Scarface (1983) - Crime, Drama

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In Miami in 1980, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel and succumbs to greed.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Brian De Palma
Stars: Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer
Length: 170 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 87 out of 888 found boring (9.79%)

One-line Reviews (435)

The story itself is nothing out of the ordinary, no twists or mysterious events, its just a straight down the line Gangster film which is very good to watch while at the same time absorbing Al Pacino's acting talents.

When Scarface first hit cinemas, the general consensus was that it was a poor film, too overly violent and a waste of time.

Way too long, way overrated and this movie is only saved by performances of every actor except Pacino.

The character Al Pacino creates here is a fascinating one.

The film is also much too long, has one too many scenes where it is drawn out, the script is excessively cheesy(did Tony really have to swear as much as he did?

But this matters little as we get Al fully immersed in a Cuban character, coming over all intense and fiery.

The interesting thing is, when he eventually gets to the top, he finds it isn't as he imagined, it's dull.

His portrayal of a Cuban refugee turned drug cartel leader is intense and believeable.

The movie is long but the story is gripping and you'll find yourself vary satisfied in the end.

I am sure that I'll probably get some nasty emails about this one, but I think SCARFACE might just be one of the worst movies of the last 25 years---especially since it is so adored by so many and been so readily accepted as a "great film".

It's one of the most violent , gruesome , thrilling intriguing gangster move ever made .

In fact, in one scene, she even said, "I'm bored.

It is a pretty-ugly world laid bare with some gripping set-pieces and it is a movie you will either love or hate and it is deserving of either because it is both lusciously bold and relentlessly repugnant.

Tony Montana reminds me of a new generation version of The Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood as he is just unpredictable and scandalous .


Despite the constant amount of deaths, Scaface is intense, bloody, rich-- and real in portraying a glimpse of the roads to greed riches.

Giorgio Moroder's score is simply breathtaking.

I recently watched this film a couple weeks ago, and I was forever waiting for this slow-moving, boring movie to end.

Also, I found this movie to be very bland.

You fall asleep before you hear the action wake you up, and then you don't really care.

Al Pacino is stunning in the role of Tony Montana and he is so good that he actually makes you cheer for a guy who would kill you without a doubt if you cross him over.

That lies mostly in the hands of Pacino's intense performance and the good supporting cast and score.

You just root for this really long and dull movie to end.

This movie starts as a immigration thing, but it keeps getting more and more complex until it finally twists and crashes in the end, causing a superb, fabulous, breathtaking ending that i guarantee you will not forget.

So, save your money and here's the synopsis of this film: Tony Montana comes to Miami as a poor criminal.

This is the way the film remains suspenseful, as well, because the audience never knows what this crazy guy is going to do next.

The camera somehow manages to maintain a sense of the headstrong stupidity which Pacino captures so well, accentuating the unpredictable and ruthless attitude of the protagonist.

Despite that though the film is entertaining and for some reason that I cant explain I love the scene with the goodyear blimp (The World Is Yours).

"Scarface" is definitely one of the most entertaining and one of the best gangster movies to ever come out.

You just get vivid, desperate to be iconic scene followed by trite small talk then next big scene, so it's bang bang, drivel, bang bang, drivel, bang bang with no meaningful narrative linking them.

If you love bad movies with formulaic and unoriginal stories, sublimely awful dialogue mouthed by actors who equate histrionics with art and are punctuated with plenty of gratuitous blood and gore for shock value then you can hardly do better than this.

The photography is good, I didn't think it was awesome, there are some stunning shots, though.

In addition, the storyline had a gripping touch because of the themes that were explored, for example drug dealing, cultures, morals and finance.

Both fast paced and hard hitting, this epic journey from skid row to the affluent excess's and the slow slip into the abyss of madness and paranoia is astounding.

The excellent, expletive- ridden script turns the conventional rags to riches story into a captivating and thrilling film, including several classic scenes- the Rebenga hit, the chainsaw scene and the finale.

And they all came up with something more entertaining and intelligent, while Scarface is kind of the 80's version of it - with more action and cheesy 80ies film score.

Music in the film is pop of the 80's which can seem cheesy, but banality of the music corresponds with the banality of his instincts, greed and lust and ends which they procure - money and power.

I enjoyed it so much, I saw it twenty-two times.

Her indifference and dullness showcases how taking shortcuts to fortune will leave you feeling empty inside, as a 'loser, not a winner'.

The performance of Al Pacino was dreadful and laughable, also all the characters of this movie are all boring and despicable.

flawed but hugely entertaining .

The result is a deliberate assault on the sensibilities by using the f-word again and again as well as using extreme and pointless violence throughout.

Has there ever been a duller screen romance?

Pacino is a grossly over-rated actor whose career has gone on for far too long now.

"Scarface" suffers from lack of likable characters, lack of believable characters, lack of plot, lack of motivation, lack of a logical sequence of events, lack of fun, just a lack of everything.

Exciting and Relentless .

It has a perfect story, actors that give life to the characters, and it's entertaining to the end.

But Scarface isn't one of those controversial movies which only become famous due to their controversial nature - it is a truly compelling portrait of a man who went from having nothing to having virtually everything he ever desired, fueled only by his relentless ambition.

Tony Montana's incredible rise up to being the Public Enemy #1 is a fascinating, horrible one.

The acting is excellent, and for gangster aficionados such as myself the story was compelling and satisfying.

" The film has a very unexpected ending being, Tony gets shot in the back and dies!

When he feels he's hit the top, the journey through Pacino's characters mind is equally as fascinating as the one we had when seeing him attempt to get there in the first place.

The screenplay details his up rise but also delivers a riveting climax where enemies storm his mansion with a thirst for blood and revenge, and Montana hoisting a large gun in challenge, "Say hello to my little friend!

this movie was a waste of my time, and i bought it without seeing it, bad move.

SCARFACE (1983) Brian de Palma brings everything about the gangster saga and multiplies it to a point of excess in this intense, iconic picture about the rise and fall of a Cuban drug lord.

Alejandro Sosa, effectively played by Paul Shenar, is (along with Frank Lopez and Manny) one of the films most engaging characters.

Yes, "Scarface" is a masterpiece, because it precisely didn't try to be one and the result is not unintentional either: the writing, the direction, the acting, everything points out a deliberate will to create an entertaining gangster flick.

DePalma's direction of Pacino is extremely entertaining, from his impressive Cuban accent to his strong body movements, DePalma has crafted his lead in a way that would put most mob bosses to shame.

Everything mentioned above and many more subtleties of this masterpiece almost turn it into a period drama about the recent past, a lavish portion of 1980's memorabilia combined with unexpected art film accomplishment and Pacino(along with Scent.. and Godfather)at his best.

the duologue between characters is great, the story is exciting and captivating you will want to watch it again and again just to here the line say hello to my little friend.

But I gotta say the movie is one of the most entertaining movies ever made and one of the most memorable ones too.

The film is also very downbeat, so after 2 1/2 hours, you feel really depressed (or bored) watching it.

This story was so phony and predictable.

It is actually an intense character study of a guy who tries to make it to the top, and once he realizes he's lost everything that it's impossible.

" It is long and dull and this is despite the face that under most circumstances both Pacino and De Palma are generally the furthest thing from dull.

Everything in the movie makes you feel like you are living in the 80s in the fast paced Miami (although the majority of the film was filmed at LA) and particularly thanks to the amazing soundtrack by the legendary Giorgio Moroder.

Written by Oliver Stone, "Scarface" is a movie that is unforgettable,it is action packed,emotional and an absolutely blow out smash hit.

Stunning performance.

The whole chainsaw sequence with the Colombians remains an incredibly intense and brilliantly staged scene.

The rise and fall of Tony Montana is one of the most compelling and tragic rise and fall tales you will ever see on film.

Tony's tricks, Chi Chi's manners, Elvira's eyes, Mama's anger - each one worth watching.

"Scarface" is one of those must see films that everyone who loves crime thrillers needs to see, if only for the intense character portrait of crime.

The pace is appropriate and the story is gripping.

It's a movie and a damn entertaining one, whose "over-the-top"-ness is the extra depth the haters fail to see ….

This movie has one of the most intense performances I have ever seen done before by actor Al Pacino.

Michelle Pfiefer is quite effective as the bored trophy-wife and the other hoodlums are all pretty good.

This lengthy but engrossing drama depicts how the protagonist made it to the top of the world.

Usually I'm not a gigantic fan of character studies, although analysing a personality type can be interesting viewing for a period of time, I tend to bore somewhere around the mid-point of the film, I'm left thinking, "OK I understand that this guy is sensitive...

Its just that in times during the movie the scenes are so intense that everything else seems boring.

Hard and violent film with stunning performances .

If you're expecting a action packed unbelievable movie well don't see this movie because this movie it's what it's all about in life : money , greed , love.

Finally, Al Pacino's performance is stunning.

Extremely violent, intense epic about the cuban crime-wave .

Unfortunately, while Pacino's performance is one of the best (and maybe his most overacted)of his career, the film itself is filled with mediocre performances, a cheesy and linear storyline, and bland, one-dimensional characters that prevent this crime movie from being anything more than a popcorn action flick.

It is the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee in America (everything he says about Cuba read like propaganda).

At the same time it's hard to deny that this is one of the most entertaining films of its kind.

" Then there is the story which is entirely predictable.

I do not agree that any of its flaws are fatal - overacting, lack of story, pacing, poor cinematography have all been overcome in numerous movies.

Intense .

You are more apt to be disturbed by the already outdated musical score, and sadly pretentious clothing that characterized the era.

If you are expecting a action packed gangster thriller.

Once you understand the principle of the movie (pack as much graphic cheapness in it as possible) it gets kind of boring.

It is compelling to watch the course of his disgrace and destruction play out.

It's entertaining because it is fundamentally sound.

Overall, this is a good gangster movie but some scenes were tedious and over stretched.

But there are other reasons: More than any other gangster flick, it really is a film of its time, the 80s, which is great as far as it goes, but personally, I found a lot of it too staged and stylised - the scene where Tony goes to kill Frank and the cop coming to mind, it just seems overlong and ultimately disappointing; all you want is for him to go in and blow them away, but it's just really drawn out and then somehow when he does shoot them, it seems like a real anticlimax.

It is certainly an entertaining effort, especially early on, starting with the interview of the surly Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) by skeptical US officials.

I had to watch something afterwards just to detox from the bad experience that left me wondering why did I even waste my time on it in the first place, when even on the first viewing in the theater, back in the 80's, I was not terribly impressed.

Some critics and movie goers who have praised the film have put this film on the lists of the top gangster movies of all time and while it's an entertaining movie in my opinion it is not one of the best gangster films ever.

There were several actual shoot-outs in this film, and it quickly got fairly uninteresting, as they didn't have the intensity of a regular action film, and felt a little out of place in a crime-drama.

Still worth watching, though.

By the end, the synths themselves seem to be having trouble breathing, with long, ponderous minor chords replacing the sub-Madonna bounce of the early scenes.

Having said all that, it's definitely worth watching, and has some great scenes in it; my personal favourite is when Sosa calls Tony a f***ing monkey over the phone, and Tony starts hurling obscenities back at him only to be told that he's hung up.

In much the same way that Douglas's Gordon Gekko in 1987's Wall Street served as the inspiration for many people to quit their jobs in the pursuit of becoming ruthless players in the financial game, the message Montana has tried to convey has been swallowed up by the engaging nature of his character, which I suppose is the greatest testament to the overall quality of the film.

This one is the movie that got me interested in Pacino's films; his finest since this one was his role on the other side of the law in 'Heat', playing an intense Los Angeles policeman.

Having watched this movie several times before, I have admittedly dismissed it as a 'senseless action packed wanna-be gangster' action movie.

1: The acting- Pacino delivers the most compelling performance of the 80s in this film.

I'm always prepared for a heavily-hyped movie to fail to live up to the hype, but I was astonished at how p***-poor SCARFACE was, from the grotesque performances of Pacino and Loggia to the gawd-awful script, to the pointless little "hey-look-at-me!

Some of these scenes were absolutely dreadful because they were so cliché.

Michelle Pfeiffer also stands out in her debut role as Elvira, the bored drug-addicted housewife.

It will be a lot less expensive, more enjoyable and much more useful than a trip to the shrink or a seminar and no one really knows why??

With awesome performances from Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer and Steven Bauer and Brian De Palma's directorial abilities and powers, you get an amazing movie that should never have a remake, as its unique, thrilling and crazy.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the most intense rides as Al Pacino takes the roll of Tony Montana and owns it, his performance will blow your mind.

The result is disappointing, but it's still something worth watching, if only to get to say hello to Pacino's little friend.

Incredibly dull, and trite.

Overrated - slow and boring .

Granted, Al Pacino did a great job as a Cuban, and there were scenes that were intense, the plot is so predictable and boring that it was hard for me to stay awake.

Arguably his best movie overall, certainly his most entertaining, and it's a Mob thriller, with absolutely no Hitchcock connections.

Dark, thrilling, funny and packed with brilliant performances including the great Al Pacino (where was his Oscar for this?.

This film both demonizes the exploits of its lead while also showing the extravagance that crime comes with, and that's an intense balance to find.

Unexpected contact to the film 'Scarface' brought reviewing movies to deeper research about attempting to succeed in a mission to view 'Al Pacino' films.

WORST Movie I have ever watched .

It is quite an epic, intriguing film focusing around an incredibly magnetic, motivated main character.

Alonzo (there are at least two wonderful panning shots, here, in Scarface that are just mesmerising, slow, deliberate and focused on its intent).


This movie is entertaining,dramatic, and will keep you to the edge of your seat until right the end.

Tony Montana`s rise to power and wealth is a roller-coaster ride that is truly gripping.

Al Pacino is the main role in this adrenaline-filled film.

Pfeiffer is absolutely ravishing in her intense portrayal of the quintessential, uber-sexy mobster's moll.

Also very much worth watching was Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Tony Montana's sister Gina.

In Scarface, director Brian De Palma's explosive portrait of a Cuban immigrant turned drug lord, 1983 audiences were treated to an unexpected change of viewpoints.

This is the way the film remains suspenseful, as well, because the audience never knows what this crazy guy is going to do next.

However, there are three or four shots in the film in which Tony trains his intense gaze upon her.

Scarface has got to be the most overrated Gangster flick ever; it's dull, simple and distant.

One of the most overrated movies ever but it's entertaining nonetheless .

Those movies had superb acting, well thought out dialogue, and they actually immersed you in the life of the actors.

Tony Montana takes you on a thrilling ride to the top, making a name for himself in business, in a very fashionable way.

Along with intense action and violence there are plenty of humorous one-liners that in a way contrast the action.

If there's one area in which 'Scarface' is lacking, however, it has to be the rather generic and predictable plot.

Enormously dated, 'Scarface' probably would've been more enjoyable during the "Cuba" scare, tail end of the disco era and "excess of the 80s" period.

However, like the eighties's, the film too becomes bloated and boring in the middle section, a section which drew a yawn or two from this viewer.

And though the film does toe the line of running too long to the point of getting tedious, it remains entertaining enough despite its predictable and not terribly original storyline.

2) Tony sitting alone at the club, drugged-out and bored, watching Octavio, some bizarre Latin puppet-mime, until two hitmen attempt to assassinate him.

Pfeiffer stood out as dull and uncomfortable on first viewing, but I've come to realize how she plays out the part of the bored little wife.

Entertaining and violent.

Otherwise it was a total cliché.

What's noticeable as well is how as the movie progresses the music becomes steadily slower, less bubbly and more morose sounding.

Long films usually bore me, this is an exception.

Close to 3 hours of great fun.

Amongst the worst movies I've seen is Scarface.

This is a highly entertaining movie and it is so not because the scenes are outrageously violent, not just because the characters are outrageously criminal and not because it makes another pathetic Hollywood attempt to delve into the "criminal mind".

Pacino's breathtaking performance, which is arguably his best, manages to hold the viewer in a transfixion right from the inception to the finale.

"Scarface" must be one of the worst movies ever made, and it is way overrated and boring.

If you want a mindless, boring, long movie with lots of big guns, chainsaws, and lots of cussing, watch this film!

And if you don't believe any of the stuff I just said well then, the movie is also very entertaining, it has plenty of dark humor, action, suspense, drama, and a bunch of other stuff.

The climax is not very good, it starts to get boring as the movie closes.

The story is a little slow to begin with but very exciting and is action packed as soon as the second scene begins.

But it's very entertaining and, for a remake, surprisingly fresh.


Entertaining film about gangsters.

Heck, even lighter fare such as "Pehlam 123" holds much better over time than this overrated, pretentious piece of sub-par, cheap "entertainment", for lack of better word.

Finally after intense negotiations Brian was able to release the film with an R rating allowing it to open in more cinemas for a hopefully bigger return.

His gradual character change from 'fun bobby' to intense, paranoid, control freak is done so subtly that it is hard to believe he is in character.

This is entertaining if you don't mind bland movies and the slow-pacing.

After he eventually manages to isolate himself from everyone (Even his closest friends and family), fellow drug lord Sosa (Paul Shenar) sends his men to Tony's mansion, culminating in a stunning finale of a shootout.

Good plot, reasonable dialogue, good casting and great performances make this long movie worth watching.

Or has there ever been a character so overwhelmingly dreary?

It's entertaining, vivid and bloody.

A deep, realistic story, which is also very entertaining, with clever dialogue and many famous quotes.

if you are a die hard fan of the second greatest movie ever made (Godfather) you will love this action packed dramatic film.

The actions external from Tony's mind were also compelling, an interesting look at the drug running operations and gang culture of the time.

Pointless .

The set-pieces are superb but the bits in between chronicling the rise to power of Tony Montana are either mediocre or downwright boring.

There's no doubt that Oliver Stone is a great screenwriter, but with Brian De Palma behind the camera Oliver Stone's screenplay became very very entertaining, not just smart.

If you are new to this movie I highly recommend it and if you have seen it before, watch it again.

The build up to finally seeing and hearing the iconic "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND" was unbearable.

Loud, crude, violent and highly entertaining, Scarface is a live-wire of a film.

Notice how in so many scenes he uses subtle (slow) pans and tilts to add an addition mood to the screen.

Very entertaining and a cinema classic.

One of the classic movies of our times - Al Pacino deliver the uncontrollable and unpredictable Toni Montana in a way no one else could.

There's a silly bit of business involving Tony's sister and mother which is dragged out too long.

The only quibble I have with the script is that I found it to be quite formulaic.

"Scarface" is not a five star masterpiece, but keeps going steadily until the violent, action packed finale where we get to say hello to Tony's little friend!

Al Pacino turns in a stunning performance as Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee than becomes a powerful player in the drug world as he ruthlessly runs his self made kingdom of crime in Florida.

There were elements about the film that kept sturdy, even gripping (the last fifteen minutes or so is rather bloody though brilliantly filmed).

There are many parts to this film that makes it very enjoyable.

Intense, operatic, melodramatic, overblown and frankly insane!

Yet its suspenseful twists and interesting characters make you sit all the way through it's 170 minutes and the ending leaves you emotionally shaken.

The film throws cliché after cliché at the audience, with frequent awkward acting moments - Responsibility for all this falls squarely on the Director...

The approach was right, it had to be a gripping fantasy about the Gangster world.

This film is so enjoyable.

Gripping and intense...

Despite some solid performances by 'supporting' actors such as Robert Loggia as drug dealer 'Frank Lopez' and Paul Shenar as fellow drug kingpin 'Alex Sosa', the film drones on for scores of minutes without anything remotely interesting taking place.

It is a more kinetic, exciting and darker look at what it is to be a gangster in America.

Brian de Palma creates a disturbing, violent world for his principal character who is the center of attention because of his unpredictable behavior and ambitions.

Michelle Pfieffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Steve Bauer are very good, and Al Pacino is just stunning, this is an ideal role for him, and perhaps the start of his, in my opinion, career typecasting.

A Long But Entertaining Film .

With no plot, no characters I'm interested in, and terrible music, I was completely bored after 10 minutes of watching this movie.

Sometimes, the mere fact of entertaining is enough.

Al Pacino is excellent,iconic and at his best as Tony Montana,with Pacino being intense,over the top and unforgettable.

It is amazing that a movie can last three hours, and have absolutely nothing happen!

There was no real plot, unless you consider; A crook from Cuba, who gets rich in America, by becoming a drug-dealer, and killing people.

An ultra-violent, ultra-entertaining gangster classic .

Mind Blowing Cinema.

Scarface is seriously one of the most entertaining movies ever.

Incredibly engrossing movie .

Other notable performances where from Steven Baeur who plays Pacinos right hand man and his best friend, Michelle Pfiffer who plays Elvira Tonys wife who is subjected to a life of coke snorting and boredom.

This laughable mess goes on for an unbearable three hours, and has as its centerpiece, it's anchor, its star, Al Pacino who is simply dreadful.

It's too long by an hour, pointless, and completely without entertainment value.

The violence is graphic, the language unbearable, but the characters are predictable.

This movie is entertaining and you will never get bored.

Two decades after its original release, this Al Pacino masterpiece continues to thrive because of its exceptional performances, gripping storyline and compelling script.

The actions scenes while good are few and far between, direction is slow and uninteresting, a trademark of De Palma's.

I won't say it's the best in the genre(in fact there are many that are better and a tad more focused on story) but certainly manages to blend entertainment(because the story itself is intriguing, and the film is just fun to watch) and message together effectively without over doing either.

An Intense, Gripping Piece of Art .

Pacino is over the top, and very entertaining to watch.

This entire movie is an entertaining message.

I nearly fell asleep every time she was on the screen.

This is a different direction for Brian De Palma who previously made the entertaining thrillers Dressed to Kill and Sisters.

However, it's still very much worth watching and an overall good movie.

Very entertaining .

epic,entertaining,excellent .

Everyone was a tedious, despicable psychopath, with no engaging personalities, giving me nothing to look forward to.

It's not a masterpiece like some people say, but it's certainly enjoyable and entertaining.

Al Pacino delivers one of the greatest performances in what is one hell of an entertaining film .

It was horrible and boring from beginning to end, there wasn't anything good about it.

And as you watch the film, it's so utterly predictable what's going to happen.

Maybe it's because of all the violence and obscenity that it becomes boring.

The moments leading up to it are incredible enough, and then comes an absolutely stunning climax of blood and bullets that will completely blow you away.

A disguised single shot, absorbing the tension in the soon-to-be doomed drug deal with the Colombians in a hotel room, and then panning outside the hotel through a bathroom window, all the way across Ocean Drive and into Manny's convertible as he clumsily attempts to pick up a blonde bombshell in a bikini, then back up into the hotel bathroom through the window as the brutality begins.

Either way, it was entertaining, and people should see it to see the memorable violent scenes and quotes.

And of course Mr. Pacino once again confirming my suspicions that he is the big screen's most intense actor , it is a testament to his skill that while Montana has hardly any redeeming qualities we are still rivited by him .

Definitely not for mile-a-minute action fans, because it makes you wanna fall asleep throughout the whole middle of the film.

So Scarface is a movie about nothing and no one, punctuated with a great deal of equally pointless violence.

The appeal of people living on the edge outside of society's acceptable norms, living the high life is conducive to the big screen.

The movie is great to watch and I can guarantee that when you like mobster movies in general, you'll be on the edge of your seat from the start of the movie till the end.

SCARFACE is about as wild and crazy as you can get and while it's far from a masterpiece it's still a highly entertaining movie.

In a movie market saturated with superhero films fueled to success with CGI effects, the classics often are refreshing with unique plots and fascinating characters.

Scarface is a great and popular film because of its gripping performance by Pacino and its excellent screenplay.

There are three conflicting elements in Scarface that make it both interesting and pointless at the same time.

The moves are duller when Montana is.

Montana (Pacino) murders his way to the top by taking out the current king Lopez (similar to the way Caligula killed Tiberius), married a beautiful but deeply troubled starlet (Phieffer) while harboring an intense affection for his sister Gina (again like Caligula) and living like a god on earth.

First of all, Al Pacino is riveting as Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee released from prison by Fidel Castro in 1980 who arrives in Florida with a yearning to rule the world and a huge chip on his shoulder.

Even though you can see the ending coming a mile away, and you know no one is gonna come out of this tragedy in good shape, the movie's still engaging.

Scarface has somewhat become a cult classic over the years, but truth be told, it is a pretentious film.

So this is an entertaining movie.

It is really entertaining and full of action, romance and funny scenes.

The soundtrack,considered by many worse than that of a dated porn,is not only awesome,making the film worth watching almost only to hear it,its cult classic "Push it to the limit" says it all-this outstandingly,divinely decadent and lush track reminding of the not least famous theme from "Neverending story"(both soundtracks being composed by the timelessly compelling genius Giorgio Moroder)represent a state,a mood,which makes the two so different films resemble:they are both lavish 80's modern legends,both dealing with initiating journeys,only that "Scarface" is a more violent,yet equally fascinating never-ending story about the almost mythical quest incited by unlimited ambition.

Scarface throbs with sleazy eighties energy which is repulsive and compelling.

Though a very graphic and violent film, Scarface is a powerful and gripping movies that explores the depths of the narcotics business in America, from the blue collar to the white collar.


Worth watching this film just to see the glories final and the soundtrack is perhaps the best in all the mob movies presently out there.

At least the Godfather bores me for good reasons.

A slick, polished, extremely professional and intense depiction of one of the most ruthless gangsters ever depicted on film, the Cuban cocaine dealer "Tony Montana" (played by Al Pacino), also known as "Scarface.

It's a very entertaining movie and realistic.

(Warning:Contains Spoilers)For one thing, if you haven't seen this film you're missing out on a great story, a dynamite script, atmospheric synthesizer music, Al Pacino's best performance to date and one of the most memorable and enjoyable morality tales ever to hit the silver screen.

Stunning .

Forget about the top notch thrilling scenes and focus on Pacino's and Robert Loggia's dialog!

" There wasn't really anything interesting in all of it, just a pretentious effort determined to make itself an epic.

Nearly all the characters are fascinating and well created, like in his second best film "Carlito's Way", and the dramatic intensity remains as strong throughout the movie.

I usually don't agree with them but I was very skeptical about seeing this movie due to such negativity I've heard stating that the movie is way too over the top, over acted, boring story line and very cheesy.

The violence is so intense at some points that it's a miracle the picture escaped the "NC-17" rating.

Anyway, as for the plot, it is boring, and overused.

It is mostly entertaining, and VERY violent, so props.

But despite all his success he is a man deeply immersed in vice and eventually those start to consume his every waking hour.

This is a classic movie worth watching.

Overall, Scarface is a very entertaining and engaging movie.

The movie has an amazing plot that is entertaining from the moment you start watching the film.

They will be able to appreciate the social commentary and exciting action that DePalma and Stone deliver on screen.

Al Pacino turns in a simply breathtaking performance which is one of the strongest points of this film and the very reason why you can't get your eyes off the screen.

Even if you dont like the story to Scarface its worth watching just to see how good of an actor Al Pacino is.

The plot is excellent and entertaining.

I finally saw this for the first time after years of hearing how good it was, and though it was certainly entertaining and very watchable, I came away thinking that it's a far from great film.

This is sometimes boring because the self-destructive nature of characters like Tony has been covered with greater depth by more succinct films ('Raging Bull', 'Aguirre: The Wrath of God'), so Scarface sometimes becomes something of an aesthetic experience.

If you haven't seen the film yet, be ready for a few surprises, and the zillion scenes involving pools (no spoilers), but there are also a few predictable parts in my opinion (again, no spoilers).

The electronic score by Giorgio Moroder is absolutely appalling; it is dull, lacking in substance, and is a mismatch for a film with such a heavy subject matter.

In this movie Al Pacino is scary, fascinating, violent, antihero all the things you would hate about a man.

Mostly Dull .

He's a cardboard cut out, albeit an enjoyable one.

The way his foundation falls in the final 20 minutes is breathtaking, when he kills manny is just pure sad, and when Gina wants to kill him is really cool!

Scarface is a brilliant film which is pretty much entertaining in all scenes.

Overall it's boring, loud and very unpleasant viewing.

so the importance of that sequence especially comes from that, but of course also it is impressive, stylish and entertaining, if entertainment is the right word in this case.

Because, really, when you break down the movie to what it really is, the only thing, the only word that comes to mind is "boring.

This movie is one of the most violent,intense,trashiest movies I have ever seen and its worth every penny!

Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining movies about gangster life that was ever put on the screen.

I wouldn't say that the violence is justified, but unlike many other action films nowadays with pointless fighting, this film doesn't have that.

Although there are some good characters in this movie, I believe the plot to be disjointed.

However this updated and revised version set in Miami from a script by Oliver Stone is very much worth watching even though it's almost three hours long.

In true DePalma-style the direction is way too lavish; Moroder's soundtrack borderline kitschy; Pacino's Montana so inhumanly goal-oriented we know he's really headed nowhere; and Stone's otherwise pointed script full of drawn-out scenes about seemingly nothing, effectively underlining the emptiness of his characters.

To summarise, Scarface is a clever movie teaching us that cutting corners will leave you empty, the real American dream is washing dishes forever and if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy!

The first time, it was too overwhelming, and for the undrained eye it looks boring.

About 3/4's of the way through the movie, I thought it was getting steadily worse, and was starting to get bored with it........

Plenty of action, good dialogue and superb acting given by the actors make it worth watching Scarface even though it's 3 hours long.

We all want it, but it takes a performance as riveting as Pacino's that forces us to ask ourselves: How far will (we) one man really go to get it?

a fine film, well worth watching .

In 1983 I found this movie to be flawed but entertaining in a campy sort of way.

However, I am definitely the minority on this point, and I stress that with every other facet of Scarface, it is a high quality and entertaining film.

Riveting, sweeping, violent...

Breathtaking Al Pacino Performance, .

The ending is totally unexpected and it shocks the audience.

It is such a slow moving plot.

Brilliant directing,compelling storytelling, and a great musical score by Giorgio Moroder.

When I first walked out of this movie in 1983 I thought this movie would be panned.

This film is fairly long, there were a few times where the movie felt very action packed which gave it a very 'artificial' climax.

Typical DePalma movie, disjointed, confusing, loud in every sense .

Waste of time!!.

Many clever and exciting dialogues during the construction of your empire, which gives rise to various interpretations, even lead us to question this whole system of luxury, to what extent ambition is worth, which may be necessary to accomplish all Their dreams: of not being afraid to corrupt their principles.

This is a masterpiece of the "unintentionally funny" category, and for that reason only it is indeed enjoyable.

Compelling .

In fact, when he tries to avoid tapping the Montana character, he comes across as lethargic ("Sea of Love", "Insomnia").

) For me, the formulaic script was an annoyance which slightly flawed the whole film.

Scarface is more than anything a highly entertaining movie.

Fascinating storytelling, not so fascinating lead performance .

This is still a fun, entertaining film with great acting.

It was breathtaking performance.

At times the film can feel draining because the drawn-out dialogs are often about such greedy, shallow, or heated personal topics -- or they just descend into Tony's uncanny ability to curse up a storm.

It is nice to see people so rich and 'successful' wasting their time on one of the most forgettable, trite, and pathetic pieces of film-making of all time.

Sure, some of the violent scenes are thrilling and interesting especially the finale with the memorable "Say hello to my little friend!


In the end, it's a schlocky entertaining flick that impresses in terms of production values, acting, etc. The wonderfully destructive finale also helps.

This was the WORST Movie I have ever watched in my life.

I rather enjoyed it and it feels like a film that can still stand on it's own today.

It's boring and predictable because of this.

Unfortunately, the hour and a half (give or take a few minutes) in between is a little slow, and, well, boring.

Yet he is as watchable here as ever, in very entertaining (and intentionally over-the-top) form.

DePalma's direction was so good, through numerous scenes of combining dreary music with long, drawn-out shots were unbelievable.

The ending is predictable, and you have to wonder - doesn't anyone ever just retire and move into legitimate business?

Many of the characters in this movie a played in such skilled manner that is so enjoyable to watch I have forgot little of this film over the last twenty years.

His other films are all boring and horrible, and "Scarface" is not the exception.

Enjoyable Trash .

Overall it was a good film and I highly recommend it to people who love mob films.

Well that where Scarface takes the cherry, It not only delivers a deep, intellectual character study on an internal level but also presents us with an exciting external narrative, a perfect mix between the two, complimenting each other to ensure boredom is never an issue.

Filled with a truly iconic main character, highly memorable and believable supporting cast and a gripping and gritty story line, this movie is 80% the reverse hero masterpiece of the original 2 Godfather movies.

This movie is very entertaining and is never ever boring even running at nearly 3 hours.

A very run-of-the-mill story lengthened to over 3 hours of bloodsplattering and F-bombs.

Tony Montana is a predictable overly masculine character.

This film is about greed, power, jealousy, confrontation and revenge and deserves to have an evocative, dramatic & memorable score that demonstrates and enhances these themes.

Scareface will keep you on the edge of your seat.

From the very beginning to the end this is a riveting movie.

Also, the movie was quite predictable but I also just enjoyed it Critics have said the movie is slow paced and the last half of the movie isn't very good in comparison to the first half- I disagree.

Al Pacino is loud and intense in this movie, displaying one of the most famous accents in movie history, and he does it masterfully.

This is by far the second worst movie I have ever seen.

Saying a thousand time "f*king f*ck" is just ludicrous (no, it's not scary, shocking or compelling).

Nothing but a great, classic, genius and entertaining flick.

However, I felt that it suffered due to slow pacing.

Very good film, certainly worth watching!

Suffice to say, it is a very entertaining traffic accident.

Like a majority of the films of the 80s, 'Scarface' is a 'loud' movie that is funny and intense.

Anyone who likes action, thrillers and crime dramas, this is a film worth watching.

They are trite, overblown, and senseless.

Some people actually compare this and the 1932 version, which goes to show that human stupidity is both limitless and fascinating.

Very entertaining and a must-own.

What 'Casino' and 'Goodfellas' had going for them, was they were both already period piece movies (and much more enjoyable than 'Scarface.

Tony Montana is a political refuge (according himself) that gets himself dragged right back into the crime business after being in prison for a several time.

Leonard Maltin inexplicably dismissed this as slow.

Here, Al Pacino plays Cuban immigrant(and Castro political exile) Tony Montana, who arrives in America with his friend Manny(played by Steven Bauer) and immediately goes to work for the drug cartels, nearly getting murdered at first, but Tony is a determined survivor, and gradually works his way to the top of the Miami underworld, where, despite his wealth and beautiful wife Elvira(played by Michele Pfeifer) he finds himself bored and dissatisfied, though a betrayal of a rival crime boss and obsession with his younger sister Gina will prove to be his downfall...

Tony's characteristics and actions take the centre stage throughout the majority of the film, admittedly they are some of the most intriguing I've ever seen, more so then any other recent character I can remember.

I have seen this movie many times and yet i aint got bored!

Worth A Shot For Pacino's Breathtaking Performance Alone.

This movie had me on the edge of the couch, as it did in '83 when I saw it at the movies with my dad.

Some people's enjoyment of the film might resemble a cardiac monitor, big spikes of excitement followed by periods of long, drawn out (sometimes pointless) plot scenes or elements in between.

It's brutal, it's calculating and it's very enjoyable.

Michelle Pfeiffer is also giving a great performance as his beautiful wife Elvira, whose life is full of vanity, coke-snorting, and boredom.

I mentioned that this movie has pacing issues and those issues can often make it feel very boring.

Then came the long boring gangster movies which tried to make us understand gangsters.

De Palma is really on top form here, and the script by Oliver Stone (before he decided he was "a serious artiste") is action packed AND character driven.

What I got was gaudy, ostentatious, weakly directed, and pretty mundane material.

The portrayal of the character is so believable, intense and raw.

Certainly `Scarface' is one of the worst movies of all time.

its very boring.

The impulsive and totally unpredictable crazy drug- dealer.

but interesting and action packed,loosely based on the 1932 original starring Paul muni.

The film has 206 utterances of the "f" word, a record at the time that was not to be eclipsed until "Pulp Fiction" in 1995, which is a weak and boring film, in my opinion.

I read some negative reviews from some people saying how the film is just about violence and degrade women, etc. and that it has no story...

Pretty terrible acting by Pacino, entertaining if you get by it .

The plot started slow and all I wondered was "Why are they going to tell me this story?

Nothing interesting, no plot twists.

And his booming persona is misused here; I can think of at least a dozen other performances where Pacino's been able to utilize his presence and style magnificently for the sake of a picture (The Godfather movies and his movies with Sidney Lumet are great examples, but so are some of his recent films like Insomnia or even the Devil's Advocate).

The cast (over-)acts with gusto, though, and in a way, the self-indulgence of the film is one of the reasons that make it interesting and watchable, even multiple times.

this film has brilliant direction, some brutal and exciting action scenes as well as a good script that has deep powerful themes and a stand out performance from Pacino to pull all these elements together into one of the most memorable characters in film history.

If you do actually waste your time putting this in your DVD player just skip to the end because that is the only good part.

The film directed by Brian De Palma gives a stunning performance by Al Pacino, features a perfect amount of "over-the-top" violence and a memorable story of a man who will stop at nothing to score big in America.

While the director Martin Scorsese said 'I love it', the actor Dustin Hoffman said 'I fell asleep' and the division went for a long while.

Brian DePalma's "Scarface" is entertaining, exciting, intense, sometimes very intelligent, and often carried by Al Pacino's captivating lead performance.

There are no gaps in this storytelling and the script is full of lines that as sick, twisted and inherently flawed as Montana is, make him a compelling figure with considerably interesting things to say.

The film-making is excellent and very suspenseful at times.

Scarface has somewhat become a cult classic over the years, but truth be told, it is a pretentious film.

My opinion remains the same - slow and boring.

Worst movie ever.

ıt was really exciting movie.

This movie definitely has its flaws, but in the end it's an extremely entertaining film.

Vastly entertaining crime flick .

To call this a waste of time is to glorify it.

From the opening shots of Castro's eviction of 250,000 unwanted Cubans to its climactic ending,"Scarface" portrays a roller coaster ride through Miami's cocaine world,a thrilling look at the rise and fall of Tony,and the excesses of 80s materialism.

There are certainly a few twists in the plot, but they are somewhat predictable and simply have to do with Tony's bursts of anger.

Scarface, while it can claim no real originality (and indeed is based on an older movie which I have not seen), is an entertaining and well-done movie about the rise and fall of a crime boss.

This movie is great because of all of the intense action scenes which are incredibly gory and trilling paired with the fantastic and memorable acting!

Oliver Stone's screenplay gets dull in places; while it does tell a good story, I got tired of hearing the F-word in almost every line.

There is also a great deal many things that I find confusing (for example, his relationship with his sister), and that I dislike (the portrayal of women), but overall it was quite an engaging film.

I have to say I enjoyed it more as a kid.

Although it is a classic story of the rise and fall of one man, this basic plot was beefed up with enjoyable substance in between.

But, as always with this director and this lead actor, it is entertaining!

A fascinating character study that was brought to life by the legend that is Pacino.

In the hands of the unreliable De Palma - for every "Carrie", you get "The Fury" - a man who, despite his blatant desire and attempts to be Hitchcock reborn, is at heart a lover of the overblown cinematic image, Pacino is allowed to give his tiresome ticks and actor's tricks full display in a part that SHOULD have been played with subtlety.

Great entertaining movie .

Overall, Scarface is highly entertaining as well as a classic movie, but some people might get bored due to the length.

However, it did work in 1 really intriguing hour into its works.

You are dragged from one trite piece of dialogue to the next, each pushing the plot like a sack of bricks.

This film is a total blast, a hugely entertaining piece of cinema and one of the few three hour long films that seems to fly by.

A definitive classic, "Scarface" has remained relevant and entertaining to fans, 25 years after its release.

Good, but too long, boring at times.

This exciting film packs thrills , chills , noisy action violence and results to be pretty entertaining , in spite of its long runtime , as it runs nearly three hours .

stylish but ultimately pointless .

One of the best films of the 80's as well as one of the best gangster films ever made,Scarface delivers a bit of action mixed with some drama,romance and abit of thrilling moments.

Scarface was an unpredictable, very 'in your face' mob thriller.

The camera somehow manages to maintain a sense of the headstrong stupidity which Pacino captures so well, accentuating the unpredictable and ruthless attitude of the protagonist.

Michelle Pfeiffer is great as the thoroughly bored and beautiful female interest- How could anyone be bored with Tony Montana??

I guess my problem is in the execution; Pacino's cartoonish performance, the drawn-out narrative, the unbelievably overbearing score.

Needless to say what I found most fascinating of all is the fact that it is based on a real story.

The premise is very interesting, at least enough for me to watch all three hours of the film.

Sorry if I seem bitter, but I feel like I've had three hours of my life stolen from me.

While not the greatest work in its genre, Scarface not only remains a tremendously influential film, but an intense, unsettling, thoroughly entertaining film.

This is not what many people have built this movie up as—a violent, intense, foul-mouthed, classic gangster picture.

The action is exciting and disturbing at times, which makes it all the more believable.

Regardless how unlikable he becomes, Al Pacino delivers a very engaging performance that sees an individual go up and down a ladder that depending on your sensibilities, isn't really worth climbing.

It's pretentious in every aspect, including the performances.

Less amusing, and actually rather boring, is Tony's relationship with his wife (played by Michelle Pfeiffer).

Al Pacino also plays a huge role, his performance is stunning and memorable.

As for the screenplay, it had some very influential famous lines by Montana, and was intriguing overall.

I guess it was OK if you go in for that kind of stuff, but I was looking for more of a compelling story to go with the mayhem and drug deals.

I was on the edge of my seat through the whole of this movie!

Nearly a complete waste of time...

"Scarface" is definitely one of the most entertaining and one of the best gangster movies to ever come out.

Sure that's a cliché that is seen in pretty much any gangster movie.