Scary Movie 2 (2001) - Comedy

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Four teens are tricked by Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) into visiting a haunted house for a school project.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Stars: Anna Faris, Marlon Wayans
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 120 out of 545 found boring (22.01%)

One-line Reviews (211)

But after the first half it hour of it, the pace gets a bit slow, and the movie drags a little.

So far, this is the worst movie this year.

Theres a lot of people who have commented on this film that are very boring they probably like films such as charlie and the chocolate factory basicly they have no sense of humor....

AGAIN, THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS - but since the movie has like no plot or surprises, all it spoils are some jokesI loved Scary Movie.

It's not humorous, engaging, or even remotely watchable.

I see that Scary Movie 3 is to be directed by David Zucker so it might be worth watching.

scary movie 2 has a very bad story..and after the half movie you will surely become bore and will stop the movie...

My advice is don't waste your money on this flick, instead got to your nearest Blockbuster and rent a good movie like Tail Lights Fade or Chasing Amy.

First off, the new characters were incredibly mundane and unentertaining.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen in my whole life.

The rest of the film just felt like a waste of time.

I can understand why some critics would, or people that just thought the first was okay, however, I enjoyed both the previous film before this and this film itself, thinking this film is really funny and enjoyable.

Scary Movie 2 is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever had the displeasure of viewing.

I won't defend Scary Movie 2 as a well made comedy since its rushed production schedule is obvious at every turn, though Scary Movie 2 is well worth watching for fans of the first installment.

I loved the first one, however the only thing I can say about this waste of time is that the first 10 minutes is great, then it goes down hill very quickly.

It seemed very bland and most of the good jokes were just repeats from the first installment.

So the dirty jokes do get tiresome after a while.

A mock-teen-slasher flick mocking serious horror films of the past is both derivative and hopelessly disjointed.

Uneven but entertaining .

I rate this a 2/10 because of two funny scenes that prevented the movie from being completely boring and not watchable.

The toilet humor is non-stop and gets tiresome very quickly.

No plot.

Scary Movie 2 is one of the most pointless, disgusting, and obscene films ever made.

As such, then there are many really funny scenes throughout the movie, and if you enjoy a good spoof movie that pokes fun at a lot of other movies, then "Scary Movie 2" is definitely well worth watching.

So you can imagine my surprise when everyone was ranting about the second movie, having no story.

Don't waste your time on a movie like this one.

The Mod Squad was so boring I asked for my money back.

While the direction of the film lacks any sense and is just one contrived mess in my view.

My advice is, skip this one, just watch #1 and #3, they're a lot better than this waste of time!

It was the worst movie I've ever seen with disgusting dialogues, excessive foul language, too much sexual content and with no humor at all.

The only thing remotely funny and entertaining about this movie was the beginning scene with the exorcism, Chris Elliott's scenes, and the deleted scenes.

Unless you are stupid, cheap, predictable and vulgar.

This was pretty clever stuff, right on the edge of spitting in your eye and expecting you to laugh.

This is not a movie, this is an uninspiring, disgraceful, pointless crappy spiel of wasted film.

It's unbelievable that the people involved are allowed to write after something as uninteresting and poorly conceived as this.

There are no characters to care about, no plot, and shitty special effects.

And lastly, this movie is just boring.

Not as good as the first, but still somewhat entertaining.

, is a total waste of time & money.

Rent this one to have some fun but once you have seen and enjoyed it, there are no further reasons to purchase or watch it again very soon.

A parody of a parody, littered with parody that Scary Movie 1 was made the movie cumbersome and boring.

It was largely boring, only had one or two funny moments, and was a weak attempt at spoofing The Exorcist, Amityville Horror, The Haunting, etc.The only positives were, again, only had approximately two funny moments, and the acting was a slight improvement from the first film.

The big problem with this movie is that the unfunny scenes drag on WAY too long.

The first Scream satirized the horror genre and the audience's awareness of formulaic conventions of cinema.

The only scenes I liked were the scences spoofing THE EXORCIST even though they were pointless.

Yup, no plot, no sequentiality, no SENSE.

I enjoyed it more than the first movie.

The film is slower, looser, and plain meanders through what coherent plot there is.

The majority of the jokes are lame and predictable and I felt embarassed being amongst fellow adults who were laughing hysterically at the most pathetic scenes.

A true near-death experience by boredom and bad taste .

The only thing REAL about this movie was the statement made by the THIRTY people that got up and walked out only 20 minutes into it (i hadn't seen that in a long time).

If I had seen this in the theatre I guarantee it would have been the first movie I ever walked out on.

Don't waste your time.

Scary Movie 2 is a pretty damn funny sequel for anyone looking for an entertaining no brainer movie to spend a summer night at.

Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris), now in college after suffering the wacky massacre in her birth town, is invited by a laid professor (Tim Curry) to take a weekend in a house alongside with her friends the always show stealer Brenda (Regina Hall), Ray with his always confusing sexuality, Shorty the drug adict and Brenda's brother, the bombshell Theo (Kathleen Robertson) and the dumby girl Alex (Tori Spelling).

The first scene, which parodies the Exorcist, was entertaining.

HORRIBLE This must be the absolute worst movie I have ever seen.

The major cast players are okay, with the exception of Anna Faris, who is dreadful here as before, but the likes of James Woods and Tim Curry have fun with their hamming, making this a slightly more enjoyable experience than the original.

The first "Scary Movie" was funny enough and had some pretty silly but enjoyable moments, like the "Usual Suspects" gag.

And yet, it was an enjoyable film for the same reason that South Park: Bigger Loner, and Uncut is an enjoyable film- they are both so shockingly vulgar and shamelessly stupid that they become something greater than toilet humor.

From there the plot is quite difficult to follow, not because of it complexities, simply because there doesn't seem to be one.

The whole ubergross thing is tiresome.

There is no story to be found as it gets lost in its own vile.

Don't waste your money on this one...

The film, put together in less than year to make its targeted release date, is full of bad and mildly confusing editing, uneven performances, careless writing, and lazy repeat gags from the first movie.

Total Garbage and a Complete Waste of Anyone's Time.

I like seeing how they spoof off movies that I like, its kinda entertaining.

This movie is just entertaining, not Grammy winning, just a movie that you will enjoy.

All in all, a more enjoyable movie experience.

it's also slower than the first one.

Though, it did seemed rushed and some of the humor were crude, it was still a mindless entertaining start to a franchise due to it's success at the box office.

Save your money!

The unexpected success of "Scary Movie" demanded an immediate sequel and all the Wayans' brothers could come up with was this uninspired, irritating story that (attempts to) spoof Haunted House horror films such as the "House on Haunted Hill", "Poltergeist" and "the Haunting".

So if you want to waste your time and money I defiantly suggest seeing this film.

Faris comes across rather bored this time out, the Wayans brothers aren't really bringing many laughs as like in the first film they are mainly here for gay or pot jokes.

Other scenes however are just plain lazy and repetitive.

The movie looks hacked together and is surprisingly slow paced.

Despite finding the original Scary Movie an incredible disappointment I was dragged to see this much-of-the-same sequel.

For those who who think movies should be artsy fartsy and contain some kind of message about the human experience....

It's just a waste of time.

Worst movie this summer.

parts of the movie dragged on, leaving the viewer anticipating the funnier scenes..The first was definitely better..

Entertaining .

It has no real plot and although it starts brightly, it quickly runs out of steam.

Scenes and jokes drag out way to long.

More mindless dross and movie entertainment that I wouldn't dream of spending money on, this quick sequel is very similar to the straightforward template from the first movie: a bunch of hopeless and clichéd characters go through movie cliché after movie cliché, whilst dozens of film references flash past all the while and a parade of ultra-gross humour attempts to make the viewer lose his or her lunch.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen let alone one of the worst of the year.

Don't waste your time.

Whereas the original made a good, satirical swipe at the empty morality of the New Testament, as well as provided a good story about a generally decent guy gone power-mad, the satire here was obviously conceived and executed with no idea whatsoever as to what the film was about.

The opening 10 or so minutes were good, but the rest was a complete waste of time.

It's just the same old jokes and repetitive swearing that this film offers.

The bad acting and lack of plot are meant to be like that.

When watching the movie it should be in a party or with many friends, and I did watch it with my brother and my friend, that's why we enjoyed it.

The classic American need to take parody and then do it to death - see all Mel Brooks films since Blazing Saddles - to the point of overkill was plain to see, and the taking the mickey out of all modern day teen type films was dull, boring and predictable.

But I must say except for a very few scenes, this movie really is unwatchable.

bad, bad, bad, bad, waste of time and money .

This sequel ranks legions below the worst movie you can think of.

If you want a good scary film comedy spoof, watch Scary Movie 3, which is much more entertaining and serves much better as a parody of scary movies.

worst movie of the year so far .

James Woods is always entertaining to watch in any genre and his performance here didn't disappoint.

Scary Movie 2 is definitely the worst of the 4 films, for there is not much of a plot , bad acting, pretty tedious and some really cheesy jokes.

The worst movie I've ever seen .

Have you ever seen a film so bad, so bland, so boring that you wish a hitman would creep into the theater and shoot you?

It´s horrible, terrible, disgusting, unfunny, boring, shocking and easily one of the worst so-called comedies of all-time.

But this has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This is no plot, just a bunch of really gross scenes that seemed to be shoved in there just to draw cheap laughs from audience who don't know the difference between humor and stupidity.

Tiring and down-right sleep-inducing chapter in the highly successful series goes for gross-out and adult-oriented humor and falls flat on its smug face over and over again.

However I should have known better and the film quickly descended into the same boring junk as the original.

But a huge theatre hit doesn't always necessarily mean it will be a good film, but it does mean a lesser enjoyable sequel will be released somewhere down the line.......

Its like mummy's 2 scene after scene of war gore and bore this scary movie 2 is scene after scene of comedy for 5 year olds.

In closing, if in the case you cannot ingest the film after the first ten minutes, then leave the theater and ask for a refund.

A man gets his skull cut off, but his heads empty, a chalandeer falls on a girl, a man's hair catches on fire, people get punched and kicked, etc. Nothing graphic or frightening happens.

Beware: worst movie of the year so far .

save your money.

This is garbage on top of garbage and the only reason I saw it from one point to another is the fact that I thought I needed to warn people about how horrible it could get, and it gets pretty horrible and then unwatchable.

One thing I did like about it though was it's short length, making the people who may deem it one of the worst movies of all time say "at least it was short.

Or they just throw in confusing and out-of-place moments like the idiotic wheelchair battle (what the hell was that supposed to be anyway??

The comedy aspect of the film, unlike the original movie, is very weak, with most gags being repetitive and masking the movie tiresome.

Scary Movie 1, 3 and 4 were all good but this one was kind of boring and not very funny.

Dreary Movie .

But I just didn't care for it, the jokes were lame and dull, nothing to brag about.

The entire movie is enjoyable with humour at every end and absolutely no dull moment.

It begins,however,with a rather unfunny and pointless Exorcist parody (what's the point,Leslie Nielsen's Repossessed had already done that.

The first part of the series was very superficial, dumb and boring and only turned around movies such as "Scream" or "I know what you did last summer".

Well, we have no script, no decent cast, no decent writers...

) got all the jokes making the movie more enjoyable.

What a waste of time!!!!!!!!.

That scene alone made me think it would be a good movie, but while the rest of the film wasn't quite as good, it is entertaining enough and not as bad as some say.

I've seen the first "Scary Movie", and rather enjoyed it, on a mindless, silly level.

As it is - a waste of time and money (for both sides...

This movie contained the only movie flaw that I consider unforgivable -- the plot was disjointed and incoherent.

With all that said, I wouldn't say the movie was a total waste of time, there was some really good comedy in the film and even found myself laughing pretty hard at times.

The gags range from funny or funny/sick to pointless/impotent, most of them in the middle of those ranges, and leaning towards the pointless/impotent side.

It is a completely uninspired waste of time.

This is equally as funny as the first, for those that criticise it for being dull or over the top, it's a spoof parodying horror films, it's not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest.

I myself was in the midst of an average, take it or leave it day, am only slyly optimistic, care not what my friends think about my tastes, and had not taken part in any mind altering benders that day, and hence saw the movie for what it was: A WASTE OF TIME.

) is thrown out the window and replaced with something flat and uninteresting and infantile.

Most of the humor is pretty cheap, predictable and forced, so there are few gags that I can regard as priceless.

The new addition, besides Hanson and Dwight, is a parrot saying dirty/rude things, which is pretty predictable and boring.

Making a movie that parodies every cliché of the late 90s teen horror genre like "Scream" and "I know what you did last summer" seemed like good fun.

Yeah I guess that's about it there's not much more to say, this is a dull movie with too much gross out humor that really I would just like to forget about, basically the same as the first film.

So all together, I wouldn't waste my time to see this movie.

After the opening Exorcist spoof (enjoyable thanks to James Woods parodying Max Von Sydow), Scary Movie 2 fails to make its audience smile even once, despite the presence of people like Tim Curry and David Cross (priceless in Arrested Development, boring as hell is this film).

this is easily the worst movie I´ve seen in decades, and believe me I had my share.

The puns are still predictable and childish but more diversified and far more entertaining than the jokes of the first movie.

Gone so far past not funny that it overshot so bad it's funny and instead emerged in the murky and not oft explored world of absolute, unmitigated, unwatchable tripe.

It's not as though I were expecting much, and indeed the first fifteen or so minutes were pretty funny, but after that it was one tiresome trip.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

Don't waste your money.

Several other cast members make the film enjoyable and the gags are hilarious.

Faris is weak and the Wayans brothers are uninspiring and obvious.

The acting is so bad it hurts, the script was written by diabetic gibbons with Tourettes and the general tone of this crime against humanity is so painfully patronising i was forced to jump up and down on my DVD until it was rendered conclusively unwatchable, avoiding any possible future chance that i might one day trip on a children's toy and accidentally drop the DVD into the player again, forcing me, God forbid, to sit before some of its cringeingly, achingly dull content again.

Every single character that you hated in the first, and was glad to see die, has returned, including a few new cliché characters to hate.

They even decided to bring in James Woods and `Alien's Veronica Cartwright for a dreadful and rather pointless sketch on `The Exorcist' at the start of the movie.

A waste of money.

The characters are one-dimensional and dull, and the actors do absolutely nothing to add more flesh to the unappealing bones.

The makers have also managed to miss many obvious comedy moments which - while being predictable - would have at least added some generally amusing moments to this weak attempt at a spoof.

I think many people who walked out of the theater after seeing Scary Movie 2 were a bit disappointed.

Its a waste of time 2/10 Yogi Bear is better than this.

Don't waste yer time or $$.


On the negative side, there is only the fact that some chase scenes in the haunted castle are way too long and get quite boring after a while as well as the bad ending that indicates a lack of ideas and seems somewhat suddenly.

The saddest part is that it was in the first five minutes of the movie so I sat through the rest of the movie bored out of my mind.

The level of comedy or, more important, the KIND of jokes, became predictable and a little stale.

A pointless waste of time.

Why would ANYONE in ANY type of environment under ANY circumstance EVER find this type of movie entertaining?

Total waste of money, even if you catch the matinee.

The film makes fun of supernatural horror movies this time and has some jokes that can give a giggle and most of the giggles come from Hanson(Chris Elliot), but there are other jokes that are repetitive, unoriginal and just stupid that brings the movie down again.

Okay, I was bored last saturday and wanted to see a movie.

If you aren't likely to find a string of gay, sex, toilet and the like jokes entertaining, then you should avoid.

Yes, it is crude and raunchy with strong teenager appeal, but it was also reasonably intelligent and quite entertaining, as long as you get the jokes and references.

The film did have some very enjoyable moments.

Despite all of its attempts to be shocking – and the film laughs at race as well as the disabled – it's actually rather dull, despite frenzied mugging from the cast and a range of inventive special effects.

Unfortunately, it was instead a waste of time and money to sit through this sad, humorless film.

What I got was something very close to the worst movie I've ever seen.

Overall a dreary and crude film that I didn't find funny once.

"Scary Movie 2" on the other hand was boring, not funny, and at times plain stupid.

There was some funny bits in the film but these were the deleted and alternative scenes, if these had been put into the film it might have been worth watching.

Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie and Vampires Suck are abysmal, this was the second film in the near pointless continuing horror films, television and popularised celebrity news spoof series.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen, it's so stupid, cheap, predictable, and vulgar that I think that the people who laughs at this sh*t must have that four characteristics...

The brilliant cameo by James Woods at the beginning of the film is among the few really enjoyable moments of the film.

There is no story in this movie.

Although no plot was intended, the choppiness and confusion that the storyline brings is "nails-on-a-chalkboard" annoying.

same goes for scary movie has no plot!

Pointless 'parodies' abound, and many don't have any reference to scary movies.

I had guessed every scene up to the point that I left, so I just imagined a dull, uninspiring ending and got popcorn instead.

Hopefully Scary Movie 3 will take some time to put together, making the spoofs more enjoyable.

Waste of valuable time .

Worst movie I have ever seen .

What really makes this movie so bad is the awkward scenes that draw on way too long.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It also has a fatal flaw of being Slow, dull and boring.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

There is no real plot, characters who died in the first reappear and the new characters leave you wondering why they were included in the film at all.

"), Hollow Man, What Lies Beneath, The Matrix (anyone notice the yawning commentary that Matrix rip-offs are getting boring?

It was a crude movie, but entertaining nonetheless.

You may recognise the films being parodied, and The Exorcist parody is a not bad start, but the repetitive and predictable jokes do not work, the story is pointless, it feels trashy and is a waste of time, and sadly this feel was to continue for one or two of the following sequels, a rubbish and rather unfunny horror comedy spoof film.

What a waste of time & money.

It was definitely the worst movie ever.

Sure the whole movie is a spoof, but there must be SOMTHING, the movie had no plot and it lacked in structure, it was all messed up.

There really is no plot or story to speak of, the movie just runs from parody to parody (some good, some painful to watch.

Scary movie 1 and 3 were both enjoyable, and no.

Funny and enjoyable.

There are some big laughs in this film but sometimes it's tedious getting to them.

I honestly can say that this is the WORST movie i have ever seen,i can also honestly say that i didn't laugh once,if it wasn't for the fact that i actually paid to watch this film i would have walked out a lot earlier than waiting to the end,the best bit of the film was the credits at the end,PLEASE do not waste your money by renting the film out on video.

It's to waste your time.

Don't waste your money just to laugh a couple of times.

But after a while, tediousness set in and the jokes lost theirpunch.

The humor in this movie is extremely desperate and contrived; even going as far as to spoof movies that aren't even horror movies.

Overall, flawed, but an entertaining and hilarious sequel to the first and is not as bad as some say it is.

Probably the worst movie I have ever seen.