Room 6 (2006) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A schoolteacher with a phobia of hospitals finds herself searching for her boyfriend inside one while teaming up with a man suffering the same ordeal that she's in.

IMDB: 4.2
Director: Michael Hurst
Stars: Christine Taylor, Shane Brolly
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 20 out of 39 found boring (51.28%)

One-line Reviews (44)

There is lots of empty, repetitive dialogue (both in the opening hospital scene, and shortly after when Amy is getting picked up from school).

for awhile the movie was just that,a slow horror movie.

Room 6 fails completely by these standards and is just a total waste of time (and money).

Don't waste your time!

The movie was unsuccessfully scary and suspenseful and tried to rely on some incredibly lame story that didn't make a lot of since and the viewer honestly does not care about.

This film was a mess,too confusing to understand.

Just don't waste your time on this one..

To my eyes it never tied things together properly or with any great satisfaction, it all left me rather unmoved & the fact that it's pretty slow going doesn't help either.

The ending was very predictable and I was relieved that they didn't show Amy in heaven with her father at the end, to make for an extremely cheesy ending.

As horror movies go this is definitely an enjoyable watch with some creepy moments that are definitely worth a peek.

It is however worth watching if your bored and have nothing else to do or watch, just don't have high expectations for the film and you'll enjoy it.

Useless, pointless, just plain stupid .

it's also predictable for the most part.

The movie appears to be one that was about halfway through being made when they realized that they didn't have any kind of reasonable (in horror movie reasoning) ending, so they went ahead and ended it as quickly as possible with a cliché you've probably seen many times if you are a fan of the genre.

don't waste your time on this.

Poor direction, predictable story and the actors didn't perform as great as they could.

Besides that it's kinda slow it wasn't necessarily spooky at all.

Perhaps she is the only reason why this big mess is enjoyable in the end.

The biggest problem is that the beginning of the film is criminally slow and really doesn't feature a whole lot.

It's all rather flat, bland & forgettable.

It took tiresome after a while.

Renowned camera operator Raymond Stella learned a lot from working with Dean Cundy, as cinematographer really creating a disquieting atmosphere within the hospital(..the way the lights flicker on and off; how disconcerting, empty, and dark the halls are).

The plot is so formulaic-a 5 year old child could figure it out before the first half hour.

I'm reticent to even mention the most gratuitous lesbian nurse scene ever lest it suggests something worth watching out of lustful desperation.

I think the length might have been a problem as well, to fill out a 90 odd minute feature film the filmmakers obviously had to pad the simplistic story out, it relies on it's 'twist' ending for it's impact & a lot of what goes before just seems pointless, I think overall Room 6 would have been so much better if it was a tight little 30 odd minute Tales from the Crypt (1989 - 1996) episode, then again thinking about it Room 6 & the 90 minutes I spent last night watching it would have been much better if it had never been made...

Looking for credibility I assume, Jerry O'Connell is cast as another person searching for a lost soul in this dark and too repetitive contrivance.

the film is not a must see but is one that is worth a look, it is enjoyable and is very good for a low budget film.

There's plenty of opportunities for this to offer up something good, but this painfully boring detective story also tends to highlight the biggest issue here in the fact that by drawing attention to the kidnapping they're giving away what they've done.

Like the previous commentator, I like watching bad movies when I'm bored, and I enjoy them.

I have never seen such amateurish, stilted and wooden acting, such a lame, predictable story, or such misplaced characters who seem to spend their entire time waiting for prompts.

Its pretty scary too though there's few dull moments.

What's the point of a complex and confusing story if the viewer never gets the answers?

Sounds confusing, eh?

Altman takes itself very seriously & starts off promisingly enough with an intriguing premise that grabs you, unfortunately it all falls apart as it goes all weird with scenes that make no sense in context with the rest of the film, the character's are poor, the dialogue not much better & then there's the terrible 'twist' ending which had me reaching for the 'off' button on my remote, as soon as the credits started to roll it was pressed.

The outcome-pointless waste of money.

the worst movie i have ever seen.....

He goes for psychological horror rather than in your face horror, unfortunately the story is weak, the 'twist' at the end is poor & as a whole I found it all very unsatisfying & a bit of a waste of time.

The fine acting from a capable cast helps a lot: Taylor and Bolly make for engaging leads, O'Connell does well in a change-of-pace straight role, plus there's excellent support from Chloe Moretz as helpful little girl Melissa Newman, Mary Pat Gleason as the stern, fearsome Nurse Holiday, Ellie Cornell as Melissa's scruffy white trash mother Sarah, Kane Hodder as a nasty, menacing homeless guy, Lisa Ann Walter as the mean, sarcastic Sergeant Burch, and Marshall Bell as Amy's sickly dad.

If I'd seen this in a theater, I would have walked out.

And there are so many cliché scenes and visual settings that you really want the film to turn into something like Scary Movie or Final Destination where the characters just get creatively destroyed.

there's some completely pointless female nudity/lesbian/vampire scenes,which scream porno,in my mind.

It is still worth watching for.

) The early parts of the film are very tedious.

Total waste of time .