama.

There were many nail-biting moments with unpredictable twists and turns.

A simple yet intense spy movie.

No plot and character development.

The plot was well-planned but the execution was slow.

Very very long and boring.. .

But this movie is a sheer waste of time.

Story is also intriguing till the last scene.

Worst movie .

This movie was very slow paced and the songs and romantic scenes were totally unnecessary,which as a result caused the movie to suffer in terms of quality.

It's really enjoyable and worth watching also due to its interesting espionage theme that appeals to viewers of all ages.

Total waste of time.

First thing first, RAW - Romeo Akbar Walter is a slow burner and demands your patience for a good amount of the first hour.

Has a nice slow-burn feel to it - the movie is simplistic yet engaging and not over-the-top.

But after few minutes passed I correctly predicted the slowness of the script.

The second half is faster and keeps you on the edge of your seats.

Else this is a very much waste of time.

waste of time .

While RAW isn't jingoistic either, it's a well-intended but drab film that fails to hold your attention.

First half is a bit slow, a superb second half with twisted plot which ends in a nail-biting climax.

However, narration is too slow for most part and the tension doesn't quite build up like in the similar spy movie Raazi.

It's a gripping Thriller you should must watch.

The first half is slow paced, but is perfect to establish the characters and second half keeps you on the edge of your seats.

If you want to know what a slow and painful death feels like, go watch this movie ' Romeo Akbar Walter'.

It's definitely breathtaking and thrilling to watch.

Gripping , crisp and intriguing - Must watch - surprised by negative reviews by some critics .

1) This well made, riveting espionage thriller.

But to cut the makers some slack, RAW has its moments, though not enough to keep the audiences glued to their seats (I was yawning a bit in the first half due to the slow narrative).

Though a decent one time watch & despite dwelling in the same genre as Raazi which was an awesome film to say the least, RAW falters a bit with its lack of past paced action owing to the slow narrative inspite of a stellar cast.

Predictable.. boring.. another flop.. this guy cant act

Worst Movie With Fake story .

Boring and Lengthy .

Slow paced movie with lack of hard work.

Very entertaining plot.

Entertaining spy thriller - John Abraham is amazing.

It is so slow that I fall asleep 2 times and had hard time to stay awake.

I found myself yawning in the start of the film.

After a slow start, movie picks up .

The first half is gripping and the plotting is excellent.

Last 20 minutes are breathtaking and full of suspense.

Romeo Akbar Walter is an impressive action thriller that however might not impress die-hard thriller fans, largely because the twists (except a few) and suspenseful moments are pretty much predictable.

waste of time.

RAW is very simple and cliche from the beginning scene.

However, flawed execution, lacklustre storytelling, languid pace and far-fetched writing, makes this one a tad hard to embrace.

I like the story and the direction, it will keep you on the edge with every scene.

Quite boring .

Anil George delivers another stunning performance with the limited character of Isaq Afridi.

Thrilling movie.

Crisp, breathtaking must watch .

That's the one thing I can call truly unpredictable.

It's a slow paced movie.

Worst movie ever seen ....

Such movies are worth watching as it shows patriotism at a different level.

If the story was polished by adding some intense scenes and character development then this may have been a very intriguing espionage movie.

The climax was somewhat too predictable.

Robbie Grewal's story is promising and could have made for an exciting thriller.

Mind blowing story based on real event .

Movie is a decent one time watch with few good surprises and the ending though bit predictable, is very beautifully executed.

Awesome story line with unexpected twists and turns .

Romeo Akbar Waltar, a gripping masterpiece woven deftly, with the right amount of suspense, action and music.

The movie does numerous things really well and avoids over the top action scenes and cliché that plague spy movies.

Boring 1st half 🙄 a bad version of 'raazi' .

Last 30 minutes of the movie are breathtaking and you would be at the edge of your seats.