Saints and Soldiers (2003) - Action, Drama, War

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Four American soldiers and one Brit fighting in Europe during World War II struggle to return to Allied territory after being separated from U.S. forces during the historic Malmedy Massacre.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Ryan Little
Stars: Corbin Allred, Alexander Polinsky
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 24 out of 161 found boring (14.9%)

One-line Reviews (106)

I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend it as a WorldWar 2 story add.

However, if your connection is too slow to stream video, and happen across this film, check it out -- if your first couple of choices are not available.

My wife was nervous going in because she's usually not one to enjoy a war movie at all, but we both came out saying how much we had enjoyed it.

Long, boring, clunky, episodic and badly acted.

But, - I found the film very, very boring.

DD (French for Deadly Dull).

The director and the actors did a fantastic job portraying unexpected emotions that I, as a viewer, would not normally see nor expect in a war movie.

The beginning starts fast and action packed then turns to the character's personalities.

A big thumbs up from me, enjoyable to watch, amusing to follow and great effects - what more could you ask for?

Despite this film having a cast of largely unknown actors it was still gripping and thoroughly enjoyable

This is a slower version of Saving Private Ryan without the big budget, battle scenes.

I liked their interactions even though at some points it seemed too contrived or forced to be really believable.

Realistic and thrilling combat scenes and even the war-torn, snow covered woods at times are a majestic site.

Everything is based on fact, and it is truly rare to find such an exciting, profound, and exceptional war film.

I knew the ultimate fate of every character 1/2 way through the movie and many of these scenes were cliché.

If you want a good short story about some soldiers just trying to survive and finish a mission that type of mind set will make it more enjoyable.

Bad acting, predictable story.

The firefights in this movie is pretty intense and exiting, the director (Ryan Little) really nailed it.

We showed up and saw a wonderful, action packed and heart felt film that left us very happy.

It doesn't come across as too sugary or overly bloody, but their is some intense fighting and blood is inevitable.

My wife and I enjoyed it profoundly and I am contemplating buying the DVD!!!

Quibbles, though, because the story reaches a generally unexpected and very emotional payoff, and the trek is more than worthwhile.

Of the main characters, one is a devout Christian, one a confirmed atheist, and it is the interplay between these two world views that makes the plot gripping and fascinating.

The events portrayed are based on fact… and yes, life itself is often predictable and clichéd.

The film is built on a fine script which tells the compelling story of four Americans and an Englishman behind German lines making their way back to the protection of Allied forces.

Exciting, profound, and exceptional war film ..............

Mainly because at some points, clichés have me cringing in my shoes, knowing all too well what's about to happen next, but overall, the thrilling intense 'drama' of the movie does have you pinched at the sofa until the end, perhaps leaving you wondering after the movie -- Did they really experience that?

The acting was solid, though the lines were pretty trite and often times totally cliche.

It's just as compelling because it puts you inside the eyes of the soldiers themselves.

I watched it at my daughter's behest and was, well, shocked at its quality: dialog, story, characters and intense battle sequences.

I saw the film in LA with a packed audience and it was really enjoyed it.

You actually feel as if you are looking at people who have bonded after a long time, under intense circumstances.

Additionally, the "unique" editing and filming style is reminiscent of HBO's "Band of Brothers" and the bland acting and screen-writing create a disappointing film.

The scenery brought a chill, the music was evocative, the battle scenes were gripping and the sound editing had people twisting in their seats trying to locate the source.

Low Budget Cliche Ridden Nonsense .

This story was compelling and very well told.

By all means see Saints and Soldiers, but be prepared for a lot of predictable themes and scenes.

What it does have, however, is a very effective ensemble cast telling a very compelling story, -a true story, of the Battle of the Bulge.

Overall, it was so bad that it was boring, and it's hard to make a boring war movie!

Boring film.

From there prepare for a slow meaningless meander in the hills or what we see of them anyway.

A film worth watching, and owning.

My biggest gripe was the daftly stereotypical Englishman, a caricature that threatened to unbalance the good work done elsewhere in creating a sense of reality, but overall this was a well shot, well acted and enjoyable film.

Apparently some people found the film to be Mormon propaganda and, whilst I did find some of the Christian sentimentality to be a bit 'in your face' I'm not sure what makes it Mormon as opposed to any other faction of that particular delusion.

After this the movie gets very boring for almost an hour, although there are some nice images for us to watch.

And this film has no story.

This movie is a transparent compilation of WW2 movie clichés and a Mormon propaganda vehicle.

Worth Watching If You Enjoy War Movies .

The movie is predictable, you know who will make it and who won't, and you'll be stuck for nine-tenths of the movie looking at snow and listening to stupid dialogue.

Boring, Shallow Story, Low Budget, Hypocritical, Awful.

This film is not, repeat NOT, a Mormon propaganda film, as some of its detractors have suggested.

It was the intriguing DVD cover that caught my eye and after reading the back we rented it hoping not to have wasted money on a disappointment.

Where Saints and Soldiers fails is in its predictable plot.

Long, boring Private Ryan rip off .

A very enjoyable film .

This movie sucks in all respects: It has a dull, boring and predictable story.

Worth Watching -- Worth Owning .

A well done movie with an interesting story, worth watching if you are a war movie fan.

The cinematography is stunning, the acting's good for the most part.

This movie had a great start, subdued middle, and a powerful finish which makes it worth watching.

It was decently shot, and while the location was a good one, It wasnt breathtaking or inspiring and I dont think it was used to its full potential.

There are nay Sayers complaining about this movie being predictable and clichéd.

The producers had the sense not to reach too far with limited resources, and thus produced a very passable but predictable film.

Better than average WWII film, but trite .

If you went to see this movie to see a shoot 'em up WWII epic with predictable plot twists, sorry that you wasted your time on this one.

Every time the soldiers where "bonding" it felt like a cliché, done a million times before.

Very 2-D and extremely generic, predictable and lacking in tension character development or even characters for that matter.

Boring, clichéd, dull, one-dimensional, tedious, stilted, contrived .

While some the scenes do get pretty intense, the main focus here is more the personal effects of war than the number of bodies.

Low budget, weak acting, boring, need I go on.

Brilliantly, however, the movie ends without Gould declaring any new beliefs of good or evil, it's just clear that everything that Gould started out believing so vehemently is no longer quite so crystal-clear, with a lot of compelling screenplay to justify Gould's conversion to a variety of possible ideals: is there an afterlife?

The revelations and lessons also feel a mite trite at times, as if we didn't already know that we are all just the same under the various and sundry uniforms, languages, accents etc. Moreover, the actors, for the most part, seem to be reciting most of their lines by rote.

Great movie, really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it, though it certainly doesn't rank up there with some of the classic WWII films.

I watched the whole thing with director/producer's commentary afterwards, and the banality of their thinking shocked me.

The focus is good and the ending is exciting as well as heart-rending.

I don't recommend this movie even if you liked Saving Private Ryan, it also lacks any kind of exciting action or battle scenes that distinguished the latter.

S&S, in fact, depicts an ongoing argument about the afterlife (or lack thereof) between the religious Deacon and the atheistic Gould, yet at no point does the film attempt to answer the questions raised in their exchanges, which is the indication of a compelling movie.

Entire movie was very slow, and somewhat clichéd.

The filming was confusing.

The film is a gripping and emotional story with characters that you believe in and care about.

Impressive acting, beautifully shot, an intense story, and impressive special effects.

I cannot recommend it, but if you should find it in the used DVD bin at your local video store, get a pizza, watch it until you are bored, then put on a great WWII movie such as "Twelve O'Clock High", or "The Thin Red Line".

Not an awful movie, but this one is somewhat dull and predictable.

Do see it but be prepared for a slow developing story

The other thing that significantly detracts from this movie is that it is extremely predictable.

There is cliché after cliché, I was so disappointed.

Once the film gets rolling, it is one of the most personable, enjoyable rides I've taken in a movie theater in recent memory.

The characters, while predictable and cheesy at times, were likable in my opinion.

A good WWII film that is worth the watch.


I highly recommend it!

Powerful and gripping World War II story.

As panic and confusion ensue the German soldiers open fire on the prisoners, in the historical event now known as the "Malmedy massacre".

Like any march in the military, there's some "hurry up and wait" moments that tend to slow the plot down a little bit.

I really enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone who loved movies such as Saving Private Ryan or series like Band of Brothers.

In conclusion, don't waste your time.

Acting is OK but again I found the medics character confusing.

These characters are quite enjoyable to watch for the 90 minutes of the film; they seem well drawn and have some depth.

I commend those involved with the project, from the actors to the director to the writer, and recommend the movie to anyone who wants to see a thoughtful, engaging World War II drama.

The historical accuracy of even small details was a refreshing change from the typical Hollywood inclination to sacrifice truth in the quest for an exciting plot line.

On the other hand, the story is engaging and suspenseful and the characters (despite, or perhaps because of, the "no name" actors) are very strong -- distinct, believable and interesting.

Very strong, emotional ending after some slow marching .

I like war movies, I really do, but this was tedious, contrived, clichéd and boring.

I really enjoyed it and have been recommending it to all my family and friends.

Acting generally strong all around with the squad leader, a kind of heavier Jeff Daniels type, particularly good and really evocative of a GI sixty years ago.