Rush Hour 3 (2007) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads' secret leaders.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Brett Ratner
Stars: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 42 out of 230 found boring (18.26%)

One-line Reviews (204)

The pace is both rushed and laborious, the characters are barely credible either being clichéd or underdeveloped and the film is too long.

Nearly Unwatchable .

What a waste of time more or less!

Formulaic fun .

They don't know the city, the language or even exactly what they're looking for, but their race will take them across the city, from the depths of the Paris underground to the breathtaking heights of the Eiffel Tower, as they fight to outrun the world's most deadly criminals and save the day.

After making a hilarious action packed sequel (rush hour 2) it's hard to step back up and still show the same amount of rush in a 3rd sequel, i'm sure as many feared there thoughts that rush hour 3 might kill the series and leave many disappointed.

Nothing in the movie feels fresh, or exciting, and nothing in the movie helps enhance the first two instalments.

Highly predictable were as I told the people I was sitting with who was behind it all and who the accomplices were.

months ago but i given it another chance recently and i enjoyed it even more.

Though the finale here is edge of the seat exciting and laugh inducing in equal measure.

I wanted to walk out of the theater several times.

its a nonstop blast and really entertaining.

Not that I'm saying this movie is destined to failure should there be Rush Hour 4, but I'm saying that the plot of kidnapping and then going on a search to find the crook has been used times and times again, and it will make it boring.

So this film really works, it's really entertaining.

All in all, I think this movie is enjoyable, and would certainly tickle the audiences' funny bones.

Entertaining, funny with some good action scenes.

Stunning supporting cast compliments the film such as Roman Polanski as Paris Detective Revi(..with a funny interrogation gag who even gets punched out by the duo at the end!

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are still very entertaining, and even though the movie lacks originality, this veteran team still knows how to please.

Regardless millions of mentally retarded wide eyed drones laughed the first film to blockbuster status – awed by Chan's chop sockey manipulation of common objects in contrived situations, bowled over by Tucker's bolt on wisecracks and positively arse over face at Brett Ratner's workmanlike direction.

Sequels are a sure way to cash in on the success of original films while also giving the chance to offer something new and exciting.

but very entertaining movie.

The third part of Rush Hour is very much in the same vein as the two predecessors – it is funny, very fast, very dangerous about the tricks, very comic in dialogs, and very entertaining in its best meaning of the word.

I found the first two to be enjoyable and fun movies with a great sense of humour.

All in all, this film was entertaining and that was it.

Excellent sequel that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and blow you away .

An annoying black guy and a Chinese guy that jumps around get together for a third slice of tedious action comedy .

i didn't quite like it as much as the previous two movies,but i still enjoyed it.

However before they leave, there's time for a pointless fight in a dojo with a very tall man.

Rush Hour 3 is formulaic, and it follows on in the footsteps of a successful franchise.

No action, no fun, no story--don't even bother with the DVD .

The plot is highly predictable.

What storyline exists is paper-thin and either trite or unbelievable.

The story as with the others, is very predictable and straightforward.

Its very entertaining and filled with a lot of Action.

The score is super boring too, I would like to reiterate.

It uses every cliché and trope without shame, phones in every twist and turn without subtlety and covers all the bases in a way that actually made me almost angry that I had spent $8 to see it in theaters.

But still everything in this movie was enjoyable.

The film is predictable and the only thing that has changed is the location.

Now viewing it as an average Joe, the was entertaining, it made me laugh and enjoyed the fights and I would say it deserves more merit than what people are giving it.

Perhaps the passage of time has already hampered Jackie's range of stunt choreography because the fight scenes are surprisingly banal for a Jacke Chan flick.

First, the plot is very slow for the first half of the movie and then way too fast.

This is simply an enjoyable movie.

Tucker's annoying to funny ratio is improved, Jackie is still pleasant even if he can't roll around the floor the way he used to, and while the movie is utterly forgettable, I enjoyed it.

Aside from the setbacks of the film, its fun,entertaining and well thought out.

Chris has put on weight and the effortless babble seems to have been replaced by rehearsed lines which even he seems bored with.

The goofy antics of Chris Tucker mixed with the amazing martial arts moves of Jackie Chan made both of the previous Rush Hour films funny and entertaining.

And that's a really huge shame, because other than the script, this is actually a fun, entertaining movie.

As for the storyline I found it to be, well, the typical Rush hour storyline but don't take that as a bad thing, it was a still a very enjoyable film that I will be watching again and again like I did with the first two.

Yes, Jackie Chan's getting older, but the stunts are still amazing and the fighting still intense enough to keep your attention.

Besides, it's worth watching just to see Chan and Tucker squaring off again.

They are boring and unbelievable to say the least.

From Ratner's direction, predictable plot, forgettable scenes and overuse of racial stereotypes for the script's jokes.

But very enjoyable, very merry, very upbeat work.

The Final Rush Is Indeed Enjoyable.

Jeff Nathanson's script is content to rehash material from the previous "Rush Hour" movies that the predictable plot never really offers anything exciting.

This movie didn't need to be made, there was nothing new they wanted to show off, the script is bland and uneventful and the jokes are so tired.

Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind when I went to watch this movie, but in my opinion this movie was truly awful and stands side by side with Epic Movie as worst movie I have seen this year.

This movie had some predictable twists.

Entertaining for a cloudy afternoon?

Some of the more totally insane moments involve those deliberate lost in translation moments, which are the more enjoyable moments in this movie.

I'm not a big fan of Rush Hour, but this was really enjoyable .

The action sequences in Rush Hour 3 look a bit tired, tame, and very uninspiring, and what Jackie Chan can probably still do, has been whittled down to sequences that are just a pale shadow of what could have been.

But their race will take them across the city, from the depths of the Paris underground to the breathtaking heights of the Eiffel Tower, as they fight to outrun the world's most deadly criminals and save the day.

These sexual jokes do not manage to draw anything more than cheap laughs, and Chris Tucker's predictable white/Asian/French racist jokes mostly just grate on the nerves.

Another enjoyable Rush Hour too add to the franchise.

Sure, the comedy's dumb and the story groans with cliché after cliché, but there's something hard to dislike in this, and that's Jackie Chan.

The film is jam-packed with the wild, mildly provocative humor the series is known for, and the silly but entertaining martial-arts slapstick that is Mr. Chan's trademark.

The irrelevant plot is your standard washing line arrangement onto which a string of predictable comic and action set pieces are hung.

Bored Chan, Weak Tucker, Poor fight scenes.

Rush hour 1 was really good, Rush hour 2 was decent but this one was the best, Chan and Tucker really click much better in this movie and they are funny together, its hilarious how far they've came from the first rush hourThe movie is very unpredictable and filled with more comedy than the first 2..the plot and scenes are great and the acting is amazing.

You get a spark of laughter here and there, but most of the film is dragged on, poorly written and it is not really that funny.

Bland jokes and tired sight gags made up this film, with the annoying Chris Tucker and the once innovative culture clash just seeming tasteless.

I like the first rush hour because it was original and was entertaining, and Rush Hour 2 had many funny comedic scenes but this one is pretty basic and very-very predictable.

Roman Polanski's role as a creepy police inspector is particularly enjoyable for his obnoxious attitude and the subtext of the director's real-life exile.

Very good, worth watching 10 times over again.

Acting was top-notch all around, and thanks to what i said earlier CT who has the ability to get on ones nerve after a while was totally enjoyable.

Rush Hour 3 is not as good as the first two, but was still a pretty entertaining movie; that is its main strength.

" Jackie Chan doesn't stage any new marital arts routines, and stunt coordinator Conrad Palmisano stages fight scenes that will make you yawn rather than flinch.

It makes the movie extremely predictable once you catch the pattern.

To be honest though, this is still a very entertaining sequel.

It was everything I expected it to be,funny and full of intense action.

The film has some very funny moments like the other two Rush Hour films and it is an entertaining cop/buddy film.

A funny action packed comedy .

The only people that are going to see it are going to be the fans of the first two Rush Hours, which, though they did get progressively worse, were still enjoyable action-comedy flicks with a healthy balance of Jackie Chan cracking ribs and Chris Tucker wise-cracking.

It is neither enjoyable or believable.

The climax is enjoyable, and although the conflict between the odd couple is exactly the same as it is in Rush Hour 2, their friendship is never boring, and always exciting on film.

The reason the first worked so well was because it was new and clever with some great dialog but this seems to be repetitive and slow...

Fans who will lap up any Rush Hour movie that comes out because they find the formula so enjoyable.


Its pedestrian stuff, predictable seen it all before cut and paste histrionics underscoring Ratner's reputation as a hack par nonchalance.

In "Rush Hour 3", for a ninety minute film, this one seemed slow at times and it looks like the crew was frantically searching for ways to fill the holes and even that wasn't entirely fulfilled.

Waste of time .

The combination of Chan's fighting skill and Tucker's high-pitched voice shouting obscenities and the like make all the movies an enjoyable experience.

my favourite gag was the one they have used throughout the series with chris tuckers confusion over the words and names me and you or who.

Silly, implausible and boring - one of the worst .

Carter and Lee, the famously diverse detective duo are back, and this time it's more pointless than ever.

Which is what makes this film enjoyable.

Still entertaining although the plot holds little value .

Disappointing but still fairly entertaining .

The story itself is rather interesting which makes you sitting on the edge of your chair to see what happens next.

Yet we do get a thrilling car chase in the streets of Paris and a rather exciting shootout/fight sequence at a hospital and a breath-taking finale filmed at the Eiffel Tower.

That completes a hilarious action packed hours of a trilogy.

"Rush Hour 3" is by-the-numbers summer action movie, but by the the time you've left and revisited the other prequels, you'll soon realise just how shallow, empty and pointless this movie really is.

Watching Jackie Chan trying to maneuver a snappy one liner is like watching him try to swallow cardboard.

There are pointless sub-plots, some thinks that wouldn't even work in a action comedy, like Lee haven't a Japanese step-brother.

Overall, this film is a highly predictable cash-in, with no genuine taste of France anywhere in sight.

The blooper out-takes on the DVD are worth watching to check out Chan's difficulties with various English translations and his physical accident while trying to throw a piece of furniture with his legs (I've heard tell that he broke his sternum during that take.

The story is still enjoyable, even though in my opinion Rush Hour 2 is the best of the three Rush Hour movies.

Punishingly poor and half an hour too long at just 90 minutes, Rush Hour 3 is the reason that people talk about the slow death of cinema, though in this case its a case of suicide.

Slow down the rush a bit ...

The dialogue, despite not being that funny, is tolerable and even enjoyable at parts.

The dojo scene, Eiffel tower scene and the ending credits is basically the only thing worth watching.

Heck, I found it more entertaining and humorous than the second film.

Jackie Chan one of my favorite culture icons, Chris Tucker one of the most elusive but entertaining comic actors have a strangest chemistry as the good moral cop and the fast-talking international hot shot wannabe cop.

Lenoir (instantly recognisable to UK viewers of course) cannot really act but she has a great body and the film is more interested in this than her – annoying to see that she looks just as stunning bald as she does with hair though!

It seems like Rush Hour is dead, unless by some divine intervention it can be resurrected with another sequel that'll stay true to the fast-paced, witty, and constantly entertaining spirit of the first 2 movies.

When Chris Tucker at the end of the second movie in one of the added bloopers says that one of the characters, which had just been thrown out of a window, wouldn't make it into "Rush hour 3" - this joke was both unexpected and very funny.

If you ask me, RUSH HOUR 3 is an excellent sequel that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and blow you away.

Because every now and then, there are small hints that this funny series is running on empty.

Its so funny i really really enjoyed it, i was laughing so much at one point it was hard to breathe!

The plot is ridiculously predictable and mundane - I'm sorry it's just boring to watch.

Entertaining enough...

Chris Tucker was not funny at all and the repeated "My brother from another mother" was funny in movie 1, but in movie 3 it is contrived and old news.

Enjoyed it.

And if you thought it was that bad, maybe you should of left the theater.

Sometimes it feels as though there are long pauses in between two action sequences, but once the action kicks off - it is always very entertaining to watch!

Here with Rush Hour, he is flogging a dead horse with a pointless second sequel to a film which was only okay to begin with.

In the first two portions of the movie, there are plenty of funny one-liners and unexpected hilarity throughout.

Although fun to the first time viewer, the first and second doses of this comedy franchise quickly became boring and silly.

The plot is obvious and predictable, and sacrifices any kind of sense for the sake of action or comedy(neither of which are all that strong, for that matter) more often than not.

So I'm meeting somewhere in the middle and giving it a 5 out of 10 score as an entertaining piece of cinematic fluff.

Well sorry, but a joke first time is funny, a joke a second time is amusing but its power is lost, a joke for a third time is just boring and a cheating way out of making something new.

Directed by Brett Rather (X-Men:The Last Stand, The Family Man, Money Talks) made an lively action/adventure comedy with entertaining performances by Tucker and Chan.

While they were undoubtedly entertaining and pretty light hearted blockbuster fun, I couldn't see the huge fuss surrounding them.

In the first two portions of the movie, there are plenty of funny one-liners and unexpected hilarity throughout.

That the original was such a huge hit is testament to the fact that the cynicism that green lights the likes of this derivative, formulaic toss is very well founded.

The acting isn't as sharp either, especially Soo-yung, the hostage from Rush Hour 1 all grown up; the actress who portrays her now offers a stale, boring portrayal of the character that makes you want to cry.

Rush Hour 3 is further disadvantaged by a weak script, a predictable story and plodding direction, while the support actors fare little better.

The action sequences aren't anything special, story hard to follow and comedy not in the league of the first two Rush Hours.

A great example of the awfulness of the film is a joke involving two Chinese characters called Yu and Mi, and Chris Tucker motormouth confusion.

This movie has nothing; no humor, boring actors, boring action scenes and an even more boring plot.

Sometimes I wonder if audiences will get bored of the family-safe action movies such as Die Hard 4.0 and Rush Hour 3...

The plot is horribly predictable and corny, and most of the jokes unfortunately just don't work being only amusing, not truly funny.

It's a huge waste of time and money.

Jingchu sheds a single, meaningful tear at a critical moment, giving one false hope that the series of barely connected, predictable sequences that preceded would be followed by a real movie.

It's a typical movie with an uninteresting plot and sub-par fighting and comedy.

The RUSH HOUR series is getting tiresome.

The whole plot was so predictable, anyone with a mediocre knowledge of American cinema can figure everything out, which they even mention!

I got really scared when Soo Yung (Zhang Jingchu) was tied up at the Eiffel Tower and when other unexpected thrilling things happened.

With so many better movies in theaters (EVAN ALMIGHTY, HARRY POTTER, and even TRANSFORMERS were worth the admission price, but that is my opinion after all), why spend money on this movie, which will be just as entertaining in 6 months on DVD (for the price of rental and you can see it with your friends in the comfort of your home) or in a year on cable (for just the cost of cable)???

Some of the fight scenes are thrilling, and some are trite and poorly staged.

Effective and entertaining.

The action was exciting.

Rush Hour 3 which comes a rather belated six years after the last Film, is enjoyable and entertaining enough, but is by far the lesser of the three 'Rushes' - It certainly has pacing problems with too many lulls only livened up by action Scenes coming up out of nowhere..You have the usual crass French stereotypes...

First one feels most original, even if it is just a simple, entertaining action comedy.

There are many flaws in this film, what saves this film from being unbearable (like some of Chris Tucker's jokes) is the on-screen chemistry between Chan and Tucker.

They were fun and entertaining, with great stunts and an inspired double act.

The film depends heavily on the chemistry of the leads(..and their clashes in culture which bring out the best comedy, specifically when both are in another country) and the breathtaking action sequences, which feature Chan in a magnificent sword fight with Hiroyuki Sanada on the Eiffel Tower while Tucker engages in a martial arts brawl with Kenji's goons, and an all too brief encounter between Chan and "Dragon Lady"(Youki Kudoh)in a hotel room.

Also the main villain is never properly addressed and at the end when Lee and Carter 'save' the day, you feel kind of empty inside.

This sequel is not the worst sequel I have seen, the soundtrack is decent, the locations are striking and while he looks a little bored Jackie Chan at least manages to do something with his role.

Entertaining movie .

Aside from Chan and Tucker, the cast members weren't very memorable, and the story is boring.

They both seem to be "just in it for the money"I really hope this will be the last Rush Hour film, the first and second was both really really enjoyable with fun comments, good comedy and good action scenes this third installment has nothing of it.

But a lot of the jokes are just rehashes of jokes from 1 and 2, so they are rather predictable.

This rush hour blew me! It started off so funny and then it just kept going the whole time with continued action throughout making you laugh just enough to keep you smiling even though you were on the edge of your seat because of the action.

In my opinion, it was a total waste of my time and money.

Storyline is simultaneously boring and unbelievable, and the ending a massive letdown.

And compelling actor Tzi Ma returns as ambassador Han.

The Weakest Installment of the 3, but still a mindless and enjoyable film .

Characters like Max von Sydow's Reynard add nothing to the film, him standing out as a boring and serious English man who causes the film to go too long without a joke.

Quite entertaining and very fun to watch .

Rush Hour 3 is so formulaic to the franchise and the genre itself, you can practically predict the next scene coming up.

Yvan Attal has a very amusing role as a French cabbie who helps Carter and Lee during a thrilling car chase, and wishes to join forces with them to stop the Triads.

From the beginning to the end I was in tears, and I would highly recommend it.

I liked Jackie Chan in the previous movies, but in this one we don't get to see enough of the fighting he's known for, and the fights we are treated to are just boring.

It's like a mildly entertaining TV show episode.

Then there's Lee and Carter's traditional "fall out and make up" sequence and Max Von Sydow's incredibly predictable turn as a supportive dignitary, not to mention the abrupt ending which culminates in our two heroes dancing to music that only the audience can hear.

The longer the movie takes the more predictable it gets.

This thankfully has remained intact in the third movie and so the movie is still enjoyable because of the pair.

Yet, the undeniable chemistry between Tucker and Chan disguises the apparent issues, that results in an entertaining watch.

The writers also were able to throw in some unexpected twists such as Lee's brother and George (aka the greatest French man to ever live...

Chan looks bored and his action scenes simply do not impress.

what a waste of my time .

The movie is unfunny, has no plot and no originality, lacks depth, and if that's not enough, I can guarantee that if you've never experience what can be considered a "brainfart", you will.

This time round the comedy also feels a bit tedious as I felt I'd seen it all before, jokes are rehashed and brought back to make the audience laugh a third time.

Nonetheless, Rush Hour 3 provides just enough laughs and fun action to be an enjoyable watch.

The two fellas obviously have fun together, but they are two steps slower than in the original "Rush Hour".

However, this predictable plot shouldn't win any awards; it's the buddy chemistry of Chan and Tucker that keeps the movie afloat and above mediocrity---until the final act.

The movie is set for the viewers to kind of assume that everything between the two is resolved and brings some confusion to the table.

Entertaining for a Jackie Chan movie?

Where Jackie is slightly bland, Chris is readily cunning and agile.

I'd say if you're bored and got nothing to do, rent this movie and just relax and have a good time.

It should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it is harmless fun, however when it is relentlessly overused it becomes tiresome and predictable.

The plot line was lame and disjointed.

Rush Hour 2 was same old, same old but still quite entertaining.

The story is real basic, nothing spectacular like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, but I was a bit surprised that the director brought back Consul Han and a stunning eighteen year-old Soo Yung.

It can be enjoyable if you numb yourself!

Entertaining movie .

Weaker than the Previous Two,but Still Action Packed and Hilarious, .

My stand is that a movie like Rush Hour that pulled out an awesome combination of martial art action and comedy, should have been laid to rest after the release of Rush Hour 2 in 2001, the truth is movies like Mad Max, Die Hard and Lethal Weapon dragged for too long till the last movie made about the lead actor or actors ended up just being a mediocre, (Mad Max 3, Die Hard 5 and Lethal Weapon 4).

Chris Tucker demanded a whole heap of money for this movie, and as of such I enjoyed his predictable, arrogant and sometimes obscene style of humor that he brought to Rush Hour 3.

It isn't Chan's worst, not like The Medallion, but compared to two very enjoyable films it is a big disappointment.

Now this is the only solution I can come up with as to why the action sequences came off as a bit boring by Jackie's usual standards through out the film.

The only real change is that the setting is moved to Paris, which has potential but is made uninteresting and stereotypical.