Sahara (2005) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Master explorer Dirk Pitt goes on the adventure of a lifetime of seeking out a lost Civil War battleship known as the "Ship of Death" in the deserts of West Africa while helping a WHO doctor being hounded by a ruthless dictator.

Director: Breck Eisner
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Penélope Cruz
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 92 out of 480 found boring (19.16%)

One-line Reviews (412)

"Sahara" is an enjoyable movie.

Clive Cussler's source material is a wonderful piece of work, and due to have more succinct writing and a more engaging story-the story here has alterations- is superior.

Please don't waste your money.

if there are people who are mindless enough to waste their money on the DVD have to be pretty dumb and even renting this movie is a crime.

Unoriginal, unspectacular, uninteresting.

Ho hum .

For a film this terrible it was way too confusing and complicated.

Poorly written, unexciting and dull.

All-in-all, excellent pop-corn entertaining blockbuster movie.

I know I haven't seen the movie, but I thought I would put this review out there, if only to provide more proof that a movie that pseudo-intellects hate can be enjoyable on a deeper level.

We both enjoyed it.

It's a rather formulaic action/thriller with very little in the way of surprises.

it is humorous and action packed movie.

The Cussler fans will probably by now have pledged eternal feud against Breck Eisner and his screenwriters, while people who didn't read the book most likely walked out of the theatre with a big question mark on their forehead.

And the action that was there was fun and exciting.

Mildly entertaining no-brainer with no soul .

Waste of time .

Another key to an entertaining adventure film is a nasty villain, and while Lambert Wilson and Lennie James give it their all, they aren't that terribly menacing.

Don't waste your time.

It begins as suspenseful and realistic...

Having read previous reviews, I was prepared for a dull action flick with no real plot and mediocre acting.

An Action Packed Treat .

See this film if you're totally bored and have nothing better to do, or else wait for the big summer releases, because this one's a bit of a dud.

Overall the movie was great ride -- fast paced and action packed.

The stunts in Lost Ark may not be plausible, but they're much better done, more entertaining and more germane to the plot.

The middle seems way too long.

Her mission is actual more compelling than the lead's.

Cruz, in fact, gives the most entertaining performance.

Boring .


As for me, I found "Sahara" about as exciting as waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street.

What never happened to me, is that I fell asleep 2 times on 2 different days with the same damn movie.

Penelope Cruz is attractive and enjoyable, this is her best film.

A Waste of Time .

I'm beginning to think that Clive Cussler may end up like Alistair MacLean: a wildly successful author of pretty formulaic action thrillers who never had a good film made of them, despite a number of tries.

But, if you are a fan of Cussler’s books or have even just read the one this movie is based on then you will find this movie is a waste of 2 hours of your time.

the movie is fast paced and has some thrills.

A really enjoyable Romp .

looking for an entertaining night at the movies.

The attempt to make him out to be the next major action star is a waste of studio money.

An entertaining letdown for Cussler fans .

'Sahara' is an often entertaining shoot-em-up adventure popcorn flick with almost no originality.

Unfortunately, "Sahara" is a mostly vacuous film, interrupted with relatively unwarranted, albeit intensely exciting sequences.

Highly Enjoyable .

But it is an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Boring and Un-Interesting Movie full of Slam-Bang Action Scenes .

All in all, this movie was very boring, with a half smile being put on the audiences faces at rare times.

This movie is mildly entertaining at best, whereas Raider's of the Lost Ark rewrote action adventure in the eighties.

Sahara started out in good form, setting up a great historically based mystery, ala The Da Vincci Code or National Treasure, but then promptly dropped this intriguing plot line in favor of an over-done "shoot-em-up" movie with a James Bond meets Captain Planet twist.

Overall, a half-decent movie, probably deserves a little more credit than this, which is why i have given it six out of ten, but more a showcase of several enjoyable action scenes than a solid, well crafted film.

Cinematography and musical score(Clint Mansell) is magnificent and riveting.

Moving, intriguing, non-predictable and a glorious southern bell ringer.

There was a time when films like this did not exist but with the growing number of pictures such as National Treasure; Tomb Raider; The Mummy (all with sequels/spin-offs) and now this, the genre is descending into a mind dulling lull of family orientated; big on money, low on fun; mediocre passages of fast edits; yelling protagonists and a name and a face you may recognise.

NO message, not a biography no long lost family member, no lust or sex, little swearing and still I really enjoyed this movie.

Bestselling novelist Clive Cussler should have known better than to trust Hollywood to make another of his exciting, sea-going yarns about Dirk Pitt into a movie.

Distributor: Paramount PicturesIn my opinion, the adventure genre of cinema has been in a slow, sad decline since Indiana Jones.

Nowhere near as entertaining as the vastly superior "National Treasure," "Sahara" shares more similarities with the sprawling desert from which it draws it name.

The performances were drab, the story was convoluted, and really....

The plot is silly and predictable, the dialogue is dull and what seem like attempts at wit fall flat, the characters are one dimensional and totally uninteresting.

It would have definitely saved me the headache of trying to force myself to stay awake during Sahara Snoozefest 2005.

Overall the film just needed to be more entertaining and more original.

All that is left for a filmmaker to do when making one, is to make one that is entertaining.

With a name like Dirk Pitt, then I guess I should have expected cliché.

So,is a Clive Cussler novel predictable?

The whole film was just pure action movie cheese and predictability that got so tedious towards the end.

Some very beautiful scenery and plenty of action and occasional violence makes SAHARA an interesting and enjoyable two hour escape from the real world.

Dull .

So, to sum up: Sahara is in the grand tradition of adventure movies like Raiders of the Last Ark, but unlike most pretenders to the Indiana Jones throne it's frantically entertaining.

It was definitely better than "Raise the Titanic" which was another Hollywood rewrite but a long way from the suspenseful action packed books by Clive Cussler.

This was, at best, a poorly conceived, terribly screen-written, novicely directed cliché of an action movie that does an injustice to Cussler's well crafted books.

The thing is you cant follow the plot, i could hardly understand what was going on in the movie, the dialogs were boring and the action quite fake and not believable.

By that I mean something that was cliché with all of the low brow humor that could be mustered for the pre-teen to 20-something demographic.

Unexpected enjoyable movie for a Saturday afternoon.

An enjoyable SANDventure (DVD) .

I thought his film was a really enjoyable romp.

The Actors / characters are OK but again not enough time is given to develop the depth that Clive Cussler gave these characters over many books, resulting in a condensed version of what are otherwise engrossing characters.

This movie makes life seem pointless.

A film with some serious flaws, but still a fairly enjoyable piece of Sunday afternoon BBC 1 entertainment.

For a fun afternoon at the cinema and a bunch of enjoyable clichés, I'd give it 7 on 10.

Music and original score are evocative and fun, the set pieces are excellent and unlike recent entries in the Bond franchise this retains its sense of fun.

But, this movie is very entertaining.

Not that that is a bad thing, it was just unexpected.

Sahara is over-drawn and dull.

Sahara had quite a few funny moments, along with the good action this made Sahara very enjoyable.

It's meant to be a treasure-hunting adventure kind of romp, but it feels too artificial to be enjoyable.

But I really really enjoyed it.

Avoiding fancy gadgets, avoiding the bigger the better movie, this movie combines elements of espionage, bioterror, horror, action-romance (less on the romance), and a decent straight forward storytelling with bits of humor to make this movie the most enjoyable adventure movie for far this year (January to April 2005).

The most cliché-ridden piece of expensive waste .

This is a truly enjoyable adventure to watch.

Other than that, the movie has no plot and the dialogue is pretty bad too.

Save your money wait for the video .

It was like she was reading them in monotone.

Thank God I had my boyfriend to keep me company throughout this terrible "performance" or else I would have probably died of boredom.

Add an exciting and fun screenplay and you've got yourself a winner.

waste of (long) time and money .

They were pretty flat and boring - anything that could have been done (even post production) would have been good.

Very fast paced, full of action, and it was hilarious!

Another movie shows Africa as a politically unstable continent with civil war and dictatorship - cliché!

It was hard to understand some of the extreme camera angles and the over use of wide shots in some of the more intense parts.

The cast seems to be just going through the motions, the script way too cliché.

The humour is tepid and bland, and the running joke regarding the boat just makes Macy seem like some whining queen.

For starters, the film moves at a rather slow pace.

Where's a dashing hero, a sense of style, an engaging story, dynamic action?

i saw this film many years back & i can say it without a doubt that this is not only the most underrated film but quite the best film ever released by paramount pictures,usually paramount studio release garbage films but if they do release some good ones they get edited just like MI2 of john woo now i don't care whats been edited in this film i have no complains because it was entertaining.

Overall though the film was fun, exciting, suspenseful, and enjoyable.

Intriguing Action Movie With Good Performances .

The final confrontation between the starring and the enemies is breathtaking and impressive.

Totally improbable but highly entertaining .

At the very least, they need an intriguing story line and good performances.

McConaughey does fine here - he won't be challenging for an Olivier award on the British stage soon, but he is engaging as Pitt, in Sahara.

I was constantly on the edge of my seat with excitement and anxiousness.

It was a pretty enjoyable flick, fast-paced, pretty well acted...

Some may like the unbelievably ridiculous ways our heroes find to get out of their situations and others may even find this movie to be thrilling enough to be considered an "edge of your seat" flick (though I can't really imagine anyone but a really young tyke, say like two years old, finding this to be that exciting).

I talked my Stepfather,who is a big Crussler fan,into going and he totally enjoyed it.

Its a nice and unpredictable movie needing viewer's constant attention.

Shamelessly unoriginal, boring, unfocused.

I thought it was rather fun and entertaining.

Towards the end, however (at least, I think it was the end, since I shut it off at this point) it got downright cheesy and turned into an obnoxious cliché of a wannabe action movie.

lite mindless,entertaining fare .

To me this is the worst movie ever.

What a waste of money...

This is probably the most boring movie I ever tried to watch.

Overall, this a nice thrilling action movie.

It's entertaining, bottomline.

If you just want to see something mindless and enjoyable then this is a great movie.

This mundanity might have been forgivable, were the film carried by memorable and engaging characters.

On the plus side, it works decently as swashbuckling action flick(leading up to a pretty cool climax), with exciting sequences(shootouts and chases) and some effective tension.

Sometimes you'll find that great directors are at work even in the worst movies, and you can take something enjoyable from something plebes would write off as pure rubbish.

Great action packed movie, well worth seeing!.

There seemingly is no plot - or if there is, it isn't communicated via dialogue, cinematography or any other form of signifying system - just a whole lot of stupid coincidences without the luxury of serendipity.

The movie creeps out with a slow southern gait, laying out the foundations of the story and the history of the characters like it was unfolding a sleeping bag for a long summer night of star gazing.

How Eva gets stuck in the well when the villains attacked her partners was exciting and gives its fair share of a scare or two.

Don't waste your time or money on this to-sh.

His portrayal of Dirk Pitt the adventurer is hugely enjoyable.

Stunningly Exciting Action Adventure .

A somewhat predictable action flick .

In the end, Sahara is only worth watching if you're a hardcore fan of any of the three leads.

The action sequences were entertaining and well done, as well as the special effects.

The snappy exchanges between Steve Zahn and Matthew Mc..were fun, mostly believable (if you happen to have several teenage boys living in your house who are always into good fun and winding up with a broken arm, singed cat or soda through the nose between fits of laughter..) and you found yourself looking forward to scenes with their interaction.

now, i understand that movies such as this are supposed to be entertaining through fictional circumstances.

except for Penelope Cruze, She is so bland!

the romance between the two leads was incredibly predictable...


tedious first half .

It is a very enjoyable movie.

This treasure hunt through west Africa looking for "The Ship Of Death" is going to enjoyable to all age groups.

It was raucous, exciting, filled with unbelievable action and comedy.


The idea that this is comes anywhere close to the quality of Indiana Jones is absolute rubbish, the acting is in parts dire and the characters as mentioned before are all uninteresting clichés.

Sahara is a thrilling movie with excellent plot and fantastic action sequences.

However, once it gets going it's far more intriguing, and, of course, with a more modern flair to it.

The excitement and action increases a little bit after the middle of the movie Most parts of the movie is boring especially the first half.

it teeters between indifference and boredom.

Enjoyable Adventure Flick ...

If Sahara moved a little faster, had somewhat more engaging characters at it's center, and better villains, it would be more than sufficient for some good entertainment.

It was highly entertaining, I really enjoyed this movie and plan on recommending it to all of my friends.

Entertaining if somewhat daft .

I find her very believable, in addition to being stunning.

A recent example of which is Sahara, a film that fails on the adventure, but succeeds admirably on the bland.

I even fell asleep for awhile while watching the movie.

It was OK..a little too formulaic .

i don't know why some people hate this film it provides good entertainment with a mix of comedy,romance & action all in one,got a nice cast,characters & story what more anyone want plus it is fast paced so no chance of getting bored.

It's possible that something interesting happens in the second half of this movie, but life is short and I was so bored by the halfway point that I can't tell you if that's true.

My Take: James Bond meets Indiana Jones with silly yet exciting action, crackling wit.

Once the action started, it was very fast paced and never predictable.

The evil African dictator General Kazim and the corrupt French industrialist Yves Massarde working with each other and creating the chemical waste facility in the desert which is causing the plague and threatening to destroy all life in the worlds oceans is the story in the novel as well the only problem was is that these two villains just weren't as menacing as they were in the novel.

This isn't a detailed suspense novel, this is a typical formulaic Hollywood stupidfest.

Treasure hunting and plague stopping come together in an unlikely way, but come together they did and it was a tiresome journey for me.

They stayed to true to the book, way to long and lots of boring parts.

I was actually looking forward to a funny action packed adventure in style of Indiana Jones, just with more laughs and fights.

I loved the fast paced action, the landscapes in the desert, the silly jokes of the supporting cast.

Sahara mayn't be perfect, while the script is mostly witty and the story exciting and engaging, there can be some disbelief in the dialogue and the film meanders at the end both in credibility and pacing.

The music, sometimes very Bondian at times, is exciting, the characters are mostly excellently portrayed, and the story is wrapped up nicely.

But there's no plot, either, no coherence, no sense, no humour, and no interest.

Obviously different to the book that inspired it SAHARA is humorous and action packed.

What remains is a generic, ridiculous, and boring pile of sterile Sahara sand, lifeless, uninvolving, and vastly empty.

Sahara is best described as a typical entertaining adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones or perhaps National Treasure.

The positive sides of this movie is that everything is so predictable, you can watch it while doing something else.

The scenes in between are too stretched out and boring.

Some of the exposition was WAY too contrived and WAY too easy.

Its geographic background was intriguing & the music of Dr John in the opening credits & presentation of one of the star's research facilities was most impressive & beautifully linked to the ensuing drama!

If you enjoy films that are entertaining, and audience-capturing, see this film!

The story in this movie has some alterations as I have heard from most people, but when it comes to judging a film adaptation by it's own merits, it's mostly exciting and the script is witty with some hilarious moments.

Apart from the action sequences which were top notch and very enjoyable, nothing else seemed to work at all.

The beginning was slow and boring, the middle had a few action scenes, nothing special though and the ending was disappointing and stupid.

There are times, particularly in the middle (aka Sahara Snoozefest 2005), where the action comes to a halt, and a lot of pointless characters say a lot of boring stuff in order to attempt to flesh out a story that just isn't there.

So all in all it was a really clean, funny, and action packed film that was wonderful to watch.

Totally dumb and tedious "Indiana Jones" hybrid is full of silly characters and unmemorable action sequences that are forgotten before they are even completed.

The action is every bit as exciting as the story and well choreographed and the direction is solid.

Sahara is enjoyable and the chase scenes are very good .

Bottom line, the producers spent a lot of money well and made a very entertaining Dirk Pitt movie.

Rainn Wilson, whom some of you may remember from "Six Feet Under", is a nerdy but entertaining Gunn.

His source material is solid with engaging story lines and efficient writing.

There's way to much there to put in one film, so all I wanted was a film that was entertaining and true to the characters in the series.

While he was entertaining for comic relief, he in no shape or form resembles the Al Giordino (Italian muscle) that is Dirk Pitt's partner.

Plus everything about this movie is predictable.

Very entertaining .

It has a neat soundtrack and some fairly exciting action sequences.

Overall, while there were some entertaining moments, it seemed like the script was created by Studio Management with marketing survey in hand, assisted by a random plot generator designed to maximize the audience that this would appeal to.

not the same as the book, but very entertaining anyway.

Absolutely the worst movie of the year!

A Slow Stewin' Gumbo.

Performances were all phoned in, every plot development was predictable, direction awful, and the script painful.

It emphasizes more the adventure and the fun that you get when you do something exciting.

Like that wouldn't be enough of misery, this movie is also extremely boring to watch.

Entertaining and underrated .

a waste of my time at the movies .

Sahara is an entertaining movie (though predictable, as adventure/action movies often are).

You could say it's a no brain-er, but the disjointed screen play confuses could be hard to follow.


Even Stephanie started to fall asleep, and she's a huge Matthew McConaughey fan!

I must say that this has to rank amongst one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Sahara gave me neither and it was really one long, tedious mess.

Cruz is at her lowest point here, literally the love interest, and eye candy for the bored gents in the audience.

For the most part, it was pretty entertaining.

Exciting Action in Sahara - No, not the Movie!!.

I haven't read the book, so I don't know how well they followed the original story, but I found the film to be well paced and entertaining.

But having said that it was still exciting enough to make it worth one watching anyway.

The idea was quite good but the story just ambles along at such a slow pace that you lose interest in the Characters and the plot.

It's exciting, funny, and has a great story.

Everything is painfully cliché here.

The action scenes are stunning, real edge of seat scenes and the final 90 minutes had me unable to leave my seat in case of missing anything vital.

I can enjoy absurd action scenes, James Bond movies are created out of them, but other things need to be pretty good to make the scenes entertaining.

A fantastic waste of money.

The stupidly-named Dirk Pitt, while adequately portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, is insipid and – for all his action man antics – just a tad too dull for my liking.

The plot is ditchwater dull, involving, God, I don't know, Nazi Confederate gold and fawningly grateful Sambos and evil Muslim Ninjas or something.

The movie is quite slow for this genre of movie plus after the movie I feel I didn't watch anything much happen in the movie.

I great popcorn munching, entertaining movie and as long as you don't overestimate it, you won't be disappointed.

But when the idolized ship is found rather "accidently", (and one knew this was coming in the movie)all while escaping the menacing evil, and of course it's even more super predictable ending has the heroine and his lass defeating the attacker with such said ship, it is incredibly trite and insults the movie goer.

The movie showcases some breathtaking action sequences.

Sahara is an entertaining adventure movie.

I never really wanted to see it, but my little brother dragged me to it.

It was funny, quick-witted, and well-paced, with an interesting plot that got only somewhat predictable right at the end.

The action sequences are diverting, the score is memorable but the main thing about this production is the wonderfully evocative cinematography.

A rousing adventure, as is the book!

I held off on seeing this film because it sounded like a bore of an action flick.

A lavish, vigorous attempt at exciting entertainment .

This was an entertaining movie in the style of an Indiana Jones production & setting.

I call this a slower version of Indiana Jones - quite a lot of fun though could have been cut a bit faster, especially the last sequence.

As with other movies, like the Transporter, this movie starts out with some panache and a spark of possibility, but by half-way through the movie, it seems to run out of ideas and dies a slow death (beach-ball-with-a-hole-in-it analogy).

Basic boring action movie.

Stanleys Stamp Of Approval: An Action Packed Funny Adventure.

If Sahara makes money, Dirk will be back on the big screen again, hopefully with a drug addiction of some description to add another dimension to his bland good nature.

It's also spiritually empty, and a lot like cotton candy in that sense.

I thought the direction in, for instance, the scene where she was attacked on the beach, was stylish, very effective at conveying the nature of the scene, and, quite simply, entertaining.

However, it gate-crashes all known logic that tells you it's tosh by being downright entertaining.

A long and pointless yawner from the genre.

Perhaps Sahara would have been considered a good action film thirty years ago when movie going tastes for this kind of fair where not as sophisticated, but these days a movie like this comes across as rather stale and formulaic.

The 'plague' becoming a toxic effect was intriguing.

An action packed movie that has clean language may be the strongest reason to consider the movie.

Overall, this movie is a Tuesday night yawner.

However, that being said, it was still a very entertaining action movie.

no plot, not at all realistic .

Very Entertaining .

His first sunk without trace, but was enjoyable nonetheless.

The trailer was boring, the one sheet showed all the stars looking smug and pleased with themselves, and the biggest mistake it could have made, thinking that it could be the next big franchise.

It moves along at a very good pace and is worth watching on the big screen.

McConaughey is one of those actors that's really enjoyable to watch when he's playing a good guy and given good dialog.

entertaining enough...

I can say that the first half features a bland protagonist, a vaguely amusing friend and what looks like a love interest in spite of no sign of chemistry.

Slow moving .

It's too violent to be a family film, too long to be as exciting as it should, and the comedic moments really drag the film down.

I got this movie expecting a nice treasure hunting movie ala National Treasure, however it got real boring real fast.

McConaughey is likable but bland in the action film, and Zahn plays the sidekick from the textbook, with cracks at carefully timed intervals.

I have seen many visually beautiful films, but with the majestic landscapes/settings and sparkling cinematography that has an epic sweep to it it is one of the more visually stunning films I've seen recently.

But i still have my memories from when i first read his books and i remember "Sahara" being one of the more outrageous and entertaining.

There is some quite decent African music which is enjoyable.

I saw Sahara after seeing the trailer and thinking, yeah, this might be okay, and because I was completely bored at home.

For the best part; Sahara is one half dumb, comic mis-adventures of Pitt and his buddies Rudi (Wilson) and Al (Zhan) and other half sensible and intriguing voluntary work by Rojas.

I really find the guy to be likable and with a properly used Steve Zahn at his side, they could make some truly thrilling and funny stuff, I think.

As with most action/adventure movies, there were some scenes where you think "yeah, right", but even those were entertaining enough that you don't really mind suspending disbelief.

Whereas the action in Flight Of The Phoenix crashed and burned, Sahara has you on the edge of your seat.

Penelope Cruz is also enjoyable as the W.

It is just that the plot is so inconceivable, unbelievable, and trite.

What a waste of good money...

Sahara begins with a visually stunning battle scene.

The action hero cheese really reeks throughout this film from the unfunny lines from Steve Zahn the sidekick to Mconaughey and the all too predictable final scenes between Cruz and Mconaughey.

One of my absolute favorite types of movies are adventure films, which are fast paced, clever and just simply fun to watch.

I left the theatre wondering where the entertainment portion of this film went to; I will have to say I was truly bored with this misfire of a film.

He has taken all the necessary elements of the plot and has created a very entertaining film.

That's perfectly alright if you're into those kind of films and are looking for a tolerable diversion for an empty evening.

And the characters were enjoyable and realistic, although they were underdeveloped, which seems to be the norm in Hollywood these days.

I enjoyed an entertaining evening with my wife.

the trailers propose that this film is an all out action adventure but the truth of it is that this film is dull and uninspiring.

If I could have slept through the whole thing, I would have given it a 10, as the perfect sleeper, but it gets a point off for every pointless loud noise that woke me up.

Enjoyable for 10 to 16-y-olds?

now maybe i'm being a little too harsh when i write this, but the showing i saw last night at the theatre at which i work, bored me to death.

As it is, he has put together a string of exciting action sequences; from the opening Civil War battle to a river chase in Nigeria to many, many more in the desert.

The action gets more intense as War Lords, Sahara tribes and big corporations are stopping efforts of the pair at every turn.

Sahara is one of those films that is probably more enjoyable for 12 year olds than for adults.

Was it a bit formulaic?

SAHARA: A Complete Waste Of Some Untalented Actor's Time...

I've been reading mixed reviews of this movie and decided to put my own two cents in: I really enjoyed it.

I've made the film sound pretty derivative and pointless so far, haven't I?

The cinematography and scenery are stunning.

I went to see this with my wife and we both thoroughly enjoyed it for what it is, a Boy's Own type adventure story.

Genre movies are harder to make than art films; in a year of dull turkeys (Batman Begins, War of the Worlds), this one's quite a goodie.

Penelope Cruz tries to be a typical tough modern heroine but is as bland as usual and there's no chemistry between her and McConaughey {why is it real life couples often fail to shine on screen together?

I found this to be an enjoyable movie.

Very Enjoyable .

Something Matthew McConaughey and his sidekick are doing very well and are entertaining us while doing it.

So many bad memories from this one: The predictable boat chase, the boring fist fight on top of a tower, the supposedly "romantic" moments with McConaughey and Cruz, the laughable final sequence in the Civil War ironclad battleship, William H.

Put her in the role of an annoying bleeding heart liberal WHO doctor, and you have a recipe for boredom.

It is still an enjoyable escapist piece of fiction.

It was based on the book of the same name by Clive Cussler, part of his popular and immensely entertaining series of Dirk Pitt novels.

It just sends more and more stuff at you to watch that is suppose to be cool or something to see, buts there is no real plot except the dream of finding this ship, and of course saving these poor africans, which of course just all happen in the end at once, and things are magically wrapped up showing all the main characters getting what they want so you will feel good walking out of the movie.

'Sahara' contains everything an action film could contain these days but it does that in such a predictable or sometimes even stupid way I could not care less.

I'm extremely perplexed at the lukewarm and especially the bad reviews this one is getting from the professional critics, because my husband and I both found it a very enjoyable romp.

Punk, visceral and anti-establishment in the 1970s, gave rise to a plethora of bland Blink- 182s in the '90s.

He can take much of the credit for this unbelievable romp being so entertaining.

This movie is pretty predictable, although there are some spots that you couldn't predict because they didn't make sense.

This movie is completely predictable and full of "clishee" and lousy worn out action movie on-liners, not to mention technical bloopers.

It's simple, enjoyable entertainment, reminds me of indiana Jones in some ways.

Both my spouse and I enjoyed it very much.

the movie was just boring overall.

Then you sprinkle the movie with the irrepressible Matthew McConaughey, the smoldering and incredibly sexy Penélope Cruz, and the always entertaining Steve Zahn and you've the makings of something that could turn out quite well.

It's just too bad this didn't get more attention when it was out, because it is a greatly entertaining movie.

And Raiders of the Lost Ark, a wry reinvention of 1930s adventure serials, led to swarms of bland action-adventure films.

It is one of the movies that is constantly entertaining.

From this perspective, Sahara was entertaining to me.

Cruz's doctor seems more interested in her predictable relationship with Pitt than in the epidemic sweeping across West Africa, making her role as a physician less than believable.

dull movie .

Upon leaving the theater I realized I had laughed and winced throughout the whole movie and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

all the chase and action scenes were confusing and slightly nonlinear.

That business with the plot is a major drawback, (it tries to cobble together two distinctly separate plots, losing both of them in the confusion), the acting is weak and we've seen it all before.

The crucial thing is this: all of Cussler's books are cliché-ridden, over the top, Dirk can do any and everything B-grade fluff.

Cheaper By the dozen (Comedy but predictable), Sonic Impact (Although a bit better for the simple fact there are more characters and not just a couple.

Waste of time.

Very predictable, bland stuff.

Excellent casting prompts the audience to associate with the three leads, fostering an enjoyable escapade across Africa.

From the very start, it's a popcorn adventure yarn, with the occasional extended dialogue exchange, which tries too hard to mean something - anything - when quite clearly it's as empty as a seashell.

It was a tad confusing, because in the two hours that the movie lasts, there are about 2 and a half plots that only have one thing in common: they take place in Africa.


Don't waste your money here.

Very entertaining .

Cliché or not, it's matinée Hollywood entertainment successfully delivered.

Firstly, it's way too long, by a good twenty minutes.

I knew to expect far-fetched plots with Dirk Pitt and company saving the world by the end of the story, but for some reason, this plot adaptation seemed disjointed and hurried.

The orchestral pieces were pretty bland (sorry Clint), and there were occasional bits of popular music that I found to be out of place (the inclusion of "Sweet Home Alabama" is particularly offensive in this regard, it's been in so many soundtracks, it even has it's own movie).

Great for people with insomnia .

This film is recommendably entertaining and I watched many times!!!!

If you're looking for a stunning plot, Oscar worthy acting and airtight continuity then don't watch this movie.

It is funny, entertaining and a great way to spend two hours.

Laughable Cookie-Cutter Hollywood Bore-a-thon .

While the setting was realistically updated to reflect the present, there was too much of the plot line that was disjointed and contrived.

This is a pretty descent start with a lot of possibilities and is quite intriguing.

Unfortunately, it's missing an immersive, gripping story to really pull you in and hold your interest.

3/10Good: Action scenesBad: Dull, over-drawn, wannabe Indiana Jones.

Went to a screening last night and found the movie to be quite enjoyable.

It's a hugely entertaining thrill ride, and it's never boring.

When Dirk find an unexpected clue to his life long work of looking for the C.

Macy is perfect here and likewise with a very enjoyable Lennie James.

What a waste of time, I have a hard time understanding why Hollywood would spend so much on a budget and then have such a limp, unfunny, unexciting screenplay.

Only to be disappointed as this movie dragged on and on with scenes that looked like they were made up on the go.

loud, offensive, boring .

it's pretty lite fare,but enjoyable.

The Lord of the Rings, the grandfather of epic high fantasy, spawned shelves full of bland paperbacks.

There were a few small shortcomings of course, but overall I highly recommend it.

How about a few exciting and cleverly designed action sequences?

The action is rather gripping.

Enjoyable good clean fun with clear delineation of the good and the bad.

Waste of my time .

But implausible as it is, it refreshingly and fantastically entertaining.

As it is, the movie is a vast improvement on the boring and stupid "National Treasure," although it's still no threat to Indiana Jones.

) The characters were engaging and fun to watch.

I did like the fabulous city in Mali which was breathtaking.

Very enjoyable!

It did not have a perfect type plot, but it had a solid one, that was far from boring.

However, Sahara is visually stunning.

Overall I thought it was an enjoyable action flick, and would probably recommend it to anyone looking to have a fun time at the movies.

The action scenes, particularly the early ones, are exciting and fast-paced.

Beyond DUMB - Don't waste your money .

Expect cliché after cliché and token characters throughout the film.

Highly predictable .

This is a very enjoyable movie.

Enjoyable .

Also, the music was inappropriate at some points, playing scores that had noting to do with the plot, location, mood, etc.I found myself gripped at first, then bored by the end.

The movie was a little too long and some of the slow scenes could be cut.

There were lots of big explosions and fast paced chases.

The plot was uninteresting and silly, the characters uncharismatic and the action worthy of making a trip to the candy bar during.

All in all a very enjoyable film, and I do look forward to the next installments of the series, if they ever manage to make it to production.

Verdict - Take an actual trip to the Sahara than watch this predictable ride.

Effectively,all this movie was good for was its display of action sequences, which are watchable for adults, but probably very enjoyable for its younger, target audience.

All this adds up to a movie that is only moderately interesting and moderately entertaining.

Stupidly Entertaining .


The Indiana Jones series and most James Bond movies are good examples of highly-entertaining, action-packed movies, where you have to allow for a lot of unbelievable things to happen, the difference being that they are "established" gracefully, never "forcing" you to accept them.

Watch it at your own boredom.

When I think of the Sahara desert I think dry, boring, predictable and death by dehydration.

Sahara - Exciting Action and Lots of Fun .

if u like ya Jackie Chan, Indiana Jones etc.. movies you would love this witty action packed movie...

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and would highly recommend it.

Worth watching!

We all know the formula for this sort of movie, and yes, Sahara does follow the formula pretty closely, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

It is unceremoniously added to my ever growing list of All Time Worst Movies.

The story of the missing Ironclad was riveting (No pun intended).

As for the movie, some might say it is a bit predictable, and I would not disagree with them at all, as it is not hard to see what is coming.

LOLThis "break from reality" is action filled and very entertaining, but with a slow beginning.

The action in this film is very entertaining ,and for once dispenses with all use of CGI.

Disjointed is the best way to describe this film, there is just not the progressive linearity that the book contains.

I wouldn't say Sahara was bad but if you were expecting a wild, romantic or a thrilling adventure with loads of action in the scorching Sahara desert, you could be disappointed.

A lacking, but still enjoyable, flick .

I read the novel too and still found the film entertaining.

Exciting and fun .

To the Dirk Pitt fans: if you can purge your memory of the details of the Sahara novel, and maybe lose any rigid expectations of what these characters should look like/how they should act, you may have an overall enjoyable time with a hint of melancholy...

It's a fun film, there's a pretty good story overall but the set pieces and situations are just totally unbelievable and so contrived it's almost funny watching them for what can happen next or how daft they can setup the scene.

But then again, Sahara is billed as a Adventure film, and as long as you're in the right frame of mind, it is very enjoyable.

Even the James Bond series has seemed to dwindle into CGI boredom.

I was a very predictable movie.

it was entertaining enough with classic jokes made by the sidekick (Steve Zahn) and the hero (Matthew) being this all-American guy that always solves the problem.

This film is exactly those things the humour is dry and unfunny the plot is boring and predictable and I wished instead I was dying of dehydration than sitting in the cinema which doesn't happen often.

Loads of fun and thoroughly entertaining.