Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Drama, Horror

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A young couple moves in to an apartment only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins to control her life.

Director: Roman Polanski
Stars: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes
Length: 137 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 92 out of 507 found boring (18.14%)

One-line Reviews (322)

The reason I gave it a 9/10 is because it is quite long...

The cinematography is both striking and atmospheric, with lighting that always helps to enhance the mood, while the music and sound effects are haunting and the story is compelling.

What a suspenseful movie.

The script by Polanski based on the novel by Ira Levin of the same name is a little slow & I found my patience wearing a bit thin at times but I must admit Rosemary's Baby is quite gripping & involving, it's a film which rewards patience & the effort it takes to watch it properly.

Though I thought highly in Polanski's efforts in creating the first half of the film, regardless I felt that it was quite slow and lacked a bit of a visual or mental incentive to keep us completely invested.

You'll spend an uncomfortable but spellbinding two hours on the edge of your seat.

The Book was just as boring .

The rest of the cast: Ruth Gordon, and the actor who played Mia's husband (can't remember his name, John something) were breathtaking.

Like this movie nothing happens except that scene she gets raped by the devil.

The rape scene is horrifying, very intense and at its best for the horror genre.

Tormenting and agonising in all the right ways, Polanski's chiller about a woman's forlorn descent into grim territory makes for slow burning, strained viewing.

The music group Fantomas (created by Faith No More's Mike Patton) does a spectacular cover of the Rosemary's Baby score; it's eerie, haunting, and intense.

Garbage waste of time.

Any contribution he's made to film concluded more than twenty years ago; his work is just embarrassing, safe and/or dull (The Pianist, Frantic, Oliver Twist, The Ninth Gate, Pirates).

The dialogue is all just everyday ordinary small talk boring crap for over 2 hours.

Ruth Gordon is an effectively irritating scene-stealer, helping build Polanski's slow dramatic momentum by arousing our suspicions early.

Things become even more confusing for Rosemary when Hutch, the friend, falls into a coma and dies soon after.

John Cassavetes is unpredictable, and his character unreadable.

Everything else is predictable and boring.

Although Polanski reached the zenith of film-making with Chinatown, that perfect gem of cinema, Rosemary's Baby stands as one of his best efforts and remains enjoyable and innovative after several decades.

Still it is quite entertaining !

With nothing happening, at all.

) This movie is definitely worth watching for those who love imagination and a somewhat drawn-out story line.

So this is a horror film that I felt was too long, not scary, and had a boring plot.

Imaginative, if slow, film making .

It's a waste of your time and your bandwidth.

Thrilling and Engaging .

Rosemary's Baby is a gruesome and intense story adapted for the big screen by the Polish director Roman Polanski, from the novel with the same name by Ira Levin.

Based on a novel by Ira Levin, Rosemary's Baby is a slow building and suspenseful tale of horror based on Satanism.

The evocation of evil is all the more chilling for its hilarious banality - the coven of old dears next door are as devoted to knitting and soft furnishings as to the Prince of Darkness.

I have seen many movies that are more suspenseful than this, such as the remake of House on Haunted Hill, Frighteners, The Exorcist, The Haunting, and I could keep going.

Having said that at well over the two hour mark I won't be in any hurry to watch it again, ever probably as it's a little too slow for my tastes & especially since I know what's going to happen.

The only person worth watching is Ruth Gordon.

Suffice it to say, the suspense built up and acted out is exciting.

I find them all incredibly dull and very very strange.

The old dark Gothic building with its rickety lift and heavy furnishings only lends to the atmosphere but conversely, evil can also be sensed in the most banal of places, eg Rosemary's lemony coloured kitchen and freshly painted nursery.

maybe they were removed and she is staring down at the empty hollow sockets in her child's face?

As much as I enjoyed seeing this concept being explored, it was dragged down by the lack of incentive to keep us emotionally engaged throughout, instead all that was bottled up for the second half of the film once the tension started to build.

The final stalk sequence leading to the denouncement is actually quite gripping.

it starts off slow and innocent then steers itself through the the lives of rosemary and guy in a spiraling parranoia.

A lot of people walked out due to boredom.

This movie is absolutely breathtaking.

You feel as though weight is being put on your body and the more you go on the more pressure you feel as you struggle to shrug it off of yourself, but you just don't manage, the film keeps going on, keeps building, it even has a double climax which ticks you into thinking you are safe when in fact the whole stress and adrenaline you have built up for two hours is brought back to you in the final sequence which is as tense as I have ever been watching a film, as horrifying as anything you could experience and as surprising as you could believe.

I heard about this for years so I sat through this bore-fest, waiting for something to happen.

When Rosemary and Guy arrive at their new apartment in the Bramford building, it's a desolate, sinister place, evocative of countless haunted houses of the past.

Excellent suspenseful direction by Polanksi and a great cast highlight this prototype reproduction-shocker from the late 60s, a film that influenced many horror films to follow including the inferior "Exorcist.

Roles are generally understandable but I think some scenes can be eliminated, in these eliminative scenes I was bored and these parts can be seen as really complex scenes.

Basically, all that this movie ended up being is just one long, drawn-out build-up to a totally disappointing finale where, after sitting through well-over 2 hours of nonsense, we never even got a single glimpse of the demon-baby, anyways.

Then I watched the movie it was some times very boring and dark.

If I had to pick the main reasons why this movie is so scary, and why it makes my hairs stick up so tall, it would have to be the camera work and directing, the story and script and how brilliantly it's played out, the simple feel and atmosphere, so unpredictable and creepy, the acting, done with malice and originality that I am still afraid to think about, and finally, the music.

It's incredible how Polanski shaped Levin's text comma by comma, with fidelity and dynamism making a thrilling movie until the unexpected and sorpresive final.

The film certainly has a bit of a creepy feel to it and Polanski sets the creepy neighbours up wonderfully, but with little development this starts to become a bit gimmicky and with little development many of their scenes start to feel repetitive.

Dressed like a clown with too much makeup, forcing her nutrition drinks down Rosemary's throat, barging into Rosemary's apartment, displaying terrible table manners, and doing her best to meddle in every detail of Rosemary's life, she is at once annoying and fascinating; who would ever think a witch could actually be irritating?

It must have been a very exciting time if you were a moviegoer, and Rosemary's Baby belongs in the same vein of exciting films.

A scene that oozed intrigue was then followed by a slower scene that seemed to negate everything that was before it.


Only part that got interesting and then boring through the rest.

Although there is not much blood and gore, is is suspenseful and that is what keeps you glued to the screen.

The architecture, decoration and lightning of the settings create in the viewer a constant sense of claustrophobia and the confusing succession of screenshots in some moments - particularly during the odd nightmare of Rosemary - implement in the public an almost asphyxiating feeling of anxiety that lasts for several hours after the end of the movie.

The story is boring and there isn't a scary scene in the entire runtime.

What I was faced with was an incredibly dull film.

Because the film's time is too long.

There was just one scene in the end that I thought was a little suspenseful; it was when Rose was messing with some towels in a closet with a camera that kept fading to black.

I did enjoy watching this movie, whereas who I watched it with thought it was very boring.

It was long, slow, very slow, and the ending was a total letdown.

I think that this movie is only waste of time.

Not even close, and I do think the scare factor it's been given by people definitely is over-hyped, but like I say, it is a very decent film that is worth watching.

Also, some of it is boring, and not all is very scary.

It was scary, not in the special effects (although they were excellent), not in good makeup(also well), but the story was compelling.

But I guess that's what effective propaganda is all about.

Everything that is presented to us is actually to be taken for granted such as the ridiculous and predictable final outcome, which is extremely disappointing.

Anyway, so I'm sitting down watching this movie, and for the first hour, I fell asleep five times.

The events start off a bit slow at first but once the movie picks up, it keeps us on the edge of our seats and we're left on our seats dying to find out what happens next.

I love scary movies because they are so unpredictable.

Not many psychological thrillers / horror movies have had this effect on me, and for this reason, I highly recommend it to people who are looking for horror movies that deliver more than just a few scares.

Viscerally, this is a stunning film.

Adapted from the book by Ira Levin, this film is so scary and suspenseful that it becomes nearly unbearable to watch.

The slow pacing, the creepy undertone behind the pretense of normality and the great acting, especially by Mrs. Gordon, make this a masterpiece that contradicts almost everything that passes as horror these days.

I actually had this pinned down as (probably) being one of the most over-hyped films ever made but it's actually a very decent and intriguing psychological thriller (this isn't a horror for me).

At the same time it is gripping.

At the same time it is gripping.

For 1968, this movie is a riveting shocker .

It becomes much more enjoyable in subsequent viewings when we already know what happens to Rosemary and understand what every character's motives were.

I would rather watch paint dry than to sit through this pathetic excuse for a classic horror film, or, should I say an attempt at a classic horror film.

Just a stunning story line through which you gradually feel more and more uneasy.

A blockbuster of a movie that still holds tremendous power today, ROSEMARY'S BABY is, along with THE EXORCIST, one of the most compelling and memorable horror films in movie history.

But this is not important because the film is absolutely gripping.

Too slow .

It's all incredibly boring and I almost fell asleep twice while watching it.

) But the film's ever-present atmosphere of dreary cynicism eventually crosses over the realm of plausibility and into the absurd.

In conclusion this movie is worth watching.

A fascinating demonstration against the cult of truthfulness and the pretense of reason.

There are a handful of moments that are a bit too contrived to work, so the movie isn't quite a masterpiece.

Another thing about the film is that like many movies of its time, it's a bit slow.

I just wanted to add that it's the slowest, most boring, "un-creepy", classic horror film I've ever watched.

There is quite a mystery too but no plot twists or unpredictable turns.

From Charles Grodin's warm-hearted Dr. Hill gone-to-hell betrayal, to Tony Curtis' absorbing (& uncredited) telephone voice-over work as the actor blinded by witchcraft.

Just watch that ending though and you will understand why it is worth watching.

I will always watch this at midnight in the dark living room and fall asleep.

I liked the idea for this movie, but it was too drawn out, it went for far too long, if I had made it I wouldn't make it go for any longer then 100 minutes, and I would also make it less predictable and obvious.

she is also very disturbed when her husband decides that since they had planned to make love on a certain night and she fell asleep prematurely, he'll go ahead and do it anyway.

All in all the movie is interesting but some scenes are distracting and hard to follow.

It's compelling to see the way Rosemary is deceived throughout the film.

Creepy, suspenseful, thoughtful, intelligent...

The story is pretty straight forward and the best thing is that the reveal is slow.

We get some more boredom where they try to drug her and collect her breast milk to feed the devil baby.

It boggles my mind that you all call this great when I could easily fall asleep during it.

Honestly, if you have trouble sleeping at night, this movie should do you some justice, but other then the use for Insomnia, this movie is practically worthless.

Finally, I think about the movie, at the beginning it was boring but later it became interesting, enjoyable, exciting.

I was really looking forward to watching this and expecting a slow drip of a horror that builds and builds into a terrifiyng conclusion.

Even though the film is great is watch , it can come tedious and slow .

The characters are very monotone and vanilla.

The film is a quite engrossing drama, a film teasing and bedeviling the audience with two realities, one of which would lead one to assume it is a gritty, urban and somewhat everyday drama set in New York City about a woman slowly loosing her mind as she balances the moving into a new apartment; the pressures with some neighbours she comes to be wary of and the desiring of motherhood which leads onto pregnancy.

The slowness of the movie so put me off that I was cooking dinner at the same time and knew exactly what was going on without even looking up at the television.

i love itan enjoyed it:) and iron man 3 was much worst than i thought it would be!

Rosemary's Baby may come across as very slow to some viewers.

While there they meet Minnie and Roman Castavet a very odd couple that wear some intriguing outfits which easily conceal their inner personalities.

I really wouldn't waste my time with this one.

Polanski's tone is the real thing that keeps "Rosemary's Baby" highly entertaining and very difficult to sit through at the same time.

The rape scene was the only part of the movie that was kind of creepy but the rest just bored me to tears.

Her confusion and fear was needed.

Roman Polanski knows this and utilizes it brilliantly, opening the film with stunning aerial shots of the skyline and focusing in on the ornate castle amongst the skyscrapers and tenements.

(Never mind that, I think they should make a new section called 'The Worst Movies No One Should Ever See' and put this hunk of junk in it).

Another major feature of any good horror film is compelling characters which you actually care about.


Despite its slow pace the movie never bores me as I think every scene has its importance.

What I got was a the slow drip, the build up was great and little things being added making you constantly guess.

Its real strength lies in its ability to keep the viewers immersed into its intriguing story that wonderfully balances its elements without ever relying on any sort of gore or violence.

This the worst movie i have seen till date and don't FALL FOR IT by seeing other reviews.

My girlfriend quit it half way out of boredom, and I understand where she was coming from.


By that I mean having the audience think that Rosemary is deluded then pull the rug out under their feet but while I was watching there's little doubt in my mind that Rosemary is the protagonist in a Hellish conspiracy I will praise the story for making the point that just because someone is in league with the devil this doesn't necessarily make them a bad person , after all how many people commit atrocities against mankind in the name of the horned beast ( God is a different matter entirely ) but for the most part ROSEMARY'S BABY is a very slow film with an incredibly stupid ending

He fell asleep and anytime that he woke up, he kept telling me that this is the slowest movie that he had ever seen.

It is subtle and low key, and quite slow paced by today's standards.

So I came into this with very high hopes and thinking it may even top the previous film I have watched, due to the hype and the intriguing subject matter.

The last 30 minutes of the movie was exciting and suspenseful and it is something so unique that it can never be duplicated--sorry Hush.

Interesting idea and probably well done at the time but it is too subtle since the seventies graphic intense revolution.

FOr the most part I was disappointed and felt that I had missed something and had an empty feeling after finishing seeing it.

I know it is a cliche to say that "less is more," and that scenes of horror that are "implied" are more successful than those that show it explicitly.

Nonetheless, for those looking for so-called classic horror, go ahead and waste your time with this.

As like all couples settling down they want to start a family only soon they realize after being taken in strange things happen like unexpected tenants deaths.

From here on, it's one wild and scary ride--with some wonderful twists and surprises that kept me on the edge of my seat.

The times that I started watching it years ago I was so bored that didn't finish.

i did not find it scary,or even suspenseful.

The movie does start out slow, and doesn't really pick up until she becomes pregnant.

It's a stunning, stupendous effort with plush production, a fantastic supporting cast, creepy music from Christopher Komeda (with a title theme la-la-la'ed by Farrow herself) and an incredible amount of cunning wit and the blackest kind of humor.

Blackmer is intriguing.

Within the first ten minutes myself and my buddy both predicted the ending and all the details in between were both boring and obvious.

rosemary's baby remains a brilliant crafted, beautifully acted and shot work..a thoroughly haunting and riveting modern horror story.

This surely isn't a film for all types of audiences, since it's very slow and almost bloodless.

I thought it was too long and dull with terrible acting.

And as such it's outstandingly playful, entertaining and well crafted.

If you want a thrilling or horrifying classic movie stick with Hitchcock's Psycho, Vertigo, etc. or some of Kubrick's works, Halloween, and some Stephen King adaptations.

All of that is not just coincidence, the craft put into this film is stunning, what Polanski managed is unrepeatable and it is the mark of a great director in his prime state.

I scare easily, love a slow burner, don't like gore.

She has an intense somewhat psychotic dream except it doesn't seem like a dream at all.

*Well crafted but ponderous and overlong, Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby" is one of the most overpraised films ever, in my opinion.

Unlikable boring characters.

This horror film kept you on edge at all times and that made it really exciting yet really suspenseful.

The rest is probably one of the most thrilling experiences I've ever had.

One that reaps the benefits of having carefully planted across the films "seeds of horror" and of having been able to create a plot that's as luring and riveting as it is crammed with twists and turns.

Once his luck improves, Rosemary is pregnant and her pregnancy becomes more and more unbearable and her neighbors even more and more strange and intruding.

The movie is a masterpiece in the category of horror and thrilling movies.

this movie was a complete waste of my time and I can't believe so many people liked it.

In the prime of a sexual revolution and an institutionalised fear of a crumbling of morals, Rosemary's Baby must have been terrifying, exciting and extremely relevant when it came out.

Despite it's plodding storyline, ROSEMARY'S BABY almost demands a repeated viewing.

What a non-chalant and boring ending to an already boring film.

All in all, it's that clever narrative construction combining our awareness with Rosemary's that's the crux of a fascinating film.

Riveting modern day horror chiller from Polanski .

At any rate, this film presents a masterpiece of suspenseful and perfectly metered storytelling, and for this reason, I call it a perfect film.

But has anyone noticed the similarity between Mia Farrow's performance hereand Milla Jovovich in the unwatchable Fifth Element?

I'll admit, for the most part, this scene did have intentions of leading the audience somewhere with ideas of fear, confusion and paranoia.

" Entertaining psychological horror.

Trust me you will be bored if you have seen all these movies and then you do Rosemary's baby unless you paid attention to the smart details inside this movie.

It was refreshing and unpredictable.

Overall, Moderns seem to have Trouble Considering this More than just a Bore, but its Slow Burn Sears the Senses and Captivates with its Considerable Suffering of Rosemary and the Forces of Evil around Her.

It's a slow build.

Any fan of atmospheric horror should love this film, despite of the few shortcomings it has(among them is Polanski's love for long takes, which at times get tedious and some of the dialog being somewhat...

This sets us up for what we think is going to be a terrifying and intense movie.

‘Rosemary's Baby' is one of the finest horror movies in the history of cinema and I highly recommend it to everyone.

"Rosemary's Baby" is a great horror film, there are no posessions, no gore, but the film is intense in content.

Like, c'mon, folks - If you ask me - This film's over-long and boring story of 135 minutes was utterly brain-dead from start to finish.

Other than this complexity, movie begins in slow pace, and you start to identify the characters.

Polanksi keeps the tension, terror and paranoia wrenched up to some near-unbearable levels; the fact that certain people around Rosemary, whom she's known for varying degrees of time and most of whom come into contact with the Castevet's, appear to come to sticky ends is a predominant item; the working out of various clues and the shifting of different notions into place occupying most of the film's somewhat agonising crucible.

And with this horror mind drama classic "Rosemary's Baby" it proves with his use of symbols and foreshadowing combined with the creepy music his films kept you on the edge of your seat.

The lullaby track was haunting, yet fascinating as it was used throughout the piece.

I wouldn't even call this a horror movie or even a thriller, the genre I think it should be in is the cure for insomnia.

The movie is an enjoyable experience because it's original.

I have nothing but admiration for this film, even after multiple viewing it just keeps getting better, I keep discovering details and the paranoia I get from it just keeps growing, but don't worry, when it is all said and done what you will remember and take away from it is actually the adrenaline the film manages to fuel into your body, the experience you are given isn't worth a price it is just glorious cinema that uses the medium of visual storytelling to its full, top-most advantage and delivers one of the greatest motion pictures ever made.

The suspenseful atmosphere becomes too weak at times to be called a horror movie.

The plot is engaging and intriguing on the onset, and the movie has an overall vintage kind of feel which raises your expectations from the film.

Nothing happens in this movie; just like in "The Ghost Writer", we spend the whole film waiting for something and it ends poorly.

The end result is a wonderfully evocative and chilling movie that works as well now as it did in the late 60s.


Things start off slow and then slowly build up.

1/10 - don't waste your time.

At the same time, the movie has a slow plot that gradually unfolds throughout very smoothly.

Rosemary's Baby is a complex film that requires thought on the part of the viewer to fully appreciate it, otherwise it will just come across a boring overlong film with no explosions, swearing or special effects.

Also it is on the top 250 list of Internet Movie Database and I think it is one of the most worth watching films.

Very few films are as timeless as Rosemary's Baby, and few are as absorbing and effective.

It is also interesting to see that the people involved in this cult of witches ("All of them Witches") are really, at heart, "normal" elderly people, who knit, tell lots of boring stories, enjoy having visitors out of loneliness, etc.--they just worship Satan!

It is an intelligent, suspenseful thriller.

The direction and the cinematography is spot on and few directors can make films as intriguing as this.

The movie is told in a good slow pace which makes the movie and the characters more realistic.

More of a Psychological Thriller with a Supernatural Theme than a Pure "Horror" Movie, the Tension and Creepy Atmosphere of the Characters and the Surroundings Unleashed a Relentlessly Suspenseful Picture Anchored by Mia Farrow's Endearing and Sympathetic Performance.

Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby" is a truly gripping tale into that does everything a classic horror movie should do.

All in all the movie is interesting but so scenario are distracting and hard to follow.

It didn't exceed my expectations; in fact, it was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

If you like Polanski's work,then this one is a must-see,but even if you're not familiar with this Polish director,check out this compelling piece of art.

These movies are really intense, eerie and frightening.

It moves very slow and builds tension subtly, leading to the horrifying climax.

I enjoyed it immensely.

the pacing was too slow at times, the plot twists were given away too early for such a long film and while i prefer atmosphere and suspense over sheer gore and stuff, i just think that they tried too hard.

However, this one is far from silly--being exceptionally well-written, suspenseful and designed for intelligent viewers instead of dull-witted thrill-seekers.

One of the best horror and thrilling movie .

The eccentric neighbors may be no more than a nosy but well meaning old couple, her husband's unexpected success due to the accidental misfortune of a competitor for an important part, the tragic death of a young woman a genuine suicide.

Pretty Bland!.

The film is so predictable (maybe Polanski wanted it to be that way) that you begin to second guess yourself.

the most overrated boring film ever made .

A thrilling story too.

The opening fifteen minutes may cause the viewer to question where the movie is heading but after that ‘Rosemary's Baby' becomes one of the most enchanting and engrossing horror movies ever made.

It is the confusion in Rosemary that makes this so creepy and engaging – she herself goes between disregarding her fears and embracing them and it is very effect in building the tension even if we know what is the truth (or else there wouldn't be a film!

It's the mysteriousness and the fact that everything seems normal on the surface that makes this movie so riveting.

It's not special in any way - It's long, boring, everything was so foreseeable and nothing was surprising or scary at all.

I saw this movie a few years back and I just want to note something that I found intriguing about it.

Speaking of which, the final third of "Rosemary's Baby" is still intriguing and reasonably suspenseful.

Very slow.

Nothing happening.

One is bored stiff by this plot a lot too predictable: what is the point of trying to manipulate the audience when there is, in fact, no twists ?

Those are words you don't hear often, because horror movies are generally dime-a-dozen formulaic crap.

This movie was excellent and I would highly recommend it to others.

This is quite simply an incredibly engrossing film.

Today, Satan has become boring.

Its too bland and boring.

Sidney Blackmer is excellent as her "fascinating" husband while Ralph Bellamy easily gives his finest latter-day performance as Rosemary's "concerned" doctor.

As long as you keep that in mind, it's enjoyable enough.

If you don't approach the story in the right state of mind, many sequences will seem tedious and pointless.

It was a really gritty film that had me on the edge of my seat on several occasions.

This movie proceeds at a tortuously slow pace and the suspense is non-existent.

That's the perfect word for this; absorbing.

The film allows for raw human behaviour, Guy's attitudes and reactions to the Castevet's presence or demands shifting naturally enough without bringing to awares any seedier side to the agreements he's actually striking up with them, the likes of which subsequent viewings might reveal more clearly, as intense or obvious underhanded tactics.

The very fact that you root so hard for Rosemary -- and believe so much in her integrity -- makes the film's ludicrously-scripted and childishly-shot ending all the more trite and hard to follow.

It is just a very confusing one with all the strange for nothing scenes/dreams.

While none of this is really centered around a series of jolts or shocks or even anything creepy beyond the hallucinogenic impregnation, that this really remains watchable as nothing happens is a strong suit of the film and really works quite well in keeping this one interesting.

Roman Polanski is a master of his craft and he perfectly builds up the tension in every scene that makes the mystery even more engaging, as you the audience get interested in what's going on like Mia Farrow character.

This here manages to be one of the enjoyable and entertaining classic horror efforts around.

And during the film I was nervous about what will happen so it was gripping.

You guys can keep your artsy fartsy horror movies.

Viewers expecting a shocking and horrific experience will probably be disappointed, but those who can appreciate a slow building, quietly unnerving film will find much to enjoy here.

The movie was so slow that I was bored to tears.

Other than that, there are no special effects, cheap high volume scares, or fast paced horror, just outstanding performances, especially from Ruth Gordon.

This Movie was BORING.

However, with Rosemary's Baby Roman Polanski crafts a slow-burning, horror-as- undercurrent, drama that defines how horror movies should be made.

Its now scary but breathtaking.

It's literally unbearable, and this is coming from someone who enjoys simmering & brooding movies.

His screenplay is smart in really absorbing us into these characters' lives.

It's bored.

Roman Polanski's paranoid horror film, is suspenseful, chilling and haunting.

roman polanski has got it down perfectly in this engrossing thriller.

Of course, many of us know the answer to this question; even those who have not seen the film will know that things are not just in Rosemary's head, however what makes the film so creepy and enjoyable is the fact that Polanski doesn't seem to want to make his mind up either and plays it right down the middle.

Later, the Keith Kennedy business began and by the 20s, the house was half empty...

Perhaps I have been around for too many years since Rosemary's Baby was a new hit film and so all of the tropes in it which were perhaps exciting and new for audiences when the film first premiered struck me as cliché and not all that interesting and/or innovative.

I would not recommend it to anyone, however if you want to watch it do it at your own risk of falling asleep, it is a Polanski film and I think that is why is rated so high not on the merit of the actual film.

I obviously didn't pay full attention to this film when it was on, somehow I found most of it boring, now I can appreciate it as a classic, from writer/director Roman Polanski (Chinatown, The Pianist).

there's something about "rosemary's baby" that makes it hard to articulate and yet elevates it to the level of one of the best horror movies ever made, if a little slow paced and at times monotonous.

I spent almost 2 hours waiting to horror scene and there is nothing ,It's a drama and mystery movie , So don't waste your time if think this Is a horror movie

It just tends to get a bit tedious at times for my tastes, not taking anything away from the movie mind you, if you like it you probably have better tastes than I a person whose favorite genre of horror is the zombie movie, the genre most consider the lowest of the low.

The first thing that needs address is the pacing and general narrative; it is a slow film, but rather than being a slow film that I gradually start to enjoy and become involved with it felt more like a film that just dragged on and on.

Polanski sets up a compelling tale of religious conflict, ambition, terror, and isolation with the backdrop of New York City and the exterior of the famous Dakota (where John Lennon was killed) as the infamous building where Rosemary, Guy, and the Castevets live.

This is a seriously confusing film and I don't understand why they made a fuss about this?

The ending was the same as the rest of the film--boring, uneventful, and not even slightly horrifying.

Many movies I enjoy have a variety of settings but this was different and I enjoyed it.

Very Slow With A Silly Ending .

He used slow tracking of the camera forward and backwards to create suspense, as well as a lot of close ups, and there was a lot of the usual high pitched tense music that no horror film would ever be the same without.

I think this definitely saved it from becoming boring; it was a very long film and, for me, seemed to take a while to build up to a climax, had it not been for these surreal moments pulling me back in.

The ending is spine-chilling but predictable due to the innocent and caring Rosemary's nature.

It's an excellent little movie with all kinds of horrific elements that keep it thrilling the entire time.

Indeed, the film can be a bit slow in some areas.

Horribly slow.

During her pregnancy, she starts to get suspicious of the helping neighbours, she hears them chanting at night, Guy is always next door and she is getting unbearable pains everyday.

Taking far too long to get going, it feels tacky and weak and fails to hit any sort of note.

Let's just say that if you are a horror movie buff, and enjoy slow build-up in your horror movies which leads to a surprising conclusion, then Rosemary's Baby is the movie for you.

But no, just another overly long and boring drama that bills itself as horror.

When I watched it I got bored because of its duration.

That part of the film is really thrilling, complex and disturbing to me.

But about the only "atmosphere" that I detected while watching this over-long movie was that of claustrophobia and boredom.

what I did find intriguing was the implication that God did a poor job designing humans.

Although I have met with similar plots before, I found the plot creative and intriguing.

Though very heavily dated in terms of just about everything you'll see, Rosemary's Baby is still very suspenseful and just downright eerie.

A comical yet suspenseful movie that makes you want to keep your eyes closed is what Roman Polanski achieves through Rosemarie's Baby.

Of course, as interesting as the story is, it is also quite long and tedious to watch, I needed a break from watching it at times.

The movie is paced very well, impressively acted, strikingly scripted and very entertaining.

It has an awful ending it is slow.

Written & directed by Roman Polanski I thought Rosemary's Baby was a solid piece of psychological horror but is perhaps a little slow for todays generation.

Rosemary's BabyThe stunning background score, witty horrific image and the nail-biting tense surrounding that is offered in here is easy to give one the anticipated chills and goosebumps that stays with one throughout the course of it.

Finally, Rosemary's much desired pregnancy happens but brings unexpected complications: the young woman begins to lose weight and to feel excruciating pains in her stomach.

I don't understand the extreme praise of this movie, it is slow, boring and goes nowhere till the last 25-30 minutes.

I highly recommend it to anyone, although it doesn't really matter what order you do it in, whether that's being watching it first and then reading it or reading it first and then watching it.

By the end, Polanski's unwavering refusal to provide any shred of hope or optimism toward humanity becomes unnecessarily depressing and ultimately left me feeling quite empty.

This can mean that for many who are expecting to get excited, this movie will be quite boring.

Nothing happens, nothing happens.

Time is less kind to Rosemary's Baby than other films of its ilk, as the garish sexual politics, benign scare tactics and initial snail's pace all war for the most antiquated of attributes.

While the pace of Rosemary's Baby is undoubtedly slow it never lapses into boredom as we witness & experience Rosemary's paranoia grow as the film progresses, it is consistently interesting & provides good solid thoughtful entertainment.

The next 1 1/4 hour, nothing happened either.

Other than this it was fascinating.

I was not scared, no chills or thrills, just plain bored.

Absolute snooze fest .

This one has a compelling story, and it lets its atmosphere smother the viewer in a cloud of doom and desperation.

She gleefully destroys the cliche of the Halloween-style Margaret Hamilton witch, and instead gives us a witch who looks like a train wreck.

And it seems like barely any dialogue or plot points were cut out (it'd be almost impossible to cut out any of the plot because Levin wrote such a tightly plotted and suspenseful book.

While there's an arguably slow beginning, you can tell there's a sense of dread in the air, and once the scary parts start, you're buckled in for a non-stop horror fest until the end.

And for me, the film is mostly engaging as an interior study of marriage facing unsureness and scare, with the pure horror elements of the plot coming second rate when it comes down at the end.

It's also quite fascinating how little I got based on actual physical horror.

The audiences of '68 were used to this kind of slow build-up to a plot that kept audiences waiting for revelations explaining some mysterious goings-on in an uptown apartment house called The Dakota.

A huge waste of time and money.

Even the climax is unpredictable because they never show what the baby looks like and it scares the crap out of you.

Mia Farrow is thoroughly compelling in the central role as the vulnerable Rosemary who is in every single scene, John Cassavetes is extremely shifty and creepy as her husband who has made a Faustian pact with the Satanists, while Sidney Blackmer and (especially) Ruth Gordon are simply brilliant as the elderly cult leaders.

Definitely worth watching particularly since it probably turns up on TV a lot & can be brought dirt cheap on DVD these days.

The plot is interesting, but I find the first 50 minutes of the movie extremely boring, showing Rosemary and her husband Guy in their daily lives, as well as meeting their new neighbors.

For the first 45 minutes or more, nothing happens.

And it was bored.

It's complete confusion for her.