Sanctuary (2008) - Action, Drama, Fantasy

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Stem cells, gene therapy, transplants, and cloning have changed the definition of "humanity" in the modern world, but the darker side contains monsters that only few are brave enough to face, because the future lies in their hands.

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne
Length: 44 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 19 out of 64 found boring (29.68%)

One-line Reviews (51)

I found it to be rather dark and gripping comic book-style entertainment, although I think the story and writing could use some polishing.

Waste of time .

Bad directing, ridiculous acting and very, very poor computing effects makes this "unwatchable".

I must admit, that a big part of the show is simply childish, but it is made with much love and effort, and it is professional, fast and thrilling, given that the viewer will adapt to the completely impossible, not to say stupid, plot.

Don't waste your time.

Brilliant actors, exciting stories...

This show is worth watching.

She created a new entertaining character for her public to care about and support.

Durga is definitely NOT a male god, the Origin myth of Durga is fascinating and comes out of the 7th book of the Markandeya.

Very Entertaining.

She is a pretty face to look at but I find her acting is dull, and not interesting.

Good Actors, entertaining show .

I absolutely loved Amanda in stargate so watching her overact here with the worst English accent is unbearable!

Helen Magnus' history has been being fleshed out a little every episode; some of it is fascinating and believable, and some of it is a bit cliché - especially that her father is somehow still alive, and that she had a relationship w/ Jack the Ripper.

Meaningful, Relevant, and Boring .

The characters are great, in addition to Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus I found Robin Dunne as Dr. Will Zimmerman very intriguing.

Some of the cuts were too slow, lingering on exposition scenes.

Will's character started out a little stronger in the pilot -unfortunately, they don't effectively utilize the specific skills highlighted in the pilot, but he is still quite likable and engaging.

Cliché piece of wrap .

Amanda Tapping's character starts well but goes dull instantly, mainly due to the restricted time of a webisode which doesn't allow for much.

Its intriguing and entertaining.

Boring .

I'm finding this show to be kind of dull.

Sigh and yawn.

And while it felt that the show started off slow (which makes sense with all the introductions), it does take off a bit.

boring and/or cliché.

The rest was a terrible waste of my time.

after a number of really boring and silly episodes.

is really boring.....

The "abnormals" are secondary characters, and it would be cool to have some of them fleshed out, but the ones utilized as the primary focus of each episode are fascinating.

The story lines can be very entertaining (especially when Tesla's in them) or they can feel like 20 minutes of story fluffed up to fill the hour-long slot that Sanctuary inhabits.

Perhaps Sanctuary will actually learn from it's first season mistakes and become a better, more entertaining show depending on how many seasons it will ultimately last.

If i were to label the writing skills of the show based on no background knowledge about the series, then i would guess a 12-year old Buffy fan wrote it after consuming one to many boring pills.

The stories are compelling.

The main series doesn't disappoint, at first, the first 4 episodes were exciting, well written and a pleasure to watch...

Original idea, a few minor mistakes, but definitely a show worth watching.

Sci-Fi, and not only, 100% worth watching.

The fact that Amanda Tapping's character has an English accent is at once compelling and of course she was born in England which is also quite interesting.

The acting is no more then average but considering tragic, predictable plot, and the scenery made from 'cheap SF template' - this production is a waste of time.

It is my opinion that the show is worth the watch.

The Ashley character was a pretty weak cliché.

However, the topics were highly compelling, the acting wonderful; especially with all the green screens, and the production may be the wave of the future for most TV series.

The most enjoyable thing about this series is that it seems to be different from everything else on TV (even within the sci-fi genre).

"Sanctuary" does have the potential to be a rather entertaining piece of weekly viewing on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The character are totally bland, and to be honest, very annoying.

Sanctuary is a very boring, non-original and uninspired TV series.

US obsession with the English accent also does this no favours as it makes it a little to much of a production island, when we in the UK for example just see it as bland US air-filler.

But if you are looking for good story - don't waste your time.

The story lines manage to somehow marry both the dull and incredulous which I guess is some sort of achievement SPOILER,,,,*****(just see the Jack the Ripper/I am your father scene for example)****SPOILER and the CGI are rushed and not very well done.

All in all, Sanctuary is entertaining and an overall good time.

Because most other sequential prolonged TV series are being stopped in the middle as people are losing interest of wasting time in dull lengthiness, eg. flash forward and few others.