Safe (2018) - Drama, Mystery

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After his teenage daughter goes missing, a widowed surgeon begins uncovering dark secrets of the people closest to him.

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: Michael C. Hall, Amy James-Kelly
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 59 out of 301 found boring (19.6%)

One-line Reviews (151)

The show itself is phenomenal in keeping it intriguing and mysterious.

The story is overly drawn out with no shock factor and 4 or 5 episodes could have told it all.

The script writing and character development lets it down big time, also the post production seemed very cliche and amateur like.

It was badly written, badly acted and a total waste of time.

Worth watching if you want a giggle.

Very dull and lame ending twist.

It's just kind of boring and unrealistic.


Finished it due to boredom.

Despite having a beautiful Ping Pong storyline, it really surprises you with unexpected situations.

The setting of a small, closed off community is not utilised to its fullest, the amount of red herrings becomes overwhelming and the characters can be quite predictable and irrational.

I found it suspenseful and intriguing.

The UK has been the catalyst of these type of awful, boring, absolutely soaked in excrement works of sunken headed idiots.

First couple three episodes and you get into it, but it is not even slightest bit of reality in it, had to watch till end to see ending, waste of 8 hours of my life lol, boring couldn't wait till it ended


Enjoyed it for what it was!

It becomes painfully bloated and cliche, bringing in and dragging on with new parts of the plot that don't end up meaning anything.

Netflix can't be serious with this resolution, it's actually unwatchable.

A cliched, dull mess .

Predictable, too.

Boring cops.

I binge watched it in two days and I enjoyed it all...

Kinda dragged you along for an Unexpected Ending.

Recent decades have brought along so many good crime dramas from UK and Scandinavia that it is easy to become pretentious and eager to find errors and unrealised solutions.

100% Caught my attention and would highly recommend it.

It has been a little predictable.

While the script (by creator and famous thriler-writer Harlan Coben) keeps you on the edge of your chair until the last minutes of the last episode!

Boring and stupid script.

Entertaining mystery story, maybe a bit too much soap alike.

the acting was just so poor and the end was pretty much predictable.

A highly engaging thriller - up to the last minute .

Dreadful waste of time .


Intriguing and entertaining .

Good suspense, kept me on the edge of my seat.

Thoroughly enjoyed it

Ho Hum...

Looks like people were expecting a little too much from this one -- friends and I found it pretty entertaining.

Painfully Average, Some good payoffs, overall cliche .

An enjoyable speed watching series.

Waste of time .

Anyway, I thought this was good, compelling, and kept me interested.

Don't waste your time beginning this load of rubbish.

Entertaining detective drama .

The show winds up to a satisfactory, if somewhat mundane conclusion which is a fair summation of the series itself.

Sometimes intense, sometimes farcical, this series runs the gamut.

Barely worth watching unless you are really bored.

The perpetrator behind Chris' murder is surprising, although it is a negative one, as it comes off as unnecessary and a try-hard attempt at being thrilling and innovative.

Half way home and bored...

Excellent characters, fantastic acting and very Harlan Coben style flips and unexpected turns.

Unbelievable nonsense coupled with unlikely themes made for a waste of viewing time.

Every episode is totally worth watching.

Audi confusion .

A Good British Whodunit Worth Watching .

A waste of time and an insult to anyone who's walked to the corner green grocer's more than once.

A finale that makes all the slow boring events makes sence .

Really enjoyable series and I love the twists & turns, very well done.

Loll what a predictable and desolate end.

Then came Safe, and I have to be honest, I loved from start to finish, it was gripping, intelligent, thrilling, and at times very uncomfortable viewing.

Especially entertaining are the Marshalls.

Tight direction and snappy editing too.

There is nothing new to see, just average british crime drama which revolves around a secret and bores you to hell to the point you stop caring about what that secret is.

A brilliant actor who kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

There are some good strong actors in this programme and it could of been a tad more sinister, try to be confusing as l found some of it quite predictable and indeed knew the ending way before the final episode.

Well worth watching.

So many others have described its flaws that I'll just say it's entertaining and suspenseful.

Great accents, gripping story, and great ending.

a "revelation" in the drawn out process.

Worth watching.

enjoyable .

If you want to watch it, it's not that it's not worth it, but lags on and is kind of pointless.

The best viewing comes from Part 4, which is intense, dramatic, and features a scene which in today's climate holds perhaps a little too much realism.

Once I did, I enjoyed it even more.

Uninspiring and terribly put together, finished episode one wishing for 40 minutes of my life back.

Terrible waste of time.

The blame is on all the absolutely vile and delusional liberal propaganda that has brainwashed our planet and all the low IQ, blanked face bugmen who have let this happen.

It was predictable, quite draggy, and the characters weren't compelling.

Don't waste your time, Sex Education is much better and also available on Netflix.

It's hard to know where to start with this series as it's compelling mediocrity where you find yourself watching to the end to see how it ends ,even though it's just so average.

Two episodes stand out, the finale is brilliant, so action packed, so gripping.

Despite the accent, Hall is pretty engaging as Tom Delaney.

Don't waste your time, this must be one of the worse British/Netflix series in recent memory.

Boring protagonist.

The sequence of events with a liberal dose of flashbacks is woven in an intriguing style which makes this series a compelling watch on the loop.

Spoiler alertPretty compelling for around 4 episodes, then the doctor gets knifed and amazingly is lying in the hospital with no blood transfusion and is running around the next day like nothing happened.

Predictable, boring, terrible acting.

Go Watch Paint Dry .

And after dexter, he seemed rather dull by comparison as Tom; let's face it-he's now typecast.

The acting from every cast member was below par which is strange considering the experience they have but again I blame it on the bland script.

Still, this series is interesting and exciting and absolutely worth a watch.

By episode 6 or 7 it's painfully tedious .

While I don't really understand the need to cast Michael C Hall in this British mystery-drama, the series is still a great fit for some otherwise boring winter night bingeing.

Ignore the negative reviews this is well worth watching.

It is dragged out for far to long with no real clear direction and then when it is all pulled together it is quite a rubbish ending.

There's so many more plot holes besides these, and it just renders the whole thing pointless.

" It was quite entertaining and gripping for the most part.

Waste of money, shame on you Netflix.

Don't waste your time.

It's an entertaining series.

Watch Dexter or 6 feet under instead of this if you want to be truly immersed in a character or characters and entertained.

Entertaining .

This was way too long and drawn out.

Otherwise it is a compelling mystery whose ending raises what I would call a soft seven up into a high eight.

Don't waste your time.

If you're looking for an immersive, intense, twisting tale of intrigue watch Safe.

In my opinion this does not suit a UK detective series, that would have you on the edge of your seat, it's more of an american soap opera with english accents that fails on so many levels.

It was very engaging for the first two episodes, and after that it got so dull that I'm on my third try just trying to get to the finale.

Gripping .

The series gets nicely complex until Ep 6 when the underlying thread becomes evident and thus predictable ending even the final twist was seen a mile away.

Stilted script and totally unbelievable human reaction to events render this unwatchable for me.

What an unexpected gem of a series.

it is fast paced and the characters are well played although at first it seemed unusually for the new detective to take over so.

I found it a little bit slow, I started regretting starting it, but the last 2 episodes made every second worth watching and spending my time on.

So sorry, but huge waste of time.

Boring plot.

Basically a story based around a tiresome girl who makes stupid decisions, supported by characters who also seem to lack any sense of reason.

An enjoyable and engaging storyline that includes just right level of drama and intrigue and just a little bit of haphazard.

He definitely needs to be booked for more intense roles, cause he fits it so perfectly.

But you have to like one big slow story being unwrapped through the whole season.

Once I could focus on the plot and characters, I recognized it as a compelling story with nice layering.

It is entertaining and moves fast.

Tedious and contrived.

If this was a ~90 min thrill ride, cut BETTER (so many slow and boring scenes), and fleshed the main players out better, I'd say 9/10.

Exciting and suspense to watch.

Great first few episodes And then it's just dragged out.

As I said don't waste a minute of your time with this trash TV

I did feel that the last episode was a little rushed, and rather desperately flailed around trying to tie-up all the various narrative threads, but it was a satisfying (if somewhat predictable) conclusion.

Waste of time .

Regardless of its twists and turns, most things are predictable.

Gripping TV series .

Some episodes were great and had you looking forward to the next, others dragged on.

After the first two episodes, a first review: Very good performance of the actors telling exciting, very captivating.

Everything else is bland, the directing, writing etc all just 'fine'.


Harlan Coben is such a great storyteller and this was just enjoyable.

I'm sure it is difficult for writers to recognize the vision of the creator and then write a compelling script for an 8 episode series.

The mystery is so compelling

I found the series to be quite entertaining and gripping throughout the first couple of episodes, misleadingly thinking that the plot was going somewhere.

Very formulaic and a rather disjointed story.

Great pace, good acting but predictable ending .

It is at best, uninterresting and completely empty.

Pure fluff, presumably written by teenagers and Eastenders fans, because the acting is on a par with Eastenders/Hollyoaks etc. With Marc Warren being in it, I also couldn't help compare this to Hustle, which was a fairly entertaining, if unbelievable romp characterised by bad acting.

Waste of time.

Awful Awfully Awful just a waste of time.

Really enjoyable.

Boring murder mystery.

It's a Long Boring Movie .

Pretty much a waste of time.

It uses the usual tropes to tell a compelling story and it is a compelling story that blends past and present and deals with the notion of safety and if anyone can ever really know anyone else.

Quite a compelling series to begin with featuring some strong acting.

A bit obvious but entertaining none the less .