Se7en (1995) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives.

IMDB: 8.6
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 98 out of 1024 found boring (9.57%)

One-line Reviews (642)

The movie makes for riveting viewing the first time around.

This film is only interesting to people who enjoy all-star casts, unnecessary violence, bizarre images, and boring plot line.

But right now I just have little tolerance for the way it takes genuine horror and evil and creates a stylish, but ultimately empty, Hollywood package out of it.

It fit the movie perfectly: Epic and big but at the same time slow and mysterious.

Many PLOT HOLES and utterly predictable.

The music by Howard Shore is inspiring, striking and exciting.

A little creepy but very boring.

And the ending was absurdly predictable.

The twist at the end was very intense and you never knew it was coming.

In conclusion it's a bad movie,I see why people do tend do enjoy it for it has some noteworthy scenes,but the fact is that it mostly relies on build-up and shock,while the outcome is predictable,the atmosphere is boring and the ending is too rushed.

Morgan Freeman is tremendous with his vast performing skills, his role as the Detective Somerset succeeds in creating an impact on viewers, Brad Pitt is another talented guy who makes this movie the complete one, his part as Detective Mills is awesome, and his top notch performance is seen at the climax that truly shows his qualitative on-screen depiction, screenplay is the heart of the movie and the camera work is mind blowing, and yes se7en is best with its wholesome presentation.

which in my opinion is a far more exciting form of vengeance and makes a hell of a lot more sense than killing, because death is the end to pain.

The story is so well constructed and the screenplay so riveting that even when you want to look away, you can't.

"Se7en" is definitely one of the most intense, disgusting and intriguing thriller I've seen for a long time.

but I find it fascinating.

There's the laughably cheesy "Panic Room" and the pretentious "Fight Club," not to mention the execrable "Alien 3" and "The Game.

You'll be on the edge of your seat the entire ride.

Se7en is a film providing sour, surfaced-toned noir to enable the merging of absorbing grittiness and "lucid" fantasy, etched with painful realism.

The most exciting scene in the film is undoubtedly the hectic foot-chase that ensues when John Doe arrives home to his apartment, only to find Detectives Somerset and Mills waiting patiently outside his door.

I have no doubt that the average cinema goer thought the credits were stylish and "cool" and found the cluttered soundtrack interesting, I am sure that budding film students found the whole thing to be gritty and earthy, alas it fails to add up to anything other than a waste of 2 hours of your time.

The unconventional partnership of Freeman and Pitt is entertaining, with Pitt resenting Freeman's almost patronising wisdom, with Freeman hating Pitt's gung ho, unsubtle attitude.

Visually, the film is stunning, even in the death shots.

I realize this underlighting is fashionable -- damn "The X Files" -- but it's getting tiresome to see people running around during action scenes carrying flashlights.

David Fincher has a unique visual style that is simply thrilling to watch.

e those who appreciate a well made movie will be on the edge or their seat come the building chase.

Still, if you have strong ears, and a strong stomach, this movie is well worth watching.

With any other actors, the movie may have been unbearable as it is often slow paced.

I recommend this movie highly for those who love a crime investigation with disturbing and thrilling elements throughout.

On the edge of my seat!!.

Fascinating .

Se7en has it all, yes and somewhat still does pretty Damn well (compelling entertainment wise) without the very marketable Nudity and Sex...

Absorbing crime drama, with moderately disappointing climax.

However, as a suspenseful movie, it is so thrilling and enjoyable.

Dark but a thrilling ride .

This film serves as what a true suspenseful thriller should be.

Greatest most gripping crime movie ever...

I know that many of you will probably want to strangle me for saying this, but I fell asleep during my first attempt at watching Se7en.

The cinematography and ambient direction are fresh for its time and hold up today – at fourteen years old, the film still looks stunning – and serves up a truly unique experience.

Dark and depressing but just fascinating.

The story has been ingeniously crafted and is totally shocking, stunning and DARK.

Se7en is riveting in a gut-twisting way.

But if you're open minded enough, it is such an enjoyable movie in its grandeur.

Personally I would only watch it once though - because, like the Hitchcock movies, it depends a lot upon the mindblowing mystery and confusion of the things that are going on.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time and it contains one of the best finales to a movie ever.

It leaves on the edge of your seat until the end and the way the actor interact is an added bonus.

How engaging and intriguing are their interactions?

The film, blending a well put together combination of dark visual style, intense plot development, and polished acting, remains tight and focused throughout, from beginning to end, never straying outwards into unimportant issues, or resorting to typical Hollywood clichés.

Se7en, shot by Darius Khondji ASC, is a modern cinematic masterpiece with cinematography that is compelling and tireless.

By illustrating a stunning depiction of the seven sins in virulent, grotesque and disturbing scenes the serial murderer (Kevin Spacey) expounds his actions as a trivial facilitation towards the cleanliness of an already corrupted and evil society.

Overall, 'Se7en' is a fantastic film worth watching.

I found the film dreary.

Somewhat thought-provoking and really intense throughout, with great performances from the cast.

Seven is flawless, I must say, it's opening theme to the song closer, that plays over haunting credits amongst disturbing and engrossing images, rocks, as does the closing soon, as a duly reminder as the consequences of those victim's sins.

The idea is very original and intense.

Both the climax of the movie as well as the ending moments were so well done I had chills running down my spine, unable to move my fixed eyes--even though I knew the ending from previously seeing parts of the film, I was still completely caught up in the story--I was still anxious, fearful, sad, curious, and on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The suspect runs away and… This is a suspenseful movie and includes a little scary scenes.

The movie is too long, too bloody/gory for no good reason, the off-plot filler dialog is awful and irrelevant, why with such a theme for the film they couldn't think up anything compelling for their protagonists to say ??

Add to this stunning and dark camera work and faultless direction and you have what i would class as the best film of the 9o's.

Worst Movie Ever .

A highly effective mix of brooding atmosphere, schlock parody and cop-movie that is given its thrills by its intriguing premise about a serial killer committing his crimes based on the seven deadly sins.

Freeman however, steals the spotlight for most of the movie mostly due to the character that is created and how compelling and well thought out he is.

Totally confusing.

The murders are inspired by the seven deadly sins: Gluttony (overindulgence and overconsumption), Greed (or Avarice, the desire and pursuit of material possessions), Sloth (habitual disinclination to exertion, or laziness), Pride (or Vanity, the irrationally corrupt sense of one's personal value, status or accomplishments), Lust (or Lechery, intense longing), Envy (jealousy for another person's good fortune) and Wrath (or Anger, uncontrolled feelings of rage, even hatred).

Morbidly intriguing, disgustingly fascinating.

Maybe the story seemed a bit too predictable to me.

Se7en is not for the faint of heart, but it IS thoroughly enjoyable for fans of cinema.

Instead, what I watched was a slow, almost boring movie.

This flick deserves to be a piece of entertainment for bored hit men, who can later discuss "the head in the box" with their buddies (remember "Max Payne"?

It has an engaging story that is always interesting and feels like something new is about to happen.

A gripping and compelling film that honestly really grosses me out, to the point that I couldn't eat after watching it.

But the movie is SO SLOW and BORING.

To this very day, it remains by many as a highly graphic and disturbing neo-noir flick with a highly engaging premise and finale.

An above-average thriller which, though depressing and very cynical, is definitely worth watching.

It's always intriguing from start till finish.

Well directed by David Fincher, "Se7en" remains an intriguing and very clever piece of modern horror.

Hollywood has, for far too long, glamorised crime and the chasing criminal so it is surprising to see a film maker going the other way.

I admire him a lot for being able to think of that; it was totally unexpected, and when John Doe utters "become wrath", I felt this intense chill which can only be interpreted as admiration for the writer on my part.

Seven is as intense as movie as has been made in the past decade.

Putting stylistic touches or technical competence aside (such as visual effects, special or moody lighting, excellent cinematography, sound design, etc.) to me it primarily is this: How engaging or absorbing is the plot or story?

Most enjoyable in its genre.

The audience see a different number of events unfolding, some seem to be still quite predictable, some less so.

Having attempted to write suspenseful, original and interestingscripts, I have a great appreciation for the cleverness of the writingand ploting in this thriller.

Brad Pitt pulled his character off near perfectly with some small flaws at the start of the movie (just slightly cliché dialogue).

I highly recommend the likings of the movie and if you are into the jump in your seat, and highly suspenseful ending movies then you are absolutely sure to love this movie.

A finely told narrative, this thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

The best one can say about this "film" is that it perfectly represents the self-indulgent nihilism of the Clinton years.

Its probably my personal preference why I don't like the movie, but I personally believe a dark movie like this needs more thrilling moments to make it more intriguing.

The characters are believable, the story is intriguing and thought provoking.

I felt like character motivations and development were being engaged at the behest of the plot progression, so certain events begin to seem contrived just so it can reach the shocking conclusion.

The editing is also very well paced, especially during a particularly suspenseful chase scene of Mills and John Doe through an apartment complex which must've went through lots of trial and error to get right.

Bleak, suspenseful, yet intriguing .

Still it had some of the best assets a film can hope for: devilishly clever and faultless writing by Andrew Kevin Walker, magnificent photography by Darius Khondji which , with the superb settings, created the haunting atmosphere of the film, very good musical score (including an excerpt from a Bach piece aptly included ), and taut and gripping magnificent direction by David Fincher.

This movie is worth the watch.

Brad Piit & Morgan Freeman as Detectives Mills and Sommerset are after a devious, grisly killer who murders his victims based on the Seven Deadly Sins (Sloth, Greed, Envy, etcetera, etc..), in this extremely well crafted, gripping, suspenseful thriller, that never falls into the one tap that these thrillers too often fall into, which is letting the audience get ahead of the plot.

Se7en is as much a thrilling puzzle as an ambiguous morality piece.

Apart from a stunning final that showed his potential there was simply a collection of medium shots with none of that vintage scene stealing fast montages and flashes that would become so effective in his future release Fight Club and Panic Room.

Freeman is sensational; whether throwing his knife at a dartboard or studying up on literature at the library, he is focused and gripping.

Here, apart from brief glimpses during a thrilling chase scene, we are devoid of clues.

The story is overly contrived.

It is a very eary thriller which is always sending a shiver down your spine because of the constant atrocious weather and dark, empty rooms.

It all makes for one morbidly fascinating movie.

The movie is enjoyable and beloved by many!

As terrifying as it is suspenseful, Se7en is a thriller that will stick with you, an experience you'll never forget.

Timeless Gem, Clever and Thrilling to the Climax .

Fincher sort of follows the whole story as it should, translating the screenplay on the screen in a very successful and an entertaining way.

Another big contributor to make it more hypnotic is the soundtrack, when it's needed does an incredible work to elevate even more the breathtaking feeling.

The plot has to be excellent for it to get ten out of ten, and it is, it's far from predictable and the film is the definition of a great epic.

It is tense and suspenseful and it is completely unpredictable.

It's an absolute waste of time.

It is highly enjoyable in the sublime sense, in that despite being a film of great darkness combined with graphic depictions of murder, there is in fact a very poignant social comment at the end that arises from it all.


It's smart, it's riveting, and in the end it's quite jaw-dropping.

I wont bore you with ANOTHER summary (why do amateur film reviewers feel the need to summarize the whole damn movie?

Normally, this would be a formula for disaster - but fortunately, the high quality of the film-making twists the film into an edge-of-the-seat suspenseful waiting game as we watch with horror the one cop's encounter with the insanity of pure evil.

David Fincher directs this intense psychological suspense thriller.

The audience plays a part in the film as the third detective, in that they are kept in the dark throughout and only really learn things as the detectives learn, which allows for an intense ride and lifts the finale onto a pedestal.

Yet still so many people have a problem with this film, they overlook the fact that it is a gripping detective thriller, or that the characters are 100% believable...

It was amazingly predictable.

A masterful story, appealing visuals and cinematography, gripping performances and a roller coaster ride of emotions.

I always get excited to see serial killers movies, even when they're bad, it's a very entertaining and complex genre and always gets my attention.

A wonderful thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat .

The ingenuity begins to show in a scene as powerful as it is unexpected, in which the killer gives himself up with two murders to go.

But once he shows, the movie is even more riveting down the stretch.


What got me so angry was the poor ending..The actors were good & the story was interesting, but it was pointless to tell it actually,nothing really happened...

The story is original on all counts, and thrilling on all levels.

This film is simply intriguing from start to finish, especially when this movie came out.

People who rated this movie a 8 or higher probably do not watch a lot of movies because this movie was predictable.

predictable, methodical, overrated...

It's actually hugely entertaining, it's got two amazing set-pieces and it's a compelling, unpredictable story.

The movie is also wrapped in a sordid, dreary even stifling atmosphere.

The hair raising suspenseful finale in the middle of nowhere with the trio and the horror-filled box makes me cringe with every viewing.

Still the film is very well done,well acted and VERY exciting.

This is really worst movie i ever watched because you will just get sick from it and you wont be surprised or even happy because you watched it .

Finally, when both have practically given up hope for lost, the unexpected occurs, and an alarming twist of events which keeps the viewers on their seats unfold.

I must say that the ending was very unpredictable.

Se7en is suspenseful and contains performances that scream for award attention .

It keeps you guessing on what will happen next and will keep you on the edge of the seat.

How many movies are quite entertaining until a knee jerk conclusion spoils the rest of the movie.

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt was good, but 7 stars because end was so predictable

A previous reviewer mentioned that you begin to expect the unexpected whilst watching Se7en and i completely agree.

Haunting, gripping, sadistic--welcome to America (minor spoilers) .

I do like this type of genre but the film seemed to move too slow for me and I wasn't that keen on the ending.

In the mid-90s, director David Fincher read the screenplay for Se7en, a mystery-thriller film and said that he found it to be a fascinating idea.

It's depressing and unpleasant but riveting.

The movie starts dark, intense, chilling and mysterious, a mood that is present throughout the entire movie.

A Dark, Gritty, and Suspenseful Masterpiece .

Editing makes sure every sequence is relevant to the plot & smoothly unfolds the events as the film progresses while Howard Shore's score effortlessly elevates the nerve-jangling tension to a nearly unbearable level.

Like `The Silence of the Lambs', `Seven' is a film that uses intense characters and psychological intrigue to move beyond the limitations of gore and decadence in serial killer flicks.

A Stunning Thriller .

This is very engaging and super atmospheric film that will grab your attention from beginning to end.

The incident is a most unexpected twist, and a plausible one.

Absolutely stunning film!

This movie is definitely not for most people, but if you like violent and thrilling movies, this is a definite see.

Very suspenseful.

The story makes no sense to any sensible human being, and it has so many holes that it's barely enjoyable.

Besides being a very entertaining film, it made me really think and I like that in a film.

I mean, just a random example that comes to mind, I've seen Sandra Bullock's crime film 'MURDER BY NUMBERS' like 3 times and I've fully enjoyed it each time.

The ending is blood-tingling and overwhelmingly exciting and the casting of the serial killer could not have been better suited.

The story is frightening, tense and exciting.

The film is one of the most suspenseful I've ever seen, and that is also attributed to Fincher, not to mention a wonderful musical score.

You have a main character that is extremely complex and engaging; you have antagonists that are thoroughly riveting and with a layered relationship that is completely fascinating.

Morgan Freeman gives the film class as per usual, but Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey stink up the screen pretty badly (I must admit I feel an intense dislike of certain actors, and Kevin Spacey is one of them).

Then the final climax was finally worth watching.

Intriguing and clever movie .

good suspenseful movie, keeps you guessing until the end at which you are still completely blown away.

At times during the first one and half hours of the film then the pace gets a little slow, although this in fact can be seen as a build up towards what becomes one of the greatest endings in film history.

This made it boring, because there was absolutely no tension whatsoever.

The entire story is predictable - as soon as we are introduced to Paltrow's character we know that she's going to be the subject of some nasty work.

However, if you choose to be more tolerant about the graphic nature of the film, you will find it to be a suspenseful,exhilerating, masterpiece of shadows and thrills.

A 'must-watch', especially if you're into chilling, suspenseful and downright evil thrillers.

Still, at this particular moment I cannot think of an American Suspense Thriller that has ever been as beautiful and compelling as this unique serial-crime drama.

The camera angles are cool, the chase scenes are suspenseful, and the investigation is clever.

The first hour is a generic detective movie with all the clichés: the two cops who are opposite from each other(Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt), a murder mystery, etc.But aside from that, it's a great movie worth watching specially for the twist at the ending.

Well, it was brutal at parts, disturbing at times, but it still managed to be an intelligent and an exciting thriller all the way through, a true diamond for the thriller -genre.

This movie makes for a gory, gloomy and an uncomfortable watch but mind you the mystery is ever so riveting that it keeps you glued to the edge of your seats till the very end.

the music and the camera angles are so stunning.

It is okay, just illogical and dreary and overrated.

While these questions apply to Se7en, they do make for intense discussions outside of the realm of the movie.

I wasn't so sure what to expect, either a very brutal and a disturbing movie or an intelligent and an exciting thriller.

So watch Se7en for yourself; it is suspenseful, a thriller, has a great cast of actors who all perform outstandingly, and most important of all an ending no one could have guessed.

Quite gripping and disturbing .

This is a movie with an unexpected ending that is absolutely unpredictable and which is not at all a "Hollywood" style ending.

The film is shot mostly in rainy, dark locations which intrigued me at first but soon got boring.

Superb ending with a very unpredictable twist.

Se7en sets the template for his best work: morally complex, darkly thrilling, and directed with a flair that fits the story and the theme.

At times the movie seemed to be boring and may cause eye lids to fall down.

I feel that Spacey does a remarkably job of this, with understated acting and a spaced-out, slightly bored feel to the character - just right for a sociopath who feels he above the moral restrictions of the common man.

This is a great and thrilling movie.

Morgan Freeman is absolutely stunning here and there is no doubt his performance was Oscar worthy he and Brad Pitt had AMAZING chemistry together and was EXTREMELY likable.

And the last two sins Envy and Wrath make up for the most exciting ending to a story I have seen in my life.

Seven is an incredibly engaging movie.

There are darker and FAR more entertaining Horror films out there; and there are also dark, gritty, and INFINITELY more complex and engaging crime films out there.

It is completely gripping from start to finish.

All in all, the magnificent, unpredictable storyline combined with brilliant acting makes this movie a must- watch for all fans of film.

It is intense, scary, and thought provoking.

Throughout the film they are forced to deal with the sight of grisly murders involving gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, etc. Compelling, unsettling and powerful with directing by David Fincher who previously made Alien 3.

With Doe's philosophy explaining his intolerance for the prevalence and trivialization of the deadly sins, Somerset's continuous argument that we are becoming too apathetic of a society, only motivated by such things such as our temptations and self-indulgence, there is admittedly a strong parallel that exists between the two characters.

The setting was perpetually rainy, dreary, filthy and crime-ridden.

Very dark, violent and intriguing story.

The suspense was drawn out way too long.

On the other hand, Gwyneth Paltrow's performance as Mills' wife, Tracy, is boring and heavy-handed.

If you like a good movie with some exciting suspense, then this is probably the movie for you.

Pitt, Freeman, Paltrow, Spacey they all give some of the most thrilling, chilling, and amazing performances of their careers.

I was greatly impressed with this exciting thriller.

boring and predictable .

His drawn out speeches about his reasons for committing the crimes come across as unnatural and forced and the whole movie descends into farce with the courier company (nice product placement) delivery of the severed head of a character so underwritten that her input to the scene remains the same as when her head was still attached.

This film was VERY VERY exciting.

Despite the gruesome subject matter, this film has enough compelling elements, from the literary references to the relationship between Pitt and Freeman, that it does work as a masterpiece of the serial killer genre.

With this movie and 1999's "Fight Club", David Fincher cemented his status as *the* most visually creative director of the 90's, and one of the most original, inventive and compelling storytellers working in Hollywood.

Smart, suspenseful, and makes you think.

The plot's original, I'll give it that, but when you think about it, it seems a little cliché.

The nearly 130 minutes film becomes highly action packed after 90 minutes.

The other part of this film that makes it so intense is the long moment of indecision that David Mills (Brad Pitt) has at the end of the film.

I had Just watched Se7ven recently, and it honestly was one of the most fascinating films i have watched in a while.

Directed by David Fincher and wonderfully written by Andrew Kevin Walker, this is a fantastic intelligent and gripping film, a real cult classic and one of the iconic films of the 90's.

I really enjoyed it.

Very Entertaining .

Anyway, despite all of that, the movie is STILL quite gripping.

The cinematography is oft times riveting, and the make-up is particularly stomach churning, with some graphically gruesome murder scenes being recreated.

Ultimately, few films can succeed in gripping you as much as the inexplicable brilliance of Se7en.

It is a scene where my adrenaline started pumping, a scene so expertly thought out with such visceral realism, taking the characters to their most primitive of instincts.

stunning, hypnotic, powerful, disturbing, thought provoking, right , wrong, perfectly acted by all.

A wonderful thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat The Film Seven was written and directed by David Fincher and Andrew Kevin Walker.

The victim took a whole year to die a particularly slow and nasty death - much worse than Jesus in The Passion - while the others were dispatched relatively quickly.

Starts off as an intriguing, clever detective drama, showing how police go about investigating crimes, developing the characters and meticulously developing the plot.

The tension between the pair is obvious, the predictable gung-ho attitude by Pitt's Mills is soft and Morgan's law-abiding Somerset is simply boring.

A thriller that really leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole time your watching.

The twist and turns and finally the ending was totally unexpected.

Original, funny in places, exciting, sexy...

Morgan Freeman being one of my favourite actor's in film, delivers a fantastic performance and presents a very compelling character for the film.

The director David Fincher keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch each brutal murder appear across the screen and as you watch Freeman and Pitt getting closer to their killer.

In fact I suspect very few people walked out of this movie thinking, 'hey, sin is serious, I better stop doing it'.

The plot is just amazing, and the whole movie atmosphere.. Dark, thrilling, and disturbing.

psychological thriller that keep us on the edge .

The film is exciting, gritty, and dark in the best David Fincher way possible.

Has one of the top 3 most intense climaxes of any time .

Overrated and predictable, let down .

I have watched every movie of his and found each of them intriguing (except Alien 3).

Se7en works at its best with all of the suspenseful scenes and it pulls off with a edge-of-your-seat climax.

it's so very engaging that it takes me to the edge of seat each time I see this film thus, I call it as action-packed.

The end was definitely praiseworthy because it was the only intense part.

Love, exciting and new...

I would advise anyone to see this movie, especially if you love a suspenseful, crime, gory movie.

It's frightening visuals, themes, and the villain makes the movie much more suspenseful and frightening than many would expect.

I was somewhat turned off by Pitts affected accent in this movie which, by and large, with the exception of a few scenes, held my attention and there were several scenes that were riveting.

That it's fairly predictable, and presents two "stock" characters, doesn't mean "Seven" ("SE7EN" if you use all caps) is a bad trip.

Brad Pitt is not likable, completely uninteresting.

If David Fincher was aiming for OTT from the actors here, he certainly got it (especially from that bloke from Scrubs)The most compelling part of this film for me, and what stands out the most, is the relationship between Det.

The intriguing piece of this scene is that the film-makers make a sympathetic case for John Doe, and give Spacey the chance to show off his acting talent.

)This movie was suspenseful, as far as mysteries go.

The key to this movie was that the script told an intense and somewhat complicated story in a simple manner.

Pitt and Freeman also deliver elite performances in a film that's thrilling, mysterious, and ultimately in the Pantheon among the greats.

But what Fincher does so beautifully here is surpass the intrigue caused by the film's writing with pacing that escalates the film's events from noteworthy on a base level to thrilling.

It was boring, the plot development was predictable and slow, and it wasn't even frightening.

A dark, gripping thriller which saves it's most shocking revelations for the final scenes.

'Se7en (1995)' is an interesting and subversive detective drama that layers its gritty, grimy and gruesome aesthetic atop a competent and compelling mystery to toe-curling effect.

A sense of absolute dread pervades each and every scene, either from the powerful words and deeds of the characters or from the dreary sets and atmosphere created by director David Fincher.

Not to spoil it, but it's an unexpected twist to a gruesome, yet intriguing.

His performance alone is worth the watch.

This is the best movie of the 90's, it has great thrilling moments, Morgan Freeman & Brad Pitts performances are excellent.

Still, if you have strong ears, and a strong stomach, this movie is well worth watching.

"Se7en" manages to keep you on the edge of your seat, while throwing shocking material at you.

The plot is intriguing, the acting is emotional, and the thrills are incredibly creepy.

The story was also very engaging and I thought that it was (mostly) enjoyable.

It could even be that I've gotten so jaded about "stylish" films that they're all starting to look a little bit pretentious.

I recommend this movie to anyone who can handle intense and gruesome.

What a surprise, then, that "Seven" is the type of smart, suspenseful, brilliantly-designed and -acted thriller that is nearly one-of-a-kind ("The Silence of the Lambs" follows close behind).

The whole production blends together seamlessly to create a truly gripping & absorbing thriller, from the gloomy production design to the terrific acting to the wonderful script & it's character's.

Well,stunning is the word to describe him.

In fact, it's an excellent film, with a stylish look created by director David Fincher and cinematographer Darius Khondji, from writer Andrew Kevin Walker's intriguing story.

A dark, moody, violent & utterly gripping story, that keeps you at the edge-of-your-seat.

The plot was intriguing and the background score was also good.

He's a quiet, intense figure who is Machiavellian with his calculated words and actions.

just mind blowing.

Now back to Se7en, and its stunning, brutal beauty.

The ending was predictable.

There are three obvious ones: firstly, the ending, which is just so predictable.

Sieben (Se7en in english) is still a classic to me, from what I remember I liked the visuals the most (dark, rainy, rough, brutal), The way the killings happened are still pretty fascinating to me because it wasn't just senseless killing, it was thought-out and therefor it was branded in your brain for days/weeks when it comes to the shocking/creepy part (drug-addict-on-bed-scene yall).

The actors play so well that I couldn't take my eye off the screen, but sadly, there are a few things that make this movie very predictable.

This movie is incredibly deep and in the mean time, very enjoyable.

Every part of the killers sadistic nature is captured exquisitely during the investigations and i'm glad that lots of clues are found that link to the killers identity whereas in some movies they just get one clue and they know where to go next which bores me.

The plot is essentially just another serial-killer-picking-ingenious-ways-to-kill-people situation, however it is refreshingly free of pointless CGI effects and has little in the way of gore, which is nice because the movie has to get by on atmosphere and dialogue, something for which Hollywood has not always tried in major films.

Stunning .

All characters were enjoyable and so, the film seemed more enjoyable.

Overrated,boring and silly.

It was like I was watching two different movies unfold-brilliance from Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey, as you would expect, and yawning mediocrity from Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, as you would also expect (the notion that she somehow captured the same statute for her asleep-at-the-wheel performance in "Shakespeare in Love" as Meryl Streep did for "Sophie's Choice" still torments me at night!

Bad:Slightly predictable twist and ending.

He is the young guy who marries his school sweetheart, and that is why it is so predictable.

I highly recommend it.

Sure, Morgan Freeman delivers another solid performance and Spacey is good even if his performance (much like Jack Nicholson's turn as the Joker in Batman) belongs in a different movie to the drab, underplayed, naturalistic tone that all the other actors seem to be opting for.

Suspense, Great Acting, Intriguing Story .

And as John Doe grins at the end, knowing that he TRULY is the victor, the tension rises every time, and the musical score just makes you breathe on the edge of the seat, that's when the truth is revealed ...

Directed by David Fincher this is quite simply a marvellously gripping serial killer thriller that is as good as The Silence of the Lambs (1991) & is considered a classic, as I write this comment Se7en is placed at number 26 in the IMDb's all time top 250 films as voted for by the ordinary person who uses the site (not stuck up critics) & who am I to disagree?

After years of experiencing dull, formulaic, clichèd so-called thrillers, it's always satisfying when a genuinely great movie comes along.

The mystery narrative progresses at first in a fairly traditional way but towards the end the rug is pulled out from under us and we enter unexpected territory.

It's always engaging from start till finish.

Fincher finds a way to pace his movies so methodically and naturally, even in their "slow" moments, they stay completely captivating.

Fast paced, somewhat realistic despite Pitt's terrible acting ability in almost everything he does.

Wow, this film is VERY good, and also very slow.

Se7en has, almost everything that a thriller needs: action, emotion, curiosity, a good screenplay, good actors, unpredictable end and it is not a short movie.

It is a fascinating twist that when the killers motives become clearer, Somerset with his greater understanding actually feels some degree of empathy with him.

There isn't a single dull moment in this blockbuster, in fact, the tale gets more & more intriguing as it progresses.

The first 3/4 of it are absorbing and gripping; an above-average thriller.

What's really fascinating is to watch Detective Somerset's (Morgan Freeman) face as he listens to John Doe explain his view of the state of the world as he realizes how much it resembles his own view as stated just the night before in the bar with his partner.

So much so, that the climax (which begins with possibly the most heart-pounding chase scene I've ever seen) becomes one of the most jaw-dropping and engrossing pieces of film I've ever witnessed.

The brutality, as well as the meaning behind each of his murders, is both fascinating and disgusting at the same time.

A thrilling and shocking film.

Sinister, dark, and thoroughly engrossing.

Using a great concept and thrilling set of murders a great mystery and drama is conveyed.

Also, there is the new and innovative shooting style of David Fincher which have become some of his signature trademarks: the dull lighting, bleak atmosphere, always accompanied by a feeling of dread.

When the main theme hits a certain point, a few minutes in it's breathtaking.

Quite intriguing.

The whole movie being about him and his wrong-doings, works perfectly with him as the main character, a strong, intense actor of pure talent.

THE GOOD - Despite all of the above, the story - as shocking and sordid as it is - is a fascinating one.

Genuinely compelling characters who are all detailed and having entirely understandable actions the misdirects and whole craft of the film is something next level and unique.

Intense, scary, really well-written, with top notch production designers and cinematographers, who create a very unhealthy and dangerous looking metropolis, 'Se7en' is absolutely a movie to buy and put in one's collection, especially if they love well-thought out thrillers.

This was an intense thriller that had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish...

one role that really was breathtaking was Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, Superman Returns) as the killer.

Se7en is smart, it's thrilling and at some scenes stomach turning.

Some do deride its grotesque gloom but that's like complaining about a movie being too funny or too exciting.

We're watching these murders, the mind-games, and the confusion between it at all.

Anyways, if you are a man who likes classy slow movies, I think this is for you.

thrilling and tense throughoutly.

Intentionally gloomy and unintentionally drab, Seven can be a difficult movie to watch for many reasons.

Kevin Spacey does a suitably creepy (albeit cliché) job of portraying a sadistic, masochistic serial killer.

I remember seeing this the opening day in theaters and I really left the theater disappointed.

I am a young man and even younger on IMDb so Se7en is a bit old fashion for me but hell did I enjoyed it!

It could be argued that anything less would've been a cop-out, but it still was about as entertaining as a sucker punch.

Each scene is shot accurately making the film more tense and the investigation more thrilling.

Soon both detectives begin a long study and research behind the insane psychopath who will later lead them to an unexpected end.

When the young, cocksure Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) moves to the city hoping for a more thrilling line of police work, a string of murders are set in motion.

Slow and Predictable .

Spacey represented true evil, a killer that lurks and strikes with stunning precision and timing.

Best of all, this has one of the greatest movie endings in the history of cinema, and for that alone it's worth watching.

The suspense draws the audience in and keeps them entertained whilst the incidents unfold, and remain relentless and shocking throughout; the tension building the whole time for the exciting finale.

Whether its his dark and suspenseful music as the characters are investigating each crime scene or it's the intense energetic moving music in the action scenes, the score is used appropriately and effectively.

At the end of the day did I personally really find it THAT entertaining...? Not really...

The director relies on an engaging script and good actors to carry this one through.

Also, the opening credits sequence alone is in an entirely different league as the sense of creepiness it invokes only serves as a warning for what lies ahead and the film as a whole works immensely well as a fascinating meditation on evil.

I found this movie rather tedious....

(forgotten Freemans character name sorry)Overrated actually boring/predictable.

At first this sounds uninteresting to film lovers who wish for something other than a basic Mel Gibson and Danny Glover romp , which from the films brief plot explanation i previously wrote could fool some into thinking that is exactly what they will receive.

Many thrillers have unexpected plot twists, and "Seven" is no different.

Slow paced between the action scenes, and the action usually pretty prosaic...

I myself am a fan of the gritty cop type movies as well as the suspenseful serial killer movies.

I don't want to go off on a rant here, but having 2 cops walk around in the rain merely going into apartments for nearly two hours bores me to death.

A very unique plot, this movie is made even more thrilling by the classic direction of Fincher.

An unpredictable serial killer plot, the great storytelling of ace director David Fincher, performed by always reliable Morgan Freeman, star actor Brad Pitt and if it was not enough Kevin Spacey who does not how to do bad acting, all these give you one of the darkest and chilling thriller of all time.

It was a little cliched, a little boring, and a little tedious.

Line 432) "Seven deadly sins, seven ways to die" is the tag-line for this intense psychological thriller directed by David Fincher: ~ Detective Sergeant Mills (Brad Pitt) is set to replace Detective Lieutenant Somerset (Morgan Freeman), a world-weary cop retiring after years on the force.

The climax is the best part as it keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat, and when you find out what happens you'll be in for a shock.

It knows the creepiness of silence and emptiness, and the scariest portions of the film are usually also the most uneventful.

John Doe is a highly literate, intelligent killer; but so is Somerset, and an astounding game of cat-and-mouse filled with unexpected twists ensues as the hunt for Doe gets underway.

Fincher turns an average premise into one of the best films of the nineties, an engrossing, fascinating and even apocalyptic thriller.

Having seen it now five times, the latest last night after my son bought it for my birthday, I have to declare it to be as boring and pretentious as the first night I saw it.

The violence comes never from actions, but from the pictures, the shots are almost fixed, the time is never rushed, and the movie never gives up on itself, constructing, inventing, inovating, thrilling and scaring.

Everything seems to click in this film; Brilliant screenplay, directing close to excellence, great characters and even better role performances, intensive cinematography and music that just captures the whole essence of the thriller -genre.

(a story about contrived elements) .

Although I found this movie to be a disappointment (Silence of the Lambs it most definitely was not), in the end it was worth seeing because of Freeman and because of the intriguing ending.

Best Thrilling Crime Drama.

While Silence of the Lambs is obviously a great film and is more thrilling than Se7en, I just find Se7en so much more interesting.

Worst movie i ever watched .

The best part is that the ending is unexpected and NOBODY could tell you that they saw it coming.

Instead of simply showing the exciting parts of a detective's job, such as the chase scenes (and this movie has just one, but a particularly good one), it shows the long, tedious process of finding clues and investigating.

Some people will find it too disturbing for them, but for me, it's a very well-done film with an unexpected and brilliant climax.

Engrossing, mysterious plot that you can read about in other reviews.

A magnificent story combined with superb acting and breathtaking cinematography make this film one of the greatest ever made.

And then the film just dragged along at 10 mph wanting to involve me in a drama about Pitts characters final decision regarding whet ever to kill in anger or control himself.

it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Mind you, I am a big fan of this TYPE of movie, but this one just falls flat and bores me to death.

I've learnt to slightly concede in my critical judgement over years of watching silent films, art films, propaganda films, slow-moving European epics, counterculture movies et cetera, and so part of the reason I enjoyed "Se7en" so much is that I didn't need to concede anything while watching it.

dots methodology -- contrived, and largely predictable with action interspersed with banal social dialogue.

I'm sorry for those of you who think that a watered-down pseudo-sadistic murder spree makes for compelling or an intelligent film.

Seven (1995) **** (out of 4)Intense and rather disturbing thriller has Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman playing detectives trying to track down a serial killer who is using the seven deadly sins as his motive.

Impressive scene settings and costume design but when there is no plot there is no give, no adrenaline to match the mood.

All he did was slow down the overall investigation process.

I always give up watching it during the movie 'cause it bores me.

Pitt shows his usual excess dedication into a role, Freeman's boredom makes all his roles indistinguishable.

Sharp acting coupled with intense, suspense-fuelled, well-paced scenes and of course the deft direction makes Se7en a special flick to watch.

To say the least, the last 30 minutes are riveting and spine chilling.

Kept me on the edge of my seat and has a lot of those type of scenes that make you jump out of your seat and scared the heck out of you.

The ending alone has become history in modern film-making; never has an ending been more perfect, more intense or more genius.

The few twinkles of soul and hopefulness come from Mills' wife… One of the most skillfully and innovatively edited contemporary American films, perhaps its most beautiful montage features Somerset in the library researching the Seven Deadly Sins while his friends, the library custodians and guards, share their boys'-night-out loft ritual, with an unexpected blackly comic punch line: When the sequence ends, Fincher hard-cuts to Mills losing his temper at these confounding research materials.

However, the most eye catching performance is by the unexpected Kevin Spacey as the killer.

" A killer killed 6 people in contrived ways that somehow had something to do with the 6 sins, and then for the 7th he got someone to kill him out of wrath.

I fell asleep during my first attempt to watch it.

Camera work and editing, The chase scene with Mills and Doe is about as exciting as they come.

The film details every dark corner, capturing a feel of vulnerability and the general taste of fear through highly alluring, yet horribly detached environments, ultimately providing a cold and painfully evocative atmosphere.

The plot is original and unexpected; I have to warn you ahead of time that there are some possible spoilers; it's not neither a happy nor a horror movie.

All the cast excel and are in career best form, from Morgan Freeman's composed and reflective Somerset to the magnificent and sinister cameo from Kevin Spacey in the film's gripping climax.

we follow somerset and Mills as they investigate the murders and find out how to stop the killer and throughout the movie we are given moments which were tense and exciting and the ending was some world class film i have ever seen.

Complete waste of time.

The progression of Se7en is significant as it starts out with an insignificant investigation that evolves into an extremely intense encounter.

Spacey was relative unknown in his acting career at this time was riveting in that final 30 minutes when he had his speaking lines.

The movie is too much based on coincidences and contrived elements and this is a pity.

I tried to be pleasant and accommodating, but my head hurt from his banality.

When I went to see this movie in the theatre, I was on the edge of my seat, not just out of tension, because I was straining to hear what everyone was saying.

The quite trite, common, and ultimately boring 'No one cares because the evil that people do is so arbitrary and horrible, so what's the point?

Add to that the moody mise-en-scene in drab, dark de-saturated color which just makes all of the cityscape so much more unappealing and implicitly menacing.

Brad Pitt overacts every time he is on screen, making his unbearable character even more unbearable.

Much as I adore the intense character study of "The Social Network", the dark mind-games of "Gone Girl" and the rich storytelling in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", I feel that "Se7en" is Fincher showing off everything he does best.

The whole movie is exciting and thrilling throughout all the way from the beginning till the end by not making one single stop or telling any irrelevant subplots.

Definitely worth watching, and definitely worth watching again.

The "twist" at the end was predictable and no twist at all.

Lastly, when I referred to the killer's intentions as slightly one-sided, I felt like it was a bit self-indulgent at times and wasn't all-encompassing enough when the film needed to foreshadow more on its underlying message during sections of the film before the killer was revealed.

Se7en was interesting to watch and had a lot of mind bending situations that made it hard to follow.

However, this film is as far from an uninteresting romp as can be.

After watching this movie so many times now, I'm stunned at how engaging and refreshed I am to watch it all again and still find little things in the corners of each frame and shot composition.

The action keeps moving from fast paced chase scenes to the slowly-paced crime scene investigations.

SE7EN is one of the most intense thrillers ever made.

The ending is shocking,not the sort of ending your hoping for,but one that is mind blowing,and makes you think.

Slow moving, gritty, and disturbingly plausible, it's a great break from the sequel-ridden franchises filled with villains who won't stay dead.

Fincher's talents for making a visually stunning film are now well known and he often brings a dark patina to his work.

The viewer becomes grasped by the story's compelling nature and the manipulative unanswered questions.

Not that I'm overtly sensitive to negative portrayals of religion, but it's getting a bit trite, don't you think?

That certain noir feel, tweaked so perfectly, keeps all the richness of noir and loses the period specific dialogue that makes classic noir films often feel like cultural artifacts rather than immediately engaging stories that entertain on their own intrinsic merits.

After the long car drive to the scene where John Doe is supposedly showing the detectives where the last two victims of his grand scheme are held, the unexpected hits you like a speeding bullet.

The movie is dark and merciless but also engaging and perfect movie ever made in mainstream cinema.

It's an enjoyable, nice movie, with a predictable ending, some of the worst imaginable deaths and a Spacey beside "American Beauty".

The actors are also brilliant and the story is one of the most thrilling and intelligent of our time.

I found it pretty boring and a below average flick.

Although it does not go too much into the plot directly, the film is more enjoyable if one discovers said points of the films for oneself.

The scenes are intense and remarkably dark.

His casual conversations and such in Se7en seemed unique to Pitt (a couple of head scratches, looking around a lot, very confident dialogue, etc.), but the emotionally intense scenes (especially the final scene), which are extremely important, seemed very awkward and unrealistic given the circumstances of the plot's brutal context.

Not all war is fighting, sometimes the hardest times are when nothing happens in life.

From the start i didn't like it,the tone is incessantly bland,the visuals are dull,they never even attempt to give any excitement to the audience,as if the story alone was enough to keep us entertained.

The pace is somewhat slow, in fact I felt some scenes were disposable.

It is intense, scary, and thought provoking.

While "Se7en" didn't have the en masse popularity and impact that Fight Club had, it was just as raw, just as real, and just as entertaining.

The dialogue is gripping all throughout.

A very dreary, feel-bad movie, overly long and hard to follow with a nauseating ending.

It aided, especially in the third act, in creating that thrilling atmosphere with the rising tension that constantly grasps the audience.

The climax of the film is one of the most exciting, edge of your seat climaxes I have ever seen.

Considering it was made in 1995, David Fincher did a tremendous job in making a visually stunning film.

The story is original on all counts, and thrilling on all levels.

Se7en is a beautiful film and worth watching.

Normally, this would be a formula for disaster - but fortunately, the high quality of the film-making twists the film into an edge-of-the-seat suspenseful waiting game as we watch with horror the one cop's encounter with the insanity of pure evil.

Sinfully slow .

Se7en is an amazing movie with an incredibly well developed plot and a stunning cast.

A Brutal Albeit Endlessly Intriguing Crime Thriller .

Expect the unexpected.

I found it a little slow until the end and even that part was not utterly shocking to me.

Shall make it snappy!

He has the god given talent of absorbing into characters created for him.

From David Fincher, Se7en is a compelling and brilliant postmodern film noir.

The movie was just plain out suspenseful and left my heart beating fast til the movie was done.

But the two are forced to put their differences aside when a suspicious and intriguing new case comes up.

") philosophy preached, but the movie nevertheless sparks intrigue through it by making Kevin Spacey's John Doe incredibly smart and - sidestepping the cliché- not ego-maniacal.

The characters are cliché and I found the general atmosphere of the film undesirable.

The dark and suspenseful environment was supposed to be thrilling and entertaining.

Very original and breathtaking.

Se7en is a suspenseful film, but I look at it more intellectually, rather the entertainment value, though it's very entertaining.

Quotations from Hemingway, "philosophy" about "the dark side of human nature," more yellowed lampshades than I could count, and a totally uninteresting and witless take on the genre.

Disturbing but gripping.

The bottom line is a cliched script that manages to be both pretentious and ultimately meaningless at the same time.

excellently writtencreepy and engaging storywell actedspacey is creepy AF in this rolean ending that will blow your mind

At first, some of the usage was interesting, but it just got repetitive and grating by the end of the film.

Very well done,well acted and VERY exciting!!!!!!!!!.

a stunning depiction of the world we live in.

John Doe's eerily slow way of speaking (unless agitated) and his blank, vacant stare will more or less linger in the audience's minds for a while.

I remember at the age of 15 in the year 1995 I was sitting "on the edge of my seat" at the cinema watching this incredible thrilling movie!!!

At times it can even feel depressing because of the sheer confusion the film enables you to feel.

This film really captures the gritty and dirty side of our current culture, exploring an incredibly intelligent, intense and well thought out series of murders.

Worth watching, without a doubt (particularly if you enjoy this genre).

However, for a crime thriller, the movie moves at a surprisingly slow pace and the plot (beyond the brilliant idea of using seven sins) is almost too basic.

All three play their parts very well and the whole experience is an enjoyable tale.

I found the ending awfully predictable.

The film is a trite, cliché and asinine piece - whilst possessing some virtues, is composed primarily of sins.

) But if you like your suspense gripping, cold, with great character development, then this is a film you won't forget for both the story and its all around excellence.

Fantastic, intriguing, and replayable...

The movie is thrilling from the very first minute all the way to the end and is totally worth seeing.

As much I want to give this movie a 10, there are a few scenes which I felt carried on a bit too long or were more slower-paced than the rest of the movie.

The surprises in se7en are so unexpected that you'll be banging your head on the wall for days if you accidentally( or intentionally)trip on a spoiler.

Pretentious and disturbingly overrated .

There's one odd flaw in the film - about half-way through, I found that I had learned to "expect the unexpected" from the film, which meant that the rest of the film was predictable in a bizarre way - simply decide where the expected move would be, and then expect the unexpected move instead.

The first twenty minutes are a bit, well, "slow" because they're necessary and without it the film wouldn't work on an emotional or logical level.

Se7en is a well-written, well-acted, gripping film with an inventive and intense plot which remains focused from beginning to end.

While this film really is not an action movie, the small bit of action there is in the film is very exciting, and the dark, haunting nature of the film will leave a lasting impact on you for sure.

I saw this movie at home, if I had gone to the movie in a theater I would have walked out in the middle and asked for my money back.

For all of the picture's implied gore and violence, the most riveting sequence of the film takes place after John Doe gives himself up, leaving the viewer to wonder how this is all going to play out.

A waste of time basically.

The killer is a fascinating character.

You will always be on the edge of your seat on what is currently happening and how it will eventually all tie together.

Disturbing,dark,yet also a brilliantly filmed, compelling mystery/suspense .

Se7en is excellent thrilling mystery that has a great cast!

The story keeps you excited and wanting more, a thoroughly intense 2 hours which you will be going back for more even though the grim subject and imagery.

Se7en is a thrilling movie with a climax that keeps you thinking about the movie, days after the initial viewing!

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt's chemistry and banter together is still as engaging, and how they haven't appeared in a film together since is beyond me.

"Seven" is still a good film, containing many moments of genuine suspense, and it's always engaging.

Engaging right from the word go, and shocking at the end, this film is an epitome of writing and shows that if a well-written script is directed well, then everything becomes great.

Doe is extremely logical and methodical in his approaches, as his killings require intense planning.

A fascinating movie.

An engaging crime thriller .

But those able to stomach it will see not only a very cruel thriller, but also a compelling example of everything that's generally missing in Hollywood nowadays: film-making has seldom been so bold and fearless.

This film will always be a classic, one worth watching multiple times over.

This is a totally original, imaginative and twisted tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

David Fincher has put together a film with a fascinating atmosphere.

Even though I felt the movie was really well made, the dark empty feeling was so intense.

Se7en is Going to Freak You Out With Its Mind-Blowing Plot and Intriguing Characters .

The most important aspect of Se7en, however, is that it keeps the audience numerous steps behind its story, as oppose to other thrillers, which become predictable and bland by the end.

The cliche of the cop about to retire paired with the energetic young cop has been beaten to death, and I am sorry it was used here.

Pretentious Pseudo-Noir Schlock .

Though, this movie certainly is worth watching.

*** END SPOILERSAnyway, the question is, what do we find truly entertaining about a film?

The case becomes more and more intriguing as each murder unfolds.

The film, blending a well put together combination of dark visual style, intense plot development, and polished acting, remains tight and focused throughout, from beginning to end, never straying outwards into unimportant issues, or resorting to typical Hollywood clichés.

Full of action, suspense, and a few jumps, you will be engrossed by this story till its intense, shocking finale.

Dreary, gratuitous and in the end totally illogical.

You cannot fail to be completely drawn in by the thrilling story of two cops on the trail of a sadistic murderer using the seven deadly sins.

To begin with, as with all other Fincher films, the film is excellently directed and every second is absorbing and engaging.

The movie is suspenseful and in parts very exciting.

"Se7en" is depressing, frightening, shocking, fascinating, original, and it features enough talent acting-, direction- and script-wise to fill a hundred Sentinels or Domestic Disturbances.

The directing, lighting and editing skills as well as the well written plot over shine the lack of talent that Paltrow brings to this film, a must see movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

He even requires a metronome to fall asleep.

It's dark, gripping and undeniably shocking.

The suspense is top-notch having a first time viewer on the edge of their seat from the start.

You can look forward to a couple of scary and thrilling hours ahead and an best of all: an unexpectedly ending!

The music is awe inspiring.

After a gripping climax out in a field in the middle of nowhere, the fiendish John Doe plays out all his cards after a half hour where we wonder just what the guy is up to when he gives himself up unexpectedly.

The movie is thrilling and at the same time brutal forcing audience members to wonder whether or not they would like to finish the movie.

and this along with what I call breathtaking acting, is what Se7en is all about.

Intriguing from beginning to end, it is a film that is immersed in the deepest conflicts of the human mind, good or evil, the vast knowledge applied in the most profound and transgressive practices of punishment to that which has been presented to us as " sin".

Very entertaining.

An electrifying thriller, well directed and written, loaded with stunning performances, leading to an unexpected ending.

It's too long, some things don't make sense, but Se7en is a film that's enjoyable and for reasons that can't be explained.

An intense grim mystery that will disgust and surprise you.

Nice thing is the unexpected ending, although the detective act quite stupid: they follow John Doe's plan exactly.

I thought this movie was very suspenseful.

It is easy to see why, as it is easily one of the most suspenseful movies I have ever seen.

Also, David Fincher's dark, dreary direction adds to the film, somewhat similar to the way Ridley Scott's dark vision adds to Blade Runner.

It's a shame, but the ending fails enormously and I think was predictable.

Gothic, shocking, suspenseful, disturbing and clever, `Seven' marked a new beginning for director David Fincher's career.

A pretty empty film, if you ask me.

Overrated, predictable, with lots of bad acting by Brad Pitt .

This film you get to the end, bored thinking OK.

Purposely draining his landscapes of color, and setting all the tense action against rain-washed streets and under-lit interiors, Fincher evokes an atmosphere of nightmarish proportions as he unfolds a gripping tale of urban horror.

What remains true is that it's still a beautifully constructed, chilling and gripping thriller that haunts and shocks even after all these years; even when I know the point to which the story is heading.

It's purely entertaining.

It's this planning that paves way for the stunning conclusion, that is both shocking and brilliantly set up.

I find the whole concept fascinating to conceive and somewhat disturbing to receive.

On Thursday, the discovery of SLOTH is absolutely predictable to anyone who has watched a few murder mysteries, and meant to be so.

Extremely thrilling movie!

The plot is fairly old, two detectives on the trail of a murderer, but the actors and the direction manage to make this variation on the formula very enjoyable, and seem original, when it really isn't.

The most intriguing character is easily John Doe, the killer.

The music's just gorgeous, building up the tension and making your heart beat very fast when there's these highly intensive scenes, giving the whole movie that final touch.

The entire movie is suspenseful and dark with its shock value added to keep audiences engaged.

Kevin Spacey, who I know is currently a shamed actor, performed outstandingly well in this film, with his sublte, slow, deliberate movements and menacing smiles.

Literate, Engaging Genre Piece .

When we meet the killer, the film just gets better…right up to an ending that is simply one of the most logical, emotional and gripping endings I've ever seen.

It plays out at an engaging pace destined to entrance you with its abject horror.

And that final scene in the empty field is unbelievably great.

The tension was higher when two actors sitting in an empty room talking than all of Arnie's movies put together.

,,, & I liked it very much , thinking that it would be greater if it was watched in Cinema ,..It has a unique & spectacular story , .. Its one of the most thrilling & exciting stories I've heard or seen on movies ..It worth watching , it will keep u excited all the time& defenitely everyone will like it & would tell it to everyone ( as I did ).. Still this question spinning on my head .. Will anyone read my comments ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This film is really fascinating.

Without studio interference, he successfully delivers his vision—a visually stunning chiller that delivers thrills, chills, grisly horror aplenty, without resorting to cheap scares or overtly explicit gore.

The score, composed by Howard Shore, is an amazing score that adds so much to those intense scenes that gives the extra boost it needs to keep you on the edge of your seat.

My main criticism of the film is the unrecognized cliché premise that evil possesses genius, particularly serial psycho killer evil, which, since the Hitchcock's "Psycho", seems to have become an attitudinal paradigm.

) just how dark and dreary this movie is.

It's intensive, immense, exciting, detailed and thrilling, just what all thrillers should be like.

The climax ending is the truth to the plot of Seven, that actor Kevin Spacey is his own Jesus Christ with the above understanding of an Orthodox viewpoint and mundane references to numerous accounts of how the number seven is used in the Holy Bible.

Highly engaging and enthralling.

I find myself on the edge of my seat each time.

The fact that the movie ends on a note of a murderer giving himself in and and having planned his death by Brad Pitt is certainly thrilling.

But his final emotional scene is a challenging one and he does manage to bring the right anger, confusion and bitter resentment as he confronts the man who has played his final trick on him.

To continue criticising the sheer stupidity and ludicrousness of the plot and the banality of the characters in this movie is just plain mean.

Surely one of the most gripping films I've ever seen, with two marvellous acting performances to boot.

It's a fascinating story I bring up because the film has rumours of many alternate endings, I implore you to do a little research on what might have been.

This isn't anyone's fault except the screenwriter, as the dialog is about as boring as it is possible to imagine.

Despite some intensive chase scenes and violence, Seven is not an action packed movie.

'Se7en' is a twisted, thrilling film that managed to give Fincher the start he deserved .

As gripping as it is the way it turns gears in your head in search of any way to get mentally one step ahead of the plot, "Se7en" is a first-rate crime thriller because of the ideas fueling the story and a director in David Fincher who perfectly understands them.

and all it's doing is creating a little more suspense.. but yet still easily predictable.. The only reason I finished the film was the slightest hope of something unpredictable happening.

He is riveting to watch.

We would definitely recommend this movie, because it is an highly enjoyable and interesting story, and the way they made use of the different kinds of filming editing gives this story even more tension when needed.

The art direction in this film is breathtaking.

The best quality of course, is the unpredictable, unorthodox, and scary ending that will make your stomach sink like a weight.

Fast paced psycho thriller with a penultimate ending .

It is watchable for its intriguing premise, good performances and subtle commentary.

i like brad pitt and morgan freeman, the actors being the main reason i bought it used, but the story is engaging as well.

A movie really worth watching.

When I watched the movie for the second time, I managed to stay awake.

It's captivating, horrifically repulsive, thought provoking, and violently thrilling.

As I said before, it was fairly predictable from the start (I knew about 45 minutes early that his wife would be dying at the end) and it doesn't get any better every time you see it.

Major credit also goes to Andrew Kevin Walker who creates a story that is creepy, compelling and above all original.

Totally unpredictable.

And many people probably would find a film such as this just simply too gory, too violent, and too graphically realistic to find appealing or even compelling.

It is a rarity for a film to be completely unsettling and yet unrelentingly gripping.

But of course it is Spacey who steals the show as the compelling chilling "John Doe".

Released at the tail end of the 1990s, the film belongs to a group of films ("Magnolia", "Safe", "The Ice Storm", "American Beauty", "Fight Club", "Being John Malkovich", "Fear and Loathing", "Far From Heaven", "The Savages", "Happiness" etc) which sought to explore middle class resentment, each seeing American life as being empty, mundane or a suicidally dull bore.

The argument is surprising and the development is most unexpected, if you like films that require some intellectual logic, this is the one.

This film from start to finish is an unsettling, intriguing, gritty ride through the macarbe world of "se7en".

This is a movie worth watching.

The film takes on the idea of the seven deadly sins as their forefront for the crimes taken place in a creative, interesting and exciting way.

The suspense, the atmosphere, the gruesome theme and basic idea of a serial killer killing people by the seven deadly sins is fascinating.

It's an introspective, compelling film that manages to mine terror and pathos from those daily transgressions we all view as "common.

Another good thing was the film was never boring, as it's actually enjoyable to see Mills and Somerset interact and follow up leads.

this was an entertaining movie for me.

Freeman and Pitt work together quite well, after a slow and faltering acceptance of one another, to lead you down the road which takes you into the dark and noisome mind of a killer.

The end was both predictable and unpredictable - nobody knew what was going to happen, but we all had the idea of what might happen - and it did happen.

When I went to see this movie in the theatre, I was on the edge of my seat, not just out of tension, because I was straining to hear what everyone was saying.

Fulfilment thus became a sexual problem, all these films revolving around white males who seek empty flings and biochemical bliss.

What seemed to be a fairly typical formulaic serial killer mystery , with the older, world weary retiring cop, imparting his "wiser" and jaded view of the world on a younger new comer, takes a sudden unexpected turn and becomes a brilliant original.

It's so much of a cliche of the genre that it's become a standard closing plot element.

SE7EN is the most gripping serial killer/thriller since THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and even now, almost twenty years since it's release, is just as powerful as always.

But what did the director do to avoid a monotonous, repetitive pattern?

the end is bad because it is predictable .

The villain, John Doe, of course stole the show; and every single death was an exhibitionist delight to watch, gripping the part of you that likes to be disturbed by the throat, refusing to let go.

Overall really enjoyable, enough gore without being too disgusting, and smart dialogue that keeps you interested even when it isn't necessarily action packed.

What makes the movie so compelling are the fantastic performances from a diverse cast, an utterly unpredictable, frighteningly sadistic plot, intelligent scriptwriting by Andrew Kevin Walker, and David Fincher's superb direction, which is unlike anything you've seen before.

) is looking so intense in the movie.

This movie is entertaining to watch, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are top notch as usual.

It is stunning.

David Fincher's second cinematic release will leave you thinking for weeks on end, the build up to the ending is so insanely gripping you will not even realise that the film has finished after its unforgettable ending.

Thanks to it's gripping story, talented performances, and an ending that will go down as one of the most memorable, SE7EN is an excellent movie well-deserving of the long-term attention it's gotten and the status it helped to build for Fincher.

Thrilling, revolting, excruciating.

His plan at the end to receive a box with his wife's head in it is certainly very suspenseful, not knowing what would be in the box out in the desert.

Se7en (David Fincher, 1995)Here's a movie I last saw about 15 years ago, yet my memories of it are vivid and intense.

Even most of the I hate it Reviews on IMDb complaints are banal and vexatious.

The story is filled with misdirection and red herrings; just as the audience starts to think that the unfolding events of the film are starting to become predictable, the film lurches further into the unknown darkness, keeping the edge of uneasiness that pervades `Se7en' fresh .

A thrilling scramble, "Se7en" is an unconventional horror flick with the biggest blow arriving just before the screen fades to black.

We have light hearted moments, "meet the family" scenes that worked well, amidst the mostly heavy and intense material, the John Doe chaser scene is awesome.

Thrilling, engaging and incredibly well acted, I can not find a single flaw in Se7en, highly recommend to anyone looking for a good mystery or thriller.

Earlier on it works as being unpredictable as the other victims are revealed.

There are few movies I have seen, before or since, that are suspenseful as this.

I've seen similar movies that are way thrilling than this.

Brilliantly gripping thriller.

One of Fincher's best works; highly recommend it.

The story is very engaging, as the investigations become more intense, and the more the protagonists get wrapped up in the case.

If a movie is artistically weak and leaves an empty feeling - all because of some fiction created by somebody, what's the purpose of it all?

The reason that is too me is that the ending is way too predictable.

Se7en is a truly wonderful movie that combines brilliant acting, an intriguing plot and a fantastic ending.

so thrilling .

But consequence or not, Se7en remains a perfectly solid thriller, entertaining, gripping and extremely well-crafted.

Simply stunning.

It doesn't come across as engaging, entertaining, though provoking or cool - it's boring.

The ending is especially chilling and trust me you won't see it coming, it's very unpredictable and will make you feel uncomfortable (in a good way.

Two utterly different detectives try to solve the case, while many unexpected things happen to them.

From the opening scenes before the credits to the tense climax, this film keeps it's pace and it's audience on the edge of there seats.

A famous historian once pondered the "banality of evil.

How fascinating are they really?

That certain noir feel, tweaked so perfectly, keeps all the richness of noir and loses the period specific dialog that makes classic noir films often feel like cultural artifacts rather than immediately engaging stories that entertain on their own intrinsic merits.