Scary Movie (2000) - Comedy

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A year after disposing of the body of a man they accidentally killed, a group of dumb teenagers are stalked by a bumbling serial killer.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Stars: Anna Faris, Jon Abrahams
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 161 out of 887 found boring (18.15%)

One-line Reviews (308)

Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

i was looking for some random jokes with a somewhat unifying story but what i found was some random cut scenes (some funny others utterly absurd) trying to range the most movies they could what was quite confusing and deadly to the movie's interest.

No plot here.

total waste of time, almost walked out, stupid .

It was a complete waste of time and was only funny on two occasions (the funniest scenes are with the Wayans brothers, everyone else was terrible).

The characters are constantly being humiliated and portrayed like empty-headed jocks and bimbos…Really anything goes for the Wayans brothers apparently!

"Scary Movie" is, by far, the worst movie I have ever seen.

An Entertaining Parody .

And I very nearly walked out around twenty minutes into the movie.

The likes of Billy's orgasm scene and Cindy flashing her [somewhat deformed] breasts are some of the many moments in which this Scary movie crossed the fine line between the wearisome and the unwatchable.

The whole film is absurd at times but entertaining most of it.

One person even stated that they had to keep telling their friend that "this was the worst movie ever".

It bored me.

The Wazzup joke was just another cliché, one of the thousands you'll find in this ''film''.

Whoever said this movie is pathetic, or waste of time etc, whats ur problem, this movie was not made to win any awards, or teach important lesson, its simply there to make u laugh and ridicul those stupid "horror" movies.

The basic theme was lame repetitive sexual inuendo, drug use and gratuitous murder.

Worst Movie in history .

They were trying to make fun of other movies trite plots and they fell into the same traps themselves.

The Blair Witch parody also pointless.

It's a waste of time, waste of money, waste of talent (?

They made a very enjoyable spoof movie to be enjoyed for many years.

There was a nice twist at the end and relatively unexpected.

Definitely entertaining and will pass the time.

this movie is the worst movie i have ever seen .

I highly recommend it.

So what this crew does is drag out a bunch of fart and genital jokes.

I should have because it only got dumber and more offensive as the time dragged on.

Save your money and watch something else.

These are just a few of the many pointless references to other movies and pop culture phenomenons.

All the stunts, jokes and punchlines are childish, lack any real intelligence and are very predictable.

The characters are mostly so ordinary and boring that you can't even laugh about them.

If I hadn't paid to see it I'd have walked out.

This movie is good fun to watch (especially with friends) and I enjoyed it.

Repulsive and Repetitive .

I love that movie and it just left me in a bad mood when I left the theater.

Worth watching if you're a teenager.

"Scary Movie 2" is certainly the worst movie I have seen this year, next to "Swordfish", of course.

worst movie ever .

This film is so bad that the only way to sum it up is to say Please, please dont waste an hour and an half of you life with it.

(And if they do, they should be dragged out into the street and shot.

The WAZZUP gags was too lame and pointless, even when that gag was at the height of its popularity.

Are you getting an idea that this is the worst movie that I have seen in a long time and maybe ever.

First of all, this movie was quite enjoyable and had me laughing throughout.

Most bad reviews pique my interest, but seriously, don't waste your time- rent an old Mel Brooks or Jim Abraham movie for way more laughs...

***CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS (THAT ARE ALSO SEEN IN THE TRAILER)*** My problem with this movie was that although there are loads and loads of jokes in it (and some are funny, indeed) it drags them out for far too long.

I was very happy with the film and I enjoyed it very much.

Of all the movies out there that spoof other films, this one should be near the top of the list in terms of entertaining value.

Save your money (and someone else's money) and stay far away from this one.

Light and entertaining .

Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Still I think most people looking for a good waste of time comedy will enjoy this movie even if they do say it was stupid.

There are countless sex and oral sex jokes, many lame race jokes and in the most confusing scene, Cindy gets violently beaten up by a man for comedy relief.

And to set the record straight I'm a 45 year old and my wife is 53 and we both enjoyed it very much.

Co-produced & directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans I thought Scary Movie was OK & had a few funny moments in it but it was rather repetitive.

If you want to waste your time, wasting IQ, and wasting your life mostly; see this?

But then it dragged.

And I thought "Space Mutiny", a real low budget B grade sci-fi flick, was bad, "Scary Movie" takes the position in my list as the absolute WORST movie that I have ever had the misfortune to see.

Hilariously entertaining romp .

Ho hum .

and in the trailers shown with other features but the end result is an amateur film that moves about as fast as a speeding car out of control, throwing off any good timing that was possible and making it seem like one big drawn out skit from any lame comedy/variety show over the last decade.

It's tiresome.

everything was obviously lifted from other films and then went nowhere.

After seeing the preview, I expected that I was going to leave the theater holding my sides, and with my cheeks aching from laughing so hard.

However, I can say that it's still pretty funny, and entertaining.

A totally banal and insipid comedy with labored setups and meager payoffs.

So, if you want a good Scary Movie comedy spoof, watch Scary Movie 3, which is much more entertaining and serves much better as a parody of scary movies.

the boredom.. .

In the nineties we had classic spoofs such as Austin Powers and Naked Gun, silly but with a sharp and entertaining plot.

But this was unbearable.

When the film hits a lull, it resorts to childish, Adam Sandler-esque humor.

Worth watching!

I heard someone say that at the premiere, the Wayan's parents walked out, and I can understand why -- this is by far one of the raunchiest films I've ever seen.

I've heard a lot of good and bad remarks about this waste of my time.

It was probably the best gross-out comedy we've had since "There's Something About Mary", and it was certainly every bit as entertaining.

I will say, though, that I happened to have found maybe only three parts funny, but everything else was pointless!

just a waste of time and money.

Probably the most enjoyable parts of the movie are the ones that feature the killer.

A Bored viewer.

I highly recommend it.

Please, keep Wayans and his youngest brother Marlon I believe (who has a supporting role as a stereotypical pothead and is UNWATCHABLE) away from movie sets.

If you haven't seen this yet, save your money...

I'm not sure what the people who dumped on this film were expecting, but I found it entertaining.

Should have been rated NC-17, Stupid jokes, insipid and a real waste of money.

My rating: worst movie ever

In fact this is now among the highly select group of movies I have walked out of, consisting only of the Touch of Evil rerelease and the live-action Spawn movie.

Highly overrated - save your money and instead go rent an *actual good* comedy, like "Fatal Instinct" or "Police Squad".

This slurping sound seemed to be far more enjoyable then the stupid dialog on the screen!

This kind of gross-out humor often falls flat in motion-pictures, but this flick is surprisingly entertaining in it's own way.

The acting was fine but you go to a spoof movie for the laughs and parodies and this comes up short as so many jokes are repetitive and predictable.

The rest of the cast does just fine and is very entertaining throughout the film.

" beer commercial are just plain dull.

It was a huge waste of an hour and a half of my life, and many others lives, and it is not even funny at all.

You must be bored as hell to watch this.

It is true probably that this is way too crude and stupid to be OK but I felt it is, it's enjoyable, doesn't overstay it's welcome and as mentioned before, can have laugh out loud moments too.

SCARY MOVIE is both entertaining and lackluster.

It also seemed like the director was trying to fit as many different film references in as short a time as possible, and this just causes confusion for those of us who like a good parody.

A little bit of diversity would have been more dynamical, funny and enjoyable.

We've already made cracks about how slow Michael, Jason and Freddy walk.

The killer's confusion over meeting Shannon Elizabeth was one of the more clever moments, and both Carmen Electra and Shannon Elizabeth made for great eye candy.

This movie, however, is a testament to how dumbed-down, empty, and money-hungry some entertainers become for a paycheck.

Another stupid comedy with pointless jokes.

Modern spoofs often contain slapstick humour, stereotypes and a fairly predictable plot.

It was all sex, no plot and no laughs.

Overall, not a masterpiece, but Scary Movie is a mindless entertaining spoof of horror movies!

Save your money and wait for the video.

A waste of film and money .

save your money and your time for a movie that doesn't spend all of it's time in the sewer, as this one does.

Perhaps the Wayans' failed to realize that "Scream" was Wes Craven's tribute to the predictable, rehashed horror movies of the 1980's.

This is one movie definitely NOT worth the film it was filmed on, and was an immense waste of my time and money -- I would rather purposely infect myself with the flu than see this movie again...

You get parodies of a few 90's horror films ("Scream", "I Know What You Did Last Summer", "The Blair Witch Project", "The Sixth Sense"), a really, really pointless plot that makes NO SENSE whatsoever (not even the ending made any sense!

But the sex jokes got old really fast and I got bored.

The humour is crass, but its delivery is enthusiastic and the young cast are entertaining, particularly Anna Faris.

The rest was full of a boring storyline, crude jokes, and even cruder scenes.

I will admit to laughing for the first 20 minutes or so but after that I just wanted to leave and it would seem that the rest of the audience agreed as it was incredibly silent in the theater.

Anna Faris will most likely have a great movie career, the Wayans brothers were a nice touch, as was Shannon Elizabeth, Lochlyn Munro and another intriguing character, Regina Hall.

I was disappointed in this movie because it was trite and in poor taste.

Really, this is just a frat-boy's paradise, meaning lots of low humour, vulgar jokes and crude banality.

It was a tedious tour of high school bathroom wall scribbling and over-sexed behavior.

Scary Movie has lots of enjoyable scenes in it...

Don't worry, I'm not spoiling any crucial plot elements, for there is no plot to spoil.

So if you find yourself bored with nothing to do...

Nearly every punchline is predictable and, thus, spoiled.

Though the film is quite entertaining and the cast is likable (mainly Anna Faris as the lead), it's decent at best.

the worst movie I ever paid to see .

I suppose if you're up for a few, ok more then a few, penis jokes this would be your film, but if you're looking for a good horror spoof save your money and hit the video store.

Many are clever, funny, and unexpected; others fall flat.

One of the worst movies I've ever had the misfortune to waste my money on.

Most entertaining 2000 movie so far ...

The films which it's parodying, especially 'Scream' and 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' have a deep, beating, suspenseful theme, and 'Scary Movie' produces music very music like it.

Let me tell you one thing: SCARY MOVIE is a waste of time.

The whole film is a parody of the horror movie "Scream" with a few altered segments from other films combined and a slightly different twist at the end, to try and create a more unexpected finish.

They were hoping the nudity would save them but that also was boring because the bathroom humor was at the third grade level.

This movie was a waste of money, and I told all of my friends not to go see it.

They really dragged the fun down and made me think at times that "this is too stupid, even for a spoof".

If you laughed at them, be happy with that and save your money.

) of the entire scene, it gets very boring after a short time.

I was in stitches at times while watching the film, but was left feeling empty inside after I left the theatre.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

All cliche's and worn out jokes.

The result: recycled, boring and rather lame attempts at cheap laughs.

Save your money.

So predictable, Scary Movie stands firmly on the dying body of all things Friday The 13th, Halloween, and (god forbid) Leprechaun.

I registered just to say this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

And I highly recommend it.

Now excuse me while I go and dust off my copy of Beverly Hills Cop, and watch a real entertaining, funny movie.

Save your money, save your brain cells, and do not see this movie.

In conclusion, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

(including the scream saga)Ignore the low ratings and the criticism, people are mistaking this for what it's actually worth, a brainless, pointless, stupid and absolutely hilarious comedy.

) and with a OPEN MIND, when your in the mood for pointless laughs, kick back with a can and watch!

Sure they've got the silly, unspeakable characters, all the sexual, religious and racist humor; but it turns out to be quite funny and overall very enjoyable.

It is by far the most boring, laziest, worst put together, and dumbly acted movie I have ever seen.

Boring: the other films could not have been so bad to deserve this.

It seems like the writers had a bunch of gags about drugs, pubic hair, penises, boobs, testicles, oral sex, and other such things, but no plot, and Miramax said, "here, use one of the plots of our other hit movies, and stick all your jokes on it!

The reasons:a) The jokes are predictable.

I wish I had driven myself to the movie so I could have walked out and gone home.

Guys will love this movie, but girls, please don't waste your time or money.

Some of the subject matter was very offending and this is the first movie I have EVER seen that I walked out on.

The worst movie of the year .

Otherwise you'll notice the the unbearable quality of the script.

Save your money for something good!

It has no plot, it's not funny and no fun.

When it's not terrible, it's just boring.

The emphasis is on crude juvenile gross-out humour that relies heavily on childish immature sexual jokes & gags which while some are genuinely funny they get tiresome quite quickly & the script doesn't have any real variety about it.

In a word - boring .

"Scary Movie" is entertaining and funny, although you must like spoofs in order to really appreciate this movie (or the franchise as such).

This was really one of the worst movies I've ever seen...

This may sound fun but it's a bore.

I really like this movie mainly because I found it very funny and entertaining.

"Scary Movie" was a 2 hour-long rpresentation of cliche after cliche.

It is absolutely the worst movie I have seen in a long, long time....

and very entertaining.

"), the men in the film are pretty dull, actually.

Pointless 'remake' of "Scream" .

Not only does it miss as a parody of the Scream movies, but the poorly done little vignettes of other movies, tiresome and really of poor taste sex jokes culminate in a film which has nothing more to offer than college students pulling their pants and seeing how much profanity they can use.

This movie is a spoof of the horror films and it's worth watching for kicks and laughs along the way.

It's enjoyable.

All in all, I enjoyed it.

However, there wasn't a strong plot and many jokes, despite hilarious, were predictable and silly.

It gets tiresome really quickly.

Save your money.

Shannon Elizabeth, Carmen Electra and Anna Faris alone make the film worth watching!

It's wickedly funny, rather stupid at times, but still overall enjoyable.

Had I not been sitting in the middle of a crowded section I most certainly would have walked out on this one -- something I've never done before simply because of a film's stupidity.

Definetly worth watching if you're a teenager.

Of corse most spoofs nowdays are very dull because they simply use tired material from people who don't even try to think.

Arguably one of the worst movies that I have ever seen.

Al the original movies (including the blair witch project, which was very boring too) are a lot funnier than scary movie.

Some of the jokes really work, some of them really don't, but it is thanks to a very funny performance by Anna Faris (standing in for the Jennifer Love Hewitts and Neve Campbells of the world) that makes it worth watching.

It has no plot, no characters, nothing visual, and no music.

After seeing this movie I now know what the worst movie ever made is like.

This opening sets the tone for an engrossing comedy and viewers are thrust head first into typical teenagers lives, filled with some fine slapstick humour and stereotypes lives There is a consistency to Scary Movie.

"Scary Movie" was a movie with pretty much no plot, as least that the viewer cared about or followed.

Save your money and let someone tell you the jokes you missed.

Meant to spoof the wave of '90s horror films that brought back the slasher genre, "Scary Movie" combines the plot line of "Scream" with "I Know What You Did Last Summer" but fills it with goofy and/or stupid characters who make fun of these films' repetitive clichés.

Boring .

entertaining .

What a waste of money.

In its opening stretches, `Scary Movie' has a great deal of fun parodying the many ludicrous conventions that have long defined these films: the use of 30-year old actors to portray empty-headed, nubile adolescents; the heavy emphasis on teen sexuality and partial nudity; the inane actions of the killer's victims who seem to do everything possible to hurl themselves into dangerous situations; and the oh-so-predictable false scare (usually caused by a leaping cat) followed immediately by the inevitable killer's attack.

the definitive worst movie I've ever seen .

I'm telling you, don't waste your time or you'll regret it.

this movie is the worst movie i have ever seen first: What about toilette scene(black guy and penis) horrible, what they are thinkingsecond: man is beating girl in front of all her friends and nobody not even move (what we can learn: beat those who are less stronger than you)third: shanon elisabeth and her head in killers hand, hey man, what f**k is that.

It was well done though, unlike the Leslie Nielsen bores that we have seen in recent years.

Extremely tedious, overrated, pointless piece of crap.

This sorry excuse for a movie goes from funny in the first 15 minutes to tedious in the last hour.

It makes little I saw scary movie and I best thought this plot than scream certainly very entertaining one of my favorite old movies big fan of the films of comic horror and I loved the last part I did not expect doofy I certainly was a good choice of the murderer And good choice of characters ray and "shorty" was very entertaining made ​​me laugh a lot the only character I did not like was the Buffy was very irritating.

Over all i enjoyed it though

Also, the gay jokes go on way too long.

Its definitely not a movie that people who like really good comedy will enjoy,but people who enjoy fast paced comedies with stupid humor should get a laugh out of it,and its definitely better than the movies that this movie inspired,like the Scary Movie sequels,Disater Movie,Epic Movie,etc,the sequels aren't bad,but everything else are some of the worst movies of all time,literally.

The horrendous overacting is humorous at first but quickly becomes tiresome as Cindy consistently screams in fear and runs away like a headless chicken.

What waste of money.

When you are very close to falling asleep during a comedy, the film can't be that good.

(Or it did'nt reach) I think the producers of those films above should have sued the Wayne brothers for making a boring movie/rip off.

It has love, TONS OF LAUGHTER, thrilling moments.

The funny scenes were eclipsed by the ridiculous, repetitive, offensive obsession with genitalia.

The humor is so childish and boring.

Stupid, boring, pointless .

Though the comedy is frequently predictable, there is still elegance about the way Wayans achieves this effect.

All the predictable areas are mined for humour.

Shaft came afterward, and what a relief to watch such a miracle of filmmaking after suffering through this trite (anything could have been seen as a miracle after this film)!

Some parts where boring but others exciting.

This was a mismatched sequence of take-off scenes from films such as "Scream" and "I know What You Did Last Summer", but there was no central plot connecting them, and no humour or intelligence in them whatsoever, therefore rendering the whole concept completely pointless.

Hugely enjoyable performances from newcomer Anna Faris who plays Cindy Campbell, and Carmen Electra who plays Drew Decker, the porn babe who acts in the hilarious opening attack.

Don't waste your money on it in first run theatres.

The late 90's spoofs have been very disapointing, as they were becoming predictable as for they continuious re making of classic 80's and early 90's spoof ( airplane,spaceballs, hotshots ).

Maybe the worst movie I have ever seen.

Still, it was a funny and entertaining movie.

Scary Movie is entertaining and is self aware of it's dumbness as well.

What I got was an hour and a half of the exact same jokes that I had already seen in the previews, with a few disgusting and boring sex jokes.

This movie was a waste of money and if you have movie taste you won't like this movie, this is just a warning if you haven't seen this movie to not see this movie...

Oh well, I sure enjoyed it.

Some of the vignettes are so annoyingly pointless and unfunny that it takes away from the overall flow.

The gags and jokes: all very predictable and poorly delivered.

A teen 'horror' film worth watching...

Let me be clear on one point: This movie is, if not the worst, one of the worst movies in the whole history.

This movie is a complete and utter waste of time and money and despite the fact that I didn't pay for it at all, I still wish I had been given something to at least somewhat equal that squandered hour of my life that will never be returned.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

Nevertheless, this is a short and entertaining movie made for parties to have some good laughs in a good company and where it doesn't matter if you are drunk, stoned, chatting, gone fishing or simply falling asleep during the movie and miss some bits here and there.

Scary Movie just overdoes the whole thing and apart from the occasional moment of fun, just gets boring.

I don't know why people would even pay to see these kinds of movies, it's certainely a good waste of money.

That being said, don't get me wrong here, because this movie is fun and entertaining, especially so if you enjoy comedies that is a spoof on other movies.

The single best waste of a lot of money .

An unwatchable film....

The worst movie I've ever seen .

Totally unexpected.

Save your money, and your time.

If you want to see a funny movie that spoofs the horror/supernatural genre, don't waste your time with this one.

It's like a REALLY LONG (read: repetitive and mind-numbing) skit from In Living Color/Mad TV (read: not even SNL quality).

My advice is don't see it at all, or at least wait till it comes out on video - at least you waste LESS money renting it.

This was just too predictable.

Not a masterpiece, but a mindless entertaining spoof of horror movies.


I hate to be that blunt but this is honestly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Worst Movie Ever .

I have never sat through a movie before saying to the person seated beside me, 'this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Nevertheless, Scary Movie was very entertaining and I give it a 7 on a comedic scale of 1-10.

Don't waste your time...

Very dull.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

From start to finish, jokes fly at the audience with unexpected force.

Entertaining despite the lack of story .

What a waste of my time.

The Worst Movie I've ever seen .

I laughed my head off at "Meet the Parents" half enjoyed "There's something about Mary" but found Scary Movie totally uninspiring because of its lack of finesse and heavy handed scatological and sexual slant.

In all, Scary Movie is a very entertaining movie that provides more conclusion to Scream than Scream 3 did.

After this opening scene, there are some more laughs to be had, but it grows more tiresome as it moves along, which can't be a good thing when you consider the fact the film's only 88 minutes long.

Much better than the second one, Scarymovie is worth watching.

If you're bored some weekend, with extra cash to burn, go right ahead and be prepared for some silliness.

I was so glad I saw this film, it is easily one of the most enjoyable experiences of 2000.

Waste of time and money .


The jokes in this movie are repetitive and just lose their humor after a while.

Otherwise, this is a banal and tired teen jiggle porn movie that consists of sophomoric self-references and second rate smut.

There is no plot, no story with a start and an end.

The acting is the same boring thing every time.

Of course there were stupid connections (as the special appearance by James Van Der Beek- pointless!

The casting is perfect, the satire is right on target, the jokes are hilarious, and overall, the movie is fantastically entertaining.

My recommendations are "Don't waste your time or money on this dud".

Everyone else, however, is a boring stereotype, particularly Shorty (Marlon Wayans), an obnoxious stoner with almost no comedic charisma.

Scary Movie is tacky, tasteless, unimaginative, and bland.

worst movie I have ever seen .

After awhile it becomes tedious to watch.

It pokes fun at horror movie cliche's and the modern horror movie's in general.

This movie was very entertaining.

The jokes got repetitive.

Such a funny entertaining spoofing movie.

Anything more would be civilized, and boring.

It´s a banal ripoff of many different horror movies.

Scary Movie was definitely the worst movie of the year.

This film is very entertaining.

This was the worst movie I ever paid to see.

While anyone of these jokes might be funny on their own, the film collapses in a sea of them, and they just become tedious.

An inherent problem with movies which pay a satirical homage to the films they are trying to make fun of, is that the viewer is often bombarded with so many laughs that the act of laughing actually becomes tiresome.

This is truly THE worst movie ever!

You can laugh about fake oral sex scenes in the beginning but when it turns out that every pun of this movie is orientated towards this, it gets quite silly, boring and even somewhat embarrassing.

The direction is also mundane.

Going back to Williamson, the movie takes pot shots at his films' self-awareness which I found amusing, fans of Williamson's work will also be rewarded with a semi-unexpected cameo.

Worth watching once, you are sure to get a few laughs.

" The memorable garage scene from "Scream" was totally pointless in this movie.

A cameo from DAWSON'S CREEK star James Van Der Beek is unexpected and successful, so perhaps more cameos would have helped.

As for scary movie 2 please save your money im begging you the whole movie is garbage the only funny part was when the movie was over I couldn't stop laughing how can a movie have such a bad taste toward comedy, they finished this sequal so fast they put so much garbage in it which was the 1st grade kind of humor.

This movie was a complete waste of my time.

A number of jokes fall flat, get tiresome, or are just too bad to be funny.

No plot to speak of.

Hopefully Mr. Wayans will take a bit of a breather from the spoof business, but based on opening weekend box office results, he'll be encouraged to unsheath his rather deadly pen from the inkwell to bore again.

With a combination of gross-out jokes and typpical Wayans brother dialoge makes this movie an entertaining 90 minutes of laughter.

My daughter, 11, came with me and was so bored that she entertained herself by blowing bubbles in the soda pop cup!

People Who Find Enjoyment in This Must be REALLY Bored.