Sam & Cat (2013) - Comedy, Drama, Family

Hohum Score



A pair of roommates start a baby-sitting service to earn extra cash.

IMDB: 5.7
Stars: Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-G
Reviews: 12 out of 50 found boring (24%)

One-line Reviews (19)

Seriously, how could Cat be so funny on Victorious and so boring on this show?

The fact that 2 17 year old girls 'babysitting' a grown man is just confusing and not to mention creepy.

Goomer is a pointless character.

He is annoying and boring.

The other characters in the show and when they bring in other people it's worth watching.

And the humor is incredibly UNBEARABLE because,like i stated before,it is too cruel for me.

This makes it boring and repetitive.

idk, he's kinda bland, and Sam, probably the only whose character I actually liked a bit.

"Laverne and Shirley" was able to develop some entertaining supporting characters, something "Sam and Cat" is still working on.

This show is a waste of money, and still manages to make children think it is funny.

The series is nothing more than a way to pass the time, if you're bored.

Cat (Ariana Grande) was very entertaining, quirky and admirable!

Grande is a naturally gifted actress who should be able to subtly sell her character's intense vulnerability in these tight shots.

So back to Sam and Cat, over the top acting, predictable one liners, bad story lines, transparent characters..Time to retire Dan...

Their charisma is thrown out for pointless humor and plots so forced that god could play bowling with the entire universe and use less force than this.

Its the Direction and the Script writing mostly that makes this show unwatchable as if you've seen this same show many times.

It's completely dull and unfunny.

Sam Puckett bores me and although Cat Valentine is adorable there is only so much of her you can take.

The high-pitched monotone voice Ariana Grande is making is really irritating, and will make you want to blast your TV with a shotgun.