Rumor Has It... (2005) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Sarah Huttinger is a woman who learns that her family was the inspiration for the book and film "The Graduate" -- and that she just might be the offspring of the well-documented event.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Rob Reiner
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 59 out of 209 found boring (28.22%)

One-line Reviews (190)

The movie was flippant and superficial, completely a waste of my time.

The acting was not bad, but most performances were quite dull.

The character study is weak and unconvincing, the general atmosphere is cute but somewhat overshadowed by the confusing twisting of the plot; and the songs, which in the original are strong and effective, turn out to be utterly forgettable and disappointing.

This was a delightful flick with an enjoyable story line; it was also a nice break from movies with an over-abundance of special effects; and it plays well to the "baby boomer set" who remember the impact that "The Graduate" had in the late 1960s.

Overall an entertaining Holyywoodesque romantic comedy for those who enjoy light emotions and the occasional laughs.

Intriguing plot stars Jennifer Aniston who learns that the 1967 film The Graduate may have true ties within her family.

Nothing happens and it happens so slowly that it was actually painful to watch this movie.

The actors all appeared bored on screen and only one person gave a good performance.

All in all it's entertaining if you don't take your movies too seriously and just like a laugh.

It was very entertaining.

Wanting to see something fun with no message or intellectual challenge is a perfectly legitimate reason for going to the movies...

It's a bit confusing in writing, in the movie it makes more sense, though again it's not at all realistic, and sometimes you need a bit of realism to help you go along with a story as ridiculous as this one was.

Mena Suvari has a pointless and thankless role.

Mark Ruffalo is the only one who i think is worth watching in this movie , everything and anybody else not .

Go watch paint dry, a better use of your time.

I found Jennifer Aniston to have been very badly miscast, and though she did present a few moments of comical and well timed lines, she really was drab in the film, and added nothing.

So to a women watching this film, they are just absorbing it all and they understand that she is trying to decide who her life partner is.

The Worst Movie Ever Made .

Fresh and nice, both typical and unexpected .

She's been dull in a slew of silly and flat movies.

The movie had all the right ingredients to be an entertaining ride.

Boring film inspired from 'The Graduate'.

This movie is just plain awful, the worst movie of the approximate 100 I've seen this year.

I really enjoyed it and I don't know If i can agree with what people have been saying about the movie.

boring, lifeless, snide and self important.

You'll be bored.

'Rumor Has It' pretty much has all the technical ingredients: Good actors, interesting premise (a girl trying to find herself), excellent cinematography, breathtaking shots of America and a nice score.

The movie has a lot of twists that you will not predict, and that is part of what makes this movie so exciting.

The film itself is a bit boring.

Don't waste your time.

It is a cliché, a series of expected dialog.

The usually wonderful Ms. MacLaine tried but came across as distant and bored.

When she doesn't receive the answer she wants from him, an unexpected attraction develops and Sarah is conflicted over her feelings for her fiancé and the charming Burroughs.

After massacring both the classic film 'Paris when it sizzle' and the book 'the gambler'(Dostoyevsky) with his boring 'Alex & Emma', Reiner continues to pilfer from the tombs of Giants by butchering 'the graduate'.

Shirley is great, as always, but everything else is empty and vapid...

Everyone seems to be trying to look attractive and meaningful -- the result is a shallow tedious exercise in spending money.

Entertaining, especially for those who remember "The Graduate.

Devastatingly boring.

A unexpected gem .

It was funny the situations were unpredictable as was the story ending.

I was so bored that only my friends that go with me kept me from leaving in the middle of the movie.

Kevin Costner delivers a dull over the top performance.

Intriguing and a decent cast attached, this should at the least be watchable.

It received a good deal of laughs and the audience seemed to have enjoyed it.

All of these people might have worked if there had been any staying power in the screenplay, but it petered out after 30 minutes and there was nothing but a formulaic, dreary, repetitive, over-acted, crassly sentimental rendering of the love triangle to fall back on.

mostly boring .

It's bland, inoffensive, unmemorable and uninteresting.

This movie does not set out to be a cultural touchstone, just an entertaining romantic comedy, which it is.

An interesting and compelling movie which also proves that having a fling does not necessarily mean living the rest of your life without love.

This film bored me.

This quirky tale is about Jennifer Aniston discovering a long lost family secret that has an unpredictable effect on her.

*Some Spoilers Below* The most entertaining part of the film is the grandmother (who was supposed to be the same person as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate).

There are some funny moments but for the most part this is predictable and flat.

the movie has no plot.

No, it isn't a great movie, but it is enjoyably entertaining.

As others have commented, this is essentially a boring movie that isn't particularly original or satisfying.

While the movie's premise had a mite of potential, it was wasted on a bland and predictable story.

If you don't like "chick flicks" you may want to see something else, however if you like romantic comedies, this is a fun enjoyable movie and I do recommend it.

The underline for this move I believe to be boring.

Boring, boring, boring.

THe film starts and she's bored with her life--she used her journalism degree to get a job writing the obituaries and marriage announcements at the New York Times; she's got a fiancé who it's unclear from the first moment of the movie whether she wants to actually marry.

Good cast, good director, engaging premise and a talented screenwriter.

The screenplay was appropriate and avoided the usual bland and stereotypical pitfalls, but it failed to really probe or push the envelope sufficient to create the necessary compelling interest to make up for the rather superficial characters presented on screen.

Rumor Has It (execpt for some clever remarks by grandma Katherine), was mostly boring.

It is fairly predictable and short on laughs.

This pushed the movie, already comically-challenged, into often boring territory.

Nope, it fell flat and it wasn't real and it did not transport us into another reality like a really good movie does, where you lose yourself and your very circulation changes and when you leave the theater you breathe and walk differently!

The confusion in the Voice Over explanation at the start caused projectile vomiting in the cinema.

I'd much rather see Hollywood show some balls and put money into something creative, provocative and entertaining.

worst movie of Jenniver...

This parasite on one of the best movies ever made was disjointed and totally unbelievable.

Frankly, the dull, humorless beginning was the real foreshadowing of the entire movie, which was also humorless and dull.

Aniston's character is quite simply tiresome and her emotional journey didn't leave an impact on me.

Its assets are a game and first-rate cast, all taking a fascinating premise and trying to run with it.

It's not an Oscar Winner that's for sure but it was based on a cute premise and the overall movie, while not being as truly hilarious as I'd pictured it, was engaging, moderately witty and at times a lot of fun.

His performance was very mundane and he shared zero chemistry with everyone on screen.


So you know it has to be really really bad in order for me to love the lead lady so much and yet find the movie thoroughly unbearable.

Boring .

Enjoyable and Fun - jen at her best .

Unfortunately, the outcome is a ham-handed mess, entertaining and funny at some points, dull and rambling at others.

I found the movie to be very entertaining.

She saved much of this film from being dull, and provided most of the comedy that was otherwise missing from this "Romantic Comedy"

When a whore and a retard breed, the result is predictable: more whores and retards!

From the first bland voice-over from Aniston this movie goes nowhere.

I enjoyed it enough that I will purchase the DVD when it comes out.

this movie is nowhere near the worst movie I've ever seen and though it was kind of cheesy it was pleasant as well.

" is boring.

This movie was horribly predictable!!

Jennifer Anniston was pretty bland, nothing special from her.


God I waste my life with watching this peace of ****.

A complete waste of my time and money.

The plot is totally predictable and the ending is lame.


To presume that anybody would want to know more about the characters, let alone watch a dull-as-ditchwater film about them, is Hollywood delusion.

There are some laughs, and given the talent involved, the movie is made competently and is at least somewhat enjoyable.

dull script, poor acting, grievous sentimentality, few laughs .

The whole thing is predictable, ordinary, and pretty much sad overall.

Conclusion : a waste of time.

Horribly Predictable!.

A non-descript, pointless story about a total non-event, based around the most obnoxious family ever to appear on screen.

Took my wife and daughter and we enjoyed it.

One of the worst movies ever.

Rumor has it that this is a pretty banal movie.

This movie was very enjoyable.

I went with a girl friend of mine and we both enjoyed it.

At the same time, history begins to repeat itself in some "shocking" ways, which become increasingly predictable.

The granddaughter is about to be married and in her search for self she seeks to confirm the paternity of her dad and in her search, something very unexpected happens.


My wife and I watched this movie last night on DISH and thoroughly enjoyed it, although I admit I wasn't sure I would when I tuned it in.

It was a fun and entertaining light movie, great to see with mates.

I would say this is Kevin Costner's worst movie since waterworld, and I would take waterworld over this any day.

There is an unexpected depth to the material which elevates it from your average romantic drama.

I really enjoyed it.

I like Costner, but this creates a big bloated balloon of pointless plot stalling at the center of the film and it brings the film to a dead stop.

Suposedly a continuation of the plot in The Graduate, this is another Jennifer Anston flick with her as a confused female getting into an even more confusing family situation.

David Mulroney is good and so is Mena Suvari (who looked stunning on her tennis mini skirt).

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

All the original wit, sharpness and beauty of 'graduate' was obtusely washed down the drain, and replaced with a dull cannibalized banal plot.

I was surprised by this movie and enjoyed it all the way through.

For me, "Rumor Has It" is mild entertainment with a few laughs, a couple of clever, humorous revelations, and a lot of boring sequences.

Everyone I saw it with rolled their eyes when the dad said "I drive slow because you're in the car.

Totally bland character.

She looks down her nose at the Pasadena inhabitants, even though she is so totally self-obsessed and boring, with her high-maintenance hair and perfect clothes, she is a complete Southern California bland rich kid.

She is persuaded that her own mother gave up love (in the form of Benjamin) to perform family duties with her boring father, and does not want to make the same mistake.

Morally it has a few things I didn't agree with, however if you can get past that, it is very enjoyable.

I saw a couple "Friends" episodes, but wrote it off as potentially too enjoyable to survive another TV addiction after Star Trek NG and West Wing.

Would someone please make an sequel of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" called "Oy, Oy Look What the Cats Dragged In" with Shirl and Anne as opposing in-law mothers rolling on the floor pulling hair and kneeing each other in the kishkas.

It was horribly predictable!!

It was a waste of money.

Films like this one infuriates me, because its so extremely predictable as a film can be.

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn .

This is simply the worst movie that I have seen in years.

It is difficult to tell if the role was written to be so boring, or that Jennifer Aniston is such a boring actress who insists on trying to look "just so" -- the end result is a leading lady turn that has absolutely no charm, no originality, no humor, no wit, and no connection.

Shirley MacLaine gives an engaging and funny performance as Katherine.

Formulaic and profoundly disappointing .

I occasionally waste my time with pointless acts.

Jeff eventually comes looking for her, to be revealed by a slow camera pan as Sarah and Beau kiss.

RUMOR HAS IT is a delicious and richly entertaining romantic comedy which stars Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Huttinger, an obituary writer who travels to her hometown of Pasadena with her fiancée for her little sister's wedding and stumbles upon some facts about her deceased mother that lead her to believe that mom was the inspiration for the Elaine Robinson character in THE GRADUATE and that grandma is the real Mrs. Robinson.

It was, overall, dirty, offensive, and downright pointless.

This movie is a Romantic Comedy that wants to be original but instead falls into every possible cliché (I'd like to see a "romantic comedy" where the woman ends up alone because she realizes the men around her are complete buffoons).

She had an out-of-sorts irritated look for most of the film and it is tiring to watch this pointless saga unfold!

the worst movie i have ever seen right up with there with "Death becomes her".

The film is incredibly boring.

I see Costner as so laid back it seems he is always on the edge of falling asleep, so it takes the right kind of role and movie for him to be better.

I bought the DVD really cheap a few months back, and I thought I'd decide to eventually watch it because I was bored.

As everyone left the theater, I heard many talking about how much they enjoyed it.

The movie is entertaining and fun, not something to analyze or over think.

Entertaining .

The story is sort of predictable , and Jenifer Aniston is convincing me every time i see her that is a terrible actress .

It's a waste of time.

It's a shame that a respected director would make such a boring film.

He was so monotone.

What is wrong with movies being fun and entertaining??

Yet, he's completely dull.

I wasn't too interested in seeing Rumor Has It, I'm not that huge of a fan of Jennifer Anniston's, she's alright, but usually, her romantic comedies are just bland and predictable.

),so don't waste your time and money on this one!!

One of the Worst Movies of the Year.

"Rumor Has It" is a complete waste of time.

G.?This film is a total waste of time.

Her sister Annie is so exciting of getting married the next day.

Director Reiner decides way too often to play it safe and pull out his stack of sentimental chick flick clichés, including a quite predictable cookie-cutter ending.

Having said all this, and trying my best to appear objective, I found "Rumor Has It" to be an enjoyable movie.

There were a few engaging scenes like the bedroom scene between Aniston and Suvari.

" This may have been confusing to most of the audience as well.

Most characters are nothing but dumb, and the movie is totally predictable.

So when I came on this bored I was very surprised a lot of people hated this movie.

The more serious scenes were deathly dull and this has a lot to do with the fact that all the characters were unlikable and uninteresting.

Waste of Money .

It had to have been funny the whole way through, which it just wasn't But, if you're in the mood for something silly, stupid and really pointless...

One can only guess at some point the producers had the blessings of Lawrence Turman and Mike Nichols, and that those fine fellows pulled out of any involvement after reading this trite, thoughtless script, which does the equivalent of film name dropping in lieu of taking an original approach.

He was dull.

I laughed my butt off - which made it entertaining enough for me.

My sister recently rented this DVD and were both bored to death by this movie.

All people react in a rather predictable way, the people cast are veterans of their roles with Kevin Costner as the seducing male, Shirley McLaine as the reluctant grandmother, Mark Ruffalo as the nice guy boyfriend that forgives all, Richard Jenkins as the father and Mena Suvari as the younger "bouncing" sister.

Save your money and get your Jennifer fix by seeing Office Space again.

Very enjoyable .. deserves to be watched .

I enjoyed it very much, laughed a lot in many scenes.

I took my 18 year old daughter to see it and we both enjoyed it and now she wants to see the graduate.

The film starts out in that fashion and then just takes a pointless turn to nowhere.

Of course all romantic comedies are somewhat predictable, yet they are still entertaining to watch.

After a couple clumsy, non-funny attempts at humor (Sarah and Jeff attempt sex in an airplane bathroom; Sarah's father has a silly game to hold one's breath while driving thru tunnels), the movie yawns to the opening.

Jennifer Aniston twirled in a fog of confusion and teenage angst - very disappointing when she can do SO much better.

Shirley MacLain overacts (but then again, her script isn't much to work with), Kevin Costner is his usual bland self (I guess his good looks (?

What follows is fairly predictable.

Also as an avid Adam Sandler fan, the best laugh for me was when Christopher McDonald walked into the shot - Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore "Just stay out of my way or you'll pay, listen to what I say" All in all this was a light-hearted comedy that the blokes will be able to handle when they get dragged along by their 'Friends'-loving girlfriend.

a total waste of my time .

outside Hollywood) would take an interest in their pointless, dreary lives is a mystery.

Delightful flick with an enjoyable story line .