Saturday Night Fever (1977) - Drama, Music

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Anxious about his future after high school, a 19-year-old Italian-American from Brooklyn tries to escape the harsh reality of his bleak family life by dominating the dance floor at the local disco.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: John Badham
Stars: John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 40 out of 237 found boring (16.87%)

One-line Reviews (121)

Stephanie Mangano was an arrogant, pretentious, snobbish fake; Tony Manero was a preening, cocky, prejudiced jerk.

Saturday Night Yawn .

Expect the unexpected .

I also believe the scene with Karen Lyn Gorney and Travolta in the empty apartment they consider renting is one of the great moments in any American film (she is sitting on the window sill).

Coming of age movie .

However, the human drama side is pretty uneventful and mostly quite dull.

The first time I saw it I thought it was incredibly boring, the second incredibly bad and the third time quite good.

There are two gut-wrenchingly suspenseful scenes atop the Verrazano Narrows bridge.

Yet, behind all the music and entertaining aura you are actually viewing a drama studying the American class system and young rebellion.

The direction by John Badham is terrific and stylish,with Badham always moving the camera and bringing a beautiful and visually stunning look to the film with fine camera angles and use of color and lighting.

The dance scenes were really fun and cool and if you want the truth, the dances are really the only enjoyable things about this film.

Saturday night fever is an excellent movie..John travolta gives a riveting performance as Tony Montana, Whoops....

Other than that it is just so boring and uninteresting.

As a result Tony has grown up to be the image of his father: uneducated and going nowhere.

Enjoyable film .

The music is fantastic, and althought the story is pretty pedestrian, it is entertaining in a a 70's New York kind of way.

Stallone discards everything from the original but Travolta and the story is mundane and predictable.

But I highly recommend it because it's an analogy for the process we all have to go through as teenagers -- stuck in the odd limbo where we're not quite children, not quite adults, and no one quite knows how to

And of course it has the most exciting, intimate dance routines on film ever.

It just didn't have enough, but the elements it did contain were beautifully stunning with John Travolta taking the lead and no doubt "King" of the dance floor.

Silly and drab .

he is one of the more fascinating people in Hollywood over the last forty years.

The story itself is rather mundane, about an arrogant boy's restless search for something to do on week-ends to get away from his everyday living in a Brooklyn tenement.

" I didn't see the film until a few years ago (I was 6 when it hit the theatres, and was dying to see Travolta dance; my parents went to see it, and walked out halfway through, thoroughly disgusted),and my wife refused to sit through it after hearing how repugnant the language was.

Sixteen years on, the same is not true, and most audiences will find "Saturday Night Fever" a bit silly, drab and even somewhat crass.

One of the worst movies ever made!!.

It's a poignant scene of shattering disillusionment and utter disappointment; their parents' thin, dreamlike hold on vicarious middle-class respectability is suddenly swept aside, and in the wake of this trauma, the younger and less-favored Tony, to them, becomes just an even more pathetic example of someone going nowhere fast (the lyrics of the BeeGees' gritty song "Stayin' Alive" completely and concisely encapsulate the entire theme of this film.

The movie's hit status was deserved because of its emphasis on the ordinary, but interesting protagonists and their entertaining drama, not to mention the dynamic dance sequences and popular soundtrack featuring the Bee Gees.

Can you believe that only thirty years ago working-class social realism was a commercial cliché?

Anyhow, it's worth watching if only for the sheer culture shock.

The cliches about Catholics were tired and overwrung -- I thought the thread of the Catholic girl and her boyfriend was particularly pointless, unless the whole goal of the movie was to get in as many anti-Catholic jabs as possible.

Instead of fluff, the movie presents a strong, engaging story that is timeless.

He has a job in small hardware store, which is going nowhere, even though his boss seems to like him.

the player getting played by this sly vixen, and his complaining gets tiresome.

Other than this every other aspect to the film is enjoyable.

A great coming of age movie.

There are many themes of this film social problems being one, struggling for human dignity, and youths coming of age.

This is a coming of age film with a 23 year old actor playing a 19 year old in the lead role of tony, a 19 year paint store clerk who is obsessed with spending his Saturday nights on the dance floor of a Brooklyn discotheque.

The support cast has too much in the way of cliché and stereotype to really be effective and they didn't make much of an impression with me.

I was enjoying it on an average level and it was entertaining me.

You're a cliché.

Don't waste your time.

The result is more murky confusion than inventive surprise, and the viewer is left with decidedly mixed feelings.

But the question you have to ask is who is having a more exciting and fun life?

The chemistry between him and his carefree friends serve up some good drama in the movie, and the conflict between him and his family was pretty suspenseful.

Incredible disco music but plot neither gripping nor inspiring .

It is undoubtedly the quintessential dance flick and remains one of the most entertaining films of all-time.

It's funny, serious and entertaining.

His journey is thrilling and very musical.

I admired the films guts, that it didn't turn into some fluffy rom-com, like Flashdance and it could've quite easily followed that formulaic route.

But it's like the film's iconic status distracted the viewers from Tony's complexities, as the movie was more an invitation to admire than to understand him, a shameful reality because he's probably one of the most fascinating and generation-defining characters of the 70's.

It does have some components that could've been left out or fixed but mostly it is an entertaining film of its time.

It annoys me that people criticise the sequel, it's great fun, okay the plot is weak but it's still enjoyable.

His movements on the dance floor are enjoyable and energetic.

There are some side characters, potentially just as interesting but who don't ever come into focus quite as neatly, on whom the movie's seriousness and good intentions are misspent: Travolta's priest brother, who is a loose end, a woman who seeks Travolta's affections but who is used by the movie in increasingly unsatisfactory and unjustified ways, and a group of Travolta's lowlife buddies whose predictable B-plots involving racial violence and teen pregnancy come to nothing.

Because his day-to-day life is mundane, he tries to forget his troubles and breakout and break dance on Saturday night.

I worshipped at the shrine of youth and beauty and sex - and it left me as empty as the characters in the film.

Great snapshot of the disco era with compelling characters and story .

The final 15-20 minutes are quite gripping though and very upsetting.

Gorney is OK but is surprisingly bland past her very obvious character.

All these reasons make for a fairly complex and unpredictable drama with all characters having many flaws and feeling all the more real because of them.

The cinematography captures the somewhat lazy and dreary feel of Brooklyn, which I think symbolizes Tony's troubled life.

pointless trash .

It's enjoyable.

The dancing is one part, and some of the dance scenes are really brilliant (but by todays standards, the music is quite mushy in the rhythm and rather slow).

It gives the viewer the perspective of the era through Tony Manero, and his moments with friends, encounters with women, and confusion and acceptance of his older brother (Frank) decision.

"You're a cliché.

Actually the whole film is charming and fascinating, and I believe extremely underestimated.

He and his friends live like Neanderthals, existing in a life of drugs, boredom and aggression.

Unfortunately the class politics do get pretty muddled, especially in the love-interest department - however pretentious what's-er-name's upward mobility turns out to be, their partnership does turn out to be a means of 'getting out,' an unnecessary conceit.

It moves quickly and has a compelling story.

For starters John Travolta delivers the most physically exciting male lead acting role ever on screen.

At that point in time it captured something new and exciting.

The story is disjointed throughout, acting is very mediocre (except for John Travolta himself), the characters themselves aren't as strong as they seem intended to be, and the sound and video quality is also poor.

Everyone was so unconvincing and dull with their characters and just all around uninteresting that by the end of the film I actually had a bad taste left in my mouth.

Now, Saturday Night Fever, which isn't related to Saturday Night Live in any way, has as an engaging story enhanced by great disco music without being a musical.

Worth watching.

While Saturday Night Fever isn't a musical where characters are singing and dancing,the music and dancing play a big part in the film with the music making certain scenes come alive while the dance scenes are amazing,memorable and are done in a visual stunning style that is dream like and beautiful with tons of energy that makes the film.

"Misunderstood teens" theme gets a real work-out here, with director John Badham and screenwriter Norman Wexler bending over backwards to make these trash-talking, uneducated, sex-obsessed goof-offs engaging and colorful.

He is also what anthropologists would term a "marginal" man, unpleasantly caught between his strong Brooklyn Italian-American ethnic identity (one with which he is not entirely comfortable because of what he believes are some of its undesirable attitudes and actions, unlike his friends and family) and the wish to "make it" over the bridge into the wider world of Manhattan (as represented by his honest and kind but rather transparently pretentious friend Stephanie) although unsure of how to proceed.

One of the most entertaining movies ever.

Hopefully not much, because there is a thin plot, some truly forgettable acting (except for Travolta, who is spot on for this kind of flick), and even the functional details like camera-work and editing are dull as milk.

Just short of two hours long, the repetitive tale – it alternates constantly between disco and mundane everyday life – is surprisingly never dull.

When we first see Tony, in a brilliant sequence that merely involves him toting a paint can, the song's lyrics are already telling us his sad story, that this tough, chiseled character is struggling to stay alive, "going nowhere" in a big city with no one to help him.

Still surprisingly relevant and engrossing despite it's trappings.

This movie is excellent for any youth coming of age or someone that wants to relive their youth and see how far they have come.

There's a contrived overabundance of Tony getting his just-deserts i.

If you have empathy for the plight of others, and enjoy powerful dramatic portrayals of flawed, real people coming of age in tough circumstances, then you will enjoy this movie.

The music was good the movie was alright, I thought it had a great plot but the movie itself was kinda dull.

Saturday Night Fever is thoughtful, engaging, and sometimes brilliant.

"SNF," despite its flaws, is a fine example of gritty, unvarnished, unapologetic, relentlessly politically-incorrect yet thoughtful, open and fascinating film-making of the 1970s--real stories about real people in real situations in real time--a decade which had probably been the finest era in American film.

Stuck in a dreary job and living with deadbeat parents, Tony finally decides to skip town, drop his loser friends and start afresh.

And in many ways is even more entertaining than the original since it centers completely on Tony sans intrusion from an ex-priest brother, bickering parents (although mom provides a mellow cameo), or pointlessly plotted cronies: Like it or not, Travolta's the sole man of the hour...

Crass, "uninspiring" plot - I am sorry I tainted my memory of this music with any association with this film .

We the audience identify with Manero who strives to take his mundane life and make it a magical, transporting show.

A mouthy, stupid punk in New York City gets the hots for some equally empty headed girl and spends the entire film chasing her.

The baby sitter took me to Saturday Night Fever, and I remember my legs fell asleep sitting in the seat for so long.

In conclusion, very enjoyable though not without its imperfections.

It is not a mindless disco film, it is an intense character study that accurately captures the era.

If you can survive the life without turning into a raging alcoholic or drug addled dancing fool, or survive getting into the fights that sometimes erupts, or the potential for car wrecks after you leave the scene, the club scene is a very exciting and fun time.

Firstly his brother Frank (Martin Shakar), a priest, returns home with some unexpected news.

Right from the now iconic opening scene,Saturday Night Fever is an instant classic from the very moment you watch an amazing film that is just an experience that glues viewers to the screen with music,intense drama and electricity that just never stops.

This is one of the worst movies ever made.

Travolta's Dance Skills are What Made the Movie Enjoyable, .

Just take a look at the brief scene where Tony is on the tube, this is an oddly poignant, effecting and compelling scene presenting Tony's confused emotions.

I was dragged to the movie to see this by a friend who bought into a lot of hype regarding how great the movie was supposed to be.

"Saturday Night Fever" is a deep introspective film that conveys the existential state of the 70's youth through a fascinating character, who'll get you a better appreciation of John Travolta's acting talents in this deservedly Oscar nominated role.

The movie also shreds light on unexpected pregnancy and men in general even in this day and time wanting to have sex with anything that walks in the back seat of car and even Tony basis his attraction on physical attributes.

I found out, I missed a compelling story of a young man just going with the crowd when it finally dawns on him to go for his dreams.

story, laced with compelling dialogue and subplots.

I mean, some parts were too confusing or too boring or too cheesy.

'Saturday Night Fever' may not be a perfect film, or a masterpiece, but to me and many others it is high-energy and hugely enjoyable entertainment that took me back to nostalgic, and happier, times in my life.

However, on a more human level, the movie expresses in simple and sometimes violent terms, the struggle that kids on the edge of being adults face everywhere in this country and others -where do I fit in, how do I make my way in life?

I didn't live the time when SNF has premiered; but this movie fascinates me, from the first time I saw it when I was 5 or 6 years old in TV, and this fascinated me, and years after, I danced like Travolta in a performance in the elementary school; it has something that makes me enjoy it in a different way, it has everything, it's interesting, entertaining, exciting and it's definitely a very would.

If you are a movie lover, worth watching .

This film is a great coming of age story.

Even at age 5, I was surprised at how great Travolta was and how engrossing the story and music were.

My involvement with SNF finished with an analysis of the intriguing relation between Tony and his new dance partner, and a dissemination of the dialogs (what do they say and why?

At least that saves this movie an entertaining piece of video to watch for it...

Regardless of some of the offensive terminology it is an enjoyable movie!

It's vulgar, sexistic and even boring at some parts.