Scarecrows (1988) - Action, Crime, Horror

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Criminals hijack a plane and force the pilot and his daughter to fly them to Mexico. However, an unexpected landing finds them in a cemetery inhabited by killer scarecrows.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: William Wesley
Stars: Ted Vernon, Michael David Simms
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 115 found boring (20.86%)

One-line Reviews (83)

He manages to effectively carry off intense, and suspenseful passages.

An averagely bland horror movie with a couple of cool scenes.

What follows is a chase to track down the money, the traitor and some unexpected nasties in the form of lethal scarecrows.

Not many movies have been able to do that with me, and even fewer are ones I still found enjoyable enough to search down in a used video store and shell out ten bucks to buy.

And if it had lost, ideally, about 95% of the dialogue ('cause so much of the drama and conversations is so stupid and annoying and pointless) the film itself could be worth repeated watches with no other alterations.

The frantic finale, where the last remaining members must fight their way through the growing number of creatures in order to get away, gives this a nicely thrilling finish putting all the focus where it should be during that sequence.

The film has several gory killings and scenes where the unexpected happen.


This mainly comes from the mystery surrounding the scarecrows which is absolutely creepy, as nothing is really given about where they come from, who put them there and what they are, making this a rather intriguing offering with this fine set-up at the heart of the film creating a rather imposing source of fear.

So, for those who've had some confusion about what the film was about, who the scarecrows were, how they became what they are and all that ...

Unfortunately this begins in confusion, in low light situations, with radio contact sound, pretty poor dialogue and pretty flat acting.

Dark, oppressive, sweaty and ponderous mood throughout.

Soon, another one of them, Jack, is dispatched, and again the scene is well done and horrific, involving a dull handsaw and no anethesia.

I started watching, and found the dialogue to be stupid and predictable.

If the picture and sound were a better quality then I might have enjoyed it more.

It's well worth watching to find out!

The acting, apart from Michael Simms, who for me stole the whole show as Curry, the commando on the edge, was pretty much under par.

But the movie is slow at times, when it could do better.

Atmospehre and scares make up for lack of plot .

The haunted cornfield sets for one hell of a creepy mood and the supernatural story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Edited, co-produced, co-written & directed by William Wesley I really rather liked this fun & entertaining little horror film.

The confusion was compounded by the use of voices -- were they from the radio, the scarecrows, or where?

A pretty intense film, which works on all levels.

The actors were also pretty bland.

And speaking of ferocity, the gore in this movie is extremely enjoyable, as we get to see stabbings, decapitations, and the sight of a character who's had their innards removed to be replaced with the purloined money.

The rest in my opinion is just boring, cheesy.

The only thing, and I mean only thing that makes this worth watching is to see Miami, Florida "cult legend" Ted "Wolfman" Vernon as Scarecrows leading man.

This story is fast paced and fairly atmospheric given the constraints of the era.

Unfortunately, it was pretty boring.

To be honest the film is really pants and nothing happens.

It's super low-budget without showing too much, and the acting is very b-movie in an enjoyable way.

Has its moments but is ultimately bland...

"Scarecrows" is a tedious, murky horror flick which is briefly enlivened by some decent gore effects.

I was impressed, a bit of a hidden gem as far as I'm concerned & the sort of horror film that fans such as myself have to trawl through countless bland rubbishy horror to find, Scarecrows is the type of horror film that makes the search worth it.

Slow building but exciting hybrid of zombie movie and slasher...

This is entertaining stuff here, that gets down to business right away and moves forward at a respectable pace.

The pace was weak, the cast were pretty poor, the script was predictable and the plot, as mentioned, was pretty poor too.

So much is derived from them and their look that they literally carry the film in the beginning where the first romp through the stalks is a very long, drawn-out sequence built around the faces and suspense from the scarecrows.

Very fast paced so it's passable for low key acting.

The creepy cornfields with the even creepier scarecrows just hanging around, the eerie(empty?

Scarecrows is far from perfect, the plot is extended out to nothing, which takes away any chance of this movie being gripping at all.

But, the movie is an entertaining watch.

Nearly non-existent plot (if that's a shocker, check out the faces around you, you're probably in the wrong genre).

If you enjoy movies with repetitive shots of scarecrows, and the standard knife entering torso death scene, than this move is for you.

Repeat this for eighty minutes and you have a bad, boring, bland film, with only a dog with cataracts as the redeeming part of the film.

After half-an-hour or so of rather dull cat-and-mouse between the now frantic turncoat and his miffed (ex)partners-in-crime, the film eventually begins to kick into gear: the double-crossing defector is gutted and stuffed (with straw and cash!

) The characters are reasonably entertaining & the acting gets the job done; it's a hoot to see the character Curry (Michael David Simms) lose it as he realizes how screwed the whole bunch of them are.

Sometimes it's entertaining and sometimes it is really boring.

This is implied through shots of a windmill beginning to spin, empty pipes suddenly flowing with water, and an old generator starting up on its own.

and worse, BORING.

It's incredibly irritating and makes it completely disjointed when you hear the majority of the conversations over headsets with the garbled functions and lack of actual conversations being carried out on- screen.


I personally found the film to be unwatchable.

All in all, this had to be one of the worst movies I've seen recently (and I've seen a lot of movies these days!

I guess I really can't complain since it's on a double feature DVD (paired with the 70s zombie cheese fest "Garden of the Dead") for only a dollar, and I still found the film enjoyable.

But it's all done in an uninteresting way.

Sometimes it over-played the humour, and got a bit contrived.

Everybody else, this is a mundane excuse for a horror film, and probably one of the first instances where gore favours the scares.

One of the worst movies ever made.

if not, I'll be surprised) and some villainous monsters make for an entertaining movie.

Scarecrows Full of Empty Straw .

I liked how they turned the humans into scarecrows as a well, I did not expect that at all,There were some really bloody moments in this movie but the rest of the movie felt a little bland.

While the first half hour may run a little slow and light on the body count, the remainder of the film more than makes up.

Its story is actually very simple, but is told in a confusing way.

So if that sounds exciting, I guess you'll like this.

Actually, there IS no story.

Stylishly solid and atmospherically rich with an unspectacular formula evolves from this nightmarishly gripping, if flawed foray.

the film was entertaining and had some tense moments.

Still, with the memorable death scenes and great looking monsters, SCARECROWS offers up enough to make it worth watching.

A real, good, absorbing, creepy horror movie.

The film does have some problems with repetitive shots of scarecrow faces that are only there for padding.

Director/editor/co-writer/co-producer William Wesley expertly crafts one dandy doozy of a first-rate flesh-crawling fearfest: the constant headlong snappy pace, nicely drawn characters, Terry Plumeri's ominous shuddery score, enthusiastic, if rather erratic acting from a game no-name cast (Ted Vernon is especially good as the most humane and likable of the criminals), the brilliantly spare and oblique script (having no thorough explanation ever provided about the exact origins of the scarecrows is an inspired stroke of pure genius), Peter Deming's stark, shadowy cinematography, a generous amount of grisly gore, a potent theme about the perils of greed, the tight narrative told in real time (the film is only 83 taut minutes long), the scary murderous monster scarecrows, and the profoundly creepy mood are all smack dead on-target.

Don't waste your time!

Now there isn't any special effects, just some make up, and it has a lot of campy and cheese shots (like the whole beginning on a plane), but later, it becomes somehow intriguing.

And as soon as I saw this I rolled my eyes thinking i was in for another cliché filled, run of the mill horror film.

This is an absolutely amazing story and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The movie is very suspenseful and atmospheric.

As i write these words, i have just finished watching William Wesley's pitch black horror movie "Scarecrows" featuring what has to be one of the most inspired if somewhat predictable tag-lines in the history of motion picture tag-lines.

An enjoyable eighties horror show .

I just thought it was a really entertaining & creepy horror film & if the truth be told that's all I was hoping for, definitely recommend if you can track a copy down.

Add to this a tangibly creepy atmosphere, very good make-up and creature design and some truly brutal, disturbing horror action, and the movie is a very solid and entertaining entry into the genre.

It is slow paced, dark, and not filled with many quality kill scenes.

At times I was quite bored.