Running Scared (1986) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Two street-wise Chicago cops have to shake off some rust after returning from a Key West vacation to pursue a drug dealer who nearly killed them in the past.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Peter Hyams
Stars: Gregory Hines, Billy Crystal
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 74 found boring (14.86%)

One-line Reviews (40)

It's worth watching Running Scared once, but during subsequent viewings it might be advisable to fast-forward through the dreary scenes to get to the good bits.

It's a shame i've seen this film quite a while after it was made, because I have seen so many buddy cop movies since and they have been a lot more slickly made and are a little more entertaining.

Hines and Crystal are the kind of team that constantly, lovingly ridicule one another, while causing their boss (played by Dan Hedaya, enjoyable to watch as always) more than his share of migraines.

Bristling with amusing wisecracks and agile shootouts, "Running Scared" is straightforward enough but predictable with our heroes doing very little that is ultimately surprising.

Add to the mix a very early Jimmy Smits appearance (as a criminal, ironic in light of his future role on NYPD Blue) and a good performance by Joe Pantaliano and you've got yourself an entertaining evening for adults of all types.

) rescuing an innocent from certain harm when captured by an intense Smits (with a machine gun); forced to return to headquarters without their pants, their fellow cops get a good laugh at their expense.

I'll definitely be on the lookout for future works from Hyams, and I also enjoyed his 1988 buddy cop film, "The Presidio", though this film was much more enjoyable in my opinion, both as an action film, and just a film in general.

Besides being extremely funny, the story's action will leave you on the edge of your seat.

They were fast paced and very well done.

The action scenes are done well and the final is really exciting .

Billy & Gregory - Thoroughly Entertaining.

And on too many occasions, Crystal's marital troubles interfere with the story (again, they are certainly relevant, but are played in a very dull way).

entertaining bromance .

The whole Key West sequence is boring, even though it bears relevance to the plot.

Peter Hyams deserves credit for his snappy direction and good camera work, and for making good use of the locations.

- Love story is totally cliché except the one with Hines that is funny.

there is a fantastic chase scene late in the movie that alone makes it worth watching.

It's predictable.

Predictable and lacked chemistry .

While there are highlights for sure, the climax is unfortunately not one of them, and everything seems so ludicrous and overblown at the end, with a key supporting character conveniently being kidnapped no less, that it is difficult to become immersed in the action.

Overall, an enjoyable film and better than a lot better known buddy cop movies of the era!

Disappointingly dreary, unfunny buddy comedy in the vein of "Lethal Weapon" and "Red Heat"...

This is a very enjoyable movie.

What it did cause was boredom .

Competently staged by director Peter Hyams (who serves as his own cinematographer), those aforementioned entertaining scenes include early ones with Danny and Ray making life miserable for the aptly named lowlife "Snake" (Joe Pantoliano), their intense pursuit of Gonzales that eventually leads to the Chicago El tracks (this is far and away the highlight of the movie), a sequence with a garbage truck, and the finale in Chicago's State Building.

As others have said ,it's a very dated movie but entertaining just the same.

Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines make a very good duo, and the story line, while a bit predictable, provides for some very good action.

What would have been better than watching Ray and Danny arguing with those drunks, rousing some hookers and occasionally getting lucky and being robbed while running that bar in Key West!

However, Hyams is let down - yet again - by the periodic lulls in his story.

), and they head South from the snowy, drab ghettos to sunny Miami beach.

And of course there's the cliché of the cops on the verge of retiring.

I had the opportunity to revisit this fun film last week and enjoyed it just as much as when I saw it first-run 20 years ago.

It's a funny and entertaining.

Jimmy Smits as bad guy, Julio, is entertaining as well.

Questions to be answered in an entertaining hour and forty five minutes.

Back from vacation, Danny and Ray are back on the case, and their adventure includes an exciting car chase that involves the tracks of the El.

) However, it is entertaining, never failing as a comedy with your cookie cutter standard police detectives bickering at one another all throughout the film.

It's always refreshing watching people that look like they are having fun and in a comedy like this it translates well and makes for a very entertaining show.

It's more comedy than action , but it's definitely an enjoyable and fun movie coming from not that bad director as other want you to believe - Peter Hyams.

The film becomes a bit cliché (story) and overdone in the middle (jokes)The end is as far as jokes and cliché's are concerned not only average but on the edge of VERY stupidI still credit the film for the beginning6 out of 10