Saw (2004) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Two strangers, who awaken in a room with no recollection of how they got there, soon discover they're pawns in a deadly game perpetrated by a notorious serial killer.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: James Wan
Stars: Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 106 out of 1000 found boring (10.6%)

One-line Reviews (581)

It is the kind of movie where there are tons of totally unpredictable twists and the ending itself stands out as one of the most twisted ones in movie history.

the characters are well thought out and its seat gripping.

While "Saw" is not the most original movie I've ever seen, I will admit I haven't seen a movie quite as suspenseful, engaging and satisfying in quite a while.

All together, a beautifully filmed thrill ride that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end.

Overall, I found the plot entertaining despite the gory parts, which I chose not to pay too much attention to.

Any film that makes it exciting and interactive deserves some respect in my book … and Saw earned it.

In the first installment of this series we are introduced to Jigsaw, a murderous mastermind set on 'teaching' people the way they are currently living their lives is in fact a waste of life.

I hoped to see a slow build up of tension.

Of course, the great and tightly paced script written by Whannell and James Wan (the director) and the intense directing, editing, photography and music (I particularly dig the song that is played when Adam realizes WHO and, more importantly, WHERE Jigsaw has been for the whole time) wouldn't work if there weren't actors good enough to pull it off.

It's never explained, except that it is supposed to be slow acting.

Any horror film that shows heroes that are too stupid to put away the bad guy when they have him cornered, or bad guys that just get up like nothing happened after being shot, or serial killers that are permitted to operate in a vacuum with no effort by the city authorities at a man-hunt, runs the risk in this post Scream world of being viewed as a mere rehash rather than a reinvention of the genre.

It's a fairly slick effort, genuinely suspenseful and with a great central performance from Elwes, not to mention having a well developed plot.

While it is definitely a horror film, with some extreme gore and scenes, the plot is actually quite intriguing and won't be spoilt here.

The music is intense.

Overall, SAW is a pointless exploitation flick that is nowhere nearly as interesting as it pretends to be.

It is more intense than most other horror movies today, so I give it credit for that, at least.

I'd recommend 'Saw' to anyone who enjoys good acting and a good script, built around an original and compelling idea.

The movie throws a twist so well thought out and so unexpected it makes the whole movie ten-times better.

The killer kidnaps them and when they wake up they find themselves in a adrenaline rushing situation.

Probably that as thrilling as it may come off from all the sequels, there's nothing that makes these films, nor this one, remotely good.

I commend Saw for its themes, its story, and its fantastically unexpected twist ending that wrapped up the film in an extremely satisfying way.

Neither trapped actor shows a hint of the terror they are supposedly experiencing, and Carey Elwes' whining is unbearable.

The story is generally very unpredictable and though the acting is not exactly amazing, the characters are very believable.

With plenty of twists & turns, and a VERY unexpected ending, Saw is definitely a movie you should take your time to watch.

As well, the twist is so completely unexpected and so effectively done that this movie deserves a 10/10.

Two men wake up in an empty room and finds themselves being manipulated in to playing a sadistic game by a mysterious character called JigsawLooking at the above short summary you can how easy it is to pitch to the Hollywood studios .

All in all, much of the movie is excruciating and horrifying, but it was dragged down by haphazard story-telling, and terrible acting.

His style is riveting as it is exuberant and in some way trapping.

I saw it on October 30th of 2004 and when i walked out i was still stunned from the awesome surprise ending.

Word of mouth may have helped this abomination gain some attention, but its real place remains the trash can, amidst empty syringes, vomit-stained underwear and junk food containers.

Saw is the worst movie i have ever seen.

How come this piece of celluloid junk can garner a 7.5 rating on IMDb, higher than films like "The Duellists", "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", "Predator"...

He just seems bland.

Anyway, it really hit the nerve and developed itself in an exhilarating and thrilling way, something I wasn't expecting.

It was enjoyable.

It was all remakes, gore, no plot, no surprise, sexuality etc. Saw has changed and redefined Horror as the way we look at it.

The story was very gripping and cleverly written and you couldn't wait to see what Jigsaw had up his sleeve, the characters were brilliant as the movie focused mainly on Lawrence and Adam who were played by the very talented Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell.

The plot is intriguing, and the violent torture acts are great fun for gore fans.

Rated R for scenes of intense gore and constant incessant swearing.

'Saw' put so much adrenaline into me, I couldn't believe that the filmmakers were able to pull off something like that.

This is an exciting movie that will get your heart racing, and i gave it a 10/10.

I guarantee it's very suspenseful and will shock and befuddle you at times, with enough pulse pounding axiomatic thrills to satisfy.

) I was starting to get worried that the genre of horror had ran out of originality with garbage like Hostel and Grudge but this is a refreshing piece of Horror and a start of a wonderful horror series In conclusion, This is a brutally enjoyable horror film and is my personal favourite in the horror genre.

A great mystery movie with an unpredictable ending few SAW coming.

Towards the end of the movie, it becomes gripping.

It definitely claims it's place as being scary, sadistic, terrifying and utterly compelling.

Movie is fast paced and gives very less time for emotions and drama.

Saw is the Among the worst movies ever .

This is a great Thriller/Horror, it is fast paced and has some great twists.


Definitely worth watching.

I must admit the twist at the end was predictable to me.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of horror movies do not doubt on watching this movie because you will pass a terrifying but entertaining moment with many horror.

The film is good for at least a few watches, the first racking your brain to work everything out, the second to see what you missed and even after that it is still enjoyable.

saw is a great thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The editing just confuses the audience rather than add to the tension, and by the end when the inevitable "twist" arrives i just thought, ho hum.

Every cliché in the book is on show here, with lots of scenes where you just want to tell the dumb detectives to shoot the killer and get on with it.

It's quite unlike anything you have ever seen before, and is thought-provoking as well as entertaining.

) it would have made for a much tighter, more exciting film.

Is SAW entertaining?

A Very Good and Thrilling Horror Movie .

Very exciting all the time and a lot good (and also shocking) scenes.

What comes of these devilish tricks and traps is a movie that seems intriguing the less you think about it.

the story was deep and with an unpredictable ending.

Bored stoners (being a stoner myself, this should not be taken a derogatory) with lots of money see indie films and say, "Hey, we can do this!!

On the other hand, in the stunning black comedy, Hannibal, the brilliant, cultured cannibal, Dr. Lector, who only eats "the rude", tempts the righteous, heroic Clarise Starling ("would you like me to...

Neither will be as entertaining as the original and not too many movies have the ability to make you watch it over and over.

Like spending a couple of hours watching paint dry.

I would definitely see it if like suspenseful films.

Great acting, an intelligent script, great pacing & direction, & it was more than just a torture porn flick, it had redeeming qualities & characters.

Thankfully though, the movie is so intense and emotional that most people will not catch on to the unrealistic parts.

2) The ending though thrilling seems unbelievable in otherwise a believable movie.

At a time when the cookie-cutter movie industry is allowed, nay, encouraged by its consumers to churn out an endless regurgitation of formulaic nonsense, even from its most experienced luminaries, its was almost refreshing to see this ambitious neophyte crew attempt to take a derivative premise and make their mark on an extremely hackneyed genre.

I remember reading a review of Wes Craven's Scream when it was first released and the reviewer, whose name I can't remember, mentioned that the opening scenes were so intense and it took no time to reach that high level of suspense.

this movie along with many others proves that you can make an entertaining thriller that audiences can enjoy without the 100 million budget, if your into movies like this.

It's a really well-thought-out, exciting, and intelligent movie.

After Saw 2 the stories told got more and more confusing and repetitive and boring.

There were many boring scenes, it lacked gore and action.

Somewhat disappointing but still enjoyable enough .

bruh, it'd be the best, most intense damn hamburger imaginable.....

From debut director James Wan (also writing) and writer Leigh Wannell (also introductory star), this is one of the most gripping film I have ever seen.

It had some really nice unexpected plot twists, here and there.

It was suspenseful, even if it didn't pay out in the end.

'Saw' had a genuine motive and a genuinely intriguing premise.

Well, I found it boring, repetitive and ultimately a disappointing thriller.

perhaps the acting were not good enough, of some error's like the empty gun...

Some of the scenes in this movie are truly suspenseful.

This intriguing and dreadful (in a good way) premise is a great start for a horror movie.

a trite cliché with delusions of grandeur .

Perversely enjoyable, incredibly well paced and thought out, impressively acted(and I'm talking especially about Cary Elwes's character in the end) and directed with a fresh new approach and interesting cinematography, "Saw" is a pure cult classic.

Could be the most horrifying, enjoyable or most passable excuse you have to keep constantly changing your underwear for the many scares in store.

I thought it was about a killer with a saw and killing teenagers just like in Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it turned out to be so different & unpredictable than any other horror movie it definitely took horror genre to a new level!

It's interesting, it's suspenseful, and it's a great watch.

The big reveal, however inventively done, is still so pointless it begs the question of why they even bothered to put it in.

Overall, very good directing, turbulent (in terms of quality) story, suspenseful, terrible acting, awful characters and a good ending.

Then I saw the ratings (5 stars, brilliant, thrilling etc...


It would still have been suspenseful if it had just been his wife that was taken hostage.

Although there are 6 more sequels to this film, this is by far the most engaging and most well thought out film, which excels in every way in my opinion, even with it's low budget and very short time-scale when filming.

It's an extremely riveting ride from start to finish.

The twists are, for the most part, unpredictable.

But I won't tell you the plot because after you will say it's very predictable & any crap like that when it's not!

And with a drab score, which it probably would've done better without, so-so acting and sub-par cinematography, it's just your average horror flick to watch on a Saturday rainy day.

It was very enjoyable to watch.

It's not scary, but it has some intense moments, and it's grungier than something that's really grungy.

the story is awesome and intriguing as the mystery unfolds.

The story was very exciting and frightening.

Two words best describe Saw - Thrilling and Suspenseful .

Engrossing to the core .

This movie was boring, unsuspenseful, and Drab!

While the story is somewhat intriguing, the plot itself is confusing as the movie switches between the present and flash-back scenes, making it difficult for you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

So it needn't be predictable to the usual viewer.

Saw sets off with a very interesting premise and from there grows to a very intense thriller that will keep you glued to the screen.

This is a very entertaining film.

Saw is gripping and makes you want to watch it until the very last twist

But as I continued watching it I began to get bored.

Why were Whannel and Elwes the only victims to have a long, drawn-out, two person situation?

Elwes and Whannell (Who also scripted the film) both give excellent performances, but more importantly, we care about the characters, they're engaging and realistic, usually in this type of film I find myself not caring at all for the characters, that isn't so here, though.

the story is so well choreographed that it is exciting to see, every time!

Saw places a great story with exciting twists in a world of gore.

There's only a few intense scenes in the movie: One involving a dude in his underwear tying to get out of a barbed wire maze thing, and the ending.

Marvelously written and brilliantly filmed, Very Interesting and Intriguing.

PRO's- DIFFERENT AND UNPREDICTABLE is the reason i like this movie, gives thrill's and chill's, and strange in a good way...

The first 'SAW' is by far the most original of the bunch and offers scares and creepiness as well as being the only one that is really worth watching.

We are immersed in the mystery here just as our characters are, and since we then identify with them, it lends even more weight to the gruesome fate that may or may not be in store for them.

The story's premise is nevertheless engaging.

That stays pretty consistent here with the way this unfurls, with them coming together quite nicely to keep this one really enjoyable as it builds throughout here that give off a really grisly set-up.

I sat there on the edge of my seat waiting to see what else Jigsaw would throw there way.

This is definitely the start of something, the saw franchise of course but also the start of a torture porn frenzy that included hostel and the like in it's wave.

Saw is an enjoyable horror/thriller film, It had me hooked from my seat from the beginning to the end and was extremely fun to watch.

My biggest complaint about the film is the jerky sped up sections for more intense moments; it felt like even the director didn't want to sit through a large section of his own film and hit the fast forward button.

Right, cliché!

The ending is too contrived .. too odd.. less credible than the whole movie.

Dangerously poor and may cause side effects like anger, confusion, headache, endless discussions concerning the lousiness of the plot and sleepless nights caused by the fact that you may not be able to stop questioning why this movie was ever made.

I really enjoyed it.

Grisly, at times unbearable horror film is inventive, well-crafted, and well-acted, placing it above the norm for most films of the genre.

This movie is the best and most exciting serial killer movie that i've ever seen.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, found myself on the edge of my seat a few times, and nearly breathless once or twice.

'SAW's plot has the ability to hook the viewer and draw them in and that makes for a truly gripping and enthralling ride.

The film is of course unsettling and disturbing, It's a torture porn horror film after all.

wonderful entertaining and shocking.

This film keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through (apart from the beginning) and then the ending is unbelievable which has a amazing twist to it and it leaves you thinking that there will be another Saw.

THIS is a movie most DEFINITELY worth watching.

Overall this is a very enjoyable film which will keep you guessing from start to finish, I'm proud to have this in my collection!

It has a great ending, completely unpredictable.

A couple of scenes were quite boring when Dr. Gordon was telling the story about him where he was in the car park and Adam's story when he was in his apartment just before his kidnapping.

The movie actually can be regarded more as a suspense film than a horror movie, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

other scenes will make you laugh right before throwing in something completely unexpected.

The movie is very fun,every scene has a surprise and the ending is totally unexpected.

Very compelling & quite disturbing.

I can handle violence but after watching many films with so much pointless gore and bloodshed just for the sake of it, I did not get around to watching this movie until recently.

creepy and thrilling grade A movie .

I too liked idea that saw is the person who contrived that traps and laying land with the 2 men in the room which became them tomb.

The only thrilling part was the scene where the girl had that crazy contraption on her head.

It has a wealth of interesting characters, a highly stylized look, a labyrinthine enjoyable plot, a pulse-pounding score, and an original serial killer for the new generation.

Things start get extremely exciting.

It has a great story; one that keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times, never knowing for sure where the film is going.

Overall, a highly enjoyable experience.

I enjoyed it the whole way through.

At times the overuse of this device breaks the suspenseful pace of the film in sadly awful ways.

I highly recommend it.

I saw this movie at my home on DVD, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie, from beginning to end.

While every other directors were making movies with strong and yet cheap gory action full blast for two hours, Director James Wan and screenplay writer Leign Whanell was making a complex story with frightening and fascinating characters as well as a TRUE PSYCHOPATH who goes by the name of Jigsaw.

The script is great and surprisingly unpredictable.

Thrillers as gripping as this one have become extremely rare in times like these, where people have seen almost everything and can guess any twist during the first half of the movie.

I like zombie movies so I feel pretty acclimatised to gore (realistic or not), but I had unexpected empathetic reactions to the emotions rather than a "repulse" reaction to gore.

From the moment it begins, it is completely gripping and mysterious and carries on the whole way through with some amazing twists and intense moments which make it probably the best horror film of the twenty-first century.

But this is so far the most suspenseful Saw that I've seen.

SAW has a "surprise ending", which is probably why this film has become such a hit (like SIXTH SENSE and other films with tedious "surprise endings"...

If you want to have a boring, bad and not frightened long moment, this is the perfect film for it.

To start with I'd like to recommend this flick to everybody who's searching for a mentally gripping horror movie.

Gripping Psychological Thriller .

i wouldn't even call this a horror flick, its more of a suspenseful thriller.

Well, as you probably know, it's about two guys locked in a room under very grim and confusing circumstances, with a corpse laying between them in a bloody mess.

It's all capped off with a stunning ending.

Saw is a gripping film that walks the line between suspense and horror.

So many pointless deaths and such a pointless story.

Saw was very suspenseful to the point where I had to see it to the end.

It keeps u on the edge of your seat top class.

Clever, well-made, exciting and scary, Saw is definitely worth watching and creates a lasting impression.

I won't reveal the ending, considering the ending is what made this film so popular, but this film is amazingly suspenseful.

The storyline is completely unpredictable, and it has probably the greatest twist ending since "The Sixth Sense".

This was a good and entertaining horror thriller, that is well worth the audiences time, mainly cause of the creativity and a cool twist that happens near the end.

Now "Saw" comes along, maybe the most thrilling, disturbing, horrific and fresh movie of the year, (plus immense kudos for making it on such an outstandingly small budget), and proves my previously mentioned point perfectly.

Sharp and Entertaining Thriller .

It seemed so pointless.

The way the film starts is unexpected and a great way to open.

The plot lines are confusing, and when the docs wife and daughter are held hostage, they scream and act like hysteria is the only response there is.

Bringing me to the ending, the ending of the film is so stupid, cheating so badly that literally 20 minutes into the film, after examining the setup, I thought to myself, "now what is the most contrived, and horrible way that they can end this?

Very gripping .

this movie mixes several attributes which made me giving a 10-rating: the beginning is fascinating with a cube-like atmosphere.

This film kept me on the edge of my seat for start to finish.

I didn't expect the twist at the end, (I enjoy twists as so many film these days are predictable i.


This exciting terror movie contains horror, suspense, thrills, chills and lots of blood and gore .

If you like blood and gore and the most unexpected things displayed on the big screen, this is the film for you.

Cleverly Entertaining and Incredibly Original .

A nasty psychopath is going to set you up into a game where the prize is your life and the loss is death and in either case you shall learn the value of life, awesome movie great ending , simply the best , its a great film, you could also call it a cross between phone booth and se7en but only 100 times more intense and gripping.

I would put this in the same category with "open water" which was another boring terrible film.

The Worst Movie Ever Written .

this is the best thrilling movie i ever watched.

The plot is very "been there, done that" and it is annoyingly predictable and boring.

One in particular will have you on the edge of your seat, not wanting to even breathe, and then even though you should be able to guess what happens at the end of the scene, it will still make you jump.

The end is really unexpected and makes your brain go wild as you realize the truth.

But the film is just not scary, nor does it posses any other major qualities, exactly because it focuses so much on pointless gore.

Though it has much gore and blood in it, and many scenes which can make you jump, the appeal that Saw gave me was the psychologically thrilling concept, which makes you emphasize with the victims more than is the case with most of the movies that I've seen.

However, after putting in ones time watching a movie the viewer should expect to leave the theater (or the sofa) with a feeling that he understands why and how the scenes construct a logical plot in which the motivations of the characters are somewhat explained.

In addition, the arrangement of the scenes makes it difficult to follow the plot.

Save your money!!

Se7en is a gritty, suspenseful masterpiece.

The police act with predictable stupidity for these kinds of films: the two detectives close in on a known serial killer - who they already know has a proclivity for booby traps - WITHOUT backup?

Some of the actors are just underused, such as Danny Glover, which is a shame because apart from his character being pointless, he is very good.

It is frightening and nothing for sensitive people, jam packed with gore, violence and suspenseful scenes from beginning to end.

The first scene is an intriguing setup: A man wakes up in a grimy, dark bathroom, in the bath.

The movie is suspenseful and will have you guessing till almost the end of it about who is the killer.

Who's idea was it to show things sped up with rock music playing in the background in the films intense moments?

The dialogue lacked really any kind of subtlety, and while I understand the necessity to introduce the killer through flashbacks and memories of reading the newspaper, the way it was done seemed so contrived it was like watching a puppetmaster pulling strings.

The little action has have the movie is excellent but the BEST PART of the movie, is the impressive end of the movie, is very unexpected See this movie, i promise you don't regret.

Too few shots result in a dull pace for much of the film, and a sense of watching a movie, rather than experiencing it.

This movie is bizarre, well acted, well scripted, and thrilling.

What a bore.

I have recommended this movie to others since it's entertaining and has a moral to the end...

A true bore and a mediocre film as can be.

But I figure, if the movie's entertaining, who cares?

It was suspenseful and the ending is the best.

The killer contrived inventive ways in which to effect his kills.

Jigsaw is a wicked villain, the film ultimately creates a visceral experience without resorting to unnecessary gore, and the end product is an entertaining and effective thriller.

Anyone who loves intensity and being on the edge of your seat, this is your movie.

Worth watching and talking to others to see if you both came to the same conclusions regarding the ending.

I don't know, call me sick but I find this extraordinary intriguing.

It's intense, disturbing, scary, fast paced, and it has such a killer ending!

The pacing is good in places, and in others ruined by predictable plot clichés and unnecessary exposition that only further underscores the incredulity of the overly-complicated premise.

Maybe that's exactly what we're supposed to feel, but maybe it also says something about Mr. Elwes' personality - either way, I am definitely bored (even annoyed) with his melodramatic reactions in the second half of the flick.

This film stayed with me for several days, which is usually a very good indication of how enjoyable a film is.

Exciting and dramatic right?

This movie wasn't scary but i gotta give credit for this movie since it was so unpredictable, it was actually really entertaining, the critics were wrong about this movie, this movie is great, the mystery in this movie is strong, thou some parts of the movie were confusing and some were boring, and the acting is great, and this movie will be better if you watch this with friends, i'll give this a 8.4/10

also most of the film shows things that happened pre-capture and shows previous victims and murders of jigsaw,and also 2 cops(1 played by lethal weapons danny glover) trying to hunt him down this is one of the most thrilling,terrifying and shocking horror i have seen with an ending you would never expect,just don't watch it if you hate violence and are easily disturbed10/10

Flawed but Entertaining .

This is an extremely gripping, shocking and horrific movie.

We are immersed in every frustrating, impotent moment with the trapped characters, both Elwes and Whannell pulling off some complicated emotions.

It's plot is thin and it becomes repetitive after it's first half hour.

Where did "Jigsaw" get all these conveniently empty warehouses to stuff people in?

James Wan's unpredictable and twisting tale still stands up to repeated viewing and it remains the strongest of the series.

You cant really follow the story, the characters are unbelievable and the whole thing is disjointed.

Yes, it's every bit as entertaining as it sounds.

It was just pointless and illogical tormenting that was used to "fool the audience" into thinking that Zep was jigsaw.

Suspenseful, gory, and scary .

I was slightly worried that I would find "Saw" unwatchable in the same way, therefore I was greatly relieved to be favourably reminded of "Cube" (which I like very much).

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Oh yeah, and part of the impact comes at the end, which features a huge, unexpected twist.

It may be the instincts of young Malaysian director, James Wan (who hails from Australia), who may have immersed himself in Asian horror film-making and therefore, fine-tuned his own craft accordingly.

It presents a complex yet thrilling and fascinating premise; two men trapped in an old disused bathroom in a plan concocted by a serial killer who plays sick games with victims.

"Saw" is something of a testament to the power of genre films, a marker of how low-down, gritty, and generally unpleasant a plot can be, while being mercilessly intense and suspenseful at the same time.

The plot twists will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end of the movie.

I just sat on the edge of my seat for nearly two hours, waiting for it to be over and everything to be alright again.

Despite the films low budget, it will keep the audience intrigued and will keep them guessing, it is a suspenseful film that has thrills and chills.

Confusing title.

Misanthropic exercise in distinct unpleasantry and pretentious visual style about a nihilistic sicko who devises hideously intricate scenarios for his victims to kill themselves.


Overall--a very enjoyable movie watching experience, and it will scare the living daylights out of you if you watch it alone on a big screen with surround sound.

its VERY entertaining and a must see.

I highly recommend it.

The ending is so unexpected you'll be gutted if you switch off before it.

The idea was innovative and very smart, so thrilling and breathtaking in some parts too.

One star for each minute of the movie that is worth watching and all three of these minutes are at the very end.

This horror/thriller is worth watching and sharing over and over because of its many surprises and twists.

it was so exciting!

What a waste of time.

A movie can be too predictable or just have so many twists it makes no sense, this movie is one of the few that meet the happy medium.

Topping off everything, sprawled in the middle of the grimy floor between them, face down on the tiles in a huge puddle of dried blood, lies a dead man gripping a micro cassette recorder in one fist and a revolver in the other hand who appears to have shot himself in the head.

This is an entire film of one unexpected event after another, so much so that I actually gave up trying to guess what would happen next.

Perhaps that's the point said critics are so slow to acknowledge.

After watching it over about four times, I finally enjoyed it, and realized that there was some bad-assness in this movie.

For an uneventful film it is action packed.

Verdict; Despite terrible acting and a very confusing plot, with the (Small) budget of $1.2 million taken into account, Saw's twists and trap ingenuity gives it a clear identity against other horror films and is instantly recognisable by it's traps, theme and confusing stories.

A strange film, one that switches from being brilliant to being unbearable .

Whether it's the eerie puppet head that intimidates the killer's victims or a psychotic character who decides he would rather cut off his own leg with a hacksaw to free himself from being shackled to a pipe, "Saw" succeeds in keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout its 100 nerve-wrenching minutes.

Expected it to be mostly gratuitous, sadistic, pointless violence.

Yet this uneventful film, takes you on a roller coaster ride that is smart, well paced, and unforgettable.

The film is just way too dark in a disturbing and pointless way.

Don't waste your money people, I rather watch Gigli.

The plot gets increasingly complex, surprising and twisted as it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

A psychological thriller unlike any you've seen before, Saw makes full use of its limited budget to deliver a gripping, original, intense, and bloody film that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with compelling lead characters and a thought-provoking villain that's as mysterious as he's methodical, twisted and brilliant.

Even in this intense moment, the film is able to develop the character.

this truly amazing story telling that leads to a exciting climax.

Movies such as Se7en and Silence of the Lambs has shown that extreme gore and violence can be used to create scary and suspenseful films.

After eight sequels this one is still the best, the most inventive and the only one worth watching again and again.

As a conclusion, "Saw" is a thrilling, grisly unique horror I definitely recommend watching.

What's left over is alternately engrossing, stupid, shameless (the psycho threatening the little girl), and tiresome.

It just seems to me that a much better movie could have been made, the situation offers ample opportunity for a strongly character driven movie, while the outside situations could provide for sequences of unbearable tension, by a more seasoned and talented director of suspense with better dialoague at his disposal and the ability to elicit better performances from less miscast actors.

This work has the advantage of not only a fresh spin, but a fresh screenplay, compelling characters, and some awesome atmosphere.

A video game is coming out in 2008 which should intense.

Not too frightening to become unbearable, but delivers enough to make the viewer feel insecure, and on the edge of their seats.

Many of the ideas were very interesting and intriguing, it wasn't too scary nor too stupid or silly, instead it made many ideas come together.

The moment you start staring at whatever screen you are watching it, you are sucked into the movie by the confusing and Adam(Leigh Whannell) ,who has no idea what is happening with him.

The ending is unexpected and made me gasp.

Saw has got all the important elements; great acting, excellent film-making, a very complex but easy to understand plot and the most common; the thrilling, unpredictable ending that made Saw famous and its that - that continues more people to watch, witness and be shocked.

I really enjoyed it (if one can say with such a grisly movie that one enjoyed it), but the strange thing is, I came out of the movie and boom it was gone.

It's not a particularly gory movie, though; gorehounds will probably be bored by this.

The main problem with Saw is that it was unrealistic AND pretentious.

The film was highly entertaining and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The performances are perfect, because are very believable (Hard performances of Leigh Whannell - who writes the story too - and Makenzie Vega are thrilling and even touching).

Pretentious soundtrack.

Now originality, for starters, are already two big thumbs up for this film, since it is unpredictable from beginning to end.

The story was engaging, and very compelling.

Followed by Saw II, and a bunch of other pointless sequels.

Horrifying - Suspenseful/Disturbing - Disgusting - Really Abnormal.

It does have scary moments, but the true allure of 'Saw' is the fact that it is a heart pounding psychological thriller that is near unpredictable.

Sorry, but this was a quite boring movie with bad acting and a poor script (though the idea was great).

It has a surprising beginning and an excellent end but during the middle of the film is all the same and somehow it starts to get boring.

Even if you think it is too gory, too sadistic, or too intense, you would have to admit it is an excellent piece of independent art that makes "The Blair Witch Project" look like a fairy tale, swims circles around "Open Water", and pretty much cuts any Hollywood studio picture completely in half.

Two scenes in particular stand out, as well; Shawnee Smith's scene is shiveringly intense and gleefully nasty, and makes for exciting and vomit-inducing viewing.

But it's sometimes intense and has some good stuff.

I love thrillers with lots of twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat.

It actually becomes quite mysterious, brutal, and above all, intriguing, with the intro to the credits being actually somewhat depressing.

camera effects are breathtaking, its awesome guys, just go and watch it.

The movie went so boring for me until the last 20 minutes it turned out to be a master piece.

The gore was surprisingly sparse but when it happened, it was intense, specifically Dr. Gordon sawing his own damn foot off in a moment of desperation to reach his wife and daughter.

Despite its limited budget, the participation of numerous amateur actors and the Australian writers' first attempt at creating a script, Saw became an unexpected massive success that has sparked a total of eight entries in the franchise so far.

But overall this is a great movie and i highly recommend it.

Although this film is clearly going to be repellent for most audiences, it's undeniably compelling if you are a horror fan and can stomach the many stomach churning moments in the film.

I had first thought of this movie being the type of movie that has no story, and is just action-packed and gore.

This is a very tricky, mind boggling, suspenseful movie which will keep you on the edge of your seat and throw you around until it leaves you in shock for the climax.

And even though its strong cult following spawned a series that bathed in gruesome torture, this 1st chapter of the Saw franchise is undoubtedly the most compact, story-driven movie that works as an exciting, effective & shocking horror mystery full of twists & turns.

Seeing the main characters, Adam and Dr. Gordon, trying to figure out how to escape their trap is incredibly thrilling as well.

Innovated death scenarios keep you interested and prevent the usual boredom and monotony that accompany films like theses.

After some intriguing riddles and puzzles, they find a tape and cassette player which will give them all the answers- why are they here?

Really, the clichés shouldn't bother me as much as they do; I have no idea how many films I've let slip by without commenting on their cliché factor.

It is a testament to the original and how much I value it as a horror film, that I will re watch it on a regular basis, regardless of whether it is Halloween or not; whilst this is no 'The Thing' or 'The Shining', 'SAW' achieves what it sets out to do, in the best possible way, without an over reliance on bland characters, cheap scares or boring villains.

Let's see, it starts out slow and ends slow.

It is a clever, smart movie that will be entertaining until the end.

James Wan delivers the goods by giving us a movie thats tightly directed, fast paced and very involving.

The side-plot of the detectives hunting him down is also rather enjoyable getting in some solid mystery angles and set-ups leading into the final half, which throws one of the greatest twists around that fits the story incredibly well, is nearly impossible to predict and comes off marvelously.

But Saw is intellectual only on the very surface, because deep inside, it's a dumb, pretentious and hysterically unrealistic piece of fluff.

It contain great writing, a mesmerizing plot and above all, a horrific storyline that is completely unpredictable.

Like I said, I found this to be very intense, but also very fascinating to discover how the plot unfolds with its flashbacks and multiple perspectives.

The photography is also very meticulous and intriguing.

After the first hour of the movie i kept looking at my watch, hoping the boredom would end soon.

One last good point about this film is the acting, i think the acting is very realistically portrayed and intense.

Most of these are hissably enjoyable - that is, one can think of them as flights of fancy, whimsical farces that deserve to be laughed at, not with.

Silly, uninteresting, and badly made.

But this' film is non entertaining' you'll fall asleep fast!

If you can get past the cheesiness, and just admire the script's creativity, it is an entertaining thriller that sticks with you long after you've watched it.

To add some praise: the end scene was totally unexpected, though very conceivable and thus of true perfection.

His writing is simply phenomenal, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The overly ridiculous premise would not have set with me at all, and the inevitable plot turns would have elicited a yawn and a "been there, done that, what's new?

Don't waste your money guys it sucked thats all there is too it I cant believe there are so many good reviews about it...

How often do we see a movie that keeps you on the edge throughout??

) As others have mentioned, this movie is suspenseful, frightening, and a good thinker.

The coincidences this movie tries to pull off are boring which is even more terrible when you take under consideration just how bad the characters are.

This movie relies heavily on long, uninteresting flashbacks in which we learn surprising facts like: doctors are cold, calculating people with little or no hearts.

The story go somewhat dull around 60 percent in before it picked up pace when Danny Glover started chasing Zeppers towards the end.

I think it's well worth the watch.

Saw was just another one of those dull examples of a Scary Terrifying movie.

The premise on which the movie was written was entirely pointless.

Because this movie has got unexpected twists, flashback sequences, in all, the basic ingredients to an "intellectual" thriller.

Not only is there a fair amount of prominent horror in this movie, there is a decent and gripping plot which links very cleverly near the end.

The original concept of "Saw" is intriguing.

It's gripping and terrifying from the first minute to the last, and it keeps putting you on the wrong track just because it can.

Surprisingly enjoyable and watchable .

Hollywood had successfully turned Saw, a suspenseful and intriguing psychological thriller, into a shameless, inept cash-in for the season of fright.

Saw is an entertaining little film, that requires the viewer to not ask questions, perpetually suspend their disbelief and just go with it.

All in all, it's well worth watching if you're not too squeamish...

The dialogue was trite and predictable.

Danny Glover's performance is just confusing and you could have cut his part from the film and nobody would have noticed.

Completely pretentious and a time waster.

The story was engaging.

Clever, highly intense horror-thriller is one of the most intelligently done killer thrillers in years.

The completely unexpected ending crowned the movie.

I think the makers of these movies try to outwit this silly talkative know-it-all guy sitting among the audience; by making the most unexpected ending.

The climax is awesome and unexpected!

The film starts out pretty well, following the strange, gloomy and gory traditions of other serial killer films like SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and SE7EN, it also gets pretty good on the second act as well, but the third act, which is very long, is messed up and, I believe, they got bored for most of it and just gave it the "kill them badly" treatment.

Perhaps this is a new trend in low-budget films - leaving the ending "open" and the viewers wondering how the movie would have ended had filming continued (or how the sequel will go), but there is a fine line between intriguing and annoying, and I found the ending annoying.

The positive: This is one creepy, suspenseful, scary film.

A riveting plot to follow.

in the end he throws in a pinch of gore (just as much as the box office will allow), and a plot twist that can only be called unexpected if you've watched less than 10 films in the genre.

The Jigsaw did not get screen time a whole a lot but his voice was just menacing and villainous, and the mystery about him just adds to his character makes the character more thrilling and scary.

For those of you of the MTV generation who are apparently unable to process two coherent thoughts consecutively, here's my review in a nutshell: Trite.

Saw is one of a kind, great and visceral, entertaining and horrific.

But this movie, scary, thrilling and with a twist and all should have been able to get everything together.

Saw is a pretentious and pointless exercise in death and cynicism.

"sitting on the edge of ur couch" movie.

Which is fine, but comes a little too close to becoming a cliché.

Taken as a whole, "Saw" is an entertaining movie for fans of so called "torture porn" horror movies.

The second half sent me into a whirlwind of confusion and anger, mainly caused by the stupidity of the main characters.

Bad acting and uninteresting characters .

To say the very least this movie was suspenseful and thrilling.

In many other movies of the same genre the ending and plot are very predictable, like someone moving to a new house.

Does that mean it's slow acting as in a matter of hours, days, or weeks?

' Crafty, original, simple and suspenseful this mystery/horror 'Saw' was.

****Possible minor spoiler ahead****Two other disappointing things stand out: the use of the tired family concept and the rather lame and predictable chase and fight scenes.

Looking at it from another perspective, Saw can feel very boring at times and the acting ruins the believability a movie like this desperately needs.

Confusion on trailer .

As the story unfolds, it suddenly explodes into a brilliantly twisted psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll after the shock ending and even for some time after that.

Intense, gory and amazing...

i expected it to be really grisly and disturbing, it turned out to be that its much more of a mysteriously thrilling horror that keeps you guessing until the end.

On a whole, don't waste your time with this, watch a classic like 'Sixth Sense' or 'The Shining' or something with is at least remotely scary because this was not!

and after all of the excellent, gripping build up, all hell finally breaks loose in the end, leading up to one of the best horror film endings i have ever seen.

And the film is worth watching.

Intense character build up creates a surrealistic atmosphere that makes the audience concentrate on exactly what is going on.. creepy stuff.

Saw works great as a horror/crime drama with an intriguing plot and twist that while convoluted and requires a bit of suspension of disbelief is still shocking and effective.

The verdict is that this is a mega sleeper hit, much better than the terrible poster and entertaining.

As soon as the film begins you are immersed in a original and gripping story which keeps the audience engaged through the use of a clever story line while not failing to deliver unique grisly horror without watering down the movie with cliché gore.

Both have been chosen by Jigasw to play in his most intense game of all.

Predictable plot.

First of all, I liked the movie big time, especially if I got to compare it with the last two horror/thriller movies that I saw lately which were "Exorcist – the beginning", a hell of boredom & "Ring2", not that good Anyway I have some comments here; I don't know if they are actually plot-holes or just I didn't quite understand them, here we go: 1-If Adam was hired by the cop to trace Dr. Gordon, then who was that freaky corpse that appeared to him when he opened the door back at his place when the lights went off?

I highly recommend it to all horror fans.

so thrilling and scaring!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing I'm saying the ending is just the most cool , mind blowing and best shock in the world .....

top notch thriller with an intriguing screenplay!!.

I looked forward to seeing this but it was a great bore and sickeningly sadistic for no purpose.

Even that was so entertaining because they really enjoyed talking about the movie and the great time they had making it with the caliber of actors and producers.

Overall, this is a fun, creative movie that's worth watching if you like horror and bad editing.

SAW is rather unique, and the Jigsaw character can be compelling (And even likable at times!

If they had excluded the rest of the contrived police investigation and unpleasant murders (including THE BLOB's Shawnee Smith as a victim who nearly loses her jaw!

if you like a well thought out plot that fills in gaps as the movie goes on or if you like an intriguing suspense that keeps you guessing, you will probably either like or love this one (assuming that you can stomach the elements of a horror film).

However, by the end of the film when the real intense stuff kicks in the performances are cranked up and improve a great deal.

Cary Elwes is fine, but kudos to Leigh Whannell who delivers the most intense performance in the film.

Saw was a decent film that got too carried away with dull scenes in which minimal items of importance occurred.

I'm not a fan of gore, but I appreciate a movie that can keep me from falling asleep.

It does borrow from early slasher films with a touch here and there of the morality play (do a bad deed get punished) but even that has some unexpected twists.

Saw's Twists are unexpected and brilliant.

It is recommended for everyone to try this movie which is worth watching.

Charlie Clouser does an amazing job on the music, especially during the exciting, gripping climax in which I nearly wet myself, literally.

Fascinating, creepy.....

The movie is original and I am not going to say the plot because the greatest thing of the movie is discover the surprises with the characters and the ending is unexpected.

The 'big' names (Danny Glover, Monica Potter, and I use the term 'big' loosely) seem bored and Glover doesn't seem to really give a f*** except to get paid whilst being worried.

A Contrived Movie with Some Interesting Ideas .

Yes it's sort of weird but it gives you an idea of what's to come in future "Saw series" It's highly entertaining and a decent paced thriller.

I liked the mind game and the flash back at the film start and the outside events it really worth watching

the only flaw is that it can be very confusing very quickly.

Then a totally unexpected alternate plot line develops you did not see coming, and it shows the only good idea the writer/director/producer had.

Full of plot twists and with a cleverly hidden secret, the film keeps the mystery until the end, making an enjoyable and for the most part rewarding thriller.

Worth watching if can manage to do so without paying anything.

As I said, it's been pulled off before (Cube comes to mind), but the very tight limitations here - one room, one tape recording, one gun, two guys, two chains - made it seem this was going to be an intense little flick.

Highly recommend it!

I enjoyed it, and saw it as a fantastic, slick piece of entertainment.

The police officer's character near the end became confusing and I was unsure of the exact time-table that the movie had acted upon.

It is full of one-dimensional characters, plot holes, and overall, is simply put, a waste of time.

The movie is really thrilling and quite scary at moments so it makes you grab your seat until the ending credits roll.

A confusing chase scene near the end is unnecessary and uninteresting, and it's too bad it wasn't replaced with something more unique.

" Don't waste your time folks...

I expected a very amazing ending, and to me the ending is linear, boring, and predictably disappointing.

So all in all if you are expecting a slasher movie with no story look somewhere else, because you won't find it here.

At the eleventh minute of this snore-fest, I knew I was in for no treat.


I would aim this more at a 'Seven' similarity other than compared it to titles such a Haloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th etc. There is much more a thrilling story to it with lots of twists in it.

Even though there isn't any cinematic comparison, mom said, "This is the worst movie I've seen since Xanadu.

The writing is a bit uneven, with plenty of bland dialogue and illogical moments while the acting really isn't great.

it's unpredictable, (believe me, i would have never guessed who did everything), bloody, disgusting, and absolutely........

The twist, if not very realistic, was very surprising and had me on the edge of my seat.

Anyway, this is one of the best 5 horror movies I saw in the last ten years, and I highly recommend it.

I've also heard a lot about how intriguing the villain was.

The boring weren't SO boring.

Unfortunately the hacksaws are too dull to cut through the chains, Dr. Gordon realizes that to escape in this manner they would have to cut their feet off (the part of their body which is chained).

While initially this appears quite enjoyable, there's a few rather alarming flaws here with this one.

Anyway, it's a perfectly entertaining whodunnit which posits a villain so clever that he can orchestrate elaborate do-or-die scenarios for his captives to accomplish.

Saw is an exceptional suspenseful horror flick without the traditional heart jumping editing and audio tricks.

The suspense was so intense that I kept on guessing the whole film about the killer and the outcome was so astonishing that I nearly fell from my chair.

Whannell got bored!

The speed-up technique used to "pump" the intense moments takes whatever coolness they could have had and turns it into more of a head-ache.


Neither was it horribly intense either, as there were some clichés.

Some characters seem pointless in the film, and a lot of situations are shoved in purely for red herrings sake.

Saw is perhaps one of the most exciting, gripping and downright excellent thrillers I have ever seen with a plot to scare, terrify, and most importantly, entertain.

Dr.Gordon acted terrificly and the end was unexpected.

The first time you watch this movie it's like an intense roller coaster ride that never seems to end, and when you think all the twists and loops have passed, think again.

Then the movie reaches an unexpected climax near its conclusion that takes plot twists to a whole new level.

It was such an unexpected and perfect ending.

Also, there are fine performances all round, most notably Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell, the two men in the room and with a stunning twist its really compelling viewing.

However, the tense beginning and the unexpected twist in the last scene are the great parts of this very sick movie, with a screenplay full of clichés and flaws.

great job of James Wuhan great director I expect saw 2 to be more scary and thrilling than saw 1!

Engrossing and thrilling to the core.

The ending has two or three twists and is quite clever, in a contrived kind of way.

You wouldn't expect it at all, but the moments are gripping.

With six unnecessary sequels over the last seven years, I had forgotten just how original and innovative the first Saw film was; what a pleasant surprise then to find that, instead of struggling manfully through my first repeat viewing since 2004, the time whistled by, with the movie feeling as fresh, suspenseful and as twisted as it had the first time.

It's a long boring slow ride through the directors attempt to copy better executed techniques.

I enjoyed it a lot though, and there was quite a lot of suspense :) I thought the flashbacks of past deaths were great.

sick and weird, yes, but also fascinating .

Once you get past the gore in this pretentious film, it's just plain boring.

The movie builds well, from the initial confusing, no-explanations- given, scene.

It is a gruesome, grisly, and utterly evocative depiction of the darkest recesses of the human mind.

In conclusion, Saw was a horrible, pointless movie, and i recommend that you find a better use for your time than seeing this movie.

The plot really gives you an exciting and thrilling movie.

The compelling story died away with the acting, the gritty dialog (gritty, not witty, by any means) became intolerable.

' this film contains:- blood,guts,violence and an overall sadistic and mind boggling ending, if you like scary movies, be prepared for one like you've never seen before, this movie is completely in it's own league.

With the most unique villain I have seen horror movie (much better that stupid Freddy and Jason)It is my favorite movie and I highly recommend it to any body would loves a story with lots of twists and turns with a bit of gore and a large puzzle like plot.

" Does a movie need a more intriguing start?

Beyond these issues, though, this one is somewhat enjoyable for what it manages to do with a very simple storyline.

There is a major difference, though, Se7en is a thrilling masterpiece.

This film is entertaining and ingenious.

The film is engaging from the beginning, because there is no introduction to the story.

An utter waste of time and money.

i recently saw Texas chainsaw massacre and i considered this movie to be just as graphic so if you have a weak stomach you might want to pass on this movie but otherwise i would highly recommend it.

I love the compelling premise of two guys chained in a room.

Gripping, intense and a surprise ending .

Acting has flaws, But an enjoyable movie.

Scary, thrilling, suspenseful...

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Saw is ABSOLUTELY worth the watch and I can say that without hesitation.

Cleaning the bathroom would've been more entertaining and far more terrifying.

Pretentious piece of trash...

Leigh Wannell is amazing here, and I loved him in this film, he is intense, dramatic, and very focused.

Absolutely Worth Watching.

I suppose that's what makes the film so entertaining: Chilling, bloody scenes that are able to make the watcher squirm, locked in by an inventive story line.

It's really too bad the audience has to suffer through a bunch of bland dialogue and predictable scenes to get there.

Once you have watched, felt, and experienced films like "The Shining," "The Exorcist," and the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" films like this become repetitive and downright embarrassing.

Filmed in a very creative and clever way, dealing with the crazy and insane mind of film making, using fast forward crazy camera zooms and techniques to make every scene intense as ever.

This movie is fantastic and exciting.

SAW is suspenseful, disgusting and smart - all in the same package.

Most predictable thrillers and carbon copies from classic noirs use the basic "from the cop's point-of-view" scenario.

It was entertaining, but it felt like the most cliché element of this movie and they could have gone a little deeper with that.

at first i thought this film was going to be boring and very child like genre-but i sat down and watched it and really enjoyed it has a brilliant ending to the film which leaves you guessing weather there's going to be another sequel to it or not.

It was thoroughly enjoyable and rates an 8.4/10 from...

Worth watching.

Movies these days are predictable except for this movie.

i would ask people to watch this movie as its a very enjoyable film that will make keep guessing and then shock you......

During this "trip" you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat and sometimes curled up on the couch.

Apart from the gore you'll get a thrilling experience as well!

As the movie continues, more and more realistic outcomes of the two men display, and Lawrence's slow descent into madness is one of the best things I have seen in a movie.

But this film is a complete waste of time.

This is not for the faint of heart, but it is a very enjoyable and engaging film.

The movie is awesome and thrilling.

The Epilogue of the film takes the public to some unpredictable and unseen ending.

It had me on the edge of my seat several times!

In about 80% of American Horror films, you can find a number of cliché's used because they are said to work.

The many plot twists and storyline were intriguing and if all facets of this movie were done just as well, it could have been a great movie.

In conclusion, to all you horror film lovers that have not seen this very clever and hip horror flick you'll love which will leave you feeling good, I highly recommend it!

This movie is a little out there in it's plot, but it is extremely entertaining if you like suspense and who done it type movies.

Innovative, gripping and excellent .

Thoughtful, meaningful, intense, and scary as hell.

Some scenes are unbearable to watch because of the terrible delivery, especially characters become emotional and frantic, as they just start mimicking what they've seen in cartoons.

But If you do get bored at the beginning, still watch it because it will be worth the while!

" The ending is so damn intense, you'll wonder how on Earth you can take it.

There is a huge space ( 90%) of the movie where nothing happens.

But what kept me interested was that is was so intense!

This movie is so bad that it's a waste of time.

The ending of the movie is completely mind blowing.

Go rent out Se7en, and save your money.

(maybe he fell asleep).

Let's sum it up : We have a very unpredictable very clever killer ( hell I watched Red Dragon this week and I think both Hannibal and Red should take extensive lessons from him) We have elaborate traps (and deaths) that are as fun to watch as any of your average Final Destination's deaths.

This is the best Saw movie in my opinion and I hope anyone else who watches it will find it just as entertaining.

Jason", " The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series & Remake", " Battle Royale", " Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky", " The Bone Collector", " Maniac ( 1980)", " Last House on The Left", " House on The Edge of the Park", "The Cell", "Kiss The Girls", " End of Days", " Scream 1 & 2", " Urban Legend", "Final Destination 1 & 2", " Ichi The Killer", "Men Behind The Sun", " Phenomena", "Cube", "Hostel", "Tourist Trap", "Wolf Creek", "Love Object", " L.

That being said, the plot was a bit contrived, and I felt it was kind of obvious what was going on -- no single person could be manipulating all of the scenarios presented.

It was the first film in what is currently a seven-part franchise, but I don't know if I am interested in seeing any more, although I did find this first installment impressively well done and very, very intense.

The film centers around Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) and Adam (Leigh Whannell), two men who wake up chained by their ankles in a filthy, dilapidated bathroom, separated by a dead man laying in a pool of his own blood and gripping a microcassette recorder.

The film was jumpy gory and confusing that = perfect horror film.

Both characters remain at one, boring, completely unbelievable level from scene to scene, until I found myself not caring whether they live or die at the end.

This film is gripping, intelligent and it has some genuinely horrific surprises.

And last of all, the ending is so predictable and lame, it made me want to cringe!

The only problem is that I had already been warned of a surprise ending by the movie itself and the hostages in this movie were so uninteresting, I was ready for Mr. Jack the Ripper to quit playing his games and finish them off.

What an absolutely fantastic movie - the story is gripping and thrilling with, in my honest opinion, the best ending to a movie in movie history.

On viewing I can now confirm that not only does it fail to be on a par with those films, it fails to be on a par with even the most incompetent of Lifetime Movies, or even low budget straight-to-DVD crapfests, which is a pity because at times it's underlying story and ideas are genuinely engaging.

But it had its boring parts.

It's got to be one of the most absorbing horror/thriller flick I've seen in quite a long time.

All I can say is that this film was a complete waste of my time.

OK, I just finished watching movie and it was very intense!

For one, the acting was pretty rundown, dull, and generic horror movie screaming and panicking.

This was like my first time watch something which I heard was gruesome & intense!

The story line is original, gripping and very tense.

The film really involves the audience, and I was on the edge of my sofa throughout.

the ending twist just makes your stomach turn and you feel amazed at the same time by how unexpected it is.

I mean how powerful and intriguing they are.

I gotta say that there were some slow parts in here (only 'cause I was watching it at home and _could_ get distracted!

that being said i can honestly say that if you like exciting movies, and horror in particular, THIS is the movie you wanna go see!

This film has a well excecuted strong premise and leaves you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration.

Unfortunately this movie will get in the sack of "entertaining movies for the moment" when it could have been put in the other one marked "REAL scary movies with a content", just because it is seemed to be made out of one great idea, one great twist and then they built a story out of that and not the opposite.

No doubt, today's horror genre is filled to the brim with tired, worn-out clichés, predictable plots and settings, and "scare" attempts that frankly, would put me to sleep faster than a tranquilizer dart to the jugular vein.

Wan had wanted to go for a more Hitchcockian vibe but he was aware of how much his limitations would prevent that, which is a shame — it's interesting to think about how much more intense this movie could have been with the proper time and money put into it.

I nearly got up and left a movie for the first time since I was dragged to see 'Curly Sue' at my sister's 8th birthday party over a decade ago.

Taking two people trapped in a room, with no way to connect to the outside world, and have an hour and a half to resolve a series of clues and scenarios to escape is quite impressive by being able to wrap an entertaining story around that premise.

This is one of the best horror movies I have ever saw, it as lots of thrilling emotion, and the end, my god, the end is everything you can't expect, you finish it and probably you will see it again.

Cary Elwes plays the bland, indifferent doctor who gets a radical change to his outlook, and he's admirable despite being at the center of a movie cesspool; Shawnee Smith, in a bit as a drug-addict who once survived the madman, has the film's only real suspenseful sequence.

Saw is a pretty intense piece of work.

It is an often grisly, always unsettling and carefully made thriller that packs some punch and is, most importantly, very entertaining.

I have heard about this movie from a lot of people who really enjoyed it so I did watch it at 3am one morning in pitch black and I really enjoyed it.

In terms of "special effects" and sets the movie was quite simple,yet so entertaining.

'Saw' explores the genre in a completely different way, almost redefining the whole gore genre, and converting it from a once plot-less carnage, to a now meaningful blood-bath of excitement.

Lying in the middle is a dead man, with an empty revolver in one hand, and a tape recorder in the other.

The plot is completely unpredictable, although in some places, very confusing.

More like "intense" would be the word to use for a film like this.