Scream and Scream Again (1970) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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A serial killer who drains his victims' blood is on the loose in London. The police follow him to a house owned by an eccentric scientist.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Gordon Hessler
Stars: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 58 found boring (18.96%)

One-line Reviews (51)

Watch it if you're bored, or for the goofy dialogue.

I mean, the choking of women and the pointless blood sucking?

Having said that I couldn't help but like it, I found it throughly entertaining to watch & something bizarre is always happening.

We also get an exciting if over-extended chase sequence in which Michael Gothard finds new (and highly impractical!

"Scream And Scream Again" is certainly no masterpiece of Horror, but it is an entertaining, fast-paced and occasionally atmospheric little flick.

VERY confusing horror has three different story lines: one involves a man killing women in London and draining their blood; another has people being kidnapped and slowly have their body parts being removed one by one; the last deals with some strange Nazi-ish organization trying to take power (or something).

This is a bizarre and at the same time entertaining horror flick, with almost totally unrelated story threads being forced together at the climax to make some kind of sense.

Where Scream and Scream Again is particularly hurt is in its story, an example of an intriguing idea executed poorly.

Fraud number three is that this is an exciting film, full of action.

This is an enjoyable British film with a hammy (what else?

I rather liked this movie as the idea and exposition are pretty fascinating, plus we get to see so many legendary horror film actors in the same movie!

An exciting, if superficial, slice of adventure from 1970, and in a classic contemporary '60s fashion - witness the numerous disco scenes if you need any proof of this.

But strangely enjoyable nonetheless.

A confusing mess .

It's only other important point here comes from the investigation into their abilities and some results have been found that sets up a rather nice mystery which does hold up quite nicely and stays intriguing enough throughout here.

However Hessler's use of tension is not used to full effect, and the German Nazi sub-plot (with hilarious logo) seems both distant and pointless, and used only as a dig at dictatorship regimes.

Now, when the big 'twists' comes you just don't care about it anymore because everything that came before it was told in such a terribly non-engaging and uninteresting way.

It moves along like a rocket with almost no dead running time whatsoever & I must give at least some credit for that alone as if it's one thing I can't stand it's dull, slow & uneventful horror films & luckily Scream and Scream Again is none of these things.

Still, "Scream and Scream Again" is a wondrously engaging movie from start to finish, with a classic end shot to boot.

Konratz murders his superior (Peter Sallis) by gripping his shoulder with one hand and squeezing until he dies.

There is absolutely nothing else worth recommending about this confused, childish, boring, fraudulent film.

Granted, the plot is confusing and bizarre, but the acting is top-notch with plenty of entertaining scenes.

The ending is also intriguing and actually makes sense, which unfortunately is more than I can say for the rest of the movie.

Confusing horror film from hack director Gordon Hessler that will have you scratching your head wondering what amputees and storm troopers have to do with a vampiric serial killer in swinging London.

Although the story and characterization is weak..and it is disappointing that Cushing, Lee, and Price have such small roles overall, it is an intriguing and sometimes downright disturbing take on Frankenstein in the aftermath of the organ transplant successes of the late sixties.

I'm an actor myself and I was furious that the people playing the lead roles were extremely bland, but I still found this movie amazing in terms of the absurdity of the plot and just how entertaining and engaging it is overall.

First, I need to point out some confusion.

Bizarre, but enjoyable film .

Certainly one of the weaker films with Price, but definitely worth watching.

Snore and Snore, Again.

Still though it was enjoyable as it seemed to show scenes here and there and at the end a lot of it is cleared up though I found there to be a couple of plot holes.

There is a painfully long and boring car chase scene in the middle of the film that looks childish, even by 1970 standards...

Quite the contrary, "Scream and Scream Again" appears to revolve on several and seemingly unrelated topics that are all extremely sinister and compelling.

The movie starts off confusing and it (somewhat) makes sense at the end.

For those who are incapable of non-linear thinking, this movie may appear to be a chaotic mess, but I enjoyed it immensely and will certainly watch it again next time it shows up (without commercials) on a cable channel.

" Bizarrely entertaining horror.

Throw in a decent car chase (seems inspired by 'Bullitt') and some scenes set in a discotheque (where the extras look bored ...

Worth watching if you love sci-fi, mystery, thriller, crime and horror all rolled into one film.

Just saw this major waste of time and plse note there is nothing of worth in this terrible, terrible American Int'l, late 60's pic.

Dull, heavy-handed and a terrible waste of talent--although Cushing, Lee and Price ARE good.

Very entertaining with a refreshingly non-linear plot (some might say too non-linear), mix up some ruthless dictator types with a vampire killer at large in England, throw in a mad surgeon complete with acid bath, add a pinch of a groovy pop group singing "Scream and Scream Again" and you about have it.

There was a strange organization with a swastika- ish logo featured in the beginning, the random scenes with Lee just randomly thrown into the beginning and the utter confusion over what the society actually is which really makes no sense and is never explained what their target is supposed to be which makes these so confusing overall.

Picking Sylvia up at a local club, that features the live repetitive and monotonous music of a group called The Amen Corner, Kieth and his new girlfriend are followed by the police to this lover lane where he, after giving Sylvia a big smooch, starts to bite into her and starts sucking out her blood.

) means of eluding the Police - in the shape of sarcastic Superintendent Bellaver who, as played with a rather heavy British accent by Alfred Marks, manages any number of amusing scenes (designed, perhaps, to relieve the audience's frustration at the many - and apparently disjointed - strands of plot going on all at once)!

The biggest issue against this is that the film is very confusing it hardly gets any clearer until late with a large portion of the film spent with the only thing we know is a series of gruesome killings and the police don't know anything about how to stop the killer or the motives behind them.

Far too much jumping around makes the film terribly hard to follow.

Apart from the fact that these three Horror icons should have had bigger roles, however, "Sceam And Scream Again" certainly is an entertaining and amusingly weird little British Horror flick with a good atmosphere, a nice sense of humor, some exploitation elements, and some gore, that will not keep a Horror fan bored.

Unfortunately, the story itself is very confusing and doesn't make much sense.

While it's entertaining to some extent it has lots of plot holes that never get explained (i.

Finally, with its wild fusion of elements, Scream And Scream Again is an enjoyable gallop through late sixties paranoia.

but still entertaining.