Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A group of teens face their fears in order to save their lives.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: André Øvredal
Stars: Zoe Margaret Colletti, Michael Garza
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 49 out of 207 found boring (23.67%)

One-line Reviews (130)

It tried to play itself like a genuine horror when it was more like a more thrilling goosebumps without the comedy.

In the old days a Cartoon Short film or News reel prior to Start were much more entertaining than trailers.

found myself feeling like I was watching Nickelodeon and my husband even fell asleep.

There are moments were the director tries to be unpredictable with its jump scares.

Dont lose your time this his the worst movie ever , the positiv reviews his not true , omg worst thing ever not scary stupid bad acting , terrible

Scare moments are predictable and music is not that frightening.


In fact, even it's larger story seems fascinating.

Three people actually walked out of the film half-way through, and while the film certainly wasn't going to rewrite the horror movie genre, I don't think it was that bad.

The characters were way more likable than I anticipated and gave a great deal of charm to everything which was refreshing instead of just dull walking cliche's like they could've been.

The movie was entertaining.

This happens when the story and the storytelling become uneven and far too predictable.

But, as a grumpy, older cynic, I'd say it was entertaining at best, and predictable for the most part.

As others have said it's slow to get going, drags its feet at points, and there isn't any climax to be found.

Save your money .

And as always, movie aren't that scary as I expect, the jumpscares are so obvious but one moment actually got me intense in the" under the bed" scene.

Waste of time.

This movie was slow and just plain AWFUL !!

This film makes a pour attempt at being scary but remained boring throughout.

Save your money.

Lacks ambition, but ultimately enjoyable .

Its like a movie you would watch if your high just for the laughs at how terrible it dragged and how terrible the stories are.

The spider scene was cringy, but the Jangly Man original and gave me the chills, but the story as a whole was just boring and uneventful for me especially with political inserts at random points of the film (even though this is not a time piece) it just didn't flow well.

We know what's going to happen but it was much more suspenseful than I thought it would be.

Still, it was fun and I enjoyed it.

You can tell right away when a jump scare is about to happen because it's such a cliché way.

It's a very uninspiring ending; a bit of a letdown for what otherwise could have been a decent movie.

It wasn't scary, and the parts that were supposed to be suspenseful were cliche and a bit drab.

Short: most story's are bad, bad acting, badly detailed landscape, ending is weak and predictable.

I was INCREDIBLY bored watching this film.

More suspenseful than scary.

Worst movie ever .

This movie was so predictable you knew everything that was going to happen.

Overall the film is bland, generic and cliche ridden to the bone.

Some horror movies go WAY overboard with the kills, but this one used minimal deaths, which I'd say is a breath of fresh air, and does make it suspenseful to watch.

and you're really bored...

But once again, it's enjoyable.

Generic & Too slow .

Not going to write a long review but just want to say that although some parts seemed to drag a little, there were intense scenes.


Worst movie I've ever seen in theaters .

Pretty boring and the rest of the audience seemed the same.

The movie as a whole is far from great, but still enjoyable for what it is.

One very uninteresting one at that.

Entertaining, more cool than scary, awesome visuals, will watch again.

Plane and simple, this movie made me sleepy.

The ending was pretty enjoyable for how boring the movie started off to be.

Some of the ghosts are really creepy and unexpected.

Some of the side plots seemed deliberately pointless or failed to evoke any real relevance over the story/character development.

Boring .

The toe scene was so dragged out you knew exactly what was going to happen next.

This movie dragged and never kept me captivated.

However it could give us something more intense and dramatic like It (2017).

The films main core story and characters do get dull and boring at times which makes you crave the more horrific moments.

The iconic ink illustrations by Stephen Gammell gave this trilogy a cult status as adults readily tried to ban these books from school and public libraries deeming these short stories too intense for young minds.

Slow-paced and drawn-out nothingness is mistaken for actual tension, potential plot devices are clumsily thrown aside, horror cliches abound (how many contorted CGI-bodies do we really need?

I wish they'd have just gotten a flexible acrobat for one of the monsters, I wish they'd have gotten a practical effects artist to make a writhing leg ooze from a sore, I wish for many more practical effects to keep me immersed in stead of kick me out of the moment.

Camera cuts were totally predictable and sometimes too much to actually happen that you start getting annoyed.

While the Pale Lady was slow and cumbersome, he is fast and flexible and really becomes a contender.

It may be not scary, but it still enjoyable to watch.

This is a version of coming of age story, wrapped in horror clothes, the tale of lost innocence and deliverance from past.

They lack personal character and aren't interesting at all, only dull and boring.

When the film detours off course from its formulaic plotting, it zeroes in on its more compelling tales of woe before veering back to the established conventional story-within-a-story format.

IN BRIEF: An uneven but entertaining spookfest.

A boring and uneventful movie.

I was expecting this movie to be scary like Goosebumps, which is to say not scary at all, but still entertaining.

It's great to tell interconnected stories into 1 film and cool to watch how, but it is just so dull to think because that's just it that they show.

The script has major issues with predictable mystery, cursory plotting and mediocre character developments.


Entertaining and Genuinely Creepy Gateway Movie .

Just don't put up too high of a hope on this, it may seem like the next "IT" or "Stranger Things", you know with all the kids being terrorized by some unknown evil entity, which turns out to be a little bit boring and cringey to the point that I almost couldn't curb the urge of my body to just go out and go somewhere else in the middle of the story.

The movie feels very slow phased at some moments, something that led me to yawn several times.

I fell asleep .

Boring movie .

It is very slow paced, and kind of boring.

As a fan of the books I wanted to love this movie but the horrible sub par acting and very slow and boring plot really made me disappointed.

The kills are fun, unexpectedly gruesome in a goreless, bloodless way, the build-ups and atmosphere also pleasantly surprised, boredom was not among the emotions the movie raised in me.

All aspects of the horror I have seen before, but somehow I enjoyed it.

If you didn't read the books, don't waste your time...

This is an extremely entertaining movie that, in my opinion, does justice to the source material.

), and our heroes run the range between one-dimensional and just plain boring.

If Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark had been a collection of short tales simply, it would have scared the daylights out of the audience but on the contrary, the film is nondescript and cliche ridden.

and it lulls at points....

I should have asked for my money back when the first couple scenes were so slow and boring.

The movie seems to be targeted towards younger teens, and is very enjoyable for those who are just getting into the horror genre.

Beautiful creatures, great cgi, but the story is pretty dull.

Not even sure what I was doing more often, yawning or rolling my eyes.

Save your money!

More suspenseful than scary .

I knew it was going to be visually stunning from the moment I saw Guillermo Del Toro, and it absolutely was.

The story by itself is catching and entertaining.

This movie looked so good from the previews, but leaves you leaving bored and disappointed

It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time--stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah's terrifying tome.

Slow rollercoaster with wickedly intense moments .

As everything comes to a conclusion in an intense finale, we see a set up for a possibility of a future franchise which i would totally be on board with to see more of the classic stories come to life as well as new ones.

The suspense and thrills will leave you on the edge.

At the beginning, I felt it would be a a very dull, boring movie with just a few jumpscares to make you jump and this was partly true, but still, I think this movie is worth watching since it's a lot of fun and the 'monsters' were great and a bit creepy as well!

I had to empty my entire mind hoping to either really like the film or hate it.

I fell asleep!

Please save your money.

A 2019 Pre-October Adrenaline Rush OF FEAR!!.

As the character tries to escape the corridors but every turn he makes he runs into a slow walking pale lady.


(I know a movie is boring if I look at my watch.

Wish there were deeper monsters but still enjoyable .

I like seeing young, up and coming actors shine new light into a genre that is seldom successful at actually making a good and enjoyable film.

Ya, it was pretty cliche, the dialogue was cringe at times, and I found the main character annoying.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark works when it tells it's short stories; the larger story is disjointed .

Worst movie I've seen in theaters in years.

You knew exactly what was going to happen, the end was so predictable and the scenes were really cheesy.

Rather, you'll find a popular formula for horror movies, not accidentally coping the vibes of the Stranger Things tv show, delivering a boring/repetitive storyline, with some really creepy and scary creatures (the best part of the movie).

The scary stories of Sarah Bellows are presented in an exciting and interesting way in the film.

Scary Stories is more exciting than really scary.

Very enjoyable adaptation.

Believe me, only because the movie had cheap jumpscares, It doesn't mean it's not worth watching, for a PG-13 movie it has some pretty disturbing images and will make you not sleep for days...

It's not perfect, but it is perfectly enjoyable.

I went to the theatre with low expectation and yet, this movie still pretty enjoyable to me.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Dull Stories to Tell in the dark .

There is a solid 20 to 30 minutes where it seems like nothing happens and then the film limps to a horrible ending.

But for a basic horror, I enjoyed it.

Maybe around Halloween for the fun, entertaining horror scenes.

What it got wrong, failed to capture the true creepiness of the books, borrowed heavily from other ideas (IT & Stranger Things), jump scares, unlikable characters, pour core story, and just boring.

I wouldn't say it was horrible to watch their whole plot, just entertaining.

The special effects were creepy and really well done but the story was so generic and flat that it was hard to feel immersed.

Really dont waste your money.

As I said before, worst movie I've ever seen in theaters, perhaps worst movie I've ever seen.

But story moved very quick and was repetitive like other horror movies based on children group.

But the movie is still entertaining tho.

Some parts were rushed and the dialogues were a little unclear but nonetheless it was good and enjoyable.