Sabrina (1995) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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An ugly duckling having undergone a remarkable change, still harbors feelings for her crush: a carefree playboy, but not before his business-focused brother has something to say about it.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Sydney Pollack
Stars: Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 16 out of 124 found boring (12.9%)

One-line Reviews (63)

That's because except for that rather unexpected burst of laughter from Linus' secretary, which cracks me up EVERY time I get to that part, I have never found myself laughing aloud while watching this movie.

She is, literally, breathtaking.

I thought the movie was extremely boring!

Both are definitely enjoyable films.

And it's boring - for her and for us.

Enjoyable romantic tale of a well-known story based on Samuel Taylor play titled ¨Sabrina Fair¨; it is packed with comedy , romance , agreeable situations and overall , emotion .

A warmly entertaining film and a definite improvement over the original.

This is probably the worst movie of the 90's.

I honestly found this version to be very boring.

Sabrina contains about every cliché you could possibly imagine: an apparently dowdy young woman undergoing a makeover whilst abroad and returning home looking stunning; a young playboy who the girl has always loved initially failing to recognise her with her new look then pursuing her romantically; the overly-serious older brother using the girl in a plan to achieve his business ends then realising that he really does love her; the younger brother proving at the end that he's not so dumb after all - the list of stereotypes could go on and on.

Altough each was entertaining, it really didn't fit, and the result was only cute rather than good.

Ormond makes an extremely engaging leading lady, perfect for the role of Sabrina.

The players was extremely charming and enjoyable to watch.

Everything seemed dull.

Although, I enjoyed it, I must say that I prefer this version alot better.

Don't miss out on this movie because it is a remake of a classic - both the original and this updated version are worth watching, and they should be appreciated independently of each other.

Though the Bogart/Hepburn purists will probably flame me into oblivion, I'm sure you'll find it entertaining, heartwarming, and absolutely leisure time well spent!

Just sit back and relax and let Wilder take you on a delightful ride that will be among the most enjoyable you have ever had.

Very enjoyable film .

But, for me, the authetic good points are Miriam Colon as lovely Rosa and Nancy Marchand as wise,fascinating Maude Larrabee.

This is an absolutely charming remake that's thoroughly enjoyable and very well made, with wonderful performances and a really neat ending!.

Throughly enjoyable .

Absolutely Charming Remake, That's Thoroughly Enjoyable And Very Well Made, With Wonderful Performances And A Really Neat Ending.

job here with very good camera work, and just keeping the film at an engrossing pace.

It is a very fresh take, sweet, fun, and definitely worth watching.

) Julia Ormond is absolutely stunning, proving herself a veritable swan that has emerged from her ugly duckling, tomboy, tree perching years.

The pacing in this new one was AWFUL- so slow and boring.

Even so, I would put Ormand's Sabrina on the party's walkway as one of the most incredibly stunning appearances of all time.

My advice to Harrison Ford is to stop doing romantic comedies, because his performances are always bland in them.

I liked this film I found it quite enjoyable to watch.

Really enjoyable .

It was even more dull that it sets up a romance with the daughter of the driver, so the low class.

Bottom line: see this for both Harrison Ford who wears the business-first character of the "only surviving heart donor" very well, and for Julia Ormond whose intense and beguiling performance makes us forgive her for not being Audrey Hepburn.

I felt very sleepy and bored watching this one, and I found the sexual tension that the director and actors tried to create rather forced.

She actually seemed BORED with the role...

Obviously, it didn't work too much considering the moment she was with David again she was shy, hesitant, and BORING.

)Don't waste too much time debating what essentially is personal preference over which wonderful visual desert (Sabrina 1954 or Sabrina 1995) is better....

Though 'Sabrina' isn't an exemplary motion picture, all of the players involved work together well in this poignant and entertaining romance-comedy.

My wife and I enjoyed it so much we bought it when it was released to VHS.

But the whole ploddingly dark when is this plot going to hit its stride just dragged on forever.

Ford's miscasting becomes very obvious at the latest when he commences his wooing of Ormond - easily the dullest part of the movie, and a long one, too: zero chemistry.

The dialogue, though witty and enjoyable at first, is stilted and becomes jarring as the film moves along.

This is a classy romantic comedy, well worth watching.

making the transformation at the end so much more stunning.

This is an absolutely charming remake, that's throughly enjoyable and very well made, with wonderful performances and a really neat ending and I say its a must see!.

"Sabrina" is a pleasant romantic comedy that goes on way too long and has that artificial Hollywood feel that may have been pulled off with charm 5 decades ago.

Of course, the same could be said for the Harrison Ford character as well -- who'd want to waste her time on such a fuddy-duddy when the uber-charming Greg Kinnear is waiting in the background?

The script is weak, the characterizations confusing and inconsistent, and the humour scarce and unfunny.

Well, I know this genre is not for everybody's taste, but this movie is very easy on the eyes, very light, entertaining, funny and most of all: magical.

In particular Sabrina's dress is stunning.

the dialogs:they were painful, dull and the self-awareness with which the lines were delivered made my skin crawl.

Good first act morphs into a slow-moving bore .

Dull, lifeless romantic comedy, very bad - in the most Hollywood sense of the word.

Romantic, entertaining, and magical .

The first 50-55 minutes are compelling and amusing drama, but when the story takes a surprising turn in the second act it bogs down with slow-moving and uninteresting romancing.

Many won't agree, and the critics may have panned it, but I feel this fantastic , feel-good movie exemplifies what all great movies should be: entertaining , intelligent, thoughtful, with touches of comedy, pathos, and respect for the human condition.. I find myself watching this magnificent work over and over and over, and never tiring of it.

Sabrina Fair and Fairly Dull .

Here is an entertaining film without a bad guy, without violence, without explicit sex and without any bad language.

She was just dull, lifeless and frankly, quite unexceptional.

Some elements were too convenient or too contrived.

It makes this version quite dull.

Julia Ormond gets the Audrey Hepburn role, and while those are pretty big shoes to fill, she could have at least tried to give a more compelling performance than the listless one she actually gives.

Her transfomation to this beautiful girl is the most enjoyable part in this movie to me.