Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) - Adventure, Horror, Mystery

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On Halloween 1968, Stella and her two friends meet a mysterious drifter, Ramón, and uncover a sinister notebook of stories.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: André Øvredal
Stars: Zoe Margaret Colletti, Michael Garza
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 135 out of 586 found boring (23.03%)

One-line Reviews (355)

Believe me, only because the movie had cheap jumpscares, It doesn't mean it's not worth watching, for a PG-13 movie it has some pretty disturbing images and will make you not sleep for days...

It's great to tell interconnected stories into 1 film and cool to watch how, but it is just so dull to think because that's just it that they show.

The scary stories of Sarah Bellows are presented in an exciting and interesting way in the film.

This movie dragged and never kept me captivated.

This film is an empty imitation of the far more memorable source, so at least there is that.

Was surprisingly really uninteresting and routine.

Honestly, I really enjoyed it.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark works when it tells it's short stories; the larger story is disjointed .

The 'story' itself was bland, predictable and boring.

Some perfect ways to describe this film are; poorly written, boring, unimaginative, no sense of direction, awful casting, lack of gravity to any situation, no tension, bad CGI, terrible story progression.

Don't waste your time or money on this.

So instead it just feels slow!

If you didn't read the books, don't waste your time...

Incredibly boring, slow, messy and just downright crap.

Maybe this movie is for those live in US as children that have heard from their parent or story book,for outsiders who seen this movie will feel totally empty.

As a fan of the books I wanted to love this movie but the horrible sub par acting and very slow and boring plot really made me disappointed.

More suspenseful than scary .

Good but got a little boring .

The characters were way more likable than I anticipated and gave a great deal of charm to everything which was refreshing instead of just dull walking cliche's like they could've been.

IN BRIEF: An uneven but entertaining spookfest.

I knew it was going to be visually stunning from the moment I saw Guillermo Del Toro, and it absolutely was.

I really enjoyed it and recommend it for a good scary time.

Rather, you'll find a popular formula for horror movies, not accidentally coping the vibes of the Stranger Things tv show, delivering a boring/repetitive storyline, with some really creepy and scary creatures (the best part of the movie).

Quite intense and it kept my attention!

There is a solid 20 to 30 minutes where it seems like nothing happens and then the film limps to a horrible ending.

Worth watching if you've got nothing better to do .

), and our heroes run the range between one-dimensional and just plain boring.

Some of the side plots seemed deliberately pointless or failed to evoke any real relevance over the story/character development.

Surprisingly entertaining.

This might be appropriate for young teenagers but older teenagers or adults could quickly get bored.

Set in 1968, the film opens with all sorts of anti-Nixon propaganda, and this is peppered throughout the film, without resolution or reason.

I'd say it was pretty boring, to be honest.

Please save your money.

The movie as a whole is far from great, but still enjoyable for what it is.

We know what's going to happen but it was much more suspenseful than I thought it would be.


The stories in those books traumatized me as a child and always had me gripping my pillow and sheets tight.

Plane and simple, this movie made me sleepy.

Very usual and predictable .

Beyond that, this film is just plain boring.

Worth watching!

Boring Movie to Watch in the Dark .

I wish they'd have just gotten a flexible acrobat for one of the monsters, I wish they'd have gotten a practical effects artist to make a writhing leg ooze from a sore, I wish for many more practical effects to keep me immersed in stead of kick me out of the moment.

Really dont waste your money.

So Entertaining and Scary.

" Predictable and dispassionate, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the scares were made up on the spot due to the filmmakers' laziness.

The acting is decent, but the deaths and horror scenes are so intense you actually pity the more annoying victims, and one villainous character.

Entertaining, more cool than scary, awesome visuals, will watch again.

people DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME with this film it will leave you in dark with nothing and stories to tell is nothing.

I managed to watch 50 minutes of this painfully dull movie.

Let's start with the performances, most if the young actors were great, Zoe Margaret Colletti as Stella Nicholls stole the whole show, she's so talented, yet her character is so predictable, but she managed to make her very entertaining to watch, sometimes even emotional!

As the character tries to escape the corridors but every turn he makes he runs into a slow walking pale lady.

How convenient -_-The narrative is boring.

It wasn't gory, or unbearable, it was just some good plain fun.

The bad news is - they're attached to a somewhat meandering and un-engaging wrap around story that gives its characters a personality a little too late.

In fact, the scenes are so boring and dull you start to wonder what you are going to have for dinner more than what is going on in the scene.

The film is fast paced likeable leads and ultimately at times actually pretty scary for all ages unlike goosebumps itself.

Worst movie I've ever seen in theaters .

stories suck it will leave you dark with a empty handed i rather take a dump at toilets room in dark that would have been a better stories to tell in dark.

Wish there were deeper monsters but still enjoyable .

In the old days a Cartoon Short film or News reel prior to Start were much more entertaining than trailers.

However I do fine the teen cast kind of boring and lame.

Her emotional range is spectacular and this performance should definitely get her some exciting new opportunities.

Definitely worth the watch if youre watching for the mems, nothing better than a teen-scream otherwise.

Extremely predictable, overacted & not funny .

The look of the film is pretty good, with its 60's style making for some compelling moments, even when proving to be somewhat interesting.

Yes it isnt amazing but an easy and predictable horror watch, please give it a chance+

When the film detours off course from its formulaic plotting, it zeroes in on its more compelling tales of woe before veering back to the established conventional story-within-a-story format.

I literally fell asleep halfway in it and woke up when the girl was writing Sarah's book in her own blood.....

Predictable and disappointing.

In fact, even it's larger story seems fascinating.

Falters on it's early promise, which inevitably forces this picture into bland formula.

One of the worst movie I ever seen was not even scary just bad acting and trash contact better not be a second movie it was meant to be about scary stories and there was nothing about scary stories

Extremely predictable, overacted & not funny.

Dull Stories to Tell in the dark .

I was bored 90% of the time and never felt scared or shocked or tense, the film uses outdated and sloppy tropes and acting with a corny script and pretty dull characters.

Generic & Too slow .

However it could give us something more intense and dramatic like It (2017).

The movie feels very slow phased at some moments, something that led me to yawn several times.

Dull .

Very entertaining and very well written.

The central story line felt too contrived.

Bored to freaking death!

Bland, dull and extremely cliché.

The special effects were creepy and really well done but the story was so generic and flat that it was hard to feel immersed.

I like seeing young, up and coming actors shine new light into a genre that is seldom successful at actually making a good and enjoyable film.

But for qurantine time (which is too long !

But it's enjoyable and that's all I needed it to be.

Still, it's not bad, and I could follow the narrative which was enjoyable.

Well was a great film with good story and a little scary , some parts creepy well worth the watch reminded me of goodbumps film a little with the books theme .

Don't waste your time on this especially if you read the books its annoying that this is what they came up with from them and leaves you annoyed for wasting your time.

You'll sleep perfectly peacefully after watching such a snooze fest.

More suspenseful than scary.

This is quite a novel twist on the teen horror genre and it does work quite well but also does have some very cliche 'honestly why would you do that?

Wow this film had me on the edge of my seat.

I know they tried something new ish but its just so boring.

The kills are fun, unexpectedly gruesome in a goreless, bloodless way, the build-ups and atmosphere also pleasantly surprised, boredom was not among the emotions the movie raised in me.

What initially begins as an intriguing find soon becomes a nightmare as stories begin to manifest on the pages right before their eyes.

I prefer amazing stories bored, just bored and bad the ending is a torture


Whether it was a scarecrow,a dead corpse with a missing two or a creepy absorbing monster the film was very creative and something different compared to other horrors.

This film is very engaging with a good storyline.

It is enjoyable for teenagers as well as adults.

And that's good for the cast is pretty bland.

While the Pale Lady was slow and cumbersome, he is fast and flexible and really becomes a contender.

Three people actually walked out of the film half-way through, and while the film certainly wasn't going to rewrite the horror movie genre, I don't think it was that bad.

This is my opinion, that this film is still inferior to Asian horror films, I made the list, guaranteed to be more sinister, but this film is worth watching for those who like horror, I'm thirsty for this genre of film

And all this does is waste your time, since the endless talking never makes you care about the loser characters or the paper-thin plot.

Scary Stories is more exciting than really scary.

Don't waste your time on this cliched,ordinary story.

Michael Garza is also amazing as the movie's male lead; Ramón Morales, who is another very interesting character, with the most compelling character arc in the movie.

If it's because they wanted to leave a sequel hook, it's a just not worth it.

It wasn't great, but enjoyable.

His attempts at comedy(the writer's attempts) were Weak, forced and predictable.

It may be not scary, but it still enjoyable to watch.

and it lulls at points....

The story is boring, acting decent, special effects are garbage.

Contortionist disjointed human like thing sort of walking after victims.


It is very slow paced, and kind of boring.

The story was boring and went in too many different directions for me to want to keep track and figure out what was going on.

), this is still a pretty good, very fun and entertaining horror-lite film that gets the job done.

This movie was so predictable you knew everything that was going to happen.

The death scenes are very bland and lazy.

I personally found the overarching story to be clunky, forced, predictable and empty.

"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" is an entertaining horror film with short stories linked by a lead story with Stella and Ramón.

Overall the film is bland, generic and cliche ridden to the bone.

They're so predictable I feel insulted watching it because whoever wrote this seems to think I'm an idiot.

It was a slow starter.

Childish, casual, predictable, stupid ending, story also not impressive .

During a scene in the movie, the female protagonist drops the book to the ground in fear as she and her male friend can see the book writing on an empty page, and the line for the male friend is "How does it work?

The visuals are excellent and creepy, and the film is unpredictable.

The backstory of Sarah was a bit drab, they could have polished that up with some kind of big twist which would have made the movie have a little more punch.

Worst movie I've seen in theaters in years.

There's also some weird political propaganda thrown in unrelated to the story.

It's a cliché movie.

Some parts were rushed and the dialogues were a little unclear but nonetheless it was good and enjoyable.

I had to empty my entire mind hoping to either really like the film or hate it.

It is a really good, intriguing story, with characters I care about.

It's more entertaining than frightening.

At the beginning, I felt it would be a a very dull, boring movie with just a few jumpscares to make you jump and this was partly true, but still, I think this movie is worth watching since it's a lot of fun and the 'monsters' were great and a bit creepy as well!

Literally the only reason I dragged myself to see a scary movie.

I was INCREDIBLY bored watching this film.

The films main core story and characters do get dull and boring at times which makes you crave the more horrific moments.

Much like the Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Child's Play were a riotous time at the cinema back then, those films didn't take themselves too seriously yet were still as spooky, fun and entertaining.

This is an extremely entertaining movie that, in my opinion, does justice to the source material.

The story is thrilling as well as chilling, it recycles tropes of the genre but it shies away from being repetitive by providing new angles, well fleshed out characters, haunting stories and a deeper story that leads to believe.

bored to hell .

BORING horror films.

Its probably very exciting for big fans of the book series, and I wouldn't be surprised if a sequel was on its way.

Stories to fall asleep to .

But for a basic horror, I enjoyed it.

Harold And Bored .

It wasn't scary, and the parts that were supposed to be suspenseful were cliche and a bit drab.

Slow rollercoaster with wickedly intense moments .

As I said before, worst movie I've ever seen in theaters, perhaps worst movie I've ever seen.

Still, it was fun and I enjoyed it.

Camera cuts were totally predictable and sometimes too much to actually happen that you start getting annoyed.

It's not perfect, but it is perfectly enjoyable.

All aspects of the horror I have seen before, but somehow I enjoyed it.

Boring stories, typical run of the mill supposed horror film.

Alongside this is the fact that each encounter is painfully short, 3/4 minutes at most and 1/3 of that is cut away to other characters, meaning there isn't enough time to build the tension required, also it cheapens itself by having to lower itself to jump scares to keep you from yawning.

In the end, Scary Stories is hardly a necessary film to watch for 2019, but it does prove to be better than expected at times, and even though some ideas seem like a missed opportunity for a different and darker film, it does prove to hold together to be enjoyable enough in the long run.

(I know a movie is boring if I look at my watch.

Glad he died, but took way too long.

it's blank pages but the book writers itself and person will die of anythingi thought threw out plot the film is boring very boring another characters what is their to say about them you have Ramón Morales (Michael Garza) good character but nothing much to say about him, Auggie Hilderbrandt (Gabriel Rush), Chuck Steinberg (Austin Zajur) such annoying character and sister of chuck Ruth (Natalie Ganzhorn) they all got involved in it with bookbecause went to haunted house and book writers about person the get haunted and book reads them and kills person that's what all film is.

A Lame, Cliche Attempt at a Horror Flick.

and you're really bored...

But maybe that's just me being bored by the fact that everything needs a motivation.

The movie is quite enjoyable and for sure way much better than the average horror movie.

Entertaining and Genuinely Creepy Gateway Movie .

the movie is slow to start.

Predictable, sort of, ending.

Slow and flat.

But the movie is still entertaining tho.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

It tried to play itself like a genuine horror when it was more like a more thrilling goosebumps without the comedy.

Whether you enjoyed it or hated it, it's pretty understandable.

The script is kinda formulaic and at times messy, but can prove to be decently entertaining at times, despite the plot often being on the nose.

I dont find many films that are scary these days, and this one isnt scary at all, unless your under 12 I guess, but its still very watchable and entertaining, definitely better than most I've seen over the last few years.

Don't waste your time .

"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" does an admirable job of bringing to life the creatures from the infamous illustrations of the titular children's book, and even at times succeeds in recreating the suspenseful moments from those stories.

Dont lose your time this his the worst movie ever , the positiv reviews his not true , omg worst thing ever not scary stupid bad acting , terrible

It's not a bad idea to use as a springboard for all these creepy creations to show up, but the main characters don't give us much to hang on to and the film feels like it takes a bit too long to get to the good stuff and, once it does, we wait in anticipation for the next story to appear in between tedious scenes of the kids sleuthing in the local library or mental hospital to find clues about how to stop the evil from claiming them.

The script has major issues with predictable mystery, cursory plotting and mediocre character developments.

It is an enjoyable flick with an original story that doesn't keep the same level of narrative at the end.

I thought it was boring!

The spider scene was cringy, but the Jangly Man original and gave me the chills, but the story as a whole was just boring and uneventful for me especially with political inserts at random points of the film (even though this is not a time piece) it just didn't flow well.

I didn't find it particularly scary (unlike The Haunting of Hill House), but it's creepy and authentic and very enjoyable as a piece of entertainment.

This is a version of coming of age story, wrapped in horror clothes, the tale of lost innocence and deliverance from past.

Certainly one to put on the list of horrors worth watching in 2019.

Hence, don't waste cinema money

Not going to write a long review but just want to say that although some parts seemed to drag a little, there were intense scenes.

Save your money.

And the way in which the problem is solved is perhaps dull.

Waste of time.

I wanted to shut it off many times but unfortunately watched until the boring conclusion.

I would say catch this on Netflix whenever you're bored and really don't feel like paying attention to a movie.

I think it has quite a bit of really suspenseful and scary scenes (a lot of the jump scares done well) and in a way it's great that the film was able to get away with so much while being PG-13.

But that is my opinion, go see it for yourself if you're a fan of dull popcorn horror movies.

I fell asleep .

A step up from fair like Goosebumps but not quite to the level (in intensity, gore and violence) of a "real" Horror film like HEREDITY, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY or the SAW franchise - and that just might be it's downfall for it is stuck in a very narrow band of viewers who will enjoy this (too intense for younger kids, to "kidd-ish" for teenagers and above).

i thought death scenes were lame and boring nothing about it threw out film it's not scary theirs no horror that can scare you at all this is like kids would be scared off, not for adults these days horror movies suck just like with this film.

The story by itself is catching and entertaining.

Plot is very predictable and shallow.

Save your money .

In the end, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is an entertaining horror movie to be watched at your local cinema with your friends if you like the genre and are between twelve and sixteen years old.

When the story is predictable, you want the movie to have eerie atmosphere and some scares.

It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time--stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah's terrifying tome.

One very uninteresting one at that.

Overall I felt the movie was very enjoyable.

I enjoy horror movies but this is pointless at all

Sloppy, Fractured, Pointless .


Boring .

Maybe around Halloween for the fun, entertaining horror scenes.

Scary for kids, entertaining for adults.

His script is very similar to cliché horror movies.

As others have said it's slow to get going, drags its feet at points, and there isn't any climax to be found.

She has a particularly intriguing past, and I don't think we get enough out of it.

But the utter lack of coherent story telling or character development, the complete void of narrative, completely destroyed any dramatic build up for these non-connected, special-effect-laden, bloated and too-dark set pieces of yawning.

If Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark had been a collection of short tales simply, it would have scared the daylights out of the audience but on the contrary, the film is nondescript and cliche ridden.

If you're looking to get your pants scared off, look elsewhere but I enjoyed it!

I understand this was based on a book series but the movie just felt like the echo of many other cliche movies rather then it's own thing.

Story line is awkward type, but the goosebumps scattered here and there are worth watching.

They lack personal character and aren't interesting at all, only dull and boring.

A boring and uneventful movie.

at least it's enjoyable .

Predictable and cliche.

Enjoyable .

This movie was slow and just plain AWFUL !!

But, as a grumpy, older cynic, I'd say it was entertaining at best, and predictable for the most part.

So this was thrilling and great I thought!

Finally, the "scary stories" that Sarah tells are entertaining and imaginative, and the whole concept of this film is incredibly captivating.

Overall I really enjoyed it.

Really bored!

Besides the pale lady (who's honestly an extremely generic Tim Burton style rotund character), all the creatures in this movie were very boring to look at: you have a scarecrow and a couple zombie things.

Only two characters are genuinely engaging, which proves that the slow build-up didn't entirely pay off as it should have.

It's a very uninspiring ending; a bit of a letdown for what otherwise could have been a decent movie.

Very enjoyable start to finish

Lacks ambition, but ultimately enjoyable .

The entire plot feels like an ad lib adapted from "scary movie" script template as it's just as cliché and predictable as you'd expect a PG-13 horror to be.

Boring as all get out.

This is a quality horror where real effort and thought has gone in to producing a visually engaging experience and a film that is engaging.

For some viewers, this might take too long and find it boring by the time the first creature brutally pops onto the screen.

If you are an adult, well to be honest you most likely won't get scared by most of the monsters and set pieces through out the movie, but the movie still is incredibly entertaining to watch (albeit a bit cheesy at times) and still has some parts that will leave even adults looking over their shoulder.

Those with a young and limited frame of mind might be impressed with it, but besides a few creepy moments it's just another predictable, run of the mill teen flick.

Truth be told, the slow pacing doesn't help, especially when the character development only works for two.

Scare moments are somehow predictable and music is not that frightening.

You can tell right away when a jump scare is about to happen because it's such a cliché way.

Every story that is being told does a good job now being repetitive and feel like your watching an anthology series that have a big connection.

What I actually got was a very tired ghost story, one that treads familiar ground and regularly resorts to loud noises to try and make the viewer jump (or in the case of my friend, who fell asleep in the cinema, to wake them up).

)Now for the BIGGEST PROBLEM of this film: The vast majority of the runtime is just these boring, shallow characters standing around and talking.

Not even sure what I was doing more often, yawning or rolling my eyes.

Subtle horror with fragments of intense moments.

Boring, full of things that I had watched before.

What a mistake I made to movie progressed really slow and made no effort to actually tell the stories of the characters.

I fell asleep!

The music is the only thing that makes the jump-scares work, though, which makes them formulaic, predictable and, actually, kind of cheap.

This film makes a pour attempt at being scary but remained boring throughout.

Let's make things clear: not one of the best of all times, but very entertaining and entertaining to look at.

This movie isn't going to actually scare you unless you're 13, however, it's still enjoyable.

truly something that would haunt the corners of your mind as you fall asleep at night.

This was a boring watered down adaptation and very hard to finish.

There are moments were the director tries to be unpredictable with its jump scares.

Whilst it took from many classics with slight twists upon each all Mildred together it still works and will be enjoyable for anyone in high school or above with enough about it without the scares to have you invested with the characters and by the end a potential sequel.

It's not the best horror you will watch in your life, but it's definitely better than many horror movies coming out(with no plot, no story just killing).

well made overall and an enjoyable experience (1 viewing, 2/17/2020)

There are plenty of suspenseful and tense sequences throughout.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is one slow, long, and dull teen horror movie.

But story moved very quick and was repetitive like other horror movies based on children group.

Its like a movie you would watch if your high just for the laughs at how terrible it dragged and how terrible the stories are.

found myself feeling like I was watching Nickelodeon and my husband even fell asleep.

Lets start of with the films nice 60,s aesthetics and its stunning visuals.

And while the story is like Goosebumps, it still try to be it's own thing and I enjoyed it.

We enjoyed it a lot.

The iconic ink illustrations by Stephen Gammell gave this trilogy a cult status as adults readily tried to ban these books from school and public libraries deeming these short stories too intense for young minds.

On the positive side, the different creatures seen throughout the film are intriguing, diversified and creative which makes for an entertaining experience.

I also felt it like it dragged on.

Am I the only one who was bored the entire movie?!?

It was entertaining and childlike.

The plot, while simplistic and done by other movies a dozen times, still was entertaining and made me curious to hear more, and there were occasional twists that left me surprised.

The visuals and presentation of these scenes are stunning which makes me wonder why could they not have had a good story be the backing for the scares.

Pretty boring and the rest of the audience seemed the same.

Heavy rich reds used effectively to show either impending horror or in one case thrusting us right into it, the grayish blues that I feel are Del Toro's go to for atmosphere are breathtaking.

This movie looked so good from the previews, but leaves you leaving bored and disappointed

The movie was entertaining.

Storyline is too contrived .

It is not scary, the horror scenes are easily predictable, the graphics is a joke, and the acting is so weak that I had to laugh at it.

Entire film full of boring conversation and close up scene!

Knowing del Toro, I also remembered myself that this wouldn't just be a straightforward horror story, filled with predictable jump scares, and a bland narrative.


Øvredal delivers one or two nicely realised creepy creatures along the way (the monsters apparently faithful to the illustrations in Schwartz's books), but the pace is slow, the when the kids investigate the history of the ghost, the film grinds to a halt (which is around the point that my friend dozed off).

I personally don´t mind it, since I think a setting and vibe can create some familiarity that allow the viewer to skip a lot of set-up and go strait to action, but again you might disagree and therefore find the movie tiresome.

However, if you like an entertaining and well-told ghost story, then this "Scary Stories to tell in the dark" is perfect for you.

And as always, movie aren't that scary as I expect, the jumpscares are so obvious but one moment actually got me intense in the" under the bed" scene.

Boring, predictable movie.

Just don't put up too high of a hope on this, it may seem like the next "IT" or "Stranger Things", you know with all the kids being terrorized by some unknown evil entity, which turns out to be a little bit boring and cringey to the point that I almost couldn't curb the urge of my body to just go out and go somewhere else in the middle of the story.

I wouldn't say it was horrible to watch their whole plot, just entertaining.

This movie has predictable jumpscares and and most of the time i didn't even jump.

As for the finale, everything is resolved suddenly and lacks all the terror a good horror finale needs, making for a dull, underwhelming ending.

The movie's too slow for a horror and then there are less horrible scenes.

A 2019 Pre-October Adrenaline Rush OF FEAR!!.

Either way, it's pretty enjoyable throughout.

This happens when the story and the storytelling become uneven and far too predictable.


I went to the theatre with low expectation and yet, this movie still pretty enjoyable to me.

I saw it at the drive-in last weekend and it was so slow.

Snore Fest.

The whole film feels like one of those cliche 80s-90s horror slashers where you know the formula and have seen the movie before you've even bought your ticket.

Slow-paced and drawn-out nothingness is mistaken for actual tension, potential plot devices are clumsily thrown aside, horror cliches abound (how many contorted CGI-bodies do we really need?

by that I mean, I would expect to see this as one of Netflix own lesser films, that "does a job" when you're bored and want something to put on and not really follow.

Scary Stories falls into the same style of movies as Brightburn where there was great potential but poor execution, and while mildly enjoyable once certainly is not worthy of multiple returns to the movie theatre.

Still it's well worth watching.

After the showing of a cult film (Night of the Living Dead (1968)) in a drive-in theater, a group of teens arrives, we do not really know how, in a time-worn mansion on the edge of town, abandoned for ages after an unexplained murder.

The whole story is a cliche; it's essentially the story of a tormented ghost who terrifies a group of people.

Boring movie .

Enjoyable movie .

Very enjoyable adaptation.

I thought this was thoroughly entertaining, well acted, nicely filmed, amusing and really creepy.

Ya, it was pretty cliche, the dialogue was cringe at times, and I found the main character annoying.

I was expecting this movie to be scary like Goosebumps, which is to say not scary at all, but still entertaining.

Overall boring movie not scary at all.

Acting was excellent but the story was boring and childish.

The film's pacing is truly its biggest flaw, by proving to be somewhat interesting at times, and messy and dull at others.

An entertaining horror movie .

The movie seems to be targeted towards younger teens, and is very enjoyable for those who are just getting into the horror genre.

Honestly I would rather watch paint dry.

Save your money and sanity and don't bother.

The suspense and thrills will leave you on the edge.

The story was interesting, if a tad predictable.

a spooky, fresh, cool and entertaining teen horror movie .

But once again, it's enjoyable.

I found Guillermo del Toro's unique dark fantasy touch in a compelling story that feature kids overcoming something bigger than reality provides a unique spin to well-known tropes of traditional horror.

This film boasts some creepy scenes and great makeup and practical effects, but boring characters, a weak story, and cringy writing doesn't completely make up for the talent behind the camera

The whole group just had very funny and entertaining banter between each other.

More like boring stories paid for movie and turned it off after an hour as my wife and I couldnt suffer this anymore .

Save your money!

What a shame it was wasted on such a bland film.

Fake jump-scares, bad looking monsters, slow-moving monsters (didn't we work out they weren't scary 20 years ago) and horrible characters.

What it got wrong, failed to capture the true creepiness of the books, borrowed heavily from other ideas (IT & Stranger Things), jump scares, unlikable characters, pour core story, and just boring.

I felt like I'd seen this before - not because I was familiar with the source material, but because they borrowed every trick from other cliche-driven drivel.

The ending was pretty enjoyable for how boring the movie started off to be.

Save your money and watch what is really worth it.

The toe scene was so dragged out you knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Worst movie ever .

Although, if this was made in the 80s the hard PG-13 would make more sense but now it seems confusing to me.

As everything comes to a conclusion in an intense finale, we see a set up for a possibility of a future franchise which i would totally be on board with to see more of the classic stories come to life as well as new ones.

Short: most story's are bad, bad acting, badly detailed landscape, ending is weak and predictable.

Some horror movies go WAY overboard with the kills, but this one used minimal deaths, which I'd say is a breath of fresh air, and does make it suspenseful to watch.

Beautiful creatures, great cgi, but the story is pretty dull.

This movie does a good job at being entertaining and simultaneously unsettling to watch for both kids and adults unlike most movies from the horror genre which if that doesn't deserve some credit then I don't know what does.

Worth watching.

Is basically a copy of several horror movies cliches into one movie, its SOOO predictable and really not fun i just watched it because i was really bored.

Overrated, and boring.