Romper Stomper (1992) - Crime, Drama

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A group of skinheads become alarmed at the way their neighbourhood is changing.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Geoffrey Wright
Stars: Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 151 found boring (7.94%)

One-line Reviews (71)

All in all it was a very bad movie and I cannot recommend that anyone waste their time watching this.

Exciting, realistic thriller drama.

Romper Stomper Skins live in Filth and Chaos, no parental guidance or love, American History X skins still live with their parents and seem mainly just bored with being nice guys.

Despite The Controversy It's A Slightly Empty Affair .

Skinheads falling asleep reading :)That's all you brought?

Yet the anguish, uncertainty and complexity of Davey's outlook provided a more pleasing study in disaffected youth than that of Hando's who was essentially an unreconstructed thug with empty pretensions towards intellectualising his violence.

A compelling, gut wrenching movie .

Enjoyable like a smack over the head, the film basically gives you the horrifying spectacle of humans trying to connect.

Romper Stomper takes great pains for an accurate depiction of the skinhead culture; the dress is perfect (except for the roles of the females of the crew) as well as the music; the overall movie captures the culture very well on those factual bases, and on the artistic fronts and aspects of the film the portrayel is also enjoyable, accurate, and sparks great thought.

And regardless all else, it's of the most intense film I've seen.

Some of the scenes were very intense especially when Hando (Crowe)and his followers went on a mission to beat up, or even kill, a bunch of Asians that had started running a restaraunt nearby.

Romper Stomper, although graphic and very violent in places, is very strangely intriguing...

Not a family film, but worth watching.

A very quiet ending to a very fast paced violent film.

Romper Stomper is very entertaining and realistic.

An intriguing and dark well of raw passion, turbulent relationships, and violent lifestyles, MUST-SEE .

" Nevertheless, Romper Stomper was a riveting movie that portrays the self-destructiveness that results from hatred with some excellent performances by the leads.

Fortunately, the are both intriguing: Jacqueline McKenzie who has joined the skinheads to escape sexual abuse and Daniel Pollock who acts circles around Crowe in a heartfelt turn as Crowe's only underling who begins to think for himself.

Apart from Crowe (who is essentially monotone in-character) and Mackenzie as a misguided rich kid rebelling in the extreme, only Sam Wyllie is recognisable as one of the motley crew.

Mr. Crowe in the final ten minutes is stunning!

I give this movie 2/10, the only reason it's not a 1 is because it was slightly entertaining seeing Russell Crowe before he went big time in one of the cheapest movies I've ever had the displeasure of watching.

Great acting and direction, well developed and intriguing characters, compelling social commentary and above all, Russell Crowe's take on a difficult role, make "Romper Stomper" an interesting exploration of the mind.

Still, the film is consistently entertaining, compelleing and like History X, frighteningly powerful.

Worth watching again.

However,he was very riveting and his performance of the furious skinhead was realisticly captured.

Bleak and brutal, but worth watching .

" It also allowed us to see two fascinating cast members, Russell Crowe and Jacqueline McKenzie, give their personal perspectives in working on this project.

Still, the skinhead lifestyle depicted is mean, mindless, unromantic and, ultimately, pointless.

Intense, thought-provoking and action-filled.

Russell Crowe brings it big time in this very intense, rough and tumble film.

Romper Stomper is a largely pointless film which poses few questions and answers none.

***This review contains spoilers*** I found Romper Stomper to be a dramatic and intense look into the lives of skinheads in Australia, and this was a subject I knew very little about.

The film itself is really enjoyable/entertaining.

The film takes an unexpected turn towards the end by only focusing on the "love" triangle; and this is perhaps the only love triangle in film history where you hope that all three get killed in the end (or at least have their skulls fractured, and legs torn off).

Great acting and a very funny and entertaining film, not to be taken seriously at ALL !

compelling violent characters .

A critical but entertaining review .

Actually everyone gave very believable and riveting performances with the very controlled and well timed direction of Geoffrey Wright.

The picture is punctuated by a riveting musical score right from the outset, and it's a tough picture to avert your eyes from once it gets going, violence notwithstanding.

Fascinating insight into racism.

Romper Stromper runs rather smoothly has includes very intense scenes well captured by cameramen: the big scuffle between skinheads and Vietnamese youngsters is presumably the highlight of this film.

Naturally, a lot of people claim that this film is 'racist propaganda' and refuse to watch it.

It's actually a love story set amidst a society fuelled with hate and boredom and angst; or perhaps it's just a story about three lost souls navigating their squalid community- caught up, vindictive against societal ills (broken families, having "no future", wasted lives looming ahead), eager to lay the blame on something, ready to embrace any brotherhood or credo that will give authenticity to their defiant rage.

It starts as a very good and strong film and ends up in a boring ridiculous love triangle.

You understand the boredom and suppression the Skins feel.

Confused and largely pointless...

the only bad thing about ROMPER STOMPER is the kind of boring second half.

He is hard as nails and is very brooding, intense and intimidating.

With excellent performances from all involved, this disturbing look at youth and blind hatred is compelling and well worth a look.

But it is compelling viewing, in spite of the violence (which could hardly be described as gratuitous - when it fits the story so well).

There is alot more to this and the end is unexpected.

Worth watching!

Non-judgmental look at a skinhead sub-culture that is not very violent and the violence itself is not well choreographed, but Russell Crowe's performance as the enigmatic Hando is riveting and is only bettered by the late Daniel Pollock's performance as the troubled Davey.

Disappointed - low budget, and in the end rather pointless .

The film is very much worth watching though it has its' flaws.

With a long list of compelling performances and brilliant photography, this doesn't feel so much like a feature film as it feels like a documentary.

The fight and chase scenes are intense and are visually stunning almost drawing the viewer into the action.

There is a sloppiness in Geoffrey Wright's direction but the story's edginess and violence make it a compelling watch.

Romper Stomper surprised me by being a very entertaining film.

Tolstoy wanted to show a number of things about war: that it was confusing, that it was governed, for the most part, by sheer contingency, that the tedious to-and-fro muddle on the battlefield bore little relation to the clean strategies of the generals, etc. So he produced muddled, tedious, random, repetitive DESCRIPTIONS of battle.

Disturbing and breathtaking this is an excellent film, if you aren't squeamish.

It's amazing that he was able to build what became quite a diverse career on his angry, monotone performance here.

The dialogue that transpires, between the girl conning her way back into this building, is actually a humorous relief, in the wake of the intense ten minute battle between the two races, that passed where some real nasty blood was shed, some of the most realistic use of blood, I've seen.

It is riveting and violent, and has a very dark atmosphere throughout most of the movie, which is not necessarily a bad thing to me.

videotape of ROMPER STOMPER, but what I saw was very gripping, disturbing, and highly recommended.

It's definitely still an entertaining watch and strong performances.

Apart from a long, breathtaking fight/chasing scene, and Crowe's good performance, there isn't much else worth watching in this film.

It's a good film in parts and you'll remember certain scenes such as the " fourth Reich fighting men " chase but at the end of the day ROMPER STOMPER is a rather empty film

Entertaining as Heck .

entertaining .

Writer/director Geoffrey Wright's dazzling debut feature seethes with a ferocious and unrelenting ultra-kinetic buzz that works over the viewer like a severe jackboot beat-down: the frantic pace, in-your-face brutal and unflinching outbursts of hideous violence, stark nihilism, and uncompromisingly downbeat conclusion all add up to one profoundly unsettling, yet undeniably gripping and sometimes occasionally poignant viewing experience.